Sunday, February 11, 2007

is there an eye that cares to
see, erasing the permanent
record, spork, ash can painter,
the bus will stop anywhere,
add and fly, who’s in charge
of the sinking ship, swimming
machine, eros errant, spelling
out nothing, not to master,
used to be able to see the towers,
advocating assassination, aarrtt,
fourth to sixth dimension, add
words pass on, mailart morphing,
transform weapons into, it is not
poison, the raft of the, the
epitaphs on the crumbling
headstones, you are a member
of this community, nothing here
now but the pulp, orange glass,
the testifying pulp, beyond
concrete, to cop a phrase,
muck concrete, unwritten
self-portrait with open mouth,
the best way to convey, copy
rubberstamp, apogee of insanity,
is it meaning we seek, mouth
or beard, lyefish, keeping ahead
of the flood, retire your debts,
marker testimonial, micropost,
pising, pising, type it up as a
poem, start buying books,
micropostal, a rough draft
of a name, indicate source
of, paying less today, we
need more books, e-flyers,
tstr, visit the void,

Friday, February 09, 2007

zero copies, ayman zawahiri,
knowledge we will forget,
one thing made up of a
million things, the zen gun,
name consciousness, holding
elation’s covenant, concervez
cette copie, penjil, ancient
milk, gaze into the blank,
don’t ask me for any money,
make a mental case, a
collection of postal
detritus, uninterpret,
wolfing words, blank five
dollar bill, note huge diff,
follow through with the text,
making better use of paper,
keep going like this, the sleep
of hockey, telepathic trance
language, taketa naluma,
enallage, concrete poetics,
enduser hammering a computer,
lorem ipsum, the mark you make
by falling, dirt economist,
major purchase booze, where we
float, urerit, felly, kegel,
khilledar, oberoi, the staples
theory, zulm, tire-hum on a
concrete highway, haqq, ijma,

Thursday, February 08, 2007

gold turns to black, micro-text,
packing yelling racing, stay on
the radar, writing on the head
of a pin, on and beyond and above,
a perfect day for nothing, also
ought six, adds up to fifty-one
cents, trance forward, jay-ville,
the money limit, extravagant
hallmarks of the carnival,
blistered concrete, ludefisk,
burntspoon, a voight-kampff
test, thru the dot com lense,
psychopathic kittens, replica
network, feel the day, alpine
house, ridi, disease etiquette,

Monday, February 05, 2007

pesah, saint rachon, link to
nothing, lucid facts, is it dying
away or, trance mittens, kwazy
wabbit, double-headed text,
dis omnia, s p a c I n g the letters,
nobody needs any text, your hand
reminds me of my mother’s hand,
this looks like a foot, an extreme
bad rendition, lame storm,
blorch, gaze no more, still more
we don’t know, take the top off
your head, you can imagine what
you will find, the actual top,
soil send, perique, let me
illustrate, you illustrate,
the hidden eye, tar feather
nest, strangler figs, beautiful
angel whispering in the ear,
psammites, this is me here, ham
hand, concrete universal, usira,
remake the text, chop it in half,
don’t look at the words, collect
all these texts, goo mark, these
will have to be separated, buy
some blank paper, death copy,
ococor, superbuck, feet in
concrete, post successful,
wore the quills on his hatband,
dyscontent, so much for the

Sunday, February 04, 2007

copy guilt, run this tape beginning,
dyssomnia, a poetry of syntax
ruptures, among clusters of
letters, cause and effect history,
extra-linguistic, prometa, why
only five copies, woodstamp, you
want the art back, next time
around the clock, thick reality,
didn’t pass away so much as,
how do you know it’s not the
real one, how will we alter
reality, what do we do with
these again, blank is for filling,
hear clearly electronic capsule,
stick the sticker someplace it
will be replicated, hat one
twelve, hsuantu, contact thru,
here’s two words we cannot join,
each scratch, if deformity,
haecceitas moment, pee turns
into be, people might go there,
how much future do you think
you have, the theory of search,
search theory, a citation classic,
spread the moss over the moral
complexities of horrific events,
fluorescent lit, txikiteo,
the un-artist, happenings,