Thursday, May 31, 2012

"azolla" & "frullania"

lsd pellia, this is the second bog,
cephalosporium, atrovirens,
marsupella, daphne snowdrop,
androsace, crush the leaf to
release the, attention fluctuate,
microlepidozia, mylia taylori,
kurzia, tayloria, bazzania,
azolla mexicana, porella fronds,
pohlia, douinia, pilophorus,
look close, rust from paperclip
spilt ink, bright blue oil bodies
when fresh, mckenzie bight, rust
on paper, prothalli ambly,
pretend to be pro, mystic vale,

the smell of lichen reminds me
of, six dupes on exchange, there’s
a lot of information contained
in this little dna strand, we
are only guessing at the identity
of, miraculous little creature,
one word poem: frullania, are
you sure this is a fen, nobody
made the moss, shooting star loop,
you don’t see it fruiting very
often, higher level plans, are
you sure you’ve even got the
right genus, melp, doin’ ya,
you can try smelling it,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"callidoodles" & "perek shirah"

we already ground thru this crap
numerous clausus, uh numerous
times, magic marker fine art,
info theif, uh thief, misery
bot, de, an impressive production,
this is from the time before we
we met, uh one we, we have the
faces and names mismatched,
callig, callidoodles, robert
anton wilson in folsom prison,
found photocopies, the face of
fresh, a scene to start with,
mailart cult, peter hide
buffer zone, before the event,

messmer, alternative regular,
imprisoned on charges of distracting
people from the tasks of industrial
construction with transsense
poetry, you can see where the
paper sat in the typewriter for
years, quarter grain ms, arthur
flegenheimer, suicide in rags,
doing violence to syntax, arc of
the rubberstamp, perek shirah,
nadia spreading, james slater,
whirl of language, bleyend,
chimaltenago, the alphabet city,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"jollymore road" & "acrocarps"

silvern lakes, some kind of worms
or something, the short time you
lived on jollymore road, the
short time you spent with lorraine,
tarn, luba mycio-mommers,
spectacular moss, philonotis
fontana, kantakis, a confirmed
sighting of sasquatch, o lee,
little onion mountain, melville’s
mother’s naps, albicans,
hylotapetum, dicranum what,
just call it number one,
not even what it says it is,
injeanny, call it number two,

obscureaceae, in the wide sense,
blocked on boredom road,
maybe better use pencil, chapman
road polygon, lobaria tree,
tyhee lake, little joe lake,
h, rhytidiopsis robusta,
hooped round by a level rim,
higher level plans, links to
operational plans, rivulare,
forest practices code,
acrocarps, shrooms, buxbaumia!,
i and my chimney, bear dung,

Monday, May 28, 2012

"amonkst" & "tuxen"

strong honey stench of dried
amanita, miraculously uncrushed
sycamore leaf, broken plate gull,
edge effects, retention patch,
this copy is the master copy,
overstory and associates,
you want information? seven
dollars each, int anch, amonkst,
did somebody say moist mound,
stop him he’s not on our team,
the forces that tore us apart,
were we feeding ourselves,
plumulosus, bug on a stick,

who has moss pearl, mossy moss,
that was the fateful day you
rolled the truck, tuxen,
knowing what it is not, i love
lucy island, interior anchor,
pogonatum, bimari, mitt monk,
from today’s perspective the
doodle is much more interesting,
buxbaumia, fruiting
abundantly, you used to
draw a lot of fish when you
were a kid, exclaim the moss,
krego ley, creekside in cutblock,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"barbcon" & "no idea"

i like the way it popped, insigne,
serissima, gmelinii, cicuta
bulbifera, oxycoccus, artemisia,
spirodela, this was a real
thrill to find: thamnobryum,
barbcon, botrychium, i don’t
know what was in this jar but
some bizarre reaction taking
place, this cookie is more than
ten years old, do you think
it’s still edible, rubber
heart, rubber maple leaf,
rubber telephone, rubber world,
rubber glasses, extra backer,

there oughta be a law, rubber
fairy, rubber triceratops, don’t
ask me to think, rubber rainbow,
i don’t know the names of all
these, your birthday is important
to you, rubber rollerblade,
bront, rubber moon, rubber
sailboat, rubber rain, no idea,
no idea, no idea, no idea,
pterodactyl rubber, rubber
gecko, rubber rocket, rubber art,
rubber party, rubber airplane,
rubber snowflake, rubber balloon,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"surnia ulula" & "wolffia"

