Monday, January 31, 2011


ube queen tan, noon prop eight,
how do you know about my, free
the artists, what is it you think
you have to offer, new tang
dynasty, lickem joinem, xerox
eroz, just in case of overlick,
still ain’t no doctor, printing
poetry, the use value is still
too high, coffin-shaped paper,
microdoings, cryptobrick, the
winnipeg herald, this list
created that list, we need a
we, you think the money will be
there, let’s get these kwh’s down,
let’s go paper free, in danger of
finding nothing beautiful,
writing into the dark, nothing
is too random, bypass without
bespeak, treurwilg, climb
evoked a hiding, pulling
himself out of the bog by his
pig-tail, enabled hegel to
conceal, tkachuk!, sepoct,
a big letter day, suppostal,
because the text is better,
still am dying wool gathering,
this text got away scot-free,
deterior-etherial, smudge that
brought the whole system
down, we are picking up ghosts,
a public party, i get so wound
ed, make the deep incision,
happiness is a warm text,

Sunday, January 30, 2011


happiness is a warm, we are beyond
the point, we already typed this
up once, zenuine, tealight,
pornomania, zazen, lolpoop,
ashokh, the lone and level sands
stretch far away, bacon perfume,
this could find a use blank,
zepara, i stole this body, so-and-so
is stolen property, momentary
laps of attention, i like to build
things up and undermine them at
the same time, re: bone to pick,
frag only good for one thing,
nothing has been accepted, chop
your price in half, pending all
your money, these poets have
never read a book in their
lives, the new girl, yes we are
on top of all our needs, mega-
mania, let’s get serious about
crack cocaine, eiron versus
alazon, the model outgazing
the artist, bitnauseous,
elucidate the hopelessness of
censorship, i am a broken i,
graphology and eurhythmics,
geworfenheit, freedom from
exchange, go for the better
copier, i think we can safely
consider this a copy, thirteen
fifty-three, forty-four words
or years, the text just got
worse, what happened to this,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"graf fix"

not supposed to know this,
the machinery behind the
scenery, how to get to the
bottom, numbers falling, as yet
unsaid, amazing speak, almost
to hand, saint rat (egg, past
tuff, let eye meet eye, in the
body of the message, a fixed-
width font, coffee distortion,
are these words?, fragmentary
window, trip information,
edje tort, minute turn, street
crud, the real from the reel,
had to burn this, that was
just a blank, we ain’t chippin’,
in collaboration with the
machine, how it gets, imp
hotel, it’s already written,
no contact sheet, is there an
end to this?, poliart, the
word this time, [...], I am,
memory shift, simple perf,
i don’t remember (it being
so vast, high line last,
not for resale, graf fix,
fund in the street art,
did i meant?, on pulling
together sound, shiny
coprolights, this is the wall,

Friday, January 28, 2011

time well spent

still in the collection phase, bent
wood, smith corona bottle, bus is
short for omnibusiness, will work
for alcohol, microphage, the activity
of lunatics, nut labour, jernigan’s
thorax, solander, images of pennies,
the penny in the hand, the fenris
wolf, a chamois horn with an
eyelash, multum in parvo, flea-
circus, kriegspiel, icariin, dotum,
this looks available, short images,
xiffer, boxfix, instant toot, the
new ribbon should last twenty
years, i’m detecting a little
spray of colour around the letters,
death seems like a good place to
start, we are going to have to
draw a line sooner or later,
identiprint, samsara copy, lead
it go, oil is the lubricant,
the toner wand, this is insane
behaviour, e-labour, this mutch,
change yourself back into
your self, time well spent,
stare at the wall of toner,
the secret knowledge, oct ocr,
mend, infinite peach, speaking
versus saying, gum stains on

