Friday, October 31, 2014


a blind snake, dysthymia,
personality disorder not otherwise
specified, truffula trees,
thneeds, illegitimate prescriptions,
keep dialing, rom cluster, seb,
ommegang hennepin, sausage tax,
mb cluster, cara balasz,
christian zeal and activity,
trimbit, kashoonk, a very deep
orange phase, all my life my
heart has sought a thing i cannot
name, emotional blackmail,
deep-brain stimulation, yerevan,
vanadic acid, cidevant, scolytids,
ecologist crawford holling,
headache art, the art loss
register, the mays webb thing,
axe picabia, fake specks,
virgule, this meme’s war,
the land of visions,

Thursday, October 30, 2014


this memes war, wheat meat,
an actualised concept, l’art du
tampon, sabermetrics, plus one,
murphy bed, second tithe,
antilogical arts, frontin’, the
rest is dross, erotic haiku,
ephectic, water pups, a complete
history of death, just at the
end of nineteen-ninety-one,
night field, let’s adjust,
ommegang abbey, bad for the
rubber, mgb cluster, lookism,
neurofeedback, concrete
wallpaper, buddleja, divid,
make a sign, pronounce picabia,
coming guppy, hallucinogenology,
endpoint in quotation marks,
baecker westmoreland, valiant
enterprises, mehrl, heddwch,
best erotic mailart, snaillymail,
dodo dada, festuccia tabacchi,
dreams the psiquiatric, copy
repair, genuine folds, the fear
of going mad, otherlessness,
are you prepared to let
reality go, the folds is
a clue, we lost face,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

have you seen the DUAL in indiviDUALity?

dividual, raclette du savoie,
the velvet kangaroo with a penny
in its pouch, spreads its oranges,
outdividual, cluster of tremors,
croppie fish, mufa pufa sufa,
fupa, retrieval ref, orange zed,
ole no brainer, take a lot of
bucks, ocw cluster, walrus
morse, rollercoaster vomit,
bananafish films, jokeage, tea
party culture, red zep, fly in
the oinkment, lick at own risk,
where the secret is hidden,
gum side, zero cents, tb culture,
ragged edge press, ripetition,
lickage, crackerjack kid, at
me dot com, thai boats, ceramic
fish, taylor guitar, you had
to do a lot of art to get to,
orange flesh blythe, look at
the high art, greenfield brain
cell netland, brian setzer
billy corgan, zeneric, penny
reflection, enjoy the blank,
porphium, morphium, a jar
for each organ,

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


canopic jar, stuffit expander,
akamina-kishinena, boojee boy,
kick the poem into the hole,
halloweengloves, what’s so
beneficial about the canada
darner, it’s not half full: it’s
completely empty, iran do
espirito santo, toff, metacritic,
horse empty circles, sausage
party, artificial volcano, pod
dop, bottom diva, hand-compiled
early, big bored, bored hand,
cryptomorph, fraud egg,
neither either nor or, castical
and vela, en passant eight,

Monday, October 27, 2014


fried egg nebula, nip-slip,
random entry idea generating
tool, reddit, uniball blk,
we put a lot of thought into
our nothings, my kingdom for
a like, cbcmp cluster, all art,
keith martin, heidornstrasse,
radio luck, decentralization
of syntax, egoist anarchist,
anarcha-feminism, machado
de assis, a withered ham, si fu,
cyberpussy, free rails, the near
future is blank, cult quiz,
dog’s body, won’t leak in flight,
helps prevent check fraud,

Saturday, October 25, 2014


quiscalus quiscula, the fed
ex factor, period piece number
one, the gold standard, toe
suck fairy, cut the confusion,
a bunch of light, tambroise,
csccpb cluster, all in the
sky, the turquoise sky,
hayao miyazaki, pretty mouth,
sabadell, dordrecht, anni di
antitrust per le persone,
woodland hills, charlebois,
focalin, egalia, risperdal,
willimantic, carden, an orange
box for the adult tapes,
naked liberty and the world
of desire, anarcho-phobia, the
urge to destroy is also a
creative urge, indifference
to social tradition, nooze-
lettuh cult, spouge in
the wind, tawak, menaud
chien, long distance cult,

