Monday, November 30, 2009


space war, dampaper, lost your
place, community mind, sho’
do, something on the air, power
flux, sign removed, note the
fine print, what possessed us,
front issue, getten there,
ink reality up, sign fire, that
ain’t no dollar sign, unauthorized
manuscript, mannatech, bad
infinity, trance gressism,
desubstantialization, curved
space, body sat, the sexuation,
think reality up, another book,
wreck & fug, before we found
the centre, deregulate the
senses, had it in our hands,
hear forward, intending
doom, who are all these people,
getting it twice over, all
avail, post crypt, om, all
over, one thru, a fine night, took
the wrong direction, stick yer
neck out said the executioner,
the uninvited, rerealm, amazing
terrain, ego go, what’s this
doing in here?, we were
going to outdo ourselves,
the in(ex)scape, reality-able
time & space, less closer, drakes
& ducks, the new real, the non-gap,
one door full, undeteriorate,

MAY 04 2008 10:23 (am)

1) you want the story?
1) salvaged literature
1) is this perfect bound?
1) does anyone know susan elmslie?
1) we should of quit while we were ahead
1) this junk has an aura
1) weighty paper
1) vege
1) let the picture do the talking
1) a blueprint for communication
1) numerodetelle
1) skating amongst the ruins
1) tell me about your genitals
1) even this rag’s got higher resolution than…
1) i like the text
1) the range we are going to be ranging over
1) force it to flower
1) last but not least: oil

Sunday, November 29, 2009

MAY 04 2008 9:32 (am)

1) saint victoria
1) alien head
1) the little piece of tape
1) written over three thousand five hundred poems
1) the sound the card stock makes when you wobble it
1) this is not a comic book
1) perhaps you are reading too close
1) m destroyers
1) john the wit
1) could be turned into nine
1) packaged for display or sale
1) the memorable hog splitting saw
1) shoddy workpersonship
1) fancyass french talk
1) cranking out reams of text
1) ‘patapsychology
1) infinite human universe
1) zoom in on the usnea
1) all your base are belong to us!
1) you never got the wheel, but
1) the publisher left no trace of his presence
1) printed on, printed over
1) sweating all over the gum
1) i remember you
1) check & see if it will take the ink
1) no bookmarks allowed
1) the presence of the self is an embarrassment
1) are you sure you have every variant?
1) double stapled
1) nen
1) profound concrete
1) x is for ten
1) percentage certainty
1) god it

"how much does that book WEIGH?"

brilliant folding, we are high-
lighted, trade tirades, who
marks up, ink ludic, su mantra,
the net effect, trance verb-
eration, phrastic elastic,
being red, the other peak,
you have to be full, gimme
gimmick, hype our texts,
dirty prize money, deep ending
on folding, hours on paper,
back wording, how much does
that book weigh?, it’s about
power ain’t it?, a hundred &
thirty ounce flu, empink,
enrich its cultural holdings,
the dark stops, unable to print
this part, illuminated letters,
trying not to appear too much
of a machine, mark’m saint,
back to yerself, one pure day,
threw to, blue as far as the
eye goes, multitasking fuck
up, two whole or one whole,
down in the flood, still
within, at sixes & sevenses,
all ready to jutch mentally,
let me explain, miss in advance
, the computer committed it,

A Disgusting Waste of Paper

I've been "publishing" this blog on paper over the last year or so as these little chapbooks (this issue: 14 pages or so) in runs of 5 copies. If anybody is interested let me know: ross_priddle(at)

ross priddle
#402, 734 2nd Ave. NW
Calgary, AB
T2N 0E3

Saturday, November 28, 2009

"nothing unsellable"

return all return, unleft, bp was
right, aim level miasthma, aleph
you better, where is the real?,
sidesplitting slaughter, an idea
for a poem, thou’s alt, his
hotplate, shamelessy
plaundered, outfold point,
the pictures have nothing
to do with the text, nothing
unsellable, prefer the
review, a cumming, a
cunning list, working
thru, if eyes are trick,
read the bible for an hour,
what have you got against
number?, when is a book
not a book?, acyrillic,
a record broken, oubliette
fuse, planograms, oh vision,
light postman, how many
copies!?, defire, two and
the same, image buy image,
down tempo! down!, y’all
need not spell to see,
litterally found in the
gutter (ing light, poet moss,
leased sign, self is one thing
other is another, hit again,

"I remember her lips"

1) the dinner uncomfortable
1) not only saved the receipt
1) how did we get all the way back to 1990?
1) neil young with sonic youth
1) who on earthly
1) grocery receipt from 1991
1) i remember her lips
1) i remember being in quebec
1) any actual food?
1) still have the battered thing
1) the book is long overdue
1) lud
1) 1928?

Friday, November 27, 2009

MAY 10 2008 8:00 (pm)

1) indeterminate stuffed object
1) your first lines
1) lotta lotta lotta lines
1) pumpkin prison
1) snowflake valentine
1) the creature is coming alive
1) linear rainbow
1) lamina
1) happy?
1) one dreams of office furniture
1) why so glum?
1) a pattern of misery
1) rubberstamp memories
1) fruit we ate
1) giant
1) every time you talk to the lawyer it costs you $600
1) boogey
1) blank of any memory or feeling
1) there was a time before the disaster when

1) the feather will help you feel
1) feather expert
1) are we ever going to get to the poetry?
1) did you really think all of this was love?
1) just another puppy from the puppy mill
1) barbilophozia
1) tetralophozia
1) protolophozia
1) leiocolea
1) the lophozia-barbilophozia-orthocaulis problem
1) type locality: “radstadter tavern”
1) oreas is a mountain nymph
1) why do we continually destroy ourselves?
1) list of composers from 1600 – present

