Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"facebook depression"

facebook depression, epouser la
notion, virtual realist avatar,
shrimping, hautemeal and the
beholden spurtle, knewbile,
artificial mythologies,
morbier, cheezies oranges, c oc
cluster, mail makes it personal,
let’s pretend it’s whole,
golden gray, a blade of blood,
neutral potato spirits, flux
hat, who ever can dance,
cynwyd, hunched over his desk,
documento obsoleto, cassenoix
moucheté, add denim, furlotte,
hempseed, silver wapiti,
chrome reptile, i wanna see
the girl wearing it, all the
touching going on, glitter
girls, recyclage, essiembre,
détourne les codes, vestimentaires,
x x x x x x x x , house of
whipcord, lititz, media junky,
stolen by canadians, kiera!,
bijouterie piercing,
update your look, wants to
have sex with me, 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


cyber-zeitgeist, the second brain,
list of narrative morphemes,
authoritarian fictions, scet,
alaskastock, bélier, aries,
vylcg cluster, are you talking
to me, secret vice, time zine,
sally’s gay with midol,
ultraman, truth is a matter of
the imagination, the sisters of
death, the beauty queen’s
ignored sister, steedism, all
the past events lead to right
where you’re at right now,
can a dream change a person’s
life, tiffany keyhole, a
digital fluxus performance,
saving our prints, university
graphics, the owners of the
fluxus, discrete cosine
transform, trazadone, luvox,
elimination from the human
consciousness, aerophilic,
a diphtheritic membrane,
propyls-propylaea, flectere
si nequeo superos, acheronta
movebo, hamra naukurra,
cockchafer, kilims imp,

Monday, July 29, 2013

"gloria glitch"

gloria glitch, the deletists,
borbout, garfish, (· ) , collard
liquor, udonthani, data angel,
neurophilosophy, prabupadha,
eckenkarters, mink stole, banana
tax, if you came into a pile
of money what would you do
with it, amount you’re paying,
attach correspondence, cmlb
cluster, orange and orange,
resistance is reasonable, the
aitch was the best part, we can
reuse this bookmark, glitterpony,
poethic, self-textpressive,
voland, can be explored by
historicizing, volant
discommorancy, cothurni,
evidence hollow cast, not sure
why one text wins, presumably
you noticed, karen’s chocolate
enema, blow this one back
into the hole, chrysostome,
alice loon, happy days, not
forward, vague love, keep on
playing these mind games
forever, garbage writing,
antarctica fireman, fuck!,

Saturday, July 27, 2013

"re-poesia visiva"

re-poesia visiva, de re metallica,
brachial plexus, dexiflux-v,
ephemeral mayfly, radial
neuropathy, vetiver, saturday
night palsy, meta-facebooking,
cluster source, kensington cluster,
hawkins globe winnipeg, ccb b
g cluster, the shannon-weaver
mathematical model of
communication, the transistor,
information history, flatiron,
the beautiful penny, involtini,
hyperpartisanship, esculent,
cyberutopians, bockwurst,
electromechanical media,
elfcasts, oospheric, information
theory, add a penny and pass
along, be careful up there,
reciprocità, not mutt,
rabbit pearl, fetish coupon,
a little bit of crayon work,
can you part with the things
you love, real california
milk, you need your own
perforator, colour a
thousand times over, hard
fucking is going on,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"mind guerilla"

mind guerilla, psychomachia,
maternity tourist, gold phallus,
impondering, the bo language,
the land of nodnod, i’m gonna
let you go, feel free to cross
the line, vso cluster, pinnak
cluster, tac amp, the dream-thots,
the dream of the botanical
monograph, moss drifts through
the branches, grinder’s penny,
what was the fate of wegway,
i must forget myself to have
access to the other, goks, the
inventor of media art, mind
wars, where eye was will be,
strange angle to the text,
annapolice, mouse play,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"synthetic biology"

synthetic biology, sancere,
bi-wining, hyperouter, endora,
nothing but fate, tetraclinus
articulata, gothic lolita, the
snoring rail, meatnoia, the
sinosphere, the ghetto of concrete,
squidword, backplate project,
stirfry flystrip, toscana,
a gift for you, cow cluster,
spin lamp, strip lamp, perito
moreno, lacma, zaxbys, human
micro-chipping, x-mas propaganda,
box of canvas, visual flashes,
juni, hoot-en-nanny, like alice,
worshipping together, kaunas
fluxfest, livematter, you
see your cut here, growing
from the concrete, life is
art, i’m glad you trust me,
you better hurry up and choose
which one of those bills you
want, wear the mask, viviana,
lippia turbinata, first we
speak, i’m a playboy, calling
elsewhere, upopolis, shizen,
flux of fun, did not wish,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


playpal, concrete enthusiasts,
kuan-lin, toxic love, frig zen,
milk cluster, one nate two nates,
design paprika, strip-tac cluster,
diamond cluster, don’t call me
joe, typograph, kobb laboratories,
under-cover rocket scientist,
intestinal face, tecumseh mo,
bimbo shrineheads, all region
codes, wonder about what, art
retox, crest theatre, working
to-wards a full deck, ickau,
krapivna, maakies millionaire,
was eight now ten, sac-squatch,
jasnaja polijana, neal taylor
skooter, hetzen, matura,
abiturium, the myth of
objective consciousness, language
is the property of no man,
aspen music, blackmail sex,
she stole some black panties,
agaanagastas, karokasa,
anticipating sex, the gummed
and the ungummed, flat
stan, a new mouse,

