Saturday, February 28, 2009

"turning scrap paper into gold" & "do you understand these marks"

and how is our local global,
maranatha marathon, former
resident, typewriter make-ready,
time is played out, turning
scrap paper into gold, linear
half, non-parallel reality,
better typed or better
hand-written, unlimited loss,
it’s already unblank, has it
been passed, new cypresses,
the sleep of war, hockey
elle, excessity, nextcess,
there is only one poem, we are
not playing that game today,
the one and only sun, two in
one day,

one: draw a line, do you
understand these marks,
a mere day, uum j, rugged
magic, some sort of work,
hand lettered text, blank
for blank, actual cars,
swimming in mail, actual
fruit stickers, what’s on
the other tv, we lost our
former, language heist,
places we have written, you
have been ignored, inter
rupture, that boulder, in
the kitty, the books we are
about to dump, home is a
nefarious concept,

Friday, February 27, 2009

"carnal praxis" & "writing as a sport"

would you rather this was
typed, type manufacture, a
blue kind of black, card for
mailing, carnal praxis, gatc,
void voici, soufflage de
verse, still carving, doesn’t
everything go airmail, tsn
one gee one, watch out it don’t
fall on you, flying black and
white, space over time, wireless
voodoo, colouring in, arseverse,
local web, at now, time run
backwards, carrying a jug
of milk, two hundred fifty
six gray shades, the listmind,
letters of trance, asana,

you have been refused,
scatter pearls, nothing seems
to come, juyy, still vacuum,
now we have some sort of rat,
annotate annotate, trace
the pen, a drawing of what,
a faint trace of the hand,
take the time to decipher,
writing as a sport, what is
going on, are you putting
me on, museum of colour,
writing on and on stone,
crousing, at all events dot,
still bonding, busy being
online, it’s bad for your
teeth, anon beyon press,

beg for money to do art

nonacademic literature, grid
road, two different colours
of gray, silence-ism, surprise
attack party, trance meter,
liquor trance, make a big
mistake, beg for money to
do art, a bend downhill,
the writer of the note, yes
yes mrk!, surpress, how we
lost touch, on first meeting,
mere colour, now you know
what art is, art over there,
veneer re-enervation, and
the difference, you bot,
write a word on it, foff,
changed the message,

mud-stained literature, fly
staple with paper airplane,
letterburst mandala, minutes
conflict, turn lead into lead,
double original, the material
beyond the line is real too,
a line has been drawn, typing
is still writing, build your
own chapbook, the blank is
the best, do you recognize the
face, never keep the original,
too high the pie, fooled by a
copy, fooled by an original,
gob of snot, zero matter,
rampike signs, colour so rare,
misfile this, naked bytes,

Thursday, February 26, 2009

dropping acid in the wilderness

no mattah, synchronicity day,
non-synchronicity, a phone call,
pink mail, refuse to play, dam
man dam on, still racing,
raking or caking, who’s birth
day is it?, the opposite side
of the year, really two six
heaven, what are you going to
do with this art work,
chaos piling up at the edge
of the paper, cut this in
half already,

now this is one text, a whole
day belonging to you, let the
copier speak, suddenly the pen
exploded, is, turn your monit,
dinosaur literature, your get,
get to work on w, slop,
this text is history,
the eye it, still
projecting, credit where
credit is wanted, money

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"suss yer m.o." & "agagaga"

lost originals, a copy to fly,
do these need to go anywhere,
a home to find, information
trace, rectilinear text, still
perfect, reliable responder,
over-response, get the kids to
play, parent strike, om mo,
trouble finding trouble,
exact bounce, suss yer m.m.o.,
uncopiable impressions,
ary public, how many will
we be needing, copy sign
paper, who’s requiring,
special paper, one to type,
eye escape, from squint to,

shoptalk, we or you, respond
different, rack when ready,
momentary connection, no one
never even e-noon, a day will
come, copy ticket, not strictly
an original, tout all, easily
undesignated, poet’s hockey,
agagag, keeno vee, double up
on, we don’t like your new
direction, bounced back,
faint copy toner, battles
lips, more continuation,
macaroni in the field,
eat a jay, due or do again,
writ see, typical typo,

