Saturday, January 31, 2015

"vajra tenex"

hydromorphone, chigarid, copies
in seconds, a bottle of champfleuy
vaudreu, matthew ward, black
top taxi, one loses one’s signature
now and then, chinook, cluster
cluster, one has an urge, a giant
orange blaster, makeshift han,
cyclos, orange cloth for the
monks’ robes, ornge, fair isle
knits, introduce orange through
pattern, think of orange as a
neutral, the connection between
the sacred and the disposable,
how things are held together
and how they fall apart, vajra
tenex, facing the blank, the
meaning of light, pussy walking,

Friday, January 30, 2015


walk like an erection, klc,
thoughts online, ob cluster,
repetition office, dinant, worried
about losing your head, making
an elephant vanish, fool’s
paradise denman, make me some
marks, buffalo mozzarella,
empty vispo, great for mailing,
john bennett has been visiting,
big soil, a mess of money, did
you do this or did your kids,
anthropographic, world peace
begins in the kitchen, les
trebuchets noirs, east historic
commonwealth, three-story-high
orange id-numerals, insulator-
cluster, this little fleck
caused a shitstorm, lost the
strikethrough, blastoise,
spend every penny on her,
clearwood, an item of light,
yawara pussy,

Thursday, January 29, 2015

"siphusauctum gregarium"

yawara, desiring machines, lux
in tenebris, ascetic sensualist,
fontella, black cohosh, blue cohosh,
siphusauctum gregarium, heian,
ax store, repetition depot,
hardridge, black branches against
the white sky, infinite date, tnt
hummingbird, window for you to
use, obersalzburg eagle’s nest,
columbus vortex, is that your
ferrari, berchtesgaden, chris
evert lloyd, famous singer,
blankalope, léaud as doinel,
negram, monostat, parapectolin,
glycine, careful from habit
and experience, auditoria
clustered, becoming concrete,
interpellation poetics, not had
but has, ruined orgasms,
autoptic, drugs and going
missing, bedroom olympics,
acker pussy,

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


light sheets, t’shuvah, orange
savings account, yayati, vibing
miss daisy, clitoral chrome-
poisoning, quantum closures,
mix cheezies and milk together
in a bowl, cmc cluster, cheval,
mailart sucks, ich bein ein
berliner, brady-theory, aioli,
suprasubliminals, blinis,
high-concept erotica, mourra,
warum, see shelley plain, the
anus in the manuscript,
oulipification, palinodic line,
isopangram, ex votos, the third
domain, environmental
literature, garbage theory,
sheels, left blank for the
future, head-of-the-wolf,
automatons in a penny arcade,
cubic olympics,

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


the happy era of cubism, such
mo’ honey, bisphenol, prophylactic
mastectomy, luxurious sexualities,
telephone juice, paid in full
painfull, thirteen dropping,
buffer against, canola, obl
cluster, doing reps for you,
sable island, pèlerin, zeckendorf,
infernatron, cluster of
directorial chairs, retroironic,
experialism, mirror-cult,
binious, coccinella cardinalis,
identikit, floor of moss, decan,
diaeresis, synaeresis, a rupture
of sequential inevitability,
out of reach out of mind,
cyberlock, cinnamon scat, seti,
dream egos, neuro-index,

Monday, January 26, 2015


biosteel, cryptosporidiosis, kyuri
asa-zuke, melaleuca, ceratitis
capitata, the suicide hole,
oryzias latipes, negative grocery,
attainable love, syocb cluster,
van vroeger, kodak instamatic,
beautiful young woman with
bugs on her, babble time, what’s
your critter, the moment it
arrived, hammer the sun, this is
not serious, judith hoffberg,
this is a photocopy, glas, a job
versus a career, merksplas,
tamper evident, eighty dollars a
month, optik, create a brighter
future, maya deren, all roads
gather no moss, elementary
morality, programmed poems,
harmonise with each chord,
rime asiate, chinese whispers,
translation chain, ada, a text
free of landmarks, neurofluxus,
mips, death climax, empire ball
roca, hate olympics,

