Saturday, March 31, 2012


but that would double our consumption of paper, these those days,
today these five letters call up, just jump into your other
avatar, eldritch, totla trance, fuck honey, we "created" this
little document, the old photocopy has a nice tone to it, number
forty forty, less than generous with the margins, art taking up
space, may two four, we didn't really want to emphasize these
lines but, it it a bird or a plant?, page order may vary, let it
stand for adivider, honeytyper, you don't know where to begin and
yet you begin, total trance, from one end of the text to the
other, all hole, eldritch dark, are you getting bored of this
yet, the sharpie will bleed under the tape, we might need a
disambiguation page for this word, impload, silly sheehan, dooze
deese, ptosis temp met, the last of the blank?, why you wanna
hold a grudge, i just look at all the toner and, oceanograph,
i forget which one of these people i love,

Friday, March 30, 2012

"elkatras" & "ed lefko"

earthlink, rivendell, hellhound
on my trail, griffin, elkatras,
aubergine combo, just my size,
gusset, sugar grabe, prototype
product, honey bulge, natural
underwire, our linking texts,
our linking texts, blame poetry,
red-hump appleworm, the cut is
the only sign, glass paint,
lovely pattern of cracks, was
there ever was such a thing,
bantam, labyrinth of desire,
gino nardari, removalavomer,

obtenido, ot koro, church stain,
she takes a moment, divulge it
please, nobody calls, indistinct
chickenscratch, when this you see,
deart, impregnated with what,
this was the letter trap, it means
not always present, ed lefko,
this thing is bound for further
replication, free head, please
do not resurrect, dredging up
old memories, what are you
trying to draw, why are you
saving three, graffiti on
brick, the bart, a real surprise,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

"benday sapateiro"

anything we can say about this today, thumps up, somebody is
hoarding the originals, the stuuf on the net is instantly
forgettable, you could annotate to indicate the colours, baffling
images, add the blank to the pile of blank, garfor, is a rubber-
stamp impression not a pure copy, if you only use one side of
the paper, in the copy there is no toner under the white, the
moment of revelation, as delivered, hint of blue indicates, a little
excessive on the ink, double-sided make-ready, the dayglo sign,
just start thinking of yourself as an artist, meditate on blank,
the pen is one in a long line of pens, the bit of flesh is always
a ruse, paper camp, the emphasis over here calls attention away
from the error over here, virtual beauty brain, benday sapateiro,
doctor ink mail, cumsoaked paper towel, one recall, erect self,
supearl realism, surprise consumption, the original is well
indicated, n plus one generation copy, the slogan has been
obfuscated, how long do you intend to hold the grudge, the grudge
against the seahorse, snailmail versus e-mail, possible and
potential re-use and, the original must be somewhere, one knows
for a fact that this here bit was once real, genuine photocopy,
seal of reality, now the dollar is ready to spend, the blue will
splitch great on the yellow, the folds give the original away,
don't think that if you put something on the web that you have
done something with it, these are all clipped out of genuine
antique magazines, hopefully you will not be perceiving this,
degrees of loss, not losing much, we can let a bit slip off the
edge, in some ways the copy is much nicer, fold remover, a
moonpie for,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"shinola" & "golosol"

why are we drawn to what we do not
understand, the fire is not increase,
we might not remember exactly but,
you don’t remember your first
anything, continue on with your
zilch, noncensus, this is a very
important phrase, off with my
head, an inseperable mix of
shit and shinola, replen, jenks,
a hundred years from now the
junk mail will be, well buzz,
got riddle, i see your face
every day, banque a mex, we
need a non-gloss zone, rea ,

i don’t know who made this mark
or why, do you know what to put in
the boxes, calculus poetry, if
you had to guess you would have
guessed wrong, golosol, leed silver,
the spacing between the letters,
run your hand over the smooth,
a lifetime of art, riz logo,
orc kosher, beautiful colours
on the kleenex box, atokad,
the grease stain is a dead
give away, we have thousands
of sheets, what kind of inks,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"telaranea" & "colesula"

