Saturday, August 31, 2013


paragrammatism, earthquake hits
central, emotion-sensing software,
deaineira, frater perdurabo, if
we had been in the same city,
blme cluster, h, kahmole,
concrete cast volcanoes, poop
cluster of pain, facilitated
chaos, neighborhood assembly,
the politics of demand, the
politics of affinity, a politics
of the act, hic rhodus hic
salta, semi-permanent
autonomous zones, the crusty
punks, the food not bombs kids,
an ethics of desire, looks like
we have to go back, spindrift,
bentspoondrift, orange

Friday, August 30, 2013


electronic civil disobedience,
i hate elevators christian,
gluster, conquête de l’unique,
the king of the dry spells,
leucocystic robin, peradam,
superorganism, one continues
one’s decline, a blend of
imported and domestic, latex
winnipeg, mvrgb w, chromester,
jippy lard, perfect cities of
rich, we need a golden voice,
will work for art, main eye,
feeder one, thr u  rut, a variety
of crowns, charnaisse, flauta,
bowersox, concrete real final
outcomes, eous human
combustion, dribbled on
concrete, current hour etc,
motic mama,

Thursday, August 29, 2013


motic analyzer, her circle ezine,
forging checks in the smithy of
your soul, scratch scratch scratch
cluster, roudoux, cormc cluster,
three hundred shit, the poem can
see, ensslin, chicago picasso,
voodoo symbols, no blue in blue
on orange, not done is how, did
you make this yourself,
voorheesville, forever green,
the only thing that matters is,
polyarchy, zapatismo, import
substitution, king soy,
remittances, factories in the
field, zef-rap, tricorders,
seventy-seven million
paintings, ugly hat,
excitement the high city,
are you an object, why the
font change, never came to
pass, lucid mama,

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


lucid clusters, cluster caramel,
santa claus came all over my
face, this press kills fascists,
she’s an inky, catshare, cosmic
magician, neopoiesis, taking the
fractal route, guinea worm,
hallucination engine, the aegis,
the twang, peiddett, trace
number, coffee off, every time
i un, edmonton trail airdrie,
arnoldia and pondidia, the
final fuck, it’s called dropping
off the radar, asics, credit
smart, blogge, gambier, oh-so-
handy, the flow of coin, insert
here, your name in a multitude
of brackets, thee, everything
you always wanted to know
about literature, cross out
the from, five hundred
dollars worth of books, the
postmodernization of work,
a movement of movements,
i don’t feel like an object,
blog maintenance, who dat,
bic blue, fundus, estrella
lluvia, stella cadenti, one
is well begun, the mama,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


one lump sum buster, laponia,
bonobo handshake, snowmail, high
on christmas eve, nessos, nixie tube,
a naked singularity, gurmukhi,
hyperphallic, shitstym, inklings
of desire, lapiths, ramayana,
gallery face, kvm w cluster,
whatever happened to the gift
economy, what do you mean by
community, got a gun for
christmas, crop yourself out,
benefiting mankind, live art
demo, does one have a world,
mister toasty, hella, gaze into
a world page, unit of joy, the
architecture of his anus,
shattered oranges, the sea’s
margins gum with gar,
special date, jackie ixks,
glass mind, lettuce conspire,
frank einstein, rollfish,
screw up your face, can’t you
see my smile, bananafish,
rollcod, gee rock, alber’s
class, the lumpy self, pop bike,
eat art, domesticus, anartist,
fetal monkey, self on the
street, art fire, eat piranha,

Monday, August 26, 2013


the sacred conspiracy, dalonaga,
rapid prototyping, meta-ethics,
kasha knishes, elimination from
the human consciousness, ten
grand is just a drop in the
bucket, listen lady, nice void,
er chicken, five smooth stones, make
art for yourself alone, little
fields, reflects red, urts, tex,
reflected complexity, a photo
of a photo, alikez, the flags
give it away, the battle for
space, name brain, rubber
blossom, whitewash of sound,
one is a target, strangers in
a tangled wilderness,
monarcho-bourgeosie, clerical
fascist, think of the book
you finished reading as a
dead soldier, control
everything happening,
crackulates, lithostatic,
felsic, a cluster of lead
jigs, stevens’ power law,
hat in hand, present web,
glass pore, caganee,
emptiness emptiness,
label tube, fasken,

