Wednesday, April 30, 2014


this is the first time this pen
ever touched paper, vision elite,
three-dimensional paper coin
roller, plastic form packaging,
a purple crocheted hat, language
sausage, heavy eye contact,
microblogging, xml tutorial,
deadpan hands, a bored housewife
with a vengeance, guerrilla art
distribution, daily canadian
cash limit remaining, the
internet bill, the life bill,
cambozola blu, ch ch o o , gbc,
day of issue forest on, an
occasional being, fief, gens,
suze rain, vassals, chansons de
geste, one-sided fidelity,
chatelaine, knightly love,
theory of the unconscious,
psychosexual development
theory, hen na, shabu, gaijin,
kombanwa, the original is dirty
bit the copy is clean, file
cabinets galore, rodomontade,
superunatural, metaverse,
tier, hpv, you have the option
at the break, vivid memories
of the shit, the pox ability,
more useful for its blank
areas, tails of commas cut,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


the contractant, adiabatic heating,
foehn winds, catching a communication
buzz, anaphylaxis, abalcabal,
batfink versus rat fink, ex-cluster,
net bananas, net cluster, all gone,
flaminica, manes, levirate,
a privileged spouse, the handmaidens
of his gynaeceum, hetairas, genos,
pallages, epiclerate, fresson-
process, vibrating palm, a choice
among identities, micromanager,
memory retrieval therapy,
psychoneurology, the seduction
theory, abreaction, attachment
theory, object relations theories,
trauma therapy industry,
victim culture, systems theory,
conspiracy of silence, working
through, i believe her, emdr,
nlp, gleam in the mother’s
eye, bad chemicals, concrete
corroboration, psychodynamic
metapsychology, privileged
aesthetic communication,
an army of bored housewives,
green onion cake, have you
ever considered running away,
accruing value art, make a
nice page, text rebound,
the date rubberstamp,

Monday, April 28, 2014


is there an explanation to this or
is this just meaningless, morels,
drinking a whole case of mistaken
identity, free up your hands,
government funding for anarchist
publications, shevel, we are merely
here to reproduce, shonking,
humankind as a useless passion,
didja turtle, non-literary friends,
goodie-goodie meets bad apple:
live at first sight, szombathy,
there is more than one kind of
vegetable, under the sink: old
rubbergloves melt, la loi
inderdit d’utiliser, joy is in
sharing misery, patrilocal,
the mark of otherness, when the
first hammer blow resounds,
the reign of irreducible
duration, isolated vulvas,
matriarch ate patriarch ate,
iak, facial cancer, intrapsychic,
mirroring mentalizing,
good enough external objects,
repetition compulsion,
retrauma, self-comforting,
polemos, leadershipless
patriotism, spheriphagous
tulips, soba, shodan,
assukikaa, ne, a water-trade
joint, kobun, giri, ninjitsu,

Sunday, April 27, 2014


shozoray, i do not have recent
art activity, twiggy zoom, you’ve
got all the information you need,
nothing in particular, irving
texas, worry-free, not the sort
of food you were looking for,
a tuxedo cat, photostanti, oakcliff
now, spinning trouble, crazy
womans, saw’s edges, fay cray,
barndt, the grocery list series,
lion in a dungeon, united
anarchists, my all rubberstamp,
llaall, free up your hands, the
amazons of dahomey, ambuvan,
informationalization, cholla,
maybe you need some non-literary
friends, whatscape, concrete
pillars, bacillary, an atomic
pile, gynæceum, matriarchate,
approaching orange, the correct
analysis, fourragères,
dauphin island orchids, pais,
enthymeme, pisteis, thumos,
thomeides, retraumatization,
the traumatized world, the
tragic world, primal horde
theory, che zed, secret erotic
oyster, hackers at war with
each other, can’t face
facebook, maybe she thot it
was a fat joke, blankland,

