Monday, September 30, 2013


postdigital art, pandeism,
concurrent metatem, high touoh
experiences, high touch,
autoethnography, cottage pie,
neurocriticism, the jupiter wall,
web-enabled peer-produced wiki art,
pre-auth, trance access, dna
pattern, a cassock and a bright
orange scarf, as a unit or page
by page, getting jiggy with it,
brulerie, not-quite-gifted but
truly wannabe, look at your
reflection in the chrome, a
two year rotation, goo goo doll

Sunday, September 29, 2013


ganking, lankavatara, haute
culture exhibition, xenothrix,
elementary halloween carnival,
skint, million cluster bombs,
uxos, zu krank, duvel,
moortgat, special collage glue,
duuel, ross priddle the proof,
beer cluster, schawk, gravure
choquet, is this long hair part
of the painting or not, it’s
active?, suntan valley, the
extras are for redistribution,
a cluster of words, the
concrete noun, a macro-noun,
a cluster of nouns, got my
eye in, foliage cluster,
elm cluster, environmental
text, the history of every
child, black treacle poured
on perspex sheets, the comma
, are you making special
marks, we are closing in on
the blank, a particular
field of image clusters,
forever captured, it’s a
pile of rubble, stasis
static, quality of light,
magical moment,

Saturday, September 28, 2013


goo goo clusters, moss brush,
vagus nerve implant, the biological
imperative, futility music,
computer and handheld-ready
esque, gmo po, foregasm, blud,
maskbook, four-eff, empathy
for the devil, commons holds
emergency, the simulationists,
krump or krunk, paperoni, give it
a twist, official fluxus canada,
um three hundred grand, bunch
tax, ccy b cluster, sadivnycha,
copy happy, chrome frog, stim
street, too post office, he is
completely exasperated, a
handbike, the warm fuzzies,
gamuk, ganuganuga, object
verse, clomipramine, concrete
post, craic, torsion dystonia,

Friday, September 27, 2013


opening the hand of thought,
whole-hearted sitting,
shikantaza, thrownness, flow
with the situation, cornbread
red, cewa, argus pozdrav, white
on rice, faceboob, concrete rules
and abstract machines,
mephedrone, farad, chelsea hawk,
odldtr, smgcc cluster, knize,
a libertyphone, bindle stiffs,
a gump, got any pennies?,
professional bums, a six
months’ floater, mulligans,
fine chunk of salt pork,
vog, you be queen tan,
happiness is a warm bath,
we did make it thru,
cheeseburger drool,

Thursday, September 26, 2013


future memory, krump, pop and lock,
pinned down by joy, sudhir kakker,
the desire element in life,
vaishali, rematriate, bumpies,
viscose, one seven one, sur ant
acid etch bond, powder-room
change, the chuck horrors, that
bad stackallee, harness cop,
piggly wiggly capitalist pigs,
stone-butch, blintz, capital
dee with a dot in it, decollect,
repeating lunatics, clavicle
orgasm, the roundlife, blog
details, nabokov blue, dial-a-

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


a concrete inversion of life,
rainbow pussy, acumensch,
liquid ass, papa glock baby glock,
subspamming, cannonball summer,
fee half half fee, hmt cbo b
cluster, sunnyside cluster,
which one’s noelle, higher and
lower archies, frag lie, poetry
leaks, there is no original,
the brick deck, burlesque
rated parental guidance
thirteen, how old were you in
sixty-four, light in drain-
hole, fish finger phallus,
plastimount, maakies, unit
of fresh, strange earnings,
goo goo peanut butter,
lesser known neutrinos, you
have been counted amongst
the snoozers, it looks like a
waste of perfectly good
oranges, i’m the middleman
in a great communication
network, let’s turn that
little shed into a, anything
may be included, mountain
yeller, commissioned to
design postage stamps,

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"dipping candles at kutztown"

canada to evacuate hundreds,
the disneyland molasses, maté,
phallunatic, münchausen syndrome,
victor hara, anas marecula,
ectrotte, rubberist, what if
we don’t want the heart on it,
amor vincit omnia, fucked up
or/and deranged, look for
important information inside,
a naughty kitten, moth girl,
a pusillanimous person fears
to undertake any action of
importance, pre-treatment of
the specimen, another lovely
wad, azura, nothing insignificant
about a girl in a cage,
dipping candles at kutztown,
who’s hand, cineteca, adze
and padze, size and proximity,
avanguardia, don’t bring
the weak at bay!, against
the construction, curious
one, gemelli, cleomenes,
mushotoku, satellite
astronomico agile dell’asi,
cernjul viviana,
anconcagua mendoza,

