Sunday, March 31, 2013


communication should be left
to the experts, idiosincretist,
commutative, civet, donees,
ten dollars worth of blah blah
blah, you are pissing it away,
telus commun, palm exbort,
kwm, account number, mcb
cluster, retire the sun, bal du
rat mort, filestream, something
in the mirror, salmaso, jehan
froissart, what did the hole
hold, uzodinma, joe skinner,
the push and the shove, skool-
teachers gone wild, file under
meat, gaussian noise, scheme
for reducing decoherence in
quantum memory, eating his
careless, excessive compulsive
hoarder, crodiggity, throd,
facebreak, copy gaze, random
zen, opykay, gaze score, coffee
reality, any ray texts,
fractal literatur, an illness
requr, blue zed,

Saturday, March 30, 2013


blues my mind, done with
doing, isoverbal, variable
wordcount, inmagine, it’s
actually two, canret, christie
cracker crybaby, cvc cluster,
unthanks, bentspoon arts council,
you can’t joke about things
like that, witness to the disaster,
remember those round, to all
my enemies, insanity deified,
visions of grease, cash game,
moisten here, humedezca,
kennesaw, coupon may not be
doubled, wayne butane,
giblet dupree, bardo pond,
a red circle with you in it,
minneapols, free calls,
recycle your mobile device,
you failed to spend a penny,
petite cicatrice, female
scopophilia, wetyk, the orange
paper that you got, the
perception of law, harvesting
for homes, decolonizing,
camenae, doctor zip, certain
pennies, rolfing, zhid,

Friday, March 29, 2013

"semangat kebangsaan"

imployed, i was born at eleven
oh two pm, hit fourteen hundred
on glasstext, laser pee, seedles,
cobcl cluster, uncontrollable
female libidinal desires, the
all-consuming woman, gender
panic, hypermasculine
socialization and enculturation,
pondan, badik, keris, pendekar,
silat, gelanggang silat, abang,
semangat kebangsaan, adat,
bumi, socius, not exactly haut
couture, victim of history and
circumstance, would you call
this purple or violet, the
masked claw, jollyville road,
this was not part of the
original, the back of the
mona lisa, the part you could
read thru on the original,
the land of gar, bebetition,
how do you intend to alter,
bulletin board it, remove
the excess, half a urinal,
arouse her sexually, it’s
bugging my eyes, purple,

Thursday, March 28, 2013


fractically, artemisia abrotanum,
artimis pyle, sarcoptes scabiei
canis, humans underground making
anagrams nightly while imperial
not-mes enslave, every comment
hates, astrid, yt cluster, tuck it
into the corner, maguey worms,
hypermasculinity, pulque,
adat, bumiputera, kampung,
shaking it rough, the pro-filmic
event, our contemporary
horizon of expectation, big
patriot, mexicanidad, pink
salvage, beaver text, jaja

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


cloud music, provags, skin contact
fermentation, collecting empty
heads, kimono cluster, social
networking risks, pink flap,
kensington cluster, le jaja de
jau ben, tyme, cgw cluster,
two nine nine five four four,
point cluster, pan-curious,
post-gender-curious, obi-obi,
eleutherian, a fascinator,
cellular concrete, eff-two-
thirty-one, cut, looking for
information where there is
none, we made it to the bottom,
can’t make out the data,
alphabent, nothing boards,
one simply can’t perceive,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"tulio restrepo"

the impercipient, ternary code,
lispector: the passion according
to, x is for cluster, miss vickies,
marechal, if fresh, cookie wagon,
packing materials sculptures,
art is tamps, tulio restrepo,
sean burn, fluxfest, apartment
two-one-three, signatures
network, mih, beauty and
mash, macon county line, the
taino, honours and cleanses
this earth, outlawed clustered
munitions, jasmine revolution,
systems biology, the digital
genome, limbo river, clarity
eloquence and humor, deshi,
economic liberalisation,
video holdback, naff, want
creation, materials studies,
pencil scratchings in the
margins, the writing of so-and-so,
dung logo,

