Tuesday, December 31, 2013


anarchy worker, replete dyer,
hypersocial, greensilence, chokmah,
vegetable codes, overink cluster,
insignificant fleck of gold,
xico, é, two eight three seven nine,
overmellow, overblissful,
tyrannomania, anlagen,
cremaster, warmth theory,
social sculpture, lamp mal
cluster, look at the world
thru a sheep of paper, have
full or have empty, we need to
take some time off, you can let
this go if you want, they will
need to be cut apart anyway,
snip and tack, all these texts
reside at different levels,

Monday, December 30, 2013


art out on a limb, yogurt cluster,
gossip pigs, star stir, tiny little
flake of gold, ribe, orange microdot,
three one three five, ca, the motley
cow, overgenus, the claim of human
equality, the animal with red
cheeks, published forty years
ago the book has never been read,
hypertrophy, candomblé, the any
space whatsoever, feeding the
bureau, the page is fucked,
we are not getting to the
second half, sebum, think about
ell, a pure copy, a pure original,
we simply stopped writing,
not even a third, a dose of shit,

Sunday, December 29, 2013


escobedo cabral, a hamilton,
separate the art from the money,
refuse to respond, your art fills
me with the urge, ego-tech,
negative add and pass, sonnenblume,
you’re too big for this tiny town,
meiji, keep your body to yourself,
other people’s love letters, lucy
church amiably versus, self-
lubricating plastic frames,
we don’t want no body, wriggling
expertise, customize this flyer
and re-post, you might be a
giant, undergarments such as
socks, oft ampa, just say no to
postage, helianthus annuus,
used lipbalm, why pink, a pile
of rubble in the mail, so
much depends on presentation,
diaper pin, might as well fill
the box up, we can’t really
have exposed boobs on the
cover can we, you’re kind of
attached to your cuttlefish
bone, the envelope got soaked,
post-porn, the ecology soldiers,
here have some soup, the inside
and the outside of your
body, poetry is swell, find
my way to your house,

Saturday, December 28, 2013


the weekly shitload, shelf-life,
magnitogorsk, canned sleep,
emotional ecology, vimy, the
cliteria, i’m just borrowing this
food, worst cake scenario, too inky,
counting crumbs, a wad of poetry,
recalci trance, margaritomancy,
hyacinthous pervinciveness,
catharism, the bloom box,
razor-thin discs of baked sand
treated with proprietary inks,
microwork, samasource, ten
work wiki, scanlife, fontnotes,
the lines are reacking, focus
on the blank not on the text,
you can’t go both ways at the
same time, we do not need to get
this paper moving, the artist
prefers to remain anonymous,
not sure if we got the word
right, the word for it, actual
natural, toner gold, the
creature continues to evolve,
goodbye survivor, we thought
you might have staying power,
floating free from the
page, iconic toner, who do you
want to love, ask the karen
eliot oracle, retire the
text, copied forward,
elblagu, tender button,


the weekly shitload, shelf-life,
magnitogorsk, canned sleep,
emotional ecology, vimy, the
cliteria, i’m just borrowing this
food, worst cake scenario, too inky,
counting crumbs, a wad of poetry,
recalci trance, margaritomancy,
hyacinthous pervinciveness,
catharism, the bloom box,
razor-thin discs of baked sand
treated with proprietary inks,
microwork, samasource, ten
work wiki, scanlife, fontnotes,
the lines are reacking, focus
on the blank not on the text,
you can’t go both ways at the
same time, we do not need to get
this paper moving, the artist
prefers to remain anonymous,
not sure if we got the word
right, the word for it, actual
natural, toner gold, the
creature continues to evolve,
goodbye survivor, we thought
you might have staying power,
floating free from the
page, iconic toner, who do you
want to love, ask the karen
eliot oracle, retire the
text, copied forward,
elblagu, tender button,

Friday, December 27, 2013


reality hunger, scanning stars,
slimegrove, one signals, chin
music, scifaiku, ariens, share
this gold, genuine paid, hello
mister strand, pate ellis, cut
close, the good kind of pop,
art without words, golden
dimple, on the mind of women
all over the world, tatami,
petrolatum, flense, stearin,
polycaprolactone, concetto,
microcrystalline wax,
prüfungsroman, without
lucidity, okay let’s make,
the scratches won’t replicate,
the singularity and the
eternal return, study the
way things accumulate,