Saturday, January 24, 2015

"tempus fuggit"

fluxus nomad scarf, will work for
likes, doing less, today was self,
arqc tvr, barleywine, mgb cluster,
chimie carnet, how was your
experience, a little yeller, ccm
cluster, spanish wax, rfp, behind
fuming moss, a concrete outskirt,
mencia, vocal fry, glottalization,
cyanotype, sweetbreads,
megaloceros, sonnetburger,
homosyntaxism, â, fixed width
font, horseshoe bike, the money
angle, occupy crack, equus
caballus, glassine envelope,
leve, if you must, ought to have
let it bleed, note lack of folds,
copy every mark, copy every scribble,
dada warriors, cairo montenotte,
february thirty-first, changing
it to black and white made it
a fairly different piece,
gar eighty-five, reverse
depression, ell, ell, one for the
ki, glue ripples, trance face,
genuine crayon, zen crayola,
dada shield, colour burial,
tempus fuggit, is there a
pattern to these dots, scanner
printer signature,

Friday, January 23, 2015


occupy fluxus, melaleuca
alternifolia, close-cropped harmony
and electric, the word strike action
committee, salvia apiana,
moxibustion, porno holocaust,
epidermodysplasia verruciformis,
frog lake massacre, unstable
media, the insomnia collective,
all the world’s a bed, how to
clean everything, seeking behavior,
experimental nations, skrillex,
a game of thrones, rockyview,
assemble it before hand,
sonnenblumen-kernbrot, pukka
joint massif, audio mail art,
gainsbourg, megaball, nancynance,
reverse despair, pluto’s gravity,
the mississippi epitome, contact
point, autobiographical shut up,
litware, alamo-usa, algol
poetry, isopangrams, ameisen,
the wet solution, emily holmes
coleman, allow!, poetry groupies,
mount penzack, hairway,
crack weather,

Thursday, January 22, 2015


sometimes you just have to break,
telegoo, fractal time, dirty car art,
dimethylpolysiloxane, the risk
society, ccogcmcb cluster, new
repetition, you can hardly tell
it’s spanish, paperhorse, the
consolidation of hearth to ember,
lanx satura, même-combat, alpine
lady’s mantle, hawkween, picris,
crane’s bill, charentaises,
transhumance, sheepwalk,
smoked lard, le parisianisme,
the rule of three, meditation
negative, patriotic shame, saint
marcellin, upeas, facebooked
poem, city float, coke weather,

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"six feet of rotten haddock"

the whether or not forecast, you
make a good paperboy, marabou
tree, sopa, wskeo, ethyl mercaptan,
please share your thoughts
online, wheel spins six times,
butter clusters, office depot in
spain, david be rude, destroy me
some mailart, indifferent to art,
victor dada industries, the blend
with no end of uses, providence,
tenuate dospan, high-energy
competitive poetry, ending
homelessness and creating, from
island to island, ackerstrukturen,
felonious monk, koofuh, mike
koga, pyracantha, gabehs,
suzani, bouts rimés, six feet
of rotten haddock, a false-color
map, scabious, eyebright,
sheep’s bit, sassenage, indian
millet cakes, papernight,
horrorpo, sam gilbert, yeungling,
impossible texts, coke wagon,

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"seŭthefix d-reizen"

coke fungicide, the complementary
currency movement, cangiante,
unione, art project: leaving the
network, vicki brandt, cocl cluster,
captation of pleasure, tradecraft,
dead drops, having eyeliner-
colored, lup lup, pounding gussy,
ujino wax, highrise housing
clustered to the east, logism,
boubou, saftening, nargisi mark,
auf der insel, über die kunst,
wesentliche, saint che,
maopanda, rubberstamps tonerwork
asemic, nice paper and how the
paint flows in it, paper did
somebody say paper, seŭthefix
d-reizen, künstlerprofi, itze
hoe = stør dada, frieslaender,
robot pingpong, anti-entropy
device, si ces gone, bauwagen,

Monday, January 19, 2015


impossible objects, poincaré projection,
no pants romance, rectified
readymade, vancomycin, i want
to spend a penny, brodificoum,
pansemic, phatic expression,
grooming talking, aizuchi,
hydnora africana, deconstructing
communication, altx, a strange
hand, the fold signify, le sien
d’helene, montata, cheese and beer,
title tweeze by sarah joy,
rupert loydell, i amp, looking for
the curious new work, seven
complete sets for redistribution,
industrial post office, please
divulge the works, occupy
fluxus, centenario cavellini,
twenty-fourteen, moreno stamps,
douglas galloway, sabadell,
puts spain on top of the world,
divulge it please, this is not
art, plastic techniques,
rushing the envelope, spot the
diff, david be rude, decay prod,
thenty, calle de la bòbila,
sole meunière, homeless
calgarians to explore, loupe,
muscimole, profiterolles,