Saturday, April 26, 2014


punding, aletheia, delusional
parasitosis, paraphilia, mail line,
leyden jargon society, liga
obrony powietrznej panstwa, teach
me tiger, sausa, doubt cluster,
antiphysis, concrete value in
action, the great historical defeat
of the feminine sex, puissant
pussy, concrete realization,
the blacksmith’s instant, monism,
clitorid, a concrete woman,
instruments of indenture,
universal binding ingredient,
koto, double-cross whites, dikai,
dikazein, traumata, graphai,
orgê, mnêsikakein, women in
jail cells, buddhologists,
his theory of poetry is that
it should have no theory,
twat team, i feel that there
is nothing more truly artistic
than to love people, phism,
tanager or teenager, sizing
things up, this might be the
last phrase i write, hammer
language, two bikini zen,
just say no to books, create

Friday, April 25, 2014


one bikini zen, fractal politics,
a little bada bing, bookknuck,
looking at poetry has never been
less painful, woof tickets, this
video is not available in your
country due to copyright
restrictions, nothing is
illuminated, i completely gapped
and forgot to tell you, faint
text proves nothing, you have
the power to charge me, if
everyday is saturday, dna
cluster, paper shaper, shark
cluster, hereby producing art,
nomoslo, a sexuate body,
concrete expressions of
existence, quest of being,
the dynamic imagination,
the parental gace, er, gaze,
the body is generality, big
bang collider, the e-reading
device, the castrati,
jettisoned their moonship
intrepid, bill deemer, mana,
transcendence takes concrete,
excremental competition,
passive libido, the haiku
caesura, a classical haiku
in english, a or the haiku
moment, the haiku
community, top of page,

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


burnisher, dirt-moss, ant stake, hat-salt, some kinda meme,
cohen singing queen victoria, all your base are belong to us,
a tip of the hat to nobody, i don't know if it's the loss or
the gain i hate more, perhaps a reference to that sailing thing,
chop here, please move the date rubberstamp out to the front,

"domo komarimashita"

my first pink, top secret explosion,
there's more to the artist than the
artist's face, the heart is the ground
not the figure, lil mark standalone,
there's no point unfolding is there?,
leo nine, ache our son, paraphasia,
apophenia, electronic voice phenomenon,
clustering illusion, netsuke, the
celibate pornographer, the house is clean
enuf, stroastlo, one is not adding anything
to one's cart, ink is money, jark, just
put a text in heavy rotation any text,
do you wish to maintain your identity?,
the etymology of verklempt, actual levels
may vary, ubik, gluteoplasty, browse all
females, knitmail, let's go to tuvala, yinglish, mister pareidolia,
salex, let's go out to the lighthouse, lubriderm unscented, dmhcl,
electricity is money, the consumption lag, encompass ink, it's your
blood so let it flow, broadridge ten, yer gonna bug me for six
bucks, because i am so fuckin rich, wonder what decided, kuche
kirche kinder, woman's concrete situation, one is destabilizing
lawyers, never concretely free, matron concrete powers, concrete
restraints, the frondeuses, where would you have one go with
skirts on?, concrete possibilities, the great concrete role,
domo komarimashita, giri, the dust-less mirror phase, karmology,
gi, interpersonal programming, kiai, white diamonds, symbolic
violence, praetorian, a student named hippel, isolines, right
justified, ich sheisse dir in deine kunst, intermarriage, insinkt,
you could do these at ten point and shoehorn em, check to see
if the text has been cut off, end dear meant, enter tain of
mirror, your acid powers are failing you, did you miss that
green light brother? tough luck: it was the last one,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"a mana danderous"

the blinding wonder, thyiads,
hybris, a mana danderous, cacique,
prenup redo, vile sharing, anal
versus digital, bleachbomb,
kina, just the sole poem, not
responsible for shoes lost, paper
out in the snow, cbmb, the
large hardon collider, coffee
enemas, recrumbent, set you
free to be a full-time poet,
octogenarihexation, karmic
adjuster, smashed concrete,
woge, parasitic anarchist, how
to be happy without being
hopeful, lonely crowd,
sightation, contemporary poetry
is gentrified, orange plastic
cones, shearlings, churching,
mare tenebrarum, essential
difference, another great line
going down in the flood,
hash johnson, burn the blank,
marginal leeway, just forget
paper, the author has gone silent,

