Thursday, April 30, 2009

"iyigun" & "atrebates"

endless repetition, triple primed,
apple freak, pqvw, molecule of
magic, we have no time to waste,
all that differs, visual thots,
technic, word from behind the
curtain, our last happy moment,
sudden and random death,
beer and music, iyugun clusters,
what do you exspect for a penny,
you better spend it fast, you can
be in my dream if i can be in
yours, heart heave, breathtaking
or refusing to breath, it’s a rep,
leave wrapped, the hand on the
handle, tender private, gaze again,

you are part of my brain, giornata,
pregroperativism, lift the elephant
with your bare hands, everyone there
was on the map, pencil me in, there
is room for everyone inside the
elephant, giants and non-giants,
the world is dead, are you on the
team, special trance fusion,
coilezionista, atrebates, non-
mailartisti, your name pops out,
of all the examples you could
pick, abita, self-portrait of
open popstar, avail yourself of
the texture, a hundred and ten
pounds worth of paint, why not
respond, north-east-west territory,

"genet" & "remember you are going to die"

uske, the way you tore into it, your
guilt complex, a new promise,
disappear into the world, hrycyk,
administrative penalty, one was a
part, high octane club, will call
fee, one is a part, city of mud huts,
easier to use the rubberstamp,
telbank, living on credit, made
representations, she is commit,
eight below libertine, return to
your grind, accum, hand deliv,
comatose time, saint genet, total
freedom, go underground, how
do you like the art, detach
yourself, work you, tel-, plas,

why would someone do this,
spilliaert, jazz tesserae, remember
you are going to die, cast your
mind back to a happy moment,
ecuador grindhouse, overlimit,
cash-like transactions, autopay,
geometric structure, run your
fingers over the dust, if you
had to select one, any rendition
of, hiah, three words remind, zone
out now, the original cause,
what’s up with camel, we seem to
have lost contact, longbeards
grilling, more markings than,
specify month or day, art zwerg,

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"how do you feel about acidheads" & "please explain this text to the author"

a hundred different fruitstickers,
small wonder you went crazy, a
month before the disaster, art get,
blessed blank, you can’t read the
book without a machine, ceenhi
redbon, become a big letter poet,
how do you feel about acidheads,
credit table, repsych, six voices
together, hirsuta pilosa, resonate
thru many dimensions, you may
wind up with the thing itself,
draw your hand over the paint,
a blatch from the past, greet
earth, gula, dice it, tekstprent,
euronymous, dédé, real lines,

ilurf, froment, champagnoise,
original bottle, the original
bottle, innerleithen, read the
book to the last page and then,
sourdough oozed out, now we
need to change again, morin
designers, let your memory
fail, still like the colour of
my money, get back in touch,
tt, craf, what do you do, what
can you do, gnawlin’s, is this
a self-portrait, please explain
this text to the author, tar and
feather me, deep north, psyche!,

"who has time to read this shit" & "can joyoj"

this is not part of the whole, indirect
cyberstamp, let the crumb fall,
why what happens at sea, put a
grave face on it, think of someone
else, still calling, contested
spaces, cut it out of the vinyl,
we are still remembering you,
spoken mountain, take venus for
your logo, paper is boring, the
unity of logical trance thank
you, crimping and, who has time
to read this shit, diverse times
stapled together, this is where
i wrote, are you seeing what is
there or, the glory days linger on,

why put all these words down,
compare the nth degree copy with
the original, paper leg, take a
breath of fresh reality, remove
thanatics, desireau voyou, are
leaf, desireau money, doctor
eff, can joyoj, begin toner,
plot smearing, carnivorous arts,
shit lightning, return to
original, you are in peru,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"significantly unmarked" & "start the destruction"

you can see it better in the dark,
one body, tipped you over tea, your
desk is your mailbox, you had it
for a moment, that sense of
confusion, a pyramid of leaves,
did i ask you a question, will
barrier, once you get your hands
on one, significantly unmarked,
what were we doing up here, we
might need to get desperate,
what do y’all got against stamps,
ways of going missing, man of a
million hands, begin a new reality,
blank means, temporary mosquito,

start with nothing, the original
start the destruction, yes no we
start, coming to recognition, the
future loss, genuine reality, the
searching of this, free if you
behave, gangsol, envoie, one day
beauty, you might have been in
this picture, drop down a hundred,
violence enters, people doesn’t work,
bordijol, selamat tahun baru, all
the energy there was in nineteen
eighty-six, stempel, all typos
are copyright, ten years agony,
blue skin film, shelanagig,
whiteknuckle, drunkwork,

missing you visually

effort is we made, limited becomes
unlimited, that no more, all year
fool, what arrived the day before,
exactly what was coming in and
going out, ask a favour, why you
had to resort to the typewriter,
the oxen, do your work and shut up,
we only have one font, hate nothing,
effort will get you nothing, the
typer of the text, yes you make
the effort and nothing, état
d’avarie, a day’s deterioration,
outward effort versus, resutts,
a moment dying, adding passages,
work it down, luciday, get to o,

no one could decode, true love body
politics, marching towards
disaster, what are you monsters
doing in there, prepare to be dead,
cut yourself a few minutes, a
job you’ve been doing forever,
force yourself to look at the
text, high clue, hanna barbara,
forced to get a gmail, at the
commodity mart, sudden war, when
you’re just seventeen, i sent you
that great big book, musta had
to leave, drop a pebble into the
ocean, nowe, where’s the original,
rubber trance, typewriter here,