"connect the microdots"

looks like somebody forgot to flush,
just a shallow-draft, digs the redd,
on the circ, graey area, name
crossed out, reproductions will
not be accepted, lisar, dissid
ence, your alter alter ego,
one year stuff, no on, a letter
always arrives at its destination
lackin’ something, the purblind
letter, a barred subject,
the future whole, not going to
be able to pump any more
information out of this,
the wrong sort of writing
instrument, firm public
relations, pure non-meaning,
moman, what colour are
we talking in?, had
something going for it,
morganic, soul did, this
is two, absentee poet,
left out, eye thee, you
eye, time sold (time cellar,
beginning of a straight,
predestructed, lifing
stem, acetate?, connect
the microdots, is of mo’,
any year of time, b-thirt,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"no time for joy"

throw the book at you, no time
for joy, inunderated, selfling,
graffic geniosity, fund the
bottom, resip, mind enjoying
this, this allso, pow(er) camp,
adding to the list, concrete


1) 8½ x 11: 1,000,000 $
1) toda
1) don’t ask me to fish
1) as an artwork
1) artwinch
1) representing skin
1) tritomaria
1) blast of blossoms around the old milkshute
1) draconian art
1) psychedelic automotive
1) who’s puttin’ the psych on who?
1) what the art meant to represent
1) tore loose from it’s moorings
1) the energy
1) bad admiral
1) blazing moments dying out
1) all the all the inbetween
1) mallared
1) whyke
1) who
1) art
1) art
1) art 15¢
1) art 10¢
1) art 10¢
1) still ..
1) croixan
1) this
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MAY 10 2008 (pm) 3:00

1) shaking your way towards death
1) an airplane suddenly
1) goc
1) who is wounded now?
1) usa is my middle name
1) what should we call ourselves?
1) why would you want to destroy your
1) there will be some changes now
1) toner long neglected
1) how dig we
1) there’s no getting it back
1) hope you had a good
1) try and sell your art on the street
1) maybe you are allergic to
1) do these things represent
1) the when & the where of “composition”
1) we were actually there
1) feather eye
1) is this the way art is supposed to be?
1) thick pastel mailart
1) de
1) yes,
1) this is the way we three see the world
1) memory moment
1) who all were we all
1) momentary
1) moment
1) moment revisited
1) jumping for anger
1) the things that do stay still
1) golden
1) who did
1) who or what
1) brill

"passing judgement by altogether"

breathing down our next, call up
into existence, cut inside,
ignore reality, as for the world,
the nosebleed section, no carrier,
see see; eh?, e-, semes to mean,
the brute facts, a see mic, the
o no mic, without tongue,
second flush, get the big
dictionary, built to fly, our
real oh eye, no access, too
beautiful to read, e-male,
thw arts, the machine inter-
polates, sexistentialism,
iconized, passing judgement
by altogether, space us,
concrete content, glide rung,
concrete totality, gold
urned poets, knowing where to
dig, books again, care of?,
star case, stair crossed,
past last, upsidedown too,
big plan o, frenzy for life,
this is one, uncover your
self, as a said, found what
we’re looking for (still,
addressing one, coffee
talkin’, knowthingk,
poet taster, unpackager,
zealed & delivered, intertent,

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"massive unpublished manuscript"

continu, which way?, eye no,
time eyes, handlines, massive
unpublished manuscript,
heteroclit, xit, organicness,
a box-shaped trap, being
wanting, hitting landfill,
what’s the date getting to be?,
neck of the world, her lending
tears, the whole phrase,
microgenesis, learnt wrong,
happenings of common
experience, pluromatic,
cake in the sky, free distroy,
changing colour, the end
of big stories,
interpell, sold ought,
pred(ic(t))ate, worse pure,
nothing to do with the year,
that’s a new number, on the
cusp a door, the beyonder,
the bill bill, what’s
that smudge?, blanksided,
the won, lost ends, got
your eye fixed, talking
job here, oh eye, search
engineer, eyes back in,

MAY 11 2008 (pm) 2:00

1) trichodon cylindricus
1) one of these pieces of dirt
1) these bizarre things
1) plenty o’ that
1) recognize your insanity
1) pete mocks
1) humour doesn’t make me laugh
1) infiltrator mindscape
1) monk at work
1) are you, like, out to lunch, or what?
1) dear postperson
1) it was a lovely party
1) burger time
1) hell
1) an elastic band that still has it’s elasticity after 10 years
1) incisive
1) umbrage
1) homily
1) heterocladium
1) spectacular mosses
1) beautiful bryophytes
1) conspecific?
1) schist idiom
1) focus on what’s there to be focused on
1) the bull’s cranium
1) really knowing vs. thinking you know
1) expectacular
1) mousetail
1) iso
1) necker?
1) just because it is red
1) rad
1) amble

Monday, November 23, 2009

MAY 11 2008 (am) #2

1) the last time you looked good
1) copy or original no difference
1) other places these might be placed
1) dear universe
1) hack it down
1) that was last week
1) temp. and remain temp.
1) indeterminate reference
1) come on up to 402
1) who’s gen
1) it is written into being
1) with or without the rubberstamp
1) the dirt on hockey
1) talking to whom you can talk

