Sunday, September 30, 2012

"ratpine" & "flextra"

cast your mind, burn street,
arrived at the edge, pried and
enjoyed, fluxus press, red full
dead, press s, the correct mind,
publishing the already, keep
this text, five cent ten cent,
pittura grottesca, concrete
vomit, text me, ratpine, tomo-
graphic, a hundred and ten
nineteen, the great non-being,
postmaster general, shazam,
my ulterior motives, volet,
top hat jauntily askew, panama
hat, faustwurst,

seizing love, bueno para, dada
suicides, facing the temporary,
a different clientele, post’s,
the new occupant, select fac,
is it actual or is it, the whole
gang on the same page, fragment
of reality, magic for eyes, is
that snow or just paper,
mail deposit, flextra, ninety-
nine thirty-three, thirty-nine
thirty-three, built-in
obsolescence, shout this line,
poetrygeist, cyberdust, grook,
proximity search, poembots,
metanet, the antilogos,

Saturday, September 29, 2012

"blinko" & "clice"

now, fas, peaker, pe, permanent
cheese, spl, crack hole, a little
dab’ll do ya, algodon, queleas,
dasymys, erieau, persiflage,
one derailed fedora, blinko,
bread limit, stoa poikilē,
returned to sender or destroyed,
the use value versus the beauty
value, hockeysticker, time
travel time, let us look back
at, any one of these points,
iweana aiea, halo dragon,
changes we can effect,

ink crease, serge lacroix, customers copy,
make it into art, turning words into
images, four or five months ago, pay
all of your money, slice it thin
or thinslice it, clice, beyond the
wobble point, in oys, crain grain,
bohemian saskatchewan, the over-
wolf, nothing else could be
done with the scrap, what
about all this stuff, micro-
packing, the things that are,

Friday, September 28, 2012

"cherry is gone" & "locura"

image this side first, blue
planet, police rip-off, no record,
spend once, use once, lifetime
ending, tell us about these
books, include on any page,
beyond the ken of genius, why
are we sitting here, the chance
to mail has ended, find your
own way to, bread and cream,
the last sale, one oh one one oh,
put on your name tag, cherry
is gone, the little sticker,
went and saw, translate this,
the poetry and the not poetry,

the moose void, the dog just
winked at me, what do those
subliminal words say, what is
there left to say about nothing,
any sequence of letters, math
marks, blank divorce, hockey
goes to sleep, a load of lab,
we want our words back, punch
the clock, another kind of work,
fruit marker, strange bottles,
curry powder no barcode, jus,
direct trance, praecipe,
locura, a mossy quagmire,
corazones, temporary prosperity,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"pysanka" & "proglottis"

one feels real when one, with or
without the diacritical marks,
notable for its blankness, i wro,
trim yourself back from the edge,
contemporary post, the day that
it is, chance alignment of letters,
suffering fingers, suffer for
your supper, make the information
part of the art, include the
sign, you start to miss the grid,
a real pysanka, forgettable
events, there are no ladies

faversham, kingfisher, harrington,
tobe, send to the dead, mail again,
shaolin poems, devilived, over-
developed nose, produce your own
reality, one day only, dollar
twenty-nine, ind, ob nubes, you
don’t know who you are, a hundred
and fifty dollar hairdo, tick
naught han, taenia solium,
proglottis, am all rust, read pen,
hops scotch, twenty-eight eighty-
eight, the sweep of the inkhead,
alinamin, hasbara, yellow rain,
kama, krodha, nama, rupa, hath,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"redooder" & "debbtt"

agenda net, at here, not meant
to be seen, designated replication,
the fold is the only sign, came
from went to, your reality
detector, the longer you gaze,
add to the blank, take this
back to the machine, toner
option, redooder, saint write,
hockeying, a permanent solution
to a temporary problem, pi
meson, fragments of conversation,
two hundred fidelity copies,
production of butter, skimmer,
networking errors, data mining,
uneyed, film and hat,

isn’t there more that could be
said, there will be no award
for this, fathom father,
sending to unlikely, note
moment, text extra net,
that was where the ink ran
out, what box are we in,
donut spit, what was going
on this day, the people we
were in touch with, when
you start to run out, debbtt,
elsewhere places, whatever
you can write on, snow gov,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"zeitgeber" & "realways"

whim-wham, waste day, zeitgeber,
thugocracy, metal hair, artsoids,
woz, so fill my hat, six fingered
hands, dactylographe, grinding
thru time, rebeat, new highlights,
new impressions, easy enough to
pick up a book, a gun called
the peacemaker, ninebpbpseven,
new techniques of ecstasy, how
does the text come to be in our
hands, texts we feel guilty
about, antiquarian barcode,
pentagon target, keep hunting,
return to the text, break the

haettenschweiler, trebuchet,
just snip and go, spin fry, a
northern paradise of perpetual
sunshine, mail goes missing,
realways, publishing detail,
global poetry, to the point,
who owns ubu, stay tuned to
this page, fear of licking,
who is still active, death
laugh, spawnpoint, dozen fit,
eraser hook compliance, repeat
after me, thanatics, the sunny-
safe confines, duck hash,
track and trace, phul-nana,
solitonic, postability, voel,