Sunday, January 18, 2015


nargisi kofta, to inbox someone,
mingers, callipyge, i am the one
who loves changing from nothing
to one, down to four hundred,
down to zero, dutch crunch cheese,
lobe and mail, read them as emms,
paint by heart, mouvance, the
amused eye, ephebophile,
bentonite clay, pollution glue,
japanese jasmine, homely art,
pounding the pavement into
smithereens, big pharmageddon,
lol swastika, shop around for
copying, getting ready to let go,
tits hanging, ignoring the versos,
cast porn, gar eighty-four, a
copy machine that can do
dayglo, pussy face goo, still an
ell, please do not fold fold,
always room for a little poem,
renate carelse, pubber, let
the key go, pre-art, oh you’re
an egghead too, gips-alpin,
vågsbygdveien, when you have
bawa, i could erase you,
arowell, ministry of zaum,
heinz lotz, build it out of
blocks, produkt der werkstatt,
new paradigm, how mark,

Saturday, January 17, 2015


pharmageddon, underground
banks, salirophilia, omorashi,
urolagnia, wetty gurl,
thoughts online, give me your
password, darner, cecropia,
lacewing, in hoc signo vinces,
when she was shaved,
psicotrex, it goes on the shelf,
put medicine in them glasses,
the computer invisible force,
mayan glyphs, whitman gold
cough drop, proper operating
procedures, alberta ab, buck
nelson, snacky’s shack, mentholatum,
ufo fad, macon ga, quoits, vig,
stuccoed à la vénitienne, a
tattoo that says: act in haste
repent at leisure, telephobia,
are you seeing it, printex
cluster, the nechako to become
a trickle, webshit,

Friday, January 16, 2015


webnesday, milking the network,
blue moon beer cap, the law
of lek, raki, atm sex, the
buggering doubts of the brain,
sahasrara, minneola tangelo,
put me in the system, ocbb
cluster, stain spired, calder
nga, utopia local post, la
grande cloche du kremlin,
appartient désormais,
farmageddon, kilims, eyes
and high cheekbones, ta
bande d’enculés, chaebol,
foutre rien, the brandished
lure, sporting lint, a texas
catheter, stemming,
analysis-paralysis, no more
this than that, nieve,
wynford cluster, vileplum,
charzard, landsend dot
com, strange feces,

Thursday, January 15, 2015


sacrifeces, counterculture
classics or hipster essentials,
a bed of cloudy moss, floy floy,
decoder rings, mildewcodegechi,
fragmix, eafkt, zoellner jen,
share your thoughts online,
torn cluster, cbn, the politics
of return, vos dossiers, facs,
dream on white boy, pepper
place, the celere, commo,
piero’s virgin under the egg,
facial isometrics, papular
acne, tecato gusano,
recoveryspeak, always already
culture, one seeks marks,
birdland verb, stacks of
wet pennies, paper mill, a
cluster of grimy lights,
made a splash in the mailart
world, the fiscal eye, one
single pixel, strange

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


allodynia, a world made out
of concrete, an art?, ubb,
how canada’s electoral, i
eak i emo i, adivaasi,
katimavik, can you explain
this ribbon, oak lair, black
chocolate, fourteen thirty-seven,
skip shopping, livery tag,
forge your own signature,
cluster shuttle, spaxe, the
last time i saw her hand,
lonsdales, lycopene, zapato,
pycnodysostosis, anguilliform,
cold hunger and empathy,
feluccas, athscme,
production production, withe
splach sighn, teen ambrosia,
la grange, fragile explosion,
surveillance funnies,

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"kundun rempoche"

optokinetic nystagmus, frontal
eye fields, superior corticulus,
petrissage, honesty cause-and-
effect, commission email hack,
ziplc, ycgks cluster, monomath,
incomplete resolution, the
cherokee rose, minted prattle,
lalla essaydi, jezebel charms,
gips-alpin, now is the time to
unblank it, phlox is an egghead,
when is a key not a key, serve
your heart up on a silver
platter, the disappearance of
the universe, cardboard mouse,
mariko locke, mouks, stored
at your expense, creating
charm, this vehicle, icona,
the mniddle rejrekson,
mucus weight, marcel
duchampignon, brutal doob,
todd zadnik, the sap of
lucifer, kundun rempoche,
dowdell’s knob, skid check,
night of the rabbit,
shame and cupcakes, macon,
détrompe-toi, the godhead,
untrodden russet, bream,
lti, evasive driving
techniques, the fisc,

