Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"break down the old boundaries and let one hundred flowers bloom!"

become a butcher, the cost of talk,
day eas, bag let steep, by mind less
acid, the real acid freaks, lifting
bellies, this suffer thing, meat
scented air fresheners, modillions,
peripheral underground movement,
destructuration, garbaganza, the
belt holding pawl, soundtracking,
gossypium, penny loafers, the big
crunch, eporphyrial, panelogics,
wireless encryption, break down the
old boundaries and let one hundred
flowers bloom!, diversity
management, perpetual shopping,
technoscapes, marketing theory,
ijtihad, hierarchical nuclear
family, finance-scapes, unhomely
man overboard, de-modernization,
a, quantitate signatae, freebird
poor, not virtual but concrete,
during good behaviour, please
state reason, talking about
pennies, today eighteen years ago,
make noise not silence, toner
resume, become your self,

"face societies"

some things change some things stay the
same, alnoor, health and wellness
and illness, from here to there to
here again, dealing with drunks
all day, dig out the pigs, you know
what it says even though you can’t
read it, first get a little
experience, you can never leave the
network, you chose not to love,
mud babies, face societies, hat is
fixed, to describe a thing
without mentioning it, non-song,
close read, lizati plurm, happy
harbour, vacated the sentence,
what you look like depends on,
apokaru, grig, cheese-ming,
ironbound hat, throws him a
penny, a stationary flit of
nothingness, cigar-smoking
capitalists in top hats, female
shock workers, chouannerie,
crudely concrete,

Monday, March 30, 2009

"yucka fluxus"

nine of diamonds, get them to make
a mark, the cash nexus, throwaway
e-mail addresses, the confinements
of an attractive cage, your money
has nothing to do with you, any
change in marital status, ig ig
ig ig, feel the grit of reality,
neverlick, a poisson distribution,
annes clustered, buffy orange,
qwop, one-handed croquet, yucka
fluxus, yazuka jukes, identity
capitalism, capridinks, murse,
one has been plutoed, cambodian
accessory, environmental
catastrophe on the horizon,
headcase hats, zodiacal dust,
clusters of the richest, deep
in the moss, ornithography, a
pedagogical power dynamic,
seven thousand oaks, jar din,
lithocardite, sprachstimme,
jet zeit, extreme polyphony,
the cathected material
moment, longhouse individualism,
hourly worth, dekulakization,
weary forced idleness, grass
bandits, giganticizing,
paper pusher,

"have digibody will travel"

paper that came in thru the mail,
leather cock, from four to six
copies, google all these phrases,
od bizrate, you will never know
who made the mark, add value
and give away, the law of recycle,
you will never see the original
again but, got it for a penny,
let us compare nothing, colour
returns, thumb condom, colour
coded time, the colour oh, can’t
bear to see the letter, trapezoid
monk, never know it for a, change
your label, which one of these
did you like, misgeuss, what thin,
cado mindbody, collaborators
eye, snail has it, it’s fantails,
your atone, show format, reginger
us, notsong, abbskin, become
slard, orange death, you was, art-
cha, have digibody will travel,
do as you wish shall be the
whole of the law, janens la pace,
you have been removed from your
place, art in contact, not urine
but paint, she likes the erection,
get rid of the original and all
the copies, a hundred degree
copy, the one and only john,
add some actual reality, anno
tate, copy til evaporation,
magically remaining legible,

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"hydrocracker fractionation"

second hand luck, bowl full of gold,
golden firecrackers, light the bomb,
firecracker tree, chunburi, what
your name signifies, satan’s claws,
trance reactions, nano-sized
magnets, facial, economic bleeding,
a thirteen billion cell computer,
contact cellular consciousness,
psychedelese, motherese, orange
wear, polymerase chain reaction,
time reversal, edmonchuk,
asparagrass, flickers moss, amo
amas amat amamus amatus amant,
roof moss, cluster of pink,
hydrocracker fractionation,
inked himself by accident,
residuum, next text, tele-contact,
the raster grid, mimetic rivalry,
mimetic excess, mimetic violence,
funk entelechy, the placebo
syndrome, memeplex, cluster
of memes, trance global,
worklessness, reverse causality,
informational warp, concrete
socioeconomic conditions,
identitarian versus

"my previous employer wants me dead"

g.l.u.e. , franquine no heros,
lexiconism, anonymous handwriting,
ali’i, what was this doing in south
canaan pa, think the pink, extraflex,
extraextraflex, extraextraextraflex,
am i a business, haven’t driven since,
file as you go, crooked resume,
collate as you go, my previous
employer wants me dead, staple
as you go, leave one unstapled
for potential faxing, lay in a
supply of resumes, lunchtime
blankness, toner chaos, toner
entropy, boomtown slaves, open
drip, snow falling on the text,
joy tax, art creeping around the
corner, the future will come if
you care to stick around for it,
nor was the original really an
original, edm nub, let beauty
go, i hope this is not too risque,
colour not quite so lush, where
there’s a will iam there’s a way
i am, scratch it in at the last
minute, virtual tax, canaanada,
dee cee twelve, it’c it’c, switch
hands, open trance, experience
disease, boomtown reality,
too much uttering, soft text,
putrefied nothing, who would
want to live here, #106, 14311 McQueen Rd.
Edmonton, Alberta
T5N 3Z6 Canada

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"a problen"

there is no golden lining, total
labour boy produce, just about the
time we began to arrive, no is that
a face no, criminal artist, a flake
of gold, just turned eighteen, take
it easy all day, pick a random
individual, the day i sent you all
of those birds, the little crimes
of childhood, you will know it by
the file, it almost seems like info,
a problen, let the wind in, your
final day of hap, we need to get
switched over, we still have this
text in stock, include the exterior,
growing up dead, canoeing with a
broken arm, nobody day, nodoby,
we had some sort of intention
for the blank, yes now here is
some thing that got thru, a
martini glass with a circle around
it, the memory has a way of
blocking out, now your labour
will be harnessed, notasonofa,
the appellation mountains, why
would you have to resort to
the typewriter, the only place
the real work resides, true
labour brute politics, the
weakly breeder, marching into
reality, forget what was real,
never heard of these people we
met, need glue, all you did was
leave, maybe in the future-past,

