Thursday, April 30, 2015

"lethargic acid diethylamide"

cutification, ring modulator,
horror epic creeper, schein,
screen sharing, lethargic acid
diethylamide, mystic wand,
diamond jubilee, queen insects,
thirteen, lube, chqc cluster,
pen on eyeglasses, cooley every
tuesday, guns and butter,
contributed the bump, fisches
nachtgesang, whitewash art,
legend of witches, mary standing
on a snake, legend of boggy
creek, mark greenfield, zeena
lavey, on n axi, sultra, louise
arbour, jill tarlow, my hand
versus your hand, pinning
things up on the kensington
interaction, dayglo frames,
sausage!, sundriving, how
sad are you today, that’s
my town, florence and the
machine, cavant gourd two,
canada’s premiere poet,
witch’s pussy, ashley tetreault,
che beer, lsu mss, proto-
typos, canadate, socially

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"chromosera cyanophylla"

experimentally produced
psychosis, boomeritis, toots and
the maytags, bergamot orange,
chromosera cyanophylla,
laser beans, radiolaria, hard-
or cutting- edge, each child’s
hand, cuisinart, twists tax,
beaufort, prophet omega, vk
haddock, italian squash,
netjajev ss, dickau conehead,
smile: ninety-seven, edith can
shoot things, redfish, one ray,
at me dot com, the chipmunk
effect, blame the anesthetic,
stamps dot com, white bread
and margarine feast,
instabit, dead ends and
detours, original radio,
radionetwork, camcorder
and enjoying himself,
goethe on people’s names
prisoners’ numbers,
meaning-blind, the computer
changes it, the marks are
trying to shine through,
kevin chapel meet the
mastersons, parrhesia six,

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"synaptic plasticity"

turbo-capitalism, yawara,
nees nake noll, code pendant,
burh, four penny coffin,
ceiba pentandra, cleaning
the ink off, latex globe,
cdcgg cluster, a bookmark
for the footnotes, anxiolytize,
fuliginous, doxycycline
hyclate, brody, weejuns,
nalaxone, pentazocine,
mefenamic acid, v-poles,
synaptic plasticity, neuropeptide
y, open graph protocol, finis,
looking forward to these
marks, no more frullania,
half-size postage stamps,
buck dancer, will work,
freehand pages, wskeo ninety-
four, fs, flywheel tax, pop-up
gallery, lordy lordy, jason
christie,  small frying, you
could be here now, atc,
keep the change, truck,
masri, atc drop-in, tng,
the house sanctuary, wskeo
ninety-seven, vypc,

Monday, April 27, 2015

"penny happy" (for Gustave Morin)

buckdancer’s dream, shiner bock,
enantiodromia, transavanguardia,
liminocentricity, hyperbolic
geometry, ölvisholt lava,
draisine, cone of shame, the
scavenger project, drosera
citrina with a crown of gemmae,
temnoma, lithothamnion,
lighthouse, eldorado county,
hrvatska, zeena lavey,
paste eater four, sausage
gravy 'n biscuits, enmeshment,
harmed except in cases,
expect help or counsel, piaffer,
malleolus, fourier transforms,
ciquatoxic, sanger-brown’s
ataxia, apologia, flexor carpi
ulnaris, montreal naked
protest, fung, salt hinge,
ikonostat, penny happy, see
the back pages, risk factors,
segregated custody, book
value, bay at,

Saturday, April 25, 2015

"tastes like pennies"

penny in the moss, claytonia
sibirica, without censure,
redalen, jattebra, tastes
like pennies, humans calling
her everyday, fluff bunnies,
transhumpify, reliakor,
roopkund, buckdancers dream,
chaman, craniosacral therapy,
ob cluster, guy weadick, ray
cluster, margin for you, inal,
bentglass, parabolic poured-
concrete shape, make concrete
billow, seraglio, specular,
cluster of delfts, étagère,
power-cords bright orange,
kittens in carbonite, candy
suck, tracheophyte, elefant,
morandiem, hot salt, e-stim,
bobbers, jargon happy,