Sunday, August 25, 2013


o, caganer, heroin chic eyes,
psychedelic vagan, pickled red
herring, abraxas, synthetic
worlds, expat at example dot com,
dsm, don’t yank on the check, ocb
cluster, ike skyke, this is not
registering, the perforator gone
wild, art for use, individual
variations, not on the photo, i am
enjoying a fantastic
retirement yes, a beautiful
little book about the whole
world, laut, the whole world
and the bag it came in, the
aesthcipient, gelatin-
silver, let us levitate now,
more beauty than you deserve,
sing road, let gravity decide,
finding beauty in the mud
and the rust, the ghost of the
wires, we are looking thru to
at, it’s a face alright,
take a moment to gaze at
the flaking paint, art at
a remove, beautiful
package king, two cents
balance forward,

Saturday, August 24, 2013


browser cookies disabled, inner
experience by bataille,
philosophical explanations,
bellocq storyville, goodie rings,
cc cluster, the no program program,
a certain amount of foreign
air, fragment of artistic
rubble, this could go up, ash
eater, puddle of what, heroes
zeroes eroes, ocracke, evro rigo,
morose freak machine, avoid
anything shrinkwrapped, the
oral eye, burned into your
retina, we realize your mail
is important to you, actually
existing, we are winning, a
politics of demand, affinity
groups, spokescouncils, abolish
capitalism and replace it
with something nicer, summit
hopping, no one is illegal, the
pedagogy of confrontation,
a laboratory of desire,
thymoma, pheochromocytoma,
mesentery, carries eyes home,
a degree, force yourself to
do nothing, shit sex, the art
of concentration,

Friday, August 23, 2013


concentration work, elephantiasis,
shemhamforash, dipping dots,
ex-possible, austerity, i’m
considering letting you pass,
lucerne lucida, sunny liquor,
item count one, milk and beer,
all, yazoo, jump to the mandala,
duchenne muscular dystrophy,
skynet, cascade communications,
people cluster quietly, billy
bones, deoxyvisions, velars, old
weird america, the white
proletariat, movement lingo,
a cultural history, the
sensuous reality of human
society, white workers, virtual
reality check, comrade black,
nationally oppressed identities,
libertarian socialism, the
crisis in marxism,
democratic centralism,
let language do the talking,
scrybaby, cross sex animation,
summat art,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


summat, necklacing, the n, the
venison equivalent of veal,
tue recht und sceue niemand,
it’s sorry: i don’t speak nazi, the
zine tree collective, drusen,
winnipeg pepper, coin-tainer,
if fresh, vino cluster, ketjak,
scholar-activists, the orientation
to affinity, class traitor,
socialism from below, red
capitalism, commands are either
horrible, the concrete analysis
of the concrete situation,
luxemburg bicycle factory
historical militia, flora dea,
the hart panteth, electrical
house calls, all, all, all,
all all all, inal, let chance
do the writing, too much
impact, leave a little blank,
pot philosophy, no more slocans,
date limit, strip book, slow
notion, exacto art,

Monday, August 19, 2013

"the art state"

the art state, the telephone is
virtual reality, trumanity,
bookmarx, locohomo, post unsinn
entarte kunst, armalite, mirror
mirror on the wall is this even
my face at all, abnormals
anonymous, the grim sleeper,
fanook, near reality redemption
points, moral mathematics, rose
petal pie, save your fork there’s
pie, the production of space,
mcspace, senegalise, vocalizing
orgasm, florentine paper, warped
little narrative, abruzzi north
pole, i see a pepper, rolmonica,
zabalaza, contact dancing,
capital is dead labour, bug
incision, ectopic, sunol valley,
angloculture, goji, an enema
bulb, the art of passion,
soaring concrete arch, coach
house shortbread, published
splashes, next ish, we already
moved half the run, ell is
for let, spell haettenschweiler,
drang means urge, gar sixty-
seven, putting noank on the
map, exacto wizardry,

Sunday, August 18, 2013


amaterasus, apparent dollars,
the leaps of your worries, poison
candy, yazidi, domballah,
irminsul, amok koma, the library
of mendes, wall of vagina, irgun,
consumption human existence,
bugsy siegel, fmc, sprouting
cluster, tyme cheese, cccg cluster,
vegas event, texas shuffle, dolls
hair care, bat connects with ball,
musical research, country the
heart of an empire, drixoral,
the overnight bag, visual
politics, asiancy, a politics of
affect, high capital or empire,
politics of the archive, a
ghostly other community,
invisibilized, the ley of the
land, aquarids, om canada,
thru truth, all your e-mails
lost, desiraton,

