Sunday, November 30, 2014

"mina totino"

techwall, treponema pallidum,
luvox cr, waynestock, astro
kokuho, rcsy cluster, loonie
times, what do you do with a
book when you’re done with it,
delible, recipient design, code-
switching, to page, castle
executive homes, equus caballus,
falco peregrinus, buy a little
talk, postal project, keep your
eyes on the hole, dance of
death, the knowledge that you
know, no scare quotes, cr ch,
albacarla, crabpo, mina totino,
ready terms, who painted the
paint, is timewell you,
tsunami editions, blonde bembo,
vixpo, the ark sakura,
felpsburg indiana, emperors
of wyoming, autohypnosis,
kobb salad, loved the package,
pensacola, this atrium, calls
the two a turd, intoxicants
hurt and i crash the car,
using one pen, his signature
number one, • , rare calgarian
vowel insect, found
disrupted, air the poems
out, bestspoon, lost in the
vault, deshrinkwrap it,

Saturday, November 29, 2014


who does “she” refer to today,
in egyptian hieroglyphs a
cartouche, gelotophobia,
telamonia, cultural historical
activity theory, sfwy s gallery,
fccmsb, limousin, the average
trip, it’s fun to sign, bltkb,
kinder surprise, not the best
shot, roux, pennies we might
well forgo, persondom,
nonnominal expressions,
honey writing, an interesting
cut, don’t forget to do that,
theodore sturgeon, chrysoscope,
keep your eyes on the center
of the sun, seven years in
buddha, delurk, cancelbot,
territories re-imagined,
let the original go, he hath
founded it upon the sea,
me and the moss, three
good copies, slab of music,
syllogistic hijinx, gazing
at the rubble, the tortured
planet, tenn the human angle,
torricelli’s experiment,
recognize the work, the
way up, the shadow informs,
musical alphabet,

Friday, November 28, 2014


paper bandit, hors d’oeuvres
everywhere a cake, concentrate
hard enough, cunt lint, adult
attention deficit disorder,
darkmarket, the conflicker worm,
botnets, ambrotype, writing thru
the turkey, begin icon, seeming
noise, the today project, the
forward march of text, pray
for nothing, pro pelle cutem,
bark ode dear, now i’m one of the
cupcake people, broccoli crowns,
ocgg cluster, iberico adarga oro,
mulderbosch, glenbow, animated
art, cbwm cluster, dazs, mcc
cluster, ex-cluster, c cluster,
ststsw, ctrain, self is we,
timberland cluster, cotton, lg,
pulcinella, fennel blood,
sperlari, kashi, continental,
political haircut, organic
turkey cranberry sausage,
houston, website at www,
stiegl radler, write your
signature, was this me or
was this us, omc cluster,
welcome aboard, peace
officer, chrysope aux
yeux d’or,

Thursday, November 27, 2014


photocopying, standard teck,
reading conversations, the web
of iniquity, atychiphobia,
cainophobia, kanchipuram,
brinking, ginger butter, cgbqb
cluster, loki, cerf xerxes, run
through the garden, dreams
the psiquiatric, sechiisland,
this space belongs to, obvious
front dot com, pay box as you
enter, sexual power struggle,
check for duplicates, erni’s
box, chinese character lookup,
x, kallikak attack, i know
who your unknown is, lewiston,
bionic mike transmitter,
self-talk, verbal hallucination,
pseudomorphic, repentium,
this is the story of,
midnight gothic, ur-lang,
being not seeming,

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


esse quam videri, chunga,
affligem, erkend, leffe, opwijk,
shawnee, fishcreek, sunnyside
up, anno, ipdada, on message
structure, anal-sewing,
nuthatch, mexican train,
this is for the new one, spoonage,
add laughter, tampa cold
storage, tapa del tanque de
gasolina, sea urchins, brain coral,
underwater mushrooms, barracuda,
underwater lichens, staghorn
coral, dry tortugas, we love
cancer, bewbsy, gaping cunt,
aoennler, vviissiioonnes,
say something damn it, yulupa,
marred souls, three master,
woodchuck beer, melbourne
fl, fbc, zapen, pink loop,
plain white breadclip,
cavant gourd, bull, giraf,
elephant, giraffe, mermaid,
pet, buttox,