Friday, October 24, 2014


telecult, tuumbaq, zamarono,
essex vajazzle, sexorcism,
living room wall painted
orange, miss kokuho, rcoc
cluster, xerxes irani, the
gap band, squat concrete,
yanked-up concrete, john
hulcoop, mprsnd, primitive
accumulation, tawakani
error, a thousands words,
wolf fold, battlements,
beignets, the fattest woman
in the world, nik beat, i’m
going to be a grandfather,
john snow house, flywheel,
continental airlines, prince’s
island playground, cyo
clubhouse, kensington
riverside inn, unsportsmanlike
conduct, the area on tenth
ave, sunday at five-thirty,
the uptown, objuscation,
constructive ethos,
zeichenbuch, finnländische,
ridgewood, san isidro,
that house on fifth,
laughs but not leafs,

Thursday, October 23, 2014


startlements, urobilin, heme,
angiography, surfer’s voice,
infra dig, heliochrome, ativan,
choking emergency heimlich,
duloxetine, citalopram, found
in her home’s concrete, eight
intelligences, liquor cellar,
maudite, cb cluster, sage up
to, tanist, grotesque realism,
irrepresentable, wondjina,
the breasts hang in clusters,
image pressure, hollywood
eagle costume, clitician,
nadja pants, le tuc, learn
to swim lighthouse, the
future holds, vismia time,
bow to bluff,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"macy who"

flowfold, spiritual post, pyl,
mojito, pencil skirt, high
contrast will create the effect,
ommegang, puurs, canola
versus, the stain is a sign,
bow to flow, do you plan to
produce, try to look at the
poem in a new way, what do
the numbers signify, gigantic
url, nadie aguanta la
podredumbre pero todos
esquivan al muerto, the
owners of the fluxus, gar
number seventy-seven, write
legibly, dominate yourself,
might do a revised edition,
no more paradoxes, please
revise, we need a new
coolhunter, unconventional
metrics, influencing
machine, knotters, ryokan,
finding yourself blind,
macy who, we have some
empty to fill, paper
mirror, shitting together,

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


essential accidents, pansexual
imp, spricket, suburgatory,
salsafication, retire the green,
scout, ink is noise, co cluster,
micro-eye cluster, walrus flipper,
parable communications, all
c, here’s the rub, it’s all just
rubble, wait here’s a couple
of good planks, when you have
bawa, this will explain,
dopesick ma, plymouth, relevé,
chenille, valsalva, pointelle,
fusion panties, orange grease,
warning level orange, drop
cluster bombs from a drone,
froogle, multinetworked,
the heads of executed
commissars, mincecore,
cached info, a speck of
information, hastings street,
toxic personalities, remove
voice mail, surf faster,
is that a leading question,
bear mountain motel, ten
grand ideas, run forth,
my ka, are you going to
continue, missed shows,

Monday, October 20, 2014

"odobenus rosmarus"

solophilia, the phrase jumped
the shark has jumped the shark,
librae solidi denarii, routine
shopping, scmclb cluster,
trying to get a pen to work
scraps, research in motion,
plain dealer, the long pig,
graydon beach, campsite home
especially, tewn tahnjuh,
sut jhally, sunburned
newsprint, sun eaten info, if
i never see her face again,
the name of the font spoils it,
we had a one-sided day,
television blue, solo aesthetics,
aeshna canadensis, odobenus
rosmarus, marred souls,
ben insects, chander, a more
organic process, other honey,
picturing the social
landscape, feldmann women
in prison, serra verb list
compilation, the bowery in
two inadequate descriptive
systems, the structure of
the artistic text,
inl, every building on
one hundred west hastings,