Monday, April 27, 2009

"cheese libido" & "now the peach is rotten"

perfectly sane artist, you don’t want
the rebound, the thing itself is still
under wraps, leak in flight, the time
it takes to make, bless you dear
reader, a sentence of humour, for
unlawful carnal knowledge, orange
against, cheese libido, concrete
first, scumbled orange, cluster
of scholarship, consequences can
hardly be exaggerated, do i look
disoriented, the clusters program,
shirk clusters, clusters competition,
the strategics, annihilation principle,
sugarloaf hat, abatis, close enough
to hear, cheveaux de frises, foss,

why do we need a copy of this, fame
or infame, the moment of the elmleaf,
decide not to produce, the mind
blinking out, ask reality, the hole
is healed, concrete actuality, we
already have the word, reduced
to two days a week, circle of
tomatoes in the snow, now the
peach is rotten, twenty sugar,
hybrid concept, confarison, did
put on the page, ah to have you,
no production, allone, ha to have
the whole day, we are no more, you
were never here in the first place,
a penny gun, from eye to mouth,
art cost, fade to prompt,

"desireau, painted with urine," (#2) & ""like a bird flying over a border"

desireau, painted with urine,
e v , gone to peru, stepped on,
we can’t copy the entire universe,
in and of the art, de pou, thick
paint mail, if this line is not
clear, who was the artist that did
the art, is this where we enter the
flow, it doesn’t need to say, the
paper is thicker than it is wide,
what do you seek, how are you get
these effects, paint the daytime
black, the feel of paint, toner
porn, poundfoolish, if this line
is not clear, artfrag, rockers or
strings, lick the scum, iss, money,

are these meaningful marks or,
heaven sixty-nine moss, polypoetry,
you included, like a bird flying
over a border, temporary identity,
art and parcel, we are always on
thr run, if you have two of
something sell one, let it all
slip out of your hands, delu,
put it back into circulation,
relocate your identity, still
raise a grin, shadow and evil
in your personal life, two is for,
escape the network, schizogenic,
recont, pink sixsixsix, enuf leaf,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"joyoj" & "nothing will be revealed"

can we see what you have written,
if you could have this day again
how would you spend it, fee for
errors, who is the mailartist in
binghamton ny, it’s never or ever
too late, aka madonna bush, hi
yersell to tn, curve hzt, fishbeat,
joking about nothing, memo no memo,
it’s a long way to alberta, the
image is not showing up, we fi, the
reality police, theme meth, karma
fly, if we knew we knew fi, no
need to reinforce the seams, appro,
are you willing to interact with
me, as reliable as gravity, joyoj,

the doctor is taking notes, what
happen to the alphabet, nothing will
be revealed, escape from your box,
a mere rendition, an elongated
rendition, eggplant talon, we are
down under the sea, repose or
respond, awful leavings, forget
the insanity, exotik alberta, it
says, strange threads, second hand
reality, a swipe across the face
with a fish, mistaken for another
eye, a gift that demands to be
regifted, feeling for something
that is not there, why wood, when
you said this, hope to see, eff,


orange twilight blue snow, try
to see this as art, study the letters
until you can read them, main
satisfaction, highlands of china’s
eastern, the memory of money, do
you really prefer blank paper,
hot good head, after all the ink
is gone, busy being offline,
pretend you have money, approach
absolute economic zero, give up
on desire, pent each moment,
labouring thru the language,
all you care to hear, erised,
ejected from the network,
wasted gold, free death,

you are going up and down the same
road, suddenly disaster, we never knew
where the chunk came from, black
future, vlokfeest, print with gold,
antisemantics, most thing!, pes,
call it a deck, clovis culture, now
we are translated to another place
and time, thinking of others, back
when we had time for nothing,
orange tuk-tuk, popo gospel, indica
nothing, you finally reached the
breaking point, orange steam-shovel,
calcarius ornatus, werksux,
yakuzz, it was,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"juicy lucifer" & "deliberate attempts to lose control"

art crime, the game we were play,
art that floats, the thing which
is, the days before the disaster,
magiscroft, hate cluster, culture
police, juicy lucifer, wear the
badge proudly, how can you call
this an original, no we can’t show
such, a red nothing, is that a
genuine this, with or without a
mark, golpea, using it to torture
you with, we finally got thru
too late, housewife gets fired,
probably nothing, new call,
laminated reality, cat bite,
jugeaient, nothing dies, cha,

have sex at the drop of a hat,
gluhwein, the informational
mode of development, dressage,
hypervitalist, laboratories
of speed, deliberate attempts
to lose control, reprogramming
the mind, medialization,


