Sunday, November 30, 2008

attached to nothing

your name in silk, apron strings
attatched, the day the ink was fresh,
the process of elimination of artists,
thanks for dropping by this text,
liquor store horror monsters, it
all depends how easy it is to
replicate, a crucible, capital a
contest, organic material like paper,
eleven two two thousand and four,
live for it, natural v, clean your
pipe, this is not a pipe-cleaner,
drunk only let me be, depends how
far the ink does fall, drop of
ink falling sixty feet, namahs,
blooprint, code of time, a box full
of heat radiation, adanac ack ack,
fw, dear mom, like a brick in the
teeth, cold chrome, we do not make
a distinction, you won’t catch
you making an error, trance hop,
a craze that died, love done,
orange difference, are you still
there dear reader, rubbrstampede,
art deterioration league, please
take your microscope off me,
let us mix ourselves together,
voodoo luau, poetswell, will you
answer to, each fragment has
meaning, mamanuca, gmcbl,
what if you had no bread,
thinj, batopilas, did they,
do these numbers actually
differ, gbbt, because death,

offliners' conference

ogo brb l, don’t pick the shiny one,
select nothing, aquos, we two are
two, destroying families, concrete
finality, action art, in situ actions,
disinterested in documentation,
cafe handcuff earrings, social
lubrication, ska hats, honeyslides,
a situational depression, gagger,
exurbs, how th e calm, bexaz,
cluster of radio, xeon, nothing
is certain, high endurance cutters,
high elevation coverage, slinks imp,
carpet-udinous, is radio a hot or
a cold medium, kaironomia,
the middle voice, artificial
brainstorming, snick, critical
essays from a humourous, human
consciousness as expressed,
neglect the concrete, constating,
ed the happy clown, early human
cognition, econosymbolic exchange,
dog that does nothing in the
nighttime, manna-words, mots-
valeurs, a sieve-order, we ran
out of garbage, get in amongst
the letters, write three pages a
day, maram, the toner seems so
real, best not waste a stamp,
we need to know nothing, on
being on being, this is no
fooling, still more no, postill,
yesterday numb, yesterday

Saturday, November 29, 2008

marmay yam ram

don’t let yourself get so wound
up, jumping off the shallow end,
monologs, tyvm, nothing needs to
be reiterated, this still needs
to be typed, imagine travel thru
time, seven seven seven, these texts
all need to be retyped, six
six seven, the paper is getting
a little shopworn, marmay yam
ray, maybe there is someone still
there, not even your loved ones,
bleaker beaker half empty,
ha ha just kidding, still
kidding, still joking, six six
five, boo hoo for you, seven
seven six, why would you want
to call, equals twenty-four,
do you have real mail, let’s
take the scenic route, write it
in korean, working weak, destroy
all paper, change and change
and change again, set it up
and knock it down,
retrotelekinesis, saved you
a nickle cost you a dime,
oh oh we owe, van der ham,
make sure you use your own
credit card, item time,
low dead, are you insulting me,

Friday, November 28, 2008

sweep the salt out from under the mouse

informational nirvana,
taka boné raté, the number
goes up, any way to say fifty-
two, silent blabber, pegnant,
eyeplugs, mailing to the dead,
toner punch, nothing makes me
smile, write it out in another
hand, rpr,

“If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise.” Blake

the things close to the edge often
fall off, suck on my toe it makes
me feel so connected, maybe we
ought to poke, dumbook, nag you
to insanity, one is just a fool
persisting in one’s folly, if you
cared about me you would google me,
fuck hannah, zenography, if
you had to choose between a
loophole and a noose which would you take?,
the bad stuff that will kill you, note differences,
dominant loser, random hello, you might be
surprised where you end up, let it go, you want to
be the star of the horrorshow, vegeble, get in the
habit of working, a penny for the environment,
you have to get thru the stench, martial dragon,
let’s get on up, do you mean to say some people
are chaff, flux in the gulch, contact

Thursday, November 27, 2008

tongue of verdana

better living thru violence, down
into the concrete dungeon, your
infinity has been compromised,
the kids know more than you think
they do, urine asphalt, pixelpost,
the booze clicked in, time stir,
manufactured by stale air,
psychedelic violence, nothing is
ever really dead, still plenty of
artjects, cultural violence, don’t
just hold it there, actually
stick it, res, my multiple identity,
recognight, at the sign of the
hanging a, ncl, van winnaars,
are you part of the conspiracy,
a happen fast life, mug, bliss
etcetera, the novel q, this is a
hit of acid, urmet, not that one
that’s a bad one, mickey finns
wake, asblank,

miss tree bucket

secret document release, every
second word is deleted, the folds
of the brain look like bodies,
the theory is you are supps, the
last noise made by the organism,
there will be no reparation, one
why three, art inaction, who knew
the end was so nigh, what a card,
infinite unit, should have gone
whole hog, we think we have a
chit in, the whole block of ice,
pornographic audio, clunk once,
wicked sweet, feeling rich and
reaching oblivion, this famous
artist, throw a penny into fountain,
half a dot, is this the bizniz,
wade thru wad, pushing the
duck, note stroke, return from
zero, not napping, hat no more,
it turned out to be blank,
bentfork, cluster meter, don’t
know what to do with the art,
leave the throat alone, we might
have given this a push, or this
maybe, me as in you or me as in,
is an indication needed, not the
vehicle but the contents,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TNR (gold corpse)

scratch and itch, activation swipe,
how the paper reacts to the ink,
the day before the attack, let the
bungee stretch, bbbc, we are expired,
sev, vaginal oranges, falling to
your death, grnd, the ink is long
gone, who floated you, who sunk
you, stamp the void, concrete
pizzle, the time before the act
of violence, now we need to learn
a whole new city, yellow ray, at
the mercy of the environment,
outside the hat, unable to laugh,
thirteen twelve whatever, the shape
of the eye, intendo, top dollar
bottom penny, build yourself a
new system, make the effort for
poetry, concrete hat, microdot
nanodot, nothing needs to be
blogged, shrinking seed wise,
thou shalt not mention pussy,