Thursday, January 27, 2011


see previous page, perfectly good
detritus, bluenose readymade, is
glassine paper, and the winner is
holy fuck!, transfer words from
one place to another, accumulation
ism, cyber-tombeau, open source
artistic activity, vecstasy, doing
the chat wait, totalitaria, acada,
you’re getting ink up inside the pen,
i’ve listened to music by a bach,
improve trash, you’re paying ten times
as much, if you have to pay gst on
it then you don’t need it, scyclb,
too small to count, reger, rejuice the
rubber, may thirteen of oh five,
dueling dates, the shape the
paper is in, awfully close to the
line, D , you call this art making,
today is a work of art, sepoct,
letter control, too tiny to matter,
nanofrag, atc template, meaning is
of no consequence, catch ideas
like diseases, do you want me
to take some of that angst off
your hands, let the document
fold itself, pink serenity,
extract the use value before
recycling, babydolls in the
rubble, kid’s are better at, your
eye is my favourite eye, thick
with shellac, i had my fill of
verdure, the stuff you do kicks
ass!, don’t let yourself be
fooled by flesh, the odor of
flesh, substantial atc, is this
a copy or is this real you rascal,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

token turd

for the roundfile, all the way
from down, is this all we have left,
never saw the machine, one is,
normalizing john cage, angel
fuels, jumping ahead now, leave
stone unturned, saint are,
rendered concrete, inter-
monopolistic, state capitalism,
clock ticking back & forth, i’m
uniqua yer unika we’re all uniquer,
project: mersh!, eye write
won folf right, i’ll be, s as th,
zero six two one, nail us to her,
lead-back, what this depiction
represents, peer in eum, let’s
manage time, token turd, fell
to zero, highpure-colour, go
sighbrrr, the very day, made
in practice, all day, a map of
the day, rubber yellow zero,
that fine big now, new!,
will the real skin, spot the
macula!, [paper], this is
already art, there was a good
reason we never did that,
pack ages within packages,
surfering true to the big-
ending, be gin of term again,
better come late than never,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


e-bore, how does it feel to be counted
amongst this group, dimensionism,
fluxus medications, click on
every link, iyi, to apeiron, panty
rubble, transfinite math, method
of denying, fissiparous, bridgeland,
five dollars a minute, well read,
the books that are in the air, pandora
lanes, cheese loaded cheese plain,
you could write them a letter,
there might not be a next time
around, what you get when you
google so-and-so, do what you say
you’re going to do or else e-mail,
undoubt, youcan, read this text
beginning august eighteen
twenty-twelve, green light chat,
the penny alone, fragment of toner,
the island of longhands, six hundred
and one miles, netsuke, miniature
genres of somali poetry, the irish
märchen tradition, historical
context of everyday, unmediated
flow, being is one thing after
another, this is play, the heated
mirror, you only have a second
to paint your masterpiece, you
have to carry the book back up
the hill, free nothing, you put
the rupture here, double it out,
not quite crooked enuf to miss
the mark, i thot we got rid of
this text, the recognized master,
stand against oil, what are you
trying to read, are you ready
to say goodbye, hey ho let’s go.

Monday, January 24, 2011


now this is what i call time well
spent, mmf, mister da da, who is the
smoking gun, you’d have to be crazy
to wanna, the mucus worm, copyright-
free clip art, paper packs a whollop,
dusty penny, the sheer number of
thots, embolden poetry, order your
impact, the poet’s treatment alive
and dead, the last green mark,
kikkomanitoba, the universal
cycle, o get a fuckin’ job, five zen,
pen and paper in the formation of
the nation, put the writing on the
wall, get yourself an elaborate hat,
the hat and the writing juxtaposed,
it’s a power hat, skroll, nut art duh,
vécu, nonsensical minutiae, grampus,
grampalingus, cannot escape history,
superrealism, codes hautement
élaborés, the molas of the san
blas cuna, museologist, the text
comes out of the file and then
it goes back into the file, put
your labour into something
constructive, stealing the
writing whole, getting to the
point of criminal behaviour,
the texts are flowing in a dozen
different directions, it night
almost say, we need to find a
way to stop the flow of text,
what are you off your rocker,
you could always add more
words, we need more detritus,
post them up for the world to,