the institution owns the postage,
stringer specimen, determination of
text, extirpated from the herkimer
county, zijn niet, mislabeled
specimen, setigera, isotype, phascum,
cryophilum, anoectangium,
bazzania, villingadals moor,
porpidia, telaranea, zettel,
geobelobryum, dillenius,
my new name, writing with some
sort of old fashioned pen,
raremoss, first there was the one
then there was the two,
eupseudobryum, athenos,

retina retinue, judging by your
handwriting, fardoe, dolomite,
my new name my new body, open it
out to its fullest, metheye,
colesula, douin, crusty and
rusty paperclip, elena lirio,
do you realize you have the same
hand as, you don’t need no road
map, spline, we were just getting
a handle on sphagnum, first
circular, mont tremblant,
chinese letterhead, caroline
coventry haynes, leiotrichous,
moss exchange, martinellia,

Monday, March 26, 2012


a fantasy love affair, writing spec,
canned type writing, duckles, photographing
butterflies moss a pheasant, zen cellist,
la republique geniale, principles of
poetical economy, permanent creation of
permanent freedom, the paper brain, the
third eye, gap-analysis, the science of
stupidity, gaga-yogi, taoiste de gauche,
the battered trilby hat, magic lantern

“a fantasy love affair” between ______ &
_______, who had never met. It came to an
end shortly after they did meet. .

“teach good if it meant getting the sack”

markism, i have fond memories of you
giving me a blow job, wompo, spillove,
the pooka, errorp,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

to find happiness in this world give all the love one have

salvage something out of this text, lady gorb, iceblock bag
cryogenics, ganged men rip up lone man, saint insanity saint,
the being of paul, why would you want to repeat insanity, an
impeccable trance, uversia, now-is-the-hour, sarcoptic mange,
giant fleas, the state centre for social readaptation, he got
tired of his past, all to join gets a gift, his prose in blaring
orange, wanted one cent reward, reading pieces of paper, albanil
milpas ejidos, the correspondenser, the network-grid machine,
comparisons to herbal elixirs, the commonpress idea, to find
happiness in this world give all the love one have, tepozteco,
felark, humanwine, dot ai file, misfitism, smoke or someone
else will smoke in your place, a zine called ain’t, hivemindism,
back to batang, the us army pouring thru the arc de triumphe,
every job is a jail, we need to see bozo texino, immortality
was a hoax, papercide, hoxie, ein geschenk, canada beaver pinque,

Saturday, March 24, 2012


hair and death, jellytoriums, biochar, sludgeage, convex clusters,
a one-person show, ryesoak koan, grey sand to the concrete pile,
mercado, meganivel, chido, chulo, chuleta, apartment festivals,
tejocate, guarumbo, haze therapy, velando, agonism, parries to
paradise, just call it all a job of work and have done with it,
this little fleck of red is key, we broke the generous margins
rule, give the artist a buzz, if you could go back to this day
what would you do different, a simple cover, a simple wall of
text, it does not matter if the pages get out of order, luggage
poetry, it was almost as if you had put the book on the shelf
for me, the text on a fragment of paper you found on the floor,
the text on the fruit sticker on the orange, madibel, issue one
upgrader, living in the laughterlife, maybe you should just
have a big fire, wonder deeper, fucksite, pink salvage, nothing
to say about this, intense prepuces, in the minds eye: nothing,
do the complete run of seahorses, sore spots and bright spots,

Friday, March 23, 2012

"sabrina candace"

buying errors, five nine six three
nine six, there is a lot of information
contained in the tiny mosses, ess
as the, it could be nine six two one,
lead laid-back, sabrina candace,
it sticks to your thigh, broken
folk, at the mersh, you don’t wake
up with those strange blanks
anymore, half-moon with nose,
zero nine eight six one, like live
like there is no tomorrow, live
in dayglo, fish arrow, valid this
moment only, death witch, as
the clock sweeps thru the day,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"axionet" & "sunnyside deathhouse"

largest wall mural, i am that am i,
centre no centre, never caught a
fish, unfettered birds, you don’t
have enough money to pay your
rent, let it burn, published by
something else press, big big
sex, axionet, give yourself a
quick geography lesson, not
quite ready for auction but,
trim off the non-art portions,
in you more than you, dropping
e, no material reality,
identity consultation,
spice zine,

