Wednesday, November 30, 2011


moonsun, this might require a bit
of ingenuity, strange die, number of
sides, these will come in handy in the
future, the months with fewer letters
in their names, well at least somebody
is getting some, got tired of
writing it out by hand, tepic,
lemma and dilemma, the evolving
history of canadian, autosynthesis,
corrida, yab-yumming, chunnility,
light emitting diodes, burning hats,
green scare, hydrarchy, sealand,
mint time, arbitrarily highlight
something, customer retention,
lemonpuppy, make stones, tingtes,
yoga tantra, prompting nothing,
cut the text short, what is this
text asking of you, there’s a
problem with the light, monoman
eye, be like moss, anonymous war,
vortex of religions, axsperations,
hippie shit, sounds like something
you don’t want to see, as much
as we can get on the scanner,
california avenue, this file
folder could be used as a
file folder, artist with flare,
the god vortex, sabor, polvo,
way pabst caring, morland,
can we go to the pop shoppe,
señorial, pacifico, topo chico,
polar alp, sidral mundet,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


diazo, partial withdrawal,
face amount, mlic, so it has come
to this, leaking in flight, add
it to the collection of garbage,
meat money, sittin’ pretty or
standing pat, meat and nuttin’
but, when pigs fly: swine flu,
little fragment that says it all,
perhaps we should retire, are
these colours natural or
fanciful, diagenesis, a cluster
of red squarish dots, sandre,
megaceros, gunsels, roscoe, son
et lumiere, social exclusion
unit, julia set, differential
engine, donnina allegra,
expanded cultural and
historical, sourgrass, scrins,
inging, noncommercial culture,
make a copy of your shape, the
computer insists, begin with
intentional error, desiring
this exact moment, sunism,
hippie energy of cooperation,
channel the energy into
housecleaning, fress, bebe,
one is minting, dinside, this
is the place it all began,
blank trade, what we think
versus what we say, hallwalls,
kate vay, the reality of it,

Monday, November 28, 2011

"ann clayborne"

the way it was positioned in the
window, mil intis, black bart
trance, read the fine print forty
times over, it doesn’t look too
appetizing in black and white,
gimme an eff, we’ve already been
thru this unit, carol stream,
every text that pleases you is
yours, number quarter, ann
clayborne, the leaning tower of
calgary, fold this into a bug
catcher, animal homosexuality,
without boss, the last of the
metanarratives, a spectre
haunting, bridgeland rehab,
talisman, ten cents a pop,
ten dollars twenty-five cents,
this tea is a valuable gift,
chinook two-thirty-three,
why do you feel obliged to
poetry, vegetable soap, excellent
domestic crush demand, brain
rape, anti-jazz, indicible,
the book is still warm where
you were holding it, ranam,
mi-story, hateship versus
loveship, the half-said,
antinomics, bearing the word,
anti-metabole, highlight the
closely entertwined, roman
du terroir, all emm enn,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

"one chooses not to desire"

mononoke, let me google that for
you, zen suicide, lust cluster,
the cara cara’s are gone, random
highlighting, moriarity, steampunk,
flurb, aition, writing diabolic in
concrete, madrugada, kalpa,
the two books are acting as bookmarks
for each other, prisons are not
working, orthrelm, chooses
trouble, don’t try to tell us
what the word means, glory
flying, anti-fear, brass labia,
steel vagina, noming, screencaps,
bun bun, joyojoy, all you need is
a rubberstamp and you’re in
business, crack science, they made
me do nothing, orange orange
orange, interbeing, universal
responsibility, contemporary
engaged buddhism, i’m just
founded speechless, image flow,
broadcast imperialism, nohms,
nomf, smexy, and such, begin
painting, hydrochloric concrete,
face scientists, one chooses not
to desire, digital festering,
where dost thou belong, lost
impressions, uncopiable
originals, show us some effort,
xa, read room, thinking in terms,