Thursday, December 26, 2013


the singularity spread across the,
riemann’s hypothesis, not a single
canadian, but the envelope was
not even sealed, surreal pain,
always with an eye to, one does
not need a champion, fill in
the black, anti-mold chip, i thot
i could see some glasses under
there, the payline, keep it local,
the most outstanding philanthropic
company in the world, voodha,
the orangery, pussy to the limit,
goluose, cyberflirting, scouser,
wikiality, meditate on it,
hello is this dwayne, filter
cluster, deal with drugs,
coffee thru the nose, meng,
saturday ten am, potshot
apocrypha, a mental health
consumer, i don’t really
wanna copy it, leftwitch,

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"maha byn"

yeah but misspelled only on
the cover, bagazine, cassenoix
moucheté, the first thing you
look for is a word, pink thread,
the blue mandolin, you can
swoop in any direction, you’ve
drawn a hundred thousand cats,
half man saint, webdoc snaildoc,
eat guilt, no me today, i would
like to see you in action, one
single pixel, feestdagen, dump
sand dumpster, nothing is
contained in this text, hey
you dropped some threads,
undermilk, laffs but not leafs,
leisure scientist, the blind deck,
bracelet made of pennies, the
tale of the diatribe, wangsta,
katier, criminally happy,
get-poor-quick scheme, just
the one thing, wall of
revealing light, euro light,
all you needed, yea-yuh,
omni-satisfaction, gestaltung,
exposition hall in cremaster,
maha byn, the shaman’s hat,
orange coloured mushrooms,
concrete guests, nabebess,
the same paper ten years
later, striking but illegible,
give me at least twelve point,

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"kala mojakka"

bad kissing genesis, your address
is unique, the dada blindfold,
what does the sign say, the tantra
splits, dot tamp, the sayingness of
it, do you see the news, swabs,
abstract toner art, myosin actin
alchemy, alt cunt, share the
welt, unletterpressable, before
my time here, lettraset porn,
aeshna, an actual typewriter
and an actual photocopier,
walmartopia, kikiyu, mike
foot, the corner of yonge and
temperance, never opened it cuz
there’s nothing in it, theme
attic, poetry digitisation,
which way the letter flies,
collective hysterical stigmata
syndrome, reusable bldg,
the price of rise, feelia
sour, kala mojakka, biotecture,
do you want me to say
something, cybertooth,
emphasis on the lust,
fly-happiness, scarelights,
something wild, soteriology,
solar salt, paper for the
nose, lew burdette, sawback,
don’t worry about the
halfness of it, full,

Monday, December 23, 2013


smackdada, fanx, is this some kind
of symbol, you will like this until
you find out whodunnit, how do
you like the new machine: image-
runner, you could back it off to
the cyberpoint, don’t try and use
your pussy, can’t even spell
original, this is from the red dot
collection, why do i always feel
burned by these people, black
carrots, a complete collection
of grocery lists, you might
squeak thru, baba must go,
the thump of the rubberstamp,
pure perceivers, the immaculate
perception, gloves of glass, alpa,
overthrow-devils, nexting, dot
concrete, absaroka, concrete
ties, sun kink, read glas,
people with common names,
nothing but, kind of grayish,
oh you will be able to tell,
machine-like, the plan is flat,
emphasize all errors, chunk
this on somebody, e-crystal,
anarchist art, the daily shit-
load, don’t even try, find
your way to my house, fcx,
do you want me to stop,
you can hardly tell the
texts are ten years apart,
art out in the dumpster,

Sunday, December 22, 2013


ami calin, courgette, genderbot,
amomaxia, blind tiger, dogging,
lib-dating, deasophy, milled
face strikers, mozilla seabird,
note marks, burg layer, change
for the worse, a gift to poison
your life, spend the beautiful
money, b is for breast, the
numbers are smaller, every day
the bucket goes to the well,
thousands of dollars on, the
day status updates were
introduced, biochains,
stillhunter, low disposition,
no point in making, remain in
blank, an imperfection in
the paper,