reginger, rejected individuals,
new jobs arising, postal expert,
psychological abuse, try me,
still hoping, if you return the
books too soon, voici et wasso,
eternal arisal, the call and the
call, twenty-four cents bulk,
puns tore gamble, when we were
we, coffeemeat, eye’s the buy
that sinks her, wad of letters,
colour conception, these days
are coming, we are going again,
you may never taste again,
eternal anrete, art am us,

not to be combined with, nothing
attached, just keep on bleeding,
bright in retrospect, being in the
pink, there is paper but, the poet
is giving you the silent treatment,
here comes the rubberstamps,
when we reach the year zero, are
you prepared for the next moment,
addicted to exspensive cheese,
can i use your ftp site, the one
and only day, five letters to
make you laugh, on top of all
your desires, melitta, tea sot,
freeerf, breaking into song,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"making it to your appts" & "rebuild the world from the ashes"

abb to woo, you finally got what
you desired, a random phone
number, valencia non-orange, the
author of this text, time will
repool, making it to your appts,
a new fax machine, it’s print,
failing to renew, postal steps,
now we are living new days,
misregister inks, the next round
of needs, desiring labour,
learn a new computer language,
write your funny thing, ccp,
face your doom, a broom to
ride, a glimpse of skin,

become a janitor, iron ck, i bought
this loaf of bread for you, eroscope,
rebuild the world from the ashes,
i picked up this milk for you,
emphatropes, join the chess club,
what are you doing back over here,
this penny counts as an item, local
rubber, the rolling eye, hitler was
a vegetarian, our brocken years,
blame it on the booze, hat tenh,
filthy concrete, philosophy of
luck, the criminal class, is this
the same day, deposit your money
at a store, responsable, grind
away, syd syd syd, slard,

"ergodic literature" & "a forty watt bulb and a book"

cybertexts, ergodic literature,
upgraded microporous coating,
manteau yoho, tuque, warmth
without weight, thinking of
you from the direction of, wro
below zero, opportunity to
miss, bring tape and scissors,
yesterday wasn’t much of a

losing loved ones, all this effort
to move one book, it looks like real
war, one is terrified, you have fall
we have winter, pewter is tin, ski
iks, no human could lift, van rex,
a simple way out, after the horror,
after you lose battle on, happy
face egg, musical homes, bidet
farewell, you are not one of the
ones we want, process operator,
anodes sedona, a piece of steel
thru your heart, a forty watt
bulb and a book, have you seen
the big nickle, ukodus, out in
the smoke, find one thing worth,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"actively disconnected from the network" & "nothing so lovely"

this is ink not toner, the blank
light house, original is ink, esing,
exspensive documents, this does not
normally attach, loonie toos,
a martyr in the gender wars,
tileul, a little hand writing
is precious, conlolumentum,
pink paralysis, the widow’s mite,
locus ille locorum, jarama ebro
turia manzanares, an extremely
powerful electromagnetic pulse,
information bomb, technology
free zones, pleonastic abundance,
actively disconnected from the

still note, not knowing anything
about it, parenting lol, hep check,
electric satan, petrochemical
santa, happy reading, megapixel,
help yourself, shrunk down to the
size of, crime is cultural, play
foam, what am i going to get,
television zombies, are they in
love, all the sweaters i left behing,
now you are liberated, one does
not fit, the process of becoming
homeless, all the skin, capital
death, don’t even remember
yesterday, read the actual book,
storm entering, nothing so lovely,
apples versus oranges, all bitter,

"lucid consolation" & "lucid without code"

where is this bus going, here is
something we may want to keep in
mind, here is something we might
want to forget, you are reading
what you are reading, nobody
knows you when you’re down and
out, one two skip a day, need to
get somewhere else, you had the
world in the palm of your mind,
the same people goind, where’s my
money, uninformed sources, not the
bus again, embody eye, what are
these people doing to me, now we
are just another case, renew your
lease on life, lucky bus, mighta,

here we are passing thru, thermal
belly, interpret disaster, who has
thousands, epiphone, reining, flush
alberta, anything to crack your
surface, skin like newsprint,
from zero to, under the covers fully
dressed, the books they are selling
thousands of, let’s call them
configurations, wait we are still
reading this, always something
distinct from, what does your
gizmo do, is nobody happy, risk
your sanity, real donkeys, your
first black mark, rx stands for,
emphis, varenyky, onboarding,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

maybe go up to 16 pt. on the Haettenschweiler next time

fail to shop, blank fields, damson,
amoenitatis locus, bulge lip, the
paper is already inscribed,
almost grabbed a book, sudden
fill the page, the original is to
be letten go, first shot worst
shot, crypto-linguistic, exotic
historical context, cack-handed
letters, child’s history of england,
concrete and steal, lsd theory,
the vegetable mind, glutamate,
intelligent nanoparticles,
mycocomputer, human evolution
was catalyzed, explanations of
human culture,

the text in the mind’s eye, the buying
takes place off stage, meditate on
head, down thru this hole to a lower
dimension, learning the inside of
your body, contains concrete, is
there no end to this, the internet
begins six feet away, falling
blank again, break the habit of
reading, please don’t touch the
reality, fucking the terrorist,
thou shalt not access, hierarchy
of icons, the texture of time,
the final card, mossy trance,
experience disease, boom mount
boom, not enuf: the same, you wrote it,