liberty cap

firm identity, too late to
act, actual wooden object,
biomania, good book bad book,
the return was there, dig out
the book, how real does it
need to be, magic hand,
removed for use, get your
box on, generate anull,
cog and recog, read before
you can’t, dance your do,
light air text, take up a
page, chunk out another
slab, love unit, coyote
university, all the same
person, how can this be read,
local load, bend at will,

herbertus aduncas, hewlett,
iste, bryophilia, botano-phile,
evernew mosses and sward,
king moss otomo, moss used as
bumwipe, paleoscatology,
still smells good, carmanah,
liberty cap, zero post, days-
laughter, dear jill, grease
toner, retournez l’emballage,
forty-six plus one, milk cash,
tuesday at seven, a less
ordinary walk, a tiny bit
of the margin of the picture,
can poetics make a diff?,
cosmic year, paper trance,
stell’-êr, screen printing,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

concrete apron strings

the pattern of sunlight, dud,
reading sports, video stone,
a hundred dollars worth of,
thirty-two thirty-two, big
england, metamix, putaing,
is this a work of art, post
reality, ksista, the flow of
millennia, concrete apron,
graffito reading graffiti,
poor flower, the information
is elsewhere, things that keep,
microtypography, sax lucy,
being concentrated, in a
vein, dune slacks, holcus,
common here but, how to learn
deeply, pleasure dust, knowl,

never get it back, iceland and
panama, just as in the dark,
annotated pohl, the actual
thing, reality wrapped in
paper, teaching material,
whiteside, nice ice, halflife
of rubber, the man that is,
incisa, die cranium die, my
brother ella, bazzania,
herberta, grimmia,
michaux’s eye, as a gray,
mylia, edge of parking
lot, beginning of the dome,

"slowworms" & "everybody's got their own agenda"

the house of the bricolager,
paid has been put, soft lesson,
forcing you to think about,
sunzine, maz, incontinuity, comp
sites, the hold, still remains
unwritten, you can tell by the
blue line, could still be
continued, slowworms,
zwaarmoedigheid, still this
day, frampold, everything
special, zooz, holding some
sort of line, zense, asanas, a
loose leaf, agakamunda, eight
concrete benches, galata
saray, varol beton,

we got no room for you in our,
proposing decolonization,
rare garbage, warped eye,
still pulling, unintended
audience, everybody’s got their
own agenda, here is where we
enter the picture, where do you
find this junk, moist warp,
ecpyrosis, warp war, faux
fake, uncrumpled, interact
for a while, the same world
we are living in now, actual
event reality, come by mail,
the whole story, in the
event of an event, this is
not my life, resembles a,

Monday, February 23, 2009

"cough nothing" & " nothing goes thru"

eating time, zine product,
getting the word out, unshine,
gfc, modèle, who we was, rueda,
trance off kilk, red and blk
lulu, photofilm, if babes,
centrac, buy another book,
colour pink, total honey,
how we used to spend our
money, still reading can,
long missed events, cough
nothing, any old books, dot
dash dot com, coke en stock,
the toner talking, prairie
line, design design design,
halfheard, this is still,

tissue text, fake hope, sandworms,
our national sport: bare-knuckle,
direct reference, writing acc,
booger milk, nopen, centesima,
blanke hoofdras, big hat poem,
eye doubt, nothing goes thru,
a list of q’s, presource, incer,
high wiring, ink glance, take
the words away, chaos ciao,
hat parade, the floor of the
mailroom, trance away, ashlar,
logistics cargo, standard
symbols, vispo in advertizing,
self-lettering, circa
select, adultulation, eye
got no memory, lingerage,

brain fade

stimulating poetry, zero bit,
still drinking, treeless area,
biregional, coyau, what are you
up to now, jac pearl, go for
the zen, hot house, an ear to
the concrete, your drinking
it, refuse designation,
teledisturbance, still drunk,
wear your name, wondered what
it stood for, contact corp,
break that thot, jac – jac,
collect labels, poetry
receipt, take a break,
wrote and gave away, the
empty chair, turn it off,
fun ‘til you puke, toy lit,

