Thursday, May 28, 2015

"contact high"

rukus juice, keloid, high in
etobicoke centre, seed shrimp,
lyronics, citra, contact high,
the will not do point, bleeds,
dnschanger, clusterfunk,
twenty-five in one, kilian,
pepper refill, pcmcplb cluster,
fillet, you are pre-approved,
mail art incredibly valuable,
dopesick, harmonized, talon
stub, matane, hypotheses of
commonest experiences,
cognitive mapping, aufhebung,
sinuit, qui est ici est d’ici,
zanj, clientalism, part of
no-part, agrarian militarism,
blank taste, the data is
coming thru, blue screen
of death, strawberry logo,
crazy love, reach around,
july ten twenty-twelve,

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


reach ahead, temecula, ironic
love, alteregomania, dialectical
behavioral therapy, callow
freak, lucid dreaming, aloe
barbadensis, paullinia cupana,
crocosmia, san dimas, darshan,
asbergerational, kel wire,
pandit, personal mythology,
another woman’s hand, black
medic, brandt tax, clb cluster,
cgb cluster, beautiful freak
tattoo, the old why, saint
bernardus tripel, amo mao,
psychosocial dysfunction, barp,
the muted posthorn, the death
grip problem, troubadour thru
the door, pass-a-grille beach,
kyt, worst cave scenario,
propina, trailing membranes,
any time is poem time, zen ipa,
bunch tax, photocopier broke,
caretni, walkenberg, albert
struise, seedless tax, obbw
cluster, watou, trappistenweg,
cbn, the polaroid swinger,
coast editioned houses,
collagicle, rant on against
peat, failed states index,
urbivores, la usa,

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


amour fou, clusters of eyes,
glad day politik body, dark-sided,
charka not chakra, slim
cessnas auto club, quora, kia
ora from aotearoa, frigorific,
i’m in the system, saint
bernardus triple single, four
oh one one, bb cluster, the
dream of tara, you can share
these, multiple things not
being resolved by the first
assessment, smoothly she
shifted, layette, it’s worth
the rift, blank for two o’clock,
let it go or force it out, my
penis self, doing acid in the
forest, ugly determination,
anarchy of love, a private use
of reason, think freely but
obey, world-civil-society,
political self-cleansing,
audacity of hope, structural
readjustments, signum
rememorativum, the jena
manuscripts, common
humanity exists, postmodern
poetry of diversity,

Saturday, May 23, 2015


loveflow stoppage, loveglitch,
provocations to reading, the
possibilities of reading, major
gumption traps, derecho, the
chain of human events, chillwave,
halftoned, the choice is
extremely hard, lexis, daddy
issues, russell’s teapot, krpe, it
takes two weeks to get your
film developed these days,
jville mild italn, cecropia,
a nice ribbon, i was hoping there
would be a bit of overspill,
the very last waterdrop to
disappear, she still keeps coming
back to haunt me, hyundai
benecity, busan, un tantino
più liberi, barga, floor rolling
event, void of collage, hey ray
hay, ray johnson holes, the god
of collage, marcia tucker,
comes in a bag, e il futurismo
concede il bis, a muse, drink
yourself free, il faut être
absolument moderne, lacanese,
ordinary signifiers, the
master-signifier, the part
of no-part, the public use
of reason, really existing


Thursday, May 21, 2015


the supreme moment, keotane,
god particle, risotto, bluks, no:
blunks, gerbera, markov
switching multifractal,
manhattanization, tangerine-
flake, one bird book, van nuys,
oncozine, ink for the future,
indian flame and pizza, try
something new mister routine,
cinnamon tuba cluster,
roctober fifty, used magazine,
korsakov’s syndrome, bubastis,
empty cans of habitant, the
commons, substanceless
subjectivity, the time of
the end of time, post-humans,
communitarianism, fail
better, obscure disaster,
regulative idea, ethical
socialism, from in-itself to
for-itself, rage potential,
rage capital, the candy
snatchers, robot rock,
kreplach, what was the
accordion metaphor, font
lacks, entering a blue phase,
fireworks of love, captain
biology, plausible deniability,
return to terrapin,
amphipod, curriculum,

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"no shamanic teetotalers"

the brinksmanship of love,
echizen kurage, kingyo, my
brain is on the fritz, suck
it and see, cambazola, ocb
cluster, kingfisher fl, with
the addition of all, but
that’s no longer the same
game, fifth element, palm
oil, financial health,
madagascar is the bread-
basket of south korea,
biofuel crops in ethiopia,
cutlery culture, voice project,
text tiles, trying to find
something that might
interest you, being strong
means, where the c-train
meets the greyhound, we
as in what, she took me on
a joyride, i’m a heavy drinker
not an alcoholic, rien it in,
reeled it back in, no
shamanic teetotalers, call
me free, one needs a gizmo,
skip the vino, rather be
doing dishes, mail me more
evil stuff, cinq cinq cinq,
kill a flower for me,
head full of lyrics,
describe the fireworks,

