Sunday, August 30, 2015


the graham technique, the
horton technique, kirilian,
coccolithophores, angleton,
gallerists, labyrinthodont,
trans women, the bownesians,
forty-ninth parallel, the
magik spells, welcome, media
card to cd, sambal oelek,
snook, five hundred dollars
worth of attention, leone
candy, mondo post, how ugly
does it get, thoese, jump to
read, the slug liberation
act, ├ętrange bruxelles,
hypersubjectification, t,
let your stories shine,
we do it for you for free,
i don’t want jpegs, the sky
and what about it, trees
and what about them,
i need to know the process,
it looks real, photograph
of sculpture, the moment
you were ripe, where’s
the colour, can you see
this, a structure of
light, isn’t that yr bike,