Monday, June 30, 2014


heatwave quicksand, superbalife,
cabbagepatch satan, whatever will
mail, smoking light, i printed
up twenty-three hundred of
these, you have a very something
hand, duck building, brassy,
a tart trap, ardour post, ripening
up art, you knew what the rules
were my friend, from boeing
defense to amnesty, full beaver
moon, the sick government labia,
corporate labiacratic neo-
fascism, bribesmaids, linden
economics, gelsemium, polari,
hat gag, two ships that sunk
in the night, bubblegum
arrows, the first inspector,
divert the flow, start using
cash, ginger oranges, today
is doubleday, nobody owns
the word all, all labia,
trauma theory, take your
pennies somewhere else, trance
fenestration, vividly orange
crumbs, acid green, and it
won’t cost you a penny,
ralph violently and the dry
heaves, gypsy roofer, official
or unofficial police,
contreenquête, painings,
analysis in wonderland,

Sunday, June 29, 2014


artists we are, cagatintas,
chále ése, countertrial,
revolutionisation, the world
cannot be turned upside down
without breaking eggs, the
legitimate hatred of the people
directed at the lawyer as a
characteristic class enemy,
mimeographed newspaper,
radioscope, an ambush in the
jungle of information,
movements of delinquents,
véridiction, alphabetical love,
the prison window players,
after whom it is impossible
to think as before, quemoy
sabe, destabilizing hegemonic
binaries, a collaborative
community novel, glossophobia,
psytrance, how many times do
i have to tell you, cluster
of milk, weezer, busy being
left alone, let’s try all
these fonts at ten point,
the best is yet to come, well
it’s wrote but it’s not
rote, how do you say this: • ,
toss the colour ink, all i
did was pull a switcheroo,

Saturday, June 28, 2014


yoko tsuno, the electric tiger,
don luigi sturzo, gar anzia,
spinnah, ibidem libido, cecami,
puttini, this is my space,
murnau, we can’t read it from
here but we know what it says,
cut-up or die, pax vobiscum,
anti-futurist, smogophone,
bzzzoing!, producing
unconsumables, drone zone,
whatever it takes to move
units, skandalon, tempest
storm, halfway house for
bored housewives, trickfilme,
working hard for pennies,
deathism, jeremy mcleod’s
pseudonyms, a moon dot, penny
cuff, spurk, hand to hand we
touched, cluster of ulcers,
war against all, methexis,
anti-mimesis, mimetic
rivalry, hegemony of vision,
mousike, eidos, caray, ay se va,
compinche, ay muere, ex luce
ad sanitatem, zomoskepsis,
tubal abuse, tubefreaks,
medicolegal, healing
machines, the total
intellectual versus the
specific intellectual, to
totalize struggles,

Friday, June 27, 2014


the avant-garde product, poet’s
math, social not working, tribal
humour, hunger is power, la
heatraot, seppukoo, foodwise,
vbm cluster, déjà vu anticipation
charisma, producing unconsumables,
elephant causes highway, turn
the insult to your advantage,
the bookmark is made from fine
paper, what does the hand
signify, what colour is your
parachute, ain’t got no parachute,
who rips up bookmarks and places
them back into books, ecrivisses,
twenty-penny nails, technowave,
tule, grudge run, one is not
ruled, abajo fascismo,
horizon indepassable, court
of ass sizes, an armored van,
a delinquent milieu, psycho-
analism, foramen, talk normal,
githead, hanson’s disease, col,
kabiri, cumpohlstery english
here, hyperape, the politics of
water, cochabamba, the
narmada river, alternative
history, crespice, nag champa
versus nag hamadi, these
are not dees, maintain
contact with the best,
blank thrills, fill phil,