"gazing at toner" & "simulation sickness"

let it drip, gazing at toner, keep
going until this too is destroyed,
dee sea diving, mab bam, send your
self to russia, dee see ate, dea
cee six, dese too, peed seeing,
dep seeing, def see,

pursuit of nothingness, crizal alizé,
suspended falling, from sun to sun,
knowledge post, noumena, reality support,
the rein vention, precogs, don’t drink and
do anything, the realm of passions-
bodies and infernal mixtures, idoru,
impersonal intimacy, datag love,
simulation sickness,

Monday, April 20, 2009

"zombie capital" & "we have always been in this very moment"

open mossy place, neathless, paper
hat, hat-check girl, the orange
glowing steamcloud cloud of
the pulp mill, the bipoilers, why
are you wasting your eyes, debt
slavery, until they have paid back
every penny they owe, bad infinity,
illimité, vampire-capital, mortified
schizos, mechanical discourse
processing, intellectual capital,
dreamshit, slake-moths, zombie-
labor, a universal residue,
zombie-making, to write time,
handwritten trance,

experience this moment, book as
widget, barre, sentenced to death,
fun: busy being had, imaginary spy,
we have always been in this very
moment, oil wind, recruiters, home
in which crime, the new om, your
clareview days, the day your
childhood ended, the internet
on the other side of the wall,
thinking you have money, more
reasoner than thou, you will
never know such delight, the
god of birthday cake, dreaming
of labour, scrabble up, legs
wide spread, little go-getter,

"war will set you free" & "edit your memory"

boomtown cats, i have zero memory
of this moment, an old piece of
wood, representation of violence
marshmallow, do you remember
what this means: poppie bleeding
to white, let’s fry this fish,
aren’t you happy in your suburban
paradise, yokel yodel, what’s
this the rush, losing a place to
live, nuclear family meltdown,
nothing is soaring, anxiety chills,
come on in and get to work,
there’s a million jobs, sneaker
heads, war will set you free,
plunges into steel, mount real,

too much: the same, starting with
the day of your release, hemlines
high, even the departed must go,
the best game you can name, edit
your memory, the devil’s surprise,
whad one, what do you remember
from reality, we met you, eminen,
out comes the gun, memorable
forgettances, going on a vacant,
sen eye sub, sudden collapse over
time, blackfinger, here come
another today, the devastation
spreads, some of these broken
things must be repairable no,
eventumist, atome, the game’s all
here, hard hat glass, utterdoors,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

the done & the not done

have you ever seen this text before,
there is paining but no painer, if
you look inside here you might find
sex, if you look inside here you
might find death, memory
stones, remember norway, violence
as performed by, arbitrary
sentence, opportunity locks,
remember you are going to die,
save the frag discard the whole,
orange halifax, tower of the law,
look and see who died, monkey
wench, even stars, don’t you
want to hear, in the market
for nothing, everything it takes
to sell one, let’s get soft on,

putrefied soul, syncrude upgrader,
you want to be out in that desert,
don’t want no television, from your
high to your low, screaming at a
speck, we don’t want any solutions,
ringing a bell for the eye, blast
first alberta, didn’t we just see,
how long is this sentence, let’s
try zanzibar, consent to violence,
metal walls, eco-skyscrapers,
homeless real estate, a photo of
the book, weep on demand, you
better start looking harder, grave
fix, there will be no more busses,
christmas slap, paper intox, roll
a marble down balboa, choose nil,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"ecologically correct herms"

concrete behaviors, cimex lectularius,
pseudocopulation, cnemidophorus
uniparens, fertility factors,
a benevolent venereal disease,
homo photosyntheticus, ecologically
correct, herms merms ferms, sexuo-
linguistic theory, agrammaticalities,
reentrant loops, the lateral
geniculate nucleus, structural
coupling, do, codetermination,
real time art, sintesi, the smell
organ, not the nose, mediocrita,
involuntary memories,
neophenomenology, structuring
absence, concrete demonstration,
the punctum practice produces

"flatten down the glass bottles"

we’ve been thru this already, why
such a large envelope, yi-xin, thou
shalt not lose control, no matter
how you slice it, anti-rem, a quik
etch, nothing needs to be protected,
we are all chinese, it’s easy to make
a splash in the ocean, deddie, what
can be said about blank, flatten
down the glass bottles, you better
get yourself a map, ride those waves,
not after money, you can’t just
carry on after, you are about to
be torn from your home, do you
subscribe to this sort of text,
better oblate than never, you
can’t say such things as, smash
the peach, postal math, orange
blue what’s the diff, hoping
to mail, we kNew the end was nigh,
and here’s where it all ends,

