Monday, May 31, 2010

MAR 26 2008, 8:00 pm

1) linky
1) all the ground we had covered lost
1) patina of the real
1) all of my network mixed with all of your network
1) paramus
1) this is still going on today
1) why am i so large?
1) it is always already past the deadline
1) piermont
1) maintenance post
1) why do you find my hand so hard on your eye?
1) why is your hand easy on my eye here?
1) jet blue
1) love done
1) we like the feel of the genuine
1) shadowork no more
1) i put all these ideas into your head
1) this is the one we almost bubbled
1) peace thru violence
1) there was a time
1) the dust is getting pretty thick
1) you have to learn to see all over again
1) this is a document you are supposed to act on
1) hello! hurry up & say hello before i die
1) paper has a tendency to outlast
1) ATtaCk!
1) now nice
1) who was doing things up very nice
1) postal efforts
1) indicate your name
1) i don’t have a clue what you’re saying
1) i’m pretty sure i read this one
1) please, no cats
1) now here’s one i really do remember

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"final full circle"

a third mode! freedom!
counting upwards, the whole
gap (page hole, copula in the
margin, the new expiry,
come from here, three blank
sheets: infinite potential,
mentioning words versus
actually using them, here say,
never got a kiss, take a
necessary chance, to cast
oneself on the water, yes™,
going to ground, put an
elaiosome on it, time to new,
blaze himself out,
power → triggering
hole → installation,
not even en, connext, → , sub-
jacent (sub-basement, jumped
forty stories & popped the
top of his head off & his brain
out onto the pavement (with
a bang!, makes eye think of,
some new stuff, the good
ole days when we could just
throw things away, eighteen
cents, gamble with your credit
card?, eminently unsaveable,
a hole binder full, final Ω,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

MAR 24 2008, 9 pm

1) you think you’re cracked?
1) #1, don’t call me mister, #2…
1) did your friend ever find you?
1) i suspect this little publication is still present
1) this is a bucket of delights
1) this one had quite the patina
1) woman with cast
1) upside down peace sign
1) the one who keeps cropping up
1) might mean more if you knew the language
1) judging by the folds
1) touch all you want you wont feel nothing
1) we must resume contact
1) no need to sell
1) every version
1) gar yar
1) yep, that’s how things flew back & forth
1) did you ever?
1) we had a hand in passing
1) copy epoch
1) no way to tell which way the chaos will flux next
1) it’s a little hard to make out
1) dali dada
1) butt sweet
1) none of it was real, was it?
1) was this going thru me?
1) zooping acrost the universe
1) explain why the copy is so bad
1) afraid to get back in the saddle?
1) the last one we never moved
1) keeping tabs on the microdevelopments
1) we are grinding this one down
1) me rest mention
1) huff chunks

anytime minutes
transmit ø
is this the one one
cut art to shreds
lips but not heaps
write it all
out in another hand?

Friday, May 28, 2010


the whole word, toner shift,
narrowing down, the start to
say, dereification, a bug
squished on it, v , renovel,
computers for the starving,
designated imp, the next best
thing, end of messages, enter
the game at a position, not
counting anymore, bitmap
tiff files, a linescreen on
everything (making it
illegible, when your mind
is awayk, reinscribing,
hypertopological, this phrase
releases a number of inter-pol-
-pell- -pretations, mixing of
genres, psy, gait pass, yeah
yeah, a never, the place
where the book is split,
set theory aside, generic
city, as opposed to means?,
takes the ink, particular
curve, invicta, twilight
statemeants, pay sage,
the reasons razed, the
point of futility, ataxia,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