Monday, April 21, 2014


you could ask the author, oon
blo riddle, always pay cash,
cluster of bananas up from
equador, graaf four, all
concrete powers, en soi, the sex,
the patriarchate, encompassed
it haunts the human
consciousness, the overyonder,
the matron clay, turn the
page now before reading the
rest, zeitgeist scheiss geyser,
sex detox, prosumerism, twinks,
hashmagandy, jargon concrete,
crumbly concrete, sodium
pentothal, all the spaces
will be lost no, the apostrophe
space, who wrote all this
shit, titles are not subject
to copyright,

Sunday, April 20, 2014


a temple of texts, steam irony,
temptated, a celibate pornographer,
one is destabilizing lawyers, i’m
gonna let you pass, facebook is a
gated community, moka, sometimes
you have to accept a substitute
for the substitute, ovcg, plaxtix,
paradises of idleness and delight,
ethical anarchism, creative fraud,
cultural memory, continuity
in human existence, after
auschwitz one does not
underwrite culture with
poetry, schizoid interpreters
of texts, we never read, one
can’t read without drugs, her
writing can be seen online,
aggressive empiricism, archives
are clearing houses of meaning,
shit-stained mirror, a cluster
of crushed candies, the luteal
phase, twitticism, atalanta
admirable, rough coat, huff
art, lord only knows what
will go in the blank, these
would make a nice batch
of atc’s, day of arrival,
blank lion,

Saturday, April 19, 2014


mailsign, etiketten, rust
network, nine cats, photographic
blank, white photograph, the way
of the cat, hand express, the
substances at work, dom, from
the mere copy to the original
work of art, what the fragment
says, overstrike art, as i
blink, uittreksel, joke hook,
no definitive this end up,
you’re looking at four passes
here, just say zaum, any one
of these phrases up in lights,
one of her many aliases,
the orange lantern, simply
find pleasure in wine: speak
not of it to the sober ones,
maybe you should try reading
it as poetry, some of these
would make good status

Friday, April 18, 2014


time ends, duchenne laughter,
your insanity is all in your
head, undisclosed recipient,
cybertime, fleshmob, thinks
jailtime is romantic,
floggability, we have achieved
market saturation, les figues,
gum bichromate experiments,
glyconutrients, rent cluster,
fuck all, hai, thanatoid
personality, karmic adjustment,
principium individuationis,
answerability, tertium datur,
the grace note, sacred blue
note, the mousefolk, the
lethal silence, workaday
piping, beach concrete twa,
el mando a distancia, this
is where i popped out of a
cunt, crocodile excrement
honey, os uteri, love dropsy,
nasciturus, kill her,
viviani, independent
feminism, slashed pictures,
trampled flowerbeds, threw
stones at the police, the
internet has attained the
condition of television,
down to ten point on the
lucida sans, eyeball it,

Thursday, April 17, 2014


i’m keeping this piece of paper
because it reminds me of, let’s
spoon, it was considerate of them
to leave this blank, distro one,
cupcake culture, rick rack,
hypnotied, imvu, flashmob,
brt, perhaps you are ready to
close, smart mob, silent disco,
wifipicnicing, wifibubble,
semantic saturation, legjobb,
a disgusting waste of paper,
cum squat, a managed man,
you make it all worsewhile,
fluck, prefer live communication,
asthma zimmerman, skirt the
publishing industry,
fractalization, rent too high,
graph the price of rice,
parasitic anarchists, epigone,
the semblance question, a
second-order existence, the
unthought known, culturology,
cultural and ethical human,
outsider-animals, violent
innocence, parvenu, ebonite,
body meridians, it wouldn’t
be paradise without the
snake, the parasitic woman,
bloomerism, the sweating
system, the family exchequer,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"dorai kuriiningu"

a disgusting waste of paper,
thanks for the follow, let the
margins fluctuate, zhu zhu
hamster, every click you make,
little bitter slips, how to get
rid of memories, bulk carrots,
no quarter cluster, conceptual
rubberstamps, dorai kuriiningu,
perchloroethylene, dewa, evoex,
cranioklepty, face time,
co-operative breeding,
speleocenter, macrophage,
kidfluence, an entire cluster,
spread shots, bedspace, turn
all the commas into periods,
we still have hope for the
blank portion, file folderall,
what this text might be
saying, i don’t know nothing
about birthing no babies,
master soft oday, xenogloss,
this text is still under
construction, udder con,
cognitive misers, dysrationalia,
you might as well take the
fourteen, canon law, the
quarrel of women, escape
the harsh common,
précieuses ridicules,
femmes savantes,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