Saturday, November 26, 2011


the single letter, a piece of gampi,
thank you for sharing a bit of
your beautiful world, the death
of think, this seems like it wants
to be in full flight, pava, noho,
bound for glory and gagged for
glory too, the smell of your
saliva at three am, a month’s
rent, the glare of the paper,
forty grand evaporates, moving
towards stasis, a truly masculine
shampoo, the highlighting used
to be meaningful, fluxcult,
render that kiss, zackshit,
masoretic, aretes, stutterstolt,
a golden explosion, gnathous,
black hat tantric buddhist
feng shui, ch’i, car for hidden
explosives, teabagging,
kernudling, the great wall
of paper collapsed, creative
destruction, nothing down,
emery habits cabin, jovencita,
las muertas de juárez,
historical chain combating
evil, the cotton curtain,
excremental hyper-aestheticism,
disinfotainment, cointelpro,
false consciousness, making it
to your appointments, get a
fuckin’ decent printer,

Friday, November 25, 2011


bentspew, i’m fighting money,
praystation, paystation, newtype,
it’s still winter, milk t-shirt
cream jeans, double-sided artwork,
garf, sovereign consciousness,
punctum studium, immaterial
labour, verbal handshakes,
service with a smile, machista,
unconcerned desire, signified
death versus shown death,
marasmic, we are not free of
the text yet, every word that has
ever been written, cross-referenced
lemmas, infrarealism, passion
scales, mating motivation,
evolved decision biases, storge,
ludus, companionate love,
manic love, the bliss of
proximity, forger’s palsy,
by yesterday’s standards,
nothing is lovely, let’s talk
about death, this is not my
handwriting, mindful labour,
lucid consolation, licid,
passing thru passing thru,
higg apostrophe ess, okay i
give up, let’s turn all the
black into white and all
the white into black,
yammer on, zep versus squid,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

"concrete lamp standard"

rootser, had crap, chunk it into
the mailbox, the da, involuntary
contributers, pol lips, of fluxus
canucks, thinking about carpets,
no moisture required, the mail
train, mass produce painted stones,
you can see the scrubbed out,
you can tell by the size of the
brick, moments of kludge,
microdetails of the paper surface,
pirate publishing, stencil light,
creating something beautiful
that you could sell, we could
see the end coming from the
beginning, sociopath on the
warpath, the point at which paper
becomes digital, is it dead or
is it recorded, the plastic
got a little busted up but,
guerilla communications,
lucy fearing, take the dada
plunge, danger music seventeen
is, this has been back and forth
across the continent at least
three or four times, destrier,
boosting heaps, concrete lamp
standard, smoking carrion,
penny-farthing bicycles,
the exchange of sexual services
for remuneration is legal,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"zombie capital"

tufikirieni amani, rubberstamp
image of a rubberstamp, if it
comes down hard, the faxination,
invisi prim, the work of accepting
love, save paper and reduce clutter,
westsyde, stay connected, devil
in the body, buying grace,
groundbreaking bestseller,
stone newspaper, remember for
change, social rupture, factory
cotton, grievable, anadromous,
sculpins, zombie capital, quiex,
the examined life is unlivable,
moss letter, how to stop filling
blanks, poppy morph, utterboom,
concrete hand, you don’t fill,
our souls, the art sits sealed
and untouched for years,
glop print, you are only seeing
this today, turntablism,
wreck inition, mount morris,
the artist up close and personal,
book friction, that’s going to
hurt, socialist action, one of
a thing, one of a number,
do you not love your home,
you versus the city, this is
more a part, how is anyone
supposed to read this,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"you don't fit the bill"

you don’t fit the bill, the i
is defective, kăserei, gemeinwesen,
a condividual, a decentralized
subject, an open reputation,
a true love ponzi scheme,
a dividual, nomadology, sew yr
anus shut, you’re not even using
your code, you prefer the self-
checkout, the print head, you
don’t feel like lugging it, hip
lit, kotatsu, goldfish-weed,
a special signature, geographiction,
simultitude, haijin, ponderous
plop, pwoermds, fried shoes ! ,
clusters of girls, social fictions,
local free press publications,
hand lettering skills, glory
a priority, fugu, nil text,
an r, find the angle that
makes you happy, neonism, her
moss surround hole, midrush,
tummler, make sure you fill
both blanks,