1) suits of amour
1) it’s a wreck of art
1) dust is time
1) go, go, go, stop
1) grmt
1) are you willing to wait for beauty
1) chip down the rate
1) lift the tiny
1) a whole stack of crumbs
1) a whole stack of crumbs
1) hypo ten use


blue line, trusty?, making the delivery,
hush!, something on the glass,
not a real letter, in undated (w/)
material, halloween apples!,
exposed nipple, just ignore me,
freaKs, looks like the whole city’s
comin’ down, different than a
book, eco-mercantilism,
photostanti, light standing
still, extension of human
control, the imp lied, earth-
movers & salt-shakers, tellus
blotto!, brightening clouds,
deef?, for th’ world?!,
underdeveloping, disaster
culture, high cultural
expression, what happens
next?, crackbrained storm
breeder, holding action,
can you write me a cheque,
since long time, over rev
on, sellf, might make it to
zero, understrike, litter
at yer feet, the big change,
circular oration, study the
unstudiable, shrinkwrap
it, listing to the left, you
ain’t no punk you punk,
still active, saying versus doing,

Sunday, November 22, 2009

MAY 11 2008? (for N.C.)

1) tanager?
1) an entire banana flower
1) bumble being
1) d.r.?
1) butterflies doing what?
1) mangroves
1) chicory
1) grosbeak
1) feather of
1) identify leaf
1) it all depends on what you have on your mind
1) beech?
1) up in the white mountains
1) maple leaf
1) the story we had to keep telling ourselves to survive
1) fer now
1) no where near 1992
1) this will all make you laugh one day
1) right from the start: doomed
1) don’t give me those teardrops
1) a week
1) i pulled on trouble’s braid

"jargon-laden jar"

book?, turned over, downtown dust,
male errs, material lies, mainline
freight, saying verses doing verses,
photo static, fax font, eliminated
author, letters from home, i guess
you have to be there, industrial
cathedrals, what sort of a machine,
gross cash, premium poetry,
camo role, another mike,
one many, the gatekeepers,
trance nationalism, what do
all these other numbers mean?,
sashes, afraid of the believers,
not understanding (in the same
way, care more about animals
than human beings?, highly
engineered commercial
exploitation, the last page (list,
tell a communist by, jargon-
laden jar, looking out the
window, this list could go on
and on, revertigo, mere local,
techno ration, gay scientist,
in trance agency, ever-modified
shape, able to be chanded,
invisible hand writing,
the zapper audience,
abnormalization, do-it-
yourself sex, noose ticker,
kick in the idiot box, dead
channel landing, o not air,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

MAY 11 2008 (pm) 8:00 (for Natalie Cleavitt)

1) your green mucus turns me on
1) rude becky
1) no this is not a butterfly
1) we were in love
1) yes, the conversation is over
1) gingko biloba
1) botanical dirt
1) we were wavering bood
1) botjunk
1) leafs, leafs, regular leafs
1) i don’t even remember that part
1) no, no, no money, please!
1) hearts we tore to pieces
1) love burns
1) dirty rotten prick
1) delicate
1) stain
1) how can you laugh about the pain?
1) don’t remember it dragging on like this
1) the little heart that roared
1) played it for all it was worth
1) bombard me with love
1) you mean me?
1) outta love
1) eae
1) the original mail art
1) i don’t remember being that alive
1) fer now
1) acceptance letter
1) you have a beautiful eye
1) my bucket runneth over
1) chup
1) yuck?
1) war blur

"new kid on the chopping block"

nothing that actually has value,
xerox death, scaaaarrry kiddies!,
filling this out, eye see be see,
at lights, got them back words,
muddy copy, dead mickey, way
over, actual hand, absense,
imp rob able, imp ecc able,
the concrete flux, new kid on
the chopping block, the total
stew, imp rude, those darned
satanists, still activity, get this!,
found file, our old city, puts us
in mind of, a former insanity,
please retain this copy as a
record of our trance action,
dirty blood, insurrealerection,
under the signifying system,
billion directions, check for signs,
having new meaning, not wanting
it back, commodity securities,
pasteboard waste hoard, telltale
margins, mindrug, leave it
off, so wet oh!, perk you
later, cajun nuke cookin’,
throwin’ to the wolfs, mistaken
awareness, a thousand varieties,
a bog lunch, ever further,
break!, miles stand between,
not here, money for joy, hole cut,

Friday, November 20, 2009

"snowballing messages"

seahorses here, unmailable,
it is a photocopy, thrue away,
snowballing messages,
previous duplication, memo
rise, rego all, blue into black
& red!, close enuf (doors,
responging, griduation,
contenu, obvious here
invisible now, junk mailers,
thinking you’re on the right,
bottle comes flying down the
street, in coyotes, does that
mean the old one is obsolit?,
the french is upsided own,
guaranteed proof (trademark,
no use for a bank account,
avert-yer-eyes-ing, makes
good cents (for some, what
does it fucking mean?,
thinkin’ standin’ spiel,
completor, beleev in it,
e-murgent messatch, we &
them, get your hand outta
there!, after do, nothing
will never change if, sky
pie, silencist, the machine
says: diffinish, loose soul,
form arc, orderly typos,
the spence, fund po, the
last word!, different in rich west,

MAY 13 2008 & MAY 24 2008 (am) #3

1) the bowl expansion
1) chandonanthus
1) other people’s lives
1) in and out of adequacy
1) it was pure chance that brought us together / tore us apart
1) the seeds may very well still be viable
1) sit down and read every single word
1) love letter beginning with bowels?
1) love that burst forth like a dambuster
1) the very rich life of so & so

1) all girl
1) the letter said
1) i ain’t after nothin’
1) one is meaning to do nothing
1) nufun
1) some movie
1) lung flung
1) gigantic blob of toner
1) prettey
1) let it go big
1) i’m trying to disremember
1) friend freind
1) click quick

