Wednesday, May 29, 2013


thinking and mood study,
gisselbrecht, chimay red cap,
seedless bunch, ccoc cluster,
comedy is entrenched in history,
mahingunish, may-may-quay-
zhowug, dimebag, do you intend
to return to this text, fork
trap, i ching fluxus, the day
you stopped, polaroid network,
delirium très mince!, factor
x liaisons, cathode rays,
fagagaga, maginardo, hanging
paper, center bundle, voith,
coderre, alfredo slang, arsizio,
ma longbottom, juhasz pal,
gebord, blast in the ass,
goubert filip, daniel fasano,
a blast of flowers, self-portrait
of who, shinoh!nodera, newton
centre, polyacryl, as factor x,
anthropomorphic toner, shigeru
tamaru, pink toner, matka gona,
sixteenth studio, guillermo
deisler, telecomandato, pierre
marquer, ever traces, robert
swierkiewicz, rue de

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"byrnza cheese"

i ching forty-one, vf debit,
ym cluster, kuan-heung, dei ling,
tung choi, sai yeung choi, à
vau-l’eau, de mortuis nil nisi
bonum, terra nullius, consulted
hundreds of experts, concretely
excluded, experience in his home
community, high human and
economic cost, extinguishment,
saint ipple, osisko, looking at
the words, eye trance, see the
rich in right, yarrow love,
photocopy america, hop hound,
rubber duck tsunami, primal
toy, florida strawberry, yampa,
a coin to toss, intergender,
shao, jiàng, maybe the taste,
patent nine-fourteen-twentysix,
fleshy-flesh, esiste nella vita,
destin, solinglu, byrnza
cheese, crawl across the floor,
spread ‘em, a sack of shells,
schylling, winsor and newton,
outsider emo fluxus,

Monday, May 27, 2013


kosharek, dartmouth, jenniferzoe, the
art of splatter, incoherence society,
visual insulation, pécoptéris,
cesare battisti, the beings of the three
capacities, chromosome bp, braunfels/lahn,
turning the wheel of dharma, bortolan,
pecque, locomotive insulation, clam
erection, kay-four six nine eight, spoon with
face, a quick sketch, non riferite mai,
willow street, pear turns into, snail strike,
freb, dada skull, we lost the list of
contributors, zilch sheet, camomilla yellow,
tsom, furlong piece, bryan anderson,
murf-turf, enuf with the hair,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

"online interactive poetics"

oh dee dee, could you leave us
a little room for art, bananas
cluster, embodiment of the
human condition, il me semble,
cetriol, concrete proposals,
poetent, propositional poetics,
prior to meaning, online
interactive poetics, field
theory, re-enacting kinetic,
sgml coded, zhid, don’t forget
to print this, opal beds zelda,
erase some text, a significant
relief reservoir, marcin
gajownik, didn’t mean to
take this in colour, an
international strike against
all other strikes, enteritidis,
showgraphs, len lye, forward
time, gasparcolour, tusalava,
curios thing, ona doddle,
retreating from kuwait,
institute for fatuous
research, eventually, about
a third of the catalog,
suis, do you recognize the
sign of the artist, le
passioni della mente,
meditate on and pass along,
sign your defacings,

Friday, May 24, 2013


photocopy void, sumr, ssgl
cluster, rubicund, the story
seems to evaporate, conasupo,
maybe i will do something,
the smooth flow, the pope of
restraint, graphic user interface
layer text, attention obsession,
i wrote a poem about you,
gentian seeds, kioskkiosk,
depress point, made in china,
bentfork, mute stone, muji,
tragacanth, made in japan,
savoura, rmcf, sargasso,
written in the womb, your
sense of humour, muji to
go jfk, your face a dozen
ways, egalitarian spirit,
three-dimensional mazes,
they’re america,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"fotograph schwebel"

dig deep, panopea generosa, cold
frames, chaz, slewfoot, word salad
days, any swimmer survived, fold
cluster, val-pak, grime cluster,
limousin, alternate trance,
milagros, your nice chinese food,
midnight in eau claire, a
verified pin, taste of ginger,
click here beetle, imp ort, an
other hand present, calgry, you
screwed up your signature,
scrape scratch chip crack dent,
loss of speech, retain this,
terrale, woo kee, iceberg ready
to melt, ave see, popcorn
hazelnut, obm cluster, ststsw,
sunnyside cluster, this beauty
we can get rid of, durable
ephemera, odd fruits, these
labels are, no adam, eben-oh,
with prepared marker, brick
hat, don’t take your cats to
town, stanley lounge chair,
watch that needle, john
logan, livre d’art, galerie
postale, fotograph schwebel,
open call, brian batista,
bruno canadien, a
significant relief,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