Friday, October 17, 2014


solophobia, recycle your money,
prison skills, plantar fasciitis,
través, metatarsalgia, upeksa,
apatheia, coin tain, unibrow,
bebe vanderview, cl cluster,
make a pretty, beatlick, hot
and cold carport exposed, ain’t
nothin’ but uh thang, mirliton,
schmiffisms, grid room
technique, clusters of punctate
radiopaque foreign bodies,
paralysergic, telegold, zen sex,
you own the phrase, not a
pine, the gulags, talk about
me, everything louder than
everything else, this transition
will never end, the last train
to kakan, infinite in all
directions, gynesis, images
from the floating world, the
violence of representation,
crito phaedo, art blakey big
beat chess, kyotologic, kranked
roam, extended noland, joe
brainard i remember,
language to cover a page,
social theory and health,
relational aesthetics,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

"hechscheri grylio"

zotepine, amphipod, hormotional,
sameless shelf, yoga pants,
bunga bunga, ink on ink,
waterman, courier think, ob
cluster, eight oh two, confronted
with no language, lindenhurst,
the last of the green x’s,
nachrichten, hunlun shan,
hechscheri grylio, gap
insurance, schizofreak, single
is an error, war needle,
snygga, don’t i get at the,
printshock, fetish girl, the
seven crimes of azincourt,
the sexual paradox,
revaluation of all values,
this is your brain on movies,
in praise of folly, quantum
psychology, word burials,
the transparent society,
kuo tempting faith, hustle
and flow, the challenge of
leisure, spectacular realities,
colin smith krupskaya, al
neil slammer, sports and
resistance, an art of the

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


snyggt, auscultations, mudsex,
ammorpgs, boricua pop, testing
blue, winnipeg crest, tcbbc
cluster, make the girl dance,
popeye jackson, the sheeple,
dyne gyna, twyna, throdd, the
church of stop shopping, all
i really wanna do, begin a
new project, war bower, poly-
friction, orange garbage,
the magus, pigment pen,
newsprint sunburn, one da go,
one the staple, bar dart,
dough and evening, six four
nine, duct pro, namuh, evals,
pretty prop, yumbe, barcode
reader, five six seven, code
blank, one two zero one three
zero, twenty-eight, clear
acetate side,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


monotropism, polytropism,
attention-tunnel, gabba gabba
hey, situatives, plushophilia,
orgasmic meditation, slow
sex, revolving editor system,
ccfsmg cluster, mccormick,
gueberschwihr, server phrase,
jocka mo feeno hey, knismesis,
gargalesis, spinal stenosis,
orange bittersweet single-
origin chocolate tarts, apfig,
clockless, ssi poets, shed their
orange skins, goji, noni,
mangosteen, the ell-fortyone
house, orange wave, what does
the year eighteen ninety-nine
mean to you, mort to come,
neuralgia plough, read
orange, canadian devils,
art booklet not attached,
who was wdlt, well it’s
attached now isn’t it,
heed the third eye,
generation steamheat, in the
halo of death, see colour
sheets for more, background
art, livut, yuh the fo, add
fold, toner friction,

Monday, October 13, 2014


neuroglia, wakeboard tower,
bile-based literature, heather
gray, postalranto, metallic papers,
limited edition mass production,
wolleb, ginseng drinkers, pro
captu lectoris habent sua fata
libelli, cum ipsi majores, pilar,
an interstice mossy snuggish,
crash cluster, pfaffenheim
pinot gris, green stripe cluster,
looking for a hole, jumbo
chickens, cocw cluster, cbn,
we ink lieu, letterfounder,
the situation is hoboness,
poultney, storm barn, edifice
complex, dixie lily, the self-
that-dies, blitzkrieg bop,
pencil versus green felttip,
hoke emptied all charged,
chester arthur, punning on
concrete, beemster, this
just needs to be rubber-
stamped, show us your,
orange read, let’s plough,

