Saturday, November 30, 2013

"superluminal communication"

local realism, superluminal
communication, entasis, zomunda,
gleek, handzoff, the bookstall
idea, comcast, face gallery, ccklm,
not sure what will happen when
the ink hits the paper, giving all
a whole new meaning, snus,
want this moment, plastic scarf,
relayed link, tonerhooked, call
me ruben remus, williams
syndrome, flaxxo, sorkh razil,
the imagined community, these
phrases are pointers to other
texts, one is using pen and ink
because, one of my favourite
lines, drop hat,

Friday, November 29, 2013

"cracticus tibicen"

drop ref, tonguise, botis, cloud
hosting, cracticus tibicen, willy
wagtail, cold mountain nights on,
bakula, obc cluster, all perf,
let’s go solar, one is consuming
ninety-three cents a day
worth of electricity, withdrawn
tomorrow, mechanically licked,
orange celebration of death,
eidolon, w’de’ , ‘w’daeb-awae,
autissokanuk, w’geewi-animoh,
kegon zaum-doongaen, otchipwe,
irregular cluster envelope,
the new orange kitten, the
old kind of book person,
manducation, you could have
gone for the other, ye ole
imperfections in the paper

Thursday, November 28, 2013


entoptic graphomania, bridge of
asses, surautomatism, the eating
knife, four loko, sugar legs,
bunga-bunga, nomade benedetto,
sitri, photobombing, the no go
a-go-go, just waiting for a
train, frydae, ill condition,
don’t waste postage, dish lick,
where you’re at and where you’re
headed, put dead animal on the
grocery list, the better part of
the message, information
hinders, valentine radio, those
phone numbers are out, thirty
percent is the best you can
do, mahwah, weehawken,
tappan zee, tweak dance,
stileproject popeye, wahnsinnig,
die gewalt, bedeuten, scan
book, paper on the kitchen
table, people you never
heard of, the ne-ne, get the
word right rite wright,

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


hey day, the dfw area, kex, kxe,
currawongs, g-spot tornado, death
and the maiden, wears out her
jeans at the crotch, backflux,
scet, laundry debt, nasi goreng,
bahmi, substance misuse, you
will forget you ever read a word,
prawda kole w oczy, a dialogic
sense of truth, a de-familiarising
effect, brick staircase, could
the engine of history, taqueria,
bring batang down, lurid lucid
ludic, take a photo of this,
dirty dirty dirty, superflat

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


superflat, a flattened social
hierarchy, fraggle attack,
racketeer blues, entropia, filles
du roi, depends on the angle of
the head, chambly, customer
cluster, down to zero, beer glow,
wigwag, architechtonic cluster,
subreality, liberation therapy,
confined to expressing himself,
the pictorial turn, the arts of
the contact zone, the vernacular
moment, blackfire, lithodora,
multiplatform interoperability,
infraliminal intelligence,
find the ideograms, see
longhand, mailboxes mailboxes
mailboxes, it’s an issue of,
first or second generation
copies no matter, who stays put,
the copier can’t give you the
perforations, there are plenty
of people who hate art, wow
these are some kinda lines, the
machine outwits you, this one
has haddock written all over
it, a copy of the creases,
rhume, don’t tell me how to
play, addnpass everything,

Monday, November 25, 2013


cootie pie, butalbital,
antipoemia, breda converted,
brill coach, rufus and rose,
mailing products, one grand
piano radio, how do you feel
about the new paper, seedless
bananas, obml cluster, a perfec,
z’all, mere emote, ilfochrome,
sintra, naming out of
difference, a slave language,
nostalgic kitsch versus
melancholic kitsch, memoria,
catechresis, merck plectrum,
arial black ten point, wall
of text, trench chants, you
ain’t goin’ nowhere, the trees