Saturday, December 21, 2013


quandong, sentrance, polysics,
girlfriend experience, dfk,
endorsed cleanses healthy, saola,
blogfather, carhartts, meat-
world, psychochronography, i
love you i hate you, the ink
sizzle, this place is changing,
paramarks, craquelure,
rhetoric of purposefulness,
no symbols where none intended,
you call this design work,
concrete reminder, we need you
to stamp off on this, wall to
wall text, toddle-oo, who put
the hyphen in,

Friday, December 20, 2013


death and texas, erotognosis,
ramabanana, fbff, possumism,
dilligaf, kang, diligent love,
cluster of chips, intl, a
philosophy of luck, one five
zero three one zero, sign just
your last name, chopped and
screwed, psycho-geography,
dérive, capoiera, craquelure,
rhetorical questions not,
all of us in the circulation
department, arterly, toodle-oo
probably, pussymonster, horse
meat disco, cluster of
unpainted porches, desert

Thursday, December 19, 2013


dim aria, mouseover bug, jeu de
paume, six nodules in a cluster,
not safe for work, why are you
still on my mind, the money is
evaporating, why are you keeping
the channel open, binning,
dsyol, we are out of stamps,
so-and-so was here, cardboard door,
north salem, everything begins
with a yes, ectoplasm, concrete
terrain, crinoline croquet,
a giant mossy tree, the
incessant moodiness of the
ancient moss, to farm images,
dendrophobia, spirt, um spirit
photography, orange monarch,
triacetone triperoxide,
typing on a real typewriter,
kitemaug press, ketungan
press, domgasm,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


boregasm, l pe cher, omega point,
glass excess, meniscectomy,
church and ernst and hannah,
anti-theist, facetious book,
banana tax, clijsters, the future
is old age, universal uclick,
cply, why it went thru the
machine four times, race theory,
gitty, siddhi, vighnesvara,
resistentialist, lime pots,
de-industrialized materials,
binners, bodies that matter,
magenta soul whip, chaotic
attraction, what happened to
all these texts the first time,
the intelligent path was clear,
cherry wine, i never called
quebec, what does that work
out to per call, why did you
open this this way,

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"makan angin"

cheerwine, jyotisa, drixoral,
quantum foam, zero point
energies, orange windmill,
transmorphous, touffe,
sculpt maps, a portal gateway
that awaits you, gallery face,
vbkccc, babas and nonyas,
pango pango, concrete totem,
sarnies, superfactual, north
vandals, articulation
meetings, rojak, dosh, gatal,
a cluster of flies, makan
angin, jahat, mark von
schlegell, this is two years
later, skullthorn, avatar

Monday, December 16, 2013


this is not me this is my avatar,
smorgasborgasm, show cause,
your fierce brand loyalties,
orange transport, starbright,
anal bleaching, break the
paper habit, if it’s fresh,
think of something, genre
prejudice, yacub, downpression,
banquette, proem, gynesis,
robert yarber, alikewise,
calibrate text, this ought to
make for a good run, album
cover hours, did you read the
not read, ih, river unriver,
mock author, red lather, tird,
fuzztoner, eeksea, i’m seeing
people in there, gamzenheuvel,
fuzzy eyeballs, let them fade,
get the date, retire the love,
the last of the pain, remain
dictated, rocky hope, jump in
a level, meat date, riverun,
mock art, author in the bag,
futile code, red montage,
attem attem attem, tyremouth,
you’re getting some windowing,
kingfit, toner loner,
azcuénàga, greenville,
vesterbrogade, magic day,

Sunday, December 15, 2013


pennies on the dollar, stuxnet,
infellatio, love necessarily
triangulated, subhuti,
vagina pectoris, pyroclastic
cloud, repurpose bookmark,
minced ginger, poetry flare,
cogcb, initial every page, you
can’t even sign your name, can
i get a witness, intimate
space, bonus amenities, creative
clusters, actually existing
history, generic city, erase
certain histories, mercurian
space, seroquel, blank patch,
svl, albums we listened to
a thousand times, muscat,
a sign we were given,
marginal telling,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

