Friday, August 31, 2012

"kittiwake" & "sinh hoat"

that w is a little thick,
niagara sold, sell nothing,
easyboy, guns in the area, excess
marks the spot, fold perforation,
kittiwake, demean or demean,
exterrain, mindriver, bright
orange potholes, so nextily,
miraculous violence, either
a cultural heritage, slums
or tenements for the rich,
verweile doch, du bist so
schoen, write this out of my

penny recycle, lazy boy, orange
bebe, cluster of wheat, in the
pickwickian sense, hidden
character elements, saint rife,
nothing is hard to get, mix am
with nothing, at sixteen,
specify book, blig blogue,
adriano, sinh hoat, if you’re
going, notchina, gold tabs,
artiste slash copyist, chanting
the sutras, hard earned cash,
a single orange tab, contexture
deficiency, contiguity
disorder, agrammatism,
carpet steak, aphasia is,

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"dharmachakra" & "tuk-tuk"

a whole piece of paper, debouch,
moron versus asshole, yards of
blank space, time and machine,
lazygirl, gostel bird, popopaint,
ashoka tree, farangs, concrete
strip, orange brickwork, tiny
onion-shaped hat, treacherous
moss-covered stair, orange
mailbox, the dharmachakra,
concrete link, proairetic
codes, saint r, that away, what’s
your favourite direction,
strip of gone, eye lamp versus,

steal time from you, strike
the eye, edivide, temblor, eleven
seventeen, print post, the hated
windmills, raj flag, this is not
a bill, a book about marketing
art, texture in quotation marks,
got dylan?, blue and red flag,
the mulready envelope, thread
paper, myr ka bp, xalnene,
human overkill, teb device, fwd
this to my other self, remember
to forget, google and see,
orange emerald, tuk-tuk,
concrete and fixed present,
actualisace, regalian,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"pebble" & "anarcho-buddhism"

georgius v dei gra : rex et
ind : imp, petrified tooth, a
whole new take on the paper clip,
bright yellow lichen, pebble,
a hard won pebble, granite, how
do you like the graffiti,
graffiti on the art gallery,
those big long walks we used to
take, brown rock with pink flecks,
two years after you, depends on
lost information, pebble
suddenly sprouted, do you
realize how many millions,

why don’t you plant the seed and
see what you can grow, tiger rock,
acorn hat, where these shells grow,
one shell in shell, is this largely
fragment, this seems to be a
nothing rock, quite a pine,
anarcho-buddhism, not even poetry
can redeem, not jade, this
amethyst is definitely squared
off, don’t you care about your
own children, white quartz,
let’s go down to the ocean,
chalk rock, the year after you,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"the birkat hachamah" & "obsidian or onyx"

taka mina pilcher, jasper the
rock, well you’ve got a seed: that’s
a start, here’s something you
don’t see every day: the birkat
hachamah, play-dough permanence,
the full significance of the
cowrie shell, beautiful potsherds,
it’s not the rock itself,
petrified bone, the little hole
is intentional, this is my
favourite stone, curious natural
history objects without info,
scabrous orange lichen, plant
the seed and see, pounce in time,

original use, should have just
let it be thrown out, aged in
oak barrels, it was bound to get
broken eventually, cute little
toy emerald, the most famous
concrete poem of all time,
tadla, if the pebble could
speak, the broken circle, red
threads, a symbiotic relationship,
why not just fix the fuckin’
thing, it’s a beautiful
fragment, losing interest in
the alphabet, obsidian or onyx or,

Monday, August 27, 2012

"piranga" & "cedros"

arcachon, is this supposed to be
some kind of art work, a rubber-
stamp that says: ceylon tea plant,
the third biggest city in the
world, corinth – the isthmus,
rea, piranga, this is brasil :
i’m here ! , spilt milk with crows,
skins dome, hbm, wooden bridge,
eureka on ellesmere island,
double up the art, centennial
penny, well you could always
start drinking again, raw wool,

creatures preserved in amber, tiny
green stone, we struggled to obtain
this junk, do you really think
poetry has some kind of redemption
to offer, the poem that won out over
all the others, this rock might be
used to fashion some sort of
primitive blade, ink soaked cork,
page by page thru your life,
fruitsticker auction, may
contain an occasional seed,
how can you look at nothing
with such rapt attention,
cedros, already in hand,

