Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MAR 21 2008, 10:30 pm


1) exactly one year ago
1) cog dis cog dat
1) plans we planned that never came to fruition
1) hoping for a little downtime
1) you left a note for me, i left a note for you
1) busy being excluded
1) here: you asked for it, you got it
1) Buddha images clustered
1) did you read it thru to the end? begin again
1) i heard you on the radio when i was inside
1) just missed being caught up in a huge wreck
1) how’s about i pee right into your mouth?
1) it’s a fuckin’ lottery
1) never heard what you thot
1) judgment has been passed
1) maybe someday they will be singing your praises
1) up it, puppet!
1) why would you cut up such beautiful paper?
1) no bookmark means…
1) getting back in the postal loop
1) chaolin
1) mint condition means…
1) surely you could afford a couple stamps, no?
1) art makes us panic
1) this is like real writing here
1) randoms
1) did you send me this or…
1) an opportunity to connect
1) you could use this
1) money is not a miracle

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


beneath the grid, very edgy,
grayinginess, reading thru from
the other side, giving yourself
a bit of a margin, pro chain or
anti chian, feeling a little
nextish, i index, control ex,
pre judas, players who died,
blues-infuse, prickly aware-
ness, the poet relaxes, from
the chuck, mosstery, made
the liveline tho, ballot
dancing, valid threw out
the world, ask her to risk
it, a fool for byoody,
think smaller, displaying
the garbage, living art,
trance mutation,
etcographs, telepresence,
a coincidence of symptoms,
re-citation, discursive art,
historical chronicles for
example, paranoid-interpretive
, intellectual monomania,
good aim, before the sighin’,
polyvocality, graphiophage,
grivener, after the sighin’,
against the sighin’, nomophage,

MAR 16 2008, 4:00 pm

1) why would you wanna foist this on someone?
1) maybe we need to get some sutras
1) what would be the point of copying this?
1) penny math
1) ¼ of the way there already
1) poppy pyrex
1) what makes you think everyone hates poetry?
1) we are not hooked into the system
1) haven’t seen a movie since ‘06
1) media as in pen & paper
1) to be ever copied?
1) does that make me lumpen?
1) the category for some of these is indeterminable (almost)
1) how two little words can make us laugh
1) oh no! don’t let the song back into the head!
1) get your anxiety out into the clear
1) type it up nice & crisp
1) i wanna get a little badge made up that says:
1) happy days? good riddance!
1) i’ve been insane since 1984
1) connect the dot matrix
1) no one’s afraid to get rid of garbage, are they?
1) careful, you’re marking!
1) it may wander back & forth a little before it…
1) why? why should I?
1) you will never be done (with the 10,000 things!)
1) copy came out nice on this
1) emphasize a particular location on the page
1) it’s only got one hole

Monday, June 28, 2010

MAR 22 2008, (am) #1

1) start the day off with a copy
1) you could spend hours exploring these links
1) you have been classified as difficult
1) old boot leather slathered with butter
1) eye-que
1) here’s another penny for your collection
1) microfrag
1) you can’t eat sausages every night!
1) vorago
1) twine & tag
1) rip thru the packaging?
1) here come the worms
1) production values
1) leave the text to air out for a while
1) is the margin meant to be there?
1) exhaustive poetry
1) airplanes plummeting
1) yumi
1) asking where to go
1) let’s unite our fantasies
1) oligons
1) nonsense, antisense, and antinonsense codes
1) scale-free networks
1) autocatalytic networks
1) send mail name
1) microgravity
1) fulminaction
1) social fascists
1) the numbers tell the tale
1) tcodes

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"yes today"

paper’s paper, graph back
words, memory machine, crow
enuf, depending on how you
fold it (box, honey-five-hundred,
up on the net, rubber button,
recycle minds, one times one,
we arrived at todo el mundo,
void and darkness, auto means
self, conceal your gender,
incipit not insipid, they had
a little girl?, eventiality (one
iota of a differince, devant-
garde, taste the sun™, books as
wares, on the air is into the
air, i owe the, ess slash he,
all’s egg, by the time you
get this it will be too late,
relaxes with a twenty-six of,
how to scat, the telegraph
sender costs two or three
grand, progress unmade,
this is like now !?!, look for
the sign for the, already
continuing, schmote,
seventh month old, is that
black or white?, yes today,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

