Friday, December 29, 2006

the fruit bowl fluctuations, wos,
reading about war, hilum, a hup
a' chee her eys, annie lawrie
promises, the extent of the velcro,
phrenomagnetism, metallic
tractors, solution no solution,
british petroleum, cylinders
of concrete, concrete blocks,
superblank, blank glass, a
perfect skull, skull kiss,
cheesey reality, serrated
willow, kept it's yellow, mar
this, blank for all to see,
make out the words, what's
going on in this text, write
about ink, violins on the brain,
being here or being there, sub
yourself in, postcards of the
war, no synapses firing, hoping
for no response, no we were
hoping, home in quotation
marks, road ink, zen eye,
rubber rocks, never know by
looking, never notice the
rejection, nothing to do with
where we are, find yourself
a home, sun dead eye, we don't
have television cable, pork,
prepost, who's doing what,
knock and knock again, waiting
for nothing, the events of
the day, resip, vack cum, a
non-event day, this could be
shot into space, copied whole,
violence close up, poetic
momentum, then quit, exsip,
beer galore, drinking sports,

Thursday, December 28, 2006

quick bucks, a typing trip,
temporary consciousness,
blue time, what is the name
of the mark, flee skin,
typing glitch, wild e-,
internet things, the original
read, bored of the new,
against the grain of the
paper, goofing around with
language, in eyes, cultural
pirates, forx, retain this
copy for your records, zen
beer, autocollage, usa eu,
antipane, philomelos, melo
dies, sid tales, knowledge
of the letter, caboodle no
kit, top it up and chop it
down, sing ha!, immortal
copy, surf logic, take a
jackhammer to the concrete,
all the white you can eat,
planetarity, otherness
machines, planetary
consciousness, expression
of the complex hybrid,
crack air, designated
reality, owe mail, decision
to cut, it's your move,
all due today, who is
de mille, colling die,
real leery, picked up by no,
calling for nothing,
the phrase repeater, never
added never passed, the
war is over, blast money,
still skinning, nothinge,

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

wind blowing across page,
scorpion weather, power
site, yhx, high carbon, bone
bed, strome, destroyed
paper, problem elbow,
eighty-six decibels,
scorpionweed, racind,
slippery pen, sunbake,
alphabet-land, surround
map, sun on, shadow
culture, fucket,
nonlinear lines,
plastic reaction,
go git, zen ven,
all gum, birdtail
grass, not writing:
killing time, sun
beating on page,
scambling, outfacing,
years after the
fact, stickey pen,
grasshopper's coating
the highway, more
than one route,
the pen is glued
to the finger,
remember ebb me
murmer, goo pen,

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the work we have to do to do the
work, who’s coming to your town,
blank house, speak to sentence,
swear or lay a private information,
a carbon copy of real life, the
permanent married quarters,
vichnaia pam’’iat’, the lion shall
eat straw like the ox, sura, blank
post, specially shaped hole,
deathware, threatens your
existence fun, when you were in
grade four, enter into the city,
beheaded how many wives, gala
id, watch the disclaimer, only
women hurt, anthracnose
candlestick, aren’t you a little
old to be back at home, structure
to society, the law of the family,
lis pendens, the mareva
injunction, jeff will get the
cabin, ex parte, making an
election, speak to your release,
e-corvid, feelings of self-wrath,
perverse devent, a third party
is a third party, rialroad, thee
counts, ethno-centric privilege,
the language of the blues,
my white audience, my black
audience, bitten to death by
mosquitoes, national
consciousness, poet slash criminal,
a worm or snail of which only
this trace remains, mumaddada,
the self-subsistent, kafir, what’s
with all the caps, the squeam
factor, detoxification drugs,

Monday, December 25, 2006

mixamox, ready aime, there will
be no succor, standing order on
its head, ham and milk, leachate,
meropia, egusi, one of the better
ones for a hat stand, each
holding a card, the aspergers
liberation front, change is
invigorating again, one payend,
people clustered in city-states,
komagata maru, now it is more
than a copy, potluck university,
yes there is errors, did you go
swimming, jim bean, its face a
great blank, two successive copies
of the same thought, passage, the
harlequin the charming early,
disparite du fond, opaque
similarity, what with the blank
and all, there’s money in war
none in art, mere sleeping, the
zen gaze, recycle your life,
risking everything,
entel, eternity: high cost of, dort,
openclusters, blueapple, the poros
age grade cults, put it in the
spawning dish, pen pall, selfmade
things, einheitskultur, higher
education and the crisis, never
could get it write, pink on pink,
blob of toner on the text, stupa,
the demolition of the individual,
proletarian consciousness, a curved
concrete ridge, euphoria longana,
hecatomb, a cluster of tight,
square concrete, concrete water,
our principal reality, pop it up,
crimes crimes crimes, isreality,
we are still communicating,
enough revolution, culture is
power, springs directly from the
poet’s bowels, poeme simultane,
cut off each other’s supplies
of vital fluid, the plain of jars,
bombies, render harmless
procedures, our secret war,
cicciolina, alone a cyclist in
a pink hat bucks the tide,

Sunday, December 17, 2006

rust union, same sink, nacks, knacks,
maks, tilt, culture bursting
thru, one hell of a letter,
this new that old, good ad-
vices, down to the wipe, lucky
hat, still shuttle, post age,
naysayes, comma, ring the
changes, one we did, few
trance, still yes, dodder,
exact event, puts in another
appearance, still mean, wild
thing soup, from everybody,
my marker, still worth a
penny, still thin, contact
imp, rancid stammerer, psr,
early contact, is there any-
thing to be made out, mar,
draw a line between us, still
salting, you smoke eye smoke,
here's the bait and here's the
catch, are you in your box,
what the feet say, saint
en, nest, ebg, e-fluent, five
of diamonds, caporal pun,
vacuumville, all thot,
pathway to death, grey
smoke grey, still scanning,
was was, how do you know
when the text is done,
limits to the collection,
spot the spot, as it fell so
it fell, hole window, def
ace, copy qual, signify
eye, don't look so close,