Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AUG 16 2008 (am) #3

1) the copy sucks
1) thirty-three items
1) highlight it now
1) this is probably a copy
1) blips
1) emol
1) let the toner fade
1) are you people really interested in this deterioration?
1) dear reader, please leave
1) speed this thing
1) what the hell good is one copy
1) embedded saint
1) let us join each other
1) do you mind if i join you?
1) r.g.
1) dead cain’t
1) this means nothing now
1) you will never get laid again
1) aggressive law
1) aum
1) nigh gills
1) why am i writing this line?
1) why am i writing this crap?
1) here’s your answer
1) fling that flang
1) synergia is
1) detach rider
1) writing is a substitute for speech
1) fail to see the hold
1) actually now is two weeks ago
1) actually now is a month ago
1) sun turning
1) there is nothing wrong with the type
1) paper salvage

Monday, September 28, 2009

"your eye here first"

figure off the ground, hand cancel,
do you also have a non-cyber existence?,
ink lab, the computer doesn’t cut it,
out of the ark hive (two bees, none is
the wiser, sail again?, tirading
inside, what year is this?, border
appropriation, now that you’ve
seen one, okay i’ll tell ya what,
wastings, non-existent press,
syne waves goodbye, sorry no
broken windows today, paragraffiti,
your eye here first, the concrete
variety of existance, vapid
trance it, my trip in line with
others, before they get too
deteriorated, giant fall,
refer to the following, wenting
your way, seabedder, a stir
tricks thee, would you call this
poetry?, gun hug, thinking
clear, day night, saturnight,
magnetic target, nib bin, that
was just the moon fooling us,
falue, sub limb, writing on the
window pane, an evasion not
an invasion, cipher’s on my
longue, a way back, mechanically
reproduced signature, unslick,
actual presence, relay rely,

no real title (AUG 04 2008 (am) #1)

1) graphomaniacal psychoneurosis
1) image search: “d├ęcolletage”
1) beheaded poetry
1) ergodic dome
1) ilinx
1) small press association
1) a poetics of grimace
1) must bow before his hat
1) tittle
1) thinkership
1) enchiridion
1) twisted doughnut
1) “Soiled again!”
1) “I considered your structure and I liked it.”
1) at least this ain’t double-spaced!
1) you really have to struggle to make errors these days
1) stemmatology
1) a zune
1) prolactin
1) tussock moths
1) the lombard reflex
1) glitch hop
1) grotty chop
1) should, should, should
1) paper chips
1) hungry for money
1) thousands of potential customers
1) zenuine
1) genuine instant artwork
1) no more sloe gin!
1) no more sloggin’ thru the bog!
1) how can you do this kind of “writing”?
1) a poetry of grimaces
1) agency fb

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"write with tongue"

figure out the ground, figure of the
ground, enter the undertow,
electronic e-yes, already in motion,
imp present, out of the machine,
still trickle, sell you less cellulose,
& the cell you lose, the saft, got us
wrong from the start, we both love
women, just print the whole web
sight, red eye form, just slip it
in to somebody else’s inbox, this
town, e-fare, vizable, free paper,
need the mechanism, cut the best
part out, a bright eye, in the
avant-garde tradition, indi\
/idual effort, now is the time
gone, why not the bp nichol
ahhhhhhhhhh?, together &
apart, no longer hear, why do
you think they call it a
photo copier?, one pay jointly,
redouble not readable, a
copy connection, a side-channel
one that bypasses, get back
above the medicine line,
some sort of velocity happen,
what we have out, no time to
get into, power take off, all
this old letterhead into art,
a record of another place &
time, not involving too much film,
hey that’s supposed to be me,