MAR 16 2008, (am) #2

1) is this letter hanging out here for a reason?
1) some sort of plan for this speck
1) defective copy
1) laser deterioration
1) i want to write you but your address is illegible
1) laser paper
1) toner magic
1) these are 8½ by elevens
1) fill out the page
1) there’s only a few categories
1) temporary filing
1) holepunch
1) obligato’s lament
1) the copy takes precedent
1) as a last resort try the machine
1) any old way you can to get the words out
1) we need more ink
1) is this your favourite text?
1) there is nothing defective
1) maybe i need a little décor
1) it’s stapled shut for a reason
1) a splash of colour!
1) miscellaneous art projects on the go
1) nobody seems to be paying any attention to me!
1) don’t sweat the $6.66?
1) your biggest problem is that you don’t have a garbage can
1) Saint@Oil
1) it doesn’t specify
1) tax time cometh
1) ig, ig, ig, ig, ig, ig, ig, ...

Friday, June 25, 2010

MAR 16 2008, (am) #1

1) down to the bits
1) got the folding done, now...
1) you are spoiling all your bookmarks
1) first the toner, then the cutting, then the pen, then the...
1) page 3 of 5 mil.
1) you’re not going to charge me for this, are you?
1) how do you get on this bandwagon?
1) i’m in a different state of mind today
1) from milk toast to hell hounds to bribery
1) cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon...
1) you are not required to act
1) what are your intentions for this text?
1) tempted to give yourself a clue
1) nothing to do with these texts
1) information is for acting on
1) pretend to put the paper into the duotang
1) here is something we never did yet
1) what to do about all of these
1) follow up on all of these
1) a whole ‘nother range of references
1) i almost propositioned you
1) the text is taking us on a journey
1) we might have read it already, but.
1) you’re going to shove this text down our throats again?
1) it may very well be all one thing
1) just say no to meat
1) just say no to religion
1) presumably this is going forward
1) laser copy
1) copy to be gotten rid of

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"gone to ground"

encoding level, who loves waits,
get velocitized, choose yourself,
gee! grace, meant a ton there
for a while, micropowers,
purported sense, biopolitics,
cluster bomb fuck, crazy talk,
sign finance, trance semiosis,
might be a good inflower, the
power of honey, gone to ground,
is that a one or a seven?, for
eventual distruction, a structure
, and cry/to see the moss grown
, faith hope fourty-for, no ink,
nnow?, speaking into ng you’s,
will will, has wings on it,
paper wing, simply a writer,
farnival mosaic, just tape it
on, solidary &/or solitary,
telesurveillance, propaganda
film for canada on the brink
of civil war, backish, wait a
second! that’s the original!,
break up and head home,
make a few phone calls,
couphle bux, thWARt,
resemiotized, diagrammaticism
, ray need eh?, think of it
as a response ability,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


yen oh!, y’know?, thot we
were born on the same day,
black light dingy, not enough
chemicals in the paper,
hotter than the sun, art stuff:
ten things, blew it (s, remaining
at the limit, storm brain, dot
orgasm, am against a,
todayable, damaging paper,
outward motion: communicate
out, an blick of the eye, zen
t zenith, the whole footnote,
thru the rap port, golden
afternoon tea, elides submerged
potential for genderization,
hurt being, law hooter,
trance aggressive, interdits &
miners, height of war, fear
ends (trance, great under
shite, end of the game, sin
vollies (something something
meaningfull, before the gate,
a topic different y’all, the
middle point, at the same
time in another part of space,
mounted on, somebody’s been
renting their mailing list,
the most™, one en, the waning
of reality, vision-fodder,

Monday, June 21, 2010

MAR 20 2008, 5:00 pm

1) actual location in the real world
1) three thousand and six
1) komex
1) tara@
1) 23 copies
1) this is the place we almost jumped from
1) eidos
1) fool looking for a job
1) meme express
1) edm
1) you have to get the card
1) is the toner fixed at least?
1) we all entered the lottery together
1) we all o
1) a mind was at work
1) yobba
1) this is where you reside
1) bare naked lady in the mailbox
1) tempted to mark
1) you’re wearing it
1) grubby little fragment of money
1) it’s not not fixed
1) clean urine as good as gold
1) losing
1) bite wing
1) te
1) have not driven since Oct. 17/07
1) what do we need to drod
1) resume & resume again
1) abstract
1) emuser