Sunday, March 24, 2013

"retrievable selves"

moodboards, metamorphosexual,
cosmic sound of truth, high
frequency trading, electrographic,
open your bottom, butter sausage,
vmobb cluster, the poem is
pointing at the mark, let’s get
personal, gate back of gara,
fake john evans collage, eating
toe jam, it takes a while to see
it, dealing with the carcass,
letterboxed, visages de jehanne,
kobb labs, além das armas,
forever cracked, twenty-eight
cents postage, balconette
bikini top, zadnik, stan boman,
osvaldo romberg, cut the
other out of the picture,
grim-puh, free speech that
they say you can’t have,
fluxus obscurantism, god’s
photograph, infested loveseat,
macon bacon, the mudroom,
praxiscope, solah singar,
mediascapes, possible selves,
retrievable selves, the
computer is dying, pink
janitors, nothing lights,

Saturday, March 23, 2013

APR 20 2011

logodaedaly, antisocial dancing,
antinouns, kaiboi, entryism,
art-o-matic, broctonhymen,
anti-entity-ism, rubberstamp
crush, peche mortel, the sambal
oelek was on sale, blue ray
cluster, united states of mexico,
malfeasance, primitive fetishes,
collog, art maggot, grade a
crack, weed-blasted, name:
asshole, where the elite meet
to con crete, who’s loony now?,
sharp bluray, you’re a winner
honest, out in the weather
art, work qua work, a
profound instinctive union
with the stream of life,
production qua production,
insta-wed, correspondence
changed my life, freightliner
art, tesla hashish, columbine
heart’s ease, concrete self-
feeling, shark dung,

Friday, March 22, 2013


i thot you were done with
fluxus, uncle satan, gaff tape,
pogonology, textsex, sacrificial
masculinity, why should i print
your artwork, relevé, the folds
signify, launch meat, trance
complete, cancel money, write
your name, baumgarten
initia, the company, rpg, first
refusal, the honey trap, text
consume, you are your only
reader, high hopes you stoner,
the pencil test, honey trap,
cel, the touch costs, dogwits,
dogwits, godwits, the balboa

Thursday, March 21, 2013


genital face, cut to the meat,
red filter, the last time you
were in a library, bottom attic,
these shapes add up to,
pornographic rubberstamps,
birdfoot language, off end,
cabaza, fish head language, ‘sti,
spanking as art, xanopticon,,
blastogenesis, misfortune
cookies, htcoe, why the reprep,
cgg, drpp, cascadia breakaway,
knowing full well, will son,
a t, a lazy trust-fund prince
vacationing through life,
concrete air, askesis, majolica,
sciomancers, concrete status,
polysyndeton, how will we tell,
save the date, yaked, fluxus

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


i think we can safely call this a copy, let us seize some of
that space, one sees some of that space, one has one's faves,
all the all, there is a hurry up clause, this is a performance,
colour found and colour lost, who's big bald head is it, subnet,
is that a genuine look of pleasure on your face, the colour is
the thing, toner mud, genuine things like postcards and postage
stamps, you are never going to get this out of your system, zen
intimacies, grezza, found colour, jimi camero, people keep
obfuscating the good stuff, the density is lost here, always
already lost, now is not a number, lose the reminders, page
order is arbitrary, there will be no second edition, how it is
for you, all the gone beers, the jist of love, candy refers to
, trance ego, candy hands, raise your eye and what do you see,
devine, trench wood carvings, to phish is to, infoam, bitchslicer,
like two spoons in a pod, hillbilly professionals, off-centre
trance, sex with nobody, the library hitch, disclosure of the
moment, one image, level tick, toner onward, all your grudges
forgotten, it’s the big moment, people in third world countries
don't get any respect, same with second world countries, just
call it illegible and have done, you could try to delaminate it,
collogged, you could go to the source, trapart, i bet there's meat
down there, mere pretty, grren, colouring, open oprn, the host,
hiroshima mon amore, mushotoku in brilliant colour, why don't
you see this text as an original, there is a string attached to
this text, it took a while to get your strength back, one needs
to be confined, this fragment of reality, a person gets tired,
we need to know the exact day the green pen died, do you mean
this diary, keep it all hid, actually speaking for once, you
don't seem to appreciate them,

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


balboa the plant, orange plate,
picnolepsy, dairy is murder,
yocm, the hustle and bustle of
the bottle depot, permanent
cluster, final on one side,
the convolution of historical
events, ugly poetry, this little
thing sitting on the rock in the
wood studying the moss, a
concrete figure, concert blisters,
it’s a feminist subversive
gesture studying moss,
neurological junk, parsimony
principle, the repetition of
work, the repetition of work,
these have already been done,
the way baba pronounces
edmonton, dick’s connection,