MAR 29 2008, (am) #1

1) jissom
1) bat visiting flower
1) pai
1) acad emic
1) theer
1) are these things supposed to be liminal?
1) is this a visual reference to
1) what happens if there is no money in the account?
1) the months we were elsewhere
1) ate meant
1) thump print
1) last class national
1) the poem deterioration project
1) i never had sex the whole year i was 42
1) not that i didn’t think about it now and then
1) groundhog press
1) you can have my city
1) oath green press
1) know your losers
1) the only book of poetry in the prison library
1) not just any pete smith
1) generous with institutional money
1) print it out so you can read it
1) net exactly begging to be copied
1) how many taps on the shoulder does it take to get
your attention?
1) nothing but links
1) chuff lunks
1) one out of how many actually wishes replication?
1) networks we are destroying
1) i’m an art poet
1) is it getting’ anywhere?
1) one winner, six billion losers
1) make sure your name & address are in a solid font

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"disease the day"

thinning out, thickening in,
reproduction prohibited,
bloquiste foray, man of excess,
the counter-abyss, finish:
begin, degenre-ation,
disparagraph, text: to be
specified, counter-law, sight
again, re:clusion, death of the
sentence, open the floodgates,
more than pointing, igloos eh?,
disease the day,
desubjectification, a line of
flight!, microperceptions,
nag you all, read impossible
books, spatium, that’s all she
wrote, owl barn, germen
cosine, contemporaneousness,
dissemenation of the word,
flow conjunctions flow,
not really seen, while others
starve, touching my face, just
add water, text thru water
drop, huge alteration of
perception, dimensionality,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MAR 29 2008, 5:00 pm

1) eyelash money
1) saint ub
1) i want my baby back
1) a-out
1) eagle aid
1) you stole this
1) pay ape
1) en gorge
1) merzmerize
1) where’s the skin?
1) actual hand cancel
1) let’s gess
1) hairdo enhanced
1) the paper still has that magic smell
1) snort tea
1) buddha sez “pow!”
1) mid-career botanist
1) taking rejection in stride
1) well, if it closed then it must be open again
1) the answer to the question “when does the art change?”
1) you said “opening” but you meant “closing”
1) golden beaver
1) you joined the library
1) total eglipse (egg lips)
1) there’s a lot to be said for the hand, but.
1) ← what’s this?
1) don’t sweat the dust
1) bottles?
1) subscribe to nothing
1) mail sits unopened for six months
1) money automatic money
1) you assumed
1) auto
1) quarterly

Monday, May 24, 2010

"anarchy is king!'

this is a free muse um, i knew
mon (fly!, white sugar space,
gapping, what margin?,
trance height, seamlessly
joined together, apostal,
qualm art, buy somelanguage,
removing the future,
human she’ld, an interior
person, beautiful lets her,
speculators, anarchy is
king!, she dug out the oh!,
paper fetch, imp tension,
date filled, can it!, a
conversion conversation,
where that word has gone,
the question of air, books &
other junk, my current
convections, gran dam,
binder to binder,
mossified, the whole
binder, always time to
renew, red dress your
since, pay him in b, tiny
eye, notes toward, reds
ilk (redress), ruled sheets,
still room, back to square one,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

APR 06 2008, 9:00 pm

1) you already have all the text you could
ever possibly need
1) the collage news
1) ganong
1) please, tell me what i’m looking for here
1) queef
1) do you call this crazy junk ‘writing’?
1) you might have probably forgot about this one
1) the way a pile of paper can roar like that

APR 09 2008, 9:00 pm

1) suitable doodle
1) what does all your meaning mean?
1) does it matter which way you hold the bookmark?
1) first give me your opinion
1) i hate the earth
1) we are not after any sort of words anymore
1) two chairs fuck
1) this thing attaches itself to the internet
1) arise you prisoners of starvation
1) congenial minds
1) gorte
1) yes, no,
1) limbic moment
1) oh no, anybody but...!
1) mirror archive
1) memorably grubby
1) can’t sleep? have a pot of coffee!
1) read all the itty-bitty words or not
1) why are we always killing our self?
1) illuminated frag
1) self fells
1) all the text that can occupy
1) as we consume so we consume
1) the centure
1) it’s all in the shades
1) the leaning towers
1) fico!
1) it’s ain’t
1) what was
1) three-oh-two-ing
1) three blogs
1) place balloon here
1) metanomen
1) eight-shooter