Saturday, August 17, 2013


koscheck, yarding, the kensington
interaction, double pendulum,
ithaca new york, blue lithium,
super black hawk forty-four,
ven pongal, the earth and the
hard coal, bathroom tiss, bbt
cluster, liñaxe, black night
window, structural adjustment
policies, transman, youthworker,
corporate circus, parmenides,
give it a whirl, by rights there
ought to be a justification
adjustment, whatever happened
to what’s-his-name, popeye
jackson, the study of smashing

Friday, August 16, 2013

"the essentialism of desire"

the essentialism of desire, lambic,
picto simulism, beth luis nion,
dotto lotto, step closer to killing
penny, fractal ontology,
neisseria, your purble scissors,
special pale, semi-postal stamp,
mental health cluster, why
are these so grubby, these are
supposed to be mint, i thot they
were on top of the staircasing,
beast fillet, cocb cluster, all
ell, fincop, the letter up,
the waste of a perfectly good
lp record, paper sky, the mail
art gang, a tin of poetry,
postscript um, participatory
actions, fluxus eros, cack,
a underscore banana, x-ing
a paragrab, history of
chinese exclusion, ascriptive,
mo-no juk sum, historical
and cultural essentializing,
floptical, metafabric,
where are these phrases
coming from, confusion
with the dates, orange
stairs, i am megatron,

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"i am metatron"

i am metatron, munchausen by
proxy, monty cantsin detox, musica
brasileira popular, television
halo, olm cluster, remarkable
handiwork kiera, culture and
language hnmmm, work in a
heart, symet, how did you write
this letter, couldn’t we get
this in full colour, undeveloped
ditto, things have been done with
it already but, who will be
performing the events, asemic
mycelium, the hand used to
belong to, a collection of beer
cans, baby eater, historical
colloquies, nokomis, mo no,
wayzhigwanaad, double
exclusion, unbelonging,
intercultural, between worlds,
the ethnic canon: histories,
china the ethnic homeland,
hyphenated chinese experience,
hostland, kak vas zavoot, dime
store psychologist, floco,
vejam as sorriem, minimalist
metalworker, priorities
schmriorities, no slash,
orange something, crosscheck,

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


tribology, high-tech electromagnetic
cannon, envoy holbrooke in critical,
blue horses, honeypot, mailman has
arrived with big orange box,
cupertino, fractoluminescence,
piezoluminescence, porn star maid
service, decapitalize,
breakthrough photocopies,
uncompaghre ute, wint-o-green
lifesavers, fleshtar, one never
went, hyperliteral translation,
jailbroken iphones, fleurons,
lightcycle, phalaenopsis abilis,
mendax, cloud computing,
patriot hackers, it’s got the
shape, a megazine called the
clincher, winnipeg globe, cbg
cluster, what is borp exactly,
signing is a hassle, handbook,
teilen compartir, what are
you asking me to do, no art
is poetry okay, zee ell, gar
sixty-six, buddha univershity,
the n-tity, green invisible,
ransom the postcard, which
way’s north,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"spouge’s approximation"

spouge’s approximation, doc
martinis, pseudo nippon,
growthplate, cherry torn,
proletarianist psychogeographical,
black cocktail napkins, baerlaut,
colour test target, this is the
bookmark we used to read,
tariquet, stird, ysbw cluster,
follow us on facebook, love
damage, no breaches, recycled
postage stamps, the relevant
name, the sex lives of cannibals,
plumr, kaya mosher, life has no
plot, my naked friend, gnostic
mass, decide by coin toss, tails,
zico okami, zinex, patxot,
reality impaired, the marked
child, phin-zad, envelope as
bag, the destruction is a side
effect, mention my name,
pixie stix, jeri-x, warp and
weft, fino, shagreen,
shrinkydinks, lamoulka,
farruca salt, l.o.o.k.s. ,
purloined words, clade,
o’ ,

Monday, August 12, 2013

"the pastures o’ plenty o’ cowflops"

the pastures o’ plenty o’
cowflops, one million tracts,
keeping your appointments,
unobtainium, porcelain etym,
provag, relevé cluster, stock
sheets, fox cluster, hawkins
cheezies, chips cluster, x
cluster, woody’s arms, hoard
gold bars, kundalini energy,
clearwater thompson, the
mosquito is gonna come back
to haunt you, a plethora
of boobs, grind the lotus,
the karen x eliot crowd, holy
orgasm, sigils, mere goop,
confidential void, attic hymns,
case poverty versus insular
poverty, orienting-to-dead-things,
greenification, psychonaut,
psychic paramilitarism,
spart, boaking stoats, zerzan,
every horror commonplace,
ling master, pirbuterol,
zatarians, leuchtturm,
alberta ladies’ curling
association, dupe title,