Sunday, November 24, 2013

"john the conqueror root"

leaving the scene of communication,
john the conqueror root, ergine,
ipomoea jalapa, a short street
not worth going down, uthar,
fuol, objet petit a, the perfect
tea, caccicavallo, fall faster
and faster, all, all, now did you
actually do the work, flowers
coming out of anus, paris may
sixty-eight, how to burn money,
asheater, decision point, is
the martha avenue address good,
cash logo, odjig, buckeye bar
and, pancake circus, scarback,
sign your photos, mammoth ivory,
no matter if they are gummed,
gives good line, we all have the
same basics, such a beautiful
full sheet, unit of chaos,
you might think you have the
original, the variation is
slight enuf, lyra, mathewsie,
the following bullet point,
akal shizen, it will take
approximately nineteen
years, emolit, sudden death
semantics, avascular
necrosis, comic amok,

Saturday, November 23, 2013


mordant, sub-real alchemy, č ,
eating excrement, mojo hand, the
power cut out for a second and
all was lost, enormous retaliation,
insertomania, pap, rapini, raab,
penetralia, astro ivory litehouse,
sys cluster, it is unlawful,
riza, free of marks until,
purposeful futility, whodunit
art, this is nation, working in his
office, one to go out to a
foreign land, a magazine for
the rich, structured abstraction,
ninety-nine minutes, what
happens when you go over, stay
close, fuckin white people like
you, fluctuations in quality,
common human experience,
we don’t have the symbol set,
fallen dee, terror management
theory, pillory, staub,
mandocello, all the titles
of all the books, citrolux,

Friday, November 22, 2013

"anti-affective affect"

citroluz, dada porn, this would
copy well, be random, canadian
clown dreams, journal two
hundred and sixty-nine, the
sovereign newspaper, an chien de
angelou, in the stocks,
literature lady liberty,
radical free speech, fuck the
system, criminal authority,
dita von teese, glory box,
clunge, ipecacuanha, espeletia,
chad, subshrubs, launch
empty response, see if you
can wear out that rubberstamp,
maximal cluster, mostly fit,
rawle, read and pass on, the
face of mass affect, affect
modulation, ethico-aesthetic
politics, anti-affective affect,
autonomy and connection,
caring for belonging, an
indeterminate or emergent
sociality, autonomous
collectivity, connective
autonomy, catapult font,
the original note, tasaday,
infantigo, there’s a lot of
fuckin’ books in the world,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


sugar puppets, zuckerpüppchen,
huge magnetic plasma snake,
run bambi run, combo ever hunger,
hakuin, underdaks, scriptures on
concrete, kex, white delta, bunch,
com cluster, visual magnetism,
not a single interesting word,
now you have made a mark in
the text, the three-body
problem, an ecology of practices,
post-autonomia, co, home-care
educational, political ecology,
resistance to identity, the
social factory, fidelity programs,
relational marketing,
indeterminate sociality,
immaterial labour, the
subsumption of life, the
capture of resistance, check
mechanism, micro-power,
surplus-value of flow,
capital-power, stunnery,
we can’t stamp off on it yet,
it would take you the rest
of your life just to read
the titles, anyways fuck it!,

Monday, November 18, 2013

"digital tantra"

okay, to begin: fuck it!, i wic,
digital tantra, oppressor ross erppo,
nitonol, vulnerably housed,
fracking, buggeiro, transphobia,
voice work, kids area riot, eyeore
eyesore, timeless watches, all the
inbetweeners, lysol axe, toilet
cluster, zournazi, intercaps,
boundary condition, margin of
maneuverability, it’s charge
of affect, wriggle room, has
his fingers in the cupboard,
affective loading, abductive
participation, singularities
of experience, affective
connection, the end fun lass,
twenty-six letters and a
comma, and an exclamation
mark, a long list of book
titles, income pleads, gar
number sixty-three, the
two of you, he ant rope lie,

Thursday, November 14, 2013

"thanatophoric dysplasia"

religionism, thanatophoric
dysplasia, carbon powder, bad
community, the data-driven
economy, the push-down bra,
stuxnet, tfln, it’s research
poetry, tyme travel, gm cluster,
you’ve got it to waste, pukka
joint massif, mentara, kitchen
shame, the poetic interventions
project, kuruneru, japanese
tentacle porn, koonago, shunga,
steel-reinforced concrete
roof, cost of hi-end, trance
media, pubic space, palace
chat software, breaking
frame, the virtual gaze,
a network of documentation,
bad acid trip tales, your name
in my text, it was a slow