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Southbya" & another one

getting to the point of no
return, playing with the eye
dee a, dipping in and out of
english, on living leaves of
the book, the label, any eye
left, dustin’ off the old eye,
university of hiroshima,
a hundred thousand, rebound
(bound again, coal light,
sur(e I name encoded in,
boggy margin, unfix,
doling her eye, barely
elating, there’s always the
wall, south by a, truly
simimetrical, a thouroughly
magnifisent creature,
to lure together, upon the

symbolic exchange, a
perfect imp, histories
will exhibit a ceaseless,
the manic, underdetermined,
complex human event,
including social text,
self-generating feedback
mechanism, thick describing,

Friday, May 21, 2010

circa APR 06 2008

both well
fear of flying
what do these marks suggest to you?
transparent version
one of these signatures is going to kill you
hot mojo’s
the consumer is the author of the text
we don’t even drink this much coffee
folding is cheating
ding ya a dollar
biz iz zlow
fuck the rent
thinking with your
lint worm
oh, “bread”! i thot you said “dread”
a loaf of dread
no more shotguns!
search machines

Thursday, May 20, 2010

APR 06 2008, 4:00 pm

1) who takes the trouble to wrap the lid
1) i think it was a little paper hat
1) did i mention the fluff?
1) metadramas
1) pinky, the finger
1) high points indicated
1) self-generating website
1) the imprisoned writer
1) The Scarecrows
1) burning so bright, burning so bright, burning…
1) this one might be a clue to another
1) perhaps the penny is imploding
1) if only we would have got out and pushed
1) at least this one had the courtesy to deteriorate!
1) tassel-twirling fun
1) yes, this is an event
1) the immortal question: “who will chop your suey when…
1) the reason i give you more than one of a thing
1) pennies to produce
1) misfold dead
1) actual grass from the lawn
1) one prefers events from a distance
1) slapdance
1) any old junk you happen to see lying around
1) patina of 20 yr. old flyers
1) is this still up for grabs?
1) Betty Wilkinson
1) antique underground
1) children’s pencil crayons
1) shit helicopter
1) Eveline Ketterings “The Burning Bride”
1) kitch on 7th
1) where do you come up with this stuff?
1) if we could time (& space) travel

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"not too readable"

be gun, the random flow of meat,
not associated, no-demand, weak
paper, quite seeing, THwarT,
slow-motion shattering explo-
sion, open mickey, the most advanct
frame, so fragile paper, non-erupt-
ive, the other kind of attention,
claims to jump, not represented,
bringing cash, tell her a lies a,
multilayered not mutilated,
so inside, too readable, black
or white, spatiality, a
custom of release, indebt
you, a twisted colourful
earfilling leaf, similar
things, in the vanes of kurtz,
actual dirt, a shatter gem
balance, the never sea,
the young cave leaf!, am
profit is, see pure, the
young nerves of the beauty,
zen food (fro, arts number,
a gorgeous skeleton,
determined to identify them,
(idem), fynbos, a constant
neck, press the cavern,
building communications,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MAR 20 2008, 4:00 pm

1) drougge
1) nobody but nobody wants this trash
1) where your map intersects with my map
1) why on earth are you saving something like this?
1) “the baby is on duty” Ron Silliman
1) change & change again ya
1) deathware
1) i am hamstrung
1) professional reproduction
1) dnt
1) already buried under a pile of literature
1) fich
1) we might have to start travel
1) this is how you were destroyed
1) illegal aid
1) blank god
1) thou shalt not imbibe
1) a delivery we had to make
1) beaubien
1) reprography
1) think you might like to try outdoor sales?
1) time to consider the possibility of
1) the labour of convincing
1) ain’t got no contract
1) winwing
1) the psychology of selling
1) sog
1) never fill out any forms
1) you can tell by the fuzzy paper
1) you agg