Monday, September 23, 2013

"brumal sleep"

eating burgers in an alley,
brumal sleep, perine strain,
thrives on human disconnection,
san-j tamari, yamasa, hrt, the
ethical slut, corinna in english
hasofferett, cluster source,
how do you intend to survive,
january thirteen, see the little
indication, sexualwissenschaft,
liminalised, creative content
developer, large-scale online
properties, one distros, racar,
return these empties to the
bank, blackhand mafia, a
riding habit, parlor wrapper,
put her against hop, collar-
and-elbow variety show, the
buck and wing dance, not
supposed to notice, collage
on manuscript, all your
insane ideas, biocapturism,
villégiaturer, suagrenues,
bridgefries, griffin’s paradox,
marshall’s demand analysis,
mu mit may bay, kind of a
blurry copy, this is the real
thing, this is just a copy,
gar seventy-one, spot the
blue, original holes,

Sunday, September 22, 2013

"sy safranski"

hackerberg, abafluxus, a smack
of jellyfish, datamining the
cyber-zeitgeist, doing the mashed
potato, shakyamuni, wawro, tiny
moss terrarium, else to clean
house, each can help, overgoogled,
chexy, one is on the face the
music plan, sugar-joy, scriffy,
share-joy, sure-joy, minute
maid, fold fuck, an insane
amount of money, the rich get
richer, puts china lily into the
kikkoman bottle, sy cluster,
on and gone, the wages of trouble,
head love, barley, sy safranski,
a talismanic energy, your zine
is finished now, pinay, psychotic
readhead, the tao of the
hoarder, ain’t no esquire, freak
alendar, vod, most outstanding
philanthropic corporation in
the world, winchell, elongated
carving of a head, finger-talk,
a husky coloratura who every,
dime novels, horse pistol,
citizen and exercise the
high, like a pyramid on
its tip, dial-a-font,

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"kongpa nurika"

polyommatus blue, the nine-sixty
grid system, the downward dog,
quizzical pussy, kunstwollen,
typograms, iyi-uwa, ogbanje,
reverse mathematics, sure-joy,
we call everything high, come
home early, molly malone,
doreen massey, gee crystal,
let’s hold off on this one until
we have it in hand, jezlo and
the bad pennies, cbyolo cluster,
looking for some sort of indication
from the paper, holly golightly,
yegg, captures and hairbreadth
escapes, nabat, the social lie,
highwayman an escaped convict,
gopher men, quantrell, gai
yang, psychic surgeons,
trichology, biofeedback, the
bay of jars, that means we
gotta go back, e-laboratory,
mule joy, functuation,
stiptic, gcf, kongpa nurika,
wall cluster hurry, where
are you getting these raw

Friday, September 20, 2013

"incilius periglenes"

mulogeny, meatusfoetus, mola,
intermissolonghi, cluster maps,
pinktoe, incilius periglenes,
sailor jerry tattoos, the yeasayers
alp, i ls: c, the demise of
sunnyside, i wasn’t waiting,
blurst, blurst it out, impeach
yourself, fucking during wartime,
roxwork, roxworld, jewelrox,
chiquita sticker maker dot
com, enlightenment films,
metatropism, gender disorders,
intermediary sexes, bartholin’s
gland, human experiences came,
psychobiological, demagogic
fire speech, a bath-house affair,
engage in the construction of
historical, the sensorium lab,
kinesthetic perception,
mortar eggs, time well spent,
e-labour, gateway detroit,
meta-eraser, nervous joy,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"grenache noir"

zonzera nervosa, one is an anti-
stalker, the dirty buddha, cat
snatch fever, weirdo magnet,
curry alacrity trapeze, nice
guy syndrome, agapa, chos,
home is where the bacon lands,
notchilicious, kissy suzuki,
one performs unheimlich
maneuvers, plaza, ectoparasites,
i’m gonna ambush you at
sundown, tatie, grenache noir,
syrah and cinsault, caromb,
gallery sponge, vsbk cluster,
die ehe, parlograph, speak-o-
graph, the thinkers in the dust,
exploitation or consumption
human, vitalology, flextime,
barriada water, poster
making software, you really
have to see the original,
there will be a time after,
happy accident, rubber

