Thursday, December 31, 2009

APR 27 2008 (am) #2

1) time
1) i will nothing
1) speak blank
1) you can’t say such a thing as this
1) looking forward to seeing
1) Cetraria
1) blank construction
1) is this a vagina with teeth?
1) blank destitution
1) other people’s pleasure
1) •
1) why do you feel the need to go to the bottom
1) here we are here together
1) penny frag
1) be sure to put the mark somewhere it will not be seen
1) it was pretty gone to begin with
1) dayglo toner
1) why would you want to make more copies of this disaster
1) toner goggles
1) draw me a little heart
1) the stradivarius of beers
1) there’s a fibre caught up in the toner
1) how do you get to the point where you can breathe?
1) god got obliterated
1) this has I
1) google to find the source
1) my creedy
1) are you seeing what is being
1) why the machine would think
1) this is heading back into the machine
1) reduce frame
1) writing is one thing, publishing is another
1) ursonia
1) we just washed our hands

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

APR 27 2008 #3

1) i wash my hands of art
1) we are racing towards the clock
1) that makes it 30¢ each
1) if you have to do the work yourself
1) we are wasting time here
1) it’s little fragments like this
1) penny fragment
1) you’ve got a month
1) careful you don’t dip below the surface for too long
1) width thaw
1) thuy tien
1) pay them as they come in
1) throw away nothing
1) of, om, oh
1) zeroto
1) cluster procedure
1) cluster methods
1) cluster analysis
1) yellow sausage moss
1) that’s a lot of money just to say hello
1) what’s it worth to you?
1) pho minh chau
1) it’s bleeding out faster than it’s being replenished
1) we were down to the zero point
1) it looked like an error
1) it’s a bitter cup
1) woo kee
1) a thot you felt in the loins
1) actual sunlight trademark
1) slow, methodical, inspiration

"proliferation text" (pb)

see the light of the machine,
eye fall, a glean one, lack of
blur, individual basis, gateway
get away, microphone frenzy,
the other left, too close the door,
careful how you wield that
brush, proliferation text,
the opposite of recto, some
actual information for a
change, something went out,
good old nothingness,
technoliterature, tech-
nobody, self-legitimates,
technocrazy, spray bombs
not stray bombs, before the
name, share the wall,
carr sick, this is the hype,
now is being, warehouse
books, spell ice-e-, sigs,
great wall of angst,
reproject, strange terrain,
saint free, ex-signature,
for an aft, the second
biggest commodity after
coit?, days a view, what is
remaining?, get it left,
a book is one thing, i need a,
get it out, slam malls, yul,

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"i'd rather be washing dishes" (p.b.)

confuse matters worse, are
you on side? or off side?,
poetic interuption, inter up
rupture, process camera, full
bleed capabilities, talking up
scale, aphormentioned, why the
siolence?, write this instant?,
on tear, tear on, never the
time, new for A, anima’s city,
on top of the heap of books,
click clock box, how high the
web?, recent i’m a grant, back
to where we began, bring life
and charm to a treadmill,
good oral literature, back into
the whirled, any language,
i’d rather be washing dishes,
esp ont(o, be unfit already,
the fractal nature of texts,
we are trying to forge there,
you are apart of the world too,
get a response able, sugar it a
bit, things are so different:
how are we to understand one
another, the language of love,
why that keeps changing, i
was the master of ceremony!
, pick that thread back up,
creamy semi-soft and salty
blue veined hermit, OmTM,

Monday, December 28, 2009

MAY 09 2008

1) not who i am, but who you think i am
1) turku
1) Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.
1) a woodcarving stamp block print
1) you can file this under gibbah-rich!
1) making knowledge pay
1) are you coming on to me?
1) dufer
1) one has not been in
1) O2
1) orofino
1) what sort of mucus did you use to paste the stamp on?
1) it is over between me & the universe
1) nothing is ever really dead
1) job number five million
1) bryo-artifact
1) all delight turns to misery
1) big bar, french bar
1) high times in low places
1) tea for texas
1) sub
1) Johnny Brownly
1) fuck
1) cheers
1) can’t you see i’m dying?
1) when mimeo was high tech
1) dear dick
1) it was communicating that kept us together / tore us apart
1) welcome to the (postal) world
1) no, we don’t want you
1) deadbeat
1) letters from everywhere
1) envirobucks
1) reading railroad

1) dot demon dot
1) made quite a splash (icarus)
1) tritomaria
1) welcome to the (postal) usa
1) shut up!
1) moss, anyone?
1) buddah

"review mere roaring" [P.B.]