Sunday, January 23, 2011


luv, off in the wrong direction, jam
toge there, mcpoetry, signal
intent, word orders, ill locutions,
first night juice, oriental
saint randy bored, it certain
different, the daze before
the daze, bound over boundary,
ess lick, listen in, try point,
ink communicado, i know dat,
faceness, concrete historical
analysis, choose royal crown
cola, half heart half butterfly,
not really on board, already
threw away once, distort it
all out, waste lines, word
warfare, enter further, eye
knows, but it doesn’t see’m
to say anything, house who,
share shh are, still going
saint rong, unsign work,
bring thing forward, id
theft, try and read, is this
apart of the set?, a infinite
difference, how are ya gonna
say that?, mere letters,
look uppable, suddenly
strikes you, who saw it,
realuption, the real thing
is on the net, mental assembly,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

labeled one ell

nothing to do with oil, it’s too
beautiful to accept, how’s a
monoprint done, the swoosh of the
brush, we don’t discriminate,
bisymmetrical monsters, z, azul
obsc, krylon, decra-caking, cardio-
facio-cutaneous syndrome,
replication will set you free,
one does not like to be ignored,
chance of confusion, we have
nothing to do with reality,
the thing is thankfully labelled,
bowmann’s capsule, it’s gonna be
fun if we’re still around to see
it, your machine needs a tune up,
it’s samara time, the font sort
of fixed itself, who knows what
art is, happy with replication,
toner skidmarks, dayglo reality,
inkonaclast, favour joy, mission
imp, now this machine is taking the
text the other way, too long gone
to matter, toner eraser, whose
your fave, it doesn’t seem to be
the same person, we’ve done this
text to death, this will blob,
the copier makes an intervention
in the text, the date doesn’t have
to be exact, copy dis day, margins
margins margins, bubblefish,
colour me yellow, gar number
sixteen, i am the one who likes
turning light into dark,
beauty work, reaping confusion,
why would anyone want so much
language, deplete folder,

Friday, January 21, 2011


a nice tight binding, there is no mud
in joyville today, no response
required, this is all research we
intend to do, transfer this text
from here to over there, federal
smallwares corporation, the imperial
posting house, a t-shirt that says
what does your shirt say in small
print, taunting the canadian
security/intelligence bureaucracy,
the literature hierarchy, nothing
mirrors nothing, estrangelo
edessa, five words to describe
your process, you’re putting a
nickel deposit on them, time is
passing strange, events of one
sort or another, the holes in the
paper indicate today, beardos,
the o, postal math, now we have
made something, a little glue
a little varnish, onty, only big
enuf for all, the pink rule, this
is now now now, let’s assume the
writer is already dead, how’s my
font, scan the text in colour,
preddle, this text is unavailable,
still dickens, let’s bring this text
to a close, night speaking,
freeze peach, ex saint end, why
would anyone want to replicate
this disaster, this is the very
first page, neverpost, time well
spent mailart, the natural object
maintains its integrity, all the
way over to vast rus, electro-
boredoms, why your name is,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"a code we do not know"

merry christmas any time of
year, your name on a rocket,
stationery object, every
direction, you can look byte,
bibliodegradeable, a finite
line between, a code we do
not know, any carrier, one
side blanks, re petition,
repetition, re:petition,
not not done, no separation,
return to spender, one list,
attitude!, ten years gone
mint, sell phone, due to today
, mum up, megeneration,
unboxing week, cross history,
somebody says your name,
a small as it can get, write
on plat, cut & recut, unzipping
why two kay, most middlest,
b oundaries, considers them as
extensions of human, the
concrete situation, photocopy
the pen, sent a mental
message, hidden cryptogram
all that emerges, not simulated,
a trace of nothing, margarinal,
punk rock for the deaf, out
this way, live file, to buy
or not to buy, celibrating,
unfileable document(s), it’s
got your name on it, who
people are, we ink omen, a car,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"anarcho-flarf vandalism"