Thursday, November 19, 2009

MAY 14 2008 (pm) 8:00 (for Natalie Cleavitt)

1) that’s the way it hits
1) we were having a game & she won
1) one does not remember that part
1) every poem is a love poem
1) echolalia echolullaby
1) colubia
1) gender confusion
1) mad enuf frenzy
1) seeing moss where there is none
1) one has no memory of this
1) …d sunfish
1) we were blocking out the bits
1) moss in the compost
1) put it on the fridge
1) memory only remembers
1) ellis hollow creek
1) no memory of even being drunk
1) well it was a to and fro
1) a moss power couple
1) the moss that was there
1) why can’t you have your cake and eat it too?
1) the “azure moss”
1) i wonder: did you save me as i saved you?
1) never got on the plane
1) did i have something to do with the piano?
1) eye/vagina
1) down at the bottom: nothing
1) we have reached nothing
1) we never really understood at the time
1) & a feather to fly with
1) distance

"the path of least existence"

zoot allures, eear rep,
station to station, nation negation,
embodied voice, or voice under,
private mike, kiln ate, name
ache, pretty + flimsy, bounce
from home, the worst kind of
pulp plop, empty colour,
blowded, not getting a word,
the path of least existence,
stimultaneous, concrete
interpersonal relations, this
is what we have, the empty
mine, us rapt, ink you, going
with one, there is no upside-
down, communeruption,
colourability, keeping the
word in, why should i stand
still, saint orage, house
of culture, wowed or,
complicit lit, elsedom,
along the dot, nemo omen,
run in out, eye grab desert,
non-product, a product is
a product, something new
out, reverse the order, be
bothered, can add eh?,
eye owe, sol sister, the hopen,
raint, buzz ‘em, black glass,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MAY 16 2008 (pm) 3:00

1) now we are entering the soft sector
1) ozark softscape
1) tapper
1) infiltrator
1) alley cat
1) planetfall
1) epyx
1) drive “b”
1) faio

1) all of this selling is
1) never knew we were being sold
1) better not make any sense
1) dirt? or freckles?
1) tobacco, alcohol, rocknroll
1) the prisonaires
1) beer by beer thru the year
1) never knew you were being fooled
1) do you realize how many copies were printed?
1) back when they were still selling typewriters
1) the bogusphere
1) butoh
1) selling things to you 20 years in advance
1) the first you ever heard about
1) sick of being sold
1) taking the bait
1) it don’t matter what you are buying as long as you are buying
1) the rock gangs
1) nobody can sneer like
1) we never knew
1) a long slow process
1) took this all the way to greece & back

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1) judge a book by it’s publisher
1) i never said i was a doctor
1) just another bag of dirt
1) mnium
1) extreme bag of dirt
1) rhytidiadelphus
1) tagetting this area with picture uploads
1) get your eye right inside the bag (of dirt)
1) did i inform them?
1) frullania, porella
1) dicranum
1) insigne

1) antijam
1) jessica
1) all in all, yes you are, just another brick in the wall
1) actually being at war
1) mighty strange juxtaposition
1) wreaking havoc with the automated
1) all good things must come to an end
1) invitational
1) mailshare
1) & you never saw fit
1) desert arms
1) dissect for more
1) all my readers are indeed blind
1) we are of a certain age
1) hacking away at the paper

not justified lines

write out & say it, read at a,
set us on to, blank corner,
shrink & blow, the time before,
subsistence culture, free
sampling, trance po, subbribe,
the saying, the concrete
symbolic, voluntary slavery,
holed up in the system, imp
of perversity, and a shape
reversal, coming out of
existence, the strength to
make one more letter,
paper lips, imp pressed,
filled le, not justied
lines, uncertain
point, look before these
things, loose leaves behind,
daze pile, up, all cee eh,
out of this blue, byway
of re:mind, temp stuck,
gread, filling in the ohs,
usual: nothing, alt lock,
yes at the moment, a
porch a, butter fibrillations,
phrases on stun, the mere
abSolute, this etcetera,
od, back desk, right shin,
see the connection?, us-e,

Monday, November 16, 2009

"better chocolate than never"

name crossed out, falling apart
at the seems, metazerography,
plus a change, ment change,
studio squat, how meny?, might
be heading in the wrong
direction, nickle-mania, frob,
no fridge?, return different,
modify, junk like this,
flashlight crackers, web ad
dress, glass company, sticker
text, a different process,
does not work here, hoping
in reternal, too much
space to fill, the oddience,
a spasm of enthusiasm, busy
being born yesterday,
dense entry, a little weight
now, this spot ●, empirical
house can completely,
missing peace, at least
they spelled your name right,
just in lower case, better
chocolate than never, out
distance yourself, share
the page, more & one,
subduction, think year
existing, more than a full
deck, putching the limits,

(probably: MAY 15 2008)

1) until the legs fell off
1) the bumper fell off
1) not the most attractive shell
1) maybe a little glue?
1) disposable tools
1) part of the same art work
1) if the past could talk
1) broken chrome
1) psiquico
1) not just any “w”

MAY 17 2008 (am) 10:00

1) do you recognize yourself?
1) i am thinking about you now
1) i don’t think you’re going to like what has
become of you
1) do what?
1) zen shopping
1) indeterminate text
1) i don’t feel like i’m dying
1) take a good hard look at yourself
1) not much to distinguish
1) this one might fit in the confines
1) remove commas after being sick
1) produce nothing
1) green?
1) the bowel expands
1) that’s the way the shit hits the fan
1) what are these holes for?
1) soft in the head
1) never judge a book
1) tempty
1) one error

