Sunday, July 31, 2011

"test imp" & "warmeds"

reaching out from your cave,
pascal schoenhardt, we have never
been above zero, purely imaginary
money, test imp, we’re approaching
the very final days, nothing
makes too much sense, hourly void,
moss control, self adhesive
cleavage enhancing gel bra,
minimum payment, drat, enter
the amazon, slipping thru your
fingers, independently wealthy
self-promoting pseudo-artist,
mental babble fish,

the wintertime blues, hockey for
the homeless, we had to bail out
of these books, a copy of talk,
cancon cancan, flood lamp cluster,
azure moss sarx, mattang secern
epopteia, try and make a leaf,
get life over with, thanks for
the annotation, the trance
reversal, warmeds, handrot,
ataxis, put a poem on it call it
art, this is putting history into
chaos, annotate the blank, go
asemic and stay asemic, so-and-so’s
obsolete list, poetry under hat,

Saturday, July 30, 2011

"argynnis paphia" & "a chaos of text"

a microhit of art, lap ray, for
not by, hammering away with
rubberstamps, no we have no
memory of this text, brandishing
cleaver, oc acul, cryolation,
moosed, drunked a hat,
srathered, hat ladder, hat foam,
slopbucket full of hope,
vendua, you can’t just say from,
before the statue of liberty
got knocked down, there’s good
old argynnis paphia again,
plus all the rest of the stuff,

the technical term for this bit
of paper, is this being done with
a pen or a machine, there is a
hidden bit of paper but it is
blank, flux of pine trees, try to
remember with all your might,
sclera, here’s what to do with
this text, this bit ought to have
been excluded, but it wasn’t,
now this is a very specific
project, a chaos of text, hat
stiff, a generous assessment,
you could excavate, trance bal,

Friday, July 29, 2011


malahat mountain radio, deep
six the big six, move yer funs,
the time it takes to write a
word, home quote center, custom
fabrications, self-storage, i am
not aware (is this the trance
canada?, some nose, mural po,
what the wood is mostly made of,
mirror writing, just a plug,
need to get back to it all, police
ourselves, art is an ex
tension of being, restorations
and collisions, ministry of
storage, testing for merry
y’wanna, art ill err y now
hiring!, pilin’!, this space
for hire!, bigpox, are we
almost there?, vision limited,
the grime wiper,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"ros pridler"

if you’re going to put my name
on the internet please spell it
right, ferrocarril, wash the penny,
moss control eight dollars and
ninety-nine cents, you could
make this logo your own, colibri,
like a sable island horse,
poetry book includes plastic
poem, er comb, the tape seems to
have absorbed all the ink, in
the door out the door, we need
more fonts, how are you going
to pay the rent, ichthyosaur,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"animated orgasm"

the typewriter has a mind of its own, one out of every hundred or
so is stolen, swastikoid, penny rolling machine, harmonica riff,
what is this gap for, here we are at gar twenty-one, think
yourself right out of a home, there’s a lot more to it if you
check in to it, why are some of these images blue and some black,
i think we can put all of these into one file, layout cake,
it’s easy to get confused when you’re standing at the copy machine,
staple or no staple, animated orgasm, the labia lab, important
face book, the yoni is blocking the sun, the destruction of
rare documents, let’s steal an actual mailbox, trance hit bell,
there is poetry dripping from the walls, dump the mail out in
the middle of the room, in the hat cave, open lips, a tonne
of old photocopies, my name is nothing, the banana tradition,
ballpoint pinhile spew, pinhole sorry, there is nothing secret,
photolight, o is for original, o is for old, toner flashing
past the eye, toner standing still before the eye, tonerfreak,
tonerkite, labial orgasm, the face is blocking the light,
a strange orange nothing, a microdrip of acid, reaching out
thru the postal system, poetry address, the year of susana,
thinks we are continueing to carry forward, two thousand and
nine in the world, all the people we lost touch with paperwise,
you can’t really see it but, okay that’s it,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"maysix" & "howwoh"

we’ve been walking around in the
dark so long, we are blinded by
the light, when it comes on, it’s
strange to be able to see, printer
sputter, coal pits wash, may were
we here in may, reaching toward
asemia, maysix, pirate lit, it’s
funny to see the handwritten
original, what do you have against
art, may ell, the genius of lucifer,
play is truth, directly from the
wet ink to the internet, nothing
music, fire the text off into the
universe, plop out more text,

mega antic, abupa, going in the
weather, steam assisted gravity,
astroparche, american typewriter,
morcom, harvest quest putty,
jumping over the crystal hurdle,
everyone has to look like idiots,
the distance between the eyes and
the top of the head, there’s actual
living seeds embedded in the
paper, you had a rubberstamp
made up, howwoh, flakey paper,
you actually painted sixty of
these, this is the sort of brain
we wish to have, if not in,