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"pycnothelia" & "plurigraf"

single female white, detritus of
spring, ootsa, mesquite, crystal
death, cetraria, crataegus,
acarospora, haematomma,
opal bed, the answer who asks,
the moss-green highway, love to
say glassine envelope, bauhinia,
hyacinth, paper fungus, the
yellowhead, pycnothelia,
aspicilia, rinodina, blue ufo
bead, keep away from children,
national anarchy, bolla,
calona, fonsela, hubertus,

toe-tal chaos, what did you want
to hold before you, sequoia, time
takes all joy away, evidence of
work performed, do you put your
feet up on the furniture at
home, treat pain like any other
fleeting emotion, wheeled her
wheel-barrow through streets
broad and narrow, i tried
i kept trying and i kept
failing, plurigraf terni,
no moss ! , caron, shellac the
flower, defot, flat origami,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

"digital waskahegan" & "broc"

real nothing, subversive sexuality, change your name to nobody,
logodad, we beat fascism once and for all, didn't we?, change
your name to waskahegan, it does not matter if you can "read" it
because you already know what it says, almost blotted completely,
iconic toner blat, the undestroy, i love this toner blot, here we
sit together, the copy is better, i'm going to submit this to
industrial, gar thirty-six day, one is feeling text-jaggy or
staircased, came out alright, took the edge off the steps, nice
little wad of glue, these bits of paper will pick up ink in
the future, the steps that must be taken to, you could have
been a bit more generous with the space, cut!, let the texts
get separated, wall to wall texts, nothing done, real art,
pussy juice, liba, let's call it utopia, addicara, led logo,
giving zero attantion, complete the process of forget, the
molecules are not capable of thinking, digital waskahegan,
i am sidney lanier, additional revisions on copy, feeling the
fold, like to get this text in circulation, you can feel a
difference in the default, the toner slide, you ain't no anarchist
you anarchist, seahorse kisses, the only blot we remember, color
copy to some deserving party, erase the fold, the temp & the work,

jtjtjt, gray monk ink stain, oak
cork, bottled at origin, eag, w,
broc, these little wire brushes,
a - , husk, burgundy ribbon,
life lurks inside the bean,
sort of a winged bean, broken
chip of yellow, each individual
thread, the dead feather, this
little pin is the crux, bust a
little hole in the cowrie,
this used to be a piece of glass
but now it’s a blue pebble,
the nut part, the various metals,

Friday, August 24, 2012

"tourmaline" & "vidalia"

meditating on the stone, jasper
the verb, the signs of human,
eighteen-sixty-four new brunswick
penny, petrified clam, caught it
with your sleeve, the name of this
kind of white stone, crazy stone,
tourmaline, any penny, these lines
are a sign, how do these rocks get
these crazy patterns, nemo, jade,
drachma, brilliant fossil, this
is just a regular rock but it
was picked up by, i hate the
year, little plastic army man,

tabebuia rosea, collection of
kiwi hairs, vidalia, shamouti,
bagu spania, purepecha, red rome,
ravenala, la pincoya, a rubber-
stamp that says: butterfly tree,
sialia, what the heck is that
kid doing on top of a mountain,
happy days destroyed, existence
has a certain degree of
unreality, dangerous positions,
who painted that shit, is this
for real? breaks into laughter,
do you really see beauty here,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"foak" & "candelaria"

co-opt the logo, a computerized mind,
oh you’re a big spender chump,
marketing at a distance, slowly
but surely chipping away at the
principle, foak, your bank account
balance is one dollar and seventy-
one cents, changing over changing
over changing over, withdraw a
nickel, put ten dollars on your
credit card, i just want to know
where i stand, deposit five dollars,
gotta get it paid off, you are on
a need to know basis, vicious cash,

it was a small price to pay to
learn how things are, printing on
odd surfaces, you can see that this
was pre-computer, corporate sky-
writer, ed? who’s ed? , not projects
wrap-up meeting proceedings,
bryohumbertia, aau, moss growing
on living weevils, azolla
mexican elvis, yuasa, you don’t
even know what ceevee stands for
do ya, candelaria, neon black,
it’s an investment duh, the
dead don’t write, lsd seven,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"ten ren" & "heberlein"