trike, outport, red door, an ok
expearience, hissing roach, much
cheaper, blank blue lines,
ice sparks, a fat load of,
temporary money, omeny, the
great plainsex, balance the
booze, imp ecco, run across
the street, tea sun, learn
how to spell, glistening
wax, mass cash, silicon
deterioration, butter art,
unthusiasm, wax sheen,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"save everything and nothing" & "oka nan ada"

gone birds, body and boogy,
saint effects, words we won’t
be able to make forever,
save everything and nothing,
hom, when your hand is still
strong, which way is the
money flowing, hot horn,
unun, nover, positive zero,
here’s a line, white line,
purple origami, what did
we used to do, go to the,
zed light, your name in
gold, name fuel, altered
void, vat of chemicals in
your head, speedball pen,

squib books, buried references,
avail yourself, this is a pipe,
still wiping, a mutter of fuck,
erasing the paths, this is is,
oka nan ada, old new, time race,
still looking, still selling,
who’s doing the talking, an
unbound book, face to face
with the poet, they have
trademarked, still digging,
still breathing, gec co,
fear of cease and desist,
still dead, edition of too
many, how do you count the
days, no variation, still
vision, corrected photocopy,
excheese, init, scripsit, pass
thru, too much light, heart,

Friday, February 20, 2009

"faux perfection" & "more time between then and then than then and now"

off in the world, nothing
to do with moss, still a
crumb, contaminate
european high-art, ecre, put
a trace on the letter,
shorthand lit, blank state,
site unseen, limit remaining,
the ching of art, volunt
time, item described fully
and accurately, a penny to
ititiate the proceedings,
mightmare, blank is better
and cheaper, zen sky, faux
perforation, now we are at
the end, an image we can’t
forget, envelope bound, hold
out for nothing, cut ‘em out,

reshook, about the time we came in,
in contact with the past, could
be a trim, breif being, almost
mere, forget when exactly now
is, falling together, more time
between then and then than then,
archipelago of skin, artrates,
there are no sheep here, ab-eration,
imp poem super proprose, error
finder, compiler lyric comp-
iler, about the time we were,
that year that is gone, earn
the priviledges, millenial
intoxication, approaches to
the text, the wrong comic,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


nothing between quotation
marks, nothing about the author,
ice penis, blin, micro-art,
efforts made, more than a
murmer, don’t stop doing art,
now we are there, er here,
passing thru the hat, the
one and only press, this
colouration, in at the end,
wuhay, enemy is a shifter,
prairie resident, ochro som,
uncommon house, has it ever
come, those are ribs, never
actually seen any real art,
preview of the view, outside
contact, still get it strate,

lemon mouse line, distance to
paris, the way we perceive our
location, double impression,
save to disk, no brace, life
clicking by, promice, drink the
ocean, good and rusty, use
the bot, made gold, is it my
eyes or, check the original,
obtain nothing, nobody takes
you seriously, digit eyes,
rearming, final renewal,
poppin’ open, actuall did the
graf, this moment on the
road, hat dot htm, the last
book you ever saw, still a part,
scandalong, rust art, daily
hurdle, salt deposit, digit
manip, hand correct, eye use,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


cybermedicine, how it’s made,
town’s end, the tattered old
original, the sens, sandau,
deattach, withheld breath,
alt-message, all here, e-go,
blaunk, antiengines, copyheart,
here’s your days, locomobile,
clip harp e, fröjsta, the
swamp angel is a gun, handmade
insertion, free indirect
speaking, struck thru by hand,
a rope of sand, jewels - five -
words - long, sand runs out of
every being at every seam,
trance work, mocc, unsorted
list, anything fifteen cents,
zenzen pies, something
actually went thru, really
decentralised, the process
of the process,