Motif, we are here, maybe
we are reading the
wrong one, sell
themselves, ease of
eye, all that work,
pushing the write
buttons, get heckled,
don’t give us that next
time bullshit, remember the
trick, one eff, wicked candle,
as we look back over the events
of the three days we cannot
beleev our eyes, hollow graphic
sez it all in the part, witches
like getting into notions, all
time ate destruction, no one
der, charmfull, let us get this
trait, also the boxes, where
does stuff come from?, burn
thru sigh naps, knot meant to
be got, is it on now?, glass is
off, meant to be sent?, which
weighs up, sum to fly, elect
row particles, defective
journals, review mere roaring,
hears a hint, people outhere,
operations moving, repack
it all away?, connect all,
edge crucitest, just another ego
death, god city, thru the transom,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

MAY 08 2008, 8:00 (pm)

1) rain pants in the rain
1) here are five dollars
1) haplolepidious
1) river of rocks
1) a peck of love
1) montseny
1) oh, it’s the leap day
1) forza
1) rust studies
1) complex systems research
1) how to get there in japanese
1) paludiological
1) schaghticoke
1) bob got scratched out
1) bing
1) learning galaxy
1) d.b.a.f.
1) alameda
1) a moss fanzine
1) gackne
1) cayetano
1) trance locate
1) shakey hand writing
1) there was a time
1) do not support lunatic
1) he jean or she jean?
1) the beauty that is gone
1) little bit of fun we had before we died
1) praha
1) heavy hand did lead
1) what did we have to do with each other?
1) the blotted out
1) who the hell
1) we’re sure you must be

1) what does the extra n signify?
1) “bernardino rivadavia”
1) no joke
1) free space
1) what did
1) errata
1) inocybe

"some sort of blockage in the system" [P.B.]

a dumpling-like mixture, unrefuse,
striped font, el & a wolf, to whid,
who needs who?, never sang,
where do you see yourself?, the
marathon is always on, the time
emits, withholding information,
ex span d, the real event not on
paper, double paced, pile by,
how are we supposed to change
reality?, the thinks you need,
toner coverage, going offline,
hears the guide, some sort of
blockage in the system, there
is no system, words alone,
milk & remilk, can ad a sum,
fill-ability, mac blowjob,
tobacco heartattacco, put a
dollar in the busker’s pot,
god dog, not a word novel,
start a new tradition, how
dit get cent, a simple think
of money, oblot, any more worth
saving than the next, sigh naps,
intentional error, a not her
sun day, same section of tape,
few snakes shit, esp can
monnaie, honey, get your
machine to think harder,
more money than brains up at the U,

Saturday, December 26, 2009

MAY 07 2008 (pm) 9:00

1) devil’s marbles
1) assorted artifacts
1) gyotaku
1) the ink looks like it’s still wet
1) how to use the title lable
1) i don’t feel like a subhuman
1) maple syrup liquor
1) attempting to shove the horn down his own throat
1) think about your family before you think about getting a handgun
1) tong hua
1) hudson rci
1) this text is bugged
1) plantation pulp
1) is that all there is to the spider?
1) convict church
1) pen as artifact
1) spider beach
1) too late to protest
1) sexy sweaters
1) cleaning up the area
1) what’s the figure?
1) igls
1) leaf litter
1) botanical impressions
1) atari
1) war in every language
1) twisties
1) service america
1) bainbridge island
1) like to collapse
1) 479 Castro St.
1) botanica
1) baking collective
1) this text is actual size

1) piggy diaper pin
1) Taroona
1) invited guests
1) is there any art down here?
1) not intended for reprocessing
1) wine delivered to your door
1) Salamanca
1) swinging possum

"i read it & it did not change my life" (from "the P.B.")

start hard, languishing in
bargain bins, wha is complicity.
computer literacy, the good
old days are back again, like
nineteen twenty-three, bareback
bar rack, outside reasearch,
back on toe, due to dew, 2.
never give up, a nest is not enuf,
a grisly bear in the backyard,
might still care, double zed,
even if it ain’t licked, did
somebody say break, didn’t
mind, off the web, our collective
quilt, what is not art?, seven
thirty-two, design by way of,
ssub-current, dark gradations,
i read it & it did not change
my life, airtext, going down
into th’ pit, blank pain time,
ruin nation, quit calculating,
sounds like the name of a
porno mag: beaver club,
subtitle this, missin’ tea
jay, no such thing as an
insignificant detail,
the great wall of books, was
in the spring one sunny day,
eye do wanna do this, convene
, poor stage, even paid the non-
bulk rate, as supposed to, no dice,

Friday, December 25, 2009

"editor slash predator" [from the P.B.]

split consciousness, maintains of the
mirror, zen trademark, degrees eminence,
infuser, double rave, half double,
the third location, god si!, permanent
circulation, excellent growing
conditions, abacus dabbler, track
marks down, above & beyonding,
kidz alive, the same tongue,
absolute meaning, resides where
found, der once der was a mouse
named gabriel, what the mind does
when confronted with text, our
other selves, serp press, date
& time of failure, things yellow
things, made to be flown,
fragile beauty, collect time,
tell by the dee light, this single-
wall box, still waking, tingle true,
globe hunter or hunger, two
words the future, nobody’s gonna
do it for ya, some of this is
real, is a bell a gun?, editor
slash predator, thru the blot,
looks like a solid, articling
late, woulden normal, pure
scribble, this is the real
ethereal, molybdenim, up
solidification, rave on,
easier to bare, operate backwards
, clickable underlining, fontext,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"how much will you pay me to read it?" [from "The Pine Box"]