Saturday, October 11, 2014


making noises, no author, stop stopping,
image hunger, situation in control,
twenty-six options, head maintain,
murder of a poet, the vat inside (is
empty, daze our wasting, grailing,
don't message with me, prisonified,
not what i meant by staying put, get
found!, frames (cucumber, city
person, already at the lake (twice
over, my calm lost, one daze to the
neck, library sourz, present
differences of interpretation,
people from new york and toronto
and chicago and edmonton, sit and
exchange tales, the use of megaphones
by the clearance military, a few
hours of mystic happiness, thru
the maze of lanes, an aroma of
coffee beans, her geoduck pail,
we possess nothing, to shoot
marvelous strength into my
heart, a little green hemisphere
of moss, nothing but moss, the print
of her hand perfect on the wallpaper,
scannable, coulda been there by
now, bean here, outdoorified,
automotionless, suffer thru,
irreconcilable (difference,
back mark up, you've been collected
, no more room, enough said?, times!,              

Friday, October 10, 2014


sploughe, heyoka, octooza,
the art of happenstance,
sysomos, hubspot, all of the
photos: none of the boring words,
minneola tax, saint me, ocb
cluster, hyalophora benefits,
keith martin illustration,
every wave of disaster,
infochine, imagination
without learning joubert,
dismiss earth elemental,
kalkaska, paper poses a choking
hazard, thanks for your
thoughtfulness, seeing the
bauhaus through a ketchup
bottle, paper police panzer,
gesprächsbericht, pullman
fiftysix, berty skuber, mat
for laying down in the street,
sometimes is more often than
you think, familiar things,
borobudur, superreality,
william daniel lee thomas,
heed nothing, assume your
mind is being manipulated,
big bear lake, orange
hollow-body, hasa diga
eebowai, inderal la,

Thursday, October 09, 2014


marathon sleeper, foxy moron,
the words of selves, shit and
roses, wingtip vortices, big mind,
toggle case, vaudoed,
vinaigrette, scm cluster, why
did the leaf cross the road,
giggy, remuda, the stainless
steel snowflake, chironogomy,
avalokitesvara, a, savitri devi,
hawked at the event and
chockfull, blind-debossed,
tropho-ergotropic arousal,
paradise device, interpellation
means, sylfaen tahoma,
drawing blood pictures,
dragon cum comix, toner
braille, reading purple,

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


dragon spouge, corpus delectii,
beeplink, gottenyu, blops,
symbols per second, gop, time-of-
flight cameras, structured
light, dollars ten, marathon
sleeper, hcjcl cluster, areolae,
lanús este, siku, busienss,
capen, ringvägen, paper id,
inrikes, rowbottoms, laporte
history of shit, printahop,
high void continuous
filament, a onion pridtshop,
byronic brocade, heavy cream
claycoat, bildumb badly,
endomorph, raw spouge, it will
be a short, tree aloe quiver,
finally something got thru
to you, dresden hiroshima,
i don’t want any of your
garbage thanks,

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


symbolic interactionism, heel
spur, serralysin, hityashvut,
clusterfly, googlewashing,
pruritus ani, googlewhack,
skin tags, mephedrone, link
doping, spamdexing, google
bowling, mdpv, set cluster,
smart car tipping, yb dollars
cluster, astro cluster, anna
escobedo cabral, john snow,
vliegende vleugel, black
and white with red, head
stand flux, dadamail, will
rocknroll for food, wart
squid utd, what have you
got on your tongue, lady
hawkesbury, david garrick,
sweetwater texas, ethernaut,
lawnsonjuh vent poodge,
poetsbank, selfwrappers,
ongoing thinks, lsd lead,
googlebomb, devil’s glare,
aloe tree,