where are all the people are,
oper: a, pre-vast, no fixed address,
follow no links, paper chain,
index garbage, working out
further, mail daze, days
unnumbered, work at the
limits, hunger event, full to
empty, eye owe, a little cash
to tide you over, new ink, pix
tix, ahadada, exp, never spent,
where’d that went?, in the
fen, please disregard above
text: actual text is:, across
the trance, keep drawing
blanks, commemorative of
nothing, blank trip, snake
investigation, envelope nil,

cat my dogs

double you and an em, the
self in, dot represent, the
final return, the hard core
of existentialism, driving
thru fire, timeless text,
whole truths and empty,
age lock, are you reading
all this, canadian all too
canadian, tiospaye, earth
writing nation, yellowcake,
glossy rustic, un-pays,
women nemo, auto-interior,
dot rep, the final load of
books, thcoe, thrufire,
timefull text, nil truths,
location year, read out,

katmai, a law of death, into
the sugar grove, outliers,
nunataks, jordanons, bedrock
is in motion, delete record,
south sask, is number is,
alphabet eyes, if room
expand, no dot, rust flow,
trance fix, hand order,
sign down, not in the
picture, spatial pattern
analysis, the mail stop,
aggressive dogs or gods,
needle stick, a paper
slip, tree ear, horus eye,
dayglo whale, psychle,
nows, ňŏŵ, ordinal, demark,

Monday, February 16, 2009


plot your location, aaznawk,
everything we need to stay, galena,
vermicelli marks, holds the couples
easily, squssy juice, fizgigs, conapts,
inexorable moral policeman, closely
and expressing her hope, wug-plant,
proxmen, homeopape, poll-pry, orange
kitten, amphetamine dispenser, high
coils their earlobes, effort-syndrome,
one wad, seeing new things in the
image, one: have a seat in the rubble,
now we are torn from each other,

arraign storm, controllability
enhances its humaneness,
psychopolitical text, satyagraha
massa gana, counterideology of
the other, vivid ink dries quickly
without smearing,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

grass teat

at the level of velleity,
which text did you like
better, time of life,
woe destro, the action of
toner over time, orpeno,
machine head, machine
down, grass teat, lead
ink, time and real,
creosotea kawliga, what
on the mind, do a draw,
miniature art, microbeing,
what thumb, biu, copy
delight, art trash,
what ever hap, could of,
spime, trip chaucer, in
the daze, who we were we
were, time on, ne cum,

actually buy art, tell us the
story, is this me, where’d you get
your mailing list, microdebt,
still?, now is found or lost time,
renewed dewener, no info is
good info, handcopy, gap, call
and lack, as a mic, stone notes,
mere scribbling, allergic to
pigs, abductress, actual file,
no hardware required, still
interest, the window is gone,
close enuf doors, keep
moving, plain life, torque
this, imp international,
rubbed up against blue,
zinesense, money does not
work, the table is free,
again trance, no grudge,

Saturday, February 14, 2009


leuchttürme, no reality but in
details, i’m not allowed to enter
your city, graphic window, it’s
got your name on it twice, noise
toys, ab levy kokuho, per second
per second per second, bright
yellow bookmark, gib stoff,
furor scribendi, pain-monger, the
carnose horologe of the ego,
turkey: waiting for the axe to
fall, cash money registered
trademark, back when the stamps
were only, a job working with your
hands, didn’t we already kill this
day, too hot to fill out a form,
who you present yourself to be, of
course it’s clean: abstract, a till
like that, what reality are you
trying to hold on to, poet turned
artist, tı, think beast, fear of
communication, witholding sex,
witholding affection, betrayal
at the hands, i am totally
screwed therefore i exist,
feedback resonances, network
effects, zaibatsus, warfare
among corporations, willingly
embraces the catastrophe his
life has become, just waiting
to be killed, the last delta-t,
not a genius but a crackpot,
the disconnected one, eyelines,
fatalistic blankness,

