Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dec. 9, 2013 (am) #3

 diabolus in musica, alberich,

cling to existence however, le

dain commission, every city and

hamlet, the economist - uncool

canada, monals, pachuca, jason

tetro - germ code, sharpville

massacre, robben island, the sky

above the alps glowed an eerie

orange, red hot chili peppers -

under the bridge, search and

destroy - cover, john williams -

stoner, anna gavalda, cascading

reminiscence bumps, carol lynne

krumhansl, justin adam zupnick,

g stanley hall, grace elizabeth

hale, serafini, brandon stanton -

humans of new york, steve

mccurry - afghan girl, aosta,

tagliatelle, macarons, artifact

uprising, zaha hadid, manarola,

russell t gordon, baodho ad

adhaoyamno, the zoroastrian

gathas, avestan, jafrahika,

conus marmoreus, wakest warrior,

wakest pageview, poetics giants,

radio opfer, rubberstamp radio,

Monday, December 07, 2015

"eight to the bar"

eight to the bar, twenty-two
seventeen, sunk lake, alternative
philately, zotg, letterbrain,
call me names, nabob coupon,
nabob jam, build your own
inuksuk, ainc-inac, had a
lil ole stroke, hoozakon,
medwolf, lawford, greyhound
thedarkknightrises, boh
location, agrees to perform
the obligations, nexus,
amazon mktplace pmts, your
message centre, dream
cottage, cheryl hanson,
reddish green, a whole
half a signature never got
printed, hec stv, women’s

Saturday, December 05, 2015

"having escaped the constraints"

having escaped the constraints,
lost in transaction, wounds of
society, gaslighting, haboob,
desenrascanço, concrete lace,
fuchs’ dystrophy, cavy,
evening hands-on course,
rochefort, arqc, hs, grest,
tgbmb cluster, fahrten-karte,
am nussbaum, hallesches
tor, the pot of guilt, heavily
worked piece of paper, the
origin of the world, sadivnycha,
altstadt regensburg, chuch,
chuck close at bond and
lafayette, caustic jelly
post, lyssophobiac, hebephrenic
drive, red admiral, love in
a handful of dust, nibiru,
mediocracy, petrostate,
friedman’s law, ever in
the history of canada,
the next solar maximum,
pink lego, upload author,
iwy, miss penny, paywave,
grace period, station t
ottawa, thirty-nine calls,
nine dollars and forty
cents, station terminal

Thursday, December 03, 2015

"the angel and the penny"

the angel and the penny,
a golden cupidon, toplofty,
sundown town, skin tag, genki
genki sex dolls, orval,
trappist brewery renovating,
put out a table, interac
two one six zero, your cashier
today was not you, obb cluster,
book rapport, wordfesttweets,
balint zsako, valgardson,
celebrity worship syndrome,
people cards, otpb, brush
dance, community helping
with everything, oneg,
vidor cherry, it’s more
meaningfull with the
extra ell, miss begin,

Sunday, August 30, 2015


the graham technique, the
horton technique, kirilian,
coccolithophores, angleton,
gallerists, labyrinthodont,
trans women, the bownesians,
forty-ninth parallel, the
magik spells, welcome, media
card to cd, sambal oelek,
snook, five hundred dollars
worth of attention, leone
candy, mondo post, how ugly
does it get, thoese, jump to
read, the slug liberation
act, étrange bruxelles,
hypersubjectification, t,
let your stories shine,
we do it for you for free,
i don’t want jpegs, the sky
and what about it, trees
and what about them,
i need to know the process,
it looks real, photograph
of sculpture, the moment
you were ripe, where’s
the colour, can you see
this, a structure of
light, isn’t that yr bike,

Friday, June 19, 2015


hyperobjectification, men
bilong otha light, road bilong
cargo, the kontsevich integral,
stream of cuntiousness,
Ashtabula, overadministered
world, performance libido,
chimay tripel, the trappist logo,
stampsalive, chimay white cap,
pmrr, stampede carn, that’s
the end of the roll, cog
cluster, altiero spinelli,
bitewing, the revolt of ghent,
the envoys to the hopeless city,
the effect of the council
holden, ribaudeaux, cressets,
the host of the mallets,
rosebeque, jaume plensa,
mossy heath, Dylan tempest,
silly Sheehan, constant
consolation, bruxelles
independent exchange,

Gong: Flying Teapot

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"ossau shankar"

the independent art world,
more concrete falls, gnome
chomps key, gyro poutine,
electronic paper, authentic
trappist product, pères
trappistes, repurpose fragment,
chimay red cap, do you want
me to try and adjust, please
share your thoughts online,
notyetification, art of the
ungrand, sill wet, i is another,
actinomycosis, temenos, god
wot cud lor, cord loot mor
torn, gut bucket scholarship,
hand squeaking, orium,
want mossy bank, fullers,
toronto couch, floppy glass,
sterilized dissection, ink
india, orange lover, ossau
shankar, three three six
five, markotic and cabri,
midnight yoga for
alcoholics, bulyea road,
anarchist bookfair,
shelf life, john snow zine,
leehwylf, this is today,
truck grain exchange,