i’m down on my knees & i ain’t got a dime,
crets of which the males have lost, the
copper penny dancing & gallivanting
all hours, the epistles were the wives
of the apostles, words shall express what
i have to say, the small farm where
simon bolívar died is on the outskirts
of town, and no sooner do the words,
debates over authentic voice and
reliable narrator, as i’m in a
pawpaw, catastrophe into art?,
you should talk sense!, the one
who will say it has meaning, i was
operating of course, how much will
you pay me to read it?, someone
having time to be alone, limitless
resources of materials and manpower
into a bottomless pool of consumption,
stay connected!, same timor
mortis, countercultural eden,
the next level, a cargo of home-
loving girls, what the differences
are, forget me neither, saggy
teats!, steady sellers, a
drunken man is part of the
system, raving returns the waters,
did ‘em all oh gee!, women were
having children every two years,
cross-grained, that is the “story”
it has an “unresolved ending”,
being here, everyone began to dance,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

JUN 01 (pm) 3:00, AUG 29 (pm) 5:00, MAY 10 (am) #2 & MAY 04 11:17 (am) [all 2008]

1) um, hadn’t we better be...?
1) are not you curious to know...?
1) apple log
1) the hand that prompted
1) fromd
1) oaklin
1) happy voo
1) when you come to realize you will never be one
1) what is all this line here?
1) a happier year
1) did you forget to say something?
1) hopefully you are using the term “book” loosely
1) here, buy some art
1) ot
1) fatterday

1) here’s something that never happened (for me)
1) Christopher Latham Sholes
1) subrepetition
1) dummy bo
1) the little guy wants to get his 2 cents worth in
1) logos = ratio
1) making fun of the begins
1) Mary Boykin Miller Chestnut

1) rent reality
1) give the ink a minute to trance
1) it’s a penny ring

1) you should have included all the “blank” pages
1) • •

MAY 31 2008 (pm) 9:00

1) a mere envelope
1) stop at the surface
1) do you see how these things chime?
1) this ain’t calligraphy
1) is this the same one who was to become...
1) the hand says it all
1) ink grow
1) and to think we almost stopped at square one
1) do it yourself or
1) we stood on the threshold of art
1) still arc
1) cracksmanship
1) it’s far far far too late
1) this bit of dirt gave us pause
1) we never got closer than a galaxy or two
1) darklife
1) please don’t throw me on the fire
1) however, we did see the show
1) dear dan,
1) one of those strange moments in time
1) the father has become obsolete
1) things fluctuate
1) still hanging on? or still trying to let go?
1) get credit for rubberstamp
1) i suppose you think i owe you something
1) convenience cheque
1) please, don’t call me “Ross”
1) you might wish you had something to read later
1) why are you calling me a contributor?
1) i’m against replication
1) is this called “being there”?
1) repeat suspenders
1) ye olde voide
1) cheering on the dead

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

JUN 01 2008 (am) #2

1) google ‘scfb’
1) there is no undertext
1) making marks without making words
1) don’t worry, not a single word has been lost
1) do you prefer a few words or a plethora?
1) working the page
1) contemporary insanity
1) gibbering on the page
1) what was the fun thing?
1) the dollars never really doubled
1) pre-muse
1) any given thing
1) .8 ½
1) i can’t baur
1) i told you it would go
1) without the date
1) detemp
1) the body is a mere envelope
1) meanwhile a month goes by
1) automatic art
1) we won’t be needing any food
1) twenty miles
1) collect air kilometres
1) everybody seems boggled by this
1) someone’s been cutting corners

Monday, December 21, 2009

JUN 01 2008 (am) #1 (for J.Z.)

1) is this made and then cut or cut and then made?
1) putting the aura back in
1) what this thing here is for
1) it’s so substantial
1) all in all all
1) stonewheels
1) what is there, what was there
1) is this a letter?
1) rule number one
1) golden kimono
1) you can call it one thing if you want
1) i know two when i see it
1) Gonzalez Byass
1) did you enhance the vegetation?
1) industrial graffiti
1) colour? what is colour?
1) what gives it away? the shoes? or the hands?
1) i’m in the market for a lamp stabilizer
1) hammertone specular
1) no matter what you collage it down onto
1) super calli fragilistic bombast
1) not even!
1) born crazy
1) working the surface
1) moss cards
1) why does this sedge make you laugh?
1) dollar op
1) the size that amuses
1) are we in copyland?
1) toner only
1) somehow seems finer
1) other linkages
1) ampersandation
1) maybe this will finally put an end to

Saturday, December 19, 2009

circa MAY 25 2008

1) it’s hard to tell one from the other
1) enlichen
1) fungus
1) cutting away at life
1) spousal support
1) always had a bit of an affinity for lunatics
1) ya got ‘er upside-down there, buddy
1) we wanted to know everything
1) the desire is not enuf
1) when?, when did i ever use the truck?
1) less five hundred dollars
1) never agreed to get hurt
1) good at working the micro
1) what was i?
1) skill
1) contra-act
1) looming agin
1) banana
1) was our brain bigger?