Friday, April 24, 2015


totally botrytis affected,
described herein, ain’t got no
baggage, gcx, twenty-to, most
admired corporate cultures, las
palmeras, syclq cluster, in en,
writers exclamation mark,
thanks shuglenifty, zack
abstract, couldn’t you pencil
a little hello, first class
normal, erotic dismemberment,
quantic ritual, boredom used for
fuel, paste eater, optica, skeet,
vigorish, response-tree, cafergot,
esoteric cluster headache,
iletin, lisle, embrasure,
acetylcysteine, hemoptysis,
post-coat, vestibulitis, aim
string, specktral, also known
as canola, wolfsprache,
jargon confusion,

Thursday, April 23, 2015


poetics of chaos, the orange
river, foucault’s pendulum,
outrider positions, omni-poetics,
raster image processor, staub,
worm charming, bite the cartridge,
mephedrone, osteophyte, a small
concrete slab, winnipeg globe,
bmg cluster, printemps érable,
crunchy concrete, exist in
complex highly evolved, banana
poka plants, crucial element
humanity, liquiglide, herman
was a cartoon everyman,
eighteen-fifty-seven, coffee
versus tea writing, dienst,
pink cheeks, no answers
spontaneity occurs, polyrhythm
of waste, ladysnap, summojus,
obsoletesh, sedex, speculum
futures, hacking life,
important repetition, just
a ghost of the ghost, the
copy is a far cry from the
original, interesting paper,
shakyamuni, moan lisa,
sopa pipa ndaa, les lius,
corningware, the end of the
nineties, plastic net bag,
rivadavia, silk skull,

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


orobanche, autolike, evening
hands-on course, an error
occurred setting your user
cookie, cheese hobo, hunt for
eaton centre, crack culture,
oranges and orange carrots,
coc cluster, hyoscyamine, an
ethnic canadian’s horror,
bilirubin, gloconol, vaipassana,
phocomelic, achondroplastic,
endless horizontality of the
couch’s, zog, the turner diaries,
methaqualone, hefenreffer,
tetrahydrofruan, high-volume
chaucerian english, are you
a clod or a pebble, copier
marks, we need a new ribbon,
chaos in finnish,

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"zoka no makoto"

reality-ness, disturbia, oscillo
coccinum, the human element with
a cowboy, stripe of wheat, mixed-
excitation linear prediction,
commercial ended at the
hospital, am u late p, miss
vickies, cgmcc cluster,
slogan on red, the quality
of the perforations, suitable
for sharing, inal, rent in time,
diventa terapia, zoka no makoto,
philip guston’s bath tub, fat
city school of finds art,
ciaburro, international
express, recirculating all
the dust, tail, floating gas,
watch your fluctuations,
post letters, subhadronic
particles, parotitic jowls,
joss, kruger abstraction
scale, bupkus, lsd smell,
kertwang, psycho-schiller,
non-hierarchical info,

Monday, April 20, 2015


horizontalism, archipelagic
poetics, barangganic, numerus
clausus, episkopos, contributors’
holograph in their entirety,
completeness of historical
evidence, neuropolitics, french
canadian bean soup, rex
imperator, penny farthing post,
voice chat, conche, cha-no-yu,
filofax, augmented reality
stamps, weadick, i give you
this blank, saint ampede, ob
cluster, the margin is available,
i all, the wrong side becomes
the right side, pink cluster,
singular sensations, red card,
give small amounts of urine,
in for tomorrow, the tomorrow
project, weird mossy shit,
spiru-tein, guilloche, skirling,
raisin-debt, magnification of
cause, the aeon card, alpha
consciousness, transmutational
anxiety, hemidactylus
frematus, alphabet city
magazine, hddt, fake frank,

