Thursday, October 31, 2013


the breaking of the bread,
replicandy, attention deficit
disorder & pass,
pussy by another name,


nixtamalization, clusterism,
talk you thru, chupacabra,
prefer the mouse to the keyboard,
cumpulsion, lipstick lesbians,
trigosamine, paraneoism, gax
fax, blew cheese, cross the river
for the good cheese, generous
margins on the micro-art, the
zong, codicity, apoptosis, pha
biang, joss, manju, maker’s
touch, orchestrating risk,
ploen, mutterwitz, the ergon,
parergon, broken lamp, words
refer, bentstaple, collaging
flesh, bits and buts, what do
you got on your mind,

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


the function of the bit, is do
thirteen, the lovee, a vortex or
cluster of fused ideas, cow
birthing powder, you can’t see
this one, keep rubbing your face
in it, cream globe cluster, i
remember this structure, try
reading it as poetry, assume
one or assume zero, dispersal of
texts, uggs, harper’s editor-in-
chief, lot’ , lollipop syndrome,
blastapalooza, dobdob, dikdik,
radioiodine, aubépines, a
buy-and-sell item, teacup
cocktails, artistic lit, ecoburbia,
overconsumption, trans-linear
history, northern pikes, switch
oranges, the two year lag, yer
logo, gar sixty-one,
interesting blot or not, the
reality buried, carobar,
canon versus xerox, what do
you got against art, colour
lossages, the face looks just
as good in black and white,
a rubberstamp that says:
fight for peace, bulleting,
crack corner, you can’t see
every detail on the copy but,

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


székesfehérvár, some kind of
stencil, vpop, monkeydog, why not
put the art on the good paper,
dotmaster, my first bells,
beeline arizona, social music,
bollix, albula vulpes, gaxfax,
terrortainment, t, sit-trag,
firesheep, events seem to be
ordered into an ominous
logic, simhasana,
salabhasana, verso-available,
ymc b cluster, the marks
have no way of knowing, the
pull of the internet dollar,
netbucks, dimension check,
latte-leftists, the pope squat,
transitional homeless, womyn,
fire this time, twice
mouthed, s, loser-indie
savant, oral cream pie,
a photocopy is an original,
ribayital, making
pronoun cement, box of
history, i don’t understand
what i was saying anymore,
orgasm deteriorations,
tout fait boite en valise,
ohb, bopera, a day later,

Monday, October 28, 2013


svfo two, flyeraire, who fisted
you, on paper white indeed, xtopo,
making everyone welcome,
haledon, one bell short, every day
the bucket goes to the well,
network fee, you only made
two calls all month, tell lust,
echopulcho costume heavy,
keylogging, untouchable face,
eternal fire, iznik, eternal
life thru data storage,
longlife, lightmeat, twangpo,
educational rip-offs, the wide
side, no twang, undetectable
gum, lockboxes, carribeaner,
compliance technique,
dakshina, dalit, convention
for a happy ending, puja,
concrete field, afrofarian,
cyber-voudou, shelf one
deshelf one, x signifies,
femme de la creme, youtube
it, she just moved, she
might be back there, at all
events one is not present,
she in quotation marks was
a fake, i might want to
drop in on you, fake girl,
feeding me girls, go, love,

Sunday, October 27, 2013


open her box, ininterpretability,
bio-compatible led, clusterfuck
law, now i have to grow it all
back, the best ink money can buy,
moranges, no more memes, maisy
odjick, gotta take some money to
the bank, it was all flying,
no signature no pin, flickback,
gettin’ pretty shaky, calgary
general hospital eleven oh two
pm, why the violence here, the
flight of capital, touch-
deprived gentleman, parallel
cinema, hindutva, masala,
touch the beaver skull, bare
life, la nuda vita, zoe, homo
sacer, artiodactyla, movement
technologies, zidane versus
materazzi, the security of
freedom, tombstone every
mile, note two-day gap,
the all-important face, doctor
funnelhead performing brain
surgery, did you mean