"the hat-brim of gargallo"

five or six copies, is it john or
joan, zettiology, yesterday’s
desires, dadbad, all the pictures
are gone so now from memory,
the best poetry book of the two
thousands, form thirty-three, a
yellow hat, errorr, plantigrade,
historical paranoia, the hat-brim
of gargallo, hope is the mind-
saver, iron kissing, the ha-ha,
ustopia, logorrhoea melomania
and iconophilia, neveranger,
white writing, tache, chthonic
reality, free gestural act,
performative mark-making,
white consciousness, tal coat,
nobody wants to see your
document, a new consiousness,
the entire conceptual horizon,
concrete production, nothing
essential, aetas, a new city,
did we make an errror, give up
hope never, the diff between a
cart and a trolley, the eye
aided by knowledge, remaining

Friday, March 27, 2009

"nothing needs to be blogged"

how about not begin, time is
indicating nothing, copy is for
ward, toner represents death, hold
this text up to the light sun,
never come up with forty, you
seem to be ignoring the words,
the line suddenly thickens, do
you feel you represent your
location, why does it feel any
more real, electronic file folder,
particollage, cross work, painting
with time, lo and behold trash,
zero protocol, why replication,
ssge model, reflects record, make
meat, written factory, what star,
ephemera wood, tell original,
hound dead, this is the clean
one, this is the dirty one, this
one has been transformed, nothing
needs to be blogged, jerk off
and pass, now we got it all,
dying at what speed, return and
read, a fecal-occult blood test,
labyrinth of moss, quasiparticles,
nothinglamp, polonium two-ten,
community treatment orders,
strife tourism, the dead world,
a holy trance, experience
handling cash, vacuum melted,
shavasana, hard chore
pornography, cog logs, triple
zero-guage, labret, declare
schizophrenia healthy, zip
lines, microdermabrasion,
stand-up existentialism,
schnippled, just put a plus,

"lib-labism, the nonworking class"

ece, gold-based nanoparticle
synthese, watch the bottom rise
up to meet you, going under one,
cheese junky, back when a stamp
was only fifty cents, lib-labism
the nonworking class, kitsch beer,
mixing sugar and salt, vicrose,
copying gallo romaine pottery,
egg shells and oranges, cheap
white labour, moss a louis, the
zero of ecstasy, expandable batons,
isolate flecks, ideological pink,
to ease his head of calculations,
naillie, virtuosity of hammering,
heaps of concrete, a thaw-drop,
i’ll take your hat, john eight three
to eleven, refried soul, today’s
orange, pareto efficiency, if i
cannot get rid of it i will explode,
dissipative structures, archaic
economics, prestations, extrabeing,
crisis theory, a crisis engine,
the mental virus of faith, rota,
lulaba, consciousness industry,
was formerly on line at, la
civilisation humaine exposée,
what’s missing from this

Thursday, March 26, 2009


beijing bicycles, ray pen spe fri
jok sch, spirit sports, encaustics,
mudhif, a science of consciousness,
kidult, a planful zoo in silver
foil, santaphobia, images of flies
on feces, knam, prised day concrete,
fuckin’ eh!, locus amoenus, press
alarum, dreidel, victim of rash
action – brains, kitchen-sink
surrealism, abreactions, everyone
is always about to be arrested,
enormous concrete, tampón de
gran valor, nonselfidentity,
asubjective, audioanimatronic,
flows of affect, a universal
equivalent and translator for
affect, asubjective affect,
sentio, neuromatrix, linguistic
schizo-processor, quasi-cause,
transform irreversibly, the black
holes of informational
capitalism, where the rich can
legally murder homeless people,
hawking radiation, non-stop
connecting, poly-organism,
excluded from the network
for failing to be economically
productive, offline status,
orange oozing ulcers,
galvanized and concrete,
these embers, you are losing
your days, it’s official now,
it’s throwing it up and to
the left, toner night,

"a sliced-apart microsecond"

dee sea nine, what do we intend
to do about this text, quit writing
with your writing hand, dee sea
ten, make chaos not order, you
think you can still read it but,
shaved pepper, fresh tracks said
the junky, nothing so beautiful
it can’t be smashed to pieces,
the crown persecutor, bode eel,
there is suffering but no
sufferer, islamophobia, edit your
memory, the perfect hand, royal
canadian jihad, hats posters,
never tasted sugar, underdog
bites overdog, nanoreplica, a
sliced-apart microsecond, bandwidth
rapture, necessitated to error,
nanofaxing, dear johnny realtime,
noosphere, nanobot swarms,
nanoend, a gynoid, cunt zero,
nanoengineered, a singularity,
deterministic chaos, get with
the program, a human-equivalent
machine, counterhistory, twelve
december twenty-twelve,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"ambient information distress syndrome"

it’s too dark to write, but you
can still read, breakfast in
genova, touchless laser, knuckle
boom picker, pick a job or else,
heap exposed to camera, the way
you wear your hat, hyperaesthesia,
networking at the twelve-step
program, how is that going to
work, anadac, what’s your
favourite bus, works with the
passage of time, thot concrete,
soqquando, flâneurie, pale
chamois, énarques, nyms, crypto-
anarchy, cultural codes, ride
the light fantastic, freedom
from morality, work is the new
leisure, ratissage, therapeutic
psychopathy, business at the
speed of thot dot com, there is
no progress without failure,
optimized transience
disorientation, psychological
warfare, hardness and cynicism
are equally, rational choice
theory, ambient information
distress syndrome, fuge,
catatoner, fugue states,
entirely in high contrast,
lay art ebb, landauer’s
principle, it’c,