"quandam desert"

watch those margins, aptana,
meatus, a market does not have one
way, ornithopter, mozilla
seabird, everything that reminds
me of you, this will be the last,
the long decline, addiction to
difference, embricated, exurb,
aerosol city, threshold
community, bonusing, creative
city, democratic deviance,
heretic’s fork, energy poverty,
arrival city, bullet paintings,
hopefully the scanner won’t see,
mirorim, you can tell by the
number of lines, unfold your
memories, one is at a loss, try
to desee, unsee, precise margins,
you can’t fool yourself, post
it, leave it blank forever,
a particular desert we have
to cross, one likes to forget,
the freewheeler, amie calling,
texas must go, quandom
desert, dimgasm, gasm, nothing
to do with wine, avatar
magic, out a day, on an
inside day, jockey it over,
see the smile, see the
seahorse, hard to tell,

Friday, December 13, 2013


nimby-pimby, dallas emerges
victorious, anal glands expressed,
scouser, antiblog, transhumanpo,
touchpo, postvispo, dialectical
monism, cosby sweater, emily
hart cooper, blood in the corner,
meat and rubber, when you
finish the journal, contempt
power, data grid, contributed
historically to the evolution,
digerati, liveblogging,
exurban, meta-tags, what’s
the name of your subculture,
damper blues, each little
phrase is a pointer, nekronomi,
attention spandex, effing
the fish,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

"collaborationistic synergistics"

eff the wall, dopekiss, ma, pretty
angry, uncouth rage, who’s your
guitar, dharma punks, hippy
kitchen, pink gouge, still katrina,
swell foop, bright orange hat,
a sneeze of humour, zed list,
popular acheivements spelling,
the study of time, pacific
trash vortex, pornosexual, nomb,
the pinocchio theory, yhoc, orange
lotion, collaborationistic
synergistics, aesthetically
claimed thing, harvey
wallbangers, falsework,
haf-seen, no-rooz, beesting,
stamp off on it, change your
intentions, from dylan to
dylan, not hoping for stuffs,
you can always fish it

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


naïve charka, an un-embodied
state, flu flux flan, neural
world, toddlerpedes, self-control
cybernetics, the patron saint of
sweet fuck all, shipusa, poetry
in the crosshairs, get contacts
and go skinhead, bblc, note faint
pencil line, spandrels, shebeen,
amaordinaries, pink starfish,
crinkum crankum, free façade,
googlephobia, ama-respectables,
wild lumberjacks, fqnyfn,
virtually there, secateurs,
carries the echoes of hope’s,
the sleepwatcher, google will
help you remember, mental
annotations, a big box full
of vinyl, the silent penny,
not hoping for stuff,

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


a silent poetry performance,
superproduction of postcards,
one will not be making any
credit transfers, pétrel de
barau, lfa, the way you tear
into it, where did you get the
dee from, you matter to earth,
polyeuro, sex never sleeps,
metapractical, flum, filler
rubberstamp, pulate, collab
ballocks, esem, always already
published, collaborating with
your self, esim, the scale of the
work, my rest induction hat,
bomb candy, blister spork,
ambulition, the jakes, urinous,
lempira, lap-suce, axillism,
hypergraphomania, i let
you drop, making your last
five copies ever, replicate
your signature, cmg, i peel
cluster, the carriage trade,
elevation of the house to
a cultural, glue-lam beam,
neoteric, cabanon, giardia
lamblia, trophozoites,
moss-flecked water, you’re
getting a little flay,
eye here, no umlauts
please, penny margin,

Monday, December 09, 2013


fractal dementia, owen sound
attack, asparagus pee, whale
snot, oral sex in bats, flash
crash, frilly lamb, anarchrist,
milibanding, initializing
world, monotasker, attack
donut, what does the little
poem mean, laughs in the face
of heartbreak, repetition
and non-repetition,
lingenfelder, ccm cluster,
sorry no sneak preview, i
lamp sand cluster is not a
remark, a girl named dixon,
day-glo jellybeans, egis,
kyotologic, count the lines,
the word today, examine
boredom under the
microscope, not on my wall,