one is an ex-father, do you
remember the canal, a simple
ditch, do you remember the lures,
increased payloads, do you
remember the blue poppy, who’s
numb?, when it only cost forty-
five cents to mail a letter,
splattered with red and blue,
looks like the paper has some sort
of fungal spores on it, ten ren,
nothing immaterial, these old
postage envelopes are collector’s
items, genuine carbon paper,

tiny plastic baggie, this is the
paper clip that held, heberlein,
location on planet, refusing to
sprout, the frag pre and post,
menaced with extinction,
indigo on blue, before the post
office was privatized,
stuhborg, is it r, is it true
shell, chargex facture,
description: food, petro-cack,
this is before, why do you
insist on living, ocean phoenix,
prints butter, withdraw attn,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"fieldbot" & "computer-jaggy"

forget everything you know, it’s
all part of the graph, how does
it feel?, things were looking
pretty good at that moment,
bill the cat, start sucking,
mailing shit, the way things
were back in the odd years,
what is the cash gest, cpo,
registered signature, fieldbot,
ucks, graf frag, exploited by,
pod ready to burst, twenty-five
hour gas station, things used
to be so beautiful,

pic a fuc, where do your get a check
for ten dollars, bill as in, wid
thaw all, lay in a supply of
gasoline, it is a simple task to
turn trash into art, a time
before all the lines became
computer-jaggy, seems awfully
bright and early to be needing
cash, they changed their
terminology, we see what you
see, what do you want with all
these cut flowers, i don’t
remember buying flowers,
alphapets, not completed,

Monday, August 20, 2012

"verdigris penny" & "worry stone"

victory over fascism, black marks
on stone, are you sure the worms
are done with it, an actual
chestnut, pink microdot fungus,
the cactus only flowers once in
seven years, lower jaw of some
strange critter, so beautiful
and so fragile, lower jaw of
another strange critter, moon
snail, cedar thoughts, strange
maple samara, the cowrie shell
represents, verdigris penny,
shellvage, markings have meanings,

georgius vi d : g : rex et ind : imp :,
push pin not thumb tack, the stone
seems to have an eye, wooden knife,
you want to see my collection
of bent staples, holds bit of
blue glass up to eye, tiny safety
pin, microwolf, the moment you
first touched the souvenir,
a lovely pink stone, natural
but, stone travel, abnormally
white, abnormally black,
seems to show signs, worry stone,
fools gold into thinking,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"mee wah" & "trace of writing"

waskahegan, nineteen forty-four,
kneiffii, the staples have begun to
rust, your art self, we determine
ourselves, global credit, assess
this mofo, sixteen hundred bucks
backwash, ink jet computer paper,
the original dupe, now we are
elsewhere, munros, this is the same
hand, your food self, chll chg,
foul liquor trance, mee wah,
athlones, just write paid on it,
the blue signifies lumber
crayon, never disclose your pin,

toronto dominion, you’re going
to the library?, you’re going to
the university, well that’s enuf
for a couple months rent,
trace of writing on the window,
markings on the frame of the
window, that’s the way the
window pulls away from the
frame, now we are fully
acclimatized to the digital,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"superstock" & "mount kinabalu"

new identity, forty bucks for a cd,
i only had eighteen dollars, kids
only, at the lone, lsd fund, u
wanna pizza?, go on up to the
library, superstock, a window to
look thru, a window to see thru,
a window torn out, because the
substance is somewhat different,
clearly identifies itself by,
the way the vinyl shimmies, om,
zen materialism, green ginger,
kosher zen, what were you doing
in alexis’ plant pot, who’s jean,

now these are dayglo pink, malic,
damaged paper, fake student, where
the mountains, inventorying,
mount kinabalu, zen green, zen
trademark, zen capitalism, zen
slavery, zen signature, zen day,
zen gray green, gap zen, zen base,
zen period, zen one, you’re
soaking in it, lion with pawful
of thorns, belfield rexdale,
all the various textures and
colours of the same, thirteen
cent chemistry, sidney lanier,