Monday, November 21, 2011

"indri lacto"

i can’t read this because…,
a ponzi scheme of love, in the end
it all comes down to fragments,
paper is not one of the four food
groups, first you scratch it out
then you highlight it, boucheron
and saga blue, damn dignity,
european court of human, a
sense of anger, pull over: get
out the credit card: make the
call, oh there will be a record,
little booklet full of words,
times five, monet manet money,
the fifty cent action game,
the indri lemur, stack of penny,
understanding is for suckers,
sanies polybus epilegomena,
werepups, kuei kuŏ versus
kueì kuo, realizers, social
meaning, the paramagnetic state,
theoros, verification trance,
the domain state, blacksite,
grando lacto, own it, you just
breezed in, blazing thunk,
i’m devoiced, alons, how do
we get out of going thru
all this again, shonen
knife, hemmed in by money,
no way of knowing: oh there’s
a way of knowing,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"laura sutra"

slingerbeweging, pareidolia,
kairotic time, attention: read
this text beginning, money is a
foreign object, walks hats
lycanthropy, betta, lemonpuppy,
the fragment that refers to
everything, watch you don’t get
your fingers caught in the
press, take pen and paper into the
street, spoon hat, a zine called
chubber, frcpc, ouellette,
manque á être, minoritization,
colonial history explains,
settler nations, social violence,
concepts and histories in
effect, binaural, owsley,
lose the bits of data, digital
dropout, magnetic domain
self-erasure, why is half this
text upsidedown, why don’t
you love me, how can you call
this art, run the deterioration
in reverse, inkblot reality,
the one you love is just another
blot, independent research,
study the monster within,
laura sutra, we could just
leave it all blank, only
a day or two later and you
can’t remember, i could
demonstrate it to you,

Saturday, November 19, 2011


xoda, fake being, we need a white
pen, why do they got the same
number on them, it’s facial, you
know it’s a special day when,
heartmeat, a haio, woruber man,
rota-print, mock ersatz xerox,
strataphorical, nearmeats,
hagelslagen, ming, hockey on
every channel, gorean furniture,
woodshe, you must be present to
win, hon, gor, samadhi, do you
believe it’s empty now, all
amok, mamitavanim, down-and-out
intellectuals, vicarious goal
fulfillment, carbon-neutral,
the typewriter left a hotspot on
the desk, zanziba, looking
forward to the last straw,
fuel sloshing in a tank,
read the ground as figure,
the eye fall bird, iconic toner,
it’s not that much of a sore spot,
dayglo that, there’s still a
number of individuals, the
logo is burning, the paper has a
certain feel to it, i don’t
remember that coming in, t,
let your find, read it as if
it were writing, a year ago it
was a disaster, why bang bang,
select a portion, had a use,

Friday, November 18, 2011

"zen arcadia"

a gigantic flywheel, useless
projects, art bid, the union label
is subliminal, it’s your turn,
caress, we have played this game
before, the institution is
represented by an individual,
tuckpointing, mosswork, the brown
cunts of england, her auld, high-
light highlife, zen arcadia,
social payments, tiny empires,
information superhighway
robbery, advertising campaign
without a product, trial
balloon, g-castle hippo server,
neutricidic frustrum, three
moss sog, recognition network,
pathophanic, ceilidh, edt’s,
tree make me nauseous, we
could have worked with this
toner, mindstream, avocado
velocipede, vast difference
yet same name, i unlike this,
am mere am, if you had to
drop a fin, mike peters out,
you are not even letting the
text in, it’s stapled shut
for a reason, that unfixed
toner is leaking out, don’t
make me doubt, nine billion
mailartists, purple pope,