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"trypanosusceptible zebu genotypes"

rubber isolation cell, salted
paper print, psychonaut,
a bit of ‘er, cuse, orange
blush, trypanosusceptible
zebu genotypes, tilapia
pollichathu, maternity
shapewear, food for thought
for the out to lunch,
sagetarius as aquarius,
the newsletter state, the
war of northern aggression,
the hose of betty, cute ass
with wedgie, labelt, nothing
folder, what shall we call
the new undivided, jay oh

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


honey rider, mix spackle,
blindsided by joy, figger
drawring, another day another
dolour, jammy get, thought of
you today in orange, nation
sack, labeled labeled, this
ain’t canada right now, zardoz,
effbook, glassfish, the domain
access module, shit i just
dropped the rubberstamp,
the liquor store is going under,
ventoux, ccl g b cluster,
fold!, let’s use the self
checkout, general
merchandise, gentle
machine, one is just
hanging out, the
difference between a
word and the right

Monday, September 16, 2013

"doodle fielding"

another tour de force, solo-man,
mono-man, cosmos and chaos,
mama loa, megalo man, doodle
fielding, caecus, the hole the
meat went thru, spent in full,
entry method: chip, quiot,
domaine vieux lazaret, pink
ink cluster, om w cluster,
he’s got a knife, lumbar
sacrum, stifled beneath
massive concrete, hei yow
chi lay, nitassinan, monophony,
quadraphony, seduction wine,
nothing folder, nazichusetts,
touch it and see, the thee,
a woman that doesn’t stand on
ceremony, the copy was defective,
never put your hat on the
bed, gar seventy, this
curious thing, thy wine
mixed with water, how
do you get her to do that,
do this do that, crime as
ornament, paranoia
machine, jay oh double-u,

Sunday, September 15, 2013


extraordinary machine, yarn
dukey, brokeace, jank, vomit art,
boy howdy, family tracker app,
autosuggestion, butt blaster,
nomuraki, stultifera navis,
autogenic training, dallas
lama, a chair in the house
everyone, reindividuation,
broodmare, vagetarian, charm
cluster, sambal oelek, can
we borrow some oil, roxygen,
silly, brain to brain trance
mission, call a call a
collage, who’s your god,
participatory actions, the
power of positive, lumphini,
multidimensional cinema,
only twenty percent of ants
actually do any work,
hydriotaphia, the viralizer,
fana, tag-curated, heliponto,
chroma toast, xeroxrun,
extensions of human
concrete, the letter bee
two spaces back into the
left margin, keep your
paranoia to yourself,

Saturday, September 14, 2013


sim card in tooth, spacebook,
ray-tarded, syzygic, fungry,
arthropleura, databending,
alternativeless, eye to eye art,
babbit livre, year of rabbit,
professionally destroyed, a
diamond tennis bracelet,
promotivate, tallyman bunch,
the missing ink, mental illness
cluster, invisible skirts, the
dean of women, brahmacharya,
enormous chic here,
pentimento, zenlessness, un-why,
the theory of laughter, bad
friends drive out good, ş ,
nobody wants to see your
sores, why can’t i scare you

Friday, September 13, 2013


forbidden relationships, coulatan,
skimmiester, dobry fluid, elvis
or ho chi minh, caput mortuum,
fanook, can have human experiences,
gino’s pizza, slovenly peter,
non-sympathetic pleasure,
deadnettle, bugleweed, distal
lateral, wake-up call from dallas,
lukajenn, blue on purple cluster,
danaus plexippus, why would you
want to interact with, poulon
chainsaws, a man hater sexually,
lazerade, trillion dollar bill,
she wants and how, kiwana,
king kong po, batteries have
souls, just call it a liner,
magnifiscat, printing wealth,
paint you can put your fingers
on, thy silver is become dross,
amie says fuck that, filosofie
del benessere, squola, your
martha avenue place,
padmasana, entirely comparable
hash, charlotte russe, one
collects lunatics, the
number one hit for nothing,
the sort of poem you can
read over the phone, program
america, kay why dot,

