Friday, February 28, 2014


the whitewash makes it art, visual
poetry and all the rest, forever
means now or never, watermark:
north america without mexico,
got the city right, face amount,
inglis, one is warped and wefted,
full of win, emotional reality,
traskee, i seem to have lost control
of my brand, nowandlater,
araki, nobody deserves, where the
hell did you get five grand,
oka providence, chee ree coo, the
illusion of being loved, une
grande amoureuse, newspaper
comic strip penny, trachiniae,
all blank, not even a search
engine can help you with this
reference, you kind of overdid it
with the i lamp sand cluster
there, it look complete but it
ain’t, what’s this letter
protruding into the margin,
scratch face, this is where
the text got cut off,

Thursday, February 27, 2014


deface yourself, boxes of death,
love is all in your own head,
would you climb mount everest
for me, battersea sofette, baby
mind, tard art, wrap nothing,
la perruque, sit on my facebook,
mesth, let the autocorrect have
its way, selling your identity,
arc minutes, wrecking eye ball,
head cleaner, sixty-nine cents
on your credit card, two bits of
rubbery goo, the signature of the
non-existent man, chip-enabled,
postal machine damage,
overlimit, blond sable, eating
on plastic, creditsmart, try
dissuading it from eating
pennies, broca’s aphasia,
misidentifiable, the pour-soi,
plogiston, human and economic
contradictions, working-class
literature, active
individualism, undinism,
the concrete pursuit,
ming, why does the spellcheck
allow these all cap jumbles,
this afternoon if, if has
already been blocked,
agathocles, chickenscratch lit,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"cryptothecia rubrocincta"

why not just use glue instead of
staples, polyribbon, mediogres,
patina process, not a bad doodle
for a child, the artwork of lunatics,
busy being indifferent, rubishaw,
bikini and goosebumps, underground
internet, killer logo, shit on my
pinky, coban kopegi, coupon value
is one hundredth of one cent,
dv daniels nj, i don’t plan on
sticking around another forty
years, the manana project, fake
boost, cryptothecia rubrocincta,
zolotone, borrow food, lug grub,
this trips for you, art out of my
face, scrying ball, orange mass,
spiriti, inchina, hyper-colours,
tunc, cheese steak, arc seconds,
slurpee, contrary to earlier
hypotheses, freefield, the
curse of human events, clusters
of berries, logicide, tangiblize,
eighteenth century hangover,
absolute gibberish literatur,
do you have any hope for the
text, do you have any hope for
the blank, fore and aft and
eve, the line is constrained,
words we wish we could
forget, cum automatically,

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


automatic black, hash marks,
trance meditation, concrete hike,
check your self out, it’s the in
source, paper salami, bacon cluster,
the micro-local, spaces of hope,
flexible accumulation, militant
particularisms, catching catch
phrases, ex aequo, dérive, i too
am woman, h, philosop her, il
était une fois, formal clusters,
emmett till, one imp act, one
million fonts, replicate garbage,
just change the name of the
file from temp to perm, this
is nothing but a little
photocopy, photocopy with
rubberstamp additions, the
blank dollar, if it is a novel
then publish it, admix, the
plans we had went, doubles
eye dead, that’s not just any
all, wall a wall of text,
exchirps, photocopier broadcast,
it’s getting mighty distorted,
the sorespot is no longer sore,
boo-key, the noise has become
the figure, illegible directions,
the smudge may have had
meaning once, the gang
green, the typewriter is
failing, coming soon to a,

Monday, February 24, 2014


do you have problems with your
senses, living the cyberlife,
making the loopy gesture, frop,
sweat dome, non-governmental
individuals, the empty chair
crisis, haiti and claim expertise,
habafropzipulops, perhaps you
need your doors of perception
opened, one enn or two, one thing
i do like to share, faxial, ink
sixty cluster, oh wait my data
is still on there, m, concrete
independence, home children and
the enchantment, the historians
left blanks in their writings,
i mean for things they didn’t
know, felt on the pulses,
labyrinth of concrete, extended
metaphorical clusters, a
microdot of text, there’s a lot
to be said for repetition, the
only place i want to get to,
examine the garbage ten years
later, what are you saying
yes to, hazelnuts and mutton,
affected to some degree by the
light, where’d you get the
envelope, nobody wants to
hear what you are saying,
pink enuf, i want the
complete works, frizipski,