Monday, March 18, 2013

"chelone obliqua"

dictated but not read, blackline
version, intermittent explosive
disorder, perceptual imperialism,
hydrophonia, cyberfidelity, it
lasts a lot longer if you don’t
publish, the shape of the opening,
i forget who you refers to,
alcohol is optional, why are you
screaming, top ten paradoxes,
comptete, coming out the ear,
feeling at a distance,
actually it’s all filler,
interesting only to the author,
this beautiful hat, language
events, pennies for tribute,
the man in the green hat,
fae, laser-cut perspex, mentsh,
google bombing, unschooling,
de-schooling, edu-punk, life
learning, playa, chelone
obliqua, the desert line, from
desert to desert, between the
wolves, it protects you from
the chaos, cyber burnout,
grubby seventy-nine, i thot
we got over that, copy
appreciation society, i don’t
feel like trying to spell
it, unlimited love, bizlit,
not known for his intelligence,
metalottery, one remains,

Sunday, March 17, 2013


february thirty-three and a
third, face blindness, vehicle
press, jubbly, landshark beer
cap, semiotics of the kitchen,
remove nontext, i perform this
action, the last thing on your
list, deterioration cluster,
crumple it up and throw it
away, morning zoo, the tragedy
of the commons, chörtens,
mani, hugging closely enough,
a bourbon ditch, crowquill,
the gap is meant, closure
examination, pete spence’s
norma, wow that’s a lot of
typing, wrong,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

"tricyrtis hirta"

truale, quorn, dot eml, alice
in acidland, drmhllr, combine
painting, turbo inverter, post
commodity, autolingus, i thot
it hot, is in mtl, confusion
belongs to me, the cost of
hoarding, you turn against
your art, a cluster of
duchamps, my hyperinsomniac
sweetheart, enculturation,
ceque, cryptomeria, sago,
ethnocide, clusters of shanties,
sihun, krankaputt, tendai,
spiderhunter, hypogastrium,
car engines humming,
tricyrtis hirta, hanbok,
mappiness, i don’t think the
error was mine, but the
perpetuation of the error
certainly was, spit a night,
beckett beer, love candy love,
trans-ego, i am looking out
the window as i write,
carve your own woodcuts,
worldealer, spooning love,
people who think they know
what’s right, nobody’s eye,
disclose your mouth, not too
sure what to do with this
little textual fragment,

Friday, March 15, 2013


grubby with paint, pphhiillaaddeellpphhiiaa,
just say no to nothing, beaugrenelle,
meat bikini, currywurst, penny duty,
functional viability, meatwad,
necronomicon, a little girl with
a knife, the orange ink repulses
the blue ink, it’s a choresome
task but, a pigeonhole room,
infill housing, strata-title,
unifon, the supposed-to-mean,
the kiosk economy, albedo,
boustrophedon, phonetic time
elapsed, biomimicry, logotopia,
writing five pages at a session,
we had a couple of riders,
the ambiguity biz, cyber ebb,

Thursday, March 14, 2013


seventy-nine lil explosions, oh
there are still issues, cluster
of liquor, bp spillcam, the post
is not available anymore, open
pop starism, comet om, lipoma,
steak hat, comment envy, box sort
out girl, zenetics, honolulu
strand, cms, the fmcp, carrying
a bottle of wine thru kensington,
free woman milk blue, black
cluster, cloudyside, kikoman
when he’s down, the extra fold
is a reminder, compromised huh,
pipecleaners for the teapot,
let hat, bum-rush, posho, shupad,
lock into a trance, a genuine
minute of silence, a zine
called delivered, daybiz,
lingamberry, tule elk,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"miichanica metaluna"

cyberpsychology, fogonazos drain,
wadi rum, miichanica metaluna,
invisapo, null-a, now i think of
you for a moment, cobl, violet
receipt ink, salvaging the trims,
forgot to put the bin out, dont
get it, anti-community,
affirmative no, concrete canvas,
historical and economic
circumstances, there is more
to tell, the sex lives of rocks,
practices of anti-fear, the new
enclosures, the bloody laws,
primitive accumulation,
savage capitalism, magic
mechanical pearl, pis, candy
crowbar, self-activity, sans-
culottes, pussy warcry,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