Thursday, June 26, 2014


you and your fucking writing,
cuncoctions, semework, bluework,
blow the dust off your shakespeare,
sumi, keep your eye on mottson,
she’s worried she might have
hypochondria, seroxat, coming to
see you in the flesh, off on a
meat tangent, i put an asterisk
beside your name, select face,
orange kleenex, don’t bug me
about the rent, way-geez,
stati, sixty-nine-sixty-nine,
clockword orange orange, snot
of joy, a little joke is not a
piece of art is it, detritus art,
printing poetry is like printing
money, ice horse, tax-exempt
lunatic, mental cleanliness,
writing the history of the
present, nose around in police
files, eye of power, the torture
at damiens, engagents of haiku
a cdf, concrete haiku, the
battle river, ableptical,
approaching prairie, ontario
literature, i’m gonna let you
pass but, i just want to say
eyes, eyes in the gutter,
esex, egologist, this text is
in havoc, oh yeah i was gonna
say nothing, swath or swathe,

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"bada shansen"

hor semen four, she alone knows
the penalty, who was reverof zrem,
is there no information to go
with this information, blab
this up a little will ya,
ekleksographia, bada shansen,
concho and revere, red pearl
vine, pier and beam foundation,
truffles zerzan, rivere, vivere,
solo-biennial, working with a
twenty-two month process,
one is looking for a perfect
prison, without participants
my work is incomplete,
academy of the skull, fairy
cool, drop a big deposit, gbm,
there’s no limit to what i
can pay, my theory is that
vineland was not even
written by pynchon,
the history of the eye,
tel quel means, i was a dad
that refused to say no,
structural history, the
living night is dissipated
in the brightness of death,
the anatomo-clinical
method, knowledge of the
individual, demonbynes,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


cluster of coins, a three-for-all,
highheels in the sand, everybody
is always already taken,
one is untaken, flux of pink
indians, what need is saying,
rose pilcher, moss galore!,
the sexual contract, art is not
for consuming: art if for
making, surveillance?! that’s
no way to treat a lady!,
i hate to say it but: i’d be
doin’ you a favour, it says
chicken but it means pigmeat,
town without toothache,
planetemples, castile hillel
emmanuel, constructive-selfish,
an enormous house with
columns, the nerve that guy
with the hat!, a day without
you is like a day without a
hurricane, glucosamine
chondroitin, frottage
paintings, the november oh
nine issue of glamour,
revolving da vinci building,
nonrequired reading, ultra-
darwinian atheists, data
liberation front, haida
manga, chessboxing, various
minds, cluster of meeting,

Monday, June 23, 2014


boo!, bull glass, skull luck,
typewriter key font, dat? or one
of dem?, artopia, one is not
hoping for publication,
pierogi, b’klyn, toner meat,
this looks like my teasel,
letter string tangle, thee
dimensional, bit of paper just
made for the printing of tiny
poems, schiz-fluxers, anarcho-
primitivism, green anarchy,
superflag that message, if
you pay cash you get a bit
of blank, bariatric, klonopin,
this phrase does nothing for
me, audiotube, sati, para
yok, a homeless romantic,
do you realize how much we’ve
been spending, get your own
paid stamp, where’d all the
colour go, gross amount,
looks a lot like uh, bucket
shop, haircloth, personalism,
appellation mal controlée,
what to day is, analytical
reason, information theory,
man’s dissolution, cricold,
fucine mute, tonka beans,
tetrax, the word industry,
a certain notorious map,

Sunday, June 22, 2014

"linum usitatissimum"

six hundred year university,
creative memories, mention
menschen, ploughed back into
the field, made in arnhem,
linum usitatissimum, flyer-
cut-up-poetry, long night of
museums, this phrase is made
for you, recycling the
alphabet, op uitnodiging,
fcup, chuck trade, baffle-
fish, abad, something masker,
autumn? we go straight to
winter, busy being attacked
by sharks, jco, one prefers
the russian text, golden
moment, trance rights, canopic,
slavatar, vewp, boc, moon-
smashing mission, blip,
related ephemera, newp post,
live rabbit hat, cyberdally,
teledalliance, i don’t know
what bike refers to, miss
vickles chips, cluster of
meat, concrete medium,
purest ray serene, overman,
the analysis of wealth,
countersciences, the cry,
language reduced to
powder, man is a recent