Monday, May 17, 2010

"the sensation of meaning"

a her, ting, and you all, battle over
birth, the/a her, to interpret before
hand, trial text, evolving
compositional or historical,
continuous manuscript, imp pen
i trouble, reverse your
decision, imp ear y’all,
neon caffeen, rue la day,
trance activity, do you like
this garden?, pickled capers,
needs work to set one in motion,
obviously complete completely
obvious, make sure your children
don’t wreck it, always already
a copy, it has the sensation of
meaning, micro echo, handle
chaos exclusively, nonlinear
poetry, emerge the heart of
chaos, a system with sensitive
dependence on initial conditions,
trance is son to turbulence,
damped driven, open the eye
& see, hmmmm!, till two thous
&, unfinishable, not exactly real,
lick the word, a null model,
egg, eye trys, returntable,
this is not the thing itself,
a swack of words!, wish
we were watching tee vee,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

circa MAR 17 2008

1. nothing seems to be missing from this one
1. one one one one one one one one
1. judge nothing
1. poem printed on coffee filter
1. Sister Chän Khöng
1. i remember when this ink was still glistening
1. titles of poems we read today
1. perhaps we have overextended our network
1. you’re going to take advice from Madonna?
1. since when does ‘wolf’ need to be capitalized?
1. highspot
1. protection from the concrete
1. probe away
1. war in the brain
1. to the nth degree
1. sara pure
1. solve chaos
1. phalesgre
1. change the way things were
1. rename history
1. throg
1. the whys of the hwys
1. berserkr
1. pho minh chau
1. ten dollars worth of poetry
1. won’t leak in flight
1. where have you been for so long?
1. let’s go for a meander
1. why is this document 65000 lines?
1. QA/QC quack! quack!
1. point eight
1. no, it was not a stamp

Saturday, May 15, 2010

MAR 17 2008, 8:00/9:00 (pm) (tea)

1. i can smell your beauty
1. gewoon
1. zowel
1. actually get thru & touch
1. visual text zero
1. damn glans
1. simple enuf to amuse fools
1. mailart at the whitney
1. blue-banded eggfly
1. mail me a dandelion
1. identity removed
1. always with the blood
1. dada-kan
1. j.b. hickory
1. & &
1. is that a storm or a mountain ?
1. take it to your local currency exchange
1. shoot the mail box
1. you can deny it all you want, it’s still true
1. it’s a beautiful dream
1. the feel of actual oil paint
1. the smilingdisease project
1. the confusion of identities
1. why would you copy this in the first place?
1. here is a transferation of the artwork
1. inherited a subply of obsolete letterhead & envelopes
1. olly olly in free!
1. i don’t know any melodies
1. quaint night
1. Fernand Khnopff (1858-1921)
1. what does your word say?
1. I long song cluster
1. I lamp sand knuckle duster
1. I can smell your presence
1. reeks
1. ghost cluster
1. the one you wanted to touch

Friday, May 14, 2010


sing what’s never bin sung, so many
words, glad when it’s gone, how
will we know we are going in the
right direction?, island molecules,
talking about one’s elf in the third
person, note bank, po’ reality,
help earn the centre, so they
buys, reading around, fee-free
freedom, ongoing dumping,
non-ambulatory, cybError,
cyberspacejunk, my peom,
pun overdose (ezra, designating
an event, your indoctrination,
her edit ate him, wake wacky,
five hundred years old, echo-mike,
beautys doom, mumber,
nember, in accord dance with
our costume, keep sake cool,
mist or, there’s no paper!,
utilize zed, imping he meant,
trance history, sin taxis,
ain’t no voice poem, what do
these numbers stand for?,
the mode-that-is-meant,
a challenge to thingification?,
against the self-present
subject, book missing,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