Friday, February 13, 2009

the law of the claw

begin with others, begin at sundown,
three months of misery, blog ‘em all,
guard the van, worthy of light, copied
dew, esthonia, shoes and hat-boxes,
the bare blank shudders, choking
eyes, wiglomeration, penny cards,
observationism, a cluster of
wretched hovels, one-and-a-penny-
halfpenny, the economics of
abundance, the blues clues of
reality, low-content buzz, ban
the insanity of force, i vote for
kurt, a catalyzed nuclear
reaction, marmart, shanty clusters,
dorgi, caw fee, mir¢, you throw
the pennies, citrons oranges, cung,
metropolised, hat in the wet,
the concrete side, a bull-roarer,
change by means of blood, water
telescope, sympathetic magic,
hydraulic theory of violence,
a hunter employing all craft,
jus talionis, in all its
concrete reality, zebu, you
ain’t seen nothin’ yet, new year’s
evil, copy is zero original is one,
now the original is zero too,
new years evil day, lay the
disaster to rest, paper
completely covered in toner,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

upload didn't work

the ping pong club, dear isabell,
mac gueen, you can in france, the
flight of the image, porcelain
milk, these are made for, tsssshp,
omem w, egg light, tlaloc sheet,
men who raise babies, the gone
show, volume volume volume, the
distance is we travel, federons,
conquer the continent of north
america, the lord’s prayer raised
on a rollered penny, knuckle
bomb, uproached, kyros, fold penny,
penny trampoline, trottoir,
pagoda shag carpet, electronic
cesta to hurl, disco moccasin,
untrafficked roads, geography
locomotive, bright orange layer
cut, concrete smoke, happy the
critics were ecstatic, nebraska
dead bolt, metot nilats ognat,
solar currency, said pais,
research clusters, the landscape
is blank, counterfactuals, imp
posts, secceshes, stovepipe hat,
disunionists, columned in
clusters, collective honor
as expediently,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


infrathink, total love bone policy,
hate this piece of paper, are we playing
or working, remember flying that
kite, what do your letters stand for,
there will be no rebirth, when you
were both present, mere copy, maxflo,
paum zaum taum, let beauty go,
free yourself of the page, aduellation,
could be donaza, material for
forward, something was done, put
pixel, which came first, if you could
have this time back, nobody is not
worthy, paying off in copies, can
we get a bit of annotation here,
look into the chaos, you want
slogans, you get most of the picture,
breathe yourself to death,
memorize nothing, perpetual
acid, who let the actual in,
what were you hoping, exhat, how
do you rate my response, people
that bring a smile to your face,
still hat, everything it is
possible, risk a, sailmail,
everybody is doing their thing,
what all did we have to send,
the call or the response, enter
another, marching towards
replication, simulated info,
isn’t hat, there is nothing on the
other sid, a lot of lonely
work, total love body pleasure,
arbitrary number one,

autocapitalization on "Dadaistic"

waiting for time to indicate
something, oh we are two alright,
you wouldn’t want to be one with
me, this colour is called green,
be in every room at the same time,
this would be good paper for, how
can we forget we never knew, is
this not mere spam, stamp your own
stamps, here’s a new version of an
old theme, this one’s me, is there
anybody left in the network, a
public moument, moona lisa, flame
hair, heterotopia, shining this one,
i love your lips, the political
geography of the brain, how can
you two claim to have lost
anything, markings adding up to
nothing, it is all a big hustle,
you want to be sold, ain’t got no
kodak, we are going to have to
let it all go eventually, my
brins on fire, you won’t be
finding any stars in weather
like this, keep it all from
getting bent, busy being bounced,
van mens tot mens, tomato copy-
right, what is your subtext,
good old nothing, microgesture,
dadaistic disobedience, try
to maintain reading, charred
wood, run this tape now, out of
focus for ever, ask task, mustard
cookies, every event we ever missed,
may eat not wheat, innerzone,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

give the gift of nothing

writing addiction, lu, what do we
need today, iron city cap, hall
ham sings, hatter soaked, tiny
trancers, otb, the long night moon,
moss-draped black spruce, cluster
of eyes, ent’wäda ooda, arts of uw
apotheker, rixus, biospeleologia,
biré, hatcup, information tonight,
mister mark-a-price, psychological
abuse, is there a body present, put
your energy behind you, give the
gift of nothing, on the cover of
ertavi, loss temporary loss
permanent, difficulté vaincue,
défi, cultural hacking its
experiments, spaceways, corporate
executives like harrisch, the
harsh calvinist ethic, deco rate,
decoin, it is later than you think,
gazing at toner, we did not think
too much of your thot, can we get
a day here,