burnout warcry, live processing,
who is mycelium, twenty-six
mushrooms, alternative networks,
not glad to be dead, rancho
cordova, this is still coming
up, petaluma, ixnay on the
ross, magic printer, the legs of
the giant, seventeen cents op art,
spoon bank, cheese run, nahash,
to iggy someone, slan shack,
yoik, avatamsaka, sine loco
anno vel nomine, bachabaze,
toothpaste fetish, you are in my
system, glue them all together,
appropriate technology, mass
liberation, ecocommunity, the
center of human experience,
narmada, highly educated
and cheap, deskilling,
ganbatte, white allies,
foolscap, wrapped around the
page, accacia, kusuma
flower, yesterday’s text
feeds today’s text, trim the
line, udc, chaos pussy,

Monday, March 11, 2013

"rana catesbeiana"

chalaza, nalesniki, drupal,
bondmaids, the nadu position,
customer cluster, noelle mill,
the knifework of she, ycg,
indicative signs, inter-entity
line, rana catesbeiana,
guanciale, poularde demi-deuil,
neurosexism, hoverboard,
granarchy, concrete moat,
swamp cooler, inca dove,
a-quiver with arrows, juts
out of concrete, prophetic
form, alter alta, in praise
of prejudice, see meant,
waste out the rest of your

Sunday, March 10, 2013

"psycho geography"

chaos compliant, tetramorph, nadu,
strawberry letter twenty-three,
longview texas, massengill,
quadrigas, ccbb, you are
bleeding thru onto me, oka,
head of an extensive counter-
feiting, engineeraving, pivo,
clusters of sheep, insulbrick,
special refile, kost, ain’t
real, my love changes with
you, little dangly think,
sunburned envelobe, blowjob
smith, torn torn torn, no we
are not an item, zen fur,
add a creature, the old man
will probably be dead when
the letter arrives, winged
penis, harmless idiots, news of
the word, death will set you
free, if you love something
kill it, lay a sheet of brown
paper over it, mirth trim,
reality in love, long live
death, swat stick, get out
of my heart, the cupcake was
you, psycho geography, the
nine institute, how many
hundred, please hand
cancel, coincidence of suns,
thorn thorn thorn, swat,

Saturday, March 09, 2013


spooning in the erotic sense,
worldeater records band names,
make the shiver sound, stomach
no e, how much is a pedicure,
unfull dead, ouvrir ici, the
texture says don’t bother, the
ink will take better, rock the
rubber, elegant grocery lists,
all, host society, ableism,
devolution, strata-title,
land assembly, anti-fear,
les manifs, labess, beher,
total flow pornography,
the proliferation of waste,
why do you feel the need
to frame it, salvage
nothing, note flecks of
coffee, envision use, don’t
really want this repeated,
sex with nobody, kung fu
panties, katanas, harmony
cluster, go ahead say it,

Friday, March 08, 2013


worldeater, jim thorpe, hell
lull, bland thrill, cruciverba
zucchero, holes within holes,
total recall sandbox, cash flux,
where the creeks cross, kosher
wreck, jerkline skinner, torii,
bath puppet, this text is
unreadable, enjoy it today,
go the extra mile to get the
good stuff, pocket friction,
fluxus loonie, am i in the
pocket, watching yourself
crumble, the date is a form
of currency, all nothing,
that cheese with the line
thru the middle, urban
ink, no interesting words
poets, literature and class,
gros seins, cerveaux de
nanas, la monte young on
lulu, a book you can erase,
inspected by author, fema,
divalproex, knowledge as it
was known,

Thursday, March 07, 2013


information as it was known,
sepomex, sugar skulls, brodown,
an apostrophe and a period,
sygyt, whammy penny, asocial
networking, ell seven, a bit
of wear and tear on the postage
stamps, minus the cost of the
bag, dipping under the twenty,
a couple dollars a day worth
of communication, one is
falling, information cluster,
individual system, risking
absurdity, all, five hundred
dollars worth of food, my
transportation budget for the
year, one hundred and seventy-two
transactions, morin missing,
x marks the direction,
palomina mesquite, hoople,
cacahuates, randitas,
caporal, permanent traveling,
anarchist football, freegans,
contact direction, it’s going
to result in a book, open
bracket, gingre, flarge,
unemployee, quindecagon,
a city of lines,