Sunday, June 20, 2010


leaving the scene of writing, add a
word, make out a word, very fragile
paper, creasing up, semi-cyber,
how to stop consuming, white frank
bear spirit, this is not me,
deep ending on the number of
pay just, i’m not that bad am i?,
lumped in with the lumpenproletariat,
duress duress, life tavern haven,
teat sale, parts bar a, nyzette
in a sentence bra, melt the guns
& never more desire them, if the
foo schmitz?, they’ll love you when
it’s too late, spirit semen, get up
enuf heat to melt that gold,
automatic giving, to:barcode,
mark up the void, klub, just be
cause it has your name on it, very
subtile difference, outfall,
sealed under permit, aye for?
be for?, consise slab, space is
beauty, notes on chaos, lying fallow,
couch surfing, so wayback, the
mere phrase, floating around in
cyberspace for a few months, a
strange attractor, folded-towel
diffeomorphisms & smooth noodle
maps, glue ons, floating-point
operations per second, convection,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

MAR 22 2008, (am) #2

1) first say the name then eat it
1) oh, like kung fu, eh?
1) google sibberidge now
1) microarray
1) shaolin not chaolin
1) this text can be laid to rest
1) you will never get back to being what you was
1) old shoe makes good rubberstamp
1) this could be productively copied
1) maybe try typing it up
1) this is a good one because it only has 28 words
1) not a very promising beginning: “smear of shit”
1) a page is a bit
1) jockey the text into position
1) gar1
1) this has been copied too many times
1) send a piece of artwork
1) this one is not dead yet (but it will be soon!)
1) this one will never die!
1) i wonder what i was going to say here
1) which letter are you referring to?
1) what does this refer to?
1) foist nothing
1) this is a good one because it only has 20 words
1) this one can be laid to rest now
1) brig
1) construct yourself an address that will hold up
1) all the significance that can be packed into a
single word
1) are we not somewhere

Friday, June 18, 2010

underacheiver [sic]


jump on in between the lines
envy elopes
wife of one
to crunch numbers once & for all
exchanged for why
in force for life
rubber stamp signature
(poison) gift
we assure you
this is not progress

Thursday, June 17, 2010

MAR 22 2008, (am) #3

1) nice cheese (costs about a dollar a bite)
1) well she ain’t marilyn monroe, but...
1) let’s talk about glue
1) write words as you spread on the glue
1) decide to never make another copy
1) current page
1) maybe this belongs across the street
1) mossfringed
1) did we never even ew did
1) why is this text shaped like a poem?
1) the one who sends art
1) that’s a lot of rock to push, little lady
1) blogging is not responding
1) what do you think you’re supposed to do with the thing?
1) noncommunicative artists
1) how can an object like this not move you?
1) the actual object is just over yonder
1) maybe just do it as a business card
1) just click the promote button
1) at least this is poetry
1) tax time looming
1) we were communicating better when i was in jail
1) it all got a little rough around the edges
1) you could be where the happiness is
1) don’t really feel too comfortable here on the ground
1) if the two-year-old could write a letter
1) to them i am just another number
1) you can shove your hockey up your ass
1) nothing is going nowhere nomore
1) why are you devoting a whole

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"exhaust her"

any old scrap of paper, a word &
a ha, why the gap?, why all the
gap?, say this now, escaping the
text, room to return, still remains
after return, we construct our
others?, buyink?, thirty-four going
on thirty-five, do you have a paper-
shredder?, dropt a tiny mike into
my coffee (and a bucket too, the
descent of reason, too much
material already, not shingles
on the roof, some kind of herpes
(zoster spoke thusly, time first,
ven diagram, putting words here,
nev err picking up where we
left off, come back at all
these things later (next life,
a certain point, pass this way
again, a hundred billion opportunities
all at once finger tips, all the paths
we all most took, so many all mosts
& nearlys, all ways tak, the past
over + the missing, assistance
assistance, talkin’ eighteen cents,
only the machine, derrick town,
feeze you, fractalization,
didn’t quit reading just quit
reading you, get on up!,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MAR 23 2008, 9:00 pm