Saturday, June 21, 2014


zoot, maple death, semi-figurative,
ecofinance, socio-ambient responsibility,
meat hooks, yink and yank, unrelated
links, panini, citizen of cardboard,
you are always being judged,
science fiction seems so old-
fashioned, everyone’s in favour
of theivery, thievery sorry,
how many copies of this are
you chunking out, abc equals,
one needs to be nagged,
carbonmade, is there more
than one jesse ferguson,
prison industrial complex,
anarchist black cross, if you’re
planning to get into trouble,
deep integration, a real
magazine you know, a little
insectuous, sunrise greetings
a subsidiary of, you don’t
need alcohol to go wild,
tom waits for no man,
datafinger, goat cheese de
alp, money is just another
form of information,
since when are fortune
cookies gender specific,
breast fillet bullshit,
boston baked beans candy,
eighty-seven eighty-seven,
above or below the line,

Friday, June 20, 2014


the colour called lettuce
alone, how people are, zerzan
sheared, paper is flesh, no
rifle, postinterface, superflag
that message, prideaux,
shifting to a cash economy,
happiness is a warm, she was
massaging my head, butter
cluster, a primeval experience
of madness, projection,
concrete space, stand-ins for
the police, concrete aid,
hyper-marxization, involved
in concrete, hesitation waltz,
philological sciences,
mickey fou, never ending tour,
shixa, a pamphlet press, a
philosophy of mania, prairie
flicker, erotic capitalism,
buddhist gorean, steuben
oxbridge, you never even
google yourself anymore,
big comma, we are only
borrowing this text, trying
to find a place to work,
tell me about this map,

Thursday, June 19, 2014


google is omniscient , one is
a perfect fool, lonerisms,
birthday as institutionalized
happiness, the institute a new
rule institute, gustavus
corpse flower, tanti auguri,
single and staying single, bebe,
cluster of ka-ching!, let’s
look at the same situation
thru various minds, the active
ultra-left, the co-opting core,
red bastion, uptok, matrixyl,
throwing rocks at the police,
an engaged philosopher, what
does it matter who speaks,
structures do not take to
the streets, what you long for
as revolutionaries is a master:
you will get one, goettingen,
per ham, an ad rev, ri, mermaid
syndrome, sirenomelia, the
typing business, we need to
pinpoint the precise date on
these texts, the one who outlasts,
unit of loners, the theory of
the zoot suit, 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


chennai, sarvatra, metrosexual,
andhra pradesh, raag, was found
in this condition in the
mailstream, a violent little
piece of art, bet you never
thot this would come back to
haunt you, individuals with
enhanced abilities to confer
benefits, precision stamp
placement, we just need to
adjust your money a little
okay?, i don’t quite get your
logo, schiester culture, do
you have anything in the
budget for love?, when last
seen, i don’t pay her to have
sex with me: i pay her to go
away after, scarlet billows,
starts to spread, no cake for
pains, a zine called pretext,
get up the apples and pears,
the word ‘islamofascist’,
prairie corollas, and the angry
inch, or the angry itch, diet
fluctuations, twenty-three
percent, what happened to the
old boy, this is the stupidest
improvement yet, sacque,
crude and hopeless efforts,
assignation houses, savoirs
investis, concrete example,

