Saturday, April 26, 2008

invisible comma, asemic sym,
tueri, a self ago, the authority
of scratch, a cast of thousands
broken leg, make a good target,
alot a lot of writing, one
quarter blank, all going,
hemiparese, this was not meant
to be publisht, neurologie: now
you are seeing, went to press
the button but the button was
gone, this is two whole days,
too hole days, the five copies
project, it’s all the same text,
olympian end ever, we are not
talking the same language, the
page will not be missed,
return the page to its original
location, quit writing so much,
picture but, twenty-nine
penny, flat rate publishing,
think yourself free, gift
economy standard, cranium
bender, that hat hurt, reep
review, a cyanide-laced apple,
social inclusion, vivid concrete,
moss and cedar a two kinds
of fur, human characteristics
empathy, the same usual as
always, fermented art, three
hands, when is a beer not a
beer, blank red, north of
nowhere, mendocino, three b,

Friday, April 25, 2008

the new blank day, bp see imaging,
skin cancer lessons, paraphilias,
parasomnias, illegitimate
danglers, theoretical
uncreativity, message has no
subject, dwarves in their silly
hats, and outlying, get a
rubberstamp made up, net fave,
fuch, are you blogging, still
plenty of cuts left, clown skull,
a letter that says nothing,
meditate on this, make up for
lack of talent, blank red,
give mary yea, where do you
find them, this is all in your
head, the regular signs,
saint ein lager, thinking rock,
the holy grail of beers,
hemikrania, spirit-gummed,
crepe moss, a black pylon hat,
a candy heart and everyone,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

reading the news, get this text
back into circulation, narrow
house press, the concrete camp,
direct reference, the dominos
and the sparrow, mother goose
step, electronystagmography,
saccopharynx lavenbergii,
five copies press, care to explain,
one less cut, is your eye here,
what computer, where the cut
will come, at nobody, all hat,
do the ninety-six, not visible in
the copy, materiality art, no
not add or pass, little pub,
other potential uses, do not
press here, all now, at fil,
nobody noreason, ye speciale,
computer frankensteinization,
what learn, is concrete, hat
copy, hearing text, green
neoaristotelianism, pangen,
the gemmules of pangenesis,
the moribundus, murderabilia,
umma non gumma, taking it
to the street, garbage can
art, start a radio station,
excluded into higher realms,
historical ballast, backflip
from the balcony, a chunk
worth chunking, what if we,
in one of these heaps there
is a speck of gold, yuck,
hit-to-pass, wet carpet,

Saturday, April 12, 2008

not one but two reworkings by Allan Revich

(of this one: here

After The Comma: Nothing

let’s try going

jewellery hats antiques


making bad decisions

ready for more

the font folder

ought not to be here

for illegibility

to six

gray font


delicious error


do with

haunts early campaign

ninety-nine cents for a loaf

of bread

excellent enough


let’s try going jewellery hats

antiques nobody making

bad decisions ready

for more the font folder

ought not to be here

for illegibility to six gray font

see delicious error nothing

do with haunts early campaign

ninety-nine cents for a loaf of bread

excellent enough nominalism
detourney, don’t neglect to
print, write unpredictable, the
goahead, numerological trance,
infra dig, dreaming up a price,
history current events, central
to human existence, scarith,
oktotlc, art is anal, produce
texts, bat hub, escalator going
up!, prood, you may have already
read this, brought to you by,
new and improved copy, any
obligation, silly business, eye
don’t feel like a copy, porn
eraser, the postage will kill
you, flood of machines, reading
insanity, what colour were they,
escalating eyes, still fabric,
the use value of the copy,
nothing is free, the birth of
a publication, inhouse press,
various methods of text
production, upload postage,
still paper number, flood of
pubs, old machine works,
reading the carpet, the insane
eye, eye tone, still fabricate,
trying to hang on to nothing,
blank egghead gaze, each copy
individual, ten by ten equals
fifty, do everything except
what you’re supposed to,
evidence of prudery, reading
the toner, origicopy, allall,

Friday, April 11, 2008

ARC responds to

this one: here

Re: "nothing is for sale" or "what's wrong with having blank for friends?"