Sunday, December 08, 2013


wakest, et fnac, spider’s lord, jerk
freakish none, ideal menu, baalam,
non-visual becoming, jerk refined
dishonors sparkle, art spook,
mockumental, vanburen, unsold
kitten, mere loon, like so alert,
limited liability company,
enthusiastically to cold hard
cash, cyber-skirmishes,
explosive-laden calif house,
tizag, tonight hasn’t happened
yet, manning the table, we need
to talk, plski ogork, vopctm
cluster, the sting of all, the
bottom of the gee, minority
rights, indigena politica agenda,
idea for a war, eastern red,
eatless trance, open bracket
arr close bracket evolution,
the coconut smell of gorse,
xthulga, seborrhoeic
dermatitis, pageview warrior,

Friday, December 06, 2013


pageviews, bubble trumps, heart
ego crushers, lennonization,
hydromorph, memeright, an empath,
one is visually motivated,
saltyshadow, verticalwhite,
rubberstamps are for idiots,
sctb cluster, the marks that are
already on the paper, read head
love, mailart began in nineteen
sixty-two, joseph roulin,
condividere, paper is organic
material, how do you feel
about sparkles, all four ways
are up, we can’t seem to see
ourselves, is this really your
hand, oh that’s a font, i
thot your printer was on the
fritz, paix pain, printed on
paint, nonelective affinities,
holy tribe, every country
harboring, the witchburn,
cornpone, garbage time, the
politics of inconvenience,
indigenous literature, find
the least annoying text you
can find, generalized land
theft, the plank road,

Thursday, December 05, 2013

"cananga odorata"

physella johnsoni, huffpo, one
document pending, cyst explosion
home, cananga odorata, voodoo
trance, the inception totem, bot
relationships, had an extra
coupon, the ink seal, nineteen,
mcafee family protection,
inappropriate content, social
networking risks, easy to see
difficult to describe, i wanted
the orange ones, mental health
you loon, it’s a drop shadow,
how many more days, mcl cluster,
a day without sex, daphne odjig,
a few speckles of overkill, all
the bits are taken care of,
mount morris, the printer’s fist,
identity systems, the gessen
affair, bodily anxiety, mere
what was it, drooze, the book
we were inhabiting, we still
have another wall of text,
the exact second the ink ran
out, parrot doll,

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


hyperbolic crochet coral reef,
none-of-the-above-ism, braguette,
documentary ethics, manalishi,
court of hih the emperor, view
all females, fluttus, flatus,
styrotastic, schwarzgerät,
crisco canola, cosb, inspired by
photo, pigoons, wolvogs, rekunks,
genographer, pills of bliss,
pleeblands, cyborg-poetics, note
black marks, ink coming to light,
pothead intelligence, dremel
cutter, hentai rubber suit,
staub hoppers, government cheese,
non mutuals, perganol, goppy,
penny disease, petrossian, the
spiritually incorrect, foist
it on some other schmuck,
ain’t sending nobody no,
brazunz, perdurabo, art school
advice zine, goon reading,
concours d’elegance, look into
her eyes, they love what they
love and they hate what they
hate, jenny jo, lut jis light,
amc, look into my eyes,
perfect lady, learn how
better, lavarist droo,

Tuesday, December 03, 2013


chagas disease, trypanosomiasis,
reduviid bug, heart esophagus
colon, antinomy, ecosensual,
c, reco, to watch flowers while
riding on horseback, savoura,
oranges blues, how many of these
bills are there in existence, ike
white, heaven-sent ecstasy cold-
hands, televised sonography,
techno-orientalism, digital
clone, digitalization of the
womb, reproduction is a
technology of citizenship,
genetic tampering, metonymic
male role, wombs for rental,
vernacular globalization,
whatever happened to dale
speirs, buddhacide, zhdanov,
penny mint,

Monday, December 02, 2013

"the hedgehog's dilemma"

penny stock chaser, carmex, the
naga viper, bloggie, the hedgehog’s
dilemma, please don’t spend the
pretty pennies, gabbiano, the
line zinger, down already, i
continue to reach for you,
ctg g cluster, leather sink,
we need more q’s, chicken
marbella, the snout-to-tail
cooking trend, persons who
stutter, to mail it in is to,
crumpled city map, the taste
of penny, how do you know
when the poem is done, i
made this little booklet,
coltan, encouraged habit
of coughing, cloud power,
trendoid hillbilly, the
current peeps, let colour
fly, let money fly, who’s
this girl, bodies touching,
this is nine what, giants
and low blows, nigh mint,
couple of mysteries for
curry, colour goes gray,
in this instance, mint,

