Monday, August 07, 2006

computer chicken (souvenir)

issue a bottle, alpha zen,
milk link word, first printing
lost, book read in advance,
introduction continued, in
the gowith, one line out of
line, ingres fabianno, heap
of failed projects, memory
blue, spacing the spaces,
degenerous, thirty times one,
in every box, bautumn, disparu,
this is our logo, box eighteen,
event zero, non-coffee, bulk
reality, water brand, the
exact same text, civil
liberty strip search, grad
degrade, ami e s, worthless,

Sunday, August 06, 2006

a non-art place, billblass, just
white shirts, you and your mean,
university of hard knox,
widow skaters, honourary
canuck, dayglo handwrite,
we already have this memorized,
nobody reject, cinnamon money,
exhibitions of nothingness,
still text, computer modified,
let us now, fragmented erotic,
mint window, still roads, bold
as, oldschool toner, giving the
word a whole new meaning,
the reminder still, perma-
paint, stick it up, destroys
art, bus sub bulb, kwantlen,

Saturday, August 05, 2006

help yourself to a sheet of paper,
who owns the poem, i hate line
breaks!, what is this thing
called, autofrag, what is com,
gross art, snoring flies, meme
less, correct findings, mighty
blank, do not break this line,
bag of oranges, naro, to estimate
or to cause to hang, memetics,
hand or cluster, striped
railway hats, beck-ware, no
copyright, javascript: void,
cluster infanticide, vita
minima, hierarchs composed of
electronic, poetic alienation,
supererogation means,