MAR 21 2008, (am) #1

1) smear of shit
2) important document enclosed
3) without prejudice
4) google something besides you own name for a change
5) economic sex
6) zine name: Virus Mary
7) you don’t have to read this, you idiot
8) are you leaving the book?
9) you could be present elsewhere
10) kokomexico
11) druggage
12) they are not letting you thru
13) keep the channel open
14) say-it-alls
15) move where the rent is free
16) cool laser paper
17) eye can’t smell nothing
18) never entrust your work to them
19) one one one one one one
20) confusing flowers
21) out of context
22) do you see a letter?
23) i was going to say something, but.
24) don’t let yourself be confused by the words
25) lish
26) the response sets you free (to respond)
27) clicking into obscurity
28) will the copy do? or do you need the original?
29) we are trying to work this down into the corner
30) the bits that we left uptown

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"piquage de courtepointe"

the hers, the glue on, ex-words,
sigh bearer, no klue, are you a
delicate?, get that beauty away
from me!, seep chequer (observe
well, miss spending, barcode
signifies you, has not been completely
or properly cleared, out ‘n about,
copy text, the editorial horizon
confronted, cheez-hiz & tabac,
books in the toilet!?, minimalize
advertising, general eclectic,
not just a poet, what does beauty
want from us?, the single word
torque, on the corn, need to know
all the names, if you fold it
right it will fly, art is tampering,
inkoperate yourself, numbers
are always in capitals, our
bulbous enthusiasm, grow
mow grow mow grow, this is
sound, spilled the spunk,
barbed wire roses, name means
knowledge, sees over the fence,
the big mail out net, in her
it dances & in me also, a rash
moment out gave, what might
have bin done with this paper,
blazing not be lazing around,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MAR 24 2008, (pm) 4

1. the piece of paper has served its purpose
1. deesperate for commumication
1. why do you put your name in there?
1. note discoloration . note this colour coming up
1. and what about men?
1. removing the people from the transaction
1. bodacious
1. ain’t going to work for nothing
1. beauty is available
1. going forward to oblivion
1. the one you love is obscure
1. hurry before it is too late
1. a sudden burst of delight out of the misery
1. jockey the text into position
1. get rid of the lines
1. the last thing we wrote
1. starting off on the wrong foot (the shit stained one)
1. you misspelled lysergig
1. text going forward to make more text
1. might have to go to a larger format
1. this is different than the other
1. what are you trying to save?
1. prepared for loss?
1. seems to be saying something
1. eye file tower
1. copied just fine
1. you could suddenly start writing again
1. i remember saying
1. i can smell your shit
1. you are going to wind up
1. it’s fun to see what the copier makes of it
1. can we retire now?
1. it’s never too late for the moment
1. i can’t wait til youre gone
1. ugly chaos

Monday, May 10, 2010

circa MAR 24 2008

1. help yourself to the money
1. the burden of communication
1. bog snorkeling
1. the local and the dead
1. when everything is available / nothing is available
1. are you done with this text yet?
1. i was saying that back in ninety-nine
1. the subbok pinsky alphabet experiment
1. why don’t you quit reading this + go jerk off?
1. what better thing to do with paper?
1. put a mark on it but not too much of a mark
1. drop it into the open file
1. let’s let this one pass
1. the art of dropping paper
1. whoa! i wasn’t expecting the paper to jump like that!
1. you still had 2 mm clearance
1. perfect (no overspill)
1. no neet to fill ever mm of the “page”
1. coffeemania
1. cointribution
1. why don’t you write something really brave?
1. this dada is correct
1. tallulah..., tallulah..., ...
1. green regen
1. a gam is a leg
1. daybreak jailbreak
1. got group?
1. afford anarchy?
1. chartreuse de mergetroid
1. the world comes to you
1. enuf for rent?
1. ink leaks thru toner