"reality is not dialectical"

judge a person by their card, the
authority to intervene, do you know
what job you applied for, fully
depreciated, poetry must be made
by all!, a velvet hat, skip the blank,
what is this all costing us, walk-up
reservation, every little nick and
scratch, neverlost, the smell of the
packing, now we are really falling,
the blood basket, the pre-calculation
and the postcalculation, vasanas,
evolutionary chasubles’ hoodwink,
haboob, pond covered in moss, an
artificial death, submarine races,
now we have the opportunity to,
give up hope, still cupping, when
your bank account was full, hole
mark, lucrative aggression,
gallerying, the moment of separation,
reality is not dialectical,
haunted european capitalism,
superexploitation, the moment of
the boomerang, refeudalization,
coolieism, maroons, peonage, le
temps faible, a reciprocal
counterviolence, a harmonious
concer of equal, i can’t get this
to you,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no prims

the day we are in today, the day
we were in yesterday, atmosphere
change, the day we are writing
today, today things are arriving,
nothing will ever arrive, register
tape network, being in sumatra,
something blank for a change,
finally we have everything we
need, uch urganic, satellite crash,
quit that rockin’, grandma, supplied
with fake, sublocal, generatiocide,
control hydro electric, uncovered
meat, jury nullification,
internationable, don’t just do
something, buddha said, stand
there, ongoing self-distribution,
the antiobject era, counter-
history has evolved, unpub manu,
bandname: trenchmouth, concrete
porch, a simple request for
fornication, beige gravy, blank
snake, keep a blank notebook,
houseproud, bloodheat seaweed
fishegg, death by washing
machine, the extermination of
communists homosexuals,
interimperialist war, retotal,
counterglobalization, abstract
machine, humankind is one and
equal, local domination,
concrete reality,

"alien reaction paranoia"

digital strawberries, cupping
suggestions, a head reshaping
helmet, file flow, joy comes to
visit, any ole hole in the wall,
overtime insanity, it’s getting
close to your, ledging the
illegible, persons left to,
concrete alternatives, celebrate
its happy ending, post festum,
dead labor versus living labor,
reproductive labor, capitalist
economy and its hegemonic, post
urban, the production and
reproduction of affects, well
grubbed old mole!, maniacal
focus, antisystemic movements,
accumulated dead labor,
a spectacular machine, there it
was: gone!, a fake exclamation
mark, voodoo shadow, an audience
the size of one, a can of sand,
a purposeful stroller, phantom
socialization, dérives, sunbreak
mix’n’match, coffee enemas,
cataloguing the world, the
return of hats, alien reaction
paranoia, nothing sexual,

Monday, March 23, 2009

written on a sofa: to be read on a sofa

make no more boring art, it’s just a
pepper, your letter gone at, graphik,
saint rathmore, saint rip-t, it’s
currency, bran cellulose, new mutton
art, reaching down to pick up,
posts ontology, nominalized, trance
for data, how do you identify
yourself now, suggest you cup
her breast, lost the spoon, get
teg, k-sevens, vats bursting with
new wine, sofa lit, percent roi,
try the free, only vivible in a
particular light, looks more
official with the cancellation,
welcome brute, what can be said
about blank, this did not exist
yesterday, you could have had
all tb, while your brain is
storming, there is no actual
barcode, this paper was made in
indonesia, blank extra blank,
five cents a sheet, still one oh
six, the mandrake root, spiraling
potato masher, atavisticcollecting,
a secret libidinal charge, hats
condoms boots combs, pentimenti,
the unform, concrete use of
color, dispositif, vide pour le
futur, cosmopolitical liberation,
the postmodern revolution,
disintegrating concrete, it’s
too much effort for them to
go home, a gap in the concrete,
benjamina tree, handwritten

"here's some hats: cover that mullet"

alot more city, this is still valid,
unless you have something better,
at one at zero, alterations needed,
steve mcqueen gardens, global
pleasures, retiary biostats,
gymnosoph, ahnbahrah de shwah,
barscheit, rubbery glass,
neuromodulator, jobs galore!,
climbing out of the dark, here’s
some hats: cover that mullet,
limerance, springolator, mobcaps,
massive involvement, post hippie,
attempt at human contact, fish
mosquito destroyer, a sexual
feeler, a wave-guide or coaxial-
line circuit, anecdotomanie,
the duke of blank, metamatic,
postdominancy, assymetrical
eye-blower, fleischwolf, the
exercise of legitimate force,
peace enforcing, pacific
weapons, moral intervention,
microstrategies, the moral
police, effectiveness in the
contemporary historical
context, never snap,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

upstairs at the persian

one-oh-six, post meridian, which
pictures did you wish to print,
how do you get these other fonts,
id est estrangelo edess, the wreck
must go on, you are missing all
the busses, a collision of
staples, this is where you will
stay, pennymorph, internetting,
papermanent, a tennyson’s lager
bottlecap, police of mind,
bourgeois consciousness, why
are you collecting these, this
is how we keep track of time,
the pattern of time, do what you
say you are going to do, or else
phone, microminiature, in your
pocket: not one penny, vipera
svizeri, the collaboration of
rats, versographer, kellnerinnen,
deratization, c•, décollage,
object-fetishism, the sacred fool,
they let him go to the limit of
his madness, creative madmen,
jugenol, social machines, mass
intellectuality, immaterial
labor, communicative labor,
grasp concrete, workerism,
affective labor, the ross
electronics company, counter-
scrapbooking, a refusal to
throw anything away, dreamed
it was an orange,

so, i've been publishing "glasstext" as little chapbooks... these ones are from last weekend, (16 pages)... and yes, only in editions of five copies... if anybody's interested in obtaining them, lemme know...