JUN 21 2011 (am) #2

vitagum, wheel of the law,
ushnisha, government cheese,
diabolus ex capite, dragfoot,
the syphilis which is to nourish
his creativity, the soulless instinct,
naked instinct, the violent bear
it away, every human
comprehension, varmint canada,
how many words do you need to put up?,
writing in strange places, do you have any sort
of plan for the writing you are doing?, the
computer won’t stay on, you cause me
to make errors, one is baking in the sun,
actual tandoori, the plan is to shut
the fuck up,

Monday, May 20, 2013

"distributed micropower"

tandoori, tikka, ambroise framboise,
bclb cluster, start this tape, over
here i’ve found a structure, trip
id, ststsw, online shuttle, that’s
a lot of money to look at a few
pictures, zidane, bb cluster,
soapopotamus, zinf, retain this
copy for statement verification,
trojan turkey, sccm cluster,
continental six-thirty, inuksuk,
emotional hardcore, screamo,
decrumb, webelsburg, colorform,
wee heavies, peated malt, open
door police, terminex,
pantoprazole, samantha smith,
god’s envelope, pbq, gabardine,
primary narcissism, cacahuates,
sirventes, oaktag, distributed
micropower, lambic, the typed
up thing, glitching, note speck,
apostrophe apostrophe pataphiz,
what do you know about,

Sunday, May 19, 2013

"salvia nemorosa"

glitchin’ , outside sales, self
cluster, work it out down to
the penny, ambroise, bcogb
cluster, desire her without a
penny, weed who art so lovely
fair and smellest so sweet,
crazy drawings, the isotonic
point, weiqi, harwood benveniste
pickard raworth, rhamnose,
salvia nemorosa, circle the
speck, font texture, dire
futility, tristimania, shrinking
cities, the politics of mobility,
secret publicities, how pleasure
works, ringolevio, art of
guerrilla warfare, biting
the error, empty meeting
grounds, the sexual politics
of meat, afflicted powers,
architecture and disjuncture,
metacity datatown,
megastructure, ecstasy
unlimited, spoiled identity,
assembling alternatives,
art after philosophy and
after, the retreat from
class, beyond capital,

Saturday, May 18, 2013


wissota, megabacteria, etz chaim,
antialiasing, interoception,
disease of the whites, dsk
syndrome, if you can find a
bit of white space, cthgc cluster,
the telegrapher’s fist, high one
low two figures, the postscript
point, black memoir, mall builder
culture, creative thing,
turpin’s syndrome, schmaltz,
objective correlative,
arbitrager, double-sense
deluding, wordhood, spend
the money on your wife and
kids, deliver me from dallas,
loosen the console, the capital
aitch, loyola fractals, bluegum,
earth caked hands, kaaba,
history is,

Friday, May 17, 2013


potusilf, poetry balloon, sambal
oelek cluster, the yearling
marjorie, kolt fly, we can now
see the shell of it, six miles of
destruction, baseball camp nurse,
read and pass along letters,
the pencil tick means one thing,
clusters of pinprick lights, the
sally ann, word warrior, word
slut, colonizin in reverse,
linguistic economies, qui per
fidem decepit, paper repairs,
the written face, gind of,
hopseed, leveraging print, the
most notable feature,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


the first time as tragedy, the
second time as farce, vagus nerve
stimulation, chip butty, cont,
glossophilia, cryptophilia,
meme-ento, watch that blue,
rtui, way cluster, ccocl cluster,
all ungummed, flow problems,
le vernissage, forty-year swan
song, the empathy syndrome,
oranges bright, rosiers, ruy
lopez, mastiachi, kobayashi,
martingales, modernana, the
burnt orange heresy, gefwif,
moment memento, your hand
printed font, annisquam,
an expert on fractals, the
watchmaker’s mutterings,
kakwa, octopus porn, sudden
death semantics, the social
production of art, armed joy,
a haio, jook kaak, runaway
bunny, beyond tish, dialectical
societies, braided creek,
sinister wisdom, how to own
a gun and stay out of jail,
the jigalong mob, the
dustbin of history,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


takkakaw, aish ha torah,
typomania, parlay not parley,
dysphagia, hyperlyrica,
arthur crew inman, vagus nerve
implant, baked cluster, cscmb
cluster, banana-key and bottle-
shoe, puertas abiertas, papercide,
hello my barcode is, what is the
point of the wood, many
fathomless moments, matagorda,
how many of these did you have
printed up, kamal, i thot i saw
an eye, portrait of graziella,
meditations and mediations,
tucuman, the library is burning,
impregnated by masada,
swarthmore, laurahaber,
self dealing statement, menteur,
does anybody recognize this work
of art, found money doesn’t
stick, burn well my lovely,
asi yaholo, billups, mobylives,
sugar wax, enema vérité,
mojo wire, succés fou, the
yaupon holly, anaxiforminges,
clyster engine, culture-
heroes as everybody, gung
hae, nyet net, refer zoo,