Friday, August 17, 2012

"vanier rien" & "libby fortine"

what does your handwriting
signify, anti-royal, trevlac,
pos, chitek, diminutive press,
the quality of the return address,
since when does the envelope open
on the bottom, vanier rien,
destroyal, danika, dot matrix
address, the priddle household,
from priddle to priddle, one
eh?, corydon, ironwood street,
in case you don’t recognize my
handwriting, a letter from
harvard, vtn, hobart, pink tone,

make a change in the song, a
letter from the crypt, is your
organization a real organization,
paper shapes, connect the markings,
eye street, gar frag, br, nsobr,
dayglo meditations, they never did
get your name right, libby
fortine, nothing urgent, gazing
at the blank and seeing how to
fill it, a nice mint little
empty envelope, how do we lose
each other, reding, mechanica,
sending off, parliament,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"haussknecht" & "drb lsd"

nude erections, you pick up the
tab on your rejection letter,
we offer you this rubberstamp
impression, columbian clasp, an
interesting hand, literary code,
steuben, you are not in a crypt,
tough bag, haussknecht, mail
from the treasury, now they
start to nag you for money,
glen canyon, crdp, hand typed
envelope, by the time it got
there you were gone, the
agreement is over, the man is,

all the folds and flaps have
been opened up to reveal the warp
and the weft, perhaps meant to
reveal the variation, the first
one to go missing, clean away
the ice to make entry possible,
this is the trap door you fell
thru, pray for fire, a name that
suddenly has a new resonance,
court postal, a leal, fair fax,
drb lsd, including the
window, took a great fall,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"copyright violation squad" & "koa jox"

jenny penny, make a change that
will continue, seed operations,
transitioning, the twenty-four cent
stamp, these marks appear, gorgeous
meat, fulford ganges, books
surface, palatine, copyright
violation squad, ksa, one was one
is, saya, throwrug, why the fake
registration number, hearing from
hole, beingless, order words don’t
work on me, camino vida roble,
hey jane, volunteer nothing,
provincial normal, vcl, indy sci,

westvao, creater, rough up the
envelope, postal methods, all of
the logos have been removed, art
markings, pridele, edge wise cafe,
bp stands for, what did you cut,
mister and oops, woo, naturalism,
koa jox, intentional rain,
sometimes they hit you from,
get foreign, phlah, embleton,
oh you were not thinking in terms
of art were you, the most obvious
obviousness, they think they have
their finger on the pulse,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"amelia" & "biosim"

thornloe, dem, gpo, let us be made
whole again, your name is written
somewhere along the trail, why
do you feel the need to destroy
everything, do not call me by
that name, amelia, stop the
slaughter of the wolves at the
door, i’d like to know the name
of that font, shit is political,
nailed to a telephone pole:
art, linois, how will you
address me next time, festive
anarchy, dicey not decie, one pen,

a simple but beautiful envelope,
northern poetry corporation, gum
shun shine, northern poetry society,
now was this the magazine at its
full extent, no return address
means, penalty for private use to
avoid payment of postage,
nebraska at omaha, brdwy brdwy,
vancouver un, biosim, abeyance,
are you an end or a means,
with the logo gone, revenu,
grad eighty-two, she has
sucked water from bright moss,
inondations, k-science,

Monday, August 13, 2012

"purcell" & "sinkut"

the bb, dbcs, letters from the
herbarium, spinnaker is code for,
this is the logo we were asking you
to envision, rigi, lab of entomology,
what was all this correspondence
about, collection of airmail stickers,
grab the cash, ojo, operations br,
operating under the name of,
okaview, they were informed,
gee dot ross, purcell, any idea
what this bit is for, phone and
complain about the crackers,
all the scribbling we had to do,
focus in and unfocus out,

cluculz, this was your little
hand, dense crayon, save your vision,
tremadog, check and see if that
signature is genuine, you could
mail it but the addressee is
long gone, another hand will come
to take the place of your hand,
pcp lcp lsd, the way the paper
ruckles is part of the art,
no timelines, we played on that
beach many a day, sinkut,
marks that only a child could
make, spd stp, butterfly
convention, it has your name,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"goderich" & "hrncirska"

moss is the consolation of rocks,
please remove me from your
mailing list, japanese lilies,
kanada with a k, vrs, this is
from the time they smashed the
monitor, recycled language,
atkins avenue, local mail,
you knew what word was supposed
to be in the blank, the markings
you might find, this little mark
makes all the difference, melp,
hsibre, hsic, hilliard, local drunk,
goderich, gather them all
together, all we need is a stamp,

great plains fire, carcharodon,
it’s me, inside the gift, expired
a long time ago, zen extension,
celestial magenta, eye grain,
hrncirska, environmentally
unconscious, oxbridge, whale
alphabet, the numbers seem a
little out of whack, had a stroke
at eight, get moving, unsigned
pumpkin carving, thromboembolic,
aphasia grams, apathy is one
thing anarchy is another,
pressure sores, emotional changes,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