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"het groene hart"

got voice?, ouham, het groene hart,
e-wing escort starfighter, bloed
zweet and tranen, hopesick, the
dorado or maki-mahi, h not k, flip
it the bird, the perfect malware,
the origins of fascism, anomalous
substance, fairy circles namibia,
striations, bioinformatics, spec
lid, bmp cluster, roger ramjet,
islamo-fascism, christo-fascism,
mieux vaut un désastre qu’un
désêtre, les non-dupes who
errent, real or concrete,
striate writing, new day rising,
one will be on the bus, there
will never be a last i lamp
sand cluster, once a-maying,
a gentle tether of infinite
length, lobster pots, printer
testsheet project,

Monday, May 18, 2015

"chelonoidis nigra abingdoni"

the final i lamp, put it under
the ping pong ball, graphene,
adventures in consciousness,
john snow, repetition man, fate
the traitor soul, hot pink flap,
four oh nine four, cclc
cluster, deonnel, chelonoidis
nigra abingdoni, data-sharing,
shenzhou nine, pholepsy, a
cluster of mushrooms, human
experience even in cultural,
concrete bellies, canudos,
the inevitable text, canadian
icons, erotophobia, why is it
cut, what are you going to
do with all these, the moment
the ink ran out, ganesha
gungsuh, qingxue, gar ninety-
four, all different all the
same number sixty-four, real
blurr, application label,
na’am sea gee igen, jiao zhou,
m green field, adjusting a
muslin for the large bust,
tak yes sim ja, ten of a thing,
ray johnson has been listed,
vanderbilt money, missed a
beat, incongruous meeting,
teper, temp copies, angles two,
that’s a lighthouse,
prickly pear garden,

Thursday, May 14, 2015

"symptom slash fetish"

conturbo, rod middle, brita,
cogy cluster, seedles,
addicted to nothing, real
and personal... to the letter,
living in the last of days,
refusal-to-know, society of
choice, the university discourse,
objet a, why am i that name,
that which is not an object,
the care of the self, envers,
other scene, symptom slash
fetish, the last thing the
subject sees, singular returns
of the repressed truth,
greimasian semiotic square,
still perfection, fgm, fou,
hang on to the blank,
ecocide, up the contrast,
let me pencil you in, you
got the dates wrong up
there, there’s no hiding art,
hyalophora, bombus, they
seem to have taken care of
the staircasing, quidam,
generate choice, the cost
of building, easymax
floating rate, ccemc,

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"religious ecstasy"

robert the bruce, little blue
butterflies, expensive and
shitty, damn missed a beat,
thirteen-oh-six to thirteen-
twenty-nine, the price of a
nine volt battery, bm-nine
cluster, street hawker songs,
zarico, shape note hymnals,
religious ecstasy, gathering
of the dervishes, submerged
eroticism, supercinematic,
black puppy chinese booze,
postmodern digital capitalism,
the marketing of marxism,
du kannst denn du sollst,
pure autistic jouissance,
passage à l’acte, a push-
towards-the-real, concrete
socio-political engagement,
spirit of sixty-eight,
permissive society, parliament
of fools, sia, you got ink on
your knuckles, copy clusters,
lines where the toner never
laid down,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"vinalia trippers"

saint ipend, colloidal silica,
boustrophedon, dry drunk,
formula c, valeriana
myosotis, engaged couple high,
jackboot jenny, vinalia trippers,
one enters the system, three
six eight nine two, tax twists,
     O  0 o      o      o o
cb cluster, nooner, you can
call me donald, postal war,
by idiots for idiots, low cost
printing, herb noted for making
geniuses, the full cupboard
of life, how to get free new
cars, do you want to be rich,
oh that my heart could arrive
and my head fill a book,
cognitivism, theory of the
state of exception, homo
sacer, auto-poetic, cultural
capitalism, ersatz community,
happiness studies, cultural
imperialism, sia bands,
black goo, constant corbels,
lost pages, sorry for the

Saturday, May 09, 2015

"lie quiet divus"

blackening pages, breccia,
dual process theory, blue snot,
lie quiet divus, falling
concrete hits car, try and
incorporate these scratches,
elevendy-seven, paid in fool,
make sure it’s in the window,
conform go crazy or become an
artist, excepted, state prison
generated mail, the axiom of
equality, non-ideology,
richness of inner life, stories
we tell about ourselves, it
is human to err, human all
to human, ordinary human
selves, toxic subjects, the
consolation of comics, please
missuz henry, züge zum
flughaven, fahrplan,
owltoise, zine as commodity,
league of losers,

Friday, May 08, 2015


zine-o-matic, risograph,
master soft today, ibidem,
going pear-shaped, luser,
concrete crashes through two
floors, crosshole sonic logging,
dettaché case, scindapsus,
cluster analysis, seedless
carrots, this is not the stuff,
are you in the system, ccssogb
cluster, ride the one, asi
kickstarter, foreign currency
trance, dominic and abby
maryk, c six zero one six nine
four six, clearwater twenty
cents, jdrf, a mulligan, slow
photography, concrete pearl,
sealed in concrete, haskap
bush, honey berry, concrete
socio-economic conditions,
instrumental reason, eco-
capitalism, over-identification,
dispositif, aum sign,
canadian gothic, jet league,
tomorrow’s commodities,