Sunday, November 15, 2009

MAY 15 2008

1) judging by the size & shape of the missing piece
1) anymore
1) hexikon
1) i’m trying to concentrate
1) don’t your eyes ever get tired?
1) cast your mind back to concrete
1) we all have to begin somewheres
1) the mass marketting of the underground
1) was there a man involved in your pregnancy?
1) a bunch of little tiny (blank) bits
1) pembinites
1) what kind of crap in particular?
1) cascadilla
1) before it all fell down
1) all the broken
1) Z-8354
1) a wrist this small
1) lions question violence
1) was it a ’93?
1) propel
1) heavy duty garbage
1) not fix it, replace it
1) but this is a beautiful thing
1) wow! look at yourself!
1) when this breaks, it’s garbage
1) a child performed work
1) allan wrenches
1) onward brillant
1) why a pen dead

i'm going to lose all my spacing here

unsorted material reality,
keep peeking,
keap peaking,
it is not possible to see
is it
the page?
unbundled of joy,
last minute subtractions
the echonomics of beauty,
to pass on
trying to “get” something
the wrong name
to possess?
to grapple with
to let go
hour better ring
which is where?,
a big sea,
e-sase nothing,
passing beyond judgement
Different in rich western tones
lost poetry,
did boat
beated me
meaning fill,
time grunge,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

MAY 17 2008 (am) 9:00

1) careful you don’t get ink on the lens
1) hat led
1) nothing is random
1) great honor and spread wide
1) blue and red checked edges
1) subliminal copyright
1) bulletproof envelope,
1) the filter is jammed
1) fluck
1) just about exactly a penny a sheet
1) go, go, go, stop
1) amount
1) jarlsburg wedges
1) the list has a tendency to fluctuate
1) randomize all your documents
1) two spirited
1) graupel
1) paradelle
1) liquid brick
1) telecopy
1) an unexpected raise
1) seven-thirty
1) female name
1) astro stiro
1) twelve eleven
1) go, go, go, stop
1) guide drug
1) we wish we could read but
1) flew alone
1) filled with the urge to soil some paper
1) turn it all into confetti
1) iconic toner
1) who is hangin’ in

"the greek god not the shoe"

zero eye, the mark of zero,
jumpin’ around the page,
line ear, mark your place,
what price marks?, the greek
god not the shoe, carrying
information, the original in
quotation marks, other
signification, misspellmell,
mouse language: click click
click click, a certain amount
of paper, california-ish,
what’s this?, the fuse is
burning, pass on the machine,
poetry poetry?, who says is
ain’t art?, the kidz are lit,
did you get permission to
say that?, what was wrong
with your mind the way it
was?, a professional poet,
expand this point, unpause
, definition here, minime,
reality fragments, we won!
, clipping along service,
cite so & so here,
diligent indoles,
one liner iceberged,
still undecided, trains
codes, bottomless freedom,

Friday, November 13, 2009

AUG 28 2008 (pm) 8:00

1) was there a mind at work here?
1) where did you get that kind of money?
1) juno
1) chippiness
1) where the hell did you get this money?
1) and again
1) what ever happened to hmb?
1) saint aples
1) twenty-four dollars per copy
1) bleed a drip
1) reeb
1) chill charge hemp
1) foul liquor
1) chip out a nugget
1) maybe going to buy a gift for your mother
1) these sixties
1) it all depends on what day of the week it is
1) pay it down
1) you were down to your last buck sixty-five
1) juno
1) juno
1) junt
1) julo
1) ain’t travlin’
1) yyj
1) wonder if anyone was actually fooled by this
1) i want a girl who can do this
1) geistigkeit
1) ex-conman
1) machine i.d.
1) lanugo
1) imagine if that was your job
1) do not apply one over another
1) gridtke

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SEP 05 2008 (am) #2

1) facial sunlight
1) the specimen clock
1) spot the brand name
1) going cumulative
1) tech score
1) thematic apperception test
1) edge protection appliance
1) reckless is as reckless does
1) pending? what’s pending?
1) that’s the last dollar you’re going to see
1) lose your job, shake it off
1) purchase to dream
1) enough to get you thru
1) the price of a loaf of bread
1) “she ate all my cookies”
1) smear is extra
1) this has happen before
1) fuck post-it notes!
1) blank needing filling
1) throw yourself off the balcony
1) what eye can find beauty in such ugliness?
1) the ineradicable artist
1) I saw the end coming right from the beginning
1) i’m overboard!
1) all those beauties in solid motion
1) i can’t see a goddamn thing!
1) always already fired
1) it was your demons that dragged you down
1) it will find a way out
1) no more memes!
1) & then suddenly everything happened
1) left a nice beaver dam behind
1) does that person have a mind?
1) bandana, waylay, hilltop, hoodlum, biennia

"handwritten? who's gonna take you seriously?"

more phun, the copy is absolutely
other, emphasis is, crumple
paper, debolbing, perfect worldly,
waste of reality, still at zero,
money razed, primordial
division, getting quite a
collection, getting quiet, nice
cover period, advance promo,
is the wave still rolling?,
extra! extra! read all about
it!, chicken milk, water dam
aged literature, Θ, arching
her body in a you shape,
keeping before, do not machine
machine cancel, normal
mail, relative life, art does
not object, fore train, many
hands, working on our street
cred, works hopping,
unrevealed text, freedist,
handwritten? who’s gonna take
you seriously?, just the place,
the celebration army,
their determination? or
your own?, one wants to care,
paste tens, as an organism,
this space, skimmed cream,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SEP 05 2008 (pm) 8:00

