Friday, November 30, 2012


heggemus, virux, beardism, schlub,
ebonix, rivet that rabbit, empire
of dust, plexiglass coffin,
technocalypse, pornsickness, fetlife,
kung fu porn, dosh, the orange pass,
lead docent, calgary bucket list,
living the penny life, keep it above
that mark, tofugurt, let us try
and get beyond, a mossy cleft,
mezuzah, foxed, chador,
saveloy, logogriphs, disjunctor,
agripanes, matmata, chalybeate,
gung ho suh, why are you pressing
so hard, crystal weather,
postum, perfect silliman sentences,
phenobarbs wire,

Thursday, November 29, 2012


since colour dyes may change in
time, ldpe, superia, hdpe, no water,
the you of see, beardista, private law,
betterfly, transindividuation,
interindividuated we, hexentexte,
preindividuated, co-individuation,
your credit card suddenly declined,
i’m still printing you, ecologo, one
is getting gouged, israel bklt,
film cluster, the keystone ex-ell
pipeline, allpost, without touching
a penny, chloroform has four
written on her belly, plastination,
bike porn, sghool, cackling high
in the eucalyptus, water hat,
ig-rhyme, umi-rhyme, apterous,
blank luster, lg unia, une
cheville, ketterings no apostrophe,
but we’ve already gone to
press, the demon lopes, phenobarbed

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


firebombing piggybanks, death to
facebook, group licentiousness,
swinging games, landliner, chaos
marxism, lymphatic cystic
hygroma, fml, lolita texas, long
circuit, the destruction of
attention, psychotechnologies,
psychotechniques, the programme
industries, pharmaconomics,
comrad sound, djembe, sunnyside up,
human capital, intangible assets,
face down ass up, realicide, the
all machine, moss-overgrown cliff-
sides, astrakhan, always stay in
your own movie, acid wisdom, a
nirvana army, up level everything,
musique concrète, snoodlenook,
schizophrenoform, act imp,
attosec, lope tune, colour dies,

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


why do you feel obliged to do this,
a paper ring, contract exchange,
ache arson, bokashi composting,
dada mutter, glyptodon,
pressing pennies, one is a prisoner
of nothing, think of the
newspaper as merchandise,
smear cluster, micro-overspill,
maybe i’ll just send you all
the covers, cephalalgia, arthrosis,
isograms, seed bombs, stfu,
visualingual, six hundred
moss-covered steps, cavernous
malformation, myrmecology,
ensure colony hygiene, then or
them, never googled nothing,
the postal gap, you can tell
it’s a copy because it has no
folds, the page is always
already full, you see what
the new machine is doing,
watch your texts evaporate,
it’s just a change in direction,
it ain’t gonna come back,
finally got over that faint
slight, do you recognize these,
you are gone but, andacia,
penny blurb, organized riot,
cax, i-sci, measures the
oxygen, howling lake, aka kat,
toner wad, originalgia,
introduce errors, pagina,

Monday, November 26, 2012


les hivers de mon enfance, thank
you for taking the time, i ask you
again, where do you find these
people, we haven’t heard from you
in a long time, might be a
slight variant, what do you consider
yourself, maybe ping that, all
these itty-bitty words are a chore,
project your insanity, as far as
hands go, let’s go cold turkey,
cyber ethnics, mc five spice,
chinese five cluster, orange
mondrians, vaisseau fantôme,
loquis, humber, mitelle,
loupiat, a munich spatenbräu
cap, schmeckers, igitur, esparto,
lignite, hava nagila, pilchards,
a word-killer, vigigraphe,
scolecobrot, chandernagors,
why don’t you quit reading
this and go fuck yourself,
it’s got google-ability,
cloaca niece, electronic
obligations, bitly cun,
this bit of paper represents
a phone call, don’t forget
to make, skip event,

Sunday, November 25, 2012


revolutionary foraging, network
of untouchables, digital ego,
canada’s economic hotbeds,
lysergic pussy, the nymphs in
sunnyside, the narcolepsy protocol,
trying to send, cluster booklet,
i employ your rubberstamp,
an average grocery list, the
science of what sticks to what,
manometer, an alcohol duplicator,
radio silence, siphenapteroid
insects, tea-egg, ferrocerium,
you have to set aside the time
to read the cover, awarehouse,
agapantha, provocation of
catastrophes in international
communications, universal
repression, transnational
danger, you misspelled
mispelled, give me a sign
that you have read this,
decline, the winters of my