Friday, December 18, 2009

MAY 25 2008 9:00 (pm)

1) contemporary moss
1) phorophyte
1) mossy penny
1) amplexa
1) why didn’t it spool?
1) go out and take a breath of fresh air
1) the consequences of the lectotypification
1) who is this marie keeps cropping up?
1) nobody no body damage
1) this is the one that sat in a pocket for a few years
1) the form fits you
1) time to renew
1) you never picked up your reward
1) welcomed past tense
1) lawnweed
1) came from some bryomaniac
1) i forbid you
1) hat or eye
1) i enjoyed being that address
1) one enjoyed being the person at that address
1) life, life, life, life, life
1) served upon you
1) we took out ten grand?
1) retire debt
1) maybe we took out 15 g?
1) life, life, life, life, life
1) did you have permission to steal
1) the purpose of this society
1) jollymore
1) clevea
1) elliot creek head
1) i can’t know!
1) theif
1) here, you figure it out

Thursday, December 17, 2009

MAY 25 2008 4:00 (pm)

1) working the envelope
1) realities paid
1) you found
1) reality’s paid
1) do you prefer it with or without words?
1) dropping change
1) dropping change
1) have ‘em done up
1) lex loeb
1) 500 business cards only ...
1) thou shalt not hoard
1) you mean i’m not from here?
1) time sensitive
1) only three days left
1) only three days left ...
1) if your business is mailart
1) her name is delicious
1) let the universe go to pot
1) delicous
1) bonkers
1) the edge tells you
1) whatever way of getting beauty to the page
1) busy making art
1) beautifulish
1) similar enuf to let some go
1) what sort of “ink” are you using?
1) maybe these were for something special
1) box, box, box,
1) unsigned, but
1) powdery rubberstamp ink
1) final blank for
1) these things might be forgotten
1) vsfaale
1) get some slick shit printed up

1) maybe hire a designer?
1) you have to say the no (the yes is taken for granted)
1) let it expire

"get your name up on the"

control thing, sees the
concrete, where are those
darn penny rollers?, not or
without death, you can’t just
like make up words, zen
daze, tryin’ to see, give it
a twist, strike period,
overstrike!, curiosity
breakdown, get your name
up on the, at the moment,
noon is my tick, talk sick
all oh gee!, temped, already
velocitiezed, thinking


toner down, the fore word going,
decaps, early bloomers, fore
issue, not my hand, blew in the
window, pushy pushy, guaranteed
mechanical, lick her trance
action, telephobe, be be rise,
bush party, thinking head,
everything written there &
here, haven’t the instrument,
other eye, way over the
threshold, sumptuary tumult,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

circa MAY 24 2008

1) “more” as in
1) shop the pig
1) bern rebel
1) peace out


a word of differance, marginal
freedom, obliterature ad,
leaving the margin, do you
think human or machine?, some
day this might, is this some kind
of joke?, billion litres of raw
sewage, sitting there, spare?,
no-waster, cross-referential,
human eff art, get rich time,
gess the amount form, un-lit,
time fest, a comprehensible
type of a life, [putting it in
brackets], be worst in sin,
verging on war, hetero tongue
trance, (the world), eye polar,
i don’t think i can pick this yup!,
spindled thru reality, rev
lover evolver, what the hell
is that?!, blunten the point,
wise eye what?, trade paper?,
written back, so big gigantic,
two bit art, would fly, eye on
balance, already wise to,
as easy as eh be see, a
little cross flow happening,
what’s wrong with today?,
press is, add it up, bar sister
soliciting for the purpose of life,
fore backe, a two six of, poils,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MAY 24 2008 9:00 (pm)

1) history and claims experience
1) the exact tone of ink
1) why the difference?
1) did you say ezekiel?
1) 2004
1) expecting her to come alive
1) majority of money
1) i thot you said it was a gift
1) meditate on traffic
1) who’s gonna scanner
1) ravisseuse
1) john deer green
1) products that contain codeine
1) hand-print
1) you can see it in the face
1) huge photocopy bill
1) see #1) above
1) eseeds
1) tkach
1) broken art
1) tracing you along
1) en avant green
1) sooner or later everybody buys
1) dear current resident
1) catma
1) is it actually being thrown?
1) leaving strange traces
1) code 33
1) leagul
1) where is my “top” today?
1) joaillerie
1) are karune
1) how do you make an existence out of it?
1) nuclear physicist goes insane

um the "e" in the last "the" has a "7" grafted onto it(?)

still floating, nobody wants
your shite, it rocked!, incrimp,
time around, the distinctive
bottle, see reverse ease,
distract ‘em, bottoming out again,
go full colour, the fathers, in
souls, before we were born,
say antiborder, carless,
boundaryless, huge community
event, relational bans?, i
shall not call it semiology, not
so sure, sound-image, thot-
sound, s-ö-r about it, axis
six a, the substitution of was
for war, rummage grammar,
language state, dayglo
mathematics, really signed,
voluntarily volunteer?, arts
groups to perform, paper
with food on it, who put this
here?, sight your source,
save out, do not write above
this line, a perfectly good
piece of paper ruined,
fill in the blank page,
lush slife, for the fut-
yer isle, close enuf doors,
still remains, a wheel
& a drum, the speared of
e, mome ents outgrabe,