Friday, September 25, 2009

gouging away at the paper

a little too easy, that’s it?, say ving,
material promotion, a hundred items
, cut out and save, write with tongue,
it is not material, they even spelled
your name right, book trance for
option, use this space, illogical
consequences, different waste of
going about things, a heart sees?,
saeors, everybody wants a pairodox,
a fence for which, she’ll & shall he
an ocean, separation of self &
other, the paprika portion,
dancig, ispo, lay die, even the
giants, you call that a map?,
edge crumpled, when is a penny
not a penny?, backish, more than
we needed to know, you have been
discharged, this piece of paper
has an eye ess be ‘n number,
no shrink wrap, a lovely way of
putting the ugliness, already
being, mail eye fee mail body,
that was the previous, show
us the difference, what happened
in between?, still ex©iting,
stayin’ on it, heart’s disruption,
the w)hole text, soundz in tents,
i am am i?, see the said?,
accrue cuts, orange afterimages,
have this again, eye have bin
meaning, the dividing line,
one persons garbage, junk
literature, almost too hasty,

"Property is Condemned"

now we are in a position to fall, now we are in a position to rise,
fort mick, you don’t need no silicon to calculate poverty, which
way is time going now?, employee identity synchronization, the
scene of the collapse, tafluck, we’ll even pick up your taxi fare
home, good rid dance, you’re out of there, i couldn’t spend the
money fast enough, buccal cavity, ujjuma, how are you going to
pay your bills?, i hope she doesn’t look like that, body coat, insani
you were in the bush, it’s saturday everyday, cimex, i don’t have c
cooties, meat memory,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"this text is not trying to sell you nothing"

throw yourself into the sea, this text is not trying to sell you
nothing, temporary heat, the tell-tale give-away, merryline, we
don’t even bother visiting websites anymore, you know it’s not art
but, what all is always already getting lost, stare at the blob
long enough, still boo, we are moving forward, maybe put a stop
to the insanity, act with nickel, iconic toner, toiletpaper smile,
just ignore what you can see, there is no spellcheck on this
device, by way of saving, don’t give me that ‘art’ bullshit!,
other directions thankfully, represent it as art, if it’s only
temporary why do you insist on writing it in permanent ink?,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


nothing to keep your demons
at bay, up in the blues, xittix,
we went and got a lot of books
together, purple delta, yuppuy,
your balance is broken, who’s
got the shit happenin’, the merest
sliver of text, yobo, smash the
remote control, maybe you need
the alcohol to keep you sane,
the dangling appendage, sar tech,
health card eligible, the receipt
for mogumbo number, a big
bottle of prune juice,

"produce poetry on work time"

leo eight, rusi, fight intellectual
discrimination, a love leather,
melanthe, what did you do with
your last twenty dollars, two
doors down, literally a barrel
containing crackers, nasty gym,
produce poetry on work time,
strip with a tick, dish fillet
on pink sauce with mushrooms,
paper means nothing to me,
young tongue, came and went,
way back in what year, never
even knew, are we going into the
maze or out of the maze,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


marginal memory, error eureka!,
know buttons, surprise knowledge,
easification, writing bee, not even
odder, incertain other, sure enuf
a bridge over the river of
forgetfulness, what would we
propose as an alternative?, less
eye more ear, our convictions,
expecting earthquakes, freedom
versus privacy, afford to keep
the box open, f-wrench, subcorp,
explode thru, near south,
shrinkwrap this!, the exact
numb skull, already chinese,
why not just draw a map?, save
one of the bricks, when its a
one cent, soiled not dirty,
come oh soul, sprinkle star,
audiovisualpo, too eff’n’ eff-
icient, heart seize?, fess up
event, fold out of sight, print
on, library burning, nineteen
ninety-what?, something
happening now, libidinal
block/ages, stamp imp pede,
eye ain’t what eye ain’t,
verging on urge, holding off
& on, exactly advocating?,
cybersignature, orange
on orange, excesspool, ayoh,

Monday, September 21, 2009

JUN 28 2008 (pm) 8:00

1) visula visula
1) taking directions over the telephone
1) a big barcode for a little book
1) nicwax
1) 1531
1) dear precision,
1) are they still viable?
1) 08/08/08
1) busy being there
1) a predilection for self-destruction
1) paper’s crap
1) neurons firing like crazy
1) vexillology
1) the blank sky
1) this could have got written on
1) fool yourself into thinking (you are not getting high)
1) microtext
1) every bill you ever paid
1) clepsydra
1) marks you made as a baby
1) rizen
1) almost as if you had never seen it before
1) only spent a few dollars on poetry
1) hudakoc
1) even the bums are making fun of you
1) your whole entire fund of cash is 30 bucks
1) not wildcatting, but...
1) what happened to the old cord? (it got mowed!)
1) can’t you sign your name?
1) where did you get the hundred bucks?
1) money pissing thru you
1) what are you going to do with that 40 bucks?
1) Maurice Bloomfield
1) she would yell at me if i only bought 1 litre