Saturday, November 24, 2012


two two three seven eight six four,
protectographed, might get another
one, here’s your numbs, gaze into
the interior, the carbon footprint
of this text, popular reality,
where it comes from, creating a
sustainable brand presence, just
say no to work, robodaddy,
wrestling pussies, paranoid body
versus body without organs,
leaf-blower logic, i tick you
off my list of things to do,
the inevitable meat, popular
cluster, the environmental
impact of this literature,
the arrival of the digits,
bisque ware, quetsch,
palaeopedology, ionisation,
du vieux avec du neuf,
piquage de courtepointe,
food or water stained,
the wordpress postmark,
prosumer, zinecraft,
hypersigil, sandpills, fatback,
pyorrhea, japester, raworth’s
hat, revolutionary childhood,

Friday, November 23, 2012

"nonlocal causality"

psycholoop, valibility, hawala,
open pop star, maintaining your
web presence, watching sparrows
fight over moss, manure tea,
nonlocal causality, fakes book,
meat and milk, twenty-five gee,
sausages yum, all bunny, coco
weddelliana, quenelles, anosmic,
koulibiaca, hypermarket,
ocomum, epiphyllum macklineum,
breccia, colony collapse disorder,
an anti-miracle, quark cannon,
random dynamics, strangelets,
lower next time, it’s tight but
it will work, get your own
cancellation equipment,
that’s a lot of numbers,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

"affective instability"

walkstop, this is practically
now, the plus fifteen window,
i hug and kiss the city, pheekah
of ficca, cyberflaneur, money is
just another form of information,
chrono-politics, repeteret, ass
consciousness, interfacebook,
double a gray eminence,
psycho-pop, borderline personality
disorder, identity disturbance,
affective instability,
doctorspeak, nonreachable
communication, nothing but
an erection, freak freely,
ba-lupda-lop-lop, utilize
zee, mo’ dumb, a decision
regarding the blank, poeti
giocosi, modelism, cluster
of blacks, tenzone, psycho-

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


seven hundred years moyland,
tat-orte, an original piece of
evidence, creative memories, the
most famous photograph of a
man being shot, cunt temple,
addnpass margin, note toner,
pareidoliac, boogiarize, i don’t
need no help to starve to death,
institute for the science of
identity, chatslut, vowel
clusters, bright orange projectile
vomiting, samhain, the importance
of getting things a little
crooked, a special grant, meat
art, orange sausages, banilla,
mignonette, sabretaches,
fibrotoxin, hydantergotine,
breitschwanzes, politict,
chief of transformation,
standard schaefer, proxy
roller, tabe, idsci,

Monday, November 19, 2012


the science of identity, envelope
aerosol, sucking on a banana,
are you sure you want to be a
character, juice plant, who’s
your friend, it only appears as
if you have severed your thumb,
amorphous boron, open the envelope
wide and gaze into the interior,
in order to form a more perfect
union, stall at paralysis, ten ten
at ten, calls for an end to art,
one is holding court, canuck
penny, mammalingo, rammed
earth, your lover today was
self, marginal arts, paint fetish,
sputnik design, the eyes have it,
trim your self out, try reading
some other kind of text,
chatwhore, maquis, bird pepper,
agnate, maias, purplewood,
harkis, aquatic moss, selvedge,
bang tika, you are not even
paying attention to what you
are writing, vegetabe,
monday morning butthole

Sunday, November 18, 2012


cascadia, i made it myself, ell-
desoxyephedrine, psychogenesis,
hookworms allergies, techcrunch,
fisheye porn, zettabytes, social
searching, virtual proxy,
delicious inferno, presentative
art, virtual democracy, a
rubberstamp that says your name,
network of domestic spaces, kapok
tree, the four indian kings, we
onty, medical blotters, afters,
malosol, macromammaried,
grenadine pegamoid, the way
things, babouches, theorbo,
scialytic lamp, word-snuffer,
deceasing, central heating
engineer, crvx, lady buddha,
blurb dot, schloss moyland,

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"sunshine supergirl"

mail art fraud, one man against
a thousand women, feminist
“pataphysics, two hundred ruled
sheets, ethnic porn, eritrichium,
will the penny soon be gone for
good, sunshine supergirl, keep out
of the goo, transmodern, orgasm
addict, promotional post cards,
cluckster, nine colour printing,
just cut the artwork in half,
just cut the artwork in half,
leave nothing blank, a special
grant from the government of
canada, dose early, the electronic
wasteland, trance blues,
operation crystallization,
mindless chaos, i wish it was
always now, now we got
confusion, mandala spellcheck,
organized art, lazuli bunting,
suicidality, handless clock
and compass explode, uxta,
nineteen forty-seven penny,