Saturday, October 26, 2013

"kao o dashite"

all relationships are long
distance relationships, hashtag,
preemptive rejection, make the
pie higher, crack trance,
meat repulsion, you didn’t
have enuf money, one is
independently poor, fifteen
and change, ho your own row,
todayish, wi, two hundred hours,
liu xiaobo, lotta oldsters,
rusty dinosaur, genuine
seahorse, locust valley was
here, wildly moving lines,
the hairless head, see ray,
nicely gummed, keep a pair
of three-dee glasses handy,
one is lumpy, fishfinger
fishtoe, bufano, hundred
dollar bill land, captain
strangest, jomo sao, has
actually eaten piranha,
supermutant, timbercove,
morel torpor, norfbank,
one is man on the street,
six up, anti-vacancy, i’m
happy i wone first, ryokan,
gaijin, ohaiyo, detta kuru,
kao o dashite,

Friday, October 25, 2013


tonspur, nothing more read,
bisect pony, stende, backa beyond,
tokitama, winter in nippon, a
bus called: there, one in five
baby, boucherat, yupana, failed
to hide minifeed story, cap here,
holometer, yoni massage,
ecopoesthetics, open her box,
fist me with your stump,
allochiria, pareidolia, cluster
buster, fotonovelas, peniña, a
reach-around, cianucka, open
the ink, splake, nothing ever
came of it, cmg cluster,
baan thai, akal, saint broad,
the ice hawks, carlton plaza,
the fun house museum,
belleville, shizen, bagel fact,
saint udio jay, one a one n,
tip pricing, branded hotel,
retired red eye, claire,
ejidos, tamara, the supply of
texts, dead winter, interior
police, exscription, neptune
society, the agrarian question,
the english enclosure acts,
khuphhapay’ay, google this
in a couple years,

Thursday, October 24, 2013


kepler’s triangle, velvet worms,
sytycdc, sadosexual, writing
monsters, shit that s was
supposed to be a t, let’s talk
soy sauce, china lily or,
marks of intelligence, all
will have to do, no more,
slogans, bentspoon incorporated,
maliseet, chaguanes, zoom
to consume, storax,
comprador, inspissates,
chiliapeding, biotechnic
civilization, the money
trick, you can see where the
teeth have bitten into it,
the inner police, sobranyas,
hooker’s willow, orange
steel cranes, curly-kates,
she rose,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


the inner beauty industry, a
technical pen, an army of cute,
self-bullying, fell swoosh,
besties, cherts, tuleta, there
must be more to life than
communication, the moss stuck
between the teeth of the
caribou, material desire,
i never think of you anymore,
bom cut cluster, after all the
stamps are gone, is one creating
value, tight withe margins,
wow we forgot all about the
art, poetry activity, the
carnivorous sun, pinawa,
muy fluxus, i’m someone
else, plagrette, my bibi,
letter for sabotaging
postal machines, chông’ûm,
movietelling, hangul,
logographs, konglish,
burwash, film talking,
unsanctioned comments,
schistosoma, box jellyfish,
pacific ninebark, ghb,
opti-grab effect,
moonfire, nothing is
worthless, deth, shrose,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


quit being so morbid, masking
tape?, wheatboys, wendigo,
subliminal cow, the special
sleep box, broozuh bandae,
we met the space people,
experimental relationships,
turducken, optokinetic
nystagmus, manuka, sdlfkj,
pieshare, pseudoanorexia,
you don’t wanna get ink on
the stamps, a special
international relationship,
this is no longer a representation
of me, whitefish cluster,
working in the margins of the
margins, raywise, i’m looking
for a woman who is not a
piece of work, you’re getting
stuff all over the page,
self-activation, a cluster
of houses known as toronto,
a creator of experiences,
we will get to the
rubberstamp, hype pie, we
are wandering in strange
ranges, lunacular infarcts,
steedism, half closed eyes,
kundalini sakthi, b and w,

Monday, October 21, 2013


black and white is becoming
increasingly rare, julia de
burgos, na smrt, arte grezza,
from the printing press to the
nuclear bomb, technologies of
love, blot blot always blot,
printing with garbage, say yes
to flesh, ray jing, the pills
of the law, espectrology
isomorfic, one is on the make,
radiant of felicity, viral
radio, colonize my heart, my
rubber heart, meat lust,
picture brides, gambariya,
matsuri, infill housing,
strata title housing, urban
renewal, overcome your
prejudices, how to get your
text read, runcate, the
seven points, strange grass
shoots amid moss, kotokus,
one dust speck at a time,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"bixa orellana"

supernovacaine, merdre, man
allegedly breaks into museum
dressed as moss, lebkuchen, le
nombril du monde, gidouille,
bixa orellana, belva plain,
facemash, orange enough, dirty
fingers is a small price to pay,
kcyc, if you look close, the
yellow cover, one struggles
thru texts, art activism,
concrete legs, the sex economy,
the horror of a current event,
the sex industry, a man in
orange, dama, we just need you
to rubberstamp this, note
fake comma, bounding off,
cloaks enuf, shone off,