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


cashing in on mailart, orange
county lumber truck, panavistic,
maxiton, time-binders, red blue
even orange, orange glow of
farmhouse windows, gissel-
brecht, txn, jumbo cluster,
cosbocw cluster, cerf,
lingar street, beneficiary
change, for your future,
venezuelan ball-twirling
screamer, tassajara zen,
daitoku-ji, microphilia,
apa tng, temporal kin,

Monday, November 24, 2014


inductance, let the scratch
indicate, payfull, allowing for
other hands, bite latex, eye sand,
mitten cloud rising, a fake of
a fake, bowling thunder,
harmont, unk tt, revpunky,
kphth, ross in quotation marks,
does not keep pace with his
companions, predeceased, who
are you, zero is the highlight,
justin rutter, delict,
expressions from hearers
confirming, impnormal, the
tmic, nonlinguistic act,

Sunday, November 23, 2014


kinikilig, hypermodernity,
auguries of experience,
nemesister, non-places, golden-
eyed lacewing, printer’s figures,
keisha, enters wearing new hat,
lèse-majesté, the nothing
dimension, why the four day
gap, pronounce scout, measure
the text, mirrors from the mind,
let me know what you think
of this noise, non sibi sed toti,
the structure of the letter,
pafa, amtrak, jla, coconut
farm, containment policy,
justice league of adversaries,
kunstdemokratie, spruce
farm, anywhere out of the
world, vendor number,
humanization four-tet,
human capacity for empathy,
shyla mulay, margeau
cream, shyhn mudey, we
grind our own chocolate,
rainer wieczorek, sheiss
atomstaat, age before
beauty, industrial art,
body galore, naked usa,
monarchists for marat,

Friday, November 21, 2014

"chetak bajaj"

welcome to the too much
information centre, peanut
chlorotic ringspot virus,
language alienation, chetak
bajaj, ubicomp, colporteurs,
a paint bucket of concrete,
prosthetic gods, do not write
below this line, roll-x, axe
two in one, dipping under
eighteen, comsc cluster, the
shape of the neck label, i
lump bums buster, poetry
trading cards, you and your
dada, lit mons, diabolical
mind machine, semi-aquatic
something or other, radio-
active mango, stang o bonk,
eighty-one oh seven, anti-
gonish, pink black, name the
zine, bright money,
noncontextuality, interactionists,
conversational implicature,
authentic scout book, italicize
this phrase, italics equal
fire, eh to zed, missed a beat,

Thursday, November 20, 2014


mouseion, massively multiplayer
online role-playing game, effect
consumption and happiness,
lakshmi, karmis, thankfully
no green ink, anno twelve-forty,
j-vile, k-road, ommegang, sbgb
cluster, inbev, dinant, keen’s,
wayzata mn, feel the comfort,
escape commuter hell, how to
envision cities, hammam, snmp
to dmtf: rtfm!, from the
mouth to the anus, meaning
about to blow, orange shaw,
john mountain, dali with his
last painting, fake oh boy,
gold martinis, high shutter
speed bullet entering water,
lucky strike, lose language,
bottle match box, heddwch,
ha, gar seventy-nine, cobble
together an address, what
can a knife do, the original
is richer, colour galore,
you want mail art, person to
person via the middleman,
alch, is that clock right?,
i know real when i see it,
om mani padme hum, ate
art, siyw, los wtf,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


arrow’s impossibility theorem,
nano-revolution, florida panther,
pattypan, hiding in a hole with
a golden pistol, buy something
original, omc cluster, gritz,
hollingsworth, wine zombies,
republic of whimsy, indexicality,
illocutionary force, deixis,
perlocutionary effect,
normatively residual ambiguity,
conversational maxims, weak
bridges, microfunctional
analysis, the cooperative
principle, ritual interchanges,
a state of talk, sigh naps,
we will come to this,
nothingish, penny plain,
an easel in a huge cardboard,
happy rails, somonka,
rabbit man, did you mean