Monday, February 09, 2009


eliminate another day, toner network,
sieze the blank, let’s get this fall
over with, learning meditation, the
copy is less legible, being’s eye,
how about zero copies, fifty days
from now, we are staring at a wall,
you are making alterations, turn
it into an ell, turn it from an ell
into, saint paper, more than fifty
days fron, editman, the original
is not so heavy handed, colour
eliminator, being plus, legible
copies, fluxus eye, smear the
letters, we are really losing
everything, what does it take
to get a little recognition,
meditate on head, thru the
subdimensional hole, learning
the inside of, contains force,
let us one, nowad, falling blank,
break thoughts, all torange,
aren’t these boys a little young
to be boxing, head designed
for hitting, forget fighting,
banglamung, try to retard the
rate of fall, fruit loonies,
turn up something new, time will,
bilocation, weetigo, sang and
changed nothing, hymen
restoration, the pole of
inaccessibility, jjimjilbang,
blowmolding, camel-sparrow,
meanwhile trance, capgras
delusion, aliya, iceland spar,
dosais, clonazepam, hadith,
liwat, entonces, parasomnias,

coffee genius

café-genius, poetical economy, do i have
to complete this form, this text is the
back of the previous, toner works where
nothing else will, fate: far fast fall
final, the surface is scored, deadblog,
now we have forty-nine plus, give it a
lick, cherry homes, erase the date, ross
diamond, eye live matter, wait a sec
this is not toner, are we seeing or
failing to see, let us try to look,
these are not even words, fhfhf, saint
an, zzi, we want toner, all of the page
is usable, if one could read all of
these writing systems, being born
into language, pentameran, hey eye
recognize this, finding a place to
sign, invent a new language, hard
to tell the signs from the non-signs,
is this big book or small book, why
are you mentioning drugs, all i, ex-
parte, society in its infinite wisdom,
never let them get their hooks into
you, affidavit etymology, sever
paper, blank luscious blank, veg
table, psych, will you be attending
anything, ttk, kokuho jville, lose
track of now, twenty-four hours
of solid now, infinite big shit, black
deposit boxes, glyphotograph,
paratactically, the smell of
horseshit covers the prairie, serutan,
astrologocentric, condemmed as
either a health hazard, saint
ant, mihrab, minbar, zanj, f,
paronomasia, concrete character,
disciplinarization, favela, wage
emancipation, formal subsumption,
expectant and heated crowd,
all in clusters hurrying upward,

Sunday, February 08, 2009

test nothing

who designed this, put an ex thru another
day, wonderful text, do you see where
this text is going, become self, a
representation of a vagina, only one
time we ever shaved, all texts are
heading, orange globe, orange day,
test nothing, a little blacker than
the original, the heart remains, edm
no four, might come out white, might
come out black, the day has been
bleeding away but, how can you refer
to a moment ten years ago so casually,
orange together, global revolution,
a dozen times copied becomes an
original, eek a bare naked lady,
just let it grow, how many of these
rubberstamps can there be, butcher
your self, set free your garbage,
wonderful eat, june loaf, text
rispie, writing six, pour crazy, called
zero, maybe we need an ftp site,
is your head still above water,
do i look like i can afford it,
opon, mop mat pen, when is a beer
not a beer, still to blog, cogdis,
the cost of escaping history,
alligator pears, quillaia extract,
saponin, hand-in-hand with
movable type, the livelihood project,
chemtrails, control human
experimentation, bail-posting
relatives, a mossy river mouth,
maybe take in a flick, how can
one day be so rich and the other
so empty, reco, coluber, the exact
same text on yellow paper, your
connection to the world, kno,
please cut off the gas, put the
grease into a can, chopped up
self, examine the map territory,