Monday, December 14, 2009

"deposit symptoms"

clipping along....., folding
is extra, going the dis dance,
just as bold as the day
it was written, did you
just think that up?, non-
com-, non- event oriented,
making motion s, overtip,
wig flipper, still motion,
the wrong id, half sighs,
envelope needs filling,
still unpaid labour, if you
don’t want this just send
it back, disturb your self,
slip it onto somebody else’s
inbox, we were all kids
once, involunteer, red ink
& reading, here foist!,
i’m mute-able, boob prize,
politicause, spook aloud,
the dads, poetically bank-
rupt, never coke or peptic
either, getting a sore
wrist in the carpool
tunnel, crafty paper use,
deposit symptoms, not
available on the web,
too slow you win, snyde
commants, not scratching
the surface, the call back,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"superluminal commix"

what is under the lines?, de proof
is in deproving imp, not clean,
loves the broken window,
pamflight ear, mar-a-thon,
just scribbling, way of putting
things together, the marks
trade, another desperate
trance action, nothing to do
with horse, id oak, aitch tax,
that is not eye, is actually kind
of scary, two hundred from now,
share the shelf with, lose
the voice, bring lots of coffee,
all form no substance, the
advantage of being çoncrete,
zen shit, a tongue trip drill,
žen, eye say!, an aortist,
žena, krishna krishna hare hare,
ženb, hare hare rama rama,
reclaiming the streets one
foot at a time, in language
there is only sameness,
punchdrunk poetry, one &
the same, subliminal?
superliminal!, bike ax,
better offten, picking
up names, read de see comix,
you have to read it not
just look at it, against
concrete?!, not hell thee,

MAY 24 2008 (pm) 5:00

it had to come to an end at some point

1) why has this not been copied?
1) kadema breezeway
1) kingkongklub
1) we did have fun with language
1) a big fat book of this
1) not even (beer)
1) give peas a chance
1) l’artwrite
1) moonasterock
1) mail giant
1) pigs and men
1) little game with a mirror
1) dot the thing
1) rhat
1) master of the one page
1) yes, now, still today,
1) yes, now, still, yesterday
1) cut to include
1) whisked the carpet out from under you
1) yes, we do love words, but…
1) rainmaker
1) effluvium it is
1) you ate yourself
1) sacajewea
1) i won’t say “duh”
1) i won’t say “make me”
1) are we or are we not participating in a community?
1) whoever runs out of steam first
1) ooh la la
1) take a hike you
1) “music” a la cage
1) it’s all about how you respond
1) where does the one begin & the other end?
1) you can see it better than you can feel it
1) “all” is not well

Saturday, December 12, 2009

MAY 25 2008 (am) #1

1) not even a word
1) maybe you don’t feel you have the authority
1) go, go, go, go, stop
1) cinnamon tuba
1) the power of positive inking
1) without this magic mark
1) click girl
1) this is probably the copy
1) original autograph
1) dive off the balcony
1) heart debt
1) enoughing
1) what you ought to be doing
1) blatant desire
1) see # 1) above
1) all hole
1) we are three hundred kilometers apart
1) the art shirt has worn pretty thin
1) it only takes a moment to what?
1) i’ll take it by the drop, please
1) how many typewriters can be left?
1) girl click
1) you can tell it’s a copy because of the loss
1) you can tell it’s an original because of the gain
1) you wanna what?
1) only the mind’s eye can see the joy
1) compare to see
1) vavilla
1) find the hot corner
1) pretty soon you won’t be able to find a legible copy
1) the ampersand is the first to go
1) nhnhnh
1) you don’t really expect us to do this puzzle do you?
1) lunge doubt


concrete, the race is run, the
proof erased, antigamy, the
solo sexual orientation,
lambaste!, enter holding
pattern now, we’re not
schizophrenics: we’re visionaries!,
too conspicuous, we have some
time to get into here, making
more progress over the same
ground, beautiful chains,
put out by, kind jar, disturb
enuf, there is nothing going
on today, not-for-profit
prophet, say art sponsored
by the tobacco industry,
the worst kind of ink that
won’t stop, tax on haitch,
a closed door policy, updater
resistered, hope in timer,
at least the ink is fixed,
uncertain similarity,
con i, renew materials,
a lost leader, trance ends
despair, well informed
about the concrete, ought
ought seven, the trip trap,
desert existence, pen i
traiting the concrete,
ein zwei drei kokolorum!,

Friday, December 11, 2009

MAY 31 2008 (am) #2

1) scfb
1) a week or so from now
1) a line of breadcrumbs
1) from winnipeg to oka
1) chip, chop!
1) go, go, go, stop
1) the deadlock victim
1) trotline
1) surf a purpose
1) this work is well underway
1) bb
1) go, go, stop
1) a million missed opportunities
1) what sort of a sedge is that?
1) commercial moss
1) an envelope, an antelope
1) now that’s what i call quite fun
1) everything but
1) means more if it comes from
1) nothing need ever end
1) ought six
1) nuttin’ but
1) what is the meaning of a document like this?
1) this might be the day
1) one selected for “making it big”
1) the brain knows nothing
1) bezzoon
1) who .. outlasts
1) the text under wraps
1) the best way to deal with garbage
1) two bit ring
1) ring is for holding wealth