another worthless scrap of paper,
change and change until, what
can you do with these points,
gbl, trance tax, gringo star, the
number of scans needed, the
actual weight versus the virtual
weight, ignoring your left hand,
offer limit, the rates went up
while you slept, reak, adwei,
are you going to be where you
said you would be, this was
another day, maple rain deers,
only a woman would think that,
we don’t need stamps anymore
anyway, download the intake,
not afraid of the judgment of
children, mageux, wintertaling,
qw, memory pain memory, preauth
poetry, let the posty do the
walking, just a block or two
over, money talks and talks
and talks, writing poetry on
company time,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sylvan van

keep track of the hours, how does this
pen compare with that pen, one has
been gotten rid of, lookies, tost,
against love, stretch your ear back
ninety years, score some meat,
bbs bbs, the bedrooms of the nation,
a male receptionist, dolfi trost,
omadis, produce produce produce,
economic despair, some sort of
graphomania, pearldrops, liquor
store horror monsters, salty
tammy, it was a sat, one has been
transported, hyperglycaemic, ask
me for a favour, who on earth are
you talking to, head read, my
little filter, cease falling,
continue falling, entry level
lunatic, three grand, try going
without, getting ready for the
hyperjump, get to know your
city, mandala mantra,
mentionless, the wear and tear-
drops, thru the storm, maintain
your level, because you hate
hockey, gleichen, esso ess,
pats half alpha, ring for
service, hand eye coordinates,
violent idiot,

the great white telephone

twenty-one twenty-one, saint ird,
avolub, ugmh, your name was spoke,
you cheated yourself out of
happiness, anesthetic awareness,
savant syndrome, examined
contemporary horror, hoaxster,
sakyot, shetkastone, zelfo, rote
capitalism, the moss all uprooted,
i have burrowed away from the
moss, clusters ruddy, delusional
thinking, a moss-covered boat,
phildickian, ushayabhuqe, mystère,
allermeme, après coup, cluster
of signifiers, a contained
experiment in hysteria, the white
telephone, uology, not that the
world is reading, latha, laser
tweezers, paperwallah, don’t you
have anything better to do,
whole cloth in quotation marks,
a week agon, gravy engraved, not
even time can destroy, toner
camel, i love what’s happening
to the font, this is a week
agony, this is a day gone, tack
on more, sapping me, weak agon,

Monday, November 24, 2008

simulated sunshine

the teddy bear means nothing,
concrete van, mvbbm, these ones
gave me a belly ache, it is the
same cheese, getting to know the
city, a pen that writes and
writes, plm, emballage, meville,
when your card reaches zero,
crcc, anti-capitalist consumption,
ecmas, in this year, outlab, now
the book is gone, roirca, money
omen, you don’t want the doc,
orrpg, save on letters, one step
process, born in the thirties,
a book about a song, obr,
generic literature, now we can
no longer communicate, nothing
has been saved, cochon ray,
ggmcl, what does kt stand
for, what is the parable of
the lost penny, two-bits worth
of bulk garlic, are you employed
to read this, gsgpfb, bbc, eli,
superlovable, obbc, saving
nothing, falling up, tscml,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

simulated heights

it’s time to get back into the
spring, fax deduct, new intoxica,
what does it feel like to have a
spelling problem, buddha cluster,
scan but don’t print, sgda, what
does one have to do with other
artists, calkr, movable void,
syys, what does it feel like
to have a bit of cash flow, look
at all that postage, astroray,
obc, downtoon, uptoon, lae, fax
the art, all the postage we
wasted, sixty-six ninety-nine
thirty-three, doubt art, faith art,
gray matters, ray says pieces, tcgg,
art s, hing, lick the gum, bark
odes, cap eye, purple ray, toglb,
milf, one has become something
else, give up doubt, fat whack
of cash, how far below zero
do we need to go, are we still
lookin’ or have we found,
aliberation, tblg, chip your
consumption down, what is it
you want to say, primary
caregiver liberation front,
luce levy luce, writing is an
aid to memory, only one left
man wire, tcsggpm, naafi,


let’s go back to the happy days,
happy days for who, get your brain
out of the dungeon, art pirate, to
save or not to save, let’s turn
ourselves into a bridge, a shred
of beauty, print this up in an
edition of one thousand nine
hundred and sixty four,
lamination collage, mere mark art,
probe your depths, artistic
delicacy, art replica, reason cycle,
yin ying, forget that it is toner,
marks that speak, how to survive
being an artist, eye own nothing,
if we had to guess we didn’t
have to guess, the art is
intoxicating you, now we are
entering the grey zone, the
mighty stamp, now it is time for
the sledgehammer, a replica
of a fingerprint, how do we get
around town, you think it
represents a face, stop taxing
me, there’s a monster in her
cunt, open your eye and let the
visions pour out, the art
manager, price: priceless, reject
reality, mucous music, morse
german, these are the happy

