Sunday, April 30, 2006

slapp-type lawsuits, leave out
the comma, buffalo water,
regular rhizomes, you already
know this piece of paper,
eek link, gray dust hits, hown,
the queen of nothingness,
minyak angin chap lang, lost
paper archive, run out of web-
space, rot pessimism, it says
nothing, sub yourself in,
who drew, writing twenty-
five percent, um om aug,
jack up the resolution,
only worth nothing, assemb,

Saturday, April 29, 2006

then this is not writing?,
guilty text, helping not
writing, the blowback, more
for the eye, still electric,
never been thru the
machine, elarge text,
chewed text, paper
signifier, deteriorating
text, code text, you can't
just write that on
anything, was there some
question, write on light,
almostness, undaunted by
blank paper, text pound,
lined out, less loss, more,

Sunday, April 23, 2006

the visible economy, is this the
guy?, let go of nothing, makes
no difference to the text,
swing and a miss, some serious
typing, fake ed, think blot,
the communication police,
coal copy, end eye, it art,
self-seed, this lapse, internal
police, stratal labour, a dose
of tea, blind hat, a machine
or another, speak about the
blank, use the font, blank
over, blank scene, blank etc,
blank fruit, spread ‘em
around, blank somebody,

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

act on this now, this requires
no action, sell yourself nothing,
how many of these do we need,
ikke, idea scan, intending to
try, now is a different date,
smear the saint, six megs, don’t
be fooled by the hand, swing
pendulum, i was you, sort one
item out, internal process,
categoration, reply all,
fling hat, the collective
inconscious, capture all the
marks, we started a file,
envy lops, blazt, still read,
spread among twenty, crypto-
employ, machine for word, tes,

Saturday, April 15, 2006

infrathin structure, degovern,
affranch, wireless driver, the
new way of seeing, rollerpond,
roller company, max craftiness
hat, tovarish, nessus, eighteenth
century houses, errazuriz,
calling echoes of hunt, pseudo-
concrete, nimiety, spudart,
zen merchandise, try and rip
it, cover empty, it’s a form of
music, teratogens, a free
signifier, climax inflation,
psychical reality, concrete
representation, cartridges
ensures high-quality,
critical activism,

Thursday, April 13, 2006

blank blank blank, return to
storage, the canadian poetry
cow, grillade, looking out
thru the image, something
went missing, the value of a
stamp, actual papyrus,
marxist claptrap, another
meaning for drafting, lens,
tebubia, evoke the blank,
orrery, subcomatose reality,
email concretes, unmanifesto,
inluding, chinooking, the
manifold unsaid void, the
captain of hell i establish,
ommo at m..., when i said i
i was quoting somebody,

Sunday, April 09, 2006

not coverse, august ess, bird
screw, during find, fifteen
de, nilin’, minimal bal,
anatomy of insanity, what is
staying still, woodpiling,
vague location, when it was
still, being in the hat,
heading down this way,
desert days, heading back,
begin kinder, rug art, ab
lab, microde, visit human,
all this event, gum mug,
now we go, stay, xtrz,

Thursday, April 06, 2006

ot god, the name refers to
both, egg rock, ichneumon
tree, hyperstore, puttering
around in the language lab,
shanksnaigie, podvertiser,
mark the mark, melisma,
cromagma, effect of
chartered harmony,
supersymmetry, skunkluck,
a hand can easily, famous
top hat, quatsch, baroque
whorls of gray concrete,
retroactive inhibition,
a crack regiment,

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

firered, flip it over to the
blank side, a golden tick, the
letter q hanging in the air,
substrate for art, wheat trance,
five million names, blank enuf,
poetry bottle drive, try another
angle, pigout share, sign every
line, zen total, international
colour, our conversation as a,
simian tech, non-intentional
art, looking for relation, pop
this, make yourself aware,
fear of house, dot net, twenty
thousand pennies, decos, pay
cake, decoys, good for nothing,
stratic, trance rancid, ink
that pays off, recycle wheel,

Monday, April 03, 2006

all nothing, blank toner, comp
sleep, text time, salvage what
remains, being without words,
check the register, try writing
a letter, traffic hunting,
limit time, jumbo reality,
convenience tax, killing
blank, milpa, calama, click
to engorge, abject subject,
print up a dozen, autography,
a vow of wealth, one man high,
webber, ice time, team mentality,
slugmail, hunting the wild tofu,
basic simple washing the dishes
reality, massman language,
word file, item to read,

Saturday, April 01, 2006

ka-boomerang, better font,
kiyoke, rubber mile, put number
to the letters, earth and moss,
skymoss, blogbucks, art haven,
jamocha, hidden word climb,
irony mark, coffee mandala,
feet hat tree, tablecloth
wallpaper, post line haul,
alfred kuehne, how many of
these objects in the world,
bactrian, abanika, kalo gap,
namele, nalaman, melilot,
the entrance of a cave in the
hillside, elecampane, squab,
gathering rime, buerdes,