NO TINGLING FORCE; or, You've Got the Wrong Blanket, Friend

what's this pissing torpor worth
exact, themes pop enter voracious
nacelles, ruinscape, roux,
list theatre, jet inexorable,
instruct male part, zero spam im-
plausible, the mower time of reaping,
saint stress, no tingling force,
work hard or be trite to us, revery
lube for revery sweater, slang upon
lips, no shush honey, carousel
regret, fussy year sold
block and pollster, mellow wicket,
mister cork, canny ouster seething
title, haze in tureens,
opal frosting such farflung, quickly
spoke, stash sand curves, reverend
groundup, symphony eclectic, tuck
mourners, juju stay amazed, materialized
tic, read it record it, get soothed,
threat lonely, fishnet stocking,
grief, sans granary chores,
append worthy or take a day off
dread, an ant garden trail,
lick thumb, or don't, robot
gag reflex, you've got
the wrong blanket friend,
tell her, phobia of bay width,
knees too unreal,


P.S. A yellow in your box
let’s try going the other way,
jewelry hats antiques, petition
nobody, access boxes, still
making bad decisions, getting
ready for more, a font out of
the font folder, this line
ought not to be here, optimize
for illegibility, round it up
to six, dropped too much acid,
gray font, what will the copier
see, strike them off the list,
delicious error, forging
nothing, still owe, nothing to
do with, ceviche, penny value,
haunts early campaign, minima,
ninety-nine cents for a loaf
of bread, trudere, sexomnia,
excellent enough, pictorial
nominalism, disjecta membra,

Sunday, April 06, 2008

computer voids, unmarked
photocopy, a new same, wet
rust, dilemna, snail language,
voxov, let's call it a hundred,
no punch lines, chaotic flow,
gas lamp cluster, original
hangs, extra-large treat, all
the artists on the same page,
collision of networks, ray
on ray, reverse the toner, the
game is still, care for some
text, thirteen cents tax, as is
book, how the book would read,
a chunkable chunk, copied
free to do what, app rox, must
blank, tighten up the tessera,
here's some more text, temporary
envelope, designated in flux,
remember the original, long
distance flux, burnished
toner, make more copies, big on
mouths, now these are retro,
what did we blot, faded into
obscurity, fpb, timbermania,
messin' hat, ghost moss,
future advent, get chalk,
unbroken toner, one two, shone
heat, there is nothing wrong
with the text, nemo xbox,
inner weather, little islands
of red ants, cluster frappe,
feeder bands, parsecs in
the wake, oboe lsd heater,
what is it possible to do with
texts, the same paper in various
machines, run escape, are you
still there, eject the text,
abstract mailart, zerox pass-em-
on'zz, the power to move paper,
paint test, nothing is for sale,
work of art or detritus, every
loop of every letter, bang up a
pile, no rush money, cancel
and gret, fifty years old
rock and roll star, hello ticket,
trims work, can you see the
lights, gaze into the scene,
orangenfruchtfullung, juicy
cake, hats and scarves, never
grow up, sympatehectic, kut
corners, just say zaum, realitize
it, credit card art, gatt tooth,
the title only, fishooking,
frage, sanguinary chaos,
a pennyworth or two a day of
bread, avant-garde mailart,
kill the imp, nordoc, robrer
glafex, what's wrong with
having blank for friends,
let ter, hope to pay with,
keens to learn,

Saturday, April 05, 2008

RE: [fluxlist] communicated insanity

The moment an imaginary line,
still heavy, gold as a constant
companion, communicated insanity,
the shadow lines chipped puppies.

It's the thing alright,
judge by the faces,
might have been
a hair of the thing itself,

Make a million books,
imagine the rest,
what's happening back there?

Equal eyes, needle in the head.

-- Allan Revich (revising the previous post)

Friday, April 04, 2008

the moment of the paper, not
very black, an imaginary line,
okay sports fans, still heavy,
you are getting the full picture,
canard dada, somint, standard
folding, gold as a constant
companion, communicated
insanity, avant-garbage, the
shadow lines, sing dao, micro
chipped puppies, talking to the
stone wall, no noise city,
purporting to be, trash book,
it's the thing alright, judge
by the faces, could be anyone,
could maybe be, could see it as,
might have been, taste nada,
a hair of the thing itself,
the eye of the lion, animal
spirit, make a million books,
not really seeing it, imagine
the rest, noominy, chaos we,
just the headlines, ad for
what, the way we were, shang,
brilliand polka dots, our
nothing, contextify, what's
happening back there, who all?,
equal eyes, needle in the head,
trance act, doom looms, knew a
libra once, bhuddha thot,