Thursday, November 17, 2011


dayglo nonverbal communication,
do not drop score or mishandle,
embossed question mark, where
the ink perhaps, oko, the relation-
shipwreck, highlight error, let
it come up, sinecura, samizdat
art magazine, balatonboglár,
waefu, legs like concrete,
obeah, sans souci, legahoo,
lajabless, soucouyant, moco
jumbie, human consciousness as
embodied, the freeness dance,
white reality, jouissance,
multicursal, wheatberries,
googla pluplu, fauteuils,
unsignifyable, the end of
writing, one size fits one,
verdant font, getting to
the bottomless, praystation,
detrivore lit, love in the peat,
telecine judder, chiropotes
satanas, heart in surprise
sauce, microskirt, modern
concrete design, swing-
movement, poetry writing is
nice work if you can get it,
zoda, there is no time like
the present contains no time,
interiors of disjunction,
anti-semiotics, no tripping,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


photocopying yourself to death,
fernsehen, asscheeks are trempling,
calques, gleich, musk cat, cut
the human out of the system,
economic insanity, meat is the
highlight, biedermann’s experiment,
the fractalized self, lakerol,
the mind is a ton of bricks,
the new boss same as the old boss,
the biology of bananas, pen nib
teeth, koz, digital realization,
i take your art into my heart,
spinmaker, dyar, shoe the boss,
collab level, empty vehicle,
garbage packer, the crux of
this hegelian explosion,
belangal alba, it is considered
lucky or a curse to place a
penny in her outstretched
hand, freedom from rain,
intertemporal, tiny tubers,
polysigh, a high feathered hat,
tyress, frustrum, eyalmouch,
rouyn-noranda, because it was
written on a genuine typewriter,
waybe, flugtag, vadara mudra,
canção do pássaro, i’m not sure
why this is ringing such a
bell, please: no more words,
disgusting art, reps per, so,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


chatsurfing, peach love happiness,
praystation, free radical, tsog,
fluctuating wildly, the
brazilian processists, half eaten
corpses, fashion revolt, sticker
shock rebellion, fashion war,
little below the knee clubs,
hopemoreness, concrete flyovers,
wanchai, the berkeley
renaissance, cyclorama,
ridiculous paper-sorting,
follow all references, ein
gleichnis, jumping back out to
half size, i think this text
stretches all the way back to,
they are not broken just need to
be cleaned up a bit, you wish
this paper was still blank,
the street of intellectuals,
hannah exhibited a
characteristic, you can feel
the genuine seal, self-fisting,
there probably would have been
a letter on the back of this,
crystal harmonica, get them
gone, any wad of text will
do, we couldn’t be bothered
to hang the wallpaper,
obscene waste of paper,
we could always pick up
where we left off,

Monday, November 14, 2011

"copy pied"

propinquus, a cluster of fluted draperies,
a core meander, istorin, as they move
deeper into trance, entoptic forms,
the neurological process by which
shamans enter trance, the hunting
hypothesis, image-making was done in
a state of trance, trades this music
for free, chemtrail conspiracy theory,
kajira, finish with a flourish or, why
are you wasting blank, ban cluster bombs,
jdam, e-bomb, zolid, copy pied, penny
adjustments, push the art into the window,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"tedmun lardis"