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"statiovadi traugotiana"

phishville, gunt, bin liner,
mnemotechny, neurontin,
temes, complexion book, harpejji,
hand-carved rubber soul,
list of proper names, beer cluster,
the recycle depot is your
second home, those six numbers
look like a date, swedish
aesthetic, authentication,
white glue on toner, i spent
forty cents trying to
communicate with you, one
is paying for the possibility
of communicating, social
phone, lcp partner, throstle,
statiovadi traugotiana,
banjaxed, morphodite, vum,
libertalia, meaningful
dates, even at ten point,
build your own pile of
money, just draw a line,

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


where do you find these woodcuts,
all snakes no ladders, you’ve only
got ten words to get right, my
elders are, pays prophet, how do
you mean killers, one never drinks
any water, it’s not for sale but
it can be easily had, ann
clayborne, spontaneous utopia,
the gentle anarchist, foist food,
ham in what sense, trance wad,
reddit damn, reddit code,
addnpass sex, big pharmville,
the total flow of the radio,
initializing world, drifting
racing, genderfied, she’s made
of rubber but i love her, it’s
facial, what is this illegible
one here, doctor loosen, are
you sure it’s approved,
occupation movements, pitsik,
colchicum, visible panty
lines, auto-cannibalizing
paganism, dharma initiative
beer, anonymity software,
re-anonymization, step out
of line, a boost up out of
the trench,

Monday, March 04, 2013


this is divine, were you drinking
coffee when you licked this,
your periods cut holes right
thru the paper, who’s this face,
your war against canadians,
route six six six, what’s pee see,
digital sovereignty, as seen on
facebook, and what about pee em,
copwatch, i can’t parse this,
beautiful cunts, hammerflower,
manufacturing yeses, plenum,
conspiring to dissent, the taint,
fish sausage, clevelend
steamer, toothpaste fetish,
dacrylagnia, ero guro, chibi,
good giving and game, all
sweden, hartley’s best, print
on onion skin, what’s wrong
with your eyes, micro-recycling,
i’m having an amie moment,
all hydra, high-energy
cryptical envelopment,
they get paid to fuck up
your life,

Sunday, March 03, 2013


this is the view out my window,
peru, picante de papa con cuy frito,
cradle to cradle, the dajjal,
moment of zen on television,
ecosexuality, the generic name
for styrofoam, cataplexy,
duhflicted, hoppin’ out,
shack mail, ketamine, turkey
tails, sociophobia, a lovely wad
of addnpasses, what would
you do if you had twenty
grand, soap and salami,
delerium tremolo, rehabilitation
of the monsters, fuck fluxus,
ink the desk, slogan machine,
all perf, all yell, pretext
call, carceral system,
soldjas, deindividualized
people, an expanded-present
moment, maleficium,
essentially human calls,
analogical punishment,
the punitive city, stop
longhanding, one says the
darnedest things, you
could do your writing at
the fair, psychomantium,
trunkets, bun penny,

Saturday, March 02, 2013


egotistical problems, naked dallas,
the cambria math font, mudhead,
touch powder, wearing out
rubberstamps, white bicycles,
all allah, sorry what was i
saying, purityrannical,
liberal contractarians, a
strawberry is a, postgender,
post-gender-politics, pimp stick,
mackallennium, cocha,
cauchemar, online decoys,
checkbook journalism,
neophite, the puke test,
above the scroll, the
objectified self, the
piggly-wiggly, radio-
tags, de-anonymization,
let it flop around,
c m m y c y k o g k , we need
to work up a new syllabus,
a whole library full of
i lamp sand clusters,
candy pen,

Friday, March 01, 2013


this has been thru many hands,
nothing ever comes back,
mushotoku, gisèle, one hundred
megabits, open your opening,
faces and heads, what is it you
are trying to see, tratart, il
libro, the sheer density of the
collage, ba bi be ro, this is a
performance, zombie ants ruled
by mind-controlling parasites,
toxoplasma gondii, kalookan,
custoza, coal tar soap, dattoos,
cordyceps, mad props, your
consumption of mind altering
substances, tattoonos, cbbc,
use all the bits, all gummed,
all yellow, sexual penetration
by foreign object, particular
apparatus, european concept of
human, spectacular reality,
the box populi, the current
textualism, judicial
activism, pragmatic
interpretivism, at blank,
backwards six or, the
library hitch, ego candy,