Monday, December 07, 2015

"eight to the bar"

eight to the bar, twenty-two
seventeen, sunk lake, alternative
philately, zotg, letterbrain,
call me names, nabob coupon,
nabob jam, build your own
inuksuk, ainc-inac, had a
lil ole stroke, hoozakon,
medwolf, lawford, greyhound
thedarkknightrises, boh
location, agrees to perform
the obligations, nexus,
amazon mktplace pmts, your
message centre, dream
cottage, cheryl hanson,
reddish green, a whole
half a signature never got
printed, hec stv, women’s

Saturday, December 05, 2015

"having escaped the constraints"

having escaped the constraints,
lost in transaction, wounds of
society, gaslighting, haboob,
desenrascanço, concrete lace,
fuchs’ dystrophy, cavy,
evening hands-on course,
rochefort, arqc, hs, grest,
tgbmb cluster, fahrten-karte,
am nussbaum, hallesches
tor, the pot of guilt, heavily
worked piece of paper, the
origin of the world, sadivnycha,
altstadt regensburg, chuch,
chuck close at bond and
lafayette, caustic jelly
post, lyssophobiac, hebephrenic
drive, red admiral, love in
a handful of dust, nibiru,
mediocracy, petrostate,
friedman’s law, ever in
the history of canada,
the next solar maximum,
pink lego, upload author,
iwy, miss penny, paywave,
grace period, station t
ottawa, thirty-nine calls,
nine dollars and forty
cents, station terminal

Thursday, December 03, 2015

"the angel and the penny"

the angel and the penny,
a golden cupidon, toplofty,
sundown town, skin tag, genki
genki sex dolls, orval,
trappist brewery renovating,
put out a table, interac
two one six zero, your cashier
today was not you, obb cluster,
book rapport, wordfesttweets,
balint zsako, valgardson,
celebrity worship syndrome,
people cards, otpb, brush
dance, community helping
with everything, oneg,
vidor cherry, it’s more
meaningfull with the
extra ell, miss begin,