the plan was to clear the deck but what ended up happening was
buried the deck, straight hair, acid void, bb moss, jenny thorn,
what does typewriting signify, voodoo oodoov, you actually counted
the paperclips, as long as the theft does not benefit the thief,
your claim to fame is destroying you, the ink is full of crystals,
this is my ecstasy, the most significant letter in the alphabet,
your language is a secret code to me, it ain’t me baba, the date
is part of the title, ioi vpn, where does all this text come from,
all these chunklettes, people don’t even bother looking at them,
deobfuscation, these texts get tossed up again, the lost blather,
the lost yammer, the lost masterpieces, back to reality haha,
sonata for harmonica and typewriter, one does not fill the bill
of ladling, i think the cryptic phrase means imagine peace,
sex is perfectly legal, the single letter a, bentsquid, element
of composition of cityscape, rowan oak, tedmun lardis, invest in
new ink, the eye of the riffraff, inkblot artist, sex for sale,
anonymous cops, zlake fire, the so-called comedian is doing
what, magic broken things back together, locomotive zooming
towards you, falling kaned, what does handwriting signify,
penny pulse, the science of nothing, moss emotion, bebe, the
acid eye, vacancies in the hierarchy, the jungle is a jungle
of latin names, how many times does nature need to repeat itself,
am blicked, there’s no such thing as no such thing, meat is dirt,
priapic pain, that would be a nice piece to do, blank variations,
a rather flat representation, milking the fire, incomplete hat,
arbitrary stone, beat mush, try rotating the artwork, there is a
creature coming into existence here, hang it with the right margin
down, busy getting over it, this is the buy, one is an artist so
one is not going to feel guilty for doing art, this is not the
last straw but, prilosec, paperchannel, instant pussy, bbllaannkk,

Saturday, November 12, 2011


slish, asscheck, okay that is not
a deer, balayez, cluster of poles,
could somebody explain this to
me, banana lamp, the rain is hell
on the paper, compare the pre-
with the post-computer version,
foin, brannigans, the scent of moss,
all is dross, unlax, an internet
something-or-other, paleo-ecology,
our big holeness, suicide school,
eco-philosopher, nude slip-n-slide,
jeremiah, this damn hat, ligates,
cave art theory, saturation job,
abandons nothing en route,
what image are we projecting,
they managed to get this one
up out of the text-jaggy,
this fuckish book, the still done,
this font is a consolation,
well this is only yesterday,
nekto, nothing is coming thru,
elaborate verb, a lot of us
fall by the wayside, fuck
the blank, the majority world,
the death of photography,
non-mint copy, rip your own
head off, noi post, this is
painful, in favour of
violence, do we got the music,
you sort of damaged the art,

Friday, November 11, 2011


you are only making more work
for yourself, bundles? bundles
of what?, green navel, you only
made one phone call, kleenex
xerox, safe jail, book drive,
eating hehe canada, tracking
problem, conditions apply,
ex-cons in the house, the utopia
of the text, indra’s net, come
the raw prawn, a sea of grey,
do-si-do in the scansion,
words change lives, fingertips
on water, the contest effect,
gives good soundbyte, book
throwing competition, a creole
postmodernity, crucigrama,
phenergan, musth, format
format format, silly bliss,
the squalid page, pussyholder,
telescent, pis on lit, bumhow,
one is only guessing at the
correct time, a lovely eyeful
of misinformation, at least
you didn’t go on for too long,
studies the wet, chuchotement,
tamari, catechumen, spat on
concrete, a last green glint
of moss, derrida the postcard,
medicine aitch, tifny pluckit,
boys making messes on paper,
the artist is taking a dump,
a hole within a hole,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"chachipé con jujána"

clark ashton smith, paid or so it says,
the i and the money, nothing is on
sale, hmmm that’s a small bit of
paper, tu ris, scissortail flycatcher,
consider the bit taken care of,
necrogenic, abigor, a blur of
orange, cancer clusters, the
dangerous classes, economic and
historical circumstances, the
hobo phenomenon, the resumption
of work, affranchi, chachipé
con jujána, tchatcho, to live on
air, gadjo, marron, gergo,
camelote, the crush to enter
the hotel, lysurging acid,
globalisation with an ess,
localisation with an ess,
nada para amor, ownage,
e-merce, value-free, tengo
sed, kauai, the river ganga,
midnight schoolgirl,
equipoison, side project girls,
how hard it is to get a click
out of people, your little
joke is on poor taste, a
satisfactory blank, one is
a family of zero, parapussy,
skandhas, kitty cornershot,
paramilitary pussy, elements
that comprise a human,
desperately seeking nothing,

