Tuesday, January 31, 2006

off into the realm, zed, hittin' it,

off into the realm, zed, hittin’ it,
now?, still time, other write,
access to machine, adze arc,
remove a word, hear hear,
concrete fun, any non-letter,
dot period decimal, philo-
dough, atrapo, mail a thousand
pennies, survey says: post-
imp erial, writing from
canada, curiosity
human energy, needles to
say, poco loco, colourollary,
vancouvercentrism, fonds,
write in colour, on out of
the real, happy to take your
money, let’s quit the gnet,
machine writ, a word like
ziz, eye sign, waver, find
the world, know that paper
anywhere, stop the text,
idle ada, o, imp e-dance,
imp ross, costs money to
copy, inhalate, blank as
snow, logo reality, a text
is one thing (or more, make
more beautiful, putting
us in moment, eternal
renewal of the now,
word warfair, we are
not communifying, the
time being now, take
our word, waste of word,

Sunday, January 29, 2006

still room for more writing,

still room for more writing,
just scribbling, inspired
scribbling, maintain word,
if words could talk, steady,
working threw it, just
ignore these lines, genetically
modified self, this is
supposed to exist, this is
going to be the original,
never wrote it, a word like
this, we are in the cave,
imagic, one iota of diffirence
, textual buzz, lunatext,
side by side by side, blanker
than thou, what the eye
desire, h-mu, blue sky
research, inedite, another
aspect of reality, the same
language, dig deeper into
the text, zen texts, drug
shovel, drug original, “,
retire text, tv shot, R ,
say for zero, make it look
like a letter, mark
something else, isitis?,
you sage, this tort, filled
full, ink the magic angle,
now we are near the
end, the nitty-gritty
in quebec city, what is
underwriting this?, tru,
hypo-subject, deal leader,

Saturday, January 28, 2006

reink our nation, double difference,

reink our nation, double difference,
near art, dewing & renewing, old media,
what went on, clear history,
whatever the art market can
bare, the ongoing between money
and art, follow all links, asciing
you, floating at zero, dear daily,
shill eye, live writer, concrete
image, artsupply, information
wants to be free, undertanding,
this is already read, hardly
used at all, how we lost touch
with reality, general date,
cdgh, eye take that back,
adding to nothing, shoebox
unit, re-elict, good lie bare,
discluded, what is this doing?
, sweep the deck, just another
word in a long line of words,
what is a number?, word will
set you free, gyno gyro, wrong
colour but, eyeless in gaza,
run with itness, know way
out, actual money, hasn’t
changed mush, foist on the
nation, need more info?,
illegal size paper, workin’
in the word mine, why is
this text incompleat?, pick
a text any text, word trip,
making matters most, put out
the callbox, duct tape binding,

Friday, January 27, 2006

start a new unit, a plays

start a new unit, a plays
stoopit, writiring, your one big
shot down, see log, penny matter,
very anti, what does one know?,
ex-penny sure, strange operation,
the two thousand and one a
time oddity, margins schmargins,
jockeying for position, aum,
file things down to size, gym
period, sexable, egg one, still
pestering, tool ate, mist
reality, falling of the map,
yer cyber-self versus your
real self, tube is e-, art is,
meaning centred writing,
pure day, what is this motion?,
the art of exit tense, passed
present future glow,
craft paper, lost in scare
quotes, the condition of no
paper, this is not death (is
it?, boxes within boxes, non-
accessible information, reams
of information, what did it
all mean?, presort, exsort,
respond to stimulation, fab
brick, post-stimulation,
check yer records at the
door, spill slip way, the year
infinity, catalogue of facts,
you’re on the web, poetry
mouth, eye has been meaning,

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

not about the words, nexist,

not about the words, nexist,
art trap, bulk politics,
beyond zed, the text does not
mind, ambiguate, put a
word down on it, blank verse
in the full sense of the term,
a useful error, sign again,
eurocan, it’s just poetry:
nothing to be afraid of,
a reasonably serious
currency, and one to onward
, doubledouble writing-
writing, a rubberstamp
moment, a readm, the net
effect, nyc sync, post-
canadian, immaterial
money, a wide foundation,
postthematic, canada
from portuguese for
nobody here, mediography,
we have always been
global, the toronto make-
believes, a state of
light, art labour, zound,
love: resistance in the
material, we r, open the
doors of language, ink
skid, calm unification,
combegin, crossflow, work
elbow, grease the text,
this ain’t freefall, e-ex,
sense frontiers, all this
is just in our heads, rev,