Saturday, April 18, 2015

"janaka basnayake"

cacerolazo, chromite, choom,
zillow, yandex, zynga, groupon,
sign it like you mean it, pig
bait, sitting on the dock,
connie blank, this is art here,
wise it green, morandi, check
for gum, triple set, inal, lsd
detritus, brt, prophet omega,
collage of gods, paste eater,
skeleton dragon, retard core,
zappa quotes, handicapitalist,
unaussprechlichen kulten,
quantic ritual, know your chakras,
janaka basnayake, trying to
expand my network, breaux
bridge, huval, killing pigfuck
assholes, i ain’t no jesus,
gaudeamus igitur, terre-batu,
park watch, sol duc, your maps
a little out of date,
jordan river, botanical beach,
the indicated person,
katsura agachisu hakone,
recu de bagages, lo cal chkn
brg, cheri dres, air-white,
one flew, generl, en in bla,
alicia myers, cardho,
mount newton, swift street,
entry swiped, ch restaurant,
stone’s throw, willie’s
bakery, interactivity,

Friday, April 17, 2015


minerva nirvana, tippy-tops,
dkult, money fumes, canada
outlawed the penny, knights of
the golden circle, pimp slap,
tangled up in glue, undrin,
rotterdam gabber classics,
silent sound spread spectrum,
crosstalk, tokolano, transcranial
magnetic stimulation, pepper
milk, ml cluster, the marshmallow
test, pennycandystore, oh boy gum,
azimut droit, field study
eleven, get a feel for the paper,
the australian winter, point
d’ironie, drive into the sun,
double bubble, mass king,
geelong, meatrobes, epson nx-
four-twenty, blue line gallery,
robert arneson, semaphore
aerobics, people eating art over
chicken, raw brain, rio linda,
recycled postage, interactivity
games, which avengers, grace
yu ting kuei, cardho,
application label, corn butter
five, shizen, how am i supposed
to sign in that tiny slot,
couloir, energy recovery fee,
barcode magic, on a twenty-
four hour clock, honey amanita,
tahoma oklahoma, lsd prana,

Thursday, April 16, 2015

"stemonitis fusca"

decensored, gummi bear implants,
cryotomography, stemonitis fusca,
subwaxin’, cryomicroscopy, it
fruits in clusters on dead wood,
canada for my higher education,
ecological and human-centered
conscience, perestroika from
below, we have considered
everything, mindrot animania,
real z, stillpoint, yshcb cluster,
tabasco enema, local line, optik
tv, day of giving, being on the
point of, silent vacuum cleaner,
quanta, huge empty confessional,
strigil, acciaccatura, neutral
density point, testudo, catalept,
chronaxy, luculus, de sica
neo-real crane dolly, cerise
montclair, levirate, a small
orange bubble, pulsing blue
light, hometown ensemble
casted, schwulst, figurants,
aspen stump, point size jump,
let no swath of concrete
go without interruption,
digging up concrete, media
vermin, neverland, porno
frag, in a word: detritus,

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


media psychology, laughing
gull, ruby on rails, joomla,
burke brise soleil, forest
green crayon, ccg cluster, i
lock jaw cluster, toner on
green, hit it in such a way,
ein verdächtiges bild, ketorolac,
toxemia, doxycycline, oreida,
araneae, divan orange, habby
cyclic erdor, concreke soul,
negatronic, frederic loomis,
poor little flame, look it up,
tree wearing t-shirt, kenneth
patchen drawing, planning this,
he could not decipher the
message, i think it’s a visual
poem, the urinary tract to the
bladder, the dummy and the
damsel, barmere’s trouble
shooter, book churn, lyndale
avenue, cats and boxes, cats
of hydra, typokomika,
inrikes, bigger bag, feel
special now, eye rush press,
slender hysteria, think stream,
info void, ink bit, unicode,
the social zwoll, minerva