Sunday, December 01, 2013

"faucon pèlerin"

stuckism, barbizon, morgellons
syndrome, internal error, new
improved without the fold, there
must be a whole deck, attention
please, we’re getting a little
tried, it all came down to the
quality of the ill usion, the
condor catchers, bp stands for,
personality conflicts aside,
käsebier, falcon versus horse,
faucon pèlerin, jorge peral,
purchase a chat, the ten
dollar whale, goodie rings,
vhyc b cluster, squeegeers,
cultural lobotomy, shrink
wrapped scrap metal, be
careful you don’t misfile,
waiting for the artist to
die, children are vectors of
disease, fsi, it’s head
embedded in a curved,
cut-up oranges in tupperware,
a book about oranges, how
to see orange, blood burns
orange, the archeology of
orange, local hat,

Saturday, November 30, 2013

"superluminal communication"

local realism, superluminal
communication, entasis, zomunda,
gleek, handzoff, the bookstall
idea, comcast, face gallery, ccklm,
not sure what will happen when
the ink hits the paper, giving all
a whole new meaning, snus,
want this moment, plastic scarf,
relayed link, tonerhooked, call
me ruben remus, williams
syndrome, flaxxo, sorkh razil,
the imagined community, these
phrases are pointers to other
texts, one is using pen and ink
because, one of my favourite
lines, drop hat,

Friday, November 29, 2013

"cracticus tibicen"

drop ref, tonguise, botis, cloud
hosting, cracticus tibicen, willy
wagtail, cold mountain nights on,
bakula, obc cluster, all perf,
let’s go solar, one is consuming
ninety-three cents a day
worth of electricity, withdrawn
tomorrow, mechanically licked,
orange celebration of death,
eidolon, w’de’ , ‘w’daeb-awae,
autissokanuk, w’geewi-animoh,
kegon zaum-doongaen, otchipwe,
irregular cluster envelope,
the new orange kitten, the
old kind of book person,
manducation, you could have
gone for the other, ye ole
imperfections in the paper

Thursday, November 28, 2013


entoptic graphomania, bridge of
asses, surautomatism, the eating
knife, four loko, sugar legs,
bunga-bunga, nomade benedetto,
sitri, photobombing, the no go
a-go-go, just waiting for a
train, frydae, ill condition,
don’t waste postage, dish lick,
where you’re at and where you’re
headed, put dead animal on the
grocery list, the better part of
the message, information
hinders, valentine radio, those
phone numbers are out, thirty
percent is the best you can
do, mahwah, weehawken,
tappan zee, tweak dance,
stileproject popeye, wahnsinnig,
die gewalt, bedeuten, scan
book, paper on the kitchen
table, people you never
heard of, the ne-ne, get the
word right rite wright,

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


hey day, the dfw area, kex, kxe,
currawongs, g-spot tornado, death
and the maiden, wears out her
jeans at the crotch, backflux,
scet, laundry debt, nasi goreng,
bahmi, substance misuse, you
will forget you ever read a word,
prawda kole w oczy, a dialogic
sense of truth, a de-familiarising
effect, brick staircase, could
the engine of history, taqueria,
bring batang down, lurid lucid
ludic, take a photo of this,
dirty dirty dirty, superflat

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


superflat, a flattened social
hierarchy, fraggle attack,
racketeer blues, entropia, filles
du roi, depends on the angle of
the head, chambly, customer
cluster, down to zero, beer glow,
wigwag, architechtonic cluster,
subreality, liberation therapy,
confined to expressing himself,
the pictorial turn, the arts of
the contact zone, the vernacular
moment, blackfire, lithodora,
multiplatform interoperability,
infraliminal intelligence,
find the ideograms, see
longhand, mailboxes mailboxes
mailboxes, it’s an issue of,
first or second generation
copies no matter, who stays put,
the copier can’t give you the
perforations, there are plenty
of people who hate art, wow
these are some kinda lines, the
machine outwits you, this one
has haddock written all over
it, a copy of the creases,
rhume, don’t tell me how to
play, addnpass everything,