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

between text, decent paper, yff

between text, decent paper, yff
kyk, live on line, onezero re: zeno,
blank & smooth, the paper itself,
the copier window, saint stain,
the broom’s weeping, we do this,
actually do, re’search, cratch,
rusty staples, on the table,
plat, who did what, imp pen,
concrete answers, metalocation,
counterotics, for fear of
marking it, no dot, link clean,
a thot arriving, descum, is
the sun setting or rising?,
strange frames, blur digital,
reason why reason?, graf
frag, make beauty, how to
tell, there is consciousness
but no, map blank, this
particular document,
trad art, where you see it,
more wrongs than rights,
foist! foism, ziz szound,
one center, age & area, insider
insider art, books for
everyone, how many machines
you go going there?, it won’t
wash, criminal photography,
event must be entered,
exploding r, time & text,
free reefer, reference-free
lit, cross-trance, dollsar,

Monday, January 23, 2006

memory blank, speckled words, crap

memory blank, speckled words, crap
on the window, forgorge, zen & a,
solutions built around you, in
with the out, collection of canons,
test message, munged paper,
talk latin, secrete code,
valuable words, still to fly,
it went thru, van post com,
pure post, what’s in an eye?,
no, eye makes it upsidedown,
textual balloon, destruction
of text, resurreal, hearing time,
psychic time, how many copies
of this will be needed?, brick
deterioration, toxic material
contents, found prop, photo gloop,
reader’s indigestion, intoit,
need a score card, why? why?
why? why? why?, calligrafreek,
open as in closed, could of,
for rest products, touch the
rosetta stone, what do you
intend to leave behind?
imp possible unit, invest
time bank, exzac, prozine,
read able text, less than
a word, you is not referring
to you, pass it on not is sap,
psi kick, labour paper,

Saturday, January 21, 2006

umbrella light, mechanized

umbrella light, mechanized
waste, the lid, now rules,
snip lit, daring you, the
capital of the eternal
half, a present of our
absence, blank slip,
sixty-six?, print the coils,
wrong lung, whaddya see?
progress says, lure
pronounce, in balance,
strip lit, ropery,
garboiled, really
come, speak the same
difference, roar true,
and tracks, read under
duress, and you know,
crossling, i, what
sort of a game is this?,
discombobulabra, the
real book, what is it
to be, reading lines,
who’s reading,

Thursday, January 19, 2006

useful toy, handwash, costume

useful toy, handwash, costume
glasses, little box of eyes,
suppose, berol, the,
westab, mangle,
typhonite, markfree,
verithin, markfree,
mauve ciel, mars rasor,
never sharpen, peri...,
wash, cap, hope,
dead can write, rate,
net, hoil, laurentien,
amav, awf, water,
lola pop, poetician, move ray,
gabbeh, infotainer, pinks, hear!
calls! everywhair!, ...

lola pop, poetician, move ray, Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the enemy of poetry, why shd

the enemy of poetry, why shd
eye see, uwaga, all colour, sassy
whats?, corpulent books, ast,
site unseen, down to zero again,
can you spare a stamp, look
the machine, good for
today only, bright & shiny trash,
acrylic multipolymer, phone
rain, goog, connex to info,
targets w/ curve, difficult
connections, librarty, sillg,

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

undo nothing, blue dove,

undo nothing, blue dove,
stretch from moment to
moment, kkk ubu, optional
disinformation, timeless
letters, nettime, we never even
new we were threre, the
dialogue we have going, worth
going with, serein, this is
not a movie, postal require,
no need to blot out the art,
homemade charcoal, ross lack,
reedition, eye trip, toner
conglomeration, see the
original, do you wanna play,
initial copy, selected for,

Monday, January 16, 2006

renseignements teletraitement,

renseignements teletraitement,
papier sauvetage, worry the paper,
what does the smudge represent,
plere, still plenty that could be
done with the text, disaster
mail, wreck mail, plicate fifty,
turbidite, informational
spillovers, the medicine river
unit, palynological stratigraphy,
replicating systems, complex
replicators, intelligent design,
workflow controller, urmantra,
still key, kannada, the human
cluster, no-clout press, the
message itself is hidden within
the dross, trance textual level,
padratannaloves, topocosmic,
idling orange,

Sunday, January 15, 2006

golden phantasm, plenuxum,

golden phantasm, plenuxum,
thixotopicity, urgent orange,
venum, operate machinery, approve
trance, an anti-orgasm,
trip to asia, job change, light
thru lense, data to here, the
no-caps gang, nothing gives me
pause, the ink reacts, blank
window, windowless monads,
castor hesper ephikles, dirndl,
half on paper half on skin,
use a machine to pack the
words in, experimental print,
simulated writing, seeking
nothing, they are all leaving
me, working is not punish,
intervenient, never made an
impression, nipul, dreamplay,
simulated money, there’s a
snake in my boot,