Saturday, November 22, 2008

your attention to this matter is not required

up in the actual mountains, stook
the forest, acrylic snow, is the war
over yet, hm customs and excise,
any reasonable route, the peace
wall, is this a six or a nine, art
with staying power, the love doesn’t
love me, party colour, hurry up
and decode, sequia, the universal
language of texture, paper music,
making money shut-up, interface
module, build it out of junk,
a labial bend, totale fattura,
it’s all japanese to me, standing
on the crown, anagram logic,
suggesting a fish, still activity,
permanent messages, translatathon,
early digital graphics, i’ve been
an ear, before we came in we
came in, find your way in to
the labyrinth, put it all back
in the bag, never change nothing,
proud or ashamed, this is not
literature it’s paperwork, think
we might trance, girl or woman,
top fresh, squirted with the
vivacity of an orange, shawms,
vegetable ray, put another
quarter in the computer,
cash for information,

i guess i'll just have to take the lack of a sign as a sign

omgcb, environmental technician,
getting ready for a trip acid, it looks
connected but it ain’t, slop some of
that loot, large orange ship, the
wrong carbon copy guy, reamage,
bus sub conscious, goglc, calm abec,
the bufonet, word must have gone
out, bcro, misregister reality, why
would you want to use that old
computer, get them to sign, obit
card, phrases going to make up,
incrimin, beware of bleed-thru,
pop eye, the searching, how to
turn worthless paper into, the
ink is communicating with the
paper, yellow ray, time does not
mind, white out nothing, did they
talk, a debris desk, botter, micro-
evidence, face away, psychotropic,
the words take on new meaning, are
we now elsewhere, please stop
trying, lbb, bind nothing, mvhc,
a perfect impression is, cash
flowt, can’t afford anarchy,
there’s paper in them thar bins,
pull the bookmark out and drop
the book into the bin, temporary
activation, bulge pin, hellight,
time for boredome, oms, refuse
to continue, theo bromine, this
technical process, coogle, none of
this belongs to me, the soap
bar, mossicide, courier
consciousness, appli, sez boo,

Friday, November 21, 2008

this word reminds me too much of you

obdc, continue edm, a hammer virtuoso,
sell yourself high, not mailing nothing,
young turk burst, nanoparticles of
art, falling towards happiness, chip
away at reality, yes we have no
rubber, here comes another, now we
are driving now, ray says boo, talking
as accomplishing, no, nanomagnets,
tiss, the blue needs replenishing,
a country full of loonies, black
and blue even, an undistinguished
potato, you can only make this
better by making that worse, it
looks rich but, new improved value,
really gum the gum up, code: will,
nothing is beyond redemption, go
easy on the ink, actually buy
your own socks, did your message
ever get thru boom, this word
reminds me of you, ray ray go
away, electronanography, this word
reminds me too much of you,
ever wear a tuque, the expression
on its face, get in there and dig,
ray eats meat, a real and actual
trance, trance meat, you’re
drowning in it, still kicking
the habit, the ink says no,
using sex as a weapon, nothing
is garbage in my book, tiny
scraps of paper with strange
words on them, the secret to
stinky cheese, merry rem, bleed
hat, nail it, all the losing tickets,


there will be no more copies, by the
time we get to ten there will be
nothing left, fuck xerox, chip out
a hundred, the original is too real,
adding value or draining it out,
this is pre-staple, ten cents ten
cents, original orange, now what to
do with the text, happy with the
old computer, some sort of magic
staying power, all the rest are
always already gone, are you still
maintaining your integrity,
whack ‘em and stack ‘em, maybe
you better change your name,
concrete cutter, pennier than thou,
some people we used to know, one
has lost, your name in mud, ogo
burble, an original mistaken for
a copy, ogo one, your name is dead,
feeling partly passed out, nothing
goes anywhere without postage, no
we lost, one lives that touch, who
are these judges, pannier then
you, blank education, okay let’s
go thru this again, concrete point,
bring it up into focus, the spot
is the difference, fight
categorization, you can’t just let
it go you gotta push it, your
website is at risk, the brazil
vortex, all those files we left
on the old computer, copied forth,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I hate love.

trance end, stad, where did you
get these envelopes, opening-wise,
is everywhere as one you, eye hate
love, human papillomavirus, xyngst,
ballbusting, thamboria, let your-
self begin, phonecalls about jobs,
untelusing, double vice, ucla
lithoparticles, identical hands,
arbitrary cruelty, fat is relative,
seven dollars worth of bananas,
that me is not me, nor is that me,
the number changes, one is being
forced to change, you won’t be
needing a car, keep your heart
in your pants, we got docked, what
are these other charges, up on vimy
ridge, gfe, psychographic, healthy
conscious engaged, hoick, eye ham
hands, readymead, fishing hat,
happy to examine their
contradictions, truthiness,
clusters of booze, one was under
the radar, nice posse, never see
your husband again, and where
did you get all your money,
unnatural selection, lontananza,
menefreghista, maricones, only
for money, acid causes
permanent changes to the brain,
break change, sin acid, ocv bkl bm,
drastic plastic changes, kitty-
corner from, rotate three-sixty,
speak silence, miss nothing,

i'm hardcore but, to a degree

the smart penny, and ampersand,
acoustic arctic rockers, kbiplbi,
centraficaine, culpability kyrgyz,
the exact fragment, actual meet,
circustan, mint enough, inforich,
looking in the dark, lakemism,
just for a day press, blur
flower, anti-o press, nothing
saying, perceptual war, zero
ain’t easy, spenditures, almost
blank enough, el i o u,
commission and enrolled at

mosquito maintenance, pick a
ditch any ditch, why do gophers
run like that, columbariums,
nobody owns the ditch, but
it’s a dry heat, i nothing,
sildenafil citrate,
trichotillomania, kammersang,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

corvus of one kind

the “service” industry, are you
heading up or are you heading
down, the miserable way to travel,
we found out it was too far by
walking towards it, time will
pass on this also, time cannot be
selected, a novel about poetry,
subdimensions, sat at two,
falling up, ope, mega-nothingness,
one has a special affinity for
nothing, how to get your self out
of yourself, wakaw, not doing
anymore, there is reading but no
reader, my brain has gone dead,
waive off the trance, hardly
professional, they have a special
relationship, the pain we had to
get through to get here, there
are no others, some sort of job,
alter your appearance, this
tells us nothing, what costs a
dollar, the axe fell, blank to
all but the intelligentsia,
you’re falling, it’s time to rise,
sooner or later: gold, nothing
precedes essence, stop continue,
no choice but, why are you
wasting your time with this,
your mail is being intercepted,
pink motivation, eye you’s,
hoping for something to happen,
cookies made of bread,
temporary knowledge,

your printer is currently offline, fix it!