Monday, January 12, 2015


surveillance hier, downstage,
ststsw, the time stamped,
doctor loosen, banana science,
wine question mark, the
comparative connoisseurship
of places, flow from homeland,
off the clock hours, underneath
the spiderman poster, ars erotica,
bathroom mail, hprodeo, one
yellow rabbit, cushing’s disease,
les bâtiments sanctifiés,
the k cloud, metadata, orange
monarchs, absaroka, everything
paper, overlook time, mailart
ambrosia, xenoaesthetics, see
art toon,

Sunday, January 11, 2015


xenotransplantation, gelukkig,
criminal woman, only a child,
pulcinella, pex, ferrarelle,
sperlari, ambrosia apple,
mojo candy, xanthodantic,
pyorrheic, peronic, acervulus,
diaphoretic, kyphotic, lordotic,
crosiers, oupeinpo, oumathpo,
poyla’s constraint, queneau’s
numbers, some secrets you don’t
give away, acronymic poetry,
telestich, beautiful outlaw,
language games, oulipopo,
ouxpo, a living novel, the
mathematical theory of
labyrinths, book maggot, oh
man omen, the sense of the
world, crosses dot net, the
phrase flies, piano staple,
high dead center,

Saturday, January 10, 2015


ordo templi orientis, strength
through joy, gls chardonay,
kensington pub, the bang needles,
a trailhead into, into the cage,
don tunstall, minstar, langgore,
bhamma, theve su xul fla iciffo,
pick a fortune, supercalifrag,
musicmaster smalltalk, the
man who laughed at murder,
lyndale minneapolis, sanditon,
babelutten, gelukki, flux
gent, renate carelse, dott ange
nast, polybia, koofuh,
pendekar bindekesh, drooze,
spelles-hexes, carden, corpore-
potis, ad-valorem, apochromatic,
chiliastic, anti-surrealism,
axiomatic method, set theory,
the theory of categories,
elementary morality, hans
braumueller, hrc system,

Friday, January 09, 2015

"marin-amat syndrome"

systematic desensitization,
cognitive restructuring,
autogestion, irminsul, anole,
groupware, social procedure,
lindsay mexicana nutcracker,
fairfield, operation costs, soup
highlighted, redundant
grocery list, separation point,
mount esja, this is my city,
an arbitrary pixel, the
hypnotizing machine, doesn’t
clean down there, asemic
dress, pia-mater, scleredema
adultorum, serodermatotic,
tabescent, chachetic, brag’s
disease, steatocryptotic,
marin-amat syndrome,
pityriasis rosea, subhadronics,
anoulipisms, synthoulipisms,
boolean theatre, holopoems,
rozzers, precooked language,
frontiers of a dialect,
anthumous, holorhymes,
isopangrams, peccavi, how one
ought to be spending one’s,
from hat to gar to,
detroit is midwest, high
red center crystals,

Thursday, January 08, 2015


radicals and realists in the
japanese nonverbal arts, homeless
calgarians to explore, gap
cluster, blue mak, top up the
tip, starbuck, confrontation
book, minimum required for
redemption, nothing for the
little lady, sticksbutter, art
for a start, sephenoid, enuretic,
hypogonadism, acromegalic,
hyperkeratosistic, torticollic,
sabbatarian, translexical
translation, horchata, martha
cohen, not enough message, in
the light, early hat, fat

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

"viridis candela"

hyperlipidemia, perdrix,
tanagra, viridis candela,
subsidia pataphysica, phonetic
palindrome, jasmine cluster,
lampm, marc moskowitz, oral,
exchange cluster, switching heads,
zinnabar, wasn’t that a
saturday, mourning after
pill, cereality, kashi strub,
everybody sign, honeycrisp,
sunnyside market, turkey
sausages, blank colour, iceborg,
ataxia mombin, the evolution
of the i, new pavement, a
memorable envelope, puzzlin’
mistake, lol lol,
imponderabilia, shalt is not
in the spell checker, zyprexa,
can humans and animals
crossbreed, zadnik university,
forever upside-down, mike
koguh, the black house, sex
magick, lunatic sex madjick,
forever crazy, driving and
photographing, handmade
bacon, queso manchego, ray
johnson taxali, on the beach,
fujicolor crystal archive,