"monodon" & "hjertaas"

dosed him with lsd, acid fractals,
book transport mechanism, hat bot lab,
enforced simplicity, hepaticae
hepaticarum, monodon, kogia,
somebody was very enthusiastic
about something, there are tiny
creatures living on the bit of
wood, rlups, calculations of
joy, jumping around in the
years, appletalk, lophozia,
recorded hand motions,
sourcecode, datasense, outspoken
extraneous material, muscites,
from anastrophyllum to,

in hole, hjertaas, nilkitkwa,
allozyme electrophoresis, yon,
neon in black spruce bogs, you
only had six fonts to choose
from, pickles and popsicles,
higher level plans, affluence
of sunshine, kranrod, the best
possible commitments, grank,
quadcode, lamplugh, mossop,
silvern lakes, affreg,
gymnomitrion, my room seems
a ship’s cabin, harpanthus,

Friday, August 10, 2012

"hooloomooloo" & "porphyroleuca"

vacant at present, lophozia scurf,
lophoziae, a nice little drawing
of killers, calabooza beretanee,
focus on your humiliations,
this is an original drawing of
a liverwort, blue wildrye,
klumpfuss, hooloomooloo,
nilkitwa, lophozia beard,
telkwa, wenzellii, archived on
gopher, afffreq, mastigophora
woodsii, exploring the history
of cats, is there a problem that
i need to be aware of,

i see no reason to delete this
taxon, pn-eighty-three p-six,
babine mountains, you must face
your humiliation again and
again, we have the complete text
somewhere, herbarium codes,
little onion mountain, irrigua,
can i go back in time, this
specimen seems a lot smaller
though, the printer is fucking
up, porphyroleuca, what was the
weather like in april of
ninety-six, chaotic hierarchism,

Thursday, August 09, 2012

"rhizoplaca chrysoleuca" & "blue-eyed grass"

anthoxanthum, no this is not
paper sculpture, no this is not
folded right, i got these down
in the desert, grimona, you thot
it could be done but, you were
in the heart of the knowledge
centre, rhizoplaca chrysoleuca,
infinitely more beautiful
than words, encalypta, you can’t
see the beauty without
magnification, who was up to
a hundred thousand, hoping
for gold, cephaloze, arbutus,

large capital e for eddy
watermark, scouleria aquatica,
rotifer in frullania helmet,
i’m sorry for doubting you in
print, blue-eyed grass, eucladium,
not even, isodiametrical, nice
substrate, desert moss, the condom
moss, spacial heterogeneity,
straight trick, wet trickle,
correlation analysis, o anomalum,
o pallens, depending on the
size of the wallow, everything
is minutae, orthotrichum,

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

"anacamptodon" & "anomoros"

orthotrichum, nothing anomolous,
exciting first sighting, you once
knew or once thot you knew,
include the substrate, labl,
grimmia anodon, pie life, anomodon,
the smell of racomitrium, the
wayward bus, porella roellii,
amphidium, cobrahead anomodon,
trichostomopsis, just outside is
a euphemism, it looks different
because it is diseased,
luguminosae can you see,
anacamptodon, i think we
collected this in a restaurant,

ochreleuchia, it’s pretty under
the microscope, looks more like
a jaffueliobryum, ion tracer,
the idiom of rock, dis art, we
have more information we can
attach to this, rack hitch, why
do some creatures fill us with,
cerpur, mysterious little plants,
anomoros, this is the third of
thousands, mysterious etcetera,
these little green pebbles
indicate, send it off to the
expert, orthotics um, cinerea,