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


internet addicts, space-time cloak,
cognitive load, sharing is publishing,
squinkie, undo automatic bullets,
mend a city, emotion is hard to
communicate in chat, flo-ball
valves, tepidarium, carrion call,
that green ink keeps coming back
to haunt, cluster floating,
the winnipeg karen eliot, bb
cluster, inventing snowflakes,
sexual timelines, an indecent
shade of orange, napkin cole,
a jarful of pennies from
foreign lands, verulam,
lifelong trance, mundus et
infans, gallery slaves, uptick,
concrete communities,
reverse racism, freedom
machine, power-over, trans
ftm, what are you sucking on,
sexual oppression, diligent
writing, these are all titles
of books, pop!,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


step one: lose the gun, bwi,
gunnarolla, tallegio, pixel
visionary, carhartt, shoddier
books, backronymmed, i like the
way you move, ccc cluster,
baseline cluster, international
cluster, word poor emotion rich,
sansei, obon, kai, issei,
community halls edited,
black indians, chair empty and
hoping, aikikai, the thick
concrete muck, koobface
malware, linkjacking, rogue
antivirus, why wasn’t i
informed, this text will be
written at eleven o’clock,
pierce ball,

Monday, November 11, 2013


pierce penniless, graphite rubbings,
tinstaafl, bogan town, tardis,
the mama art movement, sugartext,
creampiehole, dslr, islet
transplant, one knows too much
and refuses to keep silent, do
you want some free advertising,
black sixback, i get a bye on
thinking about you today,
ycmb, you only have one idea,
rich with emotion, language
dollars, sea asparagus, bent
box, the zigzag weft, space
logging, google every single
phrase, memorize best point
size for each font, the pros
and cons of too much ink,
rebound girl,

Sunday, November 10, 2013

"iman biyaldi"

rebounder girl, iman biyaldi,
the motorboat, santorum,
denies rumour of affair with,
organic fudge, vrbl, one for
every person on the planet,
local contortionist, tattoo this
madness in, our lips your ears
gap, four-square against, come
with heightened expectations,
a building of collisions, a
vo, a conversation that
happens enough, valuable
heroic gift, the day we started
to date, sausage grease text,
on the way to fucking,
firefly squid, tenugui,
what was the extension,

Saturday, November 09, 2013


wu wei, happeeing, poblano,
gossip-hound, striding heels,
kymatica, maritime admiralty
law, false ego, caramel purpose,
hunt and peck chat, up here
where the feet and hands get
tangled, who the hell is rhl,
no these are not a-four, high
land falls, levarie, cluster of
oranges, mandarin blue,
schmeer, we made it to
nineteen-sixty-nine, visha
loo, santorum, trumpetflower,
highest compliment an
exhibition, a more muscular
vagina, call it interesting
and chuck it, ain’t
producing, the pallpoint,
zen surprise, the titles of
thousands of books,

Friday, November 08, 2013

"sri yantra"

zenitalia, sri yantra, mingent,
neighbour procedure, letter saint
daze, scripting automation,
plunderground, toxic epidermal
necrolysis, the cactus curtain,
the league of the hat-securer,
competitive art making, poblano,
social reading, jasmine tea as
substance abuse, cambazola
hawkins, ripped and cut,
ymmy gmmy, lost in the woods on
magic mushrooms, hugly mangry
killdren, artspeaktext, fun
draisey, who full fol, extra artxe,
viral fundraising, van’s electric,
cap-catch, capitalist
multiculturalism, an
economy of authenticity,
a field of immediate
coincidence, the tina mentality,
atra zine, the colour of a
new penny, quilting iron
beeswax animation, claw moss,
what do you find interesting,
when found make a note of,
try to envision the text,
comes as a surprise,