1) dïkkat
1) morningred
1) add as friend
1) years later you will get in trouble for
1) mfb
1) couldn’t you at least write something on it
1) feel the special texture
1) nothing never quite twigged
1) make sure you get it in writing
1) the sound the paper made
1) the actual toy is long gone
1) the texture of the paper contains a message
1) we need to get this unpublished
1) what’s a cullion?
1) sixty-six bucks worth of what?!
1) locanda
1) okuyun ve saklayin
1) mock dot com
1) don’t turn the page
1) you’re loaded!
1) seven ninety-nine
1) ipa
1) depts
1) head above water for a day
1) zed dot ca
1) this is how the page works
1) ballow
1) what are you trying to erase
1) frig a hog
1) stir them on!
1) i’d rather be drunk
1) this is also a drug
1) linuxunix

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SEP 05 2008 (pm) 3:00

1) high memory
1) bucky fuller’s emaid
1) thrushing
1) back into the strange loop
1) courting nothing
1) youthless
1) did you dollar?
1) vanilla lit
1) chuff hunks
1) chew wet
1) you always wanted to see it & when you did you forgot
1) copywar
1) concrete jar
1) just a small note on a bit of paper
1) scut, breach, medlar
1) speech for buncombe
1) who dat be?
1) fat day, thin day
1) a keen knife edge
1) apt
1) don’t know how to write don’ know
1) yer gonna put me over the fuckin’ edge
1) snow for a change
1) what can you buy for sixty-nine cents?
1) festival of lonely hearts
1) lag wagon
1) any text that can hold the eye
1) ink commodity
1) close eye now
1) won’t be buying nothing
1) the exack
1) international nothing day
1) sugarmule
1) the hold-door trade

"name this text"

it’s all the same day, keep yer
eye peeled, turn & turn again,
this vast system, the crunch
corner, ignote, pridden, not
one winner, robber stamp,
all different, idem, not going
under, her first husband,
the product the product the
product, ex-bank, unculture,
at the gate, name this text,
class peace?, culture barbarians,
concrete constellation, dig
out the machine, the rest of
the ink, temporary removal
of time, taking the lid off,
enhanced eye, cover of dust,

something we’ve
never seen before,
space work,
the light shed,
grease the palm of
the mind, drawing
blank conclusions,
nothing to refer to,
i can’t know,

Monday, November 09, 2009

SEP 01 2008 (am) #2

1) always already trashed
1) what the fuck is that?
1) do you have any love in your heart
1) poetstal
1) the path to a woman’s heart is the wheel?
1) gotterdone
1) i stole your map
1) write ‘void’ across it
1) you are stealing days out of my life
1) global aphasia
1) torture the flower
1) all your old phone numbers
1) deeposit
1) faster, harder, stronger
1) write it, type it, rubberstamp it
1) you’re never going to be free of writing
1) community of backstabbers
1) forty cents? per envelope?
1) you never see them in the same place at the same time
1) you’re payin a fuckin’ premium
1) nothing grand
1) you spelled “acheive” wrong
1) didn’t have a single piece of paper
1) you could google it! (in for a surprise!)
1) two faces smiling at each other
1) t.p.
1) where it’s at, where it’s at
1) the other that is the other
1) why continue to grind?
1) it feels like another machine
1) i am aware of your absence
1) koolatta mondatta
1) debtails
1) half is whole

Sunday, November 08, 2009

SEP 01 2008 (am) #1

1) left more than just a skull behind
1) what sort of ‘toy’ are we talking about?
1) two years in the mail
1) you’ve earned your moving badge
1) zez
1) lick the flap
1) a year & a half in the mail
1) what am i clockin’?
1) get cranked up & crank out some jank
1) everybody that was on the scene in 2006
1) the ones we oned
1) age-progression to forty-three
1) do you put your bananas in a bag?
1) Ross Priddle doesn’t live here anymore
1) there’s a lot to be said for repetition
1) seven grand is not enuf to buy...
1) would you like some meaning with that text?
1) she ate all my cookies
1) meatlaunch
1) nothing is beyond redemption
1) a zine called: Bring It!
1) the mind changes from day to day
1) yr little love button
1) little leather strap
1) random nondescript bit
1) annoying random nondescript bit
1) crispa or tenuifolia
1) chant: relationship chant: break up, make up, break up, make up,...
1) this candy gives you instant cavities
1) this is not the thing
1) cashgrab
1) bloodletting
1) how complex can it be
1) who’s your biggest fan?

"a jest for life"

just another ego death, no use
for paper, this is my best, you?,
universal time, can’t afford to
know, getting rid of art,
concrete practices, coit
draperies, a clearly defined
enemy, pretty ‘n green, tork,
words within words, events
at concert halls, poetry jam,
i useta think i knew but now
i think i never knew,
anamnesia, historico-empirical
circumstances, extimacy,
auto-poetry, one’s heaps,
time pour air, fuckin’ winners,
bra in, the something something
rev you, resoh, draw in the
bathtub, fuck the book, this
is not a product, saint ore,
zip to do with you, sum body
else reading the same text
as you, in the hopes, vanity
island, deaf ace, a take off,
push sing, redata, need
the red urn, a going sum,
still use, oh! when?,
exfluencing, wallet sighs,
one of a thing, reservacing,

