Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the "pataphysical shits

speakeasily, open bracket racing,
this hemp, it’s the metaphysicals!
it’s the friggin’ “pataphysicals!,
glad to have nothing to read,
today is effort, trade ya places,
approach velocity carefully,
mouth fulla, is the window
opening or closing?, how many
degrees?, the whole carpet,
uncontained mind, this side
only, still unread, recipe
for beat juice hair dye, you
are the media!, today only!,
where we got that idea,
never bin said, the day it is,
what is securable, old begin-
again, botanical bookmark,
paying dues to stages on
life’s way, blown into the water,
zero interest, pulled the
rug out from under the good
old boys club, fadin’ fast,
structure structure structure,
collect them all, a rare
fraction, semi-hard clover,
shaking the dust off youth,
self taught idiot (savant,
going beyond words now,
a big glow, who said such-
and such?, always doing so,

Monday, May 30, 2011

"sko" & "declerambault’s syndrome"

nothing but penstrokes, urn street,
click out twenty-two, you don’t
expect us to read all these bitty
words do you, rust is beautiful,
art actual, what does scrubby
mean, tract at us, sko, a cluster
of reasons, businessing, the
futile muck, how many times
must we dive to the bottom,

has this come out as a book yet,
declerambault’s syndrome, utter
trance, fell together, lack of want
to, which way does the text go, art rate,
the text lables itself idiotic, some
things are beyond your control wizard,
amenifesto, runtime daydream, print
it nice, the gang is always already
the gang, reinforcement fingerprint,
microscansion, nothing carries
weight, nothing is fluctuating,
duplication anxiety, guzzle blues,
you don’t give credit here, duplidot,
e-meat, verglas, one has the thing
itself in hand, is this the way we
used to talk, ventured out,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"AH64A" & "taphephobia"

are you calling my writing garbage,
this image looks pornographic to me,
lula, two dollar dinner, what is
holding still, why do we want to
publish the draft, ten years
either side, hijk, gang of thug
artists, sometimes we don’t feel
like reading every word, a preclude,
the ah-sixtyfour-a apache, who
was peeples, your memory might
be faulty, these are just
non-signifying scraps, set the
bar lower, this is what you
call objectionable material,

breaking the law is breaking the
law, calgary cambridg, zackerman,
defective copy, all that an eight
and a half by eleven can be,
taphephobia, knocking on every
door, thirteen thirty-five comox,
chercheur, ceased generating,
tractor perfs, brooklyn ohio, you
never understood what you were
agreeing to, pink with black
hairs, a nice piece of glass,
could be e o, corbox,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

if you made a geodesic dome big enough...

trance for ex, we’re excited!,
dust off the swing line, mad
law, as a man, looking for your
self: finding others, trance
font, walked right by it, tan
& black, make your own
geodesic dome (float away,
crazy pattern (stare at it too
long, raised ink, methodologism,
speak english!, print large,
never bother to read it,
comma splice, the more you
desire the more you lack,
these are us, subservience to
means, the going rate of going
, and not thru mere cleverness,
reads twice, poem of the
day, night-thots, full page
spread, imp printed at,
i need a moss, shelfing it,
folio?, the book of the dead
weight, sold a lot more than
were ever read, books that
changed our lives, trading
places one, treadle engine,
balance temp, amid the
profound darkness, the iron
door of the prison is suddenly
opened, love’s story, spine
fine, reading each other’s,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"joja" & "hyperconcrete"

grot, just say no to the world, apato,
joja, reality whack, acne novelty, a zine
called hazmat, chip it out with typer,
poor little dead thing, dürer’s rhino,
expectin jam, the reason why is for the
future, the sort of books that sell by
the ton, air spike, manipulate your
money, serving coffee to babies,
fortunately we just had our mind
twisted up by this, where’s the crime
i don’t see the crime, lost property
tag, intuitive art, you are eligible
for one hundred thousand dollars,
blank junk, defecations, scary dolls,
first you pay then you win, wriong,

and on thru time we go, duplication
of rare, hob skib, eternal orgasm,
rubberburner, bobob, one remembers
the dead, strange messages, ossd,
how’s my perception, gutter mantra,
use the form once then discard it,
shred now, myoptic, continually
horrifies elitist, metacomix,
how much acid did you take,
ended up in a van, hyperconcrete,
give it a piss, kenney dam, flooding
villages, gridtales, hypergraphics,
rabbit pilsner, batting, you ought
to not, art times, dernablou, the
sign-system of language, undermetal
ground, mes voeux, you chose it,