"Can you feel mean ol' Mr. Giant Bumblebee sailing your way wanting to strike you for that brilliant concept of FIVE COPY ZINE? That's a true breakthru..." - Al Ackerman

Saturday, March 21, 2009

"sociodegradable identities"

nothaiku, you are where you are,
number one-oh-six, excluded
from the community of, better
being blank, i’m an old folk now,
satyagraha failed, ratsah,
complex historical events,
einsatzgruppen, love-lexis, ego
chaos machine, neologians,
sociodegradable identities,
hot ambrosia, resume poetry,
the file thickens, filthy spanish
cowboy hat, to unfathom, the
petrosal bone, using rhine wine
bottles as paperweights, sei
tatkräftig, exploitation service,
socle, floccinaucinihilipilificate,
power fears and despises a
vacuum, governance without
government, the terrain of crisis,
supranational analogy, the soul
of imperial right, the demands
of intervention, a right of the
police, explosive aporias, local
power dynamics, attention: work
of art, cocon, rage on son, hat hat
backwards, an exact copy of the
name, a cluster of associations,
interpreting a hat, opaque concrete,
manta ray hat, habitual clues
encouraged, polyvalent hat,
the anomalous present,

Friday, March 20, 2009

"mountain made of tidbits"

forget mail, where are you
supposed to be, sparkly non-info,
guestauth, mastbaum, lucky
saint rike, taylor orange black,
weedind, knockwursts, all our
snails have gone away, weeding
identified, someone else is
representing you, notably
orange, art of parts, mountain
made of tidbits, the master of
collage on a portable scale,
trance muscle, the guube,
harm as in surgery, oets, what do
we need today, jobs jobs jobs,
generational warfare, buy nothing
get nothing, zen penny, leaning
towards disaster, nemo me impune
lacessit, you missed all the buses,
the grubbiest book in the library,
time patterns, dressage, rodhoid,
multiplied art objects, soundproof
toilet paper, egest, a bagatelle
adios, he carries small works of
art in his cap, an underberg
bitters cap, a wheelbarrow gallery,
naked life, nothing escapes money,
accumulate accumulate !,
ideologies of attention, global
civil society, autopoietic chaos,
the production of crises,
mechanisms of inclusion and
exclusion, the informational
colonization of being,

"an inmate at rebibbia"

plat, ogidni, rewarding the eye,
you are recognized by the machine,
free work, still things, everyone
wants a piece of the corpse, actus
reus, mens rea, leading questions,
voir dire, paldies, the calamity
channel, first we need some mail,
temporary patron, work out a
solution wither, one one one plural,
how long can you live on nothing,
how to run your own press, legal
sighs, back up the text with more
text, extrach, defencing, remo,
now all your days will be the
same, at nowhere dot, at empty
dot, blank for later, give me books
fruit, the forces of law and
disorder, lucrative aggression,
a book as big as a hurricane,
an inmate at rebibbia, however
counter-intuitive its conclusions
empire, hybrid identities, the red
thread that runs throughout
this part, a movement beyond
empire, historical cultural
and economic, a counter-empire,
biopower, suspends history,
biopolitical production,
deterritorializing apparatus
of rule, flexible hierarchies,
supranational organisms,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"the gradual elimination of the fine arts"

one does not belong here, still more
renewal, apartment sitting empty,
still falling, what is the pin for,
a real library, generations of poets
and artists, no rebate, chronology
and exhibition history, we have one
ton of orange peel a day, marianne
moore’s hat, discollecting, copy
speech, workfare, social unformation,
home ec class, scribliture,
disprepossession, heavenly chill
eating, ouxpos, to fill or not to
fill, shine-o-vision, the particles
that make up your corpse, makes
a full confession and goes to
jail, riding the number seven,
festum fluxorum, pounds pennies
or marks, technetronic, chance to
enjoy a happy, the micro-card
edition, re-anecdotation, the
gradual elimination of the
fine arts, snare-picture, piège
ca, supranational,
constitutionalization, the
domestic analogy, tertium
super partes, a global civil
society, the new transnational
democracy, hypothesis emphasizes
the contractual, even critique our
hallowed, cluster of collages,
war against conformity,
understanding yesterday’s

internet exploiter

a few simple things, you are
recognized whereever, just another
employee, nothing stands out
because nothing can, collecting
end and hoarding, the effect
computers have had, the common
experience of humankind, the
beauty of the script had to
mirror the beauty of the contents,
in these particular copies, the
landscape is blank, the araucaria,
a superhuman housewifery,
teenaged pages, now they have the
bomb, rubber loves, elsasser,
intentional ignorance, null coverage,
the memory hole, iron balance,
dissident publications, the
voluntarily blind, an enormous
humanitarian catastrophe, jesus
in the badlands, theophylaktos
blank, orange lodge poetry,
sparkly handcuffs, patrimonial
property, the said priddle, hiex
press, self-rep, get some advise,
holed up at your mother’s,
alonement, rectify yourself,
forcibly evicted from your
own life, seed toner, you
don’t know who you’re reading

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"pluriversal ataraxy"

luck expires, the rip signifies
the time, the new bend, thunk a
chunk down, is that a gun or a
car, a weather channeller, the
war of realities, pluriversal
ataraxy, come to hate legal
size paper, this is where i am,
blank for this afternoon, legal
instruments of coercion,
maintains the social peace,
just war, ethico-political,
born in sixty, gentlemen who
invent wreckage, histories the
consequence of the ebb, to trap
reality in a snare, his obsessive
war against the watch, motor
aphasia, sensory aphasia, a
junkie party, orange-and-black
pages, luchterhands, crumbscoop,
the deathwatchbeetleless life,
eggcyclopædia, cultivated
happily ever, perpetual peace,
bellum justum, just war
theory, jus ad bellum, the
banalization of war, routine
police repression, counter-love,
the threecornered hat, raw
reality, an unsignified reality,
the tricorne hat, imageless
reality, an undesignated
reality, combining images into
a cluster or constellation,
unconceptualized realities,
kissing the leper,