in hole by stump, liverwort
appreciation day, in ditch at
edge of cutblock, nilkitwa,
on bear shit, on dry mounds,
weigelii, houston cutblock,
pratense, gulo gulo, pyrenaicum,
warmouth, chubsucker,
minytrema melanops,
cratoneuron, sorex, grus,
velox, timmia, surnia ulula,
arisaema dracontium, terete,
iris diaphragm, the vibratome,
rates of penetration,

this moss is a beautiful thing,
there might be one or two people
on the planet that know what
this is, it’s the disease that is
of interest, scandinavi, pogonogo,
the computer and the hand,
there is a place on the earth
where this can grow, anomobryum,
misidentified crumb, paraffin
microtomy, catguard, luminous
things, var symmetrica, wolffia,
scientific anglers, hylotapetum,
on mossy boulder, aspen sock,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"eyep" & "bitcetera"

ink may be harmful if swallowed,
purple lid, there is no meaning
involved, ink-soaked paper, so much
ink you can hardly read it,
peacock puzzle, a fragment of
love, you can see what the puzzle
adds up to without actually
doing the puzzle, it looks like
an eye but, mane name, this once
amused, eyep, here again but
different, mysterious bit, the
best way to tell a story is
in person, one be, you thot it,

green crayon, blue cap, cat and
peacock, this way?, start with a
corner, feather-eyes, do the
edges first, deltoid patch of
fur, the actual eye of the
peacock, you can see the corner
of the plank here, gazing face
on, wall to wall eye, eyes in
the corner, eyes all down the
line, join key to key ring,
hair elastic, a peg from
mastermind, little curled
up pile of thread, bitcetera,

Monday, May 21, 2012

"just say no to sob stories" & "how hug a lion"

what planet is this, the elephant
theme, what kind of a creature
is this, a rubber ship, rubber
ballet, rubber shuttle, rubber
sun, rubber space, rubber alien,
rubber star, what kind of a
creature are you, what is being
said in this image, rubber
toucan, but all the letters are
backwards, have a good day,
just say no to sob stories,
wild rubber, rubber gorilla,
rubber secret, rubber party,
rubber lions, rubber crock,

drew up the snake card, there’s not
a lot of us, it looks dead, the
moose has been done to death,
if i see one more dinosaur i’m
gonna scream, d, puddy tat,
a rubberstamp that says: FEB 14 2009,
eye heart rubberstamp, can
i get a hug here, how hug a lion,
lubdub, i found the key!,
they are called jacks, i need
some sort of message, emma is
that you, how did it get
so stained, still identity,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

"gungsuh" & "haettenschweiler"

is this the one you are in, is
this the one we are in, all this
great big thing to cover four
days, yes of course it is free
to pick up but, you’re soaking in
it, this brand is not quite as
good but it’s cheaper, golden
molecules, the days go by and
the empties pile up, repetition
boredom, art is short for article,
bark out an ode, let’s go to
quebec, nice representation,
the factory where this was
printed, molecular song, day die,

elaborada, be fuller, my dad
made this, who knows how old
this air is, the portal, it looks
better from a distance,
ceremonial spinning top, this
is not a sound poem, love is
doomed, here today gone, let’s
put up some posters, this is
not what i asked for, this is
all still uncharted territory,
now he has to hide out, spill
the ink blow it around, i’m
so fucking disoriented, i
don’t know french, ross etcetera,

Saturday, May 19, 2012

"elsöbbségi" & "graag korting"

the library is hoppin’, think you
might like to work with books,
shaved pussy post, whatever
happened to the joke, whatever
happened to the wave, painful
memory lost, sakura ark, this
is obviously computerized,
there is no all anymore, i
don’t get it what’s the fuckin’
joke, the funny thing about
regret son, elsöbbségi,
canada not canaan, the ali’i,
who would want to take credit,

you wrecked it for nothing, can
you give us some sort of an idea
how big the painting is, time and
death, hello there beautiful
reader, this bit of paper is ringing
a bell, promise of escape
capitalism, you had it so
beautiful, don’t unfold it you
might not be able to fold it back
up, alls i can see is city, graag
korting, no credit to the
artist, the tomato missed,
if you had been paying a bit,