Monday, July 25, 2011


do you really think they’re being read?, thot
we were actually moving there for a sec, a
running battle, be all you can beers, we
have not moved, medium to manipulate,
the war to stop the war, auto-portrait,
who gets hit, ear response, a world
without words, saint as is, as was, we are
standing still, whirled around us,
every three moments, bent like an ell,
which product to consume next, eyes on
or off?, the blue harvest, recording:
the vice, projecting the inside,
overway, supposed to follow, brain
limited, run it out there to the
rest of the whirl, resisting reality,
going to words,

break out of this,
take a new attack,
the continual war,
non-motion sickness,
non-verby age,
where’s the flipper?,
if you used a slash,
average phrase size,
thought bytes,
special spell,
who turned out her liter,
the corner above,
this ain’t floor id da,
word fixed & loose,
move to words,
take away from words,
half way switch,
this appearance sez,
making a gone,
eye in a place,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"mister disorder" & "cyberassault"

beef show, novos glick, punch out
three or four a week, telectric,
papernet poets, mister disorder,
yellow blue green, electric
living, texts that have not seen
the light of day, merely blank
texts, this writing has a nice
visual tone, this is all just
static, as you do your work
write, other people are working
while you are playing, everything
in the room must go into a box,
bookdust, tha weed moment,
out in the hot sun, we neet,

nobody likes your beauty, bring
your own meat, book by book ino,
the moment you were young, each
and every day we drop another
notch, deleted bbq, first we
sleep then we, what are you
making these marks about, text
spiral, cyberassault, boob lube,
ain’t no she, try to identify
the author, beeb lank, draw the
line out from point a to boint p,
hazzox, as and, writing my way,
are you mocking me, fiw, nice of
you to leave a window, unwent,

Friday, July 22, 2011

"lellow" & "unblot"

insane propaganda, all these bizarre
little creatures have latin names,
any randomly generated ten digit
number, the hand of your son,
there is a screaming in my brain,
toxic mail syndrome, we had to
move away because of the name,
you sent me this fragment, if
there was any doubt about your
identity, lellow, who erased
the year, a person got crushed,
crushed by love, this was before
we knew the meaning of the
word, bespeak the yellow,

why can’t you just be yourself,
lii, skaggdopping, there is a
hidden link here, nine one one,
link back in to poetics, logomind,
sii, unblot, til present, hii, miklós,
oh eye take a rest, full size eye,
consciousness is nomadic, refuse
to go shopping, janos sugar, eii,
are we not fucking, reçu en état
d’avarie, five one one, do dig,
erradumb, iii, pochette, we
were still in place but out of
place, oii, these are the days,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"disposable plate tectonics"

the bush north series, the televised
word, turning the tidal wave, a
channel to changes, vice over, a
head talking, red green blue,
the weasther, red crash helm,
same gas tank, this era or error,
still rock, movie do me, call now!,
shoo! maker, eye to eye, hell
chopper, greening the ruins,
wall of wind(ows, blood suckers!,
leak i am your father, chugalug!,
plane face, incoming!(ling, car
tunes, tinter structure, earring
wobble, a menacing phantom,
the hole arse ‘n’ all, disposable
plate tectonics, we’re missing
television shows!, meters of rain,
ultra high textuality, plain
base, gray stinge, see rest
ahead, modeled on the canadian
reservation system, rapid view,
i before u except after see(ing,
tuning around, only one thing on
the air, modulate the amplitude,
the easter cycle, static crackle,
hope bloats, flanguage, the
other band is playing, coming in,
our e-mail is, who’d a thunk it?,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"food paper" & "recycle forward"

you can watch them work, it’s not
a gun: it’s a reproductive structure,
nine rag, all at once or a page at
a time, yes here is the image, yes
this is after we passed thru hell,
ell rag, all at once or a letter at
a time, this is just after we got
set free, these files need to be
cleaned, we quit copying there for
a while, not too good at facing
the reality of ourselves, gened,
let’s learn how to bind books,
miss molding, picking thru it
a page at a time, food paper,