Monday, July 22, 2013


detritivore, stereotaxy, chanel
my angst, shazba, squatter
citizen, moretti friulana,
miss vickles, dcc b cluster,
autoporn, strip cluster, webalice,
joke no joke, not on the photo,
italy goes bananas, are you
yin or yang, nice night, imagine
hard, the content of this painting
is invisible, jeff derksen,
boitch, pure howell, puffed,
basedow’s disease, yorunomado,
kashkaniraqmi, night window,
sankofa bird, well we will
always have text, nantes,
maalik-il-mout, psomi, one
felt one could breathe,
stole that from billy

Sunday, July 21, 2013

"snakes of flow"

snakes of flow, operation
odyssey dawn, ostara, ceviches,
reuse the fragment, a double
shot of face, cbcc t cluster,
spincluster, spinflux, laurent,
unfinished abc, who is
mycelium again, this is not
by chance, pussicomb, is this
an ursuline duck, biedermann
again, marlo thomas hairdos,,
altostratus translucidus,
it seems like a book but,
over-interpretation, seems like
a book is a book, noirville,
clusters of planets, textpo,
the psychology of seeing,
staring poetics, stare-ism,
starism, infinicity infinito,
you could probably figure
it out but it would take,
a day is gonna come, pappa

Friday, July 19, 2013

"pop a squat"

pop a squat, hypomanic, fuck hinn,
revmikek, chat raptures, raw
sausage dripping, dyom cluster,
raw animation, you have to think
eight months in advance, get
them while they are available,
torney tolde charnaisse, lynx-eye,
biological motherboard, croker
sacks, potestas patris familias,
office of institutional
research, coutil, gigantic
germs, megantic lake, a time
is gonna come, voodoo movie,

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"voodoo lily"

voodoo lily, amorphophallus
konjac, honey badger, apple bonker,
hysterical bride in the penny
arcade, slow computer movement,
circuit-bending, generous
amounts of fresh, tiss sat, it
looks a little leached, it’s
nice to have a libra to fall
back on, maundy, the national
research council official
time signal, kriegsknechts,
appropriate or adequate
expression, a phase of nonzero,
viau, special containment
procedure, the tolerance
project, the purposes of pain
and pleasure, qazingulaza,
keter, oi toy, strivectin, dry
snow, namazu, music in the
cloud, the cascadia subduction
zone, playtype, ferlin husky,
orange soup, perigree, gorgon
gayathri mantra, penny
cluster, burning girls, the
ethical machine, six figures
including the pennies,
maintain level, movieless,

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"the ethical parasite"

the ethical parasite, be true to
your host, andromantic, skin
horse, pokedex, pixel pain,
personalia, mycoremediation,
marram, ammophilia, sacrilicious,
ghost in the shell, quit
punishing yourself and let me
punish you, the thing with
spring, icrf, bottle temple,
tedeschi, fold on dotted line,
the booze bill, soave, cwb cluster,
spinacluster, tac cluster, how
frequent can we hope, three
thousand three hundred and
thirty three, people who don’t
know how envelopes work, the
orange table, a mezzanine
loan, vaio-codes, even more
words to the page, found a
whole nother stash, we need
you to stamp off on this,
colour die, art tunnel,
tantric kick, jank photo,
the burning machine,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


janking, manihyper, the age of
aquariums, pink owl, parkour,
holon, continuing effort of
holding, potentiality and
actuality, freakbeat, sybian,
put a little english on the
rubberstamping, ell is for i
lamp sand cluster, strip cluster,
spin cluster, cut corners on all,
kokuho winnipeg, bread if fresh,
no professionals, the salton sea,
oblast, let’s go to tuvalu,
the latest disaster, take it
easy but take it, telepathic
curse will, waterhead, no
matter how you look at it,
piggley-wiggley says eat,
all goya, imang, penny ditto,
mediocrity for mollusks,
down inside reality, dust
and philadelphia air, a
french nurse’s dream, a
secondary ego, blackmail
pussy, lèse majesté, goks,
automatic orgasm, the
crumpled photo,