Sunday, September 20, 2009

JUN 29 2008 (am) #3

1) that’s all i remember
1) how many pieces did you move?
1) infundibulum
1) Jean or John
1) blank no more
1) ATCetera
1) bookmark markbook
1) along beside the line
1) no room for nothing
1) you want some ships?
1) decreasing the amount of replication
1) oh be & may I (recyc)
1) would you, uh, ladies be interested in volunteering for
my next little project?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

defective bootleg (May 25, 2008 (am) #2)

1) let’s do something fun for a change
1) desire is not ugly
1) 300 km of blank space
1) electronic razor
1) someplace sometime someone
1) temporarily empty
1) claims to have had experience
1) use the last line for a title
1) here is your ticket to the network
1) not sure if we actually want to spend it
1) defective bootleg

"poetry assembly line"

left margin concrete, pearl jack,
french eyes, clean hands before,
two eyes read, keeping things toge
ther, without snow, uppity we,
poetry assembly line, pure words,
you would have to be blind to
see, original nonsense, rev
lover, eye read it but it never
made much of an imp, that is
to say, & zed, the window is
very fragile, as something to
read, combustible material,
conflicting messages, is this
or is this not real time?, sub-
time, a bout that video, sequence
& you shall find, canada in
reverse, the roomer millions,
with the dogs!, tilt lit, griminal,
over trance of thot, one & the
same, it’s systemic, battling
bottoms, pome arcs, increase
the volume, run it thru (the
machine, keep the mem brain
intacta, s nort, wear the
t-shirt, this is nearly here,
superversive, male hers,
selfother, smoke damaged
literature, still desire,
produce & re-produce, kids see,

Friday, September 18, 2009

May 29 2008, 8:00 pm

1) sedge gibby
1) felark
1) looking down on the quarter
1) what’s going on in this image?
1) mint & non-mint
1) lube oil rotation
1) why you felt inclined to clip
1) understanding the sun
1) maybe someone else will remember for you
1) who are you going to think of when you have no time to think?
1) the thing still is
1) money is not memorable
1) pandion
1) chosen zen
1) remember that table?
1) how can you stare in rapt attention at blank?
1) why would you cut this gaping hole?
1) fantastic collection of envelope interiors
1) did we not respond?
1) old specs
1) you and all the other literary giants
1) collecting addresses of yourself? variations?
1) art to go
1) bedleave
1) get busy being in flux
1) yut
1) does it include Lopho. will. ?
1) supes..
1) canadian assault
1) how net
1) interdirect
1) eothree
1) you and the rest of the dead
1) what can be said about the dead?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

antisocial media

is this a work of art or a bit
of advertizing, now nothing
comes to you, a bit of paper
removed from the book, first
glass post, your claim to fame
is that you had a photo on
jones soda in ninety-six, lo
go, a were, philking,
kanchenjunga, busy being
broke, the financial fall,
the financial climb, the
financial fade, only put
ten on it, the flick was,

it’s too hot for art, space
has a tendency to get
stuffed, do we really need
a vacuum cleaner,

"poetry is so embarrasing" [sic]

half the text is missing,
a quarter of the text is
missing, how many copies
before you have an issue,
semi-aridite, imppish, poetry
is so embarrasing, for
valentines day i gave you
a dollar, now i’ve only got
seventy-eight cents in my bank
account, a little phrase
that came to you out of the
blue, all lines say discipline,
e.x.p.e.r.i.m.e.n.t., back when you,

throw yourself into the ocean,
links sausage to golf, phrase
has been removed, greenmail
dot, transissue, we need some
grub, thirteen thirty-one,
stationary in quotation marks,
saint ymie, wisantigo, when we
were four, you had a chance
to write a memo, saint
ernutation, where did you get
the twenty bucks from, in
and out of the machine,
when did you first begin
making marks on paper,