to have and to give, scan dal,
break millions, a cunamam, chip a
pound or two of newsprint, raptures
of scrap, thirteen fifty-one, pavo,
if you keep insisting youre not
then you must be, the practice of
insanity, for unacceptable, we do
like to write the names, vellum
table, spool it out, fall dart,
able-bodied suao, if this was
a leaf, self portrait as blank,
what’s in connection, cyano,
lift your tail, crucify the book,
a primitive lottery, bread peace,
this space is available, faja
braga, beeld, zed world, jews
without borders, ur day, the
moment the fire was burning,
maintain your erection, nothing
short of evil, belt eye, worx,
suture rapture, the gold is
fading, the battle starts again,
the fingerprints of arthur
cravan, toner progress, family
shattered, nothing is exposed,
the bag that holds it all
together, after me comes
nothingness, lecture on the
world, receive this,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a little soft with seraphim

now where are we headed, make
the money flow, zero ray, gtbb,
zen ray, one seven five one one three,
shoestring art, wax ray, talk you
into working, alcoholic labour,
buy a new boot, arp, arpa, never
mail nothing, drivers abstract art,
the meaning of alone, nobookon,
experimental printing, mbc, repels
the ink, ray says hi, ray dad,
ray money, raybol, meat is a
crime, naynim, six billion web-
sites, mb, smear the reams, get ready
to trance, cocgb art, tending
towards the blank, risking the
bleed, turning garbage into art
and art into garbage, trance
action ray, the gap is for art,
the power of negative thinking,
out on the pine needles, blank
is never really blank, each of us
is many, spatialist, hello ray,
free falling towards concrete,
blb, happy haven, alberta ray,
there must be a ray, love ray,
fake out chicken, raycheck,
rain-, unprintable, raybus,
a usual gift, orange ray,

one code without lucidity

the lemonade splashing right up
the wall to the ceiling, the artist
on fire, the weight of art, busy
going online, the artist that did
the work versus the artist that
took credit, we have frozen moments
too, naughty doodle, toner detel,
odour bank, life is meant to be
suffered in isolation, cerlox
xerox, fever temp, pink pocket,
tilebooks, sprung bored, nothing
shocks, marks made by adults,
wad of organic material, peace
music, damaged grooves, the
language slow, separate realities
one from another, see see this is
not a pipe, a language of big
words, world artists for timbuck-
too, non-violent struggle, mandalay
mandala, drifting in and out of
the network, o falkg, the only
ink in a haystack of toner,
problem child problem adult,
a whole another city, somebody
made a mistake no matter who,
finding your way in to hell,
write your own barcodes, keep
your hunches to yourself,
shambling to shambala, is
this making a difference to
you, ant go, here have this,
go against the rush, costii,

Monday, November 17, 2008

travelers (one ell)

v inside v, saint imulation, saint
reet, enter the house of vino, Q,
st im, polar imp, genuine autentica,
escudo, unica grande nuestra,
concon, coquimbo, baltica dry
beer, chanqueahue, das gute
bier, republica, b, mapuche,
the one who liberated us, pesos,
microcoin, uno, ccu, cerveza,
madre de pearl, antofagasta,
saint iago, notice the change,
orange-thighed, glottal
grotto, beans and fire, rtst,
moonah, hob art, free samples
freecall, removalist, shed
junk, drifters internet,
concession travellers, chard,

title catalog, gorp, check in
mail, stop the to and fro,
we have a place for this text,
pill box hat, plans for this
text, the text in living colour,
pre-memory, cureetheemo, defib,
sporecard, getting near the art,
read the hand, watercolour
on rice, voj toj, the only thing
that ever changes is the
date, fluxus vortex, annotate
memory, free yourself from
paper and or electricity, this
seems time free, unact, let
the children play, cracked
envelope, we are getting warm,

gungsuh & haettenschweiler

maxaman flomax, action has
been taken, oxynein, info going
to waste, saint illiw, foreseeable
work, first we need to copy it,
compbox, superman windowpane,
inferthin, a piece of paper is
four pages, here we have gone
over the line, okhsop, tape it to
a plank, without assistance,
temerarious, mullock,
apocopate, antisemantics,
parareality, diaglossic,

ska then, what does the little
font have to say, canoeing the
milk, free jazz text, compare
deteriorate, drop out of the
game, anucal, the merely blank,
make art now, not even enuf to
cover the service charges, do
people actually read this,
emphatropes: streamsludge,
word animals, break millions,
cheap enuf to be worth the
trip, idennify, tell the anteater:
no ants today, this poem is by,
the only word we can see, the
human cluster,

Sunday, November 16, 2008


order post, post order, self-moving,
blue nose, nose blue, blue nothing,
always already gone, memoremem,
knock knock nobody, playing in
and out of the box, hate mail
art, any reason to read on, some
sort of weight, the thing itself
is gone but we saved a copy,
continuo, gurtnellen, you can
call it art, non-identical, en
avant, reason to dig, are you
involved in your life or not,
don’t give me no tasks, whycut,
the season is over, whowha,
mental response, here we are,

an experiment that failed, pick
up post, make the day as rich as
you want, leftover ink, more luck
hitting the other side, meat
guilt, what are all these books
to do with, you missed your
chance to mail, guilty is
quilty, what do you have to
mail, van yog, bot gas, as an
anti-blue, contrast blue,
what are you going to put
in the bun, black on blue,
there will be no next, bring
out the blue, eye lsd,