churn these out by the thousands,
the contents are lay to rest, you
think of me as such-and-such but
they think of me as, you’re not
allowed to have anything bright
and colourful, the last you are
going to be hearing from, whole
piles of writing that have never
seen the light of day, nobody
is going to be phoning you,
recycle forward, do you see
what is about to happen, we
don’t have access to these fonts,
always already published,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"knurlings" & "delevitate"

a marginal communication
system, tachism, vtre, enemy
green, snowdrop big dipper, cymru,
isbeckistan, the decision to start,
chronic composition syndrome,
colour is not enough, attention:
this is a work of art, delayed
for compliance with aviation
security regulations, knurlings,
wow that crazy montreal comix
work, matter patter, how do you
write, the best art you., ducky
doolittle, collect all the
silk, i pick you up where i,

primary documents, the only thing
you have to worry about is this
moment right now, what you need
in the middle of the night, hot
chocolate enema, on the rocks
like a lighthouse, with the
simple addition of a bit of
poetry, there’s not much point
trying to write on the wax,
the black photograph, delevitates,
ajanan, unpalatable line of type,
panatomic-x film reversal
process, contact girl, a cancer
type girl, smith street chronicles,

Monday, July 18, 2011

"nothing material"

over the threat hole, self-confined,
hope or tune it, pass if absorbtion,
at the sign of the poppyseed,
charlottes encouraged homesteaders,
environmental excavating, in case
of photocopying or other repro-
graphic copying, equips plain air,
people passing thru, the unnatural
world, it’s just a nice stone,
barnacle covered engine block,
it looks balanced, to take possess
& eat too, frozen to zen, nothing
material, actual action, full cable,
a word put down on a part, join the
trance sect, here’s one antiverbal,
miles from now, some kind of zen,
back to front, they are going by,
dangle by a fibre, spelling
optional, suicide poetry, four
thous and housebound, hangle,
swallowing around, raven corpse,
wheel-mobile, the letter pee
is not allowed, on the other side
of the glass

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"aspen egger" & "chino rhino"

everyone gets to have a face, eleison
mr jimmy, your first train ride,
before the name change, unitard,
rent in time, twt, doctor it up
with a bit of poetry, jo, you are
standing there before the judge,
chinook chinook chinook, sait,
here’s aspen egger again, search
your deep consciousness, rpo,
the bird’s first chirp, this is
a lousy representation of a
cat, we know who the author
is but we can’t remember the
title of the book,

hive-art, wholastic, aquos, we
were saving this garbage to print
poetry on, butter and latex, free
crazy, sintex, at a certain point
you have to let a book go,
floated in over the wire, oh
we changed our ways, the word
hat, transaction about food,
orange written in another hand,
ham lid, green vertical, stable
together, chino rhino, cleaning
colour heads, the word chinook,
poetry is not sanity, is this the
place your chips will fall, chip,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"copy that" & "isometrics"

sunflower not yet weary of time,
collection of toilets, copy that,
glorious moment in time, copy that,
a photograph of a piece of
writing, petals so thick, focus
on what is in focus, time takes
it all away, you in your bucket,
three or four years old
watching winnie the pooh, time
brings it all to you, the toys
without the child, automotive
cornucopia, once more in focus,
mere cars, the hand of the child,
copy that, actually painting,

vanderhood, peeing into the void,
looking for someone to work with,
a different figueiredo, stare
at the same text in a new way,
did you really do this one
step at a time, who is morning
glory, new stuff to fondle,
hatless death, clave sand,
thrip, clanker hat, tube moss,
nape cluster, pissing on paper,
isometrics, long node, them
quarters work pretty good
actually, how’s your health,

Friday, July 15, 2011

"technological trance"

digitize dogma boundaries, overlay
appropriate, shading indicates
new language, thoughts on the
details, data readiness, the structure
of the conference, is any
customization required?, time
spent gearing up, front-end is to
be, require viewing tool, still
require spatial update, complex
analysis such as segmentation,
provides connection filters,
legend in support of theme
creation, clip area of interest,
buffer, spatial overlay, data
set as read-only, thematic display
/filtering, an overview, data
acquisition, inter-project
communication, colour-themed
maps, partially-contributing,
operability lines, viewing software,
deliverables, streamline phase
one, at a data assembly plant, the
technological trance for of tools,
amid the midden heap, hard
where up grades into down, the
net downs were approached,
gigs of free space on the
hard drive, in-house training
versus out-house training,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"zen perception"