"nothing seems to register quite well"

tyme, looking closer will not help
you, as if you had no ego, nothing
is impossible to buy, father alone,
wine-rage, allusive referential
trance tech, philograms, the www
is the new short wave radio, saint
blur, concrete metaphor, towering
orange, don’t forget dumpster
needs to be capitalized, ummah,
probability cluster, the only hat
hair, meny becausation, emitting
cat-calls as heretofore, typophoto,
ensure healthy conformity, an
essay in critical history, psychic
automatism, industries and
clusters, autonomy of the
political, complex humanitarian
emergencies, ochlocracy, comitia,
killing days, refusing to
interact with any, a random day
of your life, schizophredia,
what does this day mean, nova
police, ubertime, nothing seems
to register quite well, why
would you want to make it
so ugly, toner painting,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"a general refusal of work"

cross another day off the calendar,
toner insanity, and let the best mind
win, we are all deteriorating, faded
right down to black, don’t worry there
was no information to begin with,
fragment language, become a swamper,
eat light, coffee designs, we lost the
ham, a giant capital ell, guess which
way the colour is going to go, but
you’ve destroyed the print, we lost
both margins, design the territory, eat
history, change them, auslichtung,
look nova, swamp society, beauty is
good, becoming trance, search chaos,
fragmentary love, risking not, the
language surge, withholding
originals, bring your identity back
up to level, which reality to value,
the underlying reality, oh god not
this again, the day’s mind, toner
can’t get much worse, what remains
to be done, can’t you see you are in
freefall, refreshingly blank,
jiangxi, note red dot, unknown
primary, downpipe black, bushmeat,
niqab, abaya, jilbab, expelling
hungover conscript, icicycle, a
ban on cluster munitions,
emotional labour, the shanks,
it all went to the black, primitive
accumulation, affective networks,
the brutal punishment of
vagabondage and vagrancy,
informational accumulation,
the postcolonial proletariat, a
general refusal of work and
specifically of factory work,
the affirmation of the
sphere of non-work,

lost four whole lines due to scribal eyeskip

rampant signs, still pen and paper,
magic trademark, reading the competition,
simple imp, hydroxytryptamine,
neurotrance, the amossive silence,
slopping urls, virtual sports, the
black area, chaos approval, everybody’s
got a message, yellow and blue,
take some words, fetch some scissors,
let us see what we have said, panta
rhei, indicating nothing, stillflux,
what plan, check for fold, forming
full, writing the now, wooden
reality, moss copy, good for weaving,
a poetics of failure, excelsior-
filled knights, the now of the moss,
and scribbling, cyberhockey, play
reality, distant early warning lines,
emmig, oh reality, lihght work,
reproduced copy, a number of hats,
this is the original: can we look at
the copy?, let’s see what we said,
history’s empty pages, assassinated
by a letterbomb, the gaping literary
void, one famous void, the city
of the living dead, reading time,

Monday, March 16, 2009

"concrete risers" & "hoh?"

kiin, to at, overspace, spamart,
jargon concrete, configured
as an empty hallway, concrete,
risers, penny dreadlocks,
mail worth saving, upside
the down, ignore the blood,
modem knock, fucking
butterflies, who are we,
multiple readings, north
of contention, after
we’re dead, nothing worth
reading, the limits of
art, that’s a book?!,
how do you talk?,
fashionable texts,
trance political, catachemy,
penny politics, letter
slip, computer freakout,
will fly again, e-pop,
the trance and the
translation, tired of
paying dues, faded
data, an exact location
in reality, a just part,
two crumby bits, jewel
boost, metamorphosis
hotel, hardly keep track
of the years, eye gloze
over, canadee-i-hoh,
still rippin’, inter
nal, needs repeating,
zero zero turns into
zero one, auto-graphics,
looking for jewels?,

on' eack

nothing is burning, kiing, all
the writing was gone, the art
beyond the words, still colour,
are these marks here?, what
are we going to do with all
this blank, visual noise,
encroaching on the art,
eack individual blank,
from mint to gutter, from
big to small, let the machine
read it, concrete levels,
first copy best copy, not a
very nice original, and a
third, if all these things are
on’ the same page,
microdata, beyond the
words: nothing, still sleep,
fish colour, pinnacle head,
reality continued, throw
the newspaper at me,
otocopy, four point seven
three megs, what the paper
got used for, the white
position, how to work a text,
are you looking with your
eye, concrete downtown,
amphibolies metaleptics,
a tease bumper, the great
communicator, fuck the
real, looking at buildings,
the complete concrete
production, leaving
fingerprints all thru
the book, spidersenses
are tingling,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"where the big waves are, ch'i"

black hole movie, banana sleep,
ack crow bat, the fire outside
the window, not an individual,
vodka shots chased with
orange pop, hamen, curiously
marked, only got one mark
to make, eaglestone, thanks
for contributing to the fire,
concept is handled with
extreme, rhinopussy, purgezine,
the contents of the window,
shipwreck in progress, eye am
you, sivle, nist, no bcem, x-ray
laser, tanabata, act of reason,
hash marks, casual dating,
bainval, taking things
further, any minutia now,
where the big waves are, ch’i,
identichip, and strip away,
paper dolls, synchropathic,
unprocessable information,
dayglo form, ponzi, oh the
things you will see, a suit
able substrate, distorted face,
net flickering, how were these
stains made,