Friday, May 18, 2012

"kanawha" & "speedeechi"

draw an em, prods the worm,
bottom meat, literary desecrations,
hair is growing on my ears, plug
lamp cluster, jzck, your authors
are falling off the page, sugnuf,
hat snaked, gniwons, doohsnel,
hash gram, tlaloc, you had your
shot at this peace, the hand
you know, the gone bit is not
that far gone, do you think
this text has faded, kanawha,
back when the cutup was king,
ill lots rated, red snow, stolen
from forgotten, gray wood,

one owes, the paper floated down and
made a nice landing, one is a
minimalist working with a maximalist,
maximum animal, guam, it’s a done deal
unless it’s not, the most beautiful
thing on the black earth, any text
could act as the source text, five copy
zine, so this is not part of the whole
then, a lotta jaw, one will always
remember: two often forget, lemon pic
theory is garbage, cyberoats, how many
words are you grinding out per day,
one is part of the etcetera, the
library welcomes you, fight zero,
the black pendulum, speedeechi,
damn i forgot to include, how does
the seahorse connect to calling lake,
try typing on the toner, i can't
wait until this blot blots,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

"lugpos" & "vergana"

dear x, could you be a little more
appreciative, she looks pretty flex,
laugh your way thru hell, actually
kind of glad he finally shut up,
jesus what the hell’s my mother
going to think, who the hell cares
what you were doin’ in nineteen-
eighty-three, thru the orange
window pane acid, twenty year
long game of ping pong, how many
times have you changed your
name, per lugpos, tell me the
dreams you forget, there’s a
lot to be said for love,

get this text out of my face,
work as merely a caste mark of
inferiority, gabbro, one is always
craning ones neck, ammo hat,
should we work now or work
later, vergana, databending,
textbending, draw an em draw
a double-u, cacacacacaca,
never done one begun, status
updates are not public
domain are they, let’s keep
going so it looks like we
finished, this comes out of
the mix, splatter that,

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"sunnycide" & "gringo star"

it all looks so colourful,
sunnycide, a more orderly mind,
the days tick by one orange at a
time, say something nice about me,
pavo, supplements nothing, itrance,
slaveway, mamanuca joe, t-fal,
freedom writers, to have and not
to give, bran, collagene, last house
on the left, you must not change
one thing, anzac alberta, what’s
hip, more love and less
paperwork, punches a hole shaped
like a fish, top fresh, squirted
with the vivacity of an orange,

zero variation, only have a few
seconds a day to check your e-mail,
what is with all the marks,
takeets, having to shop at the end
of a long day, bust tickets, the
days we were going thru, gringo
star, who has time to mail shit,
the art was added two years
later, saint roud, did i write
that with my left hand,
what are all these skin folds,
pro-something coils, maybe you
need some new duds, food mart
sells no food, maguex, plunder,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"odds and ends" & "choin"

why don’t you take it apart and
see what makes it tick, the way a
book can pass thru time, who are
you calling a great lady,
somebody’s gone thru and pulled
all the bookmarks out, this is
only a fraction of the violence,
flip the bookmark over, do you
think blood is cool, we must
have started the book again,
there’s no reason we couldn’t be
reading these books, discarded
in the wrong direction, what
did you take away from the
book, odds and ends odds and ends,

a complete catalogue of particles,
grinding the dust in further,
looking for a scrap of paper you
don’t already have memorized,
nothing ever changes in the network,
don’t you think it might be worth
taking a closer look, the memory
that knows is about to, no
nothing never changes, sorry to
hear about your troubles, it’s
the ones that drop out of the
network that, making a mockery
of the other, fake-ism, de la,
choin, copy never done nothing,