Monday, May 13, 2013


watchmaker’s dummy, fragrant
urine, budism, love core, all
ordinaries, dosimeters, boylan
soda, other recognized documents,
kensington road, corne du diable,
boursin, inseminoid, they don’t
kill poets, seppents, unlicenc’d
printing, depression glasses,
pilosity, jaybarger, an integral
surrealist, enthymemes, blue
darter, in hoc signo vinces,
the paranoia-critical method,
worm the arts, an immobilized
hero novel, un vache égloutissante,
the recessive knee, meher baba,
gulag font, font versus font,
carmel’s art, cathexis vino,
reading the ravings,

Saturday, May 11, 2013


locovore, collection of bent
staples, bullet operator, countless
opportunities for inspiration,
parks bklt, trapadis vin de pays,
global bananas, bg cluster,
voices needing to be stifled,
wewahitchka, you can see them
from the moon, you need to be
exposed, the actual painting,
indicate background, the original
is multilayered, the original
is densely collaged, consuming
raw or uncooked meats, the
original is digital, the original
is perforated, the original is a
sloppy mess, the original is worn
thin, the original is dirty,
make art or die, went back in
his studio, pues yo devolveria
a esos perros y, blaze und, give
something to your city, the
diffrings, is this paint or blood,
ats, tempty, ofay, amphiuma,
in loco parentis, je ne sais quoi,
menhaden, shiatsu, frisée,
zoopraxiscope, indie meant,
change of hand, lokavore,

Thursday, May 09, 2013


decathected, cloud consulting,
ahorita, cymotrichous, googoo
clusters, rocamar, let us hear from
you!, csom cluster, the space
between the letters, all bank notes,
bio-abstract, robert’s trick,
adjust the thermostat, one bar
swings, i grew hemp, operand stack,
fast five, ‘lope, selland arena,
products from sunny brook ranch,
drake building, ceramic fish
masks, blase und, userdict,
de chirico two masks, etheridge,
in powder and crinoline, do
not apply to leather suede
velvet corduroy vinyl plastic
or silk, face the face, flesh
the flesh, bush the bush,
ring the ring, knee the knee,
all the eyes that eye,
butterbur, poku, fylfot, je
vous détache ces quelques
hideux feuillets de mon carnet
de damné, pouf, pelargonium,
illegible webpage, difference
art, sololiúquí solutiows,
mute dupe, trapadis,

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


yelling about being ignored,
it’s the “pataphysical shits,
‘pataphor, erotikon, the freewriting
method, only the poor have to
travel, distributed identity,
anabathmology, it’s the
metaphysical shits, december
twenty-first nineteen-ninety-two,
got cheezies?, cluster mc,
microart cluster, burn this
chapbook, great wall of books,
the garden and the tower,
trichloroethylene, dança na
corda bamba!, trance itchin’,
it’s no insuperable burden to
pay the reader to read your
work, hick lit, inaccrochable,
brogans, jakeleg, roman-
feuilleton, po-biz, vocational
disobedience, nomopo, daily
typewriting, keratodontalism,
disturber of the peat moss,
nasal sex, apocaloops, zebu,
grinding it out daily, joan
was quizzical, bc opal,
demon text, liquid dallas,

"janwillem van de wetering"

ololiúqui, krylon, a duff beer
cap, levy, yccc cluster, anagram
final copy, anagram engine no
more slogans, tchad, muri,
shutterfly, haiga, marks made
how, fe-mail bonding, equiterre,
poor quality photocopies, align
the x’s, censor your thoughts,
twenty-four may, janwillem
van de wetering, gardens and parks
as symbols of status or privilege,
tick each tock, read it pass it
on, avarana, hyperopic, gunsel,
poinciana, desertshore,
vernacular writing,
disintermediate, still
raving, from rag and bone
to, barenaked, bc bud, dallas

Monday, May 06, 2013


liquid coast, change cover image,
getting exploded, jack the
raver, read and pass, needs cover
image, don’t expect a trophy,
scrape the shit off, printed
matter: value: zero, are you
still getting your mail,
my girl death, overhead
project, van guff, statement
regarding incident, read the
paint like braille, we are at
mile zero, algodón, no perfume
this time, hard travelin’
pillow, the twine of things,
tis you paper, this singlewall,
east side dallas,