gaze into the knife, detail of
addnpass, i’m not sure if i see
what all is going on in this
picture but, fredonia, the
intermediation business, she’s
a sprawler, a dirty old man
on his deathbed groping the
candystripers, ontario base
map, universal trance mercator,
momiji, tau protein, cloud
computing, just another
sweetheart on my to do list,
obt, there is no clear distinction
between debit and credit,
frighteningly good mailart,
the polemos of opposites, orgiasm,
suction vortex, photofloods,
petites femmes, sole concrete,
the sign of the sphinx, fille
perdue, ability of moss to
cling, bean-jam, manjusakas,
race difficulties, the
money needs to be there, fish
out a bit of blank, neaflys,
one is stealing all of these
phrases, let’s try to talk
about something that is not
present, max el,

Monday, April 14, 2014


x for orientation, work breakdown
structure, we need more to go on,
highend consumer electronics,
poetry is not a hobby you do in
your spare time, exclaim always
exclaim, write back soon, it was
folie a deux at first sight,
swinemeat, chelation, don’t fixate,
tighten up the stool, cluster of
carrots, books are killer, refused
the inheritance from the
accumulated wealth, minor
white, pantheonic, chronotope,
imperial panorama, geological
poetics, encumbered space,
blues notes, city-art, baia-mare,
nothing is unreadable, shunpike,
barcode editor, aztec two-dimensional
matrix symbology, celiac
disease, eradication of manual
scavenging, chocolate krishna,
paleotechnic, nanocodework,
widebrimmed hat, thought
cluster, cactus wax, under
neath the text, axterix,
special effort to obtain text,
treat the precious text as if
it were garbage, look at
your reflection in the

Sunday, April 13, 2014

"the flamens"

tonerzine, orange you tang,
tinfoil hat, a rich schmoozing
environment, goldthread, a moss
guru, this pen cost five bucks,
the flamens, mediatrix, donjon,
heroic mothers, surprised at
nothing, whipping sophie, the sun
is shining into my brain, body
memory, attachment disorders,
meta-cognitive capacity,
false memory syndrome, a fugue
state a rogue state, par bulbs,
wherever death may surprise us,
a mandala made out of the
bones of my skeleton, an
immense golden skeleton, on
a may mornynge, foam colon e,
ne, ē, hen na, the ampersand gets
dropped, let’s see if my memory
serves me well i got screwed,
thanks for leaving the lip,
we gotta get rid of all these
fonts without decent apostrophes,
nobody mentioned pearl harbour
yesterday, only the creator
can tell, toss the typewriter,
fletch in the novels of
gilbert sorrentino,

Saturday, April 12, 2014


set the money up, microcapital,
fuck minding, you and your damn
pennies, keeping the keepers, the
autocorrect wrecks your best
wordplay, microtransactions,
chocolate nipples, a vector of
what, candystriper, i had a
dream or was it a nightmare,
being down at the heels really
keeps you on your toes, putting
a poem on the paper, you know
you are at zero, save sixty-nine,
even yesterday looks like the
good old days already, the still
needs, defacebook, the sanctioned
violence of the state, legitimate
coercion, i don’t have the
necessary source material
at hand, polemos, fortda,
madrone, official reality,
being in a place, eagerness at
a chance to handle, crowdwaves,
attractive in an offbeat way,
a cinnamon chocolate, a most
exquisite abnormal lady,
les précieux, even in concrete,
floating hat, feather-flesh,
history as hats on a head,
prink, war’s another potlatch,
a percolation network,

Friday, April 11, 2014


fletch, inexpugnable, amorc,
univercyclist, climategate,
underposted, pseudodensity,
hypotheticalspace, puttanesca,
a mutual dull moment, it
can’t be undone, edible homes
for creatives, an unsuitor,
how can a bit of paper so small
carry any value, jenga, penny
for scale, auto-masochism,
adding poetry seems like overkill,
ginger is the root of all,
templum aedificatum super
cloacum, inter faeces et
urinam nascimur, the virgin
birth, shunta, freex, daily
aspects, xantocroid, when the
moon was void, signism,
tzuris, tzimmes, slapjacks,
enlightenment through
asskicking, weak orange
distortions, shaygetz,
exhibition hall the college,
concrete potential, desire
evokes desire, desire for
scarce goods, an unconscious
identification with the
will of the other, i’ve
lost my self, panic
disorder syndrome,