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


minerva mexican stout, a pungent
golden fog, orange air quality
alert, khomus, equipartition
theorem, lappish joik songs,
initiatic dream, stout imperial,
great artist: horrific human
being, lighthouse on the
prairie, smgb cluster, eccg,
shunpike, combustionish orange,
sudoriferous, eventually
christmas hove, se offendendo,
rubber rubber rubber,
incorporate date, dangerous
tan, the social playground,
epistemophiles, table trance,
ratusz, betelheim,

Monday, April 13, 2015

"saruma henryi"

dangerous playground, drouhin
vaudon, clockbug, eupcaccia,
venice lockjaw, idiot rings,
cannot escape historicizing,
orange zest, chicken satellite,
ccobbgb cluster, hand-saex,
meat dress, the happiest creature
on earth, e-shifting, saruma
henryi, osteospermum, hepburn
enjoying a cigarette, library
bits, red capitalism, capitalism
you had it so, spackles toner,
hyperinflation causes, oh it’s
a collage, vale por una vida
mejor, the white got lost,
bare naked ladies and the
history of art, alicia starr,
lee goldberg, all the texture
is lost, nothing to censure,
actual felt, beautiful
nipples hidden, pink side,
kemal özyurt, blot me out,
the original sandpaper,
go-teetotum, losing nothing,
anti-censorship cunt, rue
saint charles, gray ghost,
love the feel of old oil
paint, terry reid, worth noting,
muffler man, las barreras
son de los que no saben volar,
gar ninety-three, on tan,

Sunday, April 12, 2015


pixadores, choque, snakehead
fish, the ink hit the fan, the
creation of a hell on earth,
expert cannot be hired, olivine,
plagioclase feldspar, violet on
lemon zest, photomicrograph,
pepper milk, cluster of deer,
lm cluster, chocolats, sugar
needle, a sign of your self,
sanrio, cute skull, gonions,
funiculi, uncolloped, vidrio,
armamentarium, pse, intons,
raw cardboard art, zumo,
ual, gnd prepaid, moco, face
suck, cagada, olvido, glueless,
endless swallow, evariste
parny, zumo, bristol stool
chart, clam leak throat,
he could not decipher the
message, rubber in post,
chalkviolet, x splatter x,
do you recognize these marks,
naymaxia overprinted, ryo
buz, we try harder,

Saturday, April 11, 2015

"nihilistic druidic buddhism"

buzz share, casier survivor,
thyme honey, an egg-like
shroob monster, calgary herald
entertainment, piss paintings,
kyphosis, excessive or hyper-
lordosis is commonly, carasaya,
oranges cluster, ilsc, valspar,
don’t be afraid to use your
mobile devices, pcam, ama,
nihilistic druidic buddhism,
visca poum, blue penny
museum, pa jo mo, beyond
what is sufficient, poot,
charlebois, in dreams begin
our responsibilities, half as
confusing as every, drive
into concrete, containing
helmet all energies, calli
tea, rise-over-run, fitviavi-
mold, tu-sais-qué, plunder
colour, fgm, amphora, ryo

Friday, April 10, 2015


ryo, tube-poems, larkitect,
mad jelly, the hamburger sonata,
servus, winnipeg rye, cashel
blue, soma feldmar on blazer,
obliteration code, tan line,
semilunar fold, ldv boo, the
true answer is predominantly
the object, visual poetry crab,
methology, poultney,  dix
usbeks, censoria, arf is goo,
ladysnap, john ware, hoists
the executive chair, torchères,
disassociation engulfment
suppression, collier street,
makes nothing tick, courier
street, ionian islands,

Thursday, April 09, 2015


collier de cheval, huff juice,
creative expression hands-on,
getting phallicly socialized,
lily beetles, the printer’s
fingers, your real signature,
destroying money, calgary
central fluxus, fac, kcscqb
cluster, expose exposer, boniface,
candela, haplology, katexia,
entertainment hungry children,
restenotic, manche à balai,
malentendu, varicoceles,
watertown, are you looking
for signs, philately lately,
care on the hearts earth,
doona, social street,