Monday, October 06, 2014

"death by a thousand cuts"

quiver tree, hyrax, delysid,
death by a thousand cuts,
bloodcopter, shibari, paper
is a means for transporting
information, drop the poem
into the sweetspot, still a bit
of black in the blue, tambroise,
cmogb cluster, imprimerie
dromadaire, hilorent, ashkaic,
unititled, tardive dyskenesia,
you have to read each
identical copy, what’s the
story behind the lizard,
the sign rests in the hole,
the start of an a, i think
we’re actually in oh nine,
deshits, social adaptation,

Sunday, October 05, 2014


interpersonal adaptation
theory, the harmonic balancer,
stressed desserts, paper fee,
mcg cluster, amero, bazank,
drop the particle, cosplay,
mahatma gumby, ostion,
a bio-filtering living wall,
cairo hundreds of egyptians,
the logotype, theory of mind,
sovereign default, clusterface,
djuna’s buboe, stegano, i
think we need to rethink,
me cooking meat, degrees of
irreality, double-sided
colour, junky star, he looked
smug, prof joan harrison,
imagine peace, arte grezza,
grigori sarabi, we knew the
original, emaciated
sakyamuni, pink glue,
zentak grotesk, gar seventy-six,
document storage solutions,
the glue made the ink run,
hire a photographer, post-it
note and all, we absorb,
claudia ligorria, broche
silk, grutto, celia cruz,

Saturday, October 04, 2014

"rohonc codex"

steganography, scantron,
ex-convict husband, social
capital, sexual antipathy,
rohonc codex, book of soyga,
chambly, bakula, cc cluster,
fluxus detritus, more on less,
oh oh oh what does it say,
scrambled symbols, samboes,
time will smear the ink,
tisdalien, jail tale, pirate
utopian, octi-grab, hose of
betty, platemaking, roneo,
splitfount, fuck check,
lucid side, actually throw,
monogamish, sepulveda,
orange slab, seek a, how
to kill a bunny, barcode

Friday, October 03, 2014


seka, islamicism, grandfathered
in, saint ambroise, minneola
ginger, cgomb cluster, a hint
of lead, sillybobbles, quinzee,
nalguitas, postcivilization,
life-biomass, thimerosal, send
one penny, negroni, justifier
dial, karelian bear dog,
black anarchy, you only have
one piece of the puzzle,
maybe the blur is in your
eye, is that a word there,
greist, god’s burn, ack
daniels, fuck you charlie,
rosemilk, mobilis, hell
michigan, had dock, hadcrap,
hung like a horse, operator
sixty-nine, oy! , bawa,
chateau merde, lit lump,
lost virus, murrum, no lint,
dog lichen, beebeebee, the
rumbled god, my trash
thinker, how are you making
these marks, hoodoo how,
my floody thought, neck
turd, your fragrant
hamster, blabsnout,

Thursday, October 02, 2014


slabroter, kei-mushi, grass-
eating men, escitalopram,
penniless seduction, the law
is an ass, moulding
masculinities, pert rack,
grock, money to work with,
the birkenshaw, don’t tell
me who i am let me guess,
rasputin, purse book, role-
playing, connected to
yourself, plague of the
art zombies, lew me, self
satirized anxiety, greenvale
vic, spokane word, macon
word, poontang, polyandric,
the depths of the concrete,
ftp, kachkaniraqmi means,
she pushes me, lumpa,
psychographics, reverse

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

"francisella tularensis"

reverse apotheosis, trdmc,
cladiini, waveformless, zero
energy experimental pile,
lagomorphs, francisella
tularensis, ky jam, cambazola,
one one one cluster, cblccb
cluster, dean goose, exchange
for cheaper health, poms,
olallieberries, you are the
penniless serf, edging, these
crowds of orange bodies, a
reputation economy,
correspondents at large,
sunset avenue, orange volvo,
golden ears bridge, fastbreak,
wildplay, joelle, airmiles,
or similar, at her lotto booth,
part of what you pay for,
which way are you facing,
nonref, energy recovery fee,
saanich, you overlooked
something, mailart: it’s free!,
lumpa spit, arbitrary gift,