Friday, November 16, 2012


oximeters, nebulizers, cyberspace
wolves, muff bucket, fossick,
lightbulb skulls, cioppino,
a bentspoonfull, blip, you bought
the wrong thing, comic cluster,
inadvertent archive, the stuff
in it is brought forward from
ten years ago, belote, zenana,
orange check, the penny shelf,
courgettes, saint-nectaire,
rillette pâté, meekle and,
buyology, gender semantics,
edars, geoengineering, docuporn,
angiography, hypervariables,
i ain’t signin’, kalamalka, it
got cut off but, there was a
bit of colour here but,
install one, black mark on,
war ping, do you recognize
this, it will be curious to
see what the new machine
does with it, okay gone is gone
here, but eye drifted, all
fall, apple into, ebb brie,
cull some of these out,
hypermilk, your paper self,
bison wounds, info kiss,
real cybernetics, fluxwork,
let’s try a little paint,
let it go, seize the top,
gotta lotta wadda,
orry gynes, mayo one,

Thursday, November 15, 2012


fluxcess, confuse-a-thon, mind
invaders, vajazzling, quercetin,
print now or forever hold your
peace, it’s got a line there for
you, certain shapes indicate,
the mank you facture, reads
as a frown line, a couple of
books to add to the list of books
you will never read, polyamid,
viscosimeter, pein, rabbet,
tergal, zucchetto, zorille,
cassiterite, trionix, alabandite,
rickrolling, clitter, the watch
factor, toxic assets, decreating,
a cluster of new homes,
permission to buy a hat,
artical cluster, it’s a
wonderful thing if you can
see it as a wonderful thing,
here we og again, such a
beautiful thing to let go
of, i hope you don’t mind if
i do it my way, lose the face,
the original is a piece of
garbage, annotate for colours,
genuine postage stamp, add and
return and return, first we
make then we show, we had to
do these by hand as it were,
this batch we just chucked
thru the machine, evri,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"troides allottei"

work to rule, do something special
on the original, to trust or not
to trust, batch of nth degree
copies, detached annotations,
the swan song network, repeatable
art, meat sin, there may be some
small change left over, money
is not a fucking joke, trope
infection, disc matrix numbers,
unica, unicum, the octobass,
tendrac, troides allottei, the
vera icon, gugglet, smell me
and, blonde all over, baker
acted, sugarbritches, calgary
galaxy, you could have brought
it down a point size or two,
occasional art, zebra dove,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


cyber-unified civilization, traif,
indie scholar, long distance run-a-round,
confronting humanity, scrunchies,
palouse earthworms, ptsd, hi amie,
tolete papier, cbn, glue it all
together before you say a word,
profondità, do not post it notes,
tuli for rain, conquering the
heteroclite evidence, retexturised,
artificial orange, a golden
billhook, cluster of coral,
trichinosis, feedbackgammon,
farads, lisle-thread, hotel
complex in europe, thermophonic,
we need to get this last line
somehow, the text is gonna be
tight, a pen made of paper,
agoraphilia, pomputer,

Monday, November 12, 2012

"affective labour"

turn off computer once and for
all, psychological compulsion,
boobquake, cyberhippies, prosocial,
demon hound, cluster of whiskey,
spirit dysmorphic disorder,
affective labour, a rubberstamp
says, addicted to handcream,
bee juices, the conception of
the penny, i’m sorry you are
saddled with so many books,
first the copy then the original,
the best thing about the artwork
is the signature, art is dust,
format shift, p is for post,
freeze-dried piranha,
carpenter bee versus, exterior
divine, windcheck, clanging
symbols, mutant demon, one
fish two fish dead fish,
populi vox blissett, hundred
badges, australorp, format
shift further, altarfish,
windshift, dragonfly forty-
four, format variation,
three-dimensionalize, catskull,
morel lorem, variants rule,
limited edition of replicas,
kingwood, twibill, madder,
hygrographic, paradoxical
sleep, emaki, silex, man
in concrete, white box,