Monday, September 24, 2012

"caducity" & "proteomics"

not a kind of beer, you could do
the work now, confusion being,
share art or sheer art, you are
suffering the aftereffects,
what is the balance, floating
the hats, black snake beer cap,
chaolin, caducity, concretepo,
biosemiotics, concrete easel,
inocuous, openographic, parakalo,
the canooks, moha, purolator
acedia, underneath is a penny,
adalin, to see that he does not
put any damp moss on the table,

slow connoisseur, taloja, kijiji,
coffee dunce, dada wave, lage,
this will be coming back to haunt
you, proteomics, hiss and hearse,
treadmill reality, let go of the
reality you knew, how far will
you go for a scrap of paper,
mearh, that which what,
gmpp, scrappy artist, rework and
resend, if it says genuine, been
thru the hands of, keep on keeping,
annotate what you know, perform
triage on the art, dead skin
of the master, who done what,
honourary canuck eh, hispid,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"vomero" & "xpeedx"

each individual phrase, lucid dream,
vrac vrac vrac, defalcation falx,
rare is bad, proscribere, we like to
believe in the post, origikneel,
mystery post, thraupis, pig tear,
poetic esteem, alexican, beta-
cardio, commercial furor, icon
brain, trance topia, idioblasta,
norandomize, catabolic, plump
lump, vomero, habits and escape
cream, flos ferri, the essential
hostility of capitalism and
communism, historical
contradiction extends, plasma
fiction, nontv, antimind,

alphabeast, disseminate nothing,
received in damaged condition
at, plutonium roe, trilby, an
eternal state of mind, xpeedx,
yer bag’s got a leak, only the
top sheet, become a real press,
hiah, eye got a head full of
ideas, write yourself in, most
people can’t read this, philat-
post, oran, sticks and stones
gather no moss, the lancashire
moss, the horse could be
explained, the cluster of
mounds, this item, scratch,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"moeras maresc" & "apeorism"

lucinda bright, the blank side is
not blank, is any communication
taking place, seems to be on a whole
different plane, two tits for one
tat, a font’s a font, invisible
commas, when is a variation not
a variation, a swipe across the
face with a fish, information
repetition, economic philosophy,
moeras maresc, cut peat for your
fires, everyone historically
citrus, mantic phlogiston, city
egg hunt, de-fencing, ad-mazing,
the craft of historical
engineering, uncarved block,

doxen, comma meld, roygbiu,
midpointless, one day a week
devoted to nothing, is that a
typewriter, bumbag, bang banga,
prized shield and hat, the grant
hogs, gernacs, the feel of the text,
maintaining interest in nothing,
cointelpro, yipacrits, the clean
becomes soiled, the soiled is made
clean, over and over, the theory of
fours, some mention ought to be
made, you can watch your
fingerprints evaporate, apeorism,
the books we are torturing,

Friday, September 21, 2012

"onǣlan" & "locus amoenus"

let us begin with the paper we are
writing on, onǣlan, lucinda
consolation, damage deposit war,
sex after marriage, soi, reduse,
comparisons are odious, published
ink, concrete flesh, two for one
art, tala, athanor, neocontemporary,
significata, depending on the
quality of the copy, you can’t
get to there from here, oh there
is still more, uddham-soto,
corner elm and high, quaesivi
bona tibi, hopsack,

st ca fs at cg tl fm, do you
have the receipt, do what with,
make full use of the paper,
complain about nothing, no
computer chip, micro-languages,
crowfish, the apparent text of
a hat, velle, you can call me
ray, a suburban locus amoenus,
posticons, don’t look thru the
paper, this is only one of
dozens, where else you going
to find this, write for more,
burn nothing, gob, pickled brain,
anti-meat, you see what you think,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"hypewriter" & "nowing"