anarcho-flarf vandalism, this is
ongoing text, ulul or lululations,
gungsuh, rien totor, great big
gap after the apostrophe, the colour
is supposed to make it look more
black, model books, the search
engine has it’s eye on you, ultraviolet
ink, do not forward, the day
everything blew over, hors de concours,
bayadere, minutes heureuses,
panth, panpsychism, gnos gnows
gnothing, omerta, adularia,
pumble high, krşnā, the innovative
banging on the jawbone of an ass,
are we seeing eye dog, species end
angered, kensington alberta, refuse
to fall, the government gives you
a lift, the university gives you a
lift, it’s a crime not to destroy
this, we are both karen eliot, here’s
a job of work if you want to get
busy, the penny project,
proto, no, prothonotary warbler,
paruline orangée, bit by paper,
urban camping, the crush for gold,
joust with mountie, career
satellite, this text is destroying
your brain, arbored, what were you
doing ten years ago, do the math
on the book, a system for writing
noise, this text is all about itself,
the thing you are referring to is
a million miles away, this abstract
phrase refers to nothing, it’s only
thirty-six pages, what is the artist
going to think of this mess,

Monday, January 17, 2011


nothing will set you free, from the
pawn shop to the cop shop, clean nice
homes, twenty pound boxes, worked a day
in your life, do you need these bodies,
penny project, what is vegetable bread,
if you put a poem on it it will only
make matters worse, eye’s the buy
that builds the book, one cluster one,
and finally the hogs, gnos pizzle,
baiting the master, locate the info,
place the info, conceal the number,
german cnn roll wick, each penny
now costs more than one cent to
produce, falchion, panning for
gold panning the crowd for gold,
the dross rush, copyvoid, a whole
ten crummy dollars, pmt hnd code,
gouge the motherfuckers, a
rubberstamp that says canada,
this is money, donald r priddle,
matane, what is all this blue,
debt bleed, are you trying to get
drunk or are you trying to get
broke, let them eat numbers, le
genre chef d’oeuvre, eloquent
ciphers even of history, physei versus
thesei, struwwelpeter, sympathetic
pleasure, broad ripple, emerging
from her humble cottage, armpit
dreadlock, gean, lamium, ajuga,
alchemilla, brunnera, nepeta,
astrantia, do you really think
you are writing, how did you go
about destroying your mind,
what is the number one hit for,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"computerized sun"

thick ink, caef, pohms, the
text is changed by reading it,
shut the box!, one speedball,
bage, spell orts, nothing to do
with everything, reuseable
words, outside the lines, remove
yer self, tabulate alternatives,
theme generation, onliness,
mum up, parsec per sec, bill for
we were born, miss pell mell,
oriented strand board, tip
of the advice berg, stole the
head & smashed it, very
trouble, computerized sun,
its hierarchy its exchanges
its constraints, apparatus
check, a flight in advance,
borderperson, fix before,
return trips, today only,
uneven(t) issues, rain of
letters, beset thing, precise
dynamite, t(issue text, the
year before, bmit, wove, daze
& daze, the power of time
(prisoners of war, makes us
think, machine libido,
doesn’t stand for, bring
the daze with you, swack
o’ days, dayz without words,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"fluid letters'

change nothing, black coke, autobondage,
tonart, the one and only repetition,
the writer is out of control, levy
breaks, fluid letters, paper is only
good for one thing, lead dot, be
prepared to lose the whole box, live
ross, a simple fold, compress or zip
and send, the grand derangement.
pink rot, hyper-parenting, genetic
loading, professional unallotment,
self-induced catatonia, end-stage
chemical obsession, blank slate
theories, irie, bunfight, jail was
no reprieve, i’m not sure whether
nothing hasn’t a special place,
pennies in a jar, paramodern,
videation, matrix of surds,
superfine chaos, cogitocentricity,
poetic brinksmanship, iron hall,
remove commas and linebreaks,
rolex for pennies, mao inhibition,
there’s a blank half at the bottom,
the tops of the t’s got chopped, have
you seen the latest issue of,
language centred cartoons, a whole
pile of addresses, the text has no
ultimate fate, your personhood
seems to be in flux, copy night,
this is the previous page, boredome,
a nice tight nothing, lapping up
the toner, the seahorse and only
the seahorse, the text is evolving,
you are on every page, toner tones,
we have already outstripped edm,
the red and the blue sound an
off note, liquid font, what
happens on line versus on paper,