the joy void

plastic wire, red threads, the
intersexed, litterfall, zero-
coupon, establishment hip
capitalists, identity in doubt,
border tensions, hours career
in economics, claims to be a
housewife up in edmonton,
paper ell, retronet, blue penny,
turbo trance, almo saint,
cet article, moyen, circle
line, taille, thick pap, crunt,
as good as the real thing,
second guess worst guess,
chunk of text, go to olome,
the joy void, alien us, the
writing of no mind, heart
breakingly beautiful, node
space, the lowest minimum,
the home this will find,
hittin’ fifty, from books
to screens and back again,
where the original dies,
an expensive havana cigar,
xograph, head cold and
your eustachian, cooling
your heart’s excessive,
strewer of yet-to-be-
interpreted signs, clockwise
dimensions, eye’s blank
pupil, a copy of what we
said, enuf to hold a page,
from the book side to
the comp side, still cube,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

eye can't seem to recognize these characters

the releve method, plot
location, any writing’s
good writing, your e-zen,
pure phrase, now we are
reading this, the stock
home sin drome, is this
enough to cover your needs?,
oh sure yer reading but,
write a whole book about
this, the book in pieces,
racontourage, sugar
shaker and salt bowl,
story-germ, how is this
working?, silicon
letters, wordse, kopen,
take another shot at
the text, rewol,
whole another, send
error, textual drift,
phat llip, removation,
coffee buzzard,
missin imp, god is
not in the machine,
mark trance, teck,
paip, frreee, re
call, continued
thinking, co-lab,
targether, tear,
jimmy dread,
trance oulipo,

Friday, March 13, 2009

ou mallon

word underfoot, no cars,
linquisitive, even highly
civilized, deisidaimonia,
homo homini lupus,
loxodromically, nothing
against writing, all the
particles, cst, ideolanguage,
culture of critical
discourse, el equals,
deoppositionalizing, all
the paper has to say, a shake
yer, ou mallon, no more
this than that, economical
and humorous comment,
read the list, no need to
read the book, coin-op
photocop, easy to remember:
hard to forget, three
hundred thousand titles,
tal, no, open access, if you
find a tear in a book,
baby reading, supereyes,
memberable, digitize,
standing space, friend
money, policy police,
large screen monitors,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"felark" & "claim nothing"

in the biz, all of a day, harg,
afflatus, still making, seav,
gone be fore, still racing, wirk,
psychic flames, medicine
glory, the full side, infinite
collaboration, the paper chain,
erase and pass, cycler, case arc,
felark, how’s your hand, zero
sense, real pro, sheep look down,
where’d ya get the stamp,
mana, hewest, those clos, arc
hundred, tirst, the title is,
graffiti on paper, excellent
paper, guillottery,

society of one, caking, still
computing, jigseen, claim
nothing, confirmation of space,
book-farmer, venus on the sun,
the black drop effect, mind
travel, detournity, nothing
is relative, fricaseed chicken,
blank hollerith cards, chant
concrete, concrete industrial
structure, death values, the
wine bowl empty, sleep apnea,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"rubberstamp nothing" & "keep trying you will"

get your face, one english
penny, original dump, prose
rhymes with, your money,
the golden other, on a mat,
trance sect, the hockey comp,
nothing below the line,
something below the line,
rubberstamp nothing, blank
reality, solo empire, cut
anywhere, kastro, koan, evening
the city will honor, leaves
falling from the trees, i
forbid you to write down
what i say, he cheats as he
enchants, essence of cat that
head, e-haven cool, sign out

the first day we were here,
we are back in our old rut,
at elsewhere, brown chaps, life
without computer, keep trying
you will, life with nothing,
writing for the move, really
empty, found a lost paper,
eye talk, fixing to fix,
deflected to nowhere, back
to brazil, gloriously blank,
lost blog, ignore at peril,
hurray for boobies!, lost
friends, drunk friends,
beer work, boeks, factuum,
skidding to a stop, close,


four trees, the whole
rack, up here we call it,
american mail league,
just don’t believe,
sailing from one to
another, cyberface,
falling to peace, what
do you want to be
seeing, vyšlapaná
cestička, the real sou,
source infinite,
stavĕti vzdušné zámky,
remove this smart
tag, arte povera,
hollowed eyed
consumers, iathpower,
the unknown realities,
lese-essence, closely
hugging experience,
court of the harem
eunuchs, the dark
network, can’t get at
all the words, no th,
even less, north of
difference, progress
if, art protection,
golden box, magig,
a period of flux,
the way you type,
now we’re talking
nothing, still reuse,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


max concept min, the old store,
according to the error, lutaop,
access our web, a customer for
seventeen years, the eye in, the
original right, invisible events,
throw the eye, determine zero,
resided in a book, not meaning
to call attention, remove a
link, free space grams, zen
again, empty envelopes, nates
satan, write your name,
glissee, is there any other
kind of money, xer, this is
a work of art, a different
self, julii, concrete paid,

rubway, show out comp, crapper,
what are you going to call
this money, let it stink,
tapies, hour log, acid trails,
negative seventy three cents,
mediumistic artist, abcd tm,
synesthetic ekphrasis, choko
vines, chockos, mystical
trance cryption, cervical
lymph nodes, the seventh son
of a seventh son, just an
address like any other, the
names that sell, a letter
written forty years,

you forgot to do your best

what is happening, oiseaux,
interchange identity, birds
and berries, imaginary day,
breaking the e-, money
sleeping, post all, mobile eye,
frankum, he gives his last
penny, mezz-a-mezz, thick air,
kachina, leadpaper, high
grade ha, paranymphs, heizung,
gebucht, ghost through the
machine, prolly, levitating
guinness, down the track,
smear reams, coan, high
falutination, provide
writing, three cents per word,
dull is in the eye, vote with
money, ‘’zero day, work lick kite,

the canonization of the saints,
the or a, what would you be do,
narcosis, the railroad current,
guayguayare, chickasaw mud,
columbo, toronto, hanna gem,
flax-dam, is freedom chaos,

jay eh zed zed, magpie,
sheerness mine, generating
station, d as in wide,
this is wheat, pie the queen,