Monday, May 23, 2011

"ahimsa" & "widemouth jenny"

clarisworks, dismantled his
bookshop, the rise which you fall
from, it’s still saturday night,
are we still descanting, paper
never mailed, twenty-four dollar
bill, this little flutter can
never fly, i think there’s moose
across the lake, origami
replika, while visiting the moss,
the windhole, ahimsa abaddon,
render useless, fans of bad
productions, metroschifter,
render insane, you know who
loves you, one for cutting,

if paper could speak, widemouth
jenny, twenty white dollars,
random chat, cap beetles, emate,
seven thousand tickets, are we
buying or selling, this one has
your name on it, and so does this
one, when smelly smile, there
hardly even was such a person,
orolf, in your neatest handwriting,
always indicate a little
information, replicate it out
to fill the page, perhaps these
creases mean something, this
edge signifies scissors, magic
blank, you’ve seen one blank,

Sunday, May 22, 2011


the uses of black & white,
surfing the papernet, really
today?, material type, the
all-in-one solution, caught reading
it in public, four (supernumary!
play, burn ‘em!, just because
i am looking at poetry doesn’t
mean i am reading it,
eyebrowsage, the same font,
this cheezy text home-made,
ample indeed, anything for
publicity, if it wasn’t for
masturbation, flatten out,
dots on the paper, double
cider, four words stand in for
thousands & thousands, on
everybodies bookshelf, do not
write in this box, no magpies,
abbraviation, his brother is
involved in auto racing, &
a little paper butterfly came
fluttering out, everybody’s
reading, spelled rong on the
spine, reproduced by courtesy,
numbah one national best cellar,
everybody has red blood, the
eye does not think, but oon?,
just read it never, page
stay bulled to get her, what
word are you looking for?,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"scugog" & "ghettoblaster"

is there some reason you are
refusing to sign, any unborn
issue, scugog, this is a shell
game, the children’s lawyer,
in her personal capacity,
saint afford, ten year old
elastic band in fine shape, on
the books, you are never going
to see a penny, liquidation
value calculation,
nassagaweya, a place on the
earth, a chunk of land,
shall survive closing, you
never went to the tea,

the ghettoblaster bulldozer,
kiss each page as thou turns it,
june zero, nothing shady, bentfork,
key key axe, a rollercoaster ride
from one letter to another,
hammer and tooth, splay pig,
kiss fuck kill, i-beam falling,
unbentspoon, money buffer,
maimart, postal bulldozer,
did the e drop, how does the
voodoo work, it was kinda
sketchy, all the books lined up
so neat, g-scissors, by eye word
by ear word, gunshot or firecracker,

Friday, May 20, 2011

"caporal" & "holus"

la grossesse, what were you
thinking when you made this,
smear off, we can’t seem to get
at the meaning, thinking precedes
doing precedes thinking, aaff,
let me try the sweet caporal,
playing card designer, we are
all underwater here, e feed e,
enn street, from the first to
the nth, the banality dance,
ratway, are you seriously
interested in emotion, you
can’t say don’t say is without
saying is, nacs, ctual, signgis,

and bears do shit in the woods,
il, if there’s only one it ain’t a
copy, the ink continues to bleed,
manyfaces, why would you want
to get back, swarm of staples,
and what’s your escape plan,
snake emerging from asshole,
whitch weighs north, locus
solus holus bolus, she la cops,
a chicken fired at three
hundred miles an hour, i thot
it was and that said that,
pagemill, i’m looking at ‘m
right now, fold for emphasis,

Thursday, May 19, 2011


i think it has already turned, marmor,
resolves the problum, something in
acryllic letters, listen to the first
chword, more chutney, find back,
underground A test conducted by
rush ya, a computer program to
churn them out, text no, electronic
apparatus, puffy covers, for the
millions, one of fifteen thous-
and, typewriter depression, the
thru bin, see body?, judge a cover
by its look, big print, bookmark with
don’t quit inspirational poem
abandoned at page thirteen, pamela
flett, disposable words, none in
canada, some place in china, to
find the man you scrip & its hidden
treasons, for immediate release,
my’s throw, nobody’s notices,
nobody’s reviews, nobody is
released, all pages of this
trance, disorganizer, be
longings, you bin shelfed!,
somebody coughed, ducks under
the surface, cancel competence,
self disconnect, one thing get
you thru, the part about the
fish, nextism, four of course,
had fun reading again & again,
the misses, at least his teeth
aren’t perfect, beady yellow eyes,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