Sunday, May 09, 2010

"pica pica"

pick a counterpoint, the hearse?,
the last word, bleeding glue,
the delicate delegate,
metawhore, eye halve a spelling
chequer, oh i’m guilty alright: just
not guilty of that, canning, let’s
see some eye dee!, including often
other ingredients, here comes a not-
her one, a cheap piracy, is this
an authorized version?, saint emma,
introduce a breeding pair of
magpies (pica pica risky
business, reverse your mental
map, moka only, language is
not (ain’t!) the ultimate reality!,
when we were on pine, seal
of appro(brium/priation, hemp cream,
a batch of references,
save the line, moneyed interests
of vancouver, penned a cost,
ask her, ibiding my time, the
king’s girls (nothing will
come of nothing, study the
rose, i saw you (again) in other
words, key stain, read anon
and on, the golden ear, over-
due it, window wind, honey
pales in comparison, all events in,

Saturday, May 08, 2010

APR 07 2008, 9:00 (pm)

1) it wasn’t damaged before, but, it’s damaged now
1) any old piece of paper: a suitable substrate
1) creates a dependance
1) are these flies them?
1) taking the penny out of circulation
1) superpermanent
1) complainin’ the same complaint
1) the thing itself is slated for destruction
1) what time is it? whatever!
1) the “sing here” robberies
1) before the book reached its reader it was pulped
1) the day before the artist died, the artist died
1) signed by the dead
1) edge of what? swamp?
1) colluge
1) ark!
1) never affixt to nothing
1) always with an eye out for
1) date your business cards
1) the continuous marketing of the dead poet
1) if art had any sort of value
1) who was bomb shelter propaganda?
1) we note one has a tic
1) is there a “b” floating out there ahead of you?
1) is there anything special about this penny?
1) the eighties equivalent of e-mail
1) is there something wrong with my perception?
1) make a mockery of this
1) microfinger
1) howere
1) not exactly a submis
1) ust abt tin
1) before the book came out it was already pulped
1) eklektik

1) reopen all

1) why does it fall all?

1) chux

1) 1996-2008

1) still mar

1) Ross Priddle

Friday, May 07, 2010


originaat, the usa needs
anger management mandala,
just keep copying, one lamp
sand, magic frag, here where
it gets fat, can’t bear to
see the poem again, nothing
north, rama dil, obfuscate
toner, refuse to take orders
even from yourself, april
twelve two thousand and
six, one prefers silent
communication, hypernova,
rare avifauna, join the
moose pellet group,
groundtruthing, analyze
the gap, keep those keystrokes
going, park of snows, this
is my day job, i check you
off my list, ken sing, this
is a to do list, this
moment is taken care of,

Thursday, May 06, 2010

"viscosity breakdown"

make shine, separation crease, make a
movie of the deterioration, sepuration bed,
happens each time, big e, disappearing off
the edge, a high energy-construct,
rejectamenta, n-space m-space,
ubeity, the new postie, came &
suture, seignifyeur system, be
low debd, found poetry to be, &
it will resemble you!, ain’t got no
more paper, a precise imp, that
cuts out everybody but the diggers,
eff egg, stone heart, stammery
of the real, moved to droplets,
up a notch speed, invisible end
notes, scaling the mountain down,
the set is empty, fractal time,
alter your ego, a finite infinity,
the same as… itself!, viscosity
breakdown, the schizosphere,
a textual witness, marginal
glosses, make peace, pcoetry,
the daft is better, one for
two more oh!, illust, all ways,
stuff it in that hole, slip number,
gone june, cantdu, the radio
seeping in on the margin,
campers of america, delayed,
something without words on it,
beef or the original, margin of beauty,

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

APR 2008

1) crude oil culture
1) it don’t matter what the address is
1) peacock magnet
1) tomber
1) cruxword
1) “got it, need it” checklist
1) actually sit down with a pen for an hour
1) what, you don’t like the way i say “canada”?
1) one of the author’s hands ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
1) people who are not sensitive to colour
1) chance operations
1) you actually have to tick each minute off the clock
1) at least i’m not afraid to use my name
1) poem with masking tape
1) you’ve discovered the hidden meaning!
1) once the fire
1) lazy buddha
1) what can we do about art?
1) breathtaking colour
1) you are altering the art as we speak
1) look all you want, touch all you want
1) no, this is not a jigsaw puzzle
1) bold load
1) a picture is emerging
1) somewhere in along there
1) a little feast for your eye
1) these two pieces go together
1) it’s not going to suddenly make sense
1) we seem to have two different sets here
1) the chaos of all versus all
1) this a-seams to be a-part of this
1) the channeling conceivable
1) these two seem to be related
1) if you haven’t figured it out by when