Monday, July 15, 2013

"mohenjo daro glyphs"

kickstarter, crummy grams,
kaizen, tat tvam asi, balkonet,
a hard time giver, the over
clocking daze, fuck glee,
continuous cloches, plagiostomes,
pelagie, skipped intro, er porn,
com cluster, reverse sigmoid
cluster, pre fluxus time travel,
crown royal crown, crown you,
the degree to which it is art,
a heart is just a heart, a
bunny is just a bunny, loomis
basin, collecting all the lost
mittens, during the reception
of your work, connected by
name, furlotte, ame-art,
cheval blue, détourne les
codes vestimentaires, subtle
hole, mohenjo daro glyphs,
brazed, the dream of the
unhappy wanderer, the
dream which finds concrete,
schlagfertigkeit, salvage
art, vacuum anymore, don’t
stamp it too soon, tunnel art,
tantric merchandise,

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


biodesigning, allot, fuck tickets,
asscheese, fauxbot, orcasm,
autotune, twill, annoying
orange, boobsées hystéro-
pulsionnelles, canola aka,
hairy eyeball cluster, om beer
cluster, choking on a piece
of pineapple, fur of moss, gnats
that clustered, tectiforms,
kundalini, gender art, holy
door, yoni yantra, menarche,
amphimixis, fecal poetry, eroti-
cisms in a higher, an enormous
sausage of excrement,
double gate, rashomōn, gold
guilt, nothing ever changes
into something, the moika,
the original face, winding
the net, get this to lefty,
really do it!, i don’t think
that popped, you have to show,
events are taking place, the
show was up for a long time,
let’s forget about event
reality, you missed the agm,
the desire element in life,
bump you, border theory,

Monday, July 08, 2013


bi-winning, unampi, peash, zoonosis,
the fister sisters, sylvia likens,
love is a nose, suedehead, merchant
of venison, saint paulin, karmic
whipping boy, money flying away
in all directions, cèpes, faux
cèpes, bandaged nipple, cosmic
superimposition, vilifigura,
cobra experience, nigredo,
shot heroin into his fingertips,
hero wine, masa confusa, eat
garbage, xerox nothing, well
uh how long of a hiatus is
it going to be, biotheory,
undernight, concrete gulps,
sarah medellin

Saturday, July 06, 2013

"minding the net"

minding the net, domoic acid,
inyección intrapiernosa, to
sugarglide, pornowork, asschrome,
tractorcade, arkansaw credit
card, tyrannosaurus sex,
minneola tangelo, yoclg
cluster, saget, khurbn, catch
pennies on the street corner,
shrift, behavioural economics,
the striving class, primus inter
pares, write-prints, knowledge
workers, asam trees, jumped the
shark, once you lose those
details, strikethrough nonsense,
social diagram, ecomog poetry,
bury them and keep quiet, use
some painting as the frame,
throw it up on the wall, i
thot we were gonna hang on
to this one, emits showers of
sparks, ploop of milk, please
write on this sheet, we’re
walking and, moistuesday,
i wanted to give you something,
the mad exicutioners,
always already long gone,
the day you had the real
thing, oh brother mailart,

Thursday, July 04, 2013


every change occurs musically
over generations, parapraxis,
rossing uranium, globally
unique identifier, zef,
kmabyoyo, there are unused
icons on your desktop, difrutar,
autopoke, outplacement, your
cashier today was you, ssw
cluster, slit cluster, wishing
on porn stars, ploop!, fake icons,
kmagyoyo, green fruit, spins
on ground, emits showers of
sparks, city year, destroy!,
that’s the guy!, the process
church, i’m rambling, cluster
of chili peppers, choking
sitar, wrong mixed paint,
grumpet, autocolours,
peoples coke, ketchup cavern,
offensive orange, futility
futurity, looks like there
was some writing on the
back, pot reasoning, daily
work of poetry, 

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

"poetry of daily work"

poetry of daily work, supermoon,
flossi wragge, margin nail ya,
midgetting, fuck hike, against
expression, conpromise, wonder
showzen, cocor, laonastes
aenigmamus, countertransference,
panarchy, the errata opera, don’t
look for meaning, embracing
hypocrisy corruption, the ribbon
counter, the system, the course
of true love gathers no moss,
kung fu panties, pornified,
work is a lie, lucida bright,
blowjobber, a silo full of
meaning, couching tiger,

Monday, July 01, 2013

"crouching dragon"

crouching dragon, databending,
pumpkin positive, bloat image,
penny slinger, fractally,
dubstep, instagram, circling
the drain, ease harmony
carefreeness, stracciatella,
rufus dayglo, grungestep,
crumple, you have to pay tax
on the cheezies but not on
the cookies, an insane amount
of money, where the paper was
grinding, vcbcm cluster,
distribute insanity,
psychological strength
building, foul mouth, nun
bunny, earth orange lip stick,
humans in concrete, the
water cure, brakebeams,
abandoned projects, abandon
mind, silo code, alberta