Friday, January 13, 2006

you play the enemy, columbian

you play the enemy, columbian
window, the extra centimeter,
cannot record, hot weather
hockey, earting, optical
measure, piano labour, the
zen of war, the first thing
to know about fonts, coach
house enflame, speed the
plough, actual balance, both
item one, buy talk, select
spawnpoint, soda press, too
many flowers spring from the
moss, pustule hat, imation,
juddering, caca du roi, mail
collage, poemetry, don’t even
recognize yourself, back on
the scene, mannequinism,
annotated contact list,
crystal radio, international
alliances contacts, time
sensitive document, propelling
anti-matter, cheshvan, blotting
out text, experience nothing,
this is making no demands,
recycle silicon, grabacle,
we don’t have the technology,
ficted, apocatastasis,
anapochrypha, cinematic
registration, awestricken,

Thursday, January 12, 2006

eating serving, food scenes in

eating serving, food scenes in
women’s writing, enter the
compound with haggard, tirtha,
drink and be whole again
beyond confusion, paleographers,
ingperwhis through the hole
of his hat, pigeon milk, copy
to erewhon, intermediately,
baby-whisperer, flipguide,
lili saint cyr, cholent kishke
varenikes, kimmel, twelve
point one, gray monk lat,
psyche fee, not exactly shod,
partial address, buddha slap,
maiandra radio, contains new,
you not, slap assembly,
cunk, you did not it, not
polyonymous, new let, contains
paying, maiandra revolver,
radio haiku, buddha fail,
firm pictures, pictures in
movement, thou shalt not
gloat, spudge, trying to
keep a breast, plenty to
say about nothing, umbrella
menders, alt classic, ham
costume, trailer-gut, gesehen
hat, cederhout, psychological
automatism, meum and teum,
terminal equilibrium,
chaotically free,

Sunday, January 08, 2006

how do you come up with these

how do you come up with these
numbers, is it worth copying,
use your hand, whole family
lives, let your memory speak,
wwwalking dot, yards of
blank, trying to set the text
free, test your memory, how
you get the words to the
paper, mere repetition, still
unfolded, hoose, you eating,
the monotype, fresh cating,
easily reshot, cating text,
fresh trace, monotype
thumbprint, the first texts,
eating free, you play awestruck,
the one hand, all the mississippi,
leating orange, renseignements
orange, lay the texts back to
rest, paper mileage, to you it
is a copy, pass it to, can you
read the symbol, you can be
in my world if i can be in your
world, truly back on the map or,
will answer to anything, books
make me cough, a hintlet of
cross exam, chargehand, gray
wall, the same usual as
always, stage irish, to blue-sky,

Saturday, January 07, 2006

pish, number of blanks, set

pish, number of blanks, set
free from the page, up the point
size, unbond, cumshaw, clivia,
recolte, amyl trance, hirculeads
has an eatapus complex, ropa
vieja, a generator attached to
nothing, sexual voiding,
concrete labourers, high energy
in their charged, concrete
melody, cacovisy, money storm,
body floating up, floating
back around the word, thalpha,
syment, fourteen pages and a
cover design, remove the word
cover, asking why, applesh,
sex tans, um erstickun, crux
norma, previous publication
does not matter, pick a star
any star, this letter is not
for you, mensa fornax, volans,
pyxis, reticulum tucana, vela,
heliiz, cluster leader, hostile
aboulia, trance caucasian,
chemilumi, heroic hats, we
can’t get the poem out of
our head, whole books full
of the same poem, thu, extend
beyond the edge of the page,
trance apparent see, where the
letters happen to fall, print
on the copy, nothing is
trying to be said, apropriapus,
robodic, meaning language,

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

typed up by Frank Odette (3 Powell St., East Geelong, VIC 3219, AUSTRALIA) thanks Frank! Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 02, 2006

play bill, trying to communicate Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006

ex-newspapers, poor richard, never

ex-newspapers, poor richard, never
say being, thanksgiving sunburn,
breakfast is ready, free cell,
pick a wing, zen change, a
slobbring glutton, snail-mail
consciousness, moss blooms,
caller herring everydaily,
changed endocrine history, a big
flowered hat, overversion, ver
cult, eejit, gurrier, read as far as
you can read, no need to
examine this, behatan, zing
it all out on the web, still
robbing, a is equal to be,
nothing fragile in here, solid
paper, something likely hap,
a letter of apology, loyo, chunk
numb, will answer to will, select
brown, wax frame, failing to
participate, the paper business,
you in ten years, unresponse,
the when of reality, you don’t
really want to be, the single
letter k, the years go and
come, ubber, this could fly
again, in trance, out trance,
slicker city, ex-ray, shuffle
to the top, blank heart, for in
the event, share this with, when
your head is at, tonight! came
and went, deluxe recycled, no
recognition of any event, look
frow, box the present, pri,
ouvre-size, at this time, postmotion,