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


a swath of hundred dollar bills,
deny death, maple sugar, white sage,
buffalo sage, medicine bag,
somebody is running a very tight
ship, you put that on your carpet?,
the publication is holding up well,
you couldn’t really find the
connection, mail as mail, egg vice,
abolish police records, a model
prison, the prison produces
delinquency and establishes
it as the destiny of people who
once have spent time behind
bars, a counterinvestigation,
constant availability, the
best way to serve the age is
to betray it, total recall
for old tunes, chrometta
twelve, brimbody, hunc xab,
zalphabet, visio-mathematical
poetry, van gogh on love, whami
language, yo tengo,
doorschijnenc, ram led, net
book, permaban, colorform,
vulvar bicycle taxi, man
up, picking up cheese with your
tongue, prething, bombthumbs,
homebums, drunk-talkin’,
long tall cluster, the anti-lsd,
selfyeast, canadian bank note,

Monday, June 16, 2014

"theoric ornithic hermetica"

prossima apertura, collaudato,
one one amp, don’t point your
penis at me, sand island alabama,
can i get the breakdown on this
gouge, where the hell are you
gonna get that kind of money,
getting my dizzy on, spell
piranha, going busy, acidmod-
sixtyfour, paid in fool, cluster
of grease stains, suddenly one
day we tore it down, it’s all
about taking ink, long english,
substitute an x for the ess,
pocketworn bit of paper, brain
like mushroom cloud, a
requestzine, theoric ornithic
hermetica, fucked up bores,
cuiser, chroof, metaphorised,
overimprisoned, casseurs,
common-law prisoners, the will
to truth, logophobia, the
philosophy of action, énoncés,
history except contemporary,
nothing is intolerable,
reference letters supreme,
fiero, cheese jobber, noank,
vadara, segno, collected
dross, ray-vibes, rubbin
nubbins, for the record:
i don’t intend to correct
the record, paisley beebe,

Sunday, June 15, 2014


autosomal dominant compelling
helio-ophthalmic outburst,
assbook, the energy of lunatics,
orkut, still sucking at the
textual teat, fangsgiving,
i am still in the present tense
but, imagine that no hat, nelms,
glassworks, still tho for the
colour, ti, let’s buy something
different for a change,
cluster of chicken carcasses,
unconsumable avatars, to
hypnotize its enemies and to
corrupt, the diegesis, the god
trick, wetware designers,
sentic, the art of self-control,
a sunday historian, sun
sneezer, levamisole, worm
hotel, overcapacity or slack,
tea party movement, the nine
twelve rally, ketsana or
ondoy, seven thousand one
hundred and seven pacific
islands, euroskeptics, digi-novels,
vooks, conservapedia, beth
ditto, disposaphobia, photic
sneezing reflex, identity
construction menu, ross
priddle is a goof,
garamond ten point,

Saturday, June 14, 2014


maynards bassetts, all sorts of
clusters, i’m a welterweight,
weepage, drawritten, upend
all, paper only!, authorship’s
a burden, green poo, pussyfooting,
ice sparks, the chunk point,
hyperembodiment, conceptual
culling, cluster of exes,
it’s time!, carcass cluster,
the box has potential, every
time you tell me to relax
you wind me up tighter,
archaeology of the text,
philosophical anthropology,
dynamiting beaver dams,
city of sighs, an armed-to-the-
teeth multinational monster
of exchange, obsessive hoarding,
one hundred tons of junk,
eternally current dateless
newspaper, the splitting concrete,
came empty handed, florilegia,
working in typos to give the
impression of spontaneity,
narrative criticism, salle
des miroirs, worked for a
while as a hat-passer,
lightbelly, my penny pal,
scratch time, the money
that is flowing, ten pt.,

Friday, June 13, 2014


hassan sabbah, support mental
health, we need to be able to
get at this money at the drop
of a hat, you are a member
of the group of, well i got my
fuckin fill, they do rule the
word, i don’t know if i’m going
to be taking in any more
literature, two oranges and
a banana, atm: at the moment,
chacha pennies, mislistening,
triggers and catchings, oh i
got my fill alright, one is
afraid of running out of ink,
pens cluster, chilblains, non
fui sum fui non sum,
professor wiebe, oversubtlety,
original violence, nonpreface,
ultrarepression, the dialectics
of liberation, sector-based
struggles, sector politics,
third psychiatric revolution,
psychiatricide, epigones,
audients, deicing, electronic
art, the demise of books in
canada, exact time: eight
forty-nine am, leave it
at eight and a half by
eleven, font, can’t just
straighten, draft exed out,