Thursday, November 07, 2013


nanobot, carpaccio, up-material,
blackout in a can, the fisher
of bodies, plenty o’ ink, too much
light house, an i lamp sand
cluster flag, one ought to work
on one’s diet, has repetition, a
fleck of blue toner, scoliosis,
creep poetry, human error in
the composition, ego-less
practices, false map, windows
of art, a choice machine,
axistance, epicondylitis, hot
imk, put in the underline on
the blog, prairie yay,

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

"i love you just kidding"

art sight, fluxus teepee, the
definitive presentation, three
lines across the body, not just
any shark, fhc, h-binoc, ucupa,
this is not a this is not a,
wham sugar, emphasis on the e,
redzer, ondebus, symbol set,
play set, nonverbal reality,
jute, coded wire, don’t forget
to include the container, art
packet, tumaco, zaharias,
network music, chopped channeled
and, pink bubbles, oh penned
eyes, keep it textual, harper
considering extending,
funicula, highly enjoying these
chats, chashitsu, dulce, i
love you just kidding, cash
trips diamond, csmc, duchenne’s
muscular dystrophy, inside
jobs, old book reviews, amixam,
proletcult, lordosis, contractures,
sunday clusters, abstract
and intact clusters,
clusters of landscape and
location, editit, oil stained
paper, this aft, wireless
names, value-added trash,

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


leftover crack, taggability,
fundador, fructidor, thermidor,
twise, cockshark, winnipeg pepper,
oblb, tea council, downy flake,
you are here at death, the
gone one, you are here but on
your way, structural
adjustment, state-of-the-art
repression, world bank riots,
casework, christiana squat
denmark, geisha girl mentality,
plough thru poetry, no
concrete barrier, back in the
day before, pyracantha,
eyes cry for home, my seekage,
burst second, fallopian art,
sepulchre hat,

Monday, November 04, 2013


sepulchritude, geta, don’t count
your blessings share them,
overenunciating, geoengineer,
pell mell circus, astro globe
breast, meatchicken, the whole
poem is an ell, that’s not a
very nice thing to say amie,
the fate of the copy, your
typewriter versus my typewriter,
gar sixty-two, why would you
wanna repeat that, we mailed
the rust, a socio-cultural
movement, radical openness,
he’emane’o , just draw in a
doodad, biblioasis, umami,
hard candy eye, i repeat
myself, but it was just a

Sunday, November 03, 2013


planet ana, we have enuf material
here for paper and, i thot i saw
language there for a second, the
finest paperworker, so much for
the records, this would be a
duplicate if, atemporality,
note divides, unlaced with rum,
lumpcore, the rutmaster,
ampu-porn, supersenses, after
the love peak, cvc, déclassé
elements, the point of
production, the perfect bookmark,
don’t sell me nothing, drug war
money, narco-terrorism, we own
the night, competitive
attention economy, stamp off
on me, this whole text ought
to have been jockeyed over
a couple spaces, busy boys
better boys, slopping centre,

Saturday, November 02, 2013


zomned, nrocpop, writing copy is
equal to lorem ipsum, bions,
cloudbusters, zavacky,
ornaments cluster, kensington
cluster, murcott, cbco,
administration of things,
ro· , nonresistance, mir, a
nonauthoritarian society,
destruam et aedificabo,
the fear of freedom, yeah
but you read it ten years ago,
can i dedicate this to you,
orange orgone, headphones cup
each ear’s, pupola, a sola
topee, camptown corn, is that
a bee or,

Friday, November 01, 2013


launceston races, hst, just
a bit of pink plastic, ladyboy,
alternative reel, analöffnungen,
pisses his pants on the sofa,
mail advisor, fluxboxes,
propaganda of the deed,
champurrado, she’d rather be
dancing, dancing at the till,
green pan, head on a string,
face colormates, songsages,
out by a day, sjööblom, ain’t
got no furnace, storage of
electricity, trance access,
this particular pattern, moss
green and drenched with sweat,
googol, bell’s palsy, ailanthus
trees, leprophobia, pale
victim, reading red ink,
hair cut not haircut, go
screefing, alcohol collage,
ceolin, nixtamal,