refers to the size of the font

you could learn the code, ross et
a stone, if you go beyond this point
then, now we have lost this moment,
the usual text, the blank text,
skull king, khybernetics, copper
hue and cry, imported language,
fight for sex, the shoes are
concrete, throat artists, joe blank,
joe oros, ursting, are we all we
have left, look out your window,
absit omen, the claims of errant
history, botflies on the prairie,
pea-pool skittles,

the writing is on the other side,
the spell checker is wrong, ink join,
ebq, arte grezza, pellagra, vert de
grece, a rooster-comb-red toque,
what are you doing at this very
moment, mixed reality, the non-
communication of it, clearing
house of early, hooves of van,
artificial sunsets, unlimited
light, continuator, meraviglia,
west eats meat, arbitrament,
orange metal, theriomorphic,
karmagandh, yog,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

dot um

this is not a computer, mail the
thing itself, the page size we are
going to, newscomputer,
surdimensionnés, trance not
completed, mer chant, actually
more like six than seven,
changing the world one word at
a time, a ball of thread, recycer,
we don’t sell a lot of sales,
snake cancer, weak housing data,
calculated to hijack our efforts,
quizzle, the counterpublic,
phthisic, forcing him headfirst
into the tea pot, munic, one leaf
that never fell, klatschmohn,

megillah gorilla, schriftlich,
lotic, save san pedro, one in the
wrong place, one has a hike to
make, toner guilt, a part of the
country versus b part of the
country, the poetry police, net
start spooler, fluxus enuf,
is that all there is to mail art,
credit advice: don’t use credit
card, colour the pattern, page
number three thousand, bad
font, my name is blank, poetry
labour, not detecting any
difference, microdifference,
the work that is being done,

constantia, corbel

typewriter font, while you were
asleep, what is this font, myriad
condensed web, a miniature book
of elegant design, top-knots
one-boob-bare uniforms, the
sarmak plant, hila, going random,
aesthetic bliss, artificial
bliss, social policing, six penny
nails, a pale copy, clustering
tendencies, numphê, mathetriai,
droit de cité, ricercatrice,
the decolonizing moment,
annushka lutetiavitch
pufflovah, nothing maximum,

treat yourself to a piece of
paper, only got to see the stamp
for a moment, the great losers,
here is nothing, distant contact, the
next blank we fill, mcd, nothing
is incontrovertible, latitude
fifty, raznorecie, polyglossia,
zero distribution, pixellated
mess, trags, degenerate artist,
anarchist author degenerate,
you want it public, se ab, draw
a line by making a fold, a
life of errands, hexis, unspeak,

Friday, November 14, 2008

the consolation of alcohol

habitation, me ad press, you have
dozens, oo oo, all the way back to
oh three, gooey girls, the corn god,
reonion, the motorscope, contribulate,
microlit, signalings, john dorn again,
equal or common in value, are
we communicating here, cursive
dragon, now we are here, rerer,
drop off the face of the earth,
how christian is it, how big is
your god, went fishy, where
did everybody go, life short,
infinwheat, please call me,
try again to get thru, never
could get it right, cle oh,
differ rent, better copiers,

choose the ditch, trionyx,
scona pop bottle, pillar of
the community with four
lovers, an essential human
characteristic, the concrete
realm of things,


writing about the paper we are
writing on, writing about the paper
we will be writing on, vanisle refers
to, a bunch off illegible adresses,
kill yourself nobody cares, noodle
atomizer, make the text available
to the world, we are free here, you
can grow into this, walmart
redemption, tamagot, help yourself
to the copy machine, fftwf, van
dues, invibrancy, cecal, alchey,
hourned, noise intoners, farragin,

amp and lust, let the poem dominate,
signature for money, proliferation of
poetry, get a poem into the news,
back in the good old place, where
the paper’s not crumpled, concrete
laboratory, it’s the cut that makes
it, now you see the reason for the
cut, keep this coupon until you die,
identify yourself at the till, did
we get beyond the mark, keep this
coupon until hell freezes over,
where-abouts is the art, favour
blank, ink and wax, a painful
economic situation, yes to this,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

bookman, calibri, cambria

float yourself a loan, do you
accept mail, eye lamp work,
emplement, paradoxysm, cyberlice,
the file count keeps falling,
macdougall press, are there any
names here, rough or viet, you
are being spoken to by person
number two, perfectly capable
of bringing yourself to orgasm,
pnac, keeping track of all the
books that come out, now we are
making art together, careful
you don’t hit the jackpot, the
elks community hall, the wit
and wisdom of love, press access,

hoge gisting, lupulo, crosstown
liquor, fake rock, de koninck,
vamonos, indifferentiate, agaves,
the ethical is not the highest
consequently, hugely complex
expressive, phthalate plasticisers,
brecciation, never smelled wet
concrete, chassid, balance of
terror, paso dobles, thylazine
thorazine, spirit doubler, hand
typed on a real typewriter,
who needs to see the actual
writing, a half a road, toner
job, only a technician, still
balid, delta text, spilling down,

the big box put us out of business,
we could easily determine, where
did you get the penny,


let’s ask, tencents, hyped up on
hypewriter, this font reminds me
of, aphasia types, step it up and
go copy, put some thing in the
window, toilets wrecked cars
and scrap metal displayed as
art, hoodia winkia, a mere word-
heap, what else can be done to
change the value, bf money, the
distance between you and the book,
the document biz, lucy in the
sky poetry, guilt consumption,
what would so-and-so do, nude
digs, slippery impressions, turn
art into money, artler, read money,

no such person, beaucoup de livres,
fluxus heap, luthier, a few
poetry, the moroccan hat, nice
print, nice print, how did you catch
wind of this, monomath, reality
tourist, on the special properties
of, peacock vehicle, kurinji,
stichomythia, lo huakew, poetry
refund, types of aphasia, give
this the grind, call it art and
have done, oh boy money, enuf
for a substitute, do you want
your art raw or cooked, marshall
your resources, galant eye,
chappals, tourist reality,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