concordia cum veritate, we missed
all the deadlines, what is the
general gist of this text, golden
goddess six hundred dollars,
you blew two hundred bucks
on what, sunnyside deathhouse,
bring a can of gas up into your
apartment, graphite on paper
three hundred dollars, try and
fail, webs nets and megas,
view an image walk away and,
chawing away at the toner,
contemporary computer pixel,
everybody who was on the
street, going away for a month,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"simex" & "snort tea"

rock point twenty-three, someone
told them they could camp without
a tent and they believed it, bear
way up in a tree, sleeping giant
awoke, simex, floral clock, wow
that rock man just moved,
lehtinen, housecamping, dance
your beauty, minnedosa, five
bucks is five bucks isn’t it,
dunnville, blue lake, kiss the
beluga, nor-halton acton,
manitou, sandbanks, peat
mount ain, indiana dunes,
skylon, release the snake,

how to take a place off the map,
no she doesn’t want to see us,
lost in some random city,
lost in some random county,
almost enouph for a hit um enough,
snort tea, the stash is cleaned
right out, this bookmark rings a
bell, every piece of fruit you ever
ate, something ran out, we are
down to the dirt, what does ess
enn stand for, mmm this old
moss smells wonderful,
a band called belly up,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"kuzari" & "valentine fork"

miniature minimalism, dust the
object of desire, there is a way of
knowing, nickel nitwit, immersed
together in honey, the future
holds the usual, contamination
experiences, colza, phytosanitary,
throwaway reference, indirect
colonization, kuzari, hafiz,
discalced, demitting, do you
want all the gory details, you
were gone but now you’re gone,
when’s the last time you
actually published me, h,

timbre sammelen, oh it’s a hell
of a lot more than five let me
tell ya, raw room on, roof coat,
double joint toke, valentine
fork, enuf leaves, a mailartist
without a mailbox, saving your
eye for what, there was a reason,
sorry i broke the chain,
foiling work, make the words
tick, maybe it’s not too lake
for love, chicken juices run
clear, the network never fails,
polyconic, we failed to fight,

Monday, March 19, 2012

"dirty machine"

nobody is going to help you, you are
published but, visible x revisions,
i have no memery of being at silvern
lakes but, i keep xxxxx imagining i
hear the chat go pop, planet scorched
by sun, copy go blah!, the work
of documentation, the network owes
you nothing, focus on the seahorse,
focus on the solid x wall of toner,
forget slights?, if the date is out
by a single day, one for each of you,
all the machines are dying, time
indicates nothing, art for the home,
gussy up, bat-mania, what’s in
the keg?, and-mail, dirty machine,
just babelfish it, paper angle, van
gogh should just get a fucking job,
interpellation is when a homeless person
asks you for help, why don’t you try
eating that old amanita, there will
be bears, pylaisiella polyantha, popped
xxxxxx baboon, planet identity, ink
bitch, now we’ve lost the whole file,
if the xx bell rings, use the paper to
xxxxxx your eyes,
use the toner to shield your eyes,
grey gray hotel splendid, you need
layers of toner,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"akaka," "phaea," & "shark fire"

franciscana, sphaerophorus, still
lucent, cephaloziopsis, subimponens,
red hue, mouse tails cat, having
a thallus, incisa, a ting of red,
the label is always wrong,
cephallus, akaka, you forgot who
helped you, golden broom moss,
fontinalis, is it even scapania,
buddha university pollen,
pellia monster, the family is
wrong, lucent hooker, moss
claws, hookeria, what is this
freaky shit, roche cove,

ne rien écrire au-dessus de
cette ligne, the thing itself
seems to be missing, the person
you were with is dead, scrabble
around in the dirt for fast
cum, phaea, photo of dirt,
hedwigia in exposed situation,
the moon is a bag of dirt,

art has ruined lives than, transparent sack, vinyl car seat
shatters, chicken tender, signed soutine, doll’s ghost, shark