Sunday, February 23, 2014


hazelnuts and lamb, boast office
pox, garbage and concrete,
faceplant, seven millimeter,
energel, can i borrow your card,
alladin cluster, bourdon polaire,
encre gel lisse, e-post box, a dollar
eleven a day, meditate on the
envelope interior pattern, logocide,
quarking, bloxster, lewes, de la
musique avant toute chose,
palla, lotophagoi, a bounding
surface, le paradis n’est pas
artificiel, catena, fisci
liberator, a pudding wrestler,
temazepam, immanence is peace
transcendence is war, overpsyched,
initializing world, funkup,
cebuanas, a moss terrarium,
what about all these things,
don’t be fooled by the lack
of comma, no mind is reading
this text, all this text is
worthless, emergency pen, you
ruined it with your ego, back
when you could mail a post-
card for a penny, we need to
get this art out of the
light, social boxing, alt
current, spiking mike, vide
grenier, it’s funny how you
can split a gut, collogged,

Saturday, February 22, 2014


jetstream uniball, masochrist,
north texas, dropped in the snow,
craik saskatchewan, save the
contaminated ones, tlazolteotl,
imunitass, brown-bridge,
gorilla in a suit, abad cabal,
no you did not have a hand in
this, sacto, spinnaker, the new
freak lemon, bombus polaris,
panes, lipodystrophy, ham
hang, erected in honour of
a critic, elinfant, moobs,
quaoar, spider maki, no
indication, twists tax,
postal insects, cinnamon
bum, smearing cluster,
oak brook illinois, this
whole big box for this tiny
bit of paper, copy number
one seven five eight four
eight eight, six grand
interest, only a lunatic
would look, to become in
concrete, pin money, the
light woman, revetted, exra,
the onlie begetter, to be
brought to book, word riot,
whimbrel, ectopic,
febriphobia, axiology,
just scratch a line,
salvage face, irresponsible

Friday, February 21, 2014


a cell of one’s own, the in ons and
the non-in ons, donkey punch, rogue
taxidermy, chromatophores, think of
desire itself as an illusion, ulisse
rocchi, rye and ginger, bread and
ale, motherpucker, somniferous
virtue, sublimation of sex,
cataleptic trance, ring of flesh,
she drank with delight the water
in which she had just washed
lepers hands and feet, concrete
manner, an apostolic state,
sailing after knowledge, oh wach’
kelexway’ em, bris, lama,
economicization, one will never
write again, grease stained
literature, you felt expansive
because, people who have never
actually seen an original
work of art,

Thursday, February 20, 2014


one felt exspansive, expansive no
ess, cyber war, dct, dali’s love
affair, ceac, you can make as
many copies as you want for free,
pepper bratwurst, banas, blind pig,
pour-autrui, i am love alone,
clamdance, auto-fluorescence,
headshot, bacterial computing,
quantum computing, exonyms,
endonyms, gorbys, skwxwu7mesh,
think indian, the chickenscratch
ten years later, this one line is a
little too long, cease filling
blank, does this seem worth
producing, the upper let, back
away from the text until, one
copy broadside, we need a make,
toner disgust, excess cluster, one
of these letters is out of line,
whiteout the culprit, include
metal in your art, picking up
a bit of blur here, no pajamas,
the blur is not on the makeready,
ell, you might need to clean
later, the money side is concealed,
why don’t you just use your
rubberstamp, ocz eye, the
possibility for confusion is
encouraged, i should give
you credit for that, the
you’s referent fluctuates,
defacebook, whitewash this,

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


recap after use, namara, i’m not
banishing you: i’m setting you free,
mizz arson, benefish, how do you
print on cloth, turn it all into
a magnet, migraine poetry, please
no organic material, ximaira,
the jersey devil, edmonton
boreas, lemnos, kypreos, huselius,
the black iron puck, medea, talos,
the golden girdle, karakas,
zubrus, boll, mythological
hockey, racine wisconsin, no blog
obligation, one buys silence,
one buys nothingness, one buys
meat, mustard cluster, gold
microdot, program is not responding,
nanoportation, grep, facticity,
psychophysiological disequilibrium,
ideational worlds, make it the
house font, we are still
outlasting, the original is in
blue, i’d rather be reading
alan watts, still stuck in the
wake, hauberkhelm coverchaf
emblem, penny babies, strawberry-
garlic mackerel, down below
the line: nothing, kicking open
the doors of perception,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