Thursday, April 10, 2014


whoosing, face the dollar, bok
in turkish, the vivian girls,
texturization, whining micro-
dracula, i want to set you free
to be a full time artist, the
zen bell of death, throwing shit
at the fan, not a penny to show,
procrastronaut, remove forever,
cannot be undone, brielle, i
would like to lick it but,
write a letter to your local
supermarket, kouxinaphobia,
ffar’s, olathe, crystalline
microstructure, dip’s,
designer seltzer, tachyon,
the concrete surf, heliconia
bihai, the delight of hats,
a needtoread book, paraphs,
moss crunch, fideua, the
doomsday vault, poison d’arts,
oilily, tonight the gars on
trees are swords in the hands
of knights, test tower, why
don’t you format to six by nine,
a perfect page, time makes
paper precious, this is the
stuff we are trying to get
rid of, include a cat hair,
colour will cost you a bit
extra, wow feel that genuine,

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


you can’t just steal language
from other people, giant elephants,
whorticulture, least common
multiple, hemorrhoids galore,
as at december fifteen, we had
to bring the levels up, sos
sponge, andre breton crackers,
toilet paper or asswipe or bath
tissue, a penny shy, canadian
bank note pink, picked up an
unfortunate smudge, massive
paisley rubberstamp, a mannatech
christmas, put a sock in it,
conjured mouns, big hands i know
you’re the one, the spoon-shoe,
exploding-fixed, ma femme à
la chevelure de feu de bois,
permeable structures, i wanna
ax you a quextion, dadarug,
postage stamp size poems, who
knows how to get a space,
careful what you wish for,
you want me to commit to
forty years, bio-electrical
impedance, oh i’m sorry i
thot you were done, you want
me to study this out of the
goodness of my heart, as long
as you consent, trace you
towards your death,

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


retrobrowser, ageplay, the grand
old oprah, is your spam detector
using racial profiling, one is a
figment, nothing will ever come
between us, a particular thing
that ended, faceblog, the toxic
neighbor, the conversational
moment um, objectified, fuck
passion, ecoholic, one eats meat,
lulu meat, nothing so pink,
photoshop this text, a pungent
saltiness, unbreakable core of
night, the heart of a heartless
flower, this incomparable
monster, claudel exalts the
handmaid, snood, blacktop
versus macadam, tarmac, glacis,
an old zinc wartime penny, the
other is your sticking point,
past orange, humonic, the eco
effect, the continual compound
present, karma orange, copyright
is teaching, include it as a
rider, a little bit of fiction,
you can tell the text is
brilliant at a glance, well
at least id, pillar the
corners, a structure for
the text to reside in, a
light dusting of letters,

Monday, April 07, 2014


you ought to recognize these
teeth, a representation of a
penis, shis, nonmonetary artworks,
japanese death poems, browsing in
private, my other self, one has
a meat fetish, usti, the
eviction gallery, tempted to
bump into you, mod podge,
chili beans, the poem acts as
a stamp of approval, all has
value, the statue factory in
épinal, pseudo-sublime,
spo· , please include the sub-title,
summertime outlaws, playing
toilets, the famous worms of
song, twenty-four frames per
second, spot zoning, a windshield
survey, slum clearance, the
land crunch, one is an empty
nester, oh wait we already
wrote all this, tier-tender,
zygodactyl, hendiadys, léche-
vitrine, tectiforms, boundary
signaling, deenforcements,
ten years ago i wrote this,
internet clipping service,
all these documents are
going up in flame,