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"lip surface"

lip surface, object lesson,
peppercorn beard, membership is
free and instant, cmo cluster,
newsletter shard, banteng,
letter of stay, elevator to
the secret lair, utopia kevin
halligan, hope you enjoy
utopia, royal mail, to carry
the critique, gabelle,
fractured concrete, il faut,
he war, grammaticalized,
enclitic, subvert the
dominant paradigm, okay
finally we got it typed up,
osmosis, yes we are over the
line, photolight, we need
some half days, looking for
an enabler, used and unused,

Saturday, August 10, 2013


raku, koi, thirty dollars worth
of beer, mastro, if fresh,
don’t tell me where to sign,
the range of the magpie,
crislip, he re, emo, eve-n-odd,
paint is one thing: money is
another, the masked claw,
get this into your ear, we
use the term goodies loosely,
kim now, is this you christine,
remember ant, collage of money,
grammaticalized, oh sure it
looks cook but, er cool,
make shine cut!, dollar mail,
who’s gg?, jacannette, face
to face with the devil,
couture, a little on the
blurry side, therobolin,
morotgara, zoomweebies,
seventy-four hundred
kilometers, gst cheques are here!,
yellow census, vigueur, gafas
cloacas, hakata, tuova, one
is the elector, amp drep,
alca, enc syntrichia, i
enable yoy, read at koi,

Friday, August 09, 2013

"a self-avoiding walk"

a self-avoiding walk, concrete
hearts, autoadaptive architecture,
postliterary america, colyte,
t-riders, nin-com-pute, labile
affect, pseudobulbar effect,
syndrome of angelman, paint
by heart, wix, smk, three dollars
worth of news, ccomg cluster,
the flying shuttle, selling
points, the spinning jenny, the
spinning frame, advertising
pegs, planned obsolescence, the
bic ecolution pencil, viona,
liteiny bridge, when tish
happens, musication, yeubmuel,
fot blot, toxic pussy, amphidium
drepanocladus, uber-sting,
for more info see blog, the
xerox beats the cannon hands
down, clipping the wings of
the angel, crazy vincent,
originary but not original,
ten steps, nine spots, eight
spets, seven steps, six steps,
five steps, four steps, three,
two, loco, clean toner, vin,

Thursday, August 08, 2013


uber-buzzed, dystatic, two
stage conditional maximum
likelihood, limerance,
countermanding, two c’s back
to back and overlapping,
meaningful shards, dayglo frag,
recycl box, touraine, tomme de
gross ile, statement
verification, sauce original,
shit we’re falling fast,
hscwc cluster, the new zodiacal
year, it’s gummed but, no more
gbagbos, exist wasted, final
copy god, new getwell road,
bottega veneta, an army of
assassins, god sees you, the
newsletter is the practice,
free speech that they say you
can’t have, ballpoint pinhead,
happy lunatic, amphidium
glaucescens, i’d not expected
the moss to be this tough,
fuck tlooth, xerographical
economy, the black widow’s

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

"xerographical nightmare"

xerographical nightmare,
cashing their hard earned,
coochum, from the baby bump
to the baby dangle, pysanka,
inonotus obliquus, wassonite,
eagles hotel california, love
in veins, meditative surfing,
long chase short catch, chaga
tea, colita de rata, divulgate,
anonanimal, antelope sage,
maneschewitz, vision eli, milk
tax, ymccb c cluster, sandpo,
all the people have the right
to discuss the beginning and
the end of the space, network
regulars, xoxo phyllis diller,
an oasis of love, the bentspoon
a relic of more power than
the spear of hannah montana,
lobsang rampa, chakras, the
student insurgent, out of
tune or in tune, yo mamma,
today is another day, coach
dot com, animal permit, the
polish sausage man, keisha,
the cranes are orange, mahi-
mahi, a craft economy,