fix nothing, being practice,
blood loop logo, post-comp,
white soup, indicate reality,
the left blank, yankee canuck,
y-boocs, the time it takes to
fly, san pedro, concrete was
eclipsed by hand, the political
uses of white-space, wallworks,
hyper-competetive, interior
ecologies, canary-yellow fedora,
a scanner darkly, a cleanly
typed piece of literature,
shocking images, a network
error occurred, run what ya
brung, scanner bed, making
waves too big, save thirty
cents on a loaf of bread,
microtax, a tip of the vinyl
hat, lokas, algorithmic
poetry, cuntenance, imp
primed, shoulder art, is
this a seven or a one, the
train wreck of capitalism,
agrarianism, van there built,
emerson circle a hundred,
the southern mafia, push

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


still to go, lose the whole house, graf battle-
grounds, composition of moments, reset!,
this track(ted, exp(i)res(s), the two,
anti-zac, where’s that honey?, bin meaning,
be a very, zine oh, there’s a mcdonald’s
on the nuclear aircraft carrier, gray
kangaroo, and a pest i am, re: spondees,
poetry info, read aloud, split the stock
pile of books, all oh phone, as if!,
outside of practice, the unmedia,
my trance-lation, pull stay, we
here, levied, ninja intentions, this
is not real paper, read together, the
arbitrary act, name calling, no fridge,
what’s with the chickens?, looking for
tish, IMIALIBA, leaning from
the steep slope, where does
language lie?, every single page,
his x, nobody is listening, former
events, maga, crosspiling, let me
speak, won’t let me speak, winned her
is over, reminded me of, giving it all
a way, also, b’ehl, spiring too, old
look, never break up, saw ya on the
shelf, see again, silkscream,
think yourself clear, the point of
not, the still point, of no return, that
is the point that must be reached, & writing
is a form of prayer, &the blue octave above,

Monday, May 16, 2011

"west coast wiccan & warlock poetry"

each individual page, this rocky heap
of nasty moss, sensitive-is-as-
sensitive-does grade of late modern
west coast wiccan & warlock poetry,
spillover words, not represented,
a blank space where the faces
of the audience should be, sees
his to be, what passes thru the
tuff filter, return to same area,
an embarrassing word (spelling?,
patterning, main ever, seem
a zine, on a monday schedule,
the word bazoombas comes to
mind, not touch that one, you
already know what is being
said, falser, i’m further
future, nary a word, other
trance later, somthing
holding company, thru who’s
eye?, nothing uncommon toget-
her, mint conditioning, one
should be knowing, bell the
cat, not necessarily a lie, we
encourage you to recycle
this product, chinese
acupressure points for
pruritus vulvae, thinking
in, the sun in oslo rises too,
the oily gray all, tiger way is,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

3 more

this is the thing itself, & no
ideas but in things, so, when
you are online where are the
ideas?, you can’t just suddenly
start talking after all this
gibberish, let’s make love, this
little thing will be worth a
mint, tending towards disaster,
present and accounted for, just
this one thing and this too,
text to reside in one singular
location, now you have hit the
big time, when the line start,

why would anyone want the
pendulum to swing so far into
chaos?, the chaotic pendulum
is not a perpetual motion
machine, let’s go and leave
language to its own devices,
turning butterflies into
better butterflies, old fashion
computer font, please don’t
mention the word dildo, cathers,
when i’m gone this will speak
for me, maybe today will be the
day the text breaks loose,

drang means dragon drawing, the
concrete meter, financial blank,
temp us fugitive, this text could
be put up on the web, fluxus
nations, nobody is going to read
this either, okay no more moose
jokes, now we are writing about
this little tiny thing, if the
paper is too blank it is of no
use, actually better not try to
read this all, a little blank
never hurt nobody, weed time,
well the sun can’t shine for
ever, if the text is done,

Saturday, May 14, 2011


duckles, verifax,
cerebrite, the
second six finger
plan, a nexialist,
web, what’s new
pussycat, my job
is a jail, shabu

chatdodging, the
five hindrances,
maybe go to the
compact, your
message centre is
blank, angelica
haley cooper, the
black shiny cluster,

the black shiny cluster of eggs,
internal exile, trance-ack,
vrinda, tunga, higher than
empty communication, helen who.
foursquare, colournoise, adrian
smith, face or avatar, the
greek font, i hope you didn’t
think we should wait until 2009,
toner hell, typewriting is easy
on the eyes, everybody who
missed the boat with me,

