Sunday, January 21, 2007

tangle text, phd nuclear,
fear of downloading, text
jaggies sing, maxville's
demon, some other person
i forget the name of, hey
aren't you so-and-so also?,
because we would like
everyone to be together
in one place, muster, away
from, entry zero, peer-to-
peer network, internet
chat quotient, v-effekt,
opoyaz, private rotating
blank, page as constraint,
in-my-street surrealism,
too many brain cells,
second order commodification,
the canadian stall of time,
tea-sipping losers in a
world of miniatures,
lost a limb in an industrial
accident, pax canadiana,
impersonal concrete,
cement trail, not extant,
fear of litigation,
cowboy poet, sill sees,

Saturday, January 20, 2007

where you can write, change
your letters, sun deck eye,
home is a relative term,
pixel maple, enantiodromic,
everything at home combined,
disorder words, e-hip,
writing with pictures,
couleeview, broadcast
poetry, flying hand,
testing decision, reading
pictures, north east west
south, synaesthetics,
what's your take on this,
the desire to speak, pos,
ergodic, explanation of
the concrete, xury,
concrete level of words,
gimme a picture, are we
paying any attention to
this, i got no comment,
gauche versus adroit,
confronting it with
human experience, what
are we pushing, how did
this get way up here,
still reject, anover,
innovative little
booklet, unnova, it's
all the same river,
roll up your sleeve,
ugly attitude, fine
printing shit, is it
true about smoking
ads in alice munro,
what's being taken
away from here, our
brain is too, feeling
pain yet, lettermake,
still a little blank, push the limit,
heliagraphy, luck cream, trance
attitude, cold medicine, park lane,
how much intoxication do you need,
zen zen gets worse, always on the verge,
eminent personalities, muzungu,
comparative genocides, the olympics of
victimization, genocide art, politicide,
convention: the extermination of the
hereros, every second counts when i am
with you, demotic text, the dimly
legible word, schifanoia, memail,
the war of the poet against all,
autoblography, acid subliminally,
oak park, trance space,

the mailbox empty, the anti-spam
corp., psychopomp, mazes the eyes,
a great shapeless mass called chaos,
three 100-handed giants, great
masses of material, a gold car,
the 100-handed giants, katabasis,
the homeric epic is concentrated,
flock lined, grey pulp, blue full
dead, bubble bursting addiction,
laughing or, julie who, julie's
hand, add to, rip tape rip, the
cardboard says, the trance says,
copyright dog, blank trance, think
blank, ear damade,
the anti-binder, the debinder,
rerum novarum cupidus, the ting,
the invidi, turba philosophorum,
ask the i ching what to publish,
correct yellow, t hem, in orange:
the peace sign,