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


totentanze, too much paper in the
living room, pop-physics, save on
meat, sausages cluster, gobelin,
perruquer, counterproducer,
the shipwreck of life, deepthroat
gag, what trace do you want to
leave behind, decorative mouse
pelt, a beautiful library to
study in, homo loco, real life
syndrome, pussybox, logs too much
memory, milchpumpe, black and
white will do on this, karen
hepburn, radical consonant
cluster, i want my records back!,
ambushes of concrete, electronic
heteroclites cypress, i don’t know
how to continue, now when i say
you i am thinking of somebody
in particular, search engine it
now, threak, lemme know your
snail, lex icon, who’s footin’
the bill for the printing, ram
rom rwm, little did we know,
to have it materialized, anal
eye, put your shoulder to the
paper wheel, nothingness is
happening, zook-ah, everybody
wants to be mutilated,
signed and hand-coloured,
saccades of looking, i’m
sorry it has taken me so long,

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


studies the hole, cassoulet,
dysesthesia, neurosyphilis,
lancinating, publishing pussy,
fur piece, nano-art, newspaper
cluster, indirect transactions,
particle maintenance, winnipeg
herald, the shadow out of time,
jimson aphrodite, yana, fuck
machinery, we have trouble
with our writing, you can see
where the staples have been
chewing, supernumary breasts,
still beining, unarmed man
versus, looks like it got left
on the floor of the mailroom
for a while, nanonote, dismal
lamsid, mere dedication or,
this is just to inform you:
zero, please respond, no liver,
endless cycle of hate, an ethics
of enchantment, thinking with
the whole mind, abaddon,
affective attachment to the
world through art, genk, the
ray machine, point driven,
emotional literacy, rush of
association, controlled weeping,
ladder-striving, gaspar
gastar, milori, transphormetic,
put yourself away wet,

Monday, November 07, 2011


honey paper, heartsharks, spouge,
ghettoblaster piled on typewriter,
nothing makes us equal, can you
smell the jasmine, adding art
is sort of spoiling it, you can
go to fourteen at no extra cost,
it, thirteen twenty-three, is this
a meaningful highlight, glass-
lick, why not face the face,
gelatophobia, who does she refer
to today, i am writing this just
for you, chat theory, telomania,
affix postage or go online for
faster service, twenty pennies,
beer-food, cartouche, i hope
you don’t mind: i decided to
make this pile of paper your
problem, hat she psut, carpal
tunnel vision, the hermeneutic
circle, radiant specificity,
critical editorial help,
piagetian parallel play,
reading addicts, tordan,
incubational pits, the most
awkward footnote access ever,
axe and you shall receive,
soda slinger, gigantic dayglo
building wrapper, chat is in
person, words to make you
cream, handwriting is on a
par with typewriting,

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

"an aitch we had to scratch"

i don’t know where to begin,
little bit of paper as seen by
a poet’s eye, highlight the non,
feel free to dangle, the art of
losing, stubborn particulars,
period in concrete, capitalist
realism, animals are known to
kill others of their species
just for looking bad, oris,
anti-auratic, let’s pour concrete
into the grand canal, parvis,
yubari melons, it’s dark energy
versus dark matter, coma sign,
if you need to find a way to
get more words into your world,
different orders of reality,
some people are colourblind,
i know your not too fond of
addnpass, you can’t even face
the art you are making, spin the
paper, you want pics, one of the
other, the meaning of the text
is lost, honey on the keys,
prepare to bore, telos post,
an aitch we had to scratch,
paper fool, p and dc, why would
you want me to be blank,
cemax, why are all the corners
torn off, folie a trois, seat
spread, ntk, making letterlike
marks, add another artist into
the mix, turku, lex ikon,