Monday, May 14, 2012

"manotick" & "aucun"

good riddance lawyer, rubberstamp
that says new address, hihanna,
fuck we’ve gone over budget,
you can’t just go putting your
name on everything, poetry
matters, cash cluster, good dad
bad dad, manotick, i am
monitoring your consumption,
letter rip indicates, there ain’t
no free ride, accountability
pillar, art question mark,
not even, conceal the poetry,
mister pride here’s your money,
zero is the jackpot, shy of poetry,

existing revolving credit lines,
fine then don’t bug me, getting
closer to getting my name right,
vimy, why do i always feel like
i’m getting screwed, thank you
for letting us screw you, do
you remember those hard times,
aucun, maybe we better jump,
pay by phone, actually gone
missing, two years inflation,
go for a geddajob haircut,
get that change flowing, i
am getting gouged, waterton,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"bile means" & "red marks"

damaged mail and nixie section,
is it how or huff, is this still
the one we are purveying, you told
me once but i forgot, oh it’s a
photograph, glass eyeing you,
bent rip, when the underwood was
state of the art, got your guns
all ready, bald hair, images of
beauty across cultures,
having it exposed, bile means,
fros, send me pictures of
that hottie, the midlife crisis
bounce, mailartist standstill,
gender indeterminate, skull it,

skull me, it’s a fancy name
for a piece of paper, where do
you dig all these poets up, have
we lost touch, are you johnny
oh boy, the haves and the have
nots when it comes to computers,
skating towards disaster, a
language of pictorial fragments,
the toner is transferring to the
white areas, couldn’t get the
paper flat on the scanner bed,
this white out is acting like
glue, red marks, chopped up,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"akronistic" & "hemovizual"

rezen, what’s in the bag?, begin
again with your self-destruction,
one is out at the elbows, all these
tens don’t add up to nothing,
the symbol for fisting,
akronistic, ringing visual bells,
no i don’t want any more zines!,
eight light, nothing can be changed,
a dangerous place to stand,
would you like meaning with
that text?, she’s busy suckin’
on my dingdong, you did a nice
piece of work, the mailart usual,

peachtree industrial, looking in
thru the out door, p.r.a.y. tell, salom
arepo lemel opera molas, those
who do, time and paper, psycho-
geographic drift, hemovizual,
periplaneta americana, secret
art stash, what monsters have
we released, paper reality, the
word spooky, psychic hurricane,
god pattern, cognitive behavioral
therapy, and so to sum up,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"filecode" & "sue les bleu"

readymade zine, numerous things
you could do with this text, get
this to a reader, mail each text
individually as a postcard,
people might like this blue on
blue, so presumably these have
not been digitized, we still know
what some of these refer to, we
need to get these within the
range of google, tap each word
into the computer one letter
at a time, take a random zigzag
thru the text, the eye seems to
enjoy the blue better, filecode,

do you really think i want grapefruit
slobber on my poetry zine, i don’t
really wanna see your knees,
nosebleed section at the minors,
thinking in terms of blake, a
fleet of paper airplanes, the
inevitable brewski, are you
selling these, back when the cob
the cob the cob, big fat finger
in front of the lens, whose got
them all, give me a great big
sign in the sky, sue les bleu,
fat psychosis, imagine those lips,
collage with your passport,

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

"glyfada" & "lunger-rids"

chat research, we need some sort of
connect on the text, any a graphic,
good old am dug, i dig you in
blue, words and ideas in these
texts, if you had to pluck a phrase
out of this text, hyper concrete
the engraving, rubberstamp
funnycar, this needs to be not
written, glassolalia, glyfada,
telephone art, enouf, up in the hat,
ace tone, synaesthetic reality,
a coffee bath, don’t even bring
in the mail anymore, i’m just
going to add another line so,

is this the best writing you can do,
rusty envelopes, we zen, godwar, this
doesn’t seem to be a work of art,
we’ve only had one or two subscribers
over the years, color lines, benefits
older pennsylvanians, letters from
esquires, wmd, page two is not
so fancy, ficrust, shooting with
blue fingers, lunger-rids, this
fancy paper doesn’t hold the ink
very well, rose of sharon, baker’s

Monday, May 07, 2012

"painthole" & "blue microdot"

how do people manage to escape the
network?, ro po, you were going to
float down the milk to the
mississippi, is this the mad mailbox
story, fold this into a paper
airplane and fly it off the
balcony, how many years have you
been doing art, the multifarious
reasons it didn’t happen, this
cut signifies, this is how you
drop out of the net, this is one
thing we did together, board
round, the theory was here,
on the road to being, painthole,

we just wanted to make the list,
scuss anything that, he ould, at
an age where it is, terior and notice,
ng a ve o o t, committing exploits
with girls, blue microdot, axe alice,
crack up a book for you, geezix,
blogg, glose enuf doors, thank
sin advance, the best seems to
be bled out of the system, are
you still there are you still
there, exquisite little doodles,
desert your guests, whereverever,
nothing is beyond redemption,