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


life is one continuous mistake!,
to succeed wrong with wrong,
not curious enough to click,
nebula of a thousand rubies,
hormuz, scientific electricity
foundation, louis ling’s address,
kp, history-changing error,
sparticle, electric chair at
home, allure d’objects, the
eefer, palingenetic, hollerin’,
hamboning, katajjaq, moody
electric moss, more stucco
than concrete, scire licit non
esse in rebus res ita mixtas,
phoolan devi, process topsides,
oubapo, total liberty, the
haptic werewolf, coruba, it’s
meant to be a single piece,
esselte, pedestrian speech act,
azo cramer, velox, the
mainstream considers marginal,
gop tax, thomas kerr, a ray
of hope, the mad hatter’s
teaparty, occupy bones, did
you occupy, grandad?, bee
buzzzz bee, the ritual of
the squill, wordkin
construction, puzzlin’,

Monday, January 05, 2015


red mombin, jocote, spondias
purpurea, sechium edule,
mamihlapinatapai, milpedras,
sixteen beans, the poem got
bumbed, fluxlist, poemic,
fluxus never stops, papertailor,
pnr, jesus juxtaposed, are
you seeing faces, open at once,
communicating vessels tucson,
one is perfectly capable of,
los caprichos, ngo van, odawa,
human consciousness and
experience, a night in which
all cows are black, restless
place between the night and
the light, fibromyalgia
network, edge of a complete
hysterical, fake scratch,
overlooked due to lack of
light, locomotor ataxia,

Sunday, January 04, 2015


the age of asparagus, monkey
water, solah topi, tramadol,
poppermost, gunbus, bokononism,
dmz, rubber sheet porn, ice-worm,
lobstick, mesenchytraeus, wear
the gold hat, orange endpapers,
livingry, the umighty states
of america, cb cluster, fsc,
unifon, apantomancy, fluothane,
ebene, cylert, fitviavi, ergine,
magomosha, explodity, social
sculpture, let the autocorrect
have it’s way, walking back
thru the hat, geaux juice,
frankfurt on bullshit, kandy-
kolored  tangerine-flake
streamline baby, disturber
of the peat moss, love and fame
in new york, remick the
weekend novelist, ridley
downwinders, seven into even,
wallace and marks telling
it slant, the spectrum of
social time, the aesthetics
of orgasm, shigeko kubota,
scandalous bodies, sinfield
faultlines, perverse cities,
yummy fur,

Saturday, January 03, 2015


ground loop, mishawaka,
poly-drug user, thirteen
tzameti, propranolol,
maudlinmorose, hvh sixteen-
thirty-nine, softly face,
skmbtg cluster, riquewihr,
documentary poetry, neue texte,
engaging as any humanist
confession, time-told, pennames,
sciurus carolinensis, eumelanin,
pheomelanin, showrooming,
expanding community hungry,
concerns of the human
experience, reuse marks, getting
to know your fonts, drop it
down a point size, the ball
is in my court, one is creating,
eliade the myth of the
eternal return, siting the
other, iskwewak, velocities
of zero, this place called
absence, obliscence, big bank
take little bank, q technique,
new forms of ugly, archives
of criminal psychodynamics,
the politics of everyday fear,
manabozho, textual practice,
interfaces of the world,
tristes tropiques, geaux,

Friday, January 02, 2015


value-creation society, lucy
lippard’s informal theory of
simultaneity, flat structure,
the maurya, diwani handi, gentil
hugel, gewurzt, sw cluster,
brownze, pap, rehearsing to
become a child, monterosa,
lelo elise, orange blank,
canadian blood, skip a day,
the event got bumped, open
words, lifewheel, next there’s,
gerry thomas art, wskeo,
premuse, is will work still
valid, waynestock, a freehand
endeavor, we should know each
other, hit the snare button,
inductance, namesitter, in guat,
wskeo eighty-five, i-robot,
theo’s cat, tonne night, red
dick, gary geddes, wms, let’s
swap what, hillhurst, art
lifespan, jandek, your’ , jupe,
the tet, how is life going
for you, what’s your numb,
the you you were in,

Thursday, January 01, 2015

"soka gakkai"

the orange cube, ōmoto-kyō,
sea wiz incorporated, cheque
number font, commun, please
share your thoughts online,
damage the paper for a sign,
i am the green walrus, eat
art, the harangue remains
the same, surrealville, traces
in a brake, ray johnson has been
lifted, soka gakkai, you have
been excused, freedom to
destroy, parcel on top, faceload,
créolité, the great bisbee
palm-rot epidemic, too many
files on your hard drive, a
rent in time, opening the
flower, splitting the bamboo,
borduas, montanaism, this
afternoon we will fill this