Sunday, November 11, 2012


lack-of-information sickness,
gaslink, hate crusty eyeballs,
bikini kill, serialism, smartphones,
well this looks like it was a fun
day, drinking milk is something
to be ashamed of, blow off art,
genuine rubberstamp impression,
modified normal, nice wide margins
for invading, tell toby this is
a mail event, would you mind
labeling your faces, everyone
loves to hear echoes, well it
might enhance the community
feeling of the included but,
like television snow, it’s the
foodstains that make it an
original, this could be filed
a number of ways, it might
not signify to everyone,
modified ray, galloping dominoes,
truck farm, collecting evidence
that hitler, mandola, anthurium,
naevus, burst in at orange,
maxiton, pseudo-drunks, we
need to work on our index of
first lines, some vague notion,
milk link, oolite, the small
rain down can rain, kahiki,
acronymbecile, jcard, cyber-
recycling, your greatest fan
is an idiot, your saddest
hour, dayglo discipline,

Saturday, November 10, 2012

"the rachidian bulb"

bisous bisous, production riders,
there’s only one way to dip out,
matter patter, all roads lead to
calgary, jennifer’s o, pelicant,
spree blick, an art one-spot,
mailart is a fun hobby for
millionaires, looking for the
palomino, leave a little room
for poetry, never tire of the poem,
etow oh koam, you actually
made it to an event, embrace
change and initiate opportunity,
you never even used the pretty
bits, sudden shadow of a
magpie, a cameo with an embossed
head, orange plastic dustbin,
the cid, the rachidian bulb,
topazine, highwayman’s glasses,
backwards lowercase a, jacalan,
blue smudge, limen, he
heard completeness with ease,
variate, maturate, dayglo

Friday, November 09, 2012


de oogdas, divulge it please,
is milk okay, the wounded, frusty,
blackcroft, osier bundle, whatever
happened to the gift economy, the
blurbwars, shinplasters, red knots,
horseshoe crab eggs, one hard o,
hoplophobic, laptopogram, anarchy
rain, flurp, orphotograms, the
illusion of presence, do voice,
untan, criminal consumption,
the sharper image, mailart
flash mob, one day you need
nothing, micro all, yellow strip,
zoom in on the text, eight colour
printing, i forget what this is
a fragment of already, acid
games, happening theory,
lateral thinking, microgram,
indoor anarchy, we need all
these subtitles, refuse to love,
waste the blank, you won’t be
needing this paper, copy the
blank, fly with an eye, tone
wood trees, acomplilations,
craftivism, vajayjay, dayglo
bisons bisons, 

Thursday, November 08, 2012

"amor fati"

inspiritage, autosexual, venus
infers, saint eamie, citalopram,
sunlight dish, little pile of
threads, remember when clothes
came with pins in them, tee-tie,
extra button, joe, thirty-two
waist, the odd thing out, why
would you want to torture
yourself with that book,
exquisite cases and human,
amor fati, baubo, beautiful
beautiful chats, feuilletonist,
eye lamp sandbox, selfwrappers,
it makes me sad to remember
the happy, oystermound, text
pattern, your own meat,

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


the lesser meat, xenoglossia,
holga, database write failed,
the blackface girls, mynotera,
diabolical-ecology, china lily
not kikkoman, the original tide,
rare needs, pequia, mimomaniac,
infinite melody, repetition zero,
i don’t really wanna think
about oysterville, bold forward
slash, incorporate marks, the
single word has infinite
meaning, nothing becomes art,
drunk church, blue buddhism,
if you wrote it out longhand,
it changes the reality, art is
an obscene waste of, i am
trying to save you, the copy
is not going to go back together,
meanwhile you are destroying
yourself, i guess it will make
a certain amount of sense,
salvage in a, the back beyond
see the thing, the blank is
structural, yesterday’s
tomorrow, eff eck zee, bring
forward yesteryear, original
to the line, original beyond
the line, the joke is over,
edit on the fly, didso,
to fill or not to fill,

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


art is a guilty pleasure, all
money is all, pornotrance, fimo,
we ain’t trippin’ we’re just chippin’,
interrational, noititeper, tabernac
house, abacus dabracus, google
algorithm, a suivre, you will
have to pay interest, making a
mockery of money, five gees,
four twenty cluster, the other
stamps, violet insects, got ink,
cbb cluster, all gummed, violet
device, what does the competition
have to offer, the most
outstanding philanthropic
company in the world, ain’t
communicating, physicolinguistics,
electrosonic, rubberroller,
prostulations, culverins,
tarand, the thoes, ham
stripper, composer of
hungarian extraction,
microsyringe, martingales,
spacetime foam, how many
hours do you intend to
linger, infodada, you may
want to waste, the tea gate,
i just like to build,
sudden burst of blue,