1) your name silkscreened
1) this is not being written to be read by anybody really
1) this is temporary art meant to fade away in time
1) an arcane private language never to be deciphered
1) thru the process of elimination determine the artist
1) is that aloyshka?
1) perhaps these two texts should be accounted for
1) stocking stuffer art
1) this matchbox has real sand for the striking zone
1) what is the contest exactly?
1) silly business art
1) expissamental
1) ink falling 60 feet to the page
1) smack honey
1) experimentise
1) elastics don’t last forever
1) the mark is there / no way to tell how it got there
1) their not they’re / they’re not there
1) bite the brick gently
1) “no fixed address” / those were sad times, sad times
1) i could tell you by name where they all went to
1) are you taking this out of circulation / or putting it into c.?
1) always get insurance when you rent a car
1) emergency rental
1) anything might be viewed thru the holes
1) here you have some right here in your hand
1) i see it & it is good
1) modified linocut
1) make it stop! make it stop!
1) keep an eye out for marks made by hand
1) organic literature
1) omnibutter
1) do you really think your self matters?
1) insane codes

e x a c t i f i c a t i o n

Monday, June 14, 2010


seems to be some sort of writing,
dock the calmer, the same thing
all over again, something a little
different, the same thing all over
again, in the way the letters are
formed, without nothing in between,
printer’s pie, walmart is bigger
than poland, hyperscholar,
sardironic, paraphs for short,
camera-ready, yes, we have
no more time,
holy moly, e-yes, denegation,
reading–head, here’s a nice
place to stop, a reproduction
of a signature is not a
signature, what am i going
to be able to come up with
this time?, ; a copy can never
be an invention, send one’s elf,
for the nth time, mention is
use, greater than? (re-entry,
proceed, supple or de-segment
air it e, microheads, it itself,
castrametation, in sierra
leone there is no ultrasound,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

MAR 23 2008, (pm) 4? 5?

1) where do you find all of these texts?
1) it looks great but it means nothing
1) pentameran
1) bad ghost
1) writing ever since the beginning of Homo sapiens
1) this is the way we talk now
1) J. de Rey Pailhade (Invénit)
1) if you want more you have to write away for it
1) Wendake
1) Mary Christ
1) the tempo will break you, brother
1) Hypertonie
1) it says “addnpass” not “hoard till you die”
1) this reminds me of out ichneumon stump
1) she’s giving you the finger
1) this is not valid
1) you don’t really expect me to pass this pornography along,
do you?
1) let her speak
1) you have to read it like a blind man
1) oh, we’re all familiar with pornography, aren’t we?
1) your only as big as your name you are
1) this is not poetry it is an “artist’s project”?
an art project!
1) you have to have some sort of address so we
can send you a cheque (how quaint!)
1) the sort of identity they can haul off to jail
1) carbon date these little scraps
1) the poem is quite narrow
1) all that work for this little tiny fragment of a letter?
1) if they only knew how funny they were being
1) not one of the famous Tarantinos, are you?
1) keep trying, you will
1) talking to crackheads

Friday, June 11, 2010

"back to A"

tearable writing, interrupture of
the whirl, can only point in the
right direrection, sex writing
(attenuation mechanism, more &
more blank space, as if there was
no relation between the two, they
two are one thing, a magazine we
found in the trash when we were kids,
sure it’s possible: vacuuming in pearls,
we we, keep being & beekeeping,
the benefits of doubting, holiday
falling, think down, give props,
phat image, we are zapping,
imp romp too, television watching
us?, cath ode (ray, roadside hoardings,
high def, event-space, dolly in,
compunktion, read time, delay
time, imp ending mood,
microscopic time, remove from
understanding, tome time, the
machine is watching,
superconducive, lines of drift,
trance appearance, we support
raw action, a kind of milk,
the box is empty, sign me up,
art hur, nuclear dracula,
re:quite, tamarix time,
computer was down, back to A,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

MAR 24 2008, (am) #2

1) am i supposed to see an aitch?
1) we were losing touch
1) the actual K.E.’s
1) say fuck again
1) feel the thin
1) say fuck again
1) i forgot we were still in touch
1) drop off the web
1) say fuck again
1) you could euclid compare
1) transitional documents
1) execute little booklet
1) why keep the art concealed?