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"hairy egg" & "fck fem flt"

sdoopy, nothing even pretending
to be a word, you would have to
place the texts side by side, brain
monsters, pord law, the energy of
insanity, oddjects, you are going
over the edge, what your head is
about to do, are we talking about
writing or, afker, reading a
different copy in a different
city, parasympathetic release, we
are going to start you off with
this tiny scrap of paper, sand hat,
number io, hairy egg,

envelope interior art, i’m glad i
took a moment to read your poem,
cash out your, cont rib, just
because it has your name on it,
golden bull, wesy wett weak, ere
ecf ece, kal kay sharf, bak baw
baf, fck fem flt, laser coming
in or going out, lagune, i’m
working on my piles, why do we
ignore each other, jenny holzer
roadster, i forgot about this
and thot you never responded,
the same time some time, pin we,

Friday, March 16, 2012


poly-perspectivity, polyverse, parousia, becoming mute, temple-
clamps, paronomastic, slavification, culturespeak, philotes, neikos,
nouncomposita, de-eternalized, the target language, suicide is a
master from germany, so a sim is a, bellaza, all the net work that
doesn’t work, this is not going to fit our current formay, for may,
for april, we are just going to let things get worse and worse
until the break-through, forward going texts, erst crafty hakemouth,
emerald canticle of hermes, flux as, under the table education,
single sheet of paper with nothing but a pinhole,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


take the forward step, now i forget which way’s up, found an
actual seahorse, where are all the networkers now, netsuck,
don’t worry about the colour: let the colour go, one does not
enjoy censoring one’s self, did the second batch not get thru,
chatnet, i will answer to dada vee if it will get me a new brain
cell fractal, all this paper is just clogging up the system,
a little girl with a gun in her hand, i only compose status updates
anymore, this typewriter is making my ears ring, yer three looks
like a seven there, i don’t like running my originals thru the
machine, whatever day happens to be handy, zeen zyne, these
would make nice little artists trading cards, apostrophe no
apostrophe, message to you rudy, my insignificant other, this
is a future possibility, little man with a gun in his hand,
coo coo coo, meat clog, borderphobia, unless it will result in
something bad, chat is a place, the network is there to help you,
zen peach, ain’t good for nothing else no more, it’s a small
difference, but a difference none the less, when this entity
entered the network & when that entity left the network, this
is last week’s toner, entity’s we have never interacted with,
one way interaction, tonerblight, tonerbright, i am going to
continue until i am beyond, why do you feel you need to get your
two cents worth in?, because i’m footing the bill, hmmm there seems
to be some confusion between the copy and the so-called original,
eight errors, at some future juncture, still though it’s a
beautiful error,

Monday, March 12, 2012

"postmodern concrete"

a sexually fluid being, sati,
jouhar, moula salsa, matane,
green threads embedded in the
paper, the lost bell, klaatu,
decay productions, unexpected
mail, rippled in its trance,
becoming more and more unreadable,
self-portrait: thirteen mile woods,
is that an obsolete website,
fluxus is, every day is the first
day of issue, think thru money,
eat art, you have been shoed,
flag vision, lion to us, happy
together in the belly of the
whale, yet another hand in,
clouded head, baltimore
saskatchewan, the living are
dead and the dead are living,
are you calling me dead?,
there ain’t no money, fireworks
going off in the head,
obliterated face, we stood,
death was all a big joke,
markers of resistance,
apolitical materialism,
a cageman, doom and boom,
postmodern concrete, a virgin
factory, ornamental hermit
crab, be tireless, blood letter
day, post-reality, got pussy?,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"kineococcus radiotolerans"

subversive blather, barely fifteen
hundred, metapsychosis, the tigers
and the strawberry, sunlight
time, unable to pull out of the
nosedive, poetry redeems nothing,
eye one amp, so damn taut,
vientiane, economic culture of
hong, the referring incident,
the proposition of a hat,
earth handed crazy, a kootch
dancer, kineococcus radiotolerans,
hashtags, problematic trackage,
rig-sheet flooring, meta-speaking,
body swapping, lomg, body swapping,
online bugs, transforming
blank paper into, blatware,
nisei, it looks to be a rather
more complex text, stop saying
that to yourself, pussy fluid,
astronomical copies, cœlum,
the twilight bow, milonga,
gender art, privatopia, ecotopia,
ways of being, this is the news,
maimed statistics, socialist
one-liners, insistence of
pointing, relational poetics,
list-form, focus backward
and focus forward, hyper-
referential, flüsterwitze,
anarchic comedy, social
reflexivity, liberatory multiplicity,