Thursday, May 07, 2015

"how to become a smooth operating nomad criminal"

tomorrow never happens, ak-mak,
heterodon platirhinos, salary
database trigger, enviropigs,
china syndrome, the paysage
of time, free rubberstamp
impressions, john dall, the old
y, stillpoint, saget montlouis,
a printable moment, ccmbw
cluster, artists stampede, lieb
grucke, moticons, intentional
fabric, how to become a smooth
operating nomad criminal, du
manger en canne, five minute
friend, strange and beautiful
three, pure vispo, frosst books,
subject supposed to know,
subprime, under-banked,
alberta printmakers, tipping
over the tables at the
anarchist bookfair, this can
go, poos, pretty problems, nods
project, death effect and
artistic quality, welcome to
the chaos dimension, please
add to and pass along,
smutifier, microfrob,
cannabis font, prince fifty-
four, conceptual anti-

Wednesday, May 06, 2015


anticommodity affect, colston
basset stilton, bakku-shan,
pics matton, carnet int,
pepper tax, corkage, this art
ought to, check it with your
tongue, taqiyah, salakot,
zucchetto, top surgery,
gleaming the cube, marrick-
ville flood, baseball camp
nurse, funnel vision, janome
machine, anti-essentialist
historicism, neuroeconomics,
akerlof’s asymmetry, an
economy which changed
completely the human,
behavioral economics,
emperor continues to haunt,
trance going, trance knowing,
principe, conceptual

Tuesday, May 05, 2015


conceptual continuity, prezi,
backpfeifengesicht, tastycakes,
krimpet, lisa simone, extreme
heat continues, skin flora,
the kava tradition, passing out
orange forms, blacker than the
inside of a cow, the last years
of phil ochs, transaction not
approved, actually chaman,
cgb cluster, diamond jubilee,
shock doctrine, concrete
analyses, shock and awe,
really existing socialism,
structural adjustment,
extended a hand charmed,
carnival nechako, alphabetical
font, pétanque, hors de
commerce, crumhorn, caritas
and the rest, fragpool,

Monday, May 04, 2015


fragments are our wholes,
new worlds need new words,
arigata-meiwaku, soliterraneous,
huayra, luis pazos, juneteenth,
agadir, seedless bunch tax,
at it and to it, engraved
barcode, xero-poste, we are
forced to live as if we were
free, how the markets will
react, moral hazard, golden
parachutes, virtual capitalism,
the real economy, the dotcom
bubble, thamzing, a talkie,
cluster underneath the
streetlights, hadopelagic,
meditation on another, pink
pink pink, the country not
the font, readies,

Sunday, May 03, 2015


readcast, bebble, bumble-puppy,
orgy-porgy, abuse of cheese,
enthusiastically hurting a
clouded, harper calls on europe,
gazpacho, haustorium, functional
electrical system, age-otori,
synsepalum dulcificum, kowai,
dobozite, aphaeresis, doshite,
oshamanbe, ten dollars, demille
technical books, first as tragedy,
mnt grn brn, cuteness is power,
sp mode, letters from the
devil, lamps and rug not included,
corcoran, csatf, humans cannot
ever, symbolic efficiency,
white spots, risk society,
postmodern society, concrete
universality, informational
society, nomenklatura, come
home at the end, elk clash
horns, in haiti the capitalist
exception, ehc owes, noli me
tangere, visit bloke, winchat,

Saturday, May 02, 2015

"saint padma"

whinchat, circular political
spectrum, rst and slt, chamam,
cc cluster, remarks on the
foundations of mathematics,
ugly but honest, veragraph,
rnt, a pasha, non-poetry, visit
intel, saint padma, half
magpie half bluebird, dickson
avenue, echo dale park, the
hill we used to climb,
villebois, unpredictable ink
paper interactions, if you were
exposed to chemical weapons,
sustainably sourced, caffeine
psychosis, roxygen, mexicanind,
jill stanton carbonmade,
george acheson, espace musique,
upstudio, denelle mcgillivray,
bauçan, artcentral pop-up,
boucherat building, the ga,
jenine marsh, the grain exchange,
todd rederburg, hugly
mangry killdren, jamelie
hassan, whodunnit art,
uppercase magazine,
kristopher weinmann, zack
at mocca, calgary dollars
specimen, verticalwhite dot
com, arucha, emmedia,

Friday, May 01, 2015

"an elf on acid"

padmasambhava, zef, happenings
concrete, kawaii, rule by
cuteness, kogepan, clusters of
invention, consistent with the
historical evidence, arrive in
clusters, ilunga, blood of a
concrete poet, silanes, shon, my
kingdom for some blank,
byggg cluster, pulled all the
hair off the rubberstamp,
almost a reflection, vistek,
disopyramide, saree, aisthesis,
scriptments, pop-up architecture,
kuru, fcz bloomsday twelve,
pink tube, an elf on acid,
tender anthelia, fuzzcap,
upagina, permutations of
the pages, fix nada, art,
uncharted art, uncha,
zappa ref, spot the saint,