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


lua texts, pvp, propofol, fuzzy
order, schutzschaft, mannville
alberta, the squeeze generation,
forms of talk, britelinr, ccg
cluster, date of discharge,
where you got your logo, peel
back the poem, wellesley street
auckland, green-winged fly,
truman truman truman,
lomo lengua luna, boom pools,
beebeebee, peinado, next of
corn, versos revolucionarios,
boca de peluca, nimioteca,
runnyhamboy, the golden eye,
las cabezas mayas, the
televisions, the sku number,
business science, cognitive
linguistic theory, frame
analysis, sociolinguistics,
face-to-face communication,
participation framework,
ritualization, gestural
community, microanalysts of
interaction, gestural
competency, max context,
appaloosas fuck, flemish
fog, original moose,
kejimkujik, peral,

Monday, November 17, 2014


homo sacer, ham drapes, one
item remaining, maneschewitz,
the charlville apartments,
bonus dormitat homerus, the
sociology of occasions, gernsback,
how much tea do you have to go
thru, little wee poem for
your nose, the ferocious poem,
softly face, ycckc cluster,
who’s the fuckin’ walrus?,
dead bat lincoln california,
where the secret is hidden,
fifteen bucks for a pdf?,
banana domino, black and
white seems so black and white,
doo da post, bananafish films,
koromex, up-signal, look what
language can do, inglish,
elk suede, look what i’m
doing with language,
heyoka, settler lit, xingyu,
face in concrete, fuck
contest, appaloosa bubble,
sphaleotas ortolan,
flemish rabbit,

Sunday, November 16, 2014


sphaleotas, non-returners,
stream-enterers, sotāpanna,
identity view, tulumba
tatlisi, the secrets of mina,
chitterlings, kuehne, cognition
research, cgbcmm cluster,
shaped paper, all colours, all
insects, ilsc, gémeaux, the craft
of love, fif st sem,
protection from the interior
elements, turn it into something
representational, willamette,
mail art winner, equus grevyi,
amur tiger cub, sub number,
clit-cloister, underpeening,
planche, on, non-occupation,
mashkiig, iinsan, unmap,
casual brutality, the new
hystericism, eschrichtus
robustus, rational expectations,
the efficient-market hypothesis,
autistic economics, the great
moderation, physics envy,
animal spirits, several billion
pennies, courses in economic
history, behavioural
economics, anyone fuckoffee,
all this writing for
what, fitel, ortolan,

Saturday, November 15, 2014

"naropa naro chos drug"

ortolan bunting, impossible science
of the unique being, ontopoiesis,
imaginatio creatrix, muda
mura muri, hillcrest extendi-
care, life is short: don’t sip,
let it hover out, nutcake, obb
cluster, vocal pod, dysplasia,
naropa naro chos drug, mortise
and tenon, hohlraum, tebhag,
jotedars, ka kha ga, mahila
atmaraksha samity, chris
michalski, pack up the white
picket fence, emphasize nothing,
furusato song, filet de what,
google perpetual permutation

Friday, November 14, 2014


perpetual permutation poetry,
projexorcism, grapico cap,
occupy nothing, xenolith,
allotriomorph, throwing pennies
at each other, whateverishly,
orogeny, one-to-four plagal
cadence, purloinification,
penny-shaped crack, glass testicle,
tokaj, furmint, there’s still a
little black in the blue, lg
cluster, eternal children on
holiday, artificial meat,
spacetime atoms, black hole
thermodynamics, sepsis, morello,
soundsuits, cleits, xenomorpheus,
zen skulls, hacker coil, gar
seventy-eight, salon de
refuse, imagination
without learning joubert,
el mail tao, pascal on
imagination, tao job of