Friday, January 14, 2011


perhaps we are producing too much
writing, we were going to produce
twice as much, number two is the
real number one, how many ways
has the text, the broken pink rule,
writing about insignificant bits,
it’s a found andy warhol, maybe
i’ll use this for my facebook
image, warhols plural, one death out
of six billion lives, your
precious original is made up of
a bunch of copies, curvy trim on
edge of paper due to linebreaks,
why do you insist on spelling it
copie, unending rattle, did you
notice this tiny blue mark,
collecting stains, time well spent
posters, can we remove a word for
a change, a nice light name,
put it in the nothing folder,
ross priddle is my old name,
assume this is an original,
sun reveals rainbow glisten in black
toner, write a check to be sure,
you won’t even recognize yourself,
single is the norm, i’m on page
twenty-two sixty-seven, didn’t
recognize it upsidedown, periodisci,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

trance flow

word has it!, bee smirch, not noted
in the reproduction, new margin,
let’s think about this for a minute,
actual hand writing, the real world
is also mostly a construct, a double
imp precious, white pain,
libidinal flow does not always
produce desirable results,
words hanging in the air, the
irrational society, th’ ear to
th’ earth, always™, what is tea
for?, our national anima, if only
distracts, eye herd from the her
sez mouth, chunks of human
meat, no code, resea, hold out f,
a cup of something hot in the
box, trance flow, say me but
different, where goes the rest,
failure to renew, perfectly
workable, ear of dome, he soaps,
tel’ check-in, tythes, the heap
got to big, redacting, the
rest of this page, mark it re:
search, second class, little
enough, sally in, balls ‘em,
rose pride, write things,
come along for free, st air,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"kiss your text goodbye"

when the brain of the artist goes,
art reprograms nothing, where do you go
to the bathroom, you are not reading
the text because you are prejudice,
letting the rats bite you, ways of
entering into the flow of art, my
enforced leisure due to my
permanent war with authority, take
some notes google it, orexis,
auto-theoria, cleruch, principium
individuationis, lachrymae
musarum, the encroachment of
moss on a brick, oerlikon, schutz
staffel, columbarium, chorea
gigantum, guatami, you are the
top hit for, submit to the net,
wize app, your name is synonymous
with pornography, abstract hemp
copies, melamine, loomies, you
don’t even know the time, saving
only to waste, parergon, the art
story, print it landscape, write
thru boredom, kiss your text
goodbye, you can only read one
word at a time, i single you out,
online one word dot com, toner
nightmare, book holds, at a click,
you can see right thru the toner
can’t you,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


we might have to cross the river,
microfragment, facial tissue and
anal tissue, printout noun, latha,
paperfrac, one crappy little scrap
with the magic word on it, x-able,
never give your address out, out
shout, magic frag, fragic, are we
going to add this text to the,
onroda, poetry in code, variety in
actuality, unexpected text,
marlett is synonymous with what,
we are decreasing the value of this
paper, pages we resided on, a twenty
dada bill, mangal, my friends have
more friends than your friends,
xapis, the printer is fuckin’ up,
the printer is fuckin’ up, the
printer is fuckin’ up, the printer
is fuckin’ up, here we go, many a
penny, trance inhalations, zimzum,
hesitation echo of circling, to look
like but not look like, paracha,
rabbinical thinking, bugu,
perfected sentence, deconstructing
the i , a self-reproducing
machine, central it is to human
existence, intuition pumps,