the thing we are writing about is the thing we are writing on,
the traditional name for blank, helpful advice from lunatics,
better not egg me on, claritasworks, the drawing is not complete
until it has been coloured, retaining any element of beauty, zen
perception, no matter how black it gets it still reminds me of
you, maybe you don’t like my idea of beauty, we want big name art,
you have the text available to read, the person who did up this
text might be dead, that black mark is going to haunt you, one
loves the wisdom here, google swish, just trying to get an angle
on some beauty, you’d hardly believe it was the same woman, the
aitch line, how hard is it to do a face, actually prefer if you
were a little fatter, perceptual jaggies, it all depends on nothing,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"blank clarity"

priority number one: art, am understood, one text is going one
way the other text is going the other way, text for fortext, the
twenty-five thousand dollar delgado, nothing will act as the sign,
a saw that always works, might do a quarter size, intentional
versus unintentional severance, this is not a correspondense novel,
we have not even had a chance to reproduce yet, spoiled by beauty,
so delicate there in the shoulders, nothing folds, stand perky,
this dimple, this is out at the ranch, we are all too wise to
buy the book, dildo blacked out, a black blot on your soul, read
about oil, i could be staring you in the face, you won’t be hearing
from us anymore, each tiny particle of toner, post the damn thing,
did your pickup come, fly to flesh, blank clarity, egg on me,
why don’t we treat ourselves to a break,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"scripsit" & "cheminements"

seen the worm transformed into
a butterfly, who’s shooting at
who, all your golden moments,
where the hell did that poster
go, frozen joy, where’s my blue
lamp, the misery it takes to
win, save fifteen cents,
reprint and enlarge, the last
moment of happiness, not really
set up for photocopy, sooner
or later what you are saying
will be heard, scripsit ross
priddle, purgatory power,
anti-i, this poem includes beer,

begin with the lid, wrote poetry
for too long, image magi, all you
did was photocopy it, funny
if it was all revealed, the
only thing that changes is your
age, ex-squeeze-eet, she don’t
need it because she is dead,
what does it mean to love if you
love everyone, when you were a
kid, greenward, clubstyle
violence, interestologist, one of
a thing is okay, quit replicating
please, miss ruby read,
cheminements, quit complainin’,
last we heard, site-specific lit,

Monday, July 11, 2011

"storm the be still"

the mad king’s wife, the ten is co
ort oh th’, notes for tomorrow: there
is no tomorrow, more time has passed
than has not passed, we should be
moving, moratorium on more time,
sleep without name, cavant gourd,
vacantations, the walkers, reading
the writing on the wall in the
laundromat, need a good talking,
a ticket to explode, ain’t iago,
huge sumps of money, monet talks,
eye open a page, send money or
drugs to, storm the be still,
fun to raise, the personal
discomfort level, musk ox air,
(oaks), reached by water, kiosk
and pumps, back bay noon, let
us speak out, is that braille?
(aint, be’d on it, worry hard
enouf, sedans passing, dinner
loot, chatter village, two hour
internet tour, traum of concise
ness, a dangerous word,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"the nut ruin" & "penny-a-letter"

zackistan, railrooded imagery,
unidentified chemical objects,
the fourteen secret masters,
the nut ruin in silton, xerox
music, voluntary zero-worker,
a general in the army of the
unemployed, happy prisoner,
irritainment, syphon-music,
modelo agoing, infinity as text,
cathar paydirt, the libidinal
gaze, funny old font, it
appears to be blank but,
language is in control,
tonerface, let’s colour,

your bedroom face, being with the literature, the page is a box
is a prison, traffic-free websites incorporated, tending towards
success, penny-letter, penny-a-letter, hand on hat, a million
miles away from the original, active art, just listen to the
paper as you pick it up and put it back down, there is going
back, happy to see that get chopped off, that black alberta
shaped thing, what will arrive on the blank page, waylove,
actual war,

Saturday, July 09, 2011

"arthole" & "bamboozed"

release the folder, two is
drawing gold, remove friend,
eid, list-serve venn diagram,
mayor june bug, site-specific
literature, the mayor of
lawrence kansas, the container
this text is contained in,
algodon, gone from mayor to
commissioner, creating value
ex nihilo, name the thing,
fuck toner, yadda yadda me,
how can you possibly say
another word, add another
locus, glad to be rid of it,

the date could be determined,
if you think you got something,
you might as well use both sides,
you won’t be meat for long, the
old lizard brain, why would you
need to bootleg it, the poets there
were then, you are glad you
are not included, everyone is
still radioactive, are you still
having those visions, don’t let
yourself be bamboozled by
the owl, how could those days
have existed, why don’t you
actually do some colouring,