Saturday, November 07, 2009

May 11 2008 (am) #1

1) eleven by zen
1) you were wrong about the font
1) i read it with my mind not my eye
1) there is fun being had there inside the toner
1) why would the machine read this as
1) still see horse
1) you are becoming someone else
1) even here we would have thot
1) why do you need to know
1) we need to know
1) this needs a bit of explaining
1) the first thing you do when you get out of jail
1) it was the printer in the machine
1) maybe ebb yam
1) i don’t even recognize you
1) came out black
1) select your favourite phrase
1) there’s no point in writing
1) what is it about the text
1) is this some sort of to do list?
1) you can’t see the world from here (pretend)
1) only works on the original
1) connect the word to the thing
1) here we are including the blank
1) mail eleven
1) you could look it up (if you had the net)
1) any relation to psilo?
1) the devil has lost his marbles
1) heaven forbid one speck should get lost
1) set free by the dimensions
1) queen victoria
1) the whole story and nothing but the story
1) how much blank do you want?
1) beg, borrow, steal reality

808 state (actually 809)

a fresh sheet, i swear words,
the clod of unknowing, i pays de
or black, new machinations,
fraternizing with themeny,
blottery, other sight, ear
each, created spontaneously,
tearing into hope, tell a
copier, concentrate on their
writing, zen candle, the
rate of success pooling,
granting body, random
modarn, felt right, fond of
word, crossing the page,
what was removed, the
unpeeled peeler at work,
trance back, liftink,
lilac syringe, born every
minute, less regard, due
to fluctuating markets,
lick mobile, outside eye,
what is working?, gettìng
past the date, the full
mind?, you can see with
yer eye or, beneath
writing, one big think,
comptext, going on still,
make something of this,

Friday, November 06, 2009

"literature schmiterature"

packs a wollup!, power hole!,
free zen, ex-this & ex-that,
before the letter, makes good
scrap paper, art underfoot,
unentry, scream thru the nose,
transidea, this is yestoday,
a taxing task, poor boy tip,
two? or one?, initial eyes, pai
arganza, wobbly letters, also
known as, this is not the stuff
of poetry, token turd, owing
away, scratchings, thot it was
a candle, her eye, soft word,
peel eye, evola, empo, op me,
oemp, opem, next text, emo p,
text identification, cure e
us, might go gen, velocity
net, still unread, backed
with, the trims, down sighs,
the original original, will
being, concrete contours,
network of concrete relations,
consuming interest, the
concrete way, serious taking,
trance literate, times!,
literature schmiterature,
and one more line down here,

MAY 17 2008 (pm) 4:00

1) life and debt
1) Vincent Courtois
1) all things at the last
1) thirteen cent crime
1) hit nothing
1) oh, we changed the regime alright
1) the secret life of the egg
1) oh, i think our communications have come to an end
1) auto elockwork
1) who owns the birds?
1) a helpful clue
1) in what way can art be said to “matter”
1) an art opportunity
1) can you prove that it matters
1) glassine? (or wax paper?)
1) contribute to the fluctuations
1) bharal
1) we are standing at the crossroads of a 1,000 roads
1) worstfest
1) spend yourself into a hole
1) dirty rotten sex
1) racking it up on who’s account
1) keeping in touch requires
1) the “artist” went down in the flood
1) are you still bibliozining?
1) yes, no, one remembers the issue
1) the current joined seamlessly with the past (avant-garde)
1) carve yourself a rubberstamp niche
1) fabulous shrinking heads
1) the unones
1) it’s all good
1) domo arrigoto distro roboto
1) just another photocopy document
1) rock heart

Thursday, November 05, 2009

MAY 17 2008, 8:00 (pm)

1) lunge rot
1) free ham
1) sharkshooter
1) don’t even know
1) oofer
1) right on target, so direct
1) steaming pants
1) what was bouncing around in those days
1) one had a feeling once
1) lovely wads
1) foog
1) one remembers this being larger
1) yellow on yellow
1) getting ready to hit the road
1) is anybody
1) no need to memorize every little particle
1) whatever it is you seek
1) we
1) we
1) goint
1) one already knows what is inside every envelope
1) dress on fire
1) songunsung
1) you coming back to yourself
1) desperately seeking
1) the names
1) not to be confused
1) the missing ones
1) didn’t you say


buzzy, ether eyes, not zero, black
lightening, we aren’t one are we?
, rhymin’ dict, imp ear ate or,
your e-zen, letters as building
blocks, numb our eyes, rubber’s
tamper, splain, line byline,
gap tooth fill, the sand which
is there, buy nothing everyday,
event happens causes, protext,
we were on the machine,
excluded from human
community, the concrete of
thot, the concrete wealth,
indifferance, thingk of thot,

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"eake ba"

reverse all, rilb, the same yes
-terday, • spot this, at this i
-rate, reno project, others
words, things inside, flood
of concrete, independent
self-release, poor comparativist
, i’m a nust, high content of
ethanol, assesspool, time’s
running in, eye art, such
creatures, eake ba, stones
in my hand, if we had space
time, making excerptions,
unmarked surface, ignore
the war?, trance phenom,
stuff that thinks, this! here!
now!, dereal eyes, made inch,
engine ear, ex-cheque is,
my oh sure, expand brood,
the art of identifying,
insignifying, expensive
knowledge, material reality
effect, outta limits stimil
at, slippage spillage,
slip page spill page,
pills page pillage page,
merder us sighin’s,
mail balks, moiderous
sightings, merger us signs,

georgia on my mind (georgia the font, that is)

1) this is not what you are meant to do
1) any production is good production
1) this line is obliterating nothing
1) an army of letters
1) date it so you can discard it
1) the hole unplugged
1) continuously chip chip chipping away
1) cptran
1) are you, like, thee so & so?
1) a pile of meat
1) royal majesty
1) the last of the bits
1) the last bit
1) nothing we are not prepared to let go
1) i think we can safely check this off our list
1) we don’t have access to excess
1) don’t imagine we’ll be tracking down any of these texts
1) no table errors
1) deal with this pile of paper
1) nothing moves until