net burnout

the lag, insert this page, waming,
manifold concrete, yateman hat,
sun-seared concrete, maxcan,
blkt, yop yog, be and fall, say
yes to art, if it involves mail,
haart, used paper discards, is
it a sitting duck or is it a decoy,
russian thistle, rub my face in
it, what does this remind you of,
subtle moss, always meant to
read a little further, reading
and memory, cut for use in
collage, reading every word,
here is where the heart is, cut
to relocate, tackle the text,

t, font control, expend labour on
texts, visible on the original,
never trust to memory, the eye is
the performer, go with the detail,
finish school, zed zed rune,
minute scales, chipping away at
the monolith, placere, bestia
triumphans, bookazine, para-
digital, hendiadys, became a
penny song, portrays nothing,
hang in collections and
exhibitions, tequila and
heidegger, the full concrete,
nietzsche and sausages,


lithography in eight colours,
friend become enemy, losing
more contact, we owe too much,
all gone, feeling more liberal,
the fine and the coarse, effort
trough, spring leaves, flip it
over and look again, the touch
of paper, chunk east, nothing
may be contained in this text,
id art, reason to snore a, check
nothing, long gone name, raining
toner, f!, no mail, signed copy
toner, where you intend to put
your eye, pinst, mind at all,

chicken foot basket ball, type and
copy, place billblass just, a vov-apt,
postal ball, stencil in public,
de-ling, the making of the text,
balltown, just keep on, sleepball,
feed the pet grasshopper to the
pet frog, mandrake, spianata,
who spends a hundred and sixteen
dollars on nothing, cash trance,
histomoniasis, texax, immanent
domain, the exhibition hall the
ceiling, maitreya,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


you can’t eat it but, ten year
old grit, imposto profissional,
sixteen year old art, idiot gram,
still dayglo, nicht vergessen,
walking on letters, one red ant,
iass, see what’s going on, grasses
of the world, das frohliche
wohnzimmer, sad ostateczny,
early computer art, rupocinski,
brain cell dies, what’s real
and what’s not, a sign of,
neostropos, permanent memory,
reality agent, art for the
finder, no, fingertips, juncollage,
still dada, front cover, back,

aged work, deep throttle,
sloggin’, where do you want
your work to appear, jkme,
meat rope, always have to clear
customs, face keeps cropping
up, nothing is too small to
see, nothing more luminous,
how many of these did you
send out, track me down,

don't forget tahoma

really out in the field, spolding,
trust the address, creative
thuggery, fake project, no one
ever uses this, dear canadians,
umentall, nothing is emanating,
would you like a gap, under the
napkin, poopaper, artraction,
ephemerama, the real zombies,
the reality surfers, this is not
full colour, call it a tempest,
nuitla, the real point d’ironie,
panty jam, wipe of what, let us
see, dislecksick, lecksick, just
as bright and shiny as on the web,

bky tpst, pornocopy, it’s detail time,
ambire, a yardlong receipt, a career
in reproduction, sntzr, dividers
reinforcements, team saur,
xollage, neophacolyte, akees,
meatmail, rimstone dam,
machineel, everything is gone
except the paper, retain this
money, copyholder, fat city
make it last, alive fee, pay
nothing, more to keep track of,
buying a lot of nothing, remon,
bentspoonerism, blushing crow,
eating unhappiness, binal,

Sunday, November 09, 2008

raavi & shruti

tree bucket, refers to the size,
the whereness of your being, wall
of toner, copy proliferation,
brasserie fish, an ownership
society, charabanc trippers,
fluxus house, gout de terroir,
prolusion, you klangfarbe,
the concrete mail, modelo
agoing, swish mosquitoes, egg
fly, lag sausages, copied
froth, copied forward, better
circulate than never, japa,
the accumulation of paper,
concrete answers, landtong,
hyper-order, kivas, wined and
dined the leading poets,

alter reality, explain war,
the writer is now dead, the
reward for hard work is more
hard work, penetrate the jungle,
swallow this, read right to the
bitter end, feeling about time,
popular culture gets ahold of
you, torture texts, art enters your
life, cho oyu, european history
that commerce, milk-contorted,
a butcher by occupation, art
no such thing, calor, the theme
of the book review, okay did
you understand a word,

sydnie & sylfaen

bufetti, deltiologist, post purchase
consumption, feel the sand, the
loss of mail, synthetic history,
cultural alert, that’s me behind
the mask, actual sticking, sticker
collage, hair dress, what have you
got in your closet, antiquato
computer, you’re just holding it
there, radicale inhoud, see how
it blows, in the fast life, a mere
mask, nalon, what for, remixa,
is that what your phones look
like, a multiple identity,
mickey fish, playback prohibited
by area limitations, microseal,

fold yourself a line, room to
trance, skeezix, phillumenist,
acerbate, the power to do
nothing, eye lot, load it up,
luc lev luc lev loc, white
black, detachable mini, it’s
up in the air!, feel secure,
we are perfectly capable of
making our own books,
hopscotch physics, fail
library, real work, the most
advanced state of
deterioration, the second
ditto, you do not have time,

Saturday, November 08, 2008

actual linotype

xxxedding, fischer tradit,
expose remove, fifteen cents worth
of blank, fold it yourself,
logo domination, really you,
you frenz, the concrete modelo,
egg swish, the sausage lag,
free and ready to use, mega-
hurtz, globual, decide about it
now or later, just about as
blank as it gets, fat god,
return to location, why it
came out so blank, never give
out your address, colour
gone, you aged, really bky,
communication frenz,

postal balance, let hop, maybe this
is just a xerox, max reuse, what
invent, microspud, big what, post
exchange, still chalk, paint
money, nothing frank, horse
free, eighteen o’clock, copy seams,
listen to the books, divide
nothing, the rust division,
kaiser at work, van eyes, old
outch, zouch tremolo, improve
information, interconnected
copies, postal dominion, copy
sand, still exact, obsolete
image, simulating freedom,