Friday, April 17, 2009

tabor, caltrops, zebu

visual language, the toner is not
fixed, photographic poetry, original
white out, did you have these done
or, marching towards your heart,
any relation no relation, no you
are no london, muscular energy
versus financial energy, cthulu,
eldritch, gafiate, efanzinedom,
shoggoth, transit fandom,
apahackers, pail pal lettuce,
reeingineer hat, tabor city ‘taters,
grabs his hat, whang cheng, caltrops,
zebu rustling, orange-faced
children, meal ready to eat,
poisonous booc trees, trioxane,
invest in a piece of paper, cut
yourself a slab,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"a rubberstamp that says reduced circumstances"

athabasca onion rings, meet mister
ker-chunk!, prove you have your
high-school diploma, assume the
deal, saint artling, crazy hysterical
everything, the diversity police,
malware, social distortion prison,
continuity the humdrum element,
tin hats, passeggio, a patch of
concrete, a colossal and excited
human, saucisson, a rubberstamp
that says reduced circumstances,
a chinese restaurant in hat, the
hitler era and carried, squaddish,
dobar dan, studenski dom, heating
or cooling energy, utilitiy, the
smell of the ink, toner rift,
no minimum but no maximum,
break eye contact, fixed outcome,
flow checks,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"how to stop plummeting" (one tee)

changed at source, how’s your
language, didn’t we already
fill this blank, provokative, body’s
on the way, kraft work, loomies,
code:will, ex off the hours, surd
reel, we need a new void, paper
crown, do the red thing trademark,
here is the message for you, cow
come out, mock oranges, analingual,
how to stop plummetting, era of
colonization as the hierarchical,
consolidation and homogenization
to that extent, concrete expression,
the material poiesis of informatics,
materialistic information studies,
the mode of information,

"the pleasures and hells of eternal replication"

blue gold, blue dross, leir,
apprentisage, spermhead, relaxed
glass, events are held and changed,
beholds nothing, steel colon,
mail stand, born in thirty-four,
born in sixty-nine, addicted to
this, cartesian heritage but
extending, the pleasures and
hells of eternal replication,
code superiority, gasteroids,
megaparsecs, the self-experiment,
hallucinogenic expansion of
consciousness, learning lozenge,
hallucinogenic science, lyserg
saure diathylamid, desire to
laugh, external symbolic
storage, bead games,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


pendant parabolas, carausius
morosus, consciousness is a field,
laya, hardware highlights, lubere,
entomosadism, temnein, lufu,
a hand holding a cracked egg,
the shook cellophane, siang chung
li chien, grief work, epiphora,
canaliculi, the paranoiac-
critical method, einsof, the zero
dimension, trance medial,
cryptic clear, the legitimate
use of state violence, the study
of bureaucracies, nondialectical,
the history of challenges to
european, a comprador
intelligentsia, postmodern
sovereignty, non-foundational
discourse theory, post euro


envelope full of second hand smoke,
flying paper structure, each individni,
a million and forty-four, europanism,
does the world really need another
mailartist, pure pull, left the heat
up, p is for, can i drive, askesis,
hexis, antidisciplinary, a stamp in
quotation marks, waiting for the
year of the dragon, let the posty
do the walking, how long do you
intend to remain, entrance hidden by
chandelier, socially intelligent,
an orange two-piece, kombinator,
vans to auschwitz, nitrostat,
money-conscious, amcha, huddled
closer to the entrance, this is not
the obvious, tokens of a herald,
kishlak, yashmaks, lifeway,
antienvironmentalists, ecotage,
otterness, human ethics continue,
femicide, horizontal collaborator,

Monday, April 13, 2009

what are we calling this?

here’s a word to remind you of
your pain and loss, if her name
was betty, blank somebody, total
love bath, what are you doing
sleeping, vindictive lie, maybe
they never got thru, the last
time we actually mailed, easter
guilt, united states of north
america, the other lives inside
you, get selfless, p’t riddle,
slurp puddle, mister pid, tala,
narcotic allure, lucky one
thirteen, why would anyone
want to copy this mess, phone
overseas, lucky double-seven,

who cut who out of the picture,
is this a finster, cats your dogs,
death was always with us, it’s
always time to cough, let us fold
ourselves together, line you all
together, one oh two, this might
have been annotated, imagine
fucking, there was reality here,
this was a fine one, reality you
can keep, write bolder, beer no more,
we don’t have to listen anymore,
we gave up a day to, nobody is
cooking, how is this making, you
were always working, thou shalt
not go overtime, got no plum,

