Tuesday, February 28, 2006

mensa dorado, zany imagination,
cult ural, dessein, van direct,
the new inter, how much art
is needed, failing to act,
text inventory, been to the
movie, two owt, alberta
liberation front, encourage
art, cuntinue, somebody
has no archive, dang fu,
hein, use it, nothing is
being, artists perform a
service to the community,
what is up in the air, unin,

Sunday, February 26, 2006

missed connections, kitch

missed connections, kitch
blur, common rubberstamp,
producing documents, mail
for free, fluxus map, any
little picture, no sign
here, petition for redress,
image backed with image,
mailart knowledge, promo-
o-morph, being alive today,
fiasco fun, that ghoul
money, mug egg, never did
revenue, slur gate, not a
single tip, egg mug, prom
otion, face cafe, who’se,

Friday, February 24, 2006

taranaki, cosmopolitan

taranaki, cosmopolitan
moss, ingeniis patvit campus,
some annoying lunatic, the
battle for the shelf, otlic,
scattered limbs, outer duct,
non-enterer, water phoenix,
burnt passion, norp, paint
your masterpiece again, eye
love lucy, surveillance art,
orange leader, whatever was
in the container is gone,
draw me a picture, also
needs to be turned again,
early deterioration, late,

Thursday, February 23, 2006

red fascists, miscibilis, heat-

red fascists, miscibilis, heat-
clustering, emballage, numb
trance, panithiopliconica,
bulbar conjunctiva, divert
energy, good drowning victims,
balllab, pica, the location of
composition, picture of shade,
ouch comp, sod eno, shadow of
information, the leading edge
of you, here and away, show
nothing, indicate nothing, if
you are still there, register

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

typed up by Benjamin Bohm & Debby Rebsch Posted by Picasa

typed up by Debby Rebsch & Benjamin Bohm Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 19, 2006

foreign ex, vegetable text,

foreign ex, vegetable text,
ectropy, parietals, policlinicas,
trash trance, orange genitals,
total-body sex, hex concrete,
listpost, fly’s water, mmorpgs,
thisness, cluster-phobia,
thisness, repetatur, klistered,
mandrax, ultracultural,
concrete dimensions, harrington
font, a good readable text,
recycle reality, judging by
the extent of the text, claim
the whole eleven, grn, twenty-
four forty-two, ech elon,

Saturday, February 18, 2006

pteridological section, iliamna

pteridological section, iliamna
corei, mechanical scarification,
potential conflicts, xeric oak,
life in varanasi, trance credit,
apply for nothing, photocopied
facsimile also acceptible,
here we return to, michrome,
the memory rome, no escape
from is, white sun hat,
chroniopolis, bean fang, poise
on wave, under a sea of wine,
went down in the flood of
exactitude, blank tea, hlad,

Thursday, February 16, 2006

seven copies, do we need a feather

seven copies, do we need a feather
in our hat, blue feather, hard
feather, half here, not backyard,
about covered, editorial
decisions, reference to van,
makes good letterhead, red
like these, jlt edm, ibb,
overdraw, a terrible temper and
a, isp, aprille, nooks hat, a
huge chain envelope, eternal
mirror, theex, balanoculture,
hook eye coupon, no time will
elapse for you, time is elapse,
drop out altogether, this text
is not what we were hoping for,

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the eye drawn, self-constructed,

the eye drawn, self-constructed,
sonic radio, permanent contact, a
system of xes, introduction to
the network, too many copies,
debts roy, thething, one of a
multitude, blank envy, not a
sticker, imp risen in a bottle,
no cracking, glass castle,
world democracy, art is money,
global glass, enter the flow,
says as much, actual use value,
worship fat, belong to no class,
art for pigs, lyrics for the
dead, speaking of secrets,
joyce versus joyce, actual i,
bin sed, black over black, more ded,

Monday, February 13, 2006

how was your year, distach,

how was your year, distach,
broken page, non-extant, simplex,
reconnect recontact, found a
better location, dismantle
texts, stretch time, beauty
sucks, trancing on down, fine
fini, no need to take it apart,
unbot, still then still now,
mousepad art, untime,
scrabrrrraang, eye have all
the poems, some sort of letter
particles, the stuff you were
doing, still language, check
reality, fasting forward,
zero sub, unchoose, shart,

Friday, February 10, 2006

take take take, the sort of art

take take take, the sort of art
you can hold in your hands,
pleasantly moronic, a bunch
of clusters, bep, voices zero,
dit dat, the exact time is now,
hello reader!, please no
originals, constructing thot,
attached to the idea, the
paper biz, incementally,
memorial litter, fuck road,
cancel once and for all,
still hand involved, clear
surface, bp disposal, night
merica, final thot best thot,

at the limits of the eye machine,

at the limits of the eye machine,
what sort of thing are you
looking for, bcd blandname,
from the street to the page,
metal font, keep a record of
reality, matereality, never
write on nothing, barlovian,
let us agree to ignore each
other, eye am feeling your
presence, here in the house,
complit, supposed to do with
paper, blankshifter, the use
for this text is, rype for type,
another long weekend, ggtttt,

Sunday, February 05, 2006

less writing, slam!, revoid, reality-

less writing, slam!, revoid, reality-
wise, us paper, toner burn,
emoticonoclast, m(om)ent, mery,
excessable, remain blank,
free eye, graffiti mural, bro,
pour some more text into your
brain, file wood, categories
histories and ethnographies, copro-
duction, and this is not even
what it’s really like, how it
happen, equal portions of
black and white, heightened
coherence and efficiency,
schizogenesis, represent
nothing, signify nothing, mean
nothing, part of the web,
away of say, our errors, laber,
see letter, we all, out rest,
temperrory, i beam, eye as in
me?, footnote all of this,
serionegative, law in error,
the glass itself, snick, why
do these words keep
following us around, zero
zine, bodily takeover,
saint ate, what do you think
paper is made of?, think
impossible, live line, the
limits of one, up a notch,
rung, now we are reading this,
no bad, reredic, making
up us, mordal, foodnotes,
infernal return, rate error,
a, the book not the thing,

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

eye writing, equo, more than equal,

eye writing, equo, more than equal,
thrips, our names, blank for all
intense, zool, perfect ticket, save
all errors, text track, - , what will,
the machine from the inside, blank
eyes, the place where the letters
meet, a real letter, dictionary
dollars, is this a gap?, long term,
ink removal mechanism, slammin’
file cabinets, or idge, slightly
rejuiced, mexican gypsy, sign
delta, nonmagic disrealism,
not easy to read, nothing to joke,
devoid, is one a one?, fur, in
and out of reality, it’s better
because it’s not real, is this
being asked of us?, today is
to morrow, embrace the void,
as if you need the exposure,
do you really want to under
stand?, modem operandi, burin,
i have lost my identity,
composition to the ends of
historical, associationism,
silk ink, sshhh e-, :), weight
of ink, time interleaved, mar
gin, what do we remember,
every toos, milk money for all
it’s worth, hands that can
work, flip over -->, chicken
scratch, the names, i like
the idea but, sick sick sick,
two things, remember the
day, next time around, post-e,