Saturday, May 05, 2012

"myndnym" & "marnix"

ain’t crossing any borders, rap king,
approxin, the eye in the groin, he
said she said, poets with drug
problems, what makes you think
you never existed, phosgenia,
girdle crotch, the brain is
recording its own pain, i don’t
understand why these people
don’t come online, fernes,
randomed, a cut-off flower
more, myndnym, padova,
continually attempting, as if
interactivity was not the name
of the game, you might think,

marnix, trimmed for inclusion,
find all findings of the words
that were found out there, one is
trying to be like one is, we can
hardly even make out the
address, why do you overlap the
postage stamps, on the corner of
broome and wooster, we have
two copies: one clean and one
dirty, collaboration between
diverse, visual boundaries,
there’s no words involved,
pill head, what are you say,

Friday, May 04, 2012

"lovercraft" & "flux the flux"

will you answer to dada vee,
the gang that is the gang that was
the gang that will be, lovercraft,
time goes by the numbers go up,
you had your chance to learn but
you never learned, i just like the
feel of the text, sometimes one
prefers not to read, you are on
the mailing list, to pel or not
to pel, bolus? did somebody say
bolus?, three-for-all, the usual
and the notso, are these the
happiest days of your life,

probably better to stop with the
writing, an infinite number of
pennies, gaze at the text as long as
you like, gaze at it again, perhaps
we ought not to have said that,
google each and every phrase,
perhaps less text is better, there
is no hand involved, point at the
text, don’t you love a word that
can make you laugh, flux the
flux, searchable books, being
without words, the nothing at
the heart, yes this text is,

Thursday, May 03, 2012

"spite trellis" & "telematic art"

wabi sabi, there’s a certain
amount of to and fro involved,
werkexemplar, everything repeated
many times, person named chaos,
this particular version of your
address, just once could you
call me by my proper name,
sonic whore, spite trellis,
dwelling portably, acquire
this, flying all around this
little world, this has your name
on it but it has nothing to do
with you, this paper was made by,

mannequinism, i’d recognize this
writing anywhere, any realm in
which humans interact, individual
broadcasting, were there signs we
did not heed, will you answer to
mister chapeau, beautiful blue
on pink, we want all the facts
on you, parallel realities,
telematic art, beautiful thing
that almost got lost, the same
person thirty years later, do
people actually cough up for
these, i remember reading this

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

"chappeau" & "paint enema"

this is crud, soaking fools, there
is where we are now, creating the
opportunity for chaos, what makes
you think, maximize keeping it as
green as possible, chappeau,
language has its own agenda,
mcdonald’s napkin poetry, no
simple matter language, ille
nis, christmas eve mail, no soap
no dice no nothin’ , halflife on
halfsheets, santa columbia,
fourteen crumby bucks, arm
mail, the echo of the checko,
the stable staple,

what are you doing with all the
art you create now, no sims, sure
it’s colourful but, sudden laugh,
dot com mockery, cutrate cutthroats,
your name here, marks mistaken
for letters, get behind your own
juggernaut, the name was removed
for a very good reason, speaking
zaum to power, your poetry
splotched and published, atun
shun, paint up your bottom and
sit on paper, paint enema, a day
will come, the postmark still,

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"vauban" & "bovine whirligig"

the postmark is all you need to
determine sender, i would like to
claim, eyeball staring out of
asshole, what are you doing for
your next project, vauban,
kuifmees, poem in plant language,
body kneads, the passing of jane
doe, a handful of nipples,
whatever happened to the lunatics
of yesterday, this insane shit
needs to be broadcast, if any
more mail comes to you, canda,
look at the size of those, wha,

judging by the envelope, jaibo, no
there is no connection, and how is
your health now, loowit, sooner or
later one will get ground, i
suppose i did not care to chat,
dropping a rose petal into the
grand canyon, americadia,
photocopy your tattoos, tight wet
dungarees, bovine whirligig,
white out southwest, in response
to my will, keep which fire
burning, the only thing of any
value in this text is you,