Friday, November 07, 2008

miss unemployment insurance gothic & Natalie Simpson

nothing ever changes, eye oh you
nothing, this is back in oh three,
free mutations, still press, what
the green indicates, back before
we had the tools, the pharmacon,
was that my signature, still
seal, how to quit drinking tea,
buy a new possession, still it,
never give out your mailing
address online, still glue, we
could figure out what happen,
still registered, surfing the
papernet, the boot is gone,
generations haggle, ross saws,
still copyright, still trademark,

nobody is here, font schmont,
condensed pennies, my hand is too
sore to write, schork, just honour,
i do not like chain letters, toney
toner, unidiversity, how are we
supposed to use this text, expose
expose expose, aap, disresurrect,
sub trance, amuse the ghouls,
what is the postmodern sublime,
sms, gsm, self-historification,
indirect correspondance, zwerg,
the spasme génêtique, gamboge,
budge the bookmark, wych-elm,
the foreman’s hat, casta diva,

miss p. gothic & miss p. mincho

bazil, year of the error, the net
never changes, broadjump client,
we are not interested in your
project, handwritten html, the
weight of the paper, no more
paper, lost pixels, as simple as
milk, still trademark, nothing
to search for, photocopying
hardware, still generator, a
false memory, never came thru
with the book, zineniz, please
don’t try to communicate with
me, jungle jungle, i’m time
travelling, put it all in the
shredder, understanding zero,

playing without a screen, ball
detourn, filter shape, dagger
shape, where you were sleeping the
other night, toner will deterior,
blot yourself, kumbhaka, brown
derby hat, the van explode, kelson,
mossy scabs of the wormfence,
umph concrete, compenetration,
a cluster of crystals, enchiridion,
handwriting electronic

Thursday, November 06, 2008


extreme tracking, still waxing,
a frugal eater, all the links are
already there, the location of
the studio, marked down night,
book versus website, addicted to
lsd, keep your debt to a minimum,
turning from one year to the
next, what are you going to do
with those dollars, what have we
got to mail, mailing on christ,
pop a pic, still waning, feel it
slip, when you were in the same
room as me, get rid of all your
stuff, any sort of response, none
such website, trying to get the
book, keep a paper record of every,

bank note trampoline, normal
automatic, welfare drunks,
spiles, a hat nerd, uti, chela,
aparticles, sambal, sugarbirds,
the music of the cubes, sous rature,
orange room, nonelaboration,
awake in the redneck desert,
higian, squetched and skywannocked,
the pacman flower, rotted concrete,
minimum convex polygon, concrete
problem, ampm, you have one option,
other people are just a blur,
brighter other, how many words
do we have time for, what other
people are doing, you go and have
your fun, spend it all on,

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


begin reading this, way back in,
there’s no escape from, let’s not
compare, recommend nothing,
nobody wants to see the art, do
you know the price of postage,
is it time to get drunk yet,
yes we are here, mailing for
nothing, more than one thing to
deposit, waive the fee goodbye,
how the money is connected, the
new regimen, the new technique,
explain why this happens, this
might have been destroyed,
autoco, art canada, concealed
rivets, the extra penny, get!,

smarati, december eleven twenty
sixteen, harmonic grbge,
scrunchy, dereferences, dybbuk,
dendrochronological reliakor,
roopkund, irresistance, they
actually had to mail this one,
cosmolocal, i am center left,
nothing remains unsearched,
the ludismail, economicity,
continuatively, trash cards,
howdiz, edmuniv, balls deep,
not really aware of you anymore,
forget the dead, make art not
money, get paralyzed and then,
at teast, what van refers to,

kartika & latha

total owed equals total paid, hard
sexism, minimum lang wage, how will
you pay the future, you are down to
twenty-three, where did you get the
money, printed in medicine hat, it
was fun when the other was the
target, let’s see if our ink lasts
longer, black and white and blue,
never had much luck at xoomer,
there’s that word again, another
penny in your coffin, postal war,
switching black and blue, work
within the folds, coptetition,
infinite distribution, hook up
to the juice, this is an ad,

flying moose, you thot you never
heard the name, a nice setting of
the poem, you are covered, all the
mail we might have sent, don’t even
recognize the language, pond plop
frog, turning scrap into art, meat
shame, mail to me before we die, the
in evitable, alamuk, the seeing tower,
here where the text is smudged, the
number of files fluctuates, number
of copies: zero, just borrowing this
text, if you don’t go to it it might
come to you, the context is always
lost, is there art over there, gas sign,

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GungsuhChe & Haettenschweiler

hmmm nothing in this text,
concrete star, bounce deodorant,
lady spud, klesmophile, a small
version of the text, the art stands
out so bold, one rubberstamp for
the blue ink, and one for the
black ink, eye drp, you have to
declare something, are you like
an item, trance coma, the bradley
bunch, our early years versus
your early years, six hundred
and sixty-six copies, orto, ex
marks, this might be a text
worth, a cluster of debts,
the future may be a little,

the information and the apparatus,
this could be your hand, conomics,
the thru and flow of, identify
as a alcohol, once the internet is
full, agita, the lousy ink will
fade away, where are you going
to come up with, bright blue copy,
snap the book up, golden oranges,
the televion, never made no impact,
do something constructive, my
name is not, what the reader might
be going thru, give some sort of
indication, no this is art, the
penny is obsolete, medicine zero,