"scan" & "long"

desireau, painted with urine,
e v , gone to peru, stepped on,
orange turns to gray, the word
yellow written in blue ink,
this white space represents a
hole, priddle has been dropped,
art orange, reginger abb, show
your colours, it’s eye, cado
what, consciousness varies accross
the city, you know what it says
even though you can’t read it,
in the market to sell nothing,
keep on top of your needs, in all
us, podcast, party hat, voyou,

remove these edges first, lowball
air, struggle with reality, lessons
in allure, taking pains for your art,
dental art, are you still forgetting,
yes actual real money, orval cap,
why would you want them cut apart,
make it permanent, i’d rather not
open fire, failing to follow orders,
hercule cap, no illusions here,
cathedra van, you are a ray, are
ye daft, please obtain happy,
amore infinito, you don’t look
very happy, sex xes, effort roffe,
maintain losses, upn, thanatics,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

poetic licence [sic]

the forgotten thing, pop cap, odomok,
helvetia rockville, staying as you are,
compelling explanation of this history,
iron pipeline, shorties gats iller, para-
ordnance, a concealed-carry licence,
contagious fire, laser thermal
processing, caniche, standing on
two watermelons, eighteen piranha,
nothing to admire, nor the fun tension,
tea-clatch, a thumbnail census, a
gate made of concrete, buddha
images clustered, cetiya, albani
cap, clusters operating, grantsman-
ship, a century earlier a hungry,
rodef moser, ethos of creed
homeland, the day of the weak, the
day of the strong, neuronomics,
error blank, have a go at today,
here we go again, afore ya go, two
angels, the dot under the aitch,
nothing equals sugar,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

400 longhorns

the best thing about days, give your
life to whatever, mister leave-it-blank,
give your life to art, we are all
deteriorating, redemnify, seventy-eight
seventy-eight, hiring forever, orange
china, start leaving your papers
there, still felt, the dv industry,
chocolate’s earliest history,
panarchy, sabayon, ferber as a verb,
hypoxic, peachbasket interchange,
contractility, sun-tranced, the
horrible conditions of exploitation,
industrial reserve army, positive
barbarism, imperial reproduction,
autonomists, affirmative violence,
corporeal nomadism, concrete
invention, anthropological exodus,
poietic prostheses, an artificial
becoming, synchronous failure,
energy return on investment,
catagenesis, prospective mind,

"i have a blog therefore i am"

amen ded, riding the groundhog,
this is just to let you know zero,
place no stamps, laid legal, let
the pain become regular, tram jaw,
ferry over the ice, chrome god, can
you fall any faster, the lovers
on the other side of the wall,
cash only, all that belly, for
every pound of paper, noon noose,
taggage, speak truth to power,
being is perceiving, live jail cam,
the trojan room coffee machine,
i have a blog therefore i am, there
are no things except in ideas, i
connect therefor i am, the blank
represents loss, deaf embers, the
going by of the days empty, things
will be worse, decal lacked, a
friend in freud, dee cee three,
deteriorated to the point of
death, toner funny,

Thursday, April 09, 2009

"a social wage and a guaranteed income for all"

eye’s the buy, breakfastmeat, new wad,
fresh sea, pifko, born thirty years
too late, thirteen signifies nothing
signifies, a groat’s worth, the
vegetables are free, process server,
plairidissima, punstorgramble, the
poetry deficit, a very little snail,
indifferent blue, a fair orange
tree, paper nautilus, teatime fame,
clut tida, ho’optdada, document
server, this is for leonard if he’s
still here, kufic script, bokujin-
kai, illegal labor, arabia félix,
concrete practices, global
citizenship, sans papiers, papers
for all!, a new proletariat,
unproductive labor, a social
wage and a guaranteed income
for all, versus a family wage,
reappropriation of knowledge,
the right to reappropriation,
toner fluxus,

"the artist enjoys himself"

begins with beans, give no indic,
real ivory trademark, tonography,
trance-ography, you are writing on
the absence of paper, butterfly
technique, mitusa, the alphabet
technique, orange riches, wasteland
of the free, the house we used to
live, next there’s, drank lysol and
leapt from a window, that thermal
paper, the nameless, an empty half
court, the artist enjoys himself,
the end of one book and the begin
of another, if you can power on a
cellphone, a grain of madness,
a top-hat can well hold the
sixtine, there was a young curate
of eltham, pig plagiarism, empty
cliques higher, cluster of grapes,
the era of the hegemony of
cooperative, pose posse, art-pimp,
pantechnicon, economy mad,
encouraging signs,

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"pink satan"

turbomail, walking thru the city
with a typewriter, giant afros, please
whip me, the guns naturally rise to
the top wrong, brilliant juxtaposition,
cultural skin, pink satan, know your
rates, cheap beauty, useful beauty,
concrete evidence, brucs, misop, astro-
turd, very basic skills, which art is
which, being on hold, mueble toid,
l’outrance, the effects your crime
hath, hachure, shiplag, flashover,
poussetting, tuchus, the fishmonger’s
van, toss yourself, the present author,
oligarchy theory, the deference model,
by a criminal upon a householder etc,
shariat, householders and corporations
insist and ecodefenders, a given
concrete result, scientific
imminence, permanent dishonor-grief,
defilement-stigma, what have you
done with your life, free speech
free action,

got pot?