Thursday, December 10, 2009

MAY 31 2008 (am) #1

1) the undertext
1) sizewise
1) dirt
1) love fuck
1) the ones that are still the ones
1) your efforts will be remembered
1) learning how to fend for yourself
1) the word “happening” as an international
1) mirror at bum level
1) take a puzzle piece bite out of
1) let it die
1) we don’t need to be told how to read
1) performing in the street with the tourists
1) památník
1) postally speaking
1) money & gender
1) formatand
1) the send occasional
1) small letter eyes
1) can we communicate without language
1) can i talk to a human being?
1) thru the window: the warp & the weft
1) stamp & mistamp
1) who the hell is she?
1) the pro manager signs off on this 61 cents
1) maybe it’s time to reincarnate
1) are you feeling well enough for art?
1) is it worth existing?
1) i’m going to want to phone you, because?
1) ain’t got no cellphone
1) now i am writing
1) nobody cares if you
1) sixty bucks?! for a tin of tea?
1) you won’t be needing any food where you’re going

"thinking oneself into the madhouse"

local special collections, left
something behind, she had it,
the author eyes, already in motion,
co-choice, need to read, lays
her copier, extra margin,
proclaim yourself, mind jogging
, conductor not chunk, book
write, let us migrate,
jobbing, you & i tee why,
infinite process of becoming,
the sting of the gadfly,
thinking oneself into the
madhouse, bay saint poet,
free poetry!, e-submission,
not that kind of hat,
legal eyes eagle eyes are,
the letter why?, balance
worth saving, hypnotize the
reader, eye on the balance,
going true, bore in, national
capital q, free food!, one
is not reqwired, at the hole,
newage sewage, inunder,
the word vampire got cut
off, near-money, tilt!, the
photos of the blast, and count
, loop de loup grew, france
eyes, ejack pearl of wisdom,
beef or swine, anopotion, still,

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"the wilt to power"

maximum elevation attained,
a continuation of the
fragmentation, whole closure,
magic spelling, tankfiller,
writing and or art, short
straw berry, gin singing, the
informal sector, left token
behind, produce concretely,
praxis & ends, existence
constitutes the highest,
highest ethical canon,
connection with existences
of a higher, the wilt to power,
ego frozen or waffling?,
existing without being
vulnrabul, buying a good
con science, hears my too
bits, overstriken, it’s about
percentages, animal gears,
sudden art (dump it,
debacking?, as a public
hate, how did that dammed
pocket get empty again, we
were there and never knew
it (hell, meaning to read,
permanent words into the
air, gilt guilt, crumpled
into a pocket, try to tune
in, is that all you can
say? (machine!, pay tense,

MAY 19 2008 8:00 (pm)

1) all at once or a drop at a time
1) did we ever even read any of this?
1) how are we doing (as a
1) you always get it wo wrong
1) i’m sorry to report: the thing is dead
1) we’ve been trying to talk them into it for seven years
1) the powers that be changin’
1) and the winner is no
1) still reading (yrself blind)
1) papa’s got a brand new bag
1) dear oak
1) one day we will sit down and read all this crap
1) ever ending
1) that night i could have had you
1) do you want this all back?
1) this product is causing interference
1) stare at the lunatics
1) the hand of memory
1) you don’t want it?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

MAY 24 2008 (am) #1

1) in another room with a typewriter
1) yoknapatawpha
1) microtheatre
1) a camera that works
1) what was wrong with my “CANADA”?
1) there’s no mistake cat sim
1) blue eyes in black & white
1) free upgrade
1) why the zero minimum?
1) added flexibility
1) manotick
1) the float and bounce of money
1) there was no telephone conversation
1) these orbs represent you
1) you guys need a better printer
1) why is the flap here?
1) that’s a lot of money for a piece of paper
1) how did it pick up all these marks?
1) you can say you paid it but
1) things are flowing the wrong way
1) and say ‘move’
1) ceasing to act
1) register: where the heat comes up
1) p. a. i. d.
1) the trail of destruction left behind by beauty
1) you are using the past tense in reference to the future
1) how did you keep your consumption so low
1) encompass nothing
1) weather you are
1) the warp & weft of money
1) ten grand bang!
1) how many shades of gray are there?
1) your newfound
1) filter out the poetry


original okay,

misalign, slow paste together,
crispness crackers, glocal,
you found is in the street?!,
national giraffics, smash the
remote control device, redistro,
an irritating person!, meaning
to make, the red book,
overexpired, all is one fast,
these little black marks
represent a dog, double you
slash eh?, most midnightly,
eternalization, trance human
computer generated poetry,
a b c slabs, language on
vacation, the rendering
process, bububu, slab!,
the language game, stone
red, a mere reading-machine,
stopping doing philosophy,
singing catches fire, sorta!
, nine nine nine, books held
captive, conducts good,
hugo agogo ball, the word
fucking, trance-lation not
required, was, together for
a reason, machine?, bagood,

Monday, December 07, 2009

"you want meaning?"