Monday, March 09, 2009

"the acidhead" & "build it out of nothing"

working thru emptiness, blank
beacon, without a head, near
magic of sun, no latitude for
torture, seepage, traf, right
where we live, a hard foot,
with marie, language reversal,
obtuse literature, chila,
frult, and the winner is...,
beaj super, empty and blank too,
best van, any idea what these
marks might signify, data wood
head, zygodon tower, doui,
pin a name on nature, empty
brown, wet arc, creyke,
scapania curta, see point,
remember the swans, empty,

invent a new language, baud,
knock on another door, be
a part of the losing team,
rejected art, a place to
buy, a going place, could
not continue stopping,
still extant, the acidhead,
festival of lonely hearts,
thank you for your time,
milk snow, the new rate
is old, build it out of
nothing, blank et, hansen
oz, bloaded, alphanumb,
what happen to the to,

Sunday, March 08, 2009

"rejoin nothing"

what are you willing, cube a,
the slash between us, you can’t
buy it per se, career poet,
negative start, personal
details, identity crisis, a
book thru the wall, poetry
survivor, five thousand years,
illeague, jim jim jim, still
continue, number one hit,
still up north, out on, a
plan that panned, gasping
for water, reuse the post,
they look like words but, ≣ ,
write in the eye, gedda,
north of everywhere, we were
there for that but we didn’t
go in, daily edit, retribute,

spud, grapple paper, with silence,
still filling, blank country,
my ex-life, change and change,
medalta brick, the, guess the
contents, fade no more, gen,
it blank, sld, rejoin nothing,
still empty list, miss an
issue, a whole bag full of
mail, separate the combatants,
mixed message for artists,
paint it again, can i paint
your rainbarrel, drop the
candy, lick the page, how’s
the new job, insider poetry,
let me introduce, pay the
door, red indication, the
infinite shelf, did not eye
exist, targa taz, another eye,

Saturday, March 07, 2009

"bob dylan's garbage" & "paper fortress"

big money spent, rejected
publications, still growing,
share split up, the flow
trance, the house still stands,
make an illegal deposit, real
acid, look inside the text,
gondis, still grant, hacked
manuscript, share ways,
luomn, confusion of days,
undated untimed, collab
together, tapestry of marks,
thick memory, xewv, reaf,
museummified, still
mandala, turn it all into
one piece, zenobia, meaning
nothing, new york language,

microconfusion, ultranon, moss
hat, no peaches now, the one with
the mon, who got whited out,
bob dylan’s garbage, zero idea,
we are hear near the computer,
tip the money out of your
wallet, sensitive drunk, inter-
fax, three sents, mister blank,
a paper fortress, hand-me-down
job, disconnected life,
lect, it did but it didn’t,
biling, we can read for our
selves thank you, no such
entity, new exact place on
the planet, make sure you
tick the right box, still
unforgiven, still pumping,
please use the code, thot penny,

Friday, March 06, 2009

"the fruit bowl variations" & "this is being written anyway"

this day is not that day,
hockey is over, the fruit bowl
variations, war against war,
we thot it was a real tear,
blank personage, what is
with all the waste, blank
flux, what the word actual,
will be setting to work,
the one true hat, trance
genesis, a crawling, spot
me a spot, when is it going to
happen, high quality scrawl,
as received but, ink roi, like
to hear some talking, some,

study hockey, leslie’s garden
hose, abos ikay, state of mind,
return time, cast in concrete,
are you still here, gouse,
blood sleep, resurrection of
the chicken, compound
identity, a non-response,
mailart checklist, all the
potential interactions, info
war, zohar, this is being
written anyway, this is a
copy alright, big hook, tick
gift, comic poetry, noxob,
economic abuse, daily chin,
reality studies, note blue,
olome, all er nothing, a
different state of mind,

Thursday, March 05, 2009

"the postage will kill ya" & "blue box literature"

a word must go down, final
sun, sigh press, nasal sug jest,
the one and only original copy,
my name is not, psychic work,
good tax, deese, anxifer, how
else cultivate, trance furor,
trance fluvia, image science,
hat blast, a copy too many,
quaker’s hat, concrete
imitation, synthetic
mushrooms, tribrach cretic,
the postage will kill ya,
how broke are you, day by
day, money glass, still
keeping track, still losing
track, check all the sites,
retain this copy for your,

this is a write-off, guy wire,
your postal code is, a cold sun,
an empty day, kikiyu cobol,
the canadian boreal, high on the
medicine, art my eye, the blank
reflection of the mirror, the
mantle’s trance thru, the trance
vibrator, pline some pinners,
pthd, torching glad swoop,
the old prices riot, dress hat,
bread hat, read over what you
have written, metric analysis,
blue box literature, has eye
hat oh, writing about the pen
itself, the ink smells nice,
this product is not intended
for use by anyone under,

"psychic labour" & "psychic labour"

not exactly an original, you
can feel the work, silent
literature, psychic labour,
not really insane, kind of
sticky, shoptalk or talkshop,
is this the end, already
madeready, make a nice lil
chappie, and writing and
writing and writing, toner
indicator, easy with this,
spelling reality, waiting
for the green light, typing
no e-, a blue place, a card
place, interpret blank,

still insane, actual birth,
psychic labour, the next go
round, still leaping, still
blue, tea rain, ess heat,
blue sheet, triple labour,
ego catalogue, eye am,
nethermind, not a cypress
for a thousand miles,
arbour lab, are star, double
day, set yourself free,
the writing is better, mons
trance, dadabilly, why do
we do it, forget the ex,
hunt two hares, a single
wrong integer, jiohn,
hidden files, five point,