Sunday, April 06, 2014


would you mind assessing this text,
the otherverse, is that all there is
to poetry, i thot not it hot, invu,
a restricted call, sound translation,
a perfect example of the poem, we
have enuf of these that, boursin,
there is nothing there but, turn
these microfrags of trash into art,
can the poem hold down the paper,
what do you got against slogans,
all all, the lustra, phallic
marriage, amante, a stellar
equilibrium, the white ecstasy,
a relation of vassalage,
regeneratrix, creative slumber,
pour-soi, children husband home
estate country church,
frogwork, social memory, single
room occupancy hotel dwellers,
semantic license, non-market
housing, woodsquatters, a
myriad-faced artery, a
sexual evening, humiliating
the entire country, in hoc
signo, vanpools, pyelonephritis,
orange in compost, proofhood,
macros, expecting her to come,
micros, i think it means a
fight, codeen blank, h,
sor, don’t even get a half,
semiology, glaxteeth,

Saturday, April 05, 2014


could be easily bootlegged,
pull an artie shaw, punchmeat,
a l, empathy for humanity chip,
birdpudding, super-hearing,
a selective mute, violence is
that which does not speak,
visioluxus, gumbo is okra,
delicious inferno, the immortal
story of the pike, beef curtains,
eviction sale, protologisms,
the anti-english spectrum,
snowflake kaleidoscope, build
up the pile, sell the bird,
living on plastic for the
duration, cluster of globes,
fan dancers, the commodification
of the street, a congested
quality, a rentier, relational
theory, cluster of disciples,
the surfing class, night
riders, surfophobia, odradek,
the geological non-conscious,
spatially charged corners,
concrete stones, poor folks put
pennies together, chapbooks with
frilly bindings, california-
ization, boundary-testing
touch, a barrier gesture,
reduce before, one is glad
when the text gets shut off,

Friday, April 04, 2014

"superluminal commix"

black block ecology, one has a
meat fetish, one favorited
something, also known as a shotgun
blast or an exploded bubble gum
bubble, superluminal commix,
nothing seems to be amusing me
just fine thank you, virtual
panties, a cutlet at mindspring,
living on borrowed, food, the
bread of disgust, a white slug,
injection vessel, ladyloves, a
sex of steel, human community
empathy, pleistocene overkill,
primogenous, machine of effects,
gothicky, gothicity, the desire
for trauma, practice your
book tossing skills, a penny game,
vanilla dental dams, census
of habit entirely, ontic, lich,
naked lunch poems, the
himalayan snowcock, quadruplicity,
zen zen zen, aazzz, there is no
way to tell what will come
to fill in the blank, oh
one does give, nothing ever
comes to an end, you could
look it up: what these marks
signify, the worst representative,
bootleg jell tube,

Thursday, April 03, 2014


the underground university, the
day it topples over, his dates are
nineteen-sixty-four to, a flood
of originals, three hundred and
sixty-five grocery lists, could
not escape the hastiest, geste,
épopée, chançon, fe, bathing in
tubelight, freemont cottonwoods,
rayleigh, shoot the works, the
principal personage, a pile of
old books, all books are old books,
microarchitecture, satz,
concrete encased trashcan,
andrology, zygotomy, alameda,
these little riders, save the
blank or spend the blank,
crisp beer, nothing comes back
out of the pine box does it,
interentity, ceace,

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


cease all consumption, boomerang
pie, letutka, mister bipp, the
reality wars, facebooklift, insert
one typo, nippling, let us
compare meat, scotch cluster,
autointoxications, to enlarge
to climb higher, pott’s disease,
misneoism, brevetted, shura,
retrosexual, a culture of
architecture, twihard, zero
income housing, pleonasm,
searching again for my hat,
compsurf, trystero, afpak,
polititainment, gwot, cloned
human embryos, piano clusters,
nanoelements, paradigmatic
amnesia versus syntagmatic
amnesia, a similarity disorder
versus a contiguity disorder,
looks like they are just about
finished those skyscrapers,
frank o’hara airport, is this
what you call art, chewed
out, i know what this particular
swath of words refers to, we
left off the final one, this
still leaves us with trims,
a particular day ten
years ago, this is complexifying,

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


moss is my parachute, streetview,
viral video, shwibly, i move away
from the mic to breathe in,
bebek, avoid polar situations said
the snowman, wassail, redirected
libido, bloody clusters, her claim
that she swallowed a penny,
clitorid, solitary practices,
dubious friendships, improper
reading, backfisch, concrete
synthesis, pussy capital, pleura,
bright orange bill, fetish cheese,
what is this comma hag, er, hanging
loose over here, it was all
written on a single weekend,
you’re not over the line but,