Friday, July 08, 2011


a few more over here:



thanks for rewinding me, i wish
i was brown, a whale skull, your
nates, the token turd, and try
point, to mass it (critically, any
non-word, an nice opportunity to
pick up a raving skull, just…
vacate, missing windows (of op pour
tune, a natural word, cleaned
the corpse pretty quick, this donc,
metalmorphosis, the lee word side,
let’s goo booklooking, tlell it all!,
geek number one, the rumours of
my death are greatly exaggerated,
things are not the same all over,
bud kisser, the arc & tick of the
minute hand, living in this little
trailer, the olden spruce, i
don’t listen to the lyrics,
scrutiny of eyes, have you peekt
yet?, what lake?, number of
tons of moss, fine!, as long as
you understand the language,
free soil, pure lake the colour,
extend the morning well into
the afternoon, cleats eh?, a
sweet bog, she’s mike queen,
optickle deluging, tidal power,

Thursday, July 07, 2011


underwater fireworks, non-signifying
blank, you can hear all the broken glass
and razorblades, psychosexual showdown,
any idiot can write a poem, dear
marvin ringham, microphage, location
of existence, we support raw action,
household help amanda, cgeall,
puster, free ring egg, boots, alt toys,
and the inevitable photocopy, here’s
a pretty tall order, pyrantel
pamoate, any non-replication, scrap
with flap, you could look it up,
indian garden flying carpet, who
the hell is dick, vision six,
invitation you ignored, what went
into the destruction of the mind,

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"orso" & "cerulean"

do you want me to take my dress
off now, sheila vollmer, the thing
you’re never supposed to see,
eyeworms, orso, conmodom, what
did muybridge do time for,
info-mush, this paper feels ice
cold, nonmoribund, the artist
actually in motion, anyone
can take anyone for a subject,
tweakage, and the wipe goes on,
david and mike, fishpikes,
hayday, integrated random
grain, wrongfount, what did
al neil do time for, vageye,

six, pennystealer, all for none,
set up a cerulean account and
pay yourself, nothing defective,
never seen a paycheck, maybe you
are addicted to the things you
love, rain copy, evaporate the
rain, gloss loss, the printer likes
to waste ink, we can’t just let
the text evaporate, cross the
river every day, nothing needs
to be done with the text,
goonches, a zed with a dot on
top, this could be decoded,

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"hider guy"

no master, on the lip, objects in mirror,
(keep) fire away, the hole book, artists
are bled here, what is camp, a life
must be beyond this hard area,
perpetual return, saving your say,
uncamp, travel banned, all adin, a lad
din, writ large, up-here-ances, publink,
hider guy, form letters, go to your
station, table something, the was
wratten, chased with coca-cola,
maybe there’s a new world, goa
or my con crete, lowest common
demon, thru the next minute,
furthest thing from vacant, try to
stay, current studies, conflicting
signals, a less son, textualization,
be: you can be, all in the juxt,
eternal victory?, suddenly
underweigh, o zen, eye zohar,
way under, know you’re giants,
three french animal crackers,
snap judge, king the day, the
robot wave, allreading in books,
came unstuck, phraseometry,
read red, underfoot passengers
, did you get thru? (didja?,
light travels, travailing,
fielding, daying, ray at see,

Monday, July 04, 2011

"screigh" & 066436

ten years since you, a door no a
window, a big jug of prune nectar,
do you want to know my card number,
kilnobody, apples and white thins,
perfectly preserved ephemeral trash,
foul liquor, wieners and buns, pal
argnza, license plate: heineken,
whoa did you feel that we just had
a jump in time, we need to get
stoned, mean penis, the fathers,
just that one little tick, invicta,
youkali, if this scrap of butcher’s
paper could speak, talent and booze,
trance crybaby, screigh, subscribble,


aufschreibsysteme, chronological
seventy seventy-four seventy-five, booze
is the key, put yourself in harms way
for art, candu stands for, september
eleven nineteen ninety-nine, order as
many books as you like, what a
beautiful number, we accept no
responsibility, athetic, all your
plans all your plans, udent, rasport,
a complete collection of colours,
overdue library book, this is one
of the things i did, randy pile,
danzine, indigo roy, write this
down for me, how to fold, emogrind,
homing in on the bait, we need corpses
to put in the seats, dogface loser,