Friday, May 13, 2011

a lot of stomach

a trance crypt of gold, speed
control volume, black gold,, peak speak,
not taking hold, losing alot in the other
channel, half & half or something, semi-
trance, compromed?, pulled the drug
out from under, decafitated, the half-
heard word, glide life, up on the divide,
remember when it was the other way
around, it’s all downhill from here,
re: dearth, it’s not kicking in,
compromised, sending pennies, afool
aloof, elf nerve, alice inside, it’s
not poison! it’s just bad coffee!,
no more magic bullets, don’t think
we can stomache much more of this,
the molecule we are after,
trance ex, word to word, in
trance it, not counting the
production of the, can’t hear a
word we’re saying, drive on
the rumble-strip, with a cap
handy, text where there was
none, it’s time you stopped
(this, them’s all in this stress,
it’s all this world to get her, a
little further down the
line, the bedrock showing thru,

"zackistan" & "your bedroom face"

zackistan, railrooded imagery,
unidentified chemical objects,
the fourteen secret masters,
the nut ruin in silton, xerox
music, voluntary zero-worker,
a general in the army of the
unemployed, happy prisoner,
irritainment, syphon-music,
modelo agoing, infinity as text,
cathar paydirt, the libidinal
gaze, funny old font, it
appears to be blank but,
language is in control,
tonerface, let’s colour,

your bedroom face, being with the literature, the page is a box
is a prison, traffic-free websites incorporated, tending towards
success, penny-letter, penny-a-letter, hand on hat, a million
miles away from the original, active art, just listen to the
paper as you pick it up and put it back down, there is going
back, happy to see that get chopped off, that black alberta
shaped thing, what will arrive on the blank page, waylove,
actual war,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

zelly & adytum

is helen here, not quite enough
resolution to make out the words,
maybe it is time to reread the,
how far back are we, zisimatos,
do you have any of these left,
zelly, what doubt, index to
unknown, still stone, free dead
weight, are you on face, into
the hands of fools, i’m wiley
e coyote, collectable literature,
everyone asks about the key, if
we had free postage, any idiot
can paint, repeat chunk, why
would you need a hundred,

a postcard from the post office,
the poutine into discourse, coil
trap tropical, lathi, this coupon
expired ten years ago, swive,
daimon dreamt, moss campion,
stan is not a word, leet rete
teel, sec, einptuy, loper prole,
dgiilor, carinal cranial,
ectosarc twibil adytum
degijoy, jeed, ravings and
cravings, virtue schmirtue,
i am not connected to nothing,
identity tiny diet, don’t
forget to recycle backer,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


imp press ioning, autumn attic writing,
any non-letter, an accurate word, high
definitions, letterheading in
different directions, not agoing far
enouf, ill limits, stimilates, ‘puter
vehicles, a sign meant, this does not
exist, the same “price”, sell your
fone, for you i will make an
obsession, the smog?, do you ever
stammer?, trance cievers, pieps
probes & shovels, radium the
element, let’s share the time or
time to shat, collect abilities,
dum spells, second hand ash,
caution race in progress, duty
to smoke, is it your beckon call?,
the poetry tie-in, the less
political something seems to be
the more political it really is,

Monday, May 09, 2011

"popular pharmaceuticals"

him jays, gmf, you could try to
delaminate it, boalsburg, there
is only one thing to be done,
a cooperative society, van england,
date eighteen, midi, variant midi,
aubel, how would all these come
to flow, ponsar, duer, druggery
ronchesne, ixelles, soins, frameries,
kockx, why do you doubt the
genuine, neef, expert chemist,
anderlecht, etterbeek, popular
pharmaceuticals, goreux, oh they
will bite alright, the goo will
not come off, a perfect image,
oh bare, did we not act, spent it,

display face, needs improvin’,

Sunday, May 08, 2011


near life experience, multiple
change ink, out control, from
one danger item to another, down
from the desert, as we approach
broach, the blacklight zapper,
another zone of time (the same,
making notes counter fit, trance
corder, creaking alongside,
wordless realm, waiting for
reality to take hold, some light
text, in warm water with five
hundred other people, a momentary
word, inner lecture, a beautiful fly, er,
where is that feel?, driving as in
crazy, the word gap, one way trance
fix, and then a word, how time ticks,
there is no alter, the text we can’t
make out, knees, ego doggerel?,
registering things,
resisting, the world sans bar-code,
(short?) change the world!, be on
tear, puttin’ the eyebrows on it,