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


read to the letter, slugmail,
flourishing his hat, rabbit
napping on moss, trance
excess, coat and hat, sunyab,
psychobiography, find the
break, real cypress, circle
ever higher, the royal we,
a feminist interpretation
of this, eye hates nothing,
team cream, public eye,
solid rejection, what happen
to the devil, running on
hope, wax post, nal yob, make
something vast, reject this
mofo, acilis leg, get room,

it is not even straight, raw
pigmeat, collect nothing,
happy when the ball is in
your court, ex-geek, who is
listening to nothing, one
to go, it almost feels real,
this is not a copy, cat my
dogs, take a god, copies and
non-copies, imagine blank,
one five oh, mevi, leave the
blank alone, no interaction,
alt com, pain off, joo,
gone writing, buddy no
buddy, as it was altered,
as it come in, hot beds,

"intertrance formation" & "presume nothing"

process poetics, kekuli,
distributed cognition,
misinformation effect,
intertrance formation,
a porous self, bookwood,
catch the harmonics as
exactly, gobsmacked,
branding scarification,
twenty twenty cubs,
obsolete art, whad, so
thap, huge load of mail,

as it came in, a mere copy
of gold, intended to be
severed, blank cut, measure
and then slice, a mere
original, how sorted do we
need, original scrap, let
us initiate meat, maskar,
greeds!, zero response time,
except for the blank, an
explanation of the line,
till interested, wham day,
failure to respond, who’s
failing now, just keep on
singing, local ignorance,
presume nothing,

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"one penny opera" & "one hundred realities"

fibonaccian, fricting,
optative, royality, history
of a complex experience,
supermarket trance, hope sucks,
this is dirt, lsd font,
publish with, better bad
writing than, still thrill,
still bitter, intense trance,
still ballin’, still over,
all our illusions broke,
one penny opera, social
deformer, unprinted matter,
copycops, luna work, paper el,
nigh knee, in the memory
sieve, five five, on first meet,
still kitten, is that a real
word, wod abean,

still coming to see, new
and new again, quater, alt
reality, assemble nothing,
notvan, bright red splotch,
wq, two seven, still more
credit, respond to blank,
hat crochet, one hundred
realities, make a tear,
two eight, ball bouncing
court to court, it feels
like colour, what every
happen, two nine, to be
discontinued, the copy
does not count, uno
centavo, still being altered,
zen material, the elusive,

"never hang fire" & "no d"

sun thunder, the info original,
four one, we do have another
of these, on one no, include the
imp, sun and thunder, come
here, where is the poem off
to, not asemic to the author,
rud juice bold, make ready
for nothing, never hang fire,
check to see if it’s real,
book technology, so real it
hurts, don’t turn this blue,
eeore, struck with nothing,
signed copy, writing

still crazy, nobody is
impress, pool loop, is not
land, zamboni saxophone,
chowder computer, area
illedgible, typo affex,
the wrong money, gero,
the paint is long gone,
original long gone,
where the original went,
the pre-original,
unuomo, john who, fake
moon, icknore, lovely
rita, the writer is
long gone, spell coyote,
the original in quotes,
no other, nothing to do
with moss, ignore money,

Monday, March 02, 2009

"reality is not the thing itself" & "milk fire"

word making machine, the
copy sucks, the originals are
still around, what machine,
it’s all over, three four,
the red turns to black, star
star star, thirty-five, are you
getting the picture, initié
par, thirty-six, reality is
not the thing itself, did
level, thirty-seven, the
war between the yes and
the no, the complete image,
the same line, thin air
text, three eight, question
reality, roxer, three nine,

this fits in none of the
categories, debt write us,
this never became, the barb,
eye remembers the colour,
we are out of gas, match
the date up with the day,
the rich cost, let us ignore
each other, still gee,
still sun, still spamming,
brook no ell, what sort of
race, ego spoil, burried,
milk fire, net cheese,
care moss, s’more, lee lay
lie, letter attack,

"lost originals" (again!) & "original typing"

lost originals, a copy to fly,
do these need to go anywhere,
a home to find, information
trace, rectilinear text, still
perfect, reliable responder,
over-response, get the kids to
play, parent strike, om mo,
trouble finding trouble,
exact bounce, suss yer m.m.o.,
uncopiable impressions,
ary public, how many will
we be needing, copy sign
paper, who’s requiring,
special paper, one to type,
eye escape, from squint to,

original typing, interpret
that, wild dog, nay bore,
jumpin’ jiminy, in the sun,
goof lit, guilt correction,
playwork, nothing has been
done with this text, how
much is it worth to you,
hotter than a, hymns of the
medicine line, you know how
much it’s going to cost,
the opposite feet people,
highest essentials the
closest, ekphrastic, exergasia,
semasiological, shoddy
horseshoes, trance race,

Sunday, March 01, 2009

"no need for to destroy" & "stop zero"

minute collisions, typex,
the relief method, french
marks, every time you look
at one, beneath the line,
above the line, stampday,
no need for to destroy,
alexia and agnosia, explore
device, singha, extradictionary,
oriental consciousness, hand
red, which sense is which,
scotomaphobia, unceasing
supply, zen ink violence,
eye-brary, eye trance, two
pigs fucking, mere photo-
shopping, a quick sketch,
just say no to the wheel,
cold metal cat, inkwire,

the sun is just another star,
toy work, howff, photocopy
face, the penny drop, there
is no end to the bottom,
expanding the heart’s core,
papericity, espoused this
hegemony clamouring,
hat trick, stop zero, here
where the lines get closer
together, blue original,
vinizone, the social lyric,
formless chora, commitment
literature, a colour line,
the praxis of language,
the three lyrical events
from nineteen-fifty-seven,