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

MAY 18 2008 (am) #1

1) unfun
1) shake yer babies up, shake yer babies up
1) hypo use
1) we must forget what all this refers to
1) bowl hits
1) any little box
1) everything needs to be written (again & again)
1) are we seriously going to carry on with this?
1) you’re all fading away from me
1) the seahorse is starting to rot
1) here we stopped it from getting away on us
1) how are you going to see any beauty in this?
1) lens a hand
1) elevendy-zen
1) a little error goes a long ways
1) erzatza
1) a rubberstamp that says “sorry for the confusion!”
1) this could create a little confusion somewhere down the line
1) lunge off the balcony
1) a rift in the centre of the text
1) hold a mirror up to your face
1) poster size deterioration
1) judge a publisher by it’s book
1) the gone soft
1) nothing is missing from this text
1) the bowel expands
1) so,’s your health?
1) the begin & the end
1) junky slip skirt
1) death shaking it’s way towards you
1) indeterminate time & place
1) eleven by zero
1) words move you to precise moment

shoulda stopped at 800

ridge in all, cycle paper, is
ill in o, modify & return, eye
owe you ma, try part,
powder content, what about
the glass?, hazz, velope,
tartgets, ●, x, never disclose
your code, it’s allie, where do
they all disappear to?, the
colon y’all, free paper clips
along, dominant languages,
the computer is ok but
material reality is, one page
novel, where do these leave
us?, bizzy allright, beyond
& beyond, nothing not
compatible with, is we okay?,
eh! blazing!, on the machine
& off the machine, blotted
out the return, without
sans, blurt? blurb? no,
priceless marks, read
harder, agalmation,
more jumbo!, a, heteroglossia
of common evidenced, the
column inches forward,
the concrete network,
the concrete living
totality, self-media,

Monday, November 02, 2009


i liked the old machine better,
it is neither the best nor the
worst in a work that is uncopiable,
ooze zone layer, a real zerox,
the ebb & flower, this is not an
either/or situation, the ebb
o’ dents, they ding ya, fading
institution, implodes at nine
oh three anti-middle, pick you
up a mickey of big mouse,
levitatin’ locomotives!, pregress,
route shipments via rocket,
imp laws able, prozine anti-
despair, zinespeak, technocrazy,
energy-consuming device, a
watched pot never boils away,
stranger that you know,
underconsumption of poetry,
electronic vibration adjusters,
redbailed, refereence,
superseed, i’m an ex-scorpion,
glass bullets, phrasemonger,
we don’t hold much with paper,
yerself’s imp, the attention
mirror, zebra milk, six cents,
a costume for the voice,
the cridicks,

MAY 18 2008 (pm) 8:00

1) what did the letter said?
1) where do you get the enthusiasm for language?
1) book pushers
1) c is for chicago
1) a non-art universe
1) abducted by her crazy mother
1) linsey-wolesly
1) are you saying
1) microbranch corner
1) here you are: spending money, spending money
1) better put the “letter” back in the envelope
1) you are getting gouged
1) create nothing
1) there ain’t no us
1) meaningful mark?
1) you spent your money on what?!
1) alcuhol
1) waffle irony
1) i still owe you a couple bucks
1) buzz over to philly
1) why would anyone want to underwrite such insanity?
1) at a certain point one has to draw a line
1) my kingdom for a one
1) the elk’s horns are entangled
1) i don’t want to have a choice
1) you do one thing
1) oilsands environmental
1) no, we are not continuing
1) the personal touch (jannie)
1) ecopoetry
1) did you fall for this junk?
1) now, this is far enuf away back close to the heart
1) misfolution
1) see #1 above

Sunday, November 01, 2009

May 18 2008 (pm) 3:00

1) underground desire
1) seclusion for six months
1) you could be wearing this text
1) i feel like i just got off an airplane
1) hey, can i get that copy back?
1) the energy of idiots
1) please inform your correspondent
1) things were already (always?) well under way
1) yes, we are still reading the same text(s) we were
reading five years ago
1) the sport of spoiling
1) missing, missing, missing, located!
1) dots
1) and what did you do with that twenty dollars i gave you?
1) opportunity unity port op
1) underground desire
1) leave the toy in the (broken) window
1) where did the warp (& weft) go, you ask?
1) atc lsd
1) approximate who-dun-it
1) how do some manage to
1) nonidentical
1) up pub
1) you missed the turn
1) you took the wrong turn
1) maybe you might like to come out of retirement
1) carmel drive
1) little things project
1) do you need poems?
1) you mean we actually have to pay for water?
1) uttertakes
1) cinnamon canard
1) you said yes to me once
1) a word that sticks


uncopiable, eve’s rib, put the
name on, her writing for us,
she’s on top, lipstick stained
paper, one-of-a-kind skull,
a permanent feat, words or
pictures?, this is supposed to
go over here, street proven,
interroruption, an evening
out, hope not despair not,
looks familiar but, okay expear
, flip over, femtosecond, the
imp stone, you got doored,
middle eh?, on the map?,
so the upshot, what kind of
a method is that?, just keep
talking, phreakers, on-line
endurance, highly coded or
expressed, high-tech engineer
and computer, logic bombs,
evening a score of evenings,
options options, never is a
good time, getting enough
attention already, vacant see,
paper slicer, paragovernmental,
hope-changers, i don’t think
so, apollogize tear out your eys,
on the blue bridge, apart a,
not making it, shrinkle,
what it all meant, isnt
number, rub yr knows in it, thinky’are,