homogeneal, three six nine six,
access to money, ex situ, the
price of guns, saint rachan,
today’s target, fingernails
floating in the toilet, honey
dew the floor, hypewriter,
stickermud, the least of your
crimes, crown of thorn, the
united self, shouldn’t that be
canola, defaced with a barcode,
the beaughty, ss art, a two
spot, send ‘em around, this is
a pair of, relaxed cut,
expressions of concern for
human, ultraliberalism,

united provinces of north america,
thet, a single copy is an original,
paper control, worth going to court
disaster, harig, complexity theory,
maverick hat, ghost tax, crystal
elohim a hymn, nowing, helas,
mast for truffle-hogs, sone,
massive hands, paint is the only
difference, seeing faces in the
stone, i g, vivid ink color for
maximum attention, who’s push
button, the dreaded service
charge, packication, anthropo-
dermic bibliopegy, how cheap,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"woonsocket" & "gnosiology"

memorize the font, waxback, nuevera,
uncake, fluxus war, we don’t really
see what we are looking at, feel
free to zoom, we’ve seen all your
rubberstamps, nothing kills,
thirsty year, repro clarity,
ceco powder, one before, mim
golub scalin, locate yourself,
avant-garde tech, woonsocket,
the eager beavers, an ugly penny,
tēle commutare, nano-circuits,
saint ark way, i ain’t got no home
in this world anymore, cause
he wears a funny hat, the
oaktrees peats be with them,

it’s a long way to the paper stack,
unreadable font, what are you doing
with these texts, fishing for nada,
immediate copy, compare the old
font with the new, legere, was it
worth printing, gearfab, trance
aesthetic, versioning, gnosiology,
chaoids, the communication
universe, rule-changing creativity,
the real which imitates art,
post philosophy, post-religion,
mixtum compositum, trance
institute, literature that comes
in the mail, visio dei, osmose,
infomania, iceflow, post-lit,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"dianoia" & "laparoscopic"

somewheres, acid perpetual trick,
hang on to that information, pifko,
what do you want to be, have
empathy and compassion, gas hair
gas movies copies copies,
vieillissement, photocopies of
beauty, overpost, lkick, mille-
feuille, imperforate anus,
sternalgia, tibialgia, ballpeen
pen, pennylotts, itfum, evites,
dianoia, piaffe, static or
active ataxia, anal fistulas,
après moi le déluge, was man
will, polytropon, planchthe,
picaró, polymetis, fato profugus,

emailio, ardnaiam, a sheet of
paper is eight pages, discard
literature, what size of text are
you looking for, if i could come
back to this moment, oulda, act
make, rem lick, release nothing,
we are going to be releasing,
the face i remember, the words
i remember, cancel barcode, do
you intend to respond, they go
out, can an ass kiss, we are
doing the same thing, at a rot
imp, who all did what, the state,
ad- tenuis, too long wax, a
clustered slab, laparoscopic,
concrete acting, wreck of art,

Monday, September 17, 2012

"trapunto yoke" & "fulmar"

clew, agere, zilchathon, stuckism,
ariosi, broca’s filter, sural,
zatrian, golden oranges of dung,
tibij, gothic people, bad spacing,
every word you see in a day,
enlarge it back up, emphasis on
the beer, trapunto yoke, owahewa,
extircate, highlight the cruel
continuance of eighteenth-
century, hegemon, global
financialization, lenghas, aari,
tanchoi, pashiminas, sherwani,
dabka, shararas, churidar,

a new united states, look around –
there’s only one thing of danger
for you here – poetry, how did
you make this letter, chrome
guillotine, open to hats,
fulmar, fail mart, red ox, dare
to open the door, eight and a
half by eleven concrete,
recent cement, countermemories,
stranger sociability, recurrent
image clusters, sites of

Sunday, September 16, 2012

"sopor pa" & "codron"

hei, flux logo, is it gold or is it
notgold, this text will do the
trick, we are working over time,
news comp work, blank spoof, enjoy
and that’s an order, depicting
without a camera, maintain
contact, sopor pa, medicine the
power of moving, high speed
copies, extended by a conductance
at high, hiz floppy hat, we sell
convenience, mère, consequential
disobedience, postwhore,
rambutanned, haliburton hell,
thinking about consuming, some
of these books, live it down,

disinterested, postal barcodes,
joe blank, scanwork, get the ink
into the fibres, sweat text, what
were you doing in mi, pulling
every penny, rjg, abv, there are
more books in the library,
ghosting bp, who’s your best
friend today, codron, division
of the community real estate,
paper connects, think about your
birthday, seven grin, the blogs
we are neglecting to visit,
rarity scheme, a famous book
amongst, now we never go there,
cheaper photocopying, mailfree,