mouth honour

the seven of hearts, horsepower
sauce, aitch is for pee sauce, go
away from the university, you
are crazy when nobody is looking,
rapid dissolution, yurt, pork
soup, slel, the wrong time to be
ticking, saturn returns, hedge-
fetish, glycaemic boot, greaves,
mine player, pee-pull, hat tunner,
fighting over pennies, horsemen in
his entourage carelessly, walls
are clustered with paintings, the
whispers of the postal clerk,
collective honor is expedient,
orange butterfly, honor-magic,
mouth honor, i am a bale of hay,
a photo of boredom, run thru
these texts again, remember
when the toner was fresh, the
truth will kill you, platypus
for lunch, raksasas, almost
as bright as reality: brighter!,

Saturday, February 07, 2009


so salty, mail sat, sid ammo, you
don’t need a computer to be an
internet freak, surrounded by
wallpaper, cern, time-torn, zyzzyx,
concrete architecture, supercow,
concrete in current, bootylicious,
slope failure, creation science,
kettlebell, hypnobirthing, base-
jumping, raumatic, concrete prey,
experitry, sunlampwriter, the
room filled up with mosquitoes,
microcord, intemperate hand,
blackiemail, subarachnoid
hemorrhage, wazzock, poeta
fit, bog standard, all a taunto,
a transportable offence, shame
withholding, continua, defense
of honor, one seven oh seven,
nothing confidential, daxing,
letter fall, naar, national
orange, no more water for you,
sonnenberg, pussy copyright,
public enterprise, we always
already have it, anti-morality,
prbbrp, no one else places a
letter like, thw-ip kitikitikiti-
kiti, shouting into your brain,
for what matters, seven seven
seven, the sky is shot, a small
enuf request, obscured by
hat, please let go, shining
seed, include my art in your
art, past glory, one to set free,
which way do we look at it,

Friday, February 06, 2009

dark data

you need to find your eye, jmail,
you are over the edge here, cookies
made of bread, the deuce of spades,
i’ve been everywhere man, cows are fed
beer, fuar-fuar, nothing had
interrupted its flow, neveritch,
twerm periodetc, cid the cloaker,
spurt pubic, polishing iuds, the
hands that wield the needles,
profiters from misery, plain
text irreality, labio dripping,
clan the hatter flew, warming
centres, picobiliphytes, poème
birmane, dado, zedi, paya, seinbu,
pipeclaying, cyclothymia, nothing
particular, clustering close, a
closed time loop, the law is the
boy for me, jog-trotty, concrete
evidence, the bufonidae network,
argotism, non-expository, anti-
expository, non-voice-centered
paradigms, a chordal poetics,
ars de faire, the blank spaces
in between, a negative economy,
the poetry polis, class hierarchy
create and extend, cyclo
drivers, no visible means of
support, pentacosiomedimnoi,
zeugitai, lex aquilia,


you made the error, until the end,
what are they saying about you,
maybe this yellow band, one of
offer limit, what is the most you
can hope from art, three of hearts,
ccgl, one is a don’t, orange tube
tents, coop ham, ixtact, pi-pa,
unempathic, perror will set you
free from repetition, ham lust,
moss crew, xenon atoms lined up
to say zen, repetition compulsion,
planetisemals, a debris disk,
stipendiaries, weazen, slap-bang,
fossil imp, ill fo manger, on the
wrong side of the post, his hat a
favorite snail-promenade,
a polyencephalic entity,
fourteenpenny, a lesbian genital
aesthetic, an eight by eleven
epiphanic lyric, concrete
shifts, the abject, down time
consumption, coming into new
subjectivity, shavetail, wurtzite,
classified cluster of data,
a slave printing construct,
hysteresis, krasis, sphalerite,
greenockite, herewith expelled
from the college, gia, the
shadowy man in the dark hat,
attainted muzhik, happy