& her friend the moon, put
this on the recycle pile,
paper graffiti, a worser product,
underproduce, stuff in strayed,
we are under construction,
waits of monery, moman,
still on?, off-line, are you in
this?, you want meaning?,
spreadin’ inner, game in
progress, who has the saint
rength, this is not are best
work, is that one or another?,
do not lick, opium? no: o plum,
plow the book, miss the
machine?, are you willing to
cough up the dough?, hey
wait a minute: that’s a real
signature!, involve yourself,
total thrash, pixie ate, as
an idea or as a reality?,
two senses to fold, the
original thot, kinda gets
stuck in the head don’t it?,
a way of being there with
out being there, the editers
how do you spell perogative?,
the underneath of things,
mental equipment,
the semblance of reality,
erectitude?, para-sight,

MAY 19 2008 (pm) 2:00

1) eraser blade
1) up there in the electrical rigging
1) is it the eye that is shaking?
1) don’t even bother voting
1) in relation to being
1) couldn’t this be alphabetized or something
1) speed against them signs
1) who put you up to this?
1) try handwriting
1) why are you changing the criteria?
1) we are not that
1) is this part of a series?
1) “what is it?” what does it need to be?
1) it got a little roughed up due to the [object]
1) why this never clicked with me
1) why would you want to “spoil” a perfectly good book?
1) back when you were having your big moment
1) this is the advance notice that that is about to
1) one thousand haiku
1) congratulations! you’re one of the lunatics!
1) maybe you were one of the ones that didn’t “fit”
1) freedom of the press belongs to
1) we went thru a lot of butter (said the hot knives)
1) first you clip one article, then you “clip” the whole newspaper!
1) we never bought a book, but
1) the right to revolt
1) emma goldman’s brassiere
1) didn’t we just do david zack?
1) my daughter was a roadie
1) a la carte blanche
1) take this text to heart
1) poems written by the dead
1) esso terrorist
1) it only take a moment to xx xxx xx xxxx

Sunday, December 06, 2009

MAY 19 2008 (am) #2

1) now you are wearing the shirt
1) when the moment is open
1) one makes nothing
1) radical depletions
1) you had a bit more hair then
1) could we get this in a readable font?
1) down from the peak
1) permanent damage
1) moellenbeck
1) maybe that smile is a little forced
1) no need to highlight
1) divid end
1) number of cows per hectare
1) one remembers that place
1) lookin’ for shelter
1) i’d be curious to know how this happened
1) the war & the

"homeless texts"

photocopier sabotage, capture
the zapper, mindless activity, no el,
abhormal, still under stand, a
count, run on sentence run on,
establishing and hastily concluding,
they’ve got the trademark on your
name, the dragon coop, we tear
up the road behind us, the last
foot, rough sampling, fastenating,
let’s start again, right as (hard)
rain, i wans’t, compensating
us for earthly horrors, rule
interruption, menanced,
center feeling, unconsumable
text, ideate, sues the world,
contributary, ex-subject,
where’s the end of the para-
graph?, no outside, inexpungable?
, categorical imp, intermundane,
suture self, we are reading
the wrong text, trance
substantiation, if i sell,
concrete individuals,
voice with money, too much
fletch, hauling for, sudden
bad, get the scissors out,
self is mess, homeless texts,
you are in it, medicine
mun, old gee!, quenchtion,
slicker back, scary kiddies!,

Saturday, December 05, 2009


an informative error, what text are
we on?, welcome to concrete,
poetcetera, patchwork kite, it
age her, info batch, recorded
by the computer system,
trance seeing, already two
thousand, paixlove, war was,
surfed it, colouring word, the
ore in, heterography, let us
go on, man has it, resub do,
american greedings,
ex-connexion, book with lock
on it, povertty, not one,
nothing appears, to shake
as a whole, glitter gulch,
nether writing, min-e, the
real poison, circa us,
nothing doing with, the desire
to part icipate, we don’t have
the technology, re:cent re,
if the recipient of this
notice is deceased, agraphia,
far enough a part, we can do
colour, meant a little
something, another place
& time recorded, always
drug, this covery, hefty
lefty, emurge, just money,
red margin, strengthen
the governments, fat bubble,

circa AUG 28 2008

1) identify yourself with your work
1) i wanna upgrade to a hummer
1) we are getting quite a collection of these
1) grad darg
1) guns linger
1) safety goes out the window
1) judged & found sufficient
1) the parent way
1) safety, safety, safety
1) peeppeep
1) safety after the fact
1) back when we two were one
1) prepare for disaster
1) sawback debt sawbuck
1) how can that represent a person
1) judged & found sound
1) sometimes the shit really hits the fan
1) jagged diagonal
1) if ever
1) were you planning to travel?
1) were you planning to watch a movie
1) how do you go from being a one to another one
1) dental memory
1) the split asunder
1) if you remove any cards the deck will be too loose
1) happah happah
1) the toner has melded to itself
1) i’m not going to care about you anymore