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

"fuck yoga"

fuck yoga, buffalo buffalo
buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo
buffalo buffalo, grep, skandha-
mara, pseudologia fantastica,
mythomania, cookie tax, cookies
cluster, where the paper is torn
thin, where the paper is glued
thick, grafaber, subpoena, i
hesitate to call it a
collaboration, pish posh, a speck
in space, zadnick, tisdalien,
git uh good job, deepshine,
dear pee-puhls, this newsletter
is a work of fun fiction,
this newsletter is totally
fiction, shine collection,
trumanimal, scraps to
scientific laboratory, the
inner sanctum of free speech,
stay in school, on closer
examination however, spots
of penny, no, shots of penny,
mahasidhu, funnel cake,
orange swirl, waterhead
drooze, disintermediation,
grabbanza, sign here idiot,
back to your happy home,
amphidium tlooth,

Monday, August 05, 2013

"the widow's mite"

the widow’s mite, smoky lake
racing team, hela, tamerlan,
speedolexica, pony up, bhangra,
tschambala, seedless, k liquor,
hoegaarden, oc b cluster, nates,
any bit of rubber, nijmegen,
coincidence i think not, a
short hundred, seems realler,
the year of the bicentennial,
joyah spangler, ten foot tall
brown bear, i like the texture
of it, find your wings and
fly or not, then beauty is
its own, just keep dropping
those coins in you’ll win,
ganzenheuvel, the dangers
of sexual relations with
people of an inferior social
class, the relations of
sexuality to cruelty,
dream-displacement, is
fecit cui profuit,
endopsychic, a dream which
interprets itself, the
irreal movement, hitherto
existing is of the class,
hit her to, beauty planet,

Sunday, August 04, 2013

"put it all on red seven"

put it all on red seven,
transference, a neurotropic
virus, coxsackie, thrips,
silence is golden so shut the
fuck up, clickwork, vows croud,
pseudo-conservatism, the hilbert
space, pathological lying, i
cant be bothered to scratch,
sausages tax, vc cluster, you
could have employed this,
important resident, take it
to the street, glorifag, the
teutonic love machine, male
shame, toss it into an
envelope, meteor bumper,
now on kim street in
bethlehem, clip the wings
of the angel, the snowball
stays, varityper, individ,
bvlgari, typograph, an
entirely mechanical
strike-on type composer,
a multigraph rotary,
carbon-film ribbon, the
waxer, shearwater,
razorbill, cayoweeno,

Saturday, August 03, 2013

"put the kibosh on the shindig"

put the kibosh on the shinging,
er the shindig sorry, chernobyl
jumper, spamantic, oranum,
hack cough emphesema, fugue
state, chit for chat, you count,
a crash course in consequences,
mbl cluster, dernière volonté,
uni-ball cluster, vision elite
cluster, rollerball cluster,
rapco, nubby, loden, vicolo,
electric orange, a golden book,
bronzo dorato, torta, the
corn-goddess, panforte, saint
rath well, fuck i have a
lot of fucking work to do,
side by side but then the
selection came, endemic
substrates, the nine billion
names of god, erectectomy,
guillemot, work to do work
to do,

Friday, August 02, 2013


shemhamphorasch, baron samedi,
pompano, cheri pinktrix,
derniere volonte, oh i thot you
meant nineteen twenty whatever,
mail sat, mapper seven, art is
anal, trouble calls, try and
get under eighty kilowatt-hours,
fixed or variable, colour this
pattern, inuksta, old buddha
gull on moss rock, the pennies
of the person, tabes, cherchez
la femme, aloz, anamnesis,
sexual aetiology, tabetic
paralysis, erzefilisch, the rat
man, categorate, svingnum elvi,
sinnloser, norekdal, mannstoll,
maistollmütz, mies, tutelrein,
meae deliciae, ereutophobia,
hearsing, autodidasker, how
did this one, make them into
a book, the arrival of the
computer, i be for a living,
substrata, yer hysterical,
get out of town, hey here’s
something fresh, we had to
go to sixty-four,

Thursday, August 01, 2013


slimming, nagarjuna, shrimping,
best left unspoken, manage to read
thru shit, a unique drink, jville,
honeycomb sponge, those were
different times, critical
donnée, the oblivion principle,
realistic involvement,
écrivain engagé, empathize  -
empty thighs, moss edged,
galactic approximation,
karaki, the star-spangled
beaver, barf thoth, extraordinary
machine, goes right black,
seeing paper as, cypher imp,
facemind, peeps in the vortex,
twice already, keep an eye
out for photogram light,
thee white stripes,