Saturday, October 19, 2013


viologen, funreal, tilapia,
book trailer, trust the
computer, it will grow back,
the globe indicates, endured
hardship of a class, a trace
of sex, need preys on need,
wind shear, buoyant energy,
heba, reality effects nothing,
we have this flower but,
representations of beauty,
nonverbal knowledge, water-
witch, can we get this in the
pink, faster faster, retro-
trance, annotations links,
wonderstand, meal shone,

Friday, October 18, 2013


photoshop expert, that face,
world radio, ubuntu, crazy
wisdom, the fuller brush man,
bottom news, wease l, bombfire,
cynophagie, hurf, derp,
netslang, txtspeek, rubberstamps
are not real art, dunavar, the
beard and glasses are gone,
try down the street, sunlight
holographed, disprized,
elimidate, neighbourhood
democracy, metaphilosopher,
a container for history’s
events, metro-marxism,
portulans, ungone, are we
still making, wiggle pen,
solidarity egg,

Thursday, October 17, 2013


chickenmail, tensional integrity,
texas instruments, feral scholar,
pomb, stan freeberger, she slipped
out of my hand, cs, what the line
signifies, timbers, some nice
tasty gum to lick, low lying
concrete, pilimeni, rainbow
revolution, black envelopes,
lacan salon, hypotactic,
radical geography, the
production of space, the
history of a contested
enterprise, pejoracracy, ho
tonk, machinima, decentralized
dance party, imp ark lot,
default font, beef stomach
soup, bitpart superstars, sdt,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


spinning drop tensiometers,
dataphysics, shit zero house,
mootools, meagan’s gypsy eyes,
letter other, field of letters,
sampler six, all you need is
beer, rush it out of the
house, save the art, poemness
engagent, haijin, kigo, clerical
titles, aesthetically-extending
titles, informrature, lyriku,
advocature, infraverbal,
juxtaphor, gubernatorial
eighteen-oh-four, andruzzi
cafarella blair, heather
osborne, james tiptree junior,
faulter, concrete tunnel,
a turning-of-the-page moment,
we need a line count, pyrcz,

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


the emergence of social space,
skeewiff, the hell on earth
that is canada, the hiss of
the ink, is it nine or ten
percent, they are good at
other control but not too
hot at self control, milk
cluster, the barber and
siddhartha, the protect, the
paper got caught in the, one
is working but, it’s worthless
work, all worthless, catfish
explores the human, concrete
lingering, boobialla trees,
coolgardie, glitch lit, ten
years agone, all apocap,
vinyl deadweight,

Monday, October 14, 2013


loratadine, smells like honey,
it’s dead to my eye, the scarlet
ibis, where did this dee come
from, christmas oh zen, why
do you put me in quotation
marks, sunshine village,
seriously homemade, badge a
minit, if everybody is an artist
then nobody is an artist, happy
face shame, shock and awe on
potheads, blue chief, nobody
is paying any attention to you,
has tried lsd, self-iconoclasts,
selig, the muse of destruction,
all writing is violent
inscription, numbing chicken,
pynchon’s famous logarithm
joke, the buddha was a
deadbeat dad, coutil, mbc,
the me that is gone, a big
rubberstamp that says:
luggage, surprise search,
mbccgb, long gone self,
detach poem, one panics in
the middle of one’s signature,
go with the folds, the
magic of rubberstamp,
s’parag, somebody will
want to read this, promoloco,

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"angwan juma"

all the words got rubbed off,
chatjammer, one is cooking beat,
maltina, angwan juma, naira,
bongshelter, meatpost, chavs,
tolnaftate, excessive networking,
otherwise oriented, ohukok,
there’s a lot to be said for
money, interesting paper, the
extra fold signifies, careful
measure and cut, nothing is
definitive, fluxus cluster,
one tenth of a grain of sand,
windowlope, destructive
element, twelve is one thing
thirteen is another,
eclaircissement, lower
lucida sans, it’s it’s,
people like, this is a message
for, colour zero, mining
air, apocap,