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


social design, nixielist,
anti-natalism, vhemt, lagavulan,
murrked, the marshmallow test,
the sator square, reading
adventure, how is your reading
experience, cm cluster, sky
shuttle, greek vessel porn,
another ream, one click at a
time, smarties usa, oybg cluster,
air conditioning excise tax,
egg-box, refill the money hole,
hexenoic acid, trances in which
she did not breathe,
towardness, nixie chop, gothic
comics, razen, yugocan, zen
peachtree, medan, win street,

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


win gas, coyotes banff, caribou
street, how much do you tip,
moussaka, thylacine, porthmadog,
highlight oranges, claussen,
tpccmw cluster, walrus cluster,
the whole catastrophe, scarpa
flow, farmageddon, helping
people help themselves, pastoralia,
thornbury laser, thyssen-
bornemisza, lawford avenue,
a second id, readymade ab,
louis calibri, tradestamps,
stock manila, jjimjilbang
yogi, tungsten carbide, throw
more wood on the fire,
putting it in and taking it
out at the same time,
no where near paying taxes,
book value, bay street,

Monday, April 06, 2015

"chogak jogak"

jjimjilbang, marginal art,
globe cinema, keyhole criticism,
red bell, bgv cluster, eleven
thousand dpi, the slight return,
from chaotic to neat, chogak
jogak, untitled art society,
painting machine, cadavers
dressed in rainbows, the static
snowy channel, modern informal
creativity, thank you for
filing, income come, if you
have a bn, variant edition,
whitelines, orange glue, art
texts, omnipoetics, gross national
good, contemporary poetics,
sunset avenue, experialism
history and cult, acraphobia,
preterition, chiliasm, les jeux
pour-meme, sudetenlandization,
chat fork, favourite fonts,
entity called a head,
urgrossmutter, stockworth,
green documents, blue moon
brewing company, yogi tea,

Sunday, April 05, 2015


documental structure, the
desarts of bohemia, writing
in tongues, buried in the fetal
position, should have been a
better role martyr, toujours
le bon vêtement, clothing that
fits life, give me a sign, how
far did we take it down, no
quarter, the past, ocsb cluster,
is this meant to be some kind
of art work, opportunity cluster,
eye the undersigned, an effort
to reconnect with the eternal
network, jukollage, interesting
lives, carol stream il, we don’t
need a cure, the ore of things,
chapman selling chapbooks,
arf, art may, no photos, six
feet of rotten haddock, fone
haddock, waiting for the
connection, invitation to the
dupery, you’re evil, battue,
scratching the tiger’s belly,
denman island, he hasn’t
a penny to test you with,
network redemption, jump
the point size around,
duct tape goo, stock green,


zerotonine, supermoon, producing
penny cost, primula veris, tendai,
somatotopic map, wermoewe,
satin u gal, imperial red,
sunnyside market, ctwb cluster,
cluster of water, imagine
justice, all la la la, lex luthor,
ancient california lottery,
margina, bio-abstract, zoid,
banana domino plate, all the
eggheadz, oil paint on newsprint,
joel zighel, all the work you
did as a youth, there’s a face
in there, mientras mas debil el
razonar, mas robusta habra de
ser la fantasia, jacinto garcia,
sbietti stefano, the product is
you, a decade of achievement,
prison music, john quincey
adams, sterno, agnate,
kalothaya, dada text,
looking for specks, castle
four, bromo-dragonfly

Thursday, April 02, 2015


bromo-dragonfly, entoloma
hochstetteri, brownface, monks
in orange, climber helicoptered
off everest, erowid, multiverse,
hyperpresent, ssl encryption,
carasaya, oranges cluster,
nothing beneficial, necroscope,
except this horrid creature,
zuckung, glen almond, coffre
d’amas, pinko de mayo, for
paction, cluster shorts, taxis
diathesis economia, wabi sabi
brochure, scanlong, newcastle-
upon-tyne, social media