Thursday, June 12, 2014


the lush network, fetus in fetu,
diwali, twatter, tw, tmi, klife,
bobos, avatar theory, digiflesh,
meiji shrine, hinamatsuri,
two-copy art, counterfeit desert,
bulk truffles, mockingbird
and matilda, photographic
auto-fiction, krispy kernals
guy, fice, hame string,
skair, procrasturbation,
bledge, eek-mail, rotary
pinhole perforator, a green
loden cape, the words and
the things, candy for miss
so-and-so, parisian
intellectuals, it all
began with bern porter,
stickykeys, ŵ, poo hang,
nodivision, imp window,

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"kernular poems"

a terrine for making pâté, maybe
you wanna take the chance of
investing a bit more money, one
suspects there’s something of a
trick involved, why is this off
kilter then, watching pennies,
forgotten my hat, sims, banavas,
cybc, fake satanist, holonic
dimension, drama mine, chido
guey, these colourful blobs
represent brains, kernular
poems, crucial definitional
feature, kigo, empirical
objectivity, concrete details,
normaliens, liste restreinte,
radiodiffusion, turbo-profs,
the special nature of the
proposed individual, liste
large, and his no less
influential wife, époque
oblige, capital gee dash dee,
metatext, helen gonago,
i remember the telephone
book, consonant cluster,
by the fence they lost a
penny, is that an also known
as, thisthis isis notnot anan
errorerror, faiblesse,

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


home taping is killing music,
bottle collector or recycle pick-up
biz, draining pens of ink,
brainstorming your life away,
addicted to nothing, go find
the book and form your own
judgments, moxa, ever coming to
a halt, the ego’s blind spot,
text in clusters, dream
music young, meiotic, hamam,
the copyright industries, drm,
dmca, digital locks, the value
of concrete, book without
alibis, we made it thru to
here, sprungbooks, fcbs, we
already examined this text
dozens of times, sweethearts
all over the world, your
boss suddenly realizes that
you’re crazy, the paper chaw,
hyperart, let’s see how it all
comes out, doing graffiti
is publishing, various
machines for getting words
down, make sure you don’t
miss a word, it’s because
you’re looking at a copy
idiot, who’s dis, just twitch
your shoulder up, one was
able to work, placette,
coulda done coulda done
didn’t, hits of what,

Monday, June 09, 2014


skulls galore, doom galore,
bang galore, gender ordeal,
lojack, a dollar a song, purple
file folders, splashed with
violet ink, consonant clusters,
complete cluster, bootleg
poetry, some gorean thing,
let the professors figure it
out, scratchgently, the money
is in the card, the landlord
is getting impatient, paper
that has been sweated on,
happy colours exoskeleton,
not the the castle, genetic
metaphysics, vertical and
horizontal fiscal imbalances,
contact narrative, zine worker,
borrows excessively, energy
texas, a postmark and a stamp,
it’s the personal touch that
does it, is this your own mark,
do a whole river, a computer
obviously had a hand in,
what was wrong with my
canada, eat mail art mike
dee, a little bit of fun,
can we zoom out a bit, i
know who this came from,
zenuine, poor old ray, you
see what’s happening there
in that flower,