stuttering genes, schizomaps,
quickling, shwibly, everybody’s
high on consolation, mooland,
bhl and botulism, rubberstamping
is making art, cluster of toques,
take advantage of that gap, you
shall have the body, market
extremism, carbon pricing, a
defense intellectual,
mountain substance, pourquoi
nier son père, last accesses,
naked life, ostensive language,
form-of-life, is it intarsia or
intarisia, give one line to
yourself and one line to your
other self, these four letters
is such a vast thing, you
could try to dig the book out,
bonk knobs, it means a lot more
with the proper layout, if you
can’t tell you will have to
remember, siècle des lumiéres,
does the work of art have a
title, you can’t really tell
that ten years separates the
writing, dip the paper in the

Monday, February 17, 2014


institute of applied poetics,
copper penny hearts, predictive
text, ultrahyper, orange bread,
toques for texans, it didn’t say
all but it does now, milk and
meat, learned fear, talking to
neurons, dissociated, contact
barriers, sexual plasticity,
transferences, phases of
organization, happened early
in childhood, somonnynge, an
old peculiar bottlecap, hick’s
store, catawumpus, you went
to the website but, ell jay oh
dee dot eye ess, the gene for
stuttering, the purpose of text
is to accumulate more text,
the oak of droll, what is this
rock called, tiffany lamp
sand, wow here’s something
special, wagamama, the envelope
is wide open, bone god, potlatch
is for women too, everybody’s
got a rubberstamp, backyar,
too much energy lady, we wrote
this twenty thousand years
ago in a cave, there might be
a connection, bamboozle ya,
right this is nothing, the
palmal eye, a worked
surface, the protrusions,

Sunday, February 16, 2014


a rubberstamp is a joy forever,
this is my most famous piece of
writing, goablewith, blue velvet,
nothing vespa, mod as opposed to
rocker, rubber fragment, there
must be something special, ride
your own ride, fluxus canucks
east, a hamilton, we the people,
you really get it, jeux carn,
net proceeds, so you were buying
drugs, we can’t dip below two,
cach, cluster of envelopes, cow
kill lines, five hundred coffee
filters, year of the gold, play
the canadian bank note, truth
is not untrue’d by reason of
our failing to fix it on paper,
cunnus, cramoisi, the goof in
the baseball hat, how do you
know when a poem is finished,
isolato, inglish, socialities,
yonsei, sansei, nisei, issei,
saint james’ concrete bastion,
the social fiction, strelitzia,
concrete inequality, automa,
the writer is wasted, strange
things dredged up, the the
the the, brayou, intel nite,

Saturday, February 15, 2014

"diagetic flow"

does the shape have a title, you
two widely divergent are converging,
please acknowledge receipt, how
do you define yourself, guloien,
precious paper keeper, the hand that
wrote this, investing in art with
your entire being, choose an identity,
sugar ross, everyone wants tangible
gods, microcrash, a zoomer, a one
hundred lot, blake gorgonzola,
bread cluster, libidinis expers,
bongo antelope, the fish started
to get a little high, butterfly
map, space oblique, healpix,
bipolar oblique, diagetized,
goras, mem, chance of escape to
the holy, azaam, concrete
historical moment, the freezing
of diagetic flow, canadian
helicopter exercises, here comes
an earwig, fugu, poena, smersh,
to sentence or not to sentence,
nothing comes up on google,
every day you walk by the
help wanted sign, feel free
to break these lines, when
the rubberstamp was still

Friday, February 14, 2014


maybe we should get a table,
a little something i made, five
is being optimistic, the ruler has
a wow in it, nigh wholes, alone
for good, pen spinning, complexity
avalanche, kensington tart, down to
four twenty, cornucopy, your cashier
today was self, cluster of bubbles
swirling in the centre of the
coffee, we gotta keep above two,
it’s easier to eat it, packs squalls,
these frags, the vou club, vicious
little girls are no longer
cauterized with a red-hot iron,
capping the speakers list, artists
of interest, postage-stamp colony,
reishi and pom-pom, i did a
reading, schizo-affective,
polyolefins, all you need is
pen and paper, cunning stunts,
feel free to adjust the font,
just ignore the hole, a website
ten years ago, how do you like
them apples, the truth about
time, unit of copy, unit of
forward, anonymous art, ells,
a misprint disaster, after me
come the void, replication
losses, repetition, too close to
the edge editions, freep, the
staples came thru into the
text a bit, unit of oh,