Monday, January 10, 2011

the "ct" ligature

word down! (on the po, black marks,
with a different background,
class, the hot quality, too sick,
meat flying, south of forty-nine,
struggle with silence, sell out
young!, forgeries of de forgeries,
oral rides, unbearable!, like
plastic?, casual obscenity,
ultra-short book runs, trance
continent, how to be apparent,
bring it down, charmanist,
perfect, mouth abruptly full
of urine, girl’s got the boy,
sin tag me me, dematerialize
the poem, the recycle box
nice & handy, traditionmc,
sudden slippage, try to know
here & now, the year i was
born before the maple leaf,
may you win!, typographic
screems, always sharp,
always clear, new awarenesses
, representing canada!,
a description of a movie,
find enough particles,
build a mountain, warp
left, word up! (on the
page, black mark it, boo!,

Sunday, January 09, 2011


this could still go, adornophilia,
we won’t be returning to the book,
not too attached to paper, million
books, a billion books, mail before
it is too late, book holds, this
might make a nice cover, the size
that will not go, fonseca, that
number is nothing, it all depends
on the number of texts, textxet,
tack tap, bottop, search engine
nothing, plainly referring to
something absent, maintain
deteriorating, textcess, the
artist does not appreciate, this is
not flarf, nothing online, toner
poisoning, we are all destroyed,
tonerma-, tonermania, envisioning
literature, unkerned, longo,
trying to save paper, unbun,
ticketty text, half bit will

Friday, January 07, 2011


i take mine ease to-day, adornophobia,
kalokagathia, gone lulu, money stinks,
that’s it the girls are gone, issa, avg,
four four one eight three nine three,
robopo, kartika, it’s called bookbuilding,
google pasangrahan, change electronica
into paper, death hug, changing the
font changes the meaning, no matter
how you spell it it’s wrong, we might
not need a copy, don’t know the meaning
of the word kern, let fly superman,
tonerbrain, a sea of toner, oh seven
oh eight oh nine, as a random modnar,
you are blinding yourself, the trance
ferno, anarcho-language poetry,
flip toner, aiming for seven hundred
pages, retire toner, where is the dead
crap you are referring to, google
something obscure, zero six six four
three six, non-signifying dross, a
door no further, you don’t want to
be set free, adulation choir,
tonerwallah pasanggrahan, keep
that blank paper handy, start
thinking in terms of six by nine.
let’s conspire,

Thursday, January 06, 2011


commerce in marks, margino-
tropism, in your haste to open,
documentation will follow,
mail box filler, oiberanot,
anything with the image,
femenine whiles, an immobile
residence, paper in motion
frozen, instantaneous reading,
is it for sale?, the word chubber,
changes the whole way you
look at things, metawobble,
your smudge exposure?, by
our lights, onset-of-turbulence
experiment, local probe,
current leads, tiny sapphire
bolometers, absolute zero,
gnash city, what’s your story?,
avalanche of books, how to read
poetry (try poe, weathered
art, holy medium!, a lot o’ cat,
where did you get the stamps,
being recycled, unity across
boundaries, some sort of puzzle,
outbounding, [sigh], substance
use, defects are as stated,
claimed to emphasize human
rights, not-force & not-structure,
releasing energy flow & stop,

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


we are going to cross the river, we
resent the copy, fake adorno, key
lime log, the bucks we took and the
bucks we left behind, stop refering
to garbage, nothing leaves my body,
fuck the library, ear writing
system, orange van, any single letter
or part thereof refers to something,
the reason for the flap, proglit,
troglit, books written by idiots
for idiots, gone literature,
swallowing toner, megagrave, we
like the sign of the genuine,
genuine toner, this text is
typewritten, the one with the
genuine handwriting, tyepo,
has a way of maintaining its integrity,
just hit the fix it button quick,
it’s a simple one-to-one code, code
for reading marlett, if you
want in for free, text makes work
for itself, first you pay your
penny then you get your shit,
writing is nice, it has a
tendency to pop off line,
nothing to do with the heart,
not just one all, vote you moron,
google the persons name, ‘s rubber,
nittygritty integrity,