Friday, December 04, 2009

AUG 28 2008 (am) #1

1) tribadism
1) each cohearen henisos
1) colmits
1) against flight
1) pretending to need
1) obbsvng
1) inker a tampon
1) winnipeg is trisyllabic
1) can i expense this poetry?
1) supervision of a cloud
1) dust, beautiful dust
1) catch some zeds
1) nag champa
1) i’m just going to stand on my balcony and throw
all of my books into the street
1) goddammit, what have you done to my brain?
1) money is the FRUIT of all evil
1) this is money going out of me
1) how did you wind up up here
1) baggages
1) tired of flying
1) indication one
1) in a sad water
1) four stars out of how many?
1) which miner’s candle?
1) one prefers losing tickets
1) only in canada
1) you never did write
1) rank garbage on a scale from one to ten
1) criminal crickets
1) spending time in grocery stores
1) eight bucks worth of rotten cheese
1) try to converse
1) the poor taste of the grld thai chick

"think you're thinking?"

third & not seen, realitywise, four
words, exactly zero, non-connection,
is that a person?, lubberly dubberly,
institutionalized skirt lifting,
weak ego yesterday,
prestigidigitation, ‘shrooms
to let, signce, manipulayered,
endless pounding, cinnamon
breath, wave act, slats, think
you’re thinking?, solvew,
poets per capita, giants &,
fill time, going up more,
double pen, to&from, clear
about the mister, book
handling, what is this?,
write thru the eye, splain,
death dream, ancients ago,
needa break something
something, burndened up,
more being, pee ess eye
love you, white delimitation
lines, pre-origin, eye egg,
underwater barfly,
still a head, warbogs,
eye’ll be in the moonlight,
eye-warrior, upon word,
isn’t number, almost existed
there for a second, breaking
parole, too much ink, little
sugar, spead, livin daze,

Thursday, December 03, 2009

"this insane game of writing"

the grave agape, etcetera, kancer,
social gatherings, focus sun,
lightens up the rest, ink light,
give it back!, send ‘em across
the continent, figuring crystal,
this insane game of writing,
irreferential, nonmadism,
sign again, imp eye us,
enclosing history: the closing,
neographism, my number,
differ( )nce, is, soup de jure,
house of debt, aorgic (hold
‘er in, recurrent events,
written more, you are paying
for, save hand, save other,
collection of cannons, salter
dogs, saving paper (eight
hundred years, golden mouth,
the legendary noun,
produced by hand,
recooperative, to continue
receiving, how able?, assess
meaning, sealed under,
getting it in our heads,
int, since signs, a free
day, play with the margins,
blunt edge, check check,

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

MAY 04 2008 10:49 (am)

1) confined by the dimensions
1) i lamp sand jester
1) this can be got to work
1) another destruction
1) working within the confines of
1) make things easy for yourself MAY 04 2008
1) with margin
1) don’t put it on the front
1) we thot this was a seed storage facility
1) even with the light it’s still too dark
1) here we can see, but there the lights go out
1) this was not meant to be replicated
1) do you mean you are going to sell this
1) are you really sure you want to say this
1) i wash my hands of poetry
1) huffing art
1) this garbage has an aura
1) refresh yourself to death
1) pico eye
1) it sounds like something scientific, but it’s actually just a shoe
1) all that beauty we let slip through our fingers
1) junjing
1) clicking into history
1) print it before it gets lost
1) bear?
1) inkstink
1) it may waver forward & backward thru time
1) thuch
1) i don’t feel schizophrenic
1) drowning in toner
1) wall of toner
1) mr. “longevity” seems to have kicked the bucket
1) a microdot of bliss

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

MAY 10 2008 (am) #1

1) six grand
1) communicating money
1) it all depends what you put in the window
1) don’t let it come forward
1) coffee curve
1) identification brooks
1) now, these people are hurting you
1) revised grocery list
1) go, go, go, stop
1) black grimmia cinnamon
1) this banana is much too soft
1) ceratodus
1) process bryotec
1) why they insinct
1) examine texture of paper
1) Theory will set you free.
1) eight grand
1) viet name
1) there’s nothing else can be done
1) you see these microletters?
1) tiny fragment of paper with the date on it
1) is this the chunk down?
1) a monument to boredom
1) you don’t like the writing? or you don’t like the writer?
1) dollar-a-bite cheese
1) go, go, stop
1) i was there, where were you?
1) difficulty keeping yourself in bookmarks
1) if you publish me, i’ll publish you
1) ups your kite
1) how’s biz?
1) the upchunk
1) sorry, try again
1) plastic pickles

"kill time once and for all"

endcroachment, four hundred
percent text, mini-wonk,
have a night day, the spur of
the trace, her art emerging,
the un-fugs, & reck, all the
blank paper, zen is dada,
something we actually want
to read, pure fessing up,
bulk represents, in mind of,
imp ending, crack and crack,
desperate for attention,
khreon, a fix tamper, the
voiceless, kill time once and
for all, who is getting the
poison ink, instantly available,
what were we doing up there?,
don’t you ever rest?, green face,
poly vinyl chloride toys, into
the sun, prevelocitized,
maintain freedom of
action, book off books, gotcha!,
sell back, tore in from the
night, chunk of daze, fall
for all, fun failing, some
how changes it, argent
message, this very ground,
other bottom, a cold front
, attaining nelvana, enter tain,