Saturday, May 17, 2008

one from ARC

Re: a letter that says nothing

alert or stealthily frothing

then you plan, kid, eh? pods emit a gong,
socks in cans, earlier sons, a pair of lilies,
paris on my assailed, giddy mate,
golden stereo ethical
on cleaved trivialities, sage sans
job security, waves, dares on windowsill
that pan out, trying gelatin
per sub-standard pomade, event
as much as you plod, gagging, until
type lends focus, flit downhill
alert or stealthily frothing,
my date in her naked form,
back foot latent, bank furled,
vague maria where are you
from then, is this alley noir,
death, there gurgles sin,
feint, malinger, sinking back
to polygraphs, to fears
hemmed in crania and spit, mugged
some creep, backed by talons that
ache, any dearth made vying gone,