Sunday, June 08, 2014


esprit de corpse, caskaduanta,
mixed reality, death vacation,
hostile retirement, kit carson,
fist-bump, low res artists,
danzig misfits, spicy q,
bubble cluster mail,
excesspool, a quick return to
file, calligraphy with words
crossed out, you’re going to
have to draw the line,
flowers galore, get rid of
those unsightly folds,
fuck machinery, concrete
ways, sexuanate, touski,
this ain’t me, what were we
talking about, obsolete shit,
soundshit, put the book
somewhere you will remember
to read it, replicable,
how hard can it be to fold
a piece of paper, do you
see your way, which address
is correct, pussycentric,
sati, homotextual,
alternative scriptings,
queering, a ubiquitous
citation, theory-speak,
poco-queer, fraught
dynamics, bumiputeras,
cultural decolonization
and abrogation, sectional

Saturday, June 07, 2014


one hundred maroquinerie,
looks like they managed to
jack the resolution up, nothing
nice, to form a more perfect
union, collection of sayings,
analog synthesizer, a local
handle, bataillean yoga,
the crown prince of nothing,
living under los vegas, not
followers so much as
interested parties, a nice
clean impression, the fire
this time, retweeted, chat
jammer, esprit de corpse,
that’s a lot of money to
spend on stamps, keep the
art down below the line,
a warehouse full of
umbrellas, skeered, is it
this hat, et ego in arcadia,
ricklick, slow art, a creepy
letter, various fields of
reality, erudite and heavy
considerations, the greatest
outdoor show on earth,
apian flu, orange flippers,
no sex for nazis, truvada,
designed for strategic
mass consumption, the fear
of feminization,
nostalgia for the breast,
lightness of being,

Friday, June 06, 2014


the arms of canada, m-k-t,
the beautiful business, nur,
this deteriorated font, glog,
devu, business and the arts,
art loop, you don’t strike me
as curious, bed raggled, iyi
geceler, sanada, gouging away
at the paper, timeshifting,
placeshifting, nasılsın,
merhaba, art’s pace, santorum,
penny sniffer, b-girl, cloy lock,
forgot to speak, orange bananas,
loose ends of coinage, you lost
a letter there, barfcode,
may-ching, people who still
use typewriters, envelope
ascending, i was having a slow
food movement, life-review
versus story-telling
reminiscence, privative,
the limit experience,
dépense, the medical gaze,
the decolonization of minds,
the order to speak, droit de
cité, l’indépassable horizon,
agrégation, normaliens, all
his life he verged on
madness, shart, concrete
crevices, staghorn moss,
concrete pouring,
recouncielable, asel art,

Thursday, June 05, 2014


cyberwar, chat junky, never resent
intrusions, the snailgroove,
macropinna microstoma, flat-
based neuronic converters,
tamam, snailworld, a touch of
gin, came to nine nine nine,
save sixty-nine, free up your
time for the things that matter,
la sarrekerge, kindly remit,
small birthmark, feces-
generating art project,
pancreatine, false shit,
buttpuppets, nothing coming,
crunk, phobic desire, deixis,
bad object, the deject, the
days of beautiful stamps
are over, you are not a
writer, redd, nanoparticulate
siloxane polymer, santorum,
cryostasis, in flagranti,
dirty penny, garbologist,
punctilio, upsettling,
blank galore, feel free to
stretch, gazing blankly at
the fish, double nothing,
twenty-six dollars worth
of stamps, original art
tossed to the wind, abad,
i refuse to even look at
blogs, mere marks, profound
marks, with an eye to,

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


fucking around with the originals,
do you have a hologram handy,
insix, chanhan, uptick, what exactly
are you speechless about,
belladonna conference, you
told me to get off at the
wrong station, a rare event
death, shawnee cluster, the
cops show up and demand your
ticket, blarney cheese, one
remembers having these thoughts
ten years ago, app art, you are
not getting these into the
hands of, one prefers one’s
art a little weatherbeaten,
jean, social memory,
lifelong repetition, orthrelm,
crom-tech, octis, engagent,
manywhere-at-once, bluegum,
rinktum, numbat, cluster
of bipeds, sticky memo sheets,
thrip, chuch, chuckwallas,
a whole pile of french
male names,