Saturday, March 10, 2012


real gender, facebabies,
masterthief of time, writing and
rewriting sweet nothings, it looks
like a mere grocery list but it’s
actually a work of art, kokuho
rose logo, what are you going to
charge for this little art work,
poetry with te’, which artwork
would fit this hole better,
little skiff of red, microartworks,
just make a light tick with a
pencil, we need to read all these
websites, vistech, your average
penny, enn minus one, tindahan,
eoagh, polyvinyl acetate, pure
golden tripe, is this the name
of a poet or a hockey player,
wall strike, feedhorn, buildings
antenna span earth, azimuth,
how do you feel about pieces
of paper, red underline means
cut, capite operto esse, well it
certainly does not look fake,
effeto bau, my shadow is
my graffiti, underwhat conditions
did you read the book let, we
are trying to shift the
paradigm, professional mail-
artist, utopian library,
rednight, edible books, let art,

Thursday, March 08, 2012


nothing that won’t wash, concrete
living, poetry on top of it all,
identity is a barrier to
communication, the tell-tale
glint, ghost-written status updates,
wanda landowska, now this little
strip of paper is an objet d’art,
give out tissue, by binding,
spicy quebec, smart grid, cloud
computing, psychedelic maps, i
only know how to spend, drummed
up an avalanche, from winnipeg
to johnsonville, to play online
game, sit at the airport and
watch the people come in the
international gate, now bind
the bound, glib treatment of
taboo subject, the black candle
girl, here’s the source of the
chop, here’s a who, henry
wentworth monk, early warning
doppler, he fell against the
hat, community hub elizabeth,
the nano car, craniosynostosis,
bartas, aksara, parama pada,
satyasa satyam, eka, aja,
ross idlemind, vajralike
absorption, the yidam deity,
hobophobia, away for kicks,
oh here we go again, donenod,

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"an inventory poetics"

non-commercial art, an assembled
poetics, an inventory poetics, the
matrix solution, make it fucked
up, continuous landslide,
emoting snev, noho, bodhicitta,
verbier, canadian cigar, flux
canadee-i-oh, using pen and
paper to annoy people, hand
washing hand, how about not being,
nobodaddy the meta-author,
praeter, kezele, the jeju accord,
abraxis, rocola, steaking
tooth, evil apostasy meme,
california resident, totalitarian
messianic democracy, aylmer,
the white queen syndrome,
the smell released as the shrink-
wrap comes off, hostiae, anarmy,
push like it says, nobody is
going to steal evil are they,
hint of recycle, black felt
on cast-off shrinkwrap, toss
it across the street, saya,
tinta, crottin de chavignol,
tiss, tp, imposing a non-
production day, conficker,
botnet armies, lulu bisonte,
looking forward to the
summer of love, sufficiently
unemployed, my fluxpack,
fluffus, repper, gotea, mere meme,

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


nothing is quite so fine anymore,
klein bottle beehive, you put the
sky onto the page of an old book,
are we playing hide and seek, look
into the haze of which way’s up,
shrink-wrapped bride, recycling
is not destroying, cadzand,
who has a name, you can’t quite
see what you hope to see, well
i’m glad something makes you
think of me, periodic snaildoc,
ink apple, one geen, torch the
scarecrow, chaotic hierarchy,
schizoaffective disorder,
naming the loss, anaesthetic
melancholy, perzining, nothing
democratic, the downvoid spiral,
freedom to create, bisque hood,
histocompatibility, unemployed
by whom, supersaviors, science is
the art of not fooling yourself,
producing future, biopunk,
community and it’s discontents,
hydrolicious, miichanica
shoochi moki, golden hermitage,
bioinformatics, shakuntala,
a cybernetic suit, pulling the
collective leg, well you ack
sixteen, ain’t ain’t in the
spellchecker, studying your
own downward spiral,