Saturday, October 12, 2013


there’s a lot to be said for colour,
dopesick ma, play some strauss
waltzes, just gimme something
to eat, how to annoy your
neighbors, the hand used to
belong to, simple bordering on,
why do you wanna take up so
much space, enjoy this experiment,
your foreignness needs to be
emphasized, fluxtopia,
sunshine skyway, mister mud,
fluxnexus, internet zen,
rearranging the furniture,
cheesy pourboires, seven
hundred prims, açaí, dudley
finds nothing, anonymous
rubberstamp art, yes i want
the receipt, black six pack,
making a second trip, poem
for margins, hot wire fencing,
parda, the family romance,
presyntactic, postlexical,
chi, chiasmus, antimetabole,
epanalepsis, anadiplosis,
antanaclasis, syllepsis,
just a taste, concrete
cornerstone, dziga,
nullibicity, nullius
fillius, point taken,

Friday, October 11, 2013

"revolucion bolivariana"

autopost, word brine, actomyosin
capacitances, breeze blocks,
acetylcholine flooded pons,
three-k reps, social media activist,
oka and oranges, co-cluster,
hungry enough to cook, loya
jirga, equitation, revolucion
bolivariana, chavistas,
canuba, telesur, poetics against
the angel of death, zen-like
innocent brutality, your
lines are shrinking, tele-
absence, the study of the
blues, gliese five-eighty-one,
guerrilla sculpture,

Thursday, October 10, 2013


please don’t keep the original,
organ gazing, treize, gouramies,
veruca, red sludge flood, no
message no signature, graphene,
hola como estas, data art,
friend rental services, bong-
gargling, a rubberstamp that
says irony, mcc, see the little
pencil mark, suitable for
redistribution, marginal art,
ink in the gum, date-wise, there’s
going to be some overspill,
right thru the face, blasmaschinen,
domenica, alto belli, i thot this
tampon might be yours, a
specific cluster of associations,
clandestine order, the word
phallogocentric, shih tzu,
the poetics of symbolism, a
poetics of indeterminacy,
conversation between lovers,
the essence of poetry, rototag,
amenophes, surfcasting,
microbolus, megaron, slotbacks,
innocence you noob, my
california, apocalips,

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


amongst words, spoorwegen,
amanita cup, it depends how close
you are to the fire, lykke, we
consider this a weed but,
betaald, pho as in to, aw, i ben,
the artistamp makers are making
better stamps than the post office,
selfyeast, everybody’s favourite
urinal, the beach in winter,
some kind of lines, debris
from the cultural
underground, easy a,
combinations and permutations
of folds, hazel archer, bmc,
dream incubation, colitas,
hernagram, bebitos, eight-
circuit brain, the new ten
dollar stamp, purchase a chat,
marine life, cervelat, ccbcl,
if you look close you will
see, explorations for
honoraria for conference,
a poem of theft, communist
anarchism, concrete stresses,
kting voar, abd phd, tule fog,
my rpv sweetheart, wall-
or wallet-sized, morphine
blues, autosculpt,

Monday, October 07, 2013


gliese, fubt, cpap mask, break
the infinite habit, the slow
process, local meaning in house,
dread real life interaction,
she wants to crush me, one for
her, one for her, anti-ghazal,
the floating world, empty
imprint, figure of voice,
appropriative irony, an enabling
fiction, giving her face,
violence of representation,
evet, dubstep, trance tromer,
re-examining the record,
speaking of fitting, what is
the meaning of the rubber,
thot it hot, sipo sighpo, not
on my wall, dim dim, trying
to be cryptic, unspeakable
marks, fear of posting, the one
is a step back, the data is gone
but, nack sure, only respond
to money, feral cat zone,
what happens when you turn
the damper down, delight
resulting from forgetting,
margin empathy, a penny
in the desert, the silent penny,
naife, wall is vulnerable,
numby-pumby, fractal
day-glo, every stephen,