MAR 23 2008, (am) #1

1) the fire alarm is going off
1) now there’s a ringing in my ears
1) you buy the exact same things every time you go to the
grocery store
1) forget all the websites
1) as far as we got in the book before it was
torn out of our grasp
1) flagitious
1) say it: sunnyside
1) university level university
1) you better keep this receipt handy
1) an extraordinary situation
1) turn your pain into pleasure
1) five thousand “messages”
1) no, we don’t want any more attention
1) have you ever sustained a head injury?
1) this trinket is a call to action
1) one text to go
1) a map of the electronic world
1) my noemata project
1) self-assembly processes
1) class had exceeded its historical
1) vorstellung, darstellung, einstellung
1) the artist has always already moved
1) current events in history
1) “teardrop moss bunches up in the patio’s shadowy cracks”
1) aphetic

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

read lemma & was it impure?
dilemna imp you are
duckweed? 免 imp ort
night here imp scrap”ture”
right here
to dominate thru light?
classification of this text
blue or purple
one so day dna zipper
a glossed word in a glossary
these these

full frontal lobotomy

enlosed in a postcard
two into one
exactly the same methods
have lick of
is this order or chaos?
closer to july than march
buzz of life
a fugitive from time .

MAR 22 2008, 5:30 pm


1) the inevitable damage
1) that’s why they take that amount up front
1) you don’t want a document like this left lying around
1) one is likely going to be needing a place to sleep
1) i saw the precious art get smashed
1) couldn’t come up with a better acronym?
1) a piece of fiction
1) all the actual art is long gone
1) you need to reidentify yourself
1) going to the food bank to work
1) the last time i saw your hand
1) get a rubberstamp made up
1) things are different over there
1) they’re all big boys
1) more interested in this other activity
1) wonder what the customs people make of all this
1) an envelope to weather the storm
1) things were about to explode
1) yes, we actually used these clown skull things
1) is this the art print?
1) the type of paper is not too distracting
1) the language is not too distracting
1) this sort of notsaying
1) zibberish
1) well, you seen one you seen ‘em all, eh?
1) examinifying
1) inserting the them
1) there’s no need to take it apart
1) do we need to know more?
1) in a word: rockin’

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"angst in her pants"

mile zero, melt thru, the
whirling increases, not too
muccle angst in his pants,
that whirling, let’s interface,
cash on delivery fish,
moving closer, ful l front,
the number, that way too,
either black or white fur,
re-creation, rush pink,
when she was wearing the real,
the french word for dirty,
the dragonfly method,
begins with j, emblazoned,
admissibility, purblind
love, young adulotion, degenet,
fold her purple, watt does
it matter, she th’ , the simplest
word: head, annexion, tha dew,
colone, cancellation of
memory, slip, ex ployt s,
pad, chases after it, stich
yer thumb to the, meat,
special lies in the human,
promotes commerce,

Monday, June 07, 2010

MAR 24 2008, (am) #1

1) we are engaged in a game of chess
1) trim the filter down to size
1) do nothing
1) twenty dollars worth of hello
1) here’s your big savings
1) dog and pony show birthday party
1) the entrynet
1) hey, wasn’t that my line?
1) mossison
1) dunhuang
1) thou shalt have no ego
1) qdots
1) ankleirons
1) it’s national bring your pet to work day!
1) be blank! (& that’s an order!)
1) jerk off small press writers
1) file under miscellaneous
1) what do you intend to do with these reams of writing?
1) ocr 1962
1) wendigo
1) the fire alarm’s been going off all day
1) map of the underworld
1) this is more miscellaneous than that
1) a complete set of now or never broadsides
1) there’s a lot more in here than
1) the magic of the letters themselves
1) assess yourself
1) is this tax deductible
1) ROE vs. T4
1) every one you never copied never passed
1) i⌠
1) last year at this time you were still alive
1) alyonka
1) the mail you thot lost