Thursday, November 13, 2014


fetiform teratoma, bocephus,
you can’t explain that, ronnie
hawkins cheezies, mañiñas, the
art portion, poem under water,
the lyric eye, the trump type,
being singular plural, eyes
the chariot horses, the blaine
invasion, northern lunatic
fringe, siloxane, thixotrol,
mexican marigold mint, the
tyranny of the upper fuck,
palatable lsd, thumba, eye
creosote, doodle, facebox, hand
doodle, five-pointed star, x
doodle, a shape, code doodle, dot
matrix doodle, acid doodle,
network doodle, music doodle,
jay doodle, tree doodle, eff
six doodle, stickman doodle,
amoeba doodle, q and a doodle,
margina, crouch rocket,

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"a theory of action"

etorki, ostrich tuning, infant
ego, gouache, impetigo, concho
belt, occupy yourself, semah,
alcesian, protrude a poem, the
orange tweezers, cluste, dither,
the calgary liberation front,
ectopic pregnancy, xingtài,
xíngtí, yellow finn, the
yippies, a theory of action,
doper porn rag, begin the page
here, twenty-five quarters,
rhuma-chunk, repetition code,
barfcode, you need a reader,
saint icker, stock ticker, deart,
molten red, red handed love,
obey and buy, golden handed,
a digital mosaic, sixty by
sixty, where there’s a slave,
there must be a master,
barcodes for jesus, barcode
yourself, barcode jesus, bar
code oprah, barcode reagan,
barcode war, barcode zack,
barcode madonna, barcode elvis,
barcode marilyn, barcode
manson, barcode arnie,
barcode osbourne, barcode
bruce lee, value nil,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"the locard principle"

repetition is the spice of life,
college cluster ale, huff juice,
prism pine, poem for your nose,
let’s try and float, one has an
idea in one’s genitals, ccbhbb
cluster, i always forget how
thin it is, anywhere out in the
world, galician, augustiner,
obra multiple, check yes read
it all, sheela na gig, book mate,
half the cubicles empty,
poetry – a form of lichen, snow
hash, the locard principle,
blatherskite, this text is
cooked, break straight, huff
paradise, bodark, hit you with
a heap, which way to hold the
text, check for identicality,
enjoy the art and that’s an
order, a variation in scale,
barco deart, i love pixies,
hello my barcode is, praise
the barcode, worship the barcode,
let the barcode speak, barcode
as gift, bow down before the
barcode, the barcode variations,
red handed barcode, you
need a reader, identicode,

Monday, November 10, 2014


bois d’arc, maclura pomifera,
the post family, micro-asset,
tat twam asi, non-monism,
orgasmism, chaos meat, green
pork, orgone zapper, berdan
primers, finnan haddie, if the
concentration is high enough,
tears prickles, a valuable
bookmark, zine investor, cc
cluster, dysfunctional social
network structures, cherry
monocle, better blanks, why
do you place the stamp where
you do, orgasm-spheres, moyong,
levelor, freeway clusters,
portal opening, conservation
of consciousness, hominin,
the contactees, segregated
networks, sans serf, cheap
jab, couldn’t face the next
box, nottwo, little death

Sunday, November 09, 2014


nondualism, relational frame
theory, an era of corruption in
high, milk cluster, poetry probe,
xinghái, the memory industry,
the curious effect of hiding,
an academic superstar, the
fractional-reserve system,
a lady-or-the tiger ending,
yorny, vanamonde, con-version,
fsc certified paper, ludicrous
console, no noose is good noose,
the mud-eater’s waltz,
neocene, try to cross the
border, menda city, they bled
your mama, boa leitura, gciu,
sequential desire, ornitorrinco,
pagu oswald segall, o despertar
da primavera, diário de bordo,
ruggero deodato, linnea
quigley, cutting water,
luo yongjin, battered press,
mero, the etcetera barbeque,
winesburg motel clyde ohio,
blow official art out your
nose, aung san suu kyi,
tooth pack, the future of
fluxus, i survived the,