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"standard schafer"

gone over to the other side of the
paper, only because you know
what it says already, flak breaks,
if you catch them at the right moment,
weak moment or strong moment,
your gradification, coral & a verse,
mail one block, scratched into the
surface, a beautiful product,
oversays, hammer in, attention
turned up thru satellite dish,
not in any white cube, this tom(b)e
around, contex/nt, squashed paper
cube, where things come from,
dos house, an actual real object
out in the world, word particles,
over the ridge, the wait of the
book, this is the street, out in the
air, the process of interfering
with the process, where is the
mark?, standard schafer, blood &
dirt on the same paper, fuck a
canuck, bogus message, olympic
spending, humiliating cavity
activity, against questions,
nothing is connected (to every-
thing, what she managed to do
with it, marks for books, step it
up & go, dupe lex, comma cern,
how this might be sed,
drifting into the post zone,

Monday, May 03, 2010

circa APR 06 2008

dated garbage
to see such trash up on the web
freedom we have the power to give
here is a sign meant for your eyes
they changed the penny to a canuck one
total owed
welcome aboard
we need to decontaminate the vessel
the totality principle
the minister of community spirit
pho minh chau
wild style printing
let’s see all these novels you’ve written
demand the details!
filter out the poetry
when’s the anarchy start?
maintaining your web presence
a matrix of existence
she’s worth two hundred dollars an hour
bananas, milk & butter mixed together
i think i’m going simple
the idiot proof is in the idiot pudding
post it up on the to do corner
leadbelly bong
paniculate clusters
antatime (lieasperml) obscurum
finishing analyzing
don’t even think about causing a ruckus
barcley parade

Sunday, May 02, 2010

APR 06 2008 (am) #1

1) angda mgmt.
1) we’re getting some sort of break up on the line
1) oh five –ing
1) i tried to visit the site, but the whole site was gone
1) lord only knows what’s down underneath it all
1) this ain’t the shroud of turin
1) at least there is no question of layers
1) trying not to lose anything / we lost everything
1) we might as well start separating them now
1) the copy might be a tad “better”
1) at some point there would have been actual perforations
1) your “in house” printer
1) excavate the bottom images
1) a rubberstamp that says “Bootleg”
1) mailart winner!
1) the text is ripening
1) we might have to do a cross-section of the paper
1) what’s this? i never asked for any blank!
1) garate
1) probably not expecting a lot of mail
1) eye don’t see why you don’t consider white-out to be paint
1) catch and realize
1) don’t know why the lines all broke up like this
1) it got worse with each go ‘round
1) an original of a different order
1) it’s quite a journey up to the library
1) the original vagina
1) copy it upside down
1) we thot we demolished
1) the text is hanging on by the skin of its teeth
1) now, why this one should float in the opposite
direction is beyond me
1) dust on toner
1) the text riding from machine to machine

Saturday, May 01, 2010

"cyberspace wolves"

spacer, undelete, plenty of room
developing, keeping exact records
of the deterioration, her moss,
not a cudgel, better ink yourself,
a thin line between fine &, a
break for a hot, proportionate
physical magnitude, self-trance
parent sea & see, saviour work,
visible lies, three dimensional
text, prepublication promo,
include the award as part of the
publishing contract, where ya
find it, bizarre commodity,
page frame, taxon poetry,
more real, may go under,
buy independent, our zoo
ya!, (signature) __________,
logo and seeing, with my
back to reality, rubber stamp
memory, call again, what
the concrete sounds like,
rhythm variations, signce,
black bulk, colour this in,
urinating with the portable,
eyelenz, the view from
cyberspace, w l o v e s ,