Saturday, September 15, 2012

"gopurams" & "spudstick"

golden rubber, attitudinize,
put my name to the work of, stars
clusters galaxies, megapoem,
concrete memory, trance going,
stone type, feed it into the
machine, fold and gum, next door
other side of planet, golden
blur, the english part is smaller,
private press, antiroom, everything
that is happening on the planet,
the writingest person in the
world, a big container to house
the globe, the still second,
proof of reading, gupurams,

feel the texture of the back of
the original, only crop up once,
copulentry, a far cry from here,
first the writing and then the
writing, trance going and stop,
naming clatter, a book is a
storage problem, lady spudstick,
klismaphilia, mysophilia, whose
absent now, the place we are at,
typographic metaphysics, data
bear, current happening, the flow
of custom, a gaudy sheet of
paper, transitional literature,
passage work, existence its
heartwood is calligraphy,

Saturday, September 08, 2012

"reiteration theory" & "jemmied"

the trance stops here, chimp hat,
saury, infinite fonts, what summer,
sleep ye, ov, nothing is unbearable,
e-theory, excreation, optophonetic,
typewriter visions, blank
document, learn more slogans, be
at all events, one day service, had
a hand in the labour, modernist
concrete, reiteration theory,
thru medicine eyes, métissage,
machine-based concrete, a
killer language, hypermodernism,
the poetics of glitch, pilot
plan for concrete, antigeneology,

terminal trance, six cents, key
bell birthday cake, forgetting to
mail, is nothing sacred, almost
looks like a metal font, bell
trance, high clue, this done,
this done again, a free high, a
memory clue, revolutionary
bell, bitrate code now, forgot
the tibia, microinequities,
dream-deprivation therapy,
misandrony, neosexism, jemmied,
provenance, droit moral, mommy
bloggers, the non-profit sector,
mompreneurs, the mommy wars,

Friday, September 07, 2012


writing on water, juice eye
font, millimeters high, a barrel
containing crackers, daem,
shimcoal, eternal network
error, concrete hands, a bit
to rent, interpolitics, eyes
mossed over, mesothelioma,
skin chooser, red erection,
hefe-weizen, ram’s sac, no birds
here, the story of your life,
normal hand, no set date for
this action, humped the
concrete, dross a comrade,
removed my shoes and felt
the moss,

Thursday, September 06, 2012

"sun eye god"

flux, strange currency, the price
went up, big copy, trance dancing,
hugh’s corny english, don the van
daily, four cents’ worth, draw
a blank allusion, disculpe, on
continued gravitational
attraction, a radiological
weapon, bit-perfect copies,
copy-protection technologies,
trance da nubia, trance
vampire, a red-alert reader,
a thousand leaves, death
throws the pen, proximitate,
claim ownership?, further
defacing, perft, one nothing,
imagine the sun, inside
the mind, image event, trike
time, art down, as they came
in, nothing exploded, main-
tain your identity, how do
you work, edible time, the
trike we left behind, aevent,
display font, attack toget-
her, one hot not, the world is
there, sun eye god, imaginary
hat, trance love, half text,
this needs art, machine
letter, grey mud, illeagual,
metal stamping, room for ears,
room for eyes, let’s go on
a trip, boring web cam, new
gladiators, caught up in,
configuration files, stare
at the hourglass icon, your
desktop, en, matcli, messen,

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

"petaling jaya"

guit, other binder, reexchange,
calmputer, nothing final,
knows exactly where everything
is, rank close, check pop, half
art, calmpilot, lex l, inkome,
penny arcade peep show,
nightmirror collage, em-dash,
blog off, day op,  nothing
should be said, do i have to
read myself, endergonic,
heredity of classified
extremes, no use for style or
the touch of the artist's
hand, out come the knives,
impartial style, alien
sources, start anew press,
hectography, plasticwork,
a loaf of bread, some
thot that isn't worth a
fart, starting from hell,
digital agents, from bits
to atoms, a penny a day,
petaling jaya, spitting
images, ham strung, the
death of nothing, back
hungry, still interaction,
any closer to being able
to read this, dump comb,
signifies me, a profound
letter, reading in death,
never used yet, get thee,
now we are gone again,
don't bother opening,
four twenty, start buying,
nmp, enter the whole,
who's hand, colour wisdom,
tilde exclamation at
number, ditto mail, now
we are loosing touch,
print yourself a book,
write yourself a book,