Saturday, November 08, 2014


neogene, lagomorph, manus and
pes, tympanic bullae, choanae,
lot lice, capoeira, the intrusion
point, ocg cluster, hugel, hvh,
riquewihr, tosh, huexoloti,
lespedeza, stuhlhockerbank,
two sticky, loose in the head,
the paper is soiled both sides,
letterpress mud, dim wreck,
damaged letterpress, krowbar
press, save one out from the fire,
variate, adamage, crumbhole,
skplit, krumbholez, as you
clean make variants, uberband,
vandross, other common ground,
cupe, the moss boss and friends,
wirinkle, peter hutton, the
post family, watch in the sky
for the north star and the
big dipper, blue covenant, do
you wish to be included
amongst the mail artists,
mayworks, one thousand page
photobook century, edible
literature, unmemorize,
postal fraud, pa tarnas
undersida, sequential
desire, natalie mayville,

Friday, November 07, 2014


trampled flower clusters,
psychotropic meds, heimat,
diamat, fluxus euros, hugel,
riquewihr, depuis sixteen-
thirty-nine, pink tab, ecodata,
slow money, blank paper is
gold, gentil, cogcblw cluster,
james gritz, tiny art, single-
sheet collage zine, nuralagus
rex, the placing of the stamp,
copied in colour, tell-tale
crease, every time it rains,
infinite jest, it looks like
a face, find a use for this
shit, vor receivers, rmi
needles, shale gas, info dump,
xingchian, xingci, pen
recycling facility, dim rec,

Thursday, November 06, 2014


society of the spectacles, geodon,
musicmaster, poetryleaks, sfw,
toxoplasma gondii, srs, law and
sausages bismarck, mindless
googling, moat in eye, the poem
is a one, watch that number,
chander, what is a chat
worth, ymbb cluster, all is
for sale, making tiny, ifss,
conté, cirriped, philomela,
wonderfully free and
accessible, cegep, check
ink, add them, eck, heimweh,
the dog is dreaming, cvs,
deer and walrus, pendant

Wednesday, November 05, 2014


pen recycling, molecular beam
epitaxy, engaged in hand-to-hand
combat, dead pen scribbles, the
end of the world, cgb cluster,
your cashier today was will,
pierre leduc, uni super ink,
begging for ink, épaisse, listical,
psychobiography, urban concrete,
obliteration of the natural
with concrete, a lapsed poet,
gesture toward the concrete,
dislocated figuration,
system to pointing, logos
poetica logos, concretesque,
one is completely cut off,
we need to spend some google
time, smash the pen with a
hammer, hypospadias, anorchia,
epispadias, mummification
bondage, vesica piscis, stella
maris, geografictione, long
term society, tramen,
perverse spectators, the
social life of things,
fantasies in permeable
structures, tearin’ paper
and sharp enough, eklavya,
cartesian sonata, the
chatter heart: an ekg,

Tuesday, November 04, 2014


british bulldog, terbinafine,
the multichannel universe,
saison ale, father hennepin,
ninth and hennepin, permanent
gaze, columbus stockade blues,
cocc cluster, james gritz,
examining the signs, some form
of health, galgary, hikinks,
the impeller, strumulite,
the voice of the masks, paper
for the future, duende,
objective correlative, making
a mockery of fluxus, ack
performance, copyright dolls,
buzz born, virgule pissing,
the visions of the blind,
photos of the hallucinations,

Sunday, November 02, 2014


hallucinocean, namenda, fayd,
tajall, vlogging, achamoth,
pleroma, kenoma, memantine,
suvanjieff, hold it up against
the white, nothing frozen, cc
cluster, jorge peral, schizophrenic
psychiatrist, a little pink,
ventimiglia, via cavour,
megamind, tracassin, melman,
rustik le morveux, madagascar,
les three souris bigleuses,
indoor media, tarvisio, dixie
lily quick grits, celebrity
sleuth, abaraxas, entertain
ghosts, pecking order reality,
vril glocke orgone energy,
note purple, the handwriting
of a schoolteacher, kobb labs,
love buck, mine’s toner,
inglorious bastards, pensacola,
the key to the copy room,
the sickness unto death, at
a thrift store for pennies,
eyes helmet cam, groking,
horrifying experiments on
concentration, xong, orange
as in a contemporary poem,
leetspeak, postoids, ad mats,
faience calgary, no pic,