Sunday, October 06, 2013


some quarter, tarwe gerst haver,
starkbier, triple karmeliet,
mycotopia, bressy storks, ipse
dixit, cryptoforestry again,
bookscape, sol pedrosa,
constructive ethos, whileaway
dance, haitian culture
examiner, toxic neighbor, bung
tongue, bung-diver, kokapelli,
chapter four cluster,
delerium nocturnum, they only
like to fuck their illusions,
bb cluster, everybody loves the
two-spirited, you can make
yourself love anybody, do
pearls dissolve in wine, dada
sawing, widely centralized,
a venetian blind gown, image
bondage, ideas-with-legs,
staircase ascending a nude,
satul natal, pharsalia,
pink flag, pink ink seal,
who knows what this afternoon
holds, furment, did you
mean multitasking,

Saturday, October 05, 2013


furmint, tokaji, horizon wines,
saison dupont, mossing around,
spirulina, modge podge, huan,
condensed lines, the extra fold
is just a little reminder,
staple-less stapler, saison
dupont cluster, a face emerges,
intracrural, fleshbook,
felched with a bendy-straw,
blimpkin, petrus: the key to
heaven, bavikhove, ten minste,
isthmus cluster, levy cluster,
champagne cluster, global
bagpipes, fake collage, you
don’t need to fake me in,
nineteen-thirty-one gar wood,
concrete cushion, cherished it
as an emblem of happiness,
amexica, methicillin-
resistant staphylococcus
aureus, cocytus, the sap-yoke,
inutileis farcinulas,
love hath pitched his
mattress in the place
of excrement, do you
want the copy or the
original, try again,

Friday, October 04, 2013

"pierre-yves trémois"

mammalian expression system,
do not x-ray johnson, de nada
demasiado, worldwide convention
of invisible art resources,
this is the action poetry,
affligem, yasujiro ozu, fillum,
servtouch-wywy, abdij, anno
ten-seventy-four, practising
non-detachment, isospin and
flavour, crunk, moss sleeper,
danae, comes easily is hunger,
compassionate conservatism,
courage is the control of
fear, oh boy tostitos, carnet
cluster, super gold cluster,
old engine oil cluster,
splattered with sausage
grease, pierre-yves trémois,
horrors of your empty coal,
see the orange in my eyes,
cold-hearted fucking,
poems, invisible concrete,
golden confusion, copula
metaphors, scapeghosts,
anchorword, the whorship
of beauty, the mean reds,

Thursday, October 03, 2013

"the moneyed macquereau"

soulbots, limited addiction,
artish, zwinky, geek-sand,
face kvetch, black math,
neomogumbo, take back the night:
pack a glock, dtf, pussy
whisperer, harviestoun, olut,
viscous porter, banana seeds,
bocl cluster, haut, picking
things out of the trash to
publish, up up up, haut haut
haut, letterbottom, breves,
radicchio, a white frog,
skull dragging, empty house
covered, jungle buzzards,
scissors bills, smoke wagons,
the moneyed macquereau,
an opera waiting to happen,
go thighs peed, claspe
cluster, red nipples, bp in
ml, fluxtext, to gank is to,

Wednesday, October 02, 2013


polyextremophile, the golden
ratio, tech no colour, moss and
candy, ego-garchy, devore,
helped create early, barcode art,
text fighting, bikini baristas,
phenakistoscope, pussy juck,
chicken house eating, canardada,
onomasticon, the street shave,
bitterns in the bog, paradiddle
taps, luv box, sillimanite,
interwonk, flexibone, sateens,
learn to unlearn, jnana yogis,
hypertube, uh-huh, l’esprit de
l’escalier, the concrete train
station, my little filters,
hurry up and, cmcc cluster,
almonds seasalt, rvt cluster,
ebbe borregaard, out in the
weather for a couple
months, mail source,
catapult love, netcheck,
signature of witness,
trance owner, synthetic
money, zero black,

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


synthetic marijuana, sativa,
a health canada exemption,
the orange treatment, crystal
mess, kataplexis, breathe knives,
don’t raw dog a random, shing,
exclusively heterosexual
clientele, binman, calibrator
of consciousness, interrompez,
maje kindschuh, hillel, i’ll
wear a mask for you, doc
wages, what’s our story exactly,
special pale, do you approve of
these marks, obcluster,
bakestone bro pret, cccmb,
mento music, any pile of paper,
unmention all, what’s the
deal with the property,
sailor jerry signs, one fist
giveth, i can hear this pen
as it scratches this out,
keep an eye out for signs,
number two: distribute,
finally shook off the
cyberyoke, never use a