GulimChe & Gungsuh

i am in a double bind, judging
by the size of the holes, things we
did to gether, just say no to art,
i agree to not hinge, crepitate,
i don’t have any envelopes so,
a stimulating attack, social
overload, i survived saskatchewan
highway number, a rubberstamp
yuck, the copies are free, save
all your garbage, some pretty
crazy pals, anti-lamp, still
renewing, you have been passed
over, the war has come to an end,
the smell has dis, yes, forget to
sell, supersize garbage, workfree,

a seven dollar photocopy, spp,
try and make out the numbers,
the new flux, progress font, is
that all there is to fluxus,
post water, swimming in mail,
pedro canada, swls, nonprime,
weblog, inluding, silicon
castles, involved in the
temporary, titan arum in bloom,
ger, quasicrystal, mangabeys,
ten billion copies a day,
apocope, face gazing, capitals
of habsburg europe,

Monday, November 03, 2008


still waiting for an answer, cut
your way into the future, zamky,
this looks like it came from,
vyslapana, ultrasound face, boy
event, still paging, nothing again
alien, aml nitrate, still mail,
that’s the way the mail flows,
the option of doing, how do you
make it happen, meditate as
long as you want, eye velocity,
the inch eye will sea, felt
chain, never din, no surprise,
floating net, listen nothing,
whatever was here is gone,

deal with this now, the most
advanced deterioration, forget
the copy, who’s aira, give crafty,
create xpr, what what, the blank
mail you, multi-asking, send
toner, the so-called original,
name five copies, a rubberstamp
that says so, what becoming,
what socinian, create to bed,
xpr irony, crafty elite hands,
give loss, whos show, aira
directions, ready it, bibulous,
international flow,

estrangelo edessa

aira, what network are you apart of,
imperia, is this some kind of sign,
network of eyeballs, no yes it is
attached, this is where we live,
roaring out of the screen, why
would you put all this work in,
thinking about sex, hello this is
me, xmash, hello here’s some paint,
wishout a map, pass this text on,
on the first day of the new,
before the first day of, not
exactly paint, sixty year old
card, pink govern, diapente,
partially real, the unresponse,
what did it add up to, this is,

cut and, duh, mindless message,
average contentment, what would
make, bomford, gicle, identical
originals, identical consciousness,
carry the poem, the smallest
gesture, doc your marks, you
will wait for ever, it would
be, answer to everything, alc,
what is it you wanted, original
plagiarism, thrift bin, toner
smear, what is name, text iles,
the longer you spend on the top
of the heap the more dust you
collect, planet anarchy, only
one, follow the directions,

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dotum & DotumChe

who’s your new friend, things
are going out of style, warmail,
getting paper dirty, and the
war goes on, minaret envelopes,
storm on the range, floorplay,
watching the hairy orifice,
silence memory, aduana, are
you still there, mistral desert,
authenticity pack rat, as ka,
saltunees, askelmaa, koipi,
colossiality, is this your life,
temporarily alive, how’s your
health, one hell of a sore,
gluelike secretions, exanthemata,

nid, porta, ops, egg, gum, worth
repeating, jump into the water,
seems like a million, hand
delivered, kahn, tmavy lezak,
telbank, buying nothingness,
go missing, rhododendron
honey, ass secret, canpotex,
illustrated diseases,
ohrivane, pin a name on that
devil, canux, suitcase show,

corbel &

just buy the damn thing, extend the
list of hats, turn it into art, nothing
quite blank enuf, already have a good
thing going, number fluctuations,
four-square art, the one thing and the
other thing, hallucinogenesis,
fourteen dollars for a chance to
piss, levy coach jack, senta berger,
blog frog plop, everything made
nothing, you can go back again,
drowning cluster, force to but
nothing, eatmeat, make contact
make contact, didn’t we just make
this transaction, plus one copy,
paper stretcher, when artists die,

axe for text, the ride the text
will get, is the poet for real,
florilegium, a poet with a backyard,
the copy is better than the original,
what can be added to perfection,
nine mad, you will know the copy
by its location, is it developing,
the time it takes to annotate,
writing this, beep bup, superother,
hmmm total, the code is not
available, here’s the trance,
just show, opportunity is knocking

Saturday, November 01, 2008

consolas & constantia

file for hat, who set us in touch,
nothing butter, five copies times
two equals five copies, handwrite
copies, much the better copy, total
sign, hmmm zero, iota today, the
beck, art enemy, bibliopub, farrago
amp, fit to fly toner, toner holes,
penny stock trading report, an
information-depleted environment,
liribles, mindlessfullness, orange
weather, actemes, mohada, trance
addle, stutter mail, zetetic,
patination, enlightenment
engine, the toner is smearing,
beauty in the service of, let,

declare the pennies obsolete, glb,
read the book already, pennies from
hell, you only get one chance with
me, it’s a sort of meat, it’s a sort
of wheat, cluster dynasty, correct
this phrase, the five million dollars
project, insanity is art, here where
the ink is starting to fade, the
year of the dog again, cluster
economics, the small press gravy
train, volzet, finally cashed
the sucker, a devoted blue, art
and tal, the meter is open, no
these are not girls, orange news,
the paper is getting soaked,

century gothic & comic sans ms

fluctuating like the price of
gas, an art project about nothing,
rubberstamp portable, go out and
collect some bottles, variation of
car, people we never contacted,
to yourself from yourself, no
trance required, cjb, we have
written letters to letters, wax
post, exboo, an exspensive error,
lobotomized language, the war
is on its way back to you, five
orange pounds, the film is still
blank, global boredom, pick i,

glass-eyeing, blue thru the window,
it wouldn’t really be art, you made
an error, how many times do i have
to tell you, the first to under,
you asked for it, very little add,
why not use your tongue, we had
to give the art back, rather use
tape, free identity, unaltered slip,
one collaborator did not appreciate
the collaboration, finger bone saw,
eros zeros, pull wood book, henressy,
yes every day, if you identify
yourself, here we go already,
newordagogo, outline the target,
north van cob, meat shame,