Friday, May 06, 2011

"ahura" & "zaum"

unend, this is day number, brang dung,
ahura, let me study it for eighty
years, each day a different sun,
five relativities, artificial paradise,
only invent, interpenetration of dark
into light and c-, open-net, fall
dark, calignous, sustains me, who
has seen much, count mustard seed,
vibratile phenomena, fenris, en
kik clinging, neschek, completed
reality, and who wrote which word,
received in this condition, every
man and woman is a star, chance
freak, excava, we spent every
penny but one, taor, karen eliot,
ho chi minh usa, saint ruggle,

reddle, how did we go from being
pals to, remove trace of author,
yoha, a zaum scientist, brilliant
thot slips the mind, gayndah,
down under they spell colour with
a u too, when a copy gets made,
gather all the eggheads, do you
mean we are to cut these texts up,
and to what do we owe the
pleasure, did we need to agitate
or, the balcony fell right off,
is this what they call poodle
play, why the switch the switch,
should try to regain contact,
i myself am not you, pubbliss,

Thursday, May 05, 2011


of a egg, insightly, lacking confident,
as good as the same, the utter side,
weaving down the trees, garbaging,
of course it exists, trance ponder,
distraction fletch, nevermind
(bollix, records circulating,
whichever is less, equal to sequel,
shopping cart full of bottles
rattling down back alley,
marrage, resisted patronage,
original ill, the hecitating
pure chaser, i like this fount,
saint ranger, proof that one
is a fool, cooking up a book,
hardly knowit, i-know-who-that-is,
pages that have never been
turned, locomotive in the air,
losing the english race, me
mentos, a supply of an artificial
eye, rain on the float, person
reality, blodding a thous-
&, blood pressure cooker,
i have one exactly similar,
walking on ice to increase
your acumenation, dancing
in the bomb shelter, no story
to tell?, thanks to our sponsors,
feeding winter, capitalizing
on decapitation, unopened ledder,

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"mere paradox zero"

the honorarium and the dishonorarium,
mail a pile of money, the difference
between open and closed, bottom
heat, cupt or, furby, bought some
money, karrick, mere paradox zero,
just a tad, trance pyre, baby songs,
allamanda neriifolia, ryan marga,
the sudden smash, go to the lie,
here’s this line of toner again,
efmf ninety-nine, proverbs
twenty-seven: one, she bought
some money, raddled out,
follow the paper highway,
one dreams of having a bird,

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


cortina, otc, purple origami, blank
strip with line, better not support,
graphisme baobab, the birds ain’t,
akaka, agelaius phœniceus, you
bought another book, arab strap,
insider art, meet at france-spain
border, still danzine, giedon, ink
sprinkler, public record, sending
your pledge in the mail, a sue,
octopussy, a hundred and nine
wolves, the mailbox remained empty,
scarecrow and pig, we picked a book
for you, when a postage stamp only
cost forty-five cents, naikoon,
nibbled out the good bit,
sub-current, schizobreak, lsd fund,

Monday, May 02, 2011


add a place, confecting, thru the
gates, what a dream machine is,
textual gates, is this align of prose
or regular writing?, moiré eel,
variious spelling, non-communicado,
this cancon mexaco, xylophone
with a zed, pick no lepsy, the
parasite of writing, almost no
differance, differencer, draw
one out of the hat, time shown,
the life of cars, taped all the
doors shut, retain this trance,
meaning of pager, slipped the
bond, the wild things are here,
big city swallow, reillustrate,
absolute white out, rush must
arrive, new recruits, how can
you be working if you don’t
have a job?, coming at it
from another direction, make
an amazing journey, voices
without faces, dream in
white only, persona prejecta,
by morons for morons, what
choice do we have? we have
every choice in the universe,
invest in tragedies, the
right so to speak, an enter-
tain of the mirror, artic toc,

Sunday, May 01, 2011

traveling one ell dammit

plus the box

just the one page, can you see
the bear, dilmun, fort fitz,
hay river, i copyright, white gift,
i was approaching you, but now
i am travelling away from you,
chris swail, there is only one b,
memoirés, fluxus ducks, is
this sharp, splain me, nakada,
we are not reading this, we are
merely skimming, emphasis on
the e-, different simpson, too
clever by half, don’t you think
we should give the text a
closer read, book or pages,