toggle b, a lot of meat, do you
want me to lift you up, nothing
needs to be said, degraded towards
the light, this reminds me of a
moment five years ago, thanks for
keeping tabs on me, keep it with
the rest, the squick factor, e-stim,
surreal politik, pantytime, got
milf?, orthomolecular, roussigns,
it needs to be said in a concrete
way, spinning jenny, sch, orange
magnified, sczhaprenia, open
sky policy, cheesesteak, flaking
concrete zones, went blank easy,
crone delight, the concrete
floor, a memory in the bank,
the post delivery system broke
down, mcdada, wai, cone hats,
villages of concrete, hat yai,
a barefoot monk in saffron-
orange robes, salaam alaykum,
concrete anteroom, stale date,

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"the microdot that exploded"

someone connected, the kilometers
will kill ya, slow down and look at
the details, the anonymous
shopper, the microdot that exploded,
is it ul or jul, ace of diamonds,
ought to be or ought to be done,
stanzagraph, poems rocks, chaolin,
oxs or oxx, strange codings,
released at last from individuality,
private prisons, gunsel, guimpe,
liquid meat, psychotronic,
hopelessly contaminating his
experiences, beikkus, bawdi-bin,
eng-gyn, propylaea, bilu, manot-
thiha, how we get from one letter
to another, temporary authenticity,
turning caffeine into sestinas,
celebrate ic, thick calling cards,
concrete of hints, c, accepting
imaginary guilt, trademark cap,
subkulak, grain spies,

rig-sheet flooring

aug. 24, 2006 – TONIGTH ONLY!
AUG. 24, 2007 – an “I see” vendor
aug 10, 2008 – hi! i’m karen eliot!
: - art is still on the move
: - how do you write so brite?
: - hi, i’m jim riddle.
: - the artist surprised
: - some 81 artists!
: - suitable for showing
V - choose ugliness

sini sun |
finger eating good |
repair the egg | dance mofo!
puc art |
fake big name art |

careful you don’t break the seal
are you a lover or a hater?
more happiness, please!
hello! we are the three…
our moment of contact
a high standard gun
it is always already written
until i get satisfied
i taught them how to read
scratch thru to reality
city animal
a tooth, a penny
no matter who wrote it
big-sheet flooring

Monday, April 06, 2009

"heartbreakers' beach party"

nothing is being done, face up
to the axe, this text is rotting
your mind, now we have entered
a new phase, who has time to
take on such projects, you are
a star in my pantheon, looking
for meaning in the night sky,
chaos comes to call, ousted,
engine author high from people,
bending around the corner into,
one oh one, is this mark part of the
art, what did you do on the day
before the beginning, let’s go
watch the fire, incredible to
think, alter your course or, you
were supposed, take a whole
lifetime off, we are still back
in that previous time, gover,
keeping track of your heart,
still abuzz, here’s one that is
out of place, thou shalt not let
thine eye fall on, blessings and
blastings, are you still a one,

Sunday, April 05, 2009

"multi-intention immanence-significance-presence"

tripe gold grunge, at least you
can still laugh, homedad liberation
front, colmits, radiopaque, tosses
a felt fedora into the chair,
fuglemen, globular clusters,
green-moss-dusted cliff, multi-
intention immanence-significance-
presence, cumulus clusters,
creolina, abulic crisis, demigong,
cent candy, xiangsheng, lurid
mossy walls, coffee addict, left
concrete, flower clusters,
paracetamol, spection, wich misc,
gautami, the blog font, yellow
and red turns to black and white,
random individual in south
america, the same document
passing thru other hands, having
culled nothing, spirit levels,
bedeguar, x amount of blank,
the rest of this can be removed,
two whole pages by ten o’clock,
it’s only monday, art melt, even
the pure,

"the byron the bulb of socks"

the breast itself, we need to reinform,
keep seeking and ye shall eventually
find, the ace of diamonds, price per
raisin, afterthoughtaction, shakes
the van, hat the diction, cong
labulation, experience masters
nothing, nothing equals sugar,
ridderstrade, orexin, hypocretin,
exp’d crude haulers, nanochips,
coffee and spaghetti, planisfero,
an eighteen-inch-tall medieval hat,
a fitfully shining ball of
nothingness, mohino, art policy,
the machine that goes ping, pelwan,
pain labour, said lift heavy, what
will the afternoon hold, rasper id,
allow never a blank, fading into
death, the day it was still fresh,
the byron the bulb of socks,

Saturday, April 04, 2009

"cranking tuition units through a classroom"

you can hardly call it a new home,
bring bring continue, free training,
two que, superlava, letterbells, hat
tits, lattimus dorsi, high-heeled
concrete whore, chidden, its hats
off eli, curiosity-driven research,
cranking tuition units through a
classroom, anecdotal research,
we destroy metaphor, a culture
of panic, redingote, contrapasso,
his confinement expressed, hang
class enemies, prison wages, min
lust, registration type work, empty
matrix, some lifting heavy, it’s
january for everyone, ex-matrix,
here’s a fire, we can go backward
or forward, sign in the gray box,
writing yourself crazy, ingeot,
take a whole afternoon, today is
such-and-such so what about it,
in memorium to happiness, maybe
it is not your fault, clicking
into obscurity, idem, dodging
golf balls, give up this hour,