Sunday, June 06, 2010

you better not be reading this

check the mathematics, matter to
it?, becast into the spell, the things
themselves, plastic words, into
the ditch of what each one means,
in full, ambitious welfare scam,
mental records, what’s he
building in there?, anti-ink,
eluding the mind’s categories,
fur barred, reversing the
meanings, trance angel,
descent ink, microinfraction,
produce of the people’s,
unsigned text, letters
deteriorating (record,
the speed of time (emit deeps,
don’t think of it as not rating
a response: think of it as getting
the last word in, leave the you
in, a trademark on the word zen,
thru sound or not thru sound?
(thru silence?, mine contaminated,
poison the moss, the half life
of paper, the uncategorizable
imp air a tiff, end a trance
chants, coptic corruption a,
turning paper into gold,
underposted, criterium,
the momenter, within the power,

Saturday, June 05, 2010

MAR 28 2008, 8 pm

1) turn the page in such a way that it remains turned
1) tocsin, az
1) yes we wish to find them empty
1) argentan
1) yes, there is a faint purple haze
1) guilty of a life in art
1) the spillage of the inkage
1) well, you put it out there
1) panorama of the paranormal
1) saint echschulte
1) all posted up and nowhere to go
1) mountain we desire
1) that does not look easy to wear
1) mail always was and ever will be dead
1) more than just the name we need
1) the burden of the little eye
1) you recognize and know
1) touring the world on paper
1) babblefish the latin
1) unson hero
1) they are making noise for you
1) what says?
1) aeon
1) she’s banging the drum for you
1) why the varie
1) lake d rut
1) thinking green is the law
1) who all?
1) bring it
1) drop yourself like bombs
1) there & back again
1) caio
1) always more to sell
1) ref?

Friday, June 04, 2010

"subatomistic micrology"

because he keeps tearing the
books apart, now renew, using
a kiss, pass over in silence,
no indication whatsoever, good
advices, final beginning again,
see the machine again, including
traces of the future,
warplanes mistakenly,
bearing in mind time passing,
the study of one, be in here,
subatomistic micrology (di\-
/isibility of the letter, done
with that, yeah yeah, e-
term junck, discourse of
action, undone with that,
unhung, you think you live
in a city?, legal wall,
might take that in,
beyond all recognition,
three oh nine, what kind of
poison exactly?, totally
fuckin’ illiterit, there’s a
moth on the tv set, probe
heads, ω, not in my dictionary,
guidance device, extension
of the consciousness of some
present act or event into the
future, almost read,

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

MAR 26 2008, 8:00 pm

1) almost slow you
1) entropy spinning into the gutter
1) picturepoetry
1) you never even read it!
1) we take our insanity very seriously
1) envelope wif
1) you are still on my mind forty years later
1) kluwer
1) groo
1) letter might get lost in envelope
1) string of statues in the teeth
1) some guys have all the luck
1) yellowing psychedelia
1) some sort of red texture
1) indicate whether you have read these words
1) do more than read
1) wadwise
1) one oh six
1) izzera
1) do you have the world like this?
1) each individual “pixel” hand coloured
1) gesichter
1) looks like it got jammed in the postmark machine
1) why do you always say “no”?
1) what world is that you are in?
1) i am infinite
1) english & film
1) saskakota
1) milo by cone
1) sellping
1) your stay here is temporary
1) spam language
1) i changed the mind
1) how many taps on the shoulder does it take…

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


quit writing, breaking out of
the linear, carry that weight
a long time, what ess took,
concern yourself, tagging is
one thing: piecing is another,
eleven el odd, da readah!,
dot your eyes twice over,
created the heavens and the
earth, heard said, penman
or postman?, where she got
it from, miss trance, the
other within, super imp
printed, polyteleprogramophonic,
language of the eye, renting
location, if we have time,
hypermnesia, heliophonic,
the roar of the sun,
hiring location, booking
location, unheard said,
tobacco bucks, already
expired, new!, enhandced,
untouched from one day to the
next book, celebatory ater
fociality, resonate toget-
her, makes me think of,
books & books & books & books,