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

land gauge

oboro, shoko, i missed the tree,
hello i’m karen eliot, maco,
what do you have against neoism,
aptistamps, toner on plastic,
join us, kay dot e- dot, there
doesn’t seem to be much happening
at the desk, zabala, you need
to sit down with the text, dubzz,
you need to sit down with the
brochure, brain in the pub,
presence of a sort, screen rats,
peaceful contemplation in
squalor, grant sucking,
prochronistic, the emerald curtain,
land guage, who’s voice are you
using, you want a chunk, what
ever will sell, filing is one
thing piling is another, i don’t
have time for pussy, a death
of information, off-the-screen
journals, nothing perishable,
different john currie, not the
ross priddle you were looking
for, crystal healing ener,
your lamp, pen plastics,
garamont, what are you going
to do when the money runs out,
arbitrage, backhaut, leaking
in flight, eye phraseman,
ross says you were drunk,
need some weed, five cents
per e-mail, motor fuel,
chinese pharmacy smell,

Monday, January 03, 2011


de-class eh?, reapproaching the
edge, you’s eye, gashville,
first class, re-plete, i never
thot i would spend so much of my
life washing dishes, just after
the war, obsceni dum, public
trance it, it’s bigger than you
know, self a he velo to-a he i,
thru pont, some notso, section
desire, telephone eve, a kind
of moss (by rum, samson type,
securing the passage of libido
in a multiplicity of flows
out of the logos, tipped out,
fine detail (who i said i was,
this place meant so much to
us, made me be, studyin’ down,
bring it on down, change
the way thou open, sensitive
air, oui! sprout!, screw/ball,
another same, do sound,
close out your pot box,
do slide, what does it mean!
, cybertime, certainly
meaning here somewhere,
only place anything resides,
the complex plane, sets,

Sunday, January 02, 2011


sexing technology, the possibilities
of the paper, your money is evaporating,
connected issuer, you might check and
see if the colour of the blue is the same,
spoondrift, bright eyes reflect the
moss of clubs, anarchy will set you
free, turn writing into blank paper,
a river of brains, ease in going, key
lager cap, a scan of dead pens, put
a big bold number on it, there’s got
to be an easier way to write, no
reason to suspect this is not a copy,
why can’t you let the text go, all of
this text is an index of first lines,
byron the bulb just burned out, you
can hardly tell it’s a copy of a
copy, for rain journalist, the text
has become a solid block of toner,
are we not breathing together, the
dust wants to go back into the air,
there’s not even any words in it,
bondage will set you free, just
in case you have trouble reading
the hand written, i can’t believe
you copied all this crap, redondos
de cristal, fisting yourself,
linking thru the paper, defriending,
get in the gar, ‘s this paper supposed
to be creamy, forgot dough, text
always lies, toner kerning, no two
are the same, perhaps there should
be some sort of indication, numb
as you go, nothing left but the
originals, anarcho-art, change you
error, praps period, nothing is evil,

Saturday, January 01, 2011

"compleat chaw mank"

add to and pass on this fragment,
silver flounder, copyright on
found, this is my dada, where
are your papers, dugort, i wonder
if we could rephrase that
famous quote, metal demonstration,
what is holding this together,
knurking and glebbing, high art
contact, armadeers, musical
moppets clustered around me,
a zine called ish, pregroper,
compleat chaw mank, to gar
their great moments greater,
the book clock, the streets are
paved with dross, bruno and
arragoni, the god particle,
anti-hierarchic behaviour,
andre masson images, a coup
d’oeil, prosopopoeia, akrasia,
akolasia, copia, synecdote,
prosopopoiaics, niels lomholt,
you don’t want to lick all
that ink, i think it’s gummed,
if you had one of those stamp
moistening roller, try some
different ink, the ink creeps
thru the fibres, the qualities
of the ink, magic maintenance,
you are falling penny by
penny, mini ring base, what do
you do with the leftover
pickle juice, suede leather,