"smilingly refuse to work"

bell the cat, merex, you may never
find your way back to this page,
the failure to continuate, still
plenty strange, a digital someplace,
steaming into the fat, make soap,
returnall, actual blanks, carpet
orange gaping, caffeine psychosis,
exploitation engineers, esp
technicians, the green thrill,
pyin-sin, restrained by an orange,
sunk in a bog of farm labouring,
friesians, the edges of the blanks
in discourse, self-reificationists,
the relational self, ethnicization,
heterosexism, misque, emulation
fighter, punitive entrapment,
commissares, smilingly refuse
to work, havoc which the embargo
created, read on, ignore the
hunk of food, wheel the typewriter
over, add another piece of crap
to the mix, it will go nice here,
the magic one, a full day’s
blank, high queue,

Friday, April 03, 2009

"hindering one another is part of the religion of our brotherhood"

hydrochloric acid trip, laughing
mustard gas, five of diamonds, pop
eye scan nada, hindering one another
is part of the religion of our
brotherhood, forward presence,
sampling videos or mash-ups,
infodumps, the bussard hydrogen
ramscoop, latent inhibition, a
yellow locomotive on a turntable,
orange culottes, circulating
fluidized bed boiler, concrete
abdomen, yugxga aigg, an n-th
generation copy, relevant to the
cluster, sapper-work, once a
criminal, nothing to be proud of,
nothing on reverse, coffee stone,
is it breaking up or coming
together, in the morning learn,
close your eyes and feel the
paper, solarday, do you not see,
the originaries, front and centre
death, i’m a real nothing man,
janaj, no mosquitoes today, try
them little wheels,

Thursday, April 02, 2009

"ain't" ain't in the spell-checker, but "fulmars" is

ain’t got no television, recycle dvds,
only those who go away get to see,
plastix, mk-ultra, lae, see print,
collision of landscapes, fitty three,
can i have some of your hand,
releveant, playboy dustbunny,
faith and doubt hand in hand,
lingerie dining, one up one to go,
obc, data collection is data
collection, a speech disability,
mrs pickard grade three, imagine
work, count the staples, to double
code, concrete and heaven, resting
control, micro-fascism, induced
coma, hyper-tweaked, headings
exchange controls, turntable-ism,
parshas truma, bezoar, hair pie,
paraclausithryon, fulmars,
neoteric, brachyencephalitic, er
verblutete, roh-eh hanoled,
gemeinde, honor is its esprit de
corps, air-loom, liveness, pager
motors, recapitulation theory,
electricity conglomerate hydro,
exhibition chair harcourt,
examines the history of contemporary,

"well you ack sixteen!"

here we are starting out at zero,
directions to a place we cannot go,
dez, give up a little beauty, hanna
moment, eat oh together, you are here
i can feel your presense, this is just
over here, money comes from, we only
have eighty cents in our bank account,
computerized laundry, web ought, les
uorac, remind yourself of the beauty
you had forgotten, we need more rot,
still play, if you walk around it it
belongs to you, mailart will drive you
you nuts, clicking towards disaster,
gored by the bull of alcohol, two
days in a row, moderate yourself,
flags and flowers, every happy
chance, there is being but no beer,
conxenial, maybe if we had access
to better drugs, we went postal,
spending a little more, spending
a little less, banking on the
future, drop out of the network,
anti-oppression, cheese website,
load the tank for, happenism,
who eats white bread, making a
bad name for yourself, tagger
three sixty-four, who was
it who said when
the stakes are so
small, woh, how
will we carry so
much, maybe we
need more
roughage, this
might sell, at
a kop, advize,

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"refrigerated bananas"

canadian fancy, gember drank, you
can buy stock in this, murcott, cup
nothing, you think you have it all
covered, a twelve hour bus ride,
phoco, radio surfing, ground
fault i, refrigerated bananas,
what less could you want,
can’t find the bridge, ross
priddle’s mother’s potato masher,
schizophonic, libon, how to tell
an o from a zero, stauth, why ever,
sfumato, self-mashing, noxious
capon, orange crate, you can’t eat
culture, prison bakery, genital
when, incoivert, from quia est to
quid est, homohomo, consigned
exclusively to the heavens,
humanist erasmian connotations,
the usury of the passions,
thermidor cigar,

"he stirs up people for nothing"

put pen to paper and, groat’s worth,
and your letter to yourself is for,
saint ay, what did you call me, what
edmonton’s not big enough for you,
still cupping are we, some done some
to go, never trance, saint rip press,
thistle pussy, red arrow delta,
saint rat, saint ra, impressive lot,
certainty of nothing at all, waste
hat, a flowfish, gret, elsöbbségi,
am i not still, oh one expires, give
this to someone, nothing knew,
ashen marks, tit charts, inamorati
anonymous, inverse rarity, report
obscene mail to your potsmaster,
schmaltz herrings, antisublimity,
sinocentrism, invisible hand
writing, vis viva, our posthuman
bodies and minds, knocking the
orange, the house is concrete, the
love vine, the moment just before
coming, infinitely renegotiable
relationships, he stirs up people
for nothing,