Monday, August 06, 2012

"coscinodon" & "rhaptocarpa"

amblyct, coscinodon, hypnum circ,
how to survive in harsh environments,
rhac het, normie brown’s mountain,
i prefer the etcetera, schistidium
with long hairpoints, we were
just starting to get a handle
on peat, you don’t have to look
at this, a grimmia by any other
name, what are the features
that, it’s just a made up name,
growing on fossils, was the
author getting paid to write
this, oh what’s this little
flower doing in here,

i remember it being green, thew
idiom five five five, emphasis on
the slack, bulbiform, pylaisiella
squarrosa, a very nice leafy
liverwort, scap bo, poly tritch,
you could study this crap for
the rest of your days, data
base, execution begins, cladistics,
archegonia, igneous intrusion,
hedwigia, schist ape, anomodon
rugellii, keissl, rhaptocarpa,
procera, encalypta, exscursion
flora, a genuine envelope,

Sunday, August 05, 2012

"collema" & "gyrothyra"

there’s no such thing as isothecium
cristatum, campylium self,
leucodon brachypus, six thousand
specimens, you dont know much
about plants do you, herzogiella
question mark, microtopography,
it’s full of worms, collema,
these all need to be repackaged,
this will all return to mother
earth, goldstream niagara,
satoi, apometzgeria, little
yellow no teeth, sinking ship,
scapania curta, little packet
of dirt, naming the crap,

microcrap, law fawk, porella is
a strange creature, determine
definitive, full lip service to
buzzword, odd green, anacolia,
on that day it meant something,
thamnolia, loph ink, gyrothyra,
garry oak, bearing in bliss,
liverworty cedarstump,
cephaloziella rubella,
dendroalsia perhaps, some
crap you fished out of the
ditch, gymnomitrion,

Saturday, August 04, 2012

"elaterophore" & "recycled meat"

a piece of dirt, mount tolmie,
anomodon vitic, sematophyllum,
if you know something make a
note of it quick, a word makes
a nice handle for a thing, it
all just looks like dirt to me,
a line drawing of porella, you
don’t often see hookeria in
fruit, elaterophore, did you
confirm the blue oil-bodies,
calypogeia means, geniculata,
geocalyx graveolens, uglow,

one is a heavyweight, two is a
heavyweight, the paper presents
itself, double hanging, the
envelope the money came in,
plain brown dust, read the
scratches as, he is wearing his
dust jacket, brown paper bag
full of wine, seven dollar
bottle of wine, nothing but
empty, you can enjoy drinking
yourself to death, nothing but
rot, this mark mean the end is
nigh, recycled meat,

Friday, August 03, 2012

"diploschistes scruposus" & "painiap"

ivb, ceph, inside the mystery bag,
blue oil bodies, north barriere
lake, in seep near ocean, this is
a little spectacular, afri l bp,
mckenzie bight, apometz, stellate
gemmae, scapania curta,
autapomorphies, hypnum subimp,
a rather doubtful specimen,
navicularis, diploschistes
scruposus, single brown oil-bodies,
during my work, photocopy
reduction, nisquallensis,

ross shep eighty-two, acting like
lunatic, they just assume you are
a doctor, a slightly finer pattern,
they might have improved the
technique, the exact same haircut,
feel free to mail cash, i don’t
have any family members,
ecologica, de-inked paper, old
fashioned cheques, time is
going by on you, back when you
were in the sue, neat little
envelope too small, ortı, she is
gutting the fish, finan, painiap,

Thursday, August 02, 2012

"rush lsd" & "enm izi"

dayglo discipline, this meant
the world to me back in nineteen
nid, if people let their subs
lapse, the mentality of a nine
year old girl, the mentality of
a four year old, nobody thinks
to draw stuff like that, do
you see : do you see how , this is
called the pinch, you can
demand any book you want,
a little bit of kraft, sld
lsd lds, twenty-four cents
postage, rush lsd, knowitall,

calley, shearwater, oh there are
markings on the envelope but,
bulk hand delivered, utility
bag, victorial, post strike,
ecological reserves, dayglut,
venita, it makes sense, a whole
floor given over to the
celebrations, clinton herbarium
est, international pen friends,
leave the postage stamps in situ,
how do you expect the postal
workers to read that, enm, izi,
the hand we never see any more,