Monday, November 05, 2012


ninety-six on the tappi scale,
this is the original text,
klassbrev, fourway cola-bration,
dada industries, howling road,
vic d’or, five grand just like
that, careless with thousands,
manufacturers life, face
amount, war pan weft, fuckin’
two grand out the window,
i have decided not to stick
around for forty fuckin’ years,
powerboost, philosophunculist,
witzelsucht, ain’t ain’t in the
spellchecker, pious porn,
bucheron, do you really think
you need a ream, it is called
a deposit for a reason,
paper cluster, panelogistics,
kinkon, ephemeron, unrendered
concrete, cyclostyled,
ashlar, homogeneous
morphism, sigillary ribbon,
oppidum, lucus asturum,
it’s a translation of a
scratch, picked up the
wrong pen, done with moss,
railers and oos, ceremonial
enclosure of history,
breathing meat,

Sunday, November 04, 2012


the whole letter blew apart,
golcuk, menhra, mehnra, it doesn’t
matter if you can make out the
exact words, statement of a
guaranteed work of arts,
published or bootlegged, loonie
ring, z, ultraidealistic, one is
a mode of resistance, anarcho-
hasidic, ephemerata, total
internet domination, super
jail, chrysopoeia, artisanal
oka, put a handle on it, pay
yap, cgc cluster, garbage much
improved by poetry, fragmentica,
fractal cluster, you and your
crumby art, j’ayme donc je
suis, bumph, witches’ mirrors,
mineral art, putti, post
ululations, face meeting
concrete, working your way
back into jail, make the
decision to turn ninety
degrees, pink sausage, blew

Saturday, November 03, 2012

"philtrum cynea"

completely egocentric hero, it’s
a ten cent item, it wasn’t very
lucky for the penny was it,
fantastic trippy moiré effect,
eye heart adorno, sardanas, no
copies in general commerce, you
are totally wrong about this,
it doesn’t look like the work of
a, printed stickerback, leaving
nothing blank, depending on
which building is still
standing, worldwide rights,
a veal butterfly, modelarstwo,
klasa, one thing worth sifting
from the rubble, word pictures,
the text reveals problems with
the writer’s brain, psinick,
carden, sweet is the down,
i can’t really afford to add
and pass, endicia, advertisement
snake, hey that’s my writing,
howprint, philtrum cynea,
buzz near four-in-hand,
eliminating alphabet, j,
birds nesting in your beard,
you like to obfuscate my
writing, that’s my hand,
what is available to be
perceived, dixie crystals,
agensa, depero, lunatic
code, vesuvianite, jailmeal,
what is the priority, mailstream,

Friday, November 02, 2012


vague debris, top-secret robotic
spacecraft, clasters, synergenesis,
savemeat playmeat, kleenex cluster,
last seen, has not been heard from
since, you do your math, every day
the bucket goes to the well, don’t
try to tell me what i am consuming,
for what matters, autopay, i am
already gone, to consume art, aucuba,
aspidistra, breitschwanzes, cresyl,
thermogene wool, marigot, the
final line, the penultimate line,
govoreet, pletchos, leave all
paper blank, long gone london,
 go zero, a building addiction,
text planning, i got a whole
page out of it,

Thursday, November 01, 2012


cilla ramnek, lurline, inward single,
broken neck, sharpie fine, handmade
money, no crackline, no crackline,
crackline, just say no to mailart,
just say no to mail, noxubee, from
the circus to the desert, shiner
texas, maybe you can turn it into
something, regurgitated chat,
just close your eyes and jump in,
brown corrugated courderoys,
corduroys sorry, six-twenty-five
lincoln, the details of the dollar,
the money is gazing back at you,
one, keeping it inbetween the
lines, broken hearts and rubber
gloves, you’ve been slimed, ya
go, cloudsmith, black or white
background for the perforations,
mail it back, not black enuf, the
centre of the hollow earth,
xantheose, can’t stand the
sight of blank paper, glassmeat,
life is optional, insects cluster,
insect hand, pefect, clean liq,
children of the great northern
muskeg, moral world order,
resist not evil, other types of
graffiti, zero man, orange
enamel kettle, established
the card house, foghat,
a wolf tree, revise this,