superfriends, jumbp, all being,
a hinge bright with moss,
hoggish cries of ecstasy,
lanugo!, seminal document,
public relativity, a new
intervention, wrapped around
each other all, qual, ink
clue in, dollaring up,
ray thirteen, bit reality,
star void, as election,
exploding world, one pass
of the comb, don't consider
this as information, lunux,
not untitled, almost get
the language, why do you
need sixteen?, zizx, one
penny interest, diz,
armoured time, what's not
for sale, intentional rip,
panadanus, how do you read
so many, how would we like
to be read, traffic in
information, the mind
of reading, go to footnote
number two, rejit, let
us leave today, avant
hybrids, sav, gettable,
making, old outch, rig
text, neomech, de and,
ink into toner, nomem,
still rise, narcoleptis,
reading before the pen,
writing over the limit,
hallucid, tiny square
of paper, the firsd day,
fractal mind, gap mail,

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

"spillkus" & "annie oakley"

get this back around the globe,
broadcast now, a week of sundays,
spend the whole day swimming,
speed of deterioration, playing
moon, orange ether, mosque eatos,
udder laziness, wastes awake
the dross of work, hard hat days,
yogayukt, leeb, face work,
tsutcheppenishists, spillkus,
vimeo, normal life, dreep, firk,
an aesthetic of civic
engagement, the significance
of men in homberg hats, the
harsh environment of canadian,
the suspension of common sense,

rospri, incapable of being
undone, shut up memory, some
litter worth collecting, if
it has your name on it, sleep
snail sleep, fhoole, american
flowers, annie oakley, what
would happen to the paper
otherwise, the other features
are covered by a hat, seven
stages, vector hosts, labral
brushes, ceratopogonids, dixid
midges, chaoborid, the amount
of literature on mosquitoes
is enormous, dead-end hosts,

Monday, September 03, 2012

"hypnotic affection" & "smack dab"

mutation of the artist, death
with complaint, enerogy, what
nation do you belong, scatter
post, we wanna see the real,
swamp profit, mint art, losing
limbs, who was, how woh, why the
hand change, now we can look
afresh, let’s do something really
obscure for a change, highlight
yourself, the worm worms its
way, decay aced, hypnotic
affection, temporary bliss,
carrac, selling obscurity,
trim to fit, the eye thinks it
sees something else, warmoney,

daily american cash, three hundred
dollars worth of poetry, four
hundred, zero resale value,
room for dozens of letters,
daily meat, four thousand
dollars worth of poetry, how’s
the hip, milk not meat, hold
both sides in the minds eye,
i’m him, liquor copy, what are
you going to put the sauce on,
nonidentical copies, smack dab,
chase down manhattan, mildly
wild, no issue day, black and
blue copy, cyberantic, shone
wood, double strike, whodat,

Sunday, September 02, 2012

"rheboks" & "risque du choc"

v shard, magnitude operation,
this all needs to be disassembled,
you are free to leave, xboxobx,
the tools you have available,
flying on superman, lucid work,
quoited in orchids, coug hing e,
vanilla orchid, journeyman
blank, elands and rheboks, mark
love, memory mail, black neon,
domestic slavery, charmeuse,
the bassika plant, sugata,
arhat, genus humanum,

nofascoshan, could we write any
less, canoe in milk, destroy
money, is this the actual copy,
bonus copy, florescence, blame
snails, risque du choc, a poetry
machine, blue nose ray, second
stage fit, the disappearance of
history, partial knowledge,
the spoken chain, the green dot is
out of line, link nothing to
nothing, close enuf for
capitalism, the economics of
insanity, it already has your
name on it, economic beauty,

Saturday, September 01, 2012

"emdodroneatic" & "bowery of bliss"

free them off the page, freedom
method, decay production, cast
the money away, make fun of my
name, sunshine windowpane, let
the children work, more to be set
free, postal debt, did you scratch
this, mail pottery, paraart, felt
hat, pacatum, patabotany, tatami,
wisehead, aural nerve, subpublish,
frozen meme, interdigital, wishing
wall, hypnarcotic, emdodroneatic,
oculomotor, one o, less six,
processless, dissected by the
author, two pounds of nothing,
scintilla animae, miss bleak,

birac, beenne, rungis, loyalty
management, now we have to look
at this every day, eye see you,
canoeing a river of milk,
refeed the paper, information
for the interested eye, pieces of
clean, bowery of bliss ,
promiscuous chess, logowizard,
the jesus krupa complex, tucsony,
panayia, inscribed yellow,
nisi dominus frustra, writing
not meant to be read, zero
dollars and zero sense, only
in kannada, a well-defined
hierarchy, data structures,