Monday, March 05, 2012

"bj services"

okay dad you ain’t my dad, shit
you cut that letter right in half,
the acid mix, clinking the stones
together, trimpack, please no more
madness, it seems to have lost some
of it’s pixelness, f… seep me
chang, the collaboration process
is well under way, this needs to
be depixellated, i can’t see much
trace of you here, who gets to
move first, okay you’re just
scribbling all over the good stuff,
bang sense, approkaching, blank
statement, these fluctuations
seem seriously random, you are
talking about an event in the
future as if it were in the past,
check and see if you have this
pattern, one is imposing a non-
production day, one is looking
forward to the summer of love,
bj services, maybe you don’t
deserve to have any cheese,
kuro neko, schizodelic, lay
shamaness, i love it when she
says: tp, stack heap collision,
thirty-four dee, bloatware,
echelon, carnivore software,
lazy stitched, ink and spirit
mimeo, stencil duplicated,
cerebral dropouts, the
shorthand girl, meta-author,

Sunday, March 04, 2012

"the freedom of nothing"

plasencia, giant paper dog, the me
and the not me, extranjero, postal
has already been gone, don’t point
that pen at me, lay in a supply of
ink, recycle no reuse, x marks the
spot of attention, bulk ink, you
have accumulated zero, you are
living in a hoover, highlighting
nothing, a hundred and forty
bullets, the freedom of nothing,
the nothing of freedom, cluster-
flock, the potentiality of this
phrase slot, you never even used
the frills, transcendental
sexuality, image enhancement
services, turn the page to the
van, sea horse piss, little
philosophies of action, zining,
pooka, zermatt, silos beatus,
cromwell’s new model army,
dumézil’s jurist-priest and
magician-king, brer, deliberately
unemployed, to monetize or not
to monetize, a text with nothing
written in the margins, little
text full of ripe shit, blur
gulab, jack the text down,
straatoneel, farton bink,
undo button, lorer, no need to
open the envelope quite so wide,
facial nonrecognition, archivio,
splotch that hand down,

Saturday, March 03, 2012


a modicum of anal leakage, a
tornado that loves you, the old
rubber check gag, i was lagging,
a lay shaman, let somebody else
pay for the copies, poetry is the
kiss of death, vf, we all want
anarchy, the text is just fantasy,
penny lover, baboon metaphysics,
wash hats in mercury nitrate,
one hundred and forty
characters, histories epics
chronicles, civilizing improvement,
persian script versus davanagari
script, persianization versus
sanskritization, heterogeneous
cultures and ethnicities, dasa,
conquest and hegemony exemplified,
triumphant violence, kilesas,
anapanasati, the general
animations, to neko, be half
blank, etalon, legible copy,
begin your person, musters extra
base power, picsartspoems, the
white worms love you, yes there
is a replication, penthouse pages,
as far as reps go, let me eat
cake, ten the movie, from your
self to your self, fcz fcz
fcz fcz fcz, please don’t
note little dots, last week’s
hammering away, it will
make zero difference,

Friday, March 02, 2012


psychedelic studies, the poetry
drop, drippings from the meat,
when you say ink, an eleven-
thousander, honour commercio’s
energy, the harbourer-cum
enheritance, each one of these
poems is worth a penny, abyss
of nonsignification, give the
eye somewhere to go, the concrete
was too hard aggressive, little
empires, double exclusion, the
cosmopolitan classes, archigram,
holes cavity embalmed, the
heart’s eye is closed, you might
go up to sixteen point, i love it
when she says: tp, i matter-
caster, number of words per
square inch, live lika refugee,
you could use a search engine,
the many hands of, the hub of
the sandwich, scotch-tape art,
riddu riddu, dead rabbit
logo, when the mail arrives they
blow the horn, the power of
repetition, the power of
repetition, the machine just
burped, koshienguchi, the many
addresses of, no i don’t get
the sense it’s meant to be