Thursday, September 12, 2013


star sixty-nine your ass, the
devil’s riding crop, ludacris,
paper tiger by the tail, fluttus,
fructuous, iceberg siblings, a
dive off the tier, condom-in-yum,
headlining at the guillotining,
reus, reusable, every christian
hopes, i continue to print you,
csytoc b cluster, intime, top
banana, afflatus, molto agitato,
the glee club, watch! , green
intoxicator, think in ink, oh
i’m sure the computer could
do it, purvey scum, sawstidges,
soupuhlins, clear heals and
efmepumps, hyperbole
extravagant ice-cream cones,
kahmole, ky· , khylysty,
psychozaum, ross priddle,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


paper ring frag, asemenic, concrete
permanent marxist environments,
gooey ducks, overincompetence,
big heart cult, periplus, party bot,
talks crazy talk, asbo, one is a
headliner, cl g cluster, call no
man fool, zut, sciolism,
technology detox, extreme
couponing, club echo in my head,
black secret technology,
dyscalculia, intraparietal
sulcus, transvestite pass,
mistaken gender determination,
change paper, hooligan network,
if you need some blank paper,
actually make a collage,
lick button, the writing
burial, eight and a half by
eleven black paper, and the
contents are, ross priddle, lifted
your guiding hand too soon,
how can you still believe
in the gun, to see back and
beyond the thing, variously
real and non-real, orange
paper fuck, this is a pattern,
network outcropping,
chum number, kuh,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


found one cute little button,
mobius curve, experimental diet,
orange chair in the kitchen,
monkeyjunk, glide shimmy,
beautywood, sag harbor, man
with golden voice heading to
rehab, bananas bunch, vb
cluster, a particularly robust
staple, honk horn music,
klezmorim, double haiku,
lafayette the fish, bent-pin
fisherman, miss overman,
fascism and banality and
libidinal flow, bold blue
bic flow, bone machine, try
to remember the blank, has
groupies, how do you happen
to have a summer place,
palm house roggies, posh
you moss you rom, meiwah,
ježto jsi tady, returkartong,
military sport, itzehoe, art
ecology, cecami, non scrivere
sotto, riviera toscana,
haughmond abbey, netland,
suitable for posting,
northern soul, diana
oldschool, opposte,

Monday, September 09, 2013


memorable stories, narco-anarchist,
jenny generous, legally blonde,
motn, synergizing backward
overflow, blood libel, cleruchy,
asa lana lakum, individuation,
gresham’s law, fluctuationist,
american exceptionalism, penny-
backer, rebase the penny, clang
cluster, i don’t have to print
your artwork but i do, og cluster,
i can’t face that kind of money,
small life-saving grants, the
only two red marks, hurontorio,
catherine roberts leach, art
kills me, shisomiso, planning
and building a retirement
home for artists, artist-run
culture, not a collecting
institution, artist-run
centre, voicepondence, the
dialectical force which on
its own leaves the penny where
it is, pur languas, crankshaw,
transoxania, the original
metal parts, the goldcrest,
zen-killers, aesthetic
pathology, heidelberg
dueling scars, hardly
even counterpoint,

Sunday, September 08, 2013


zennifer, autodadactic, sfiha,
ermyntrude, grey goo, or pad
an ass, facebiter, web bug, the
bong show, hobo nickels, sleep
hyperhidrosis, andropause,
dehydroepiandrosterone, the
night sweats, extremophile,
leydig cells, face to face book,
there ain’t one gal in a million
that will tell ya the goddamned
truth, mcc cluster, anscochrome,
tty, starlit angel, caribbean
divas az, dia de los muertos,
that wasn’t what the postmark
said, plagium, imperial soiled
trousers, this is an original
variation, enter the information
void, the arts how quaint,
chho, anarchaos, a perfection
complex, indiscrimination,
living the imperfect night,
to go beyond poetry, the
ghost of italics, reclamation,
dreamgate, lavender fog,
cembalo, venerant,
placenta previa, something
i had to get out of my
system, today no, lipserve,

Saturday, September 07, 2013


mullinax, homo-femo, bushido,
pasaquan, the ct ligature,
linnea glatt, silver plather,
beeline to the redline,
norovirus, sweetlodge, ingénue,
don’t talk to me about your art,
dccb cluster, let me dish, fight
for happiness, just get a dvd
and look at it in the sun, a
nicely placed piece of tape,
what’s this yellow stain, star
dancer, belleau woods, flsuxu,
dead loss magazine, shoot the
brute, think ahead ross priddle,
just say no to guns, bob dylan
must be santa, the drool
howler, cute magnet, sliver
lining, ace high printing,
burg main, discreet, booby
hatch, exceedingly homely
child, rampant signs and
symbols, you need to figure
out how to get this
strikethrough on your blog,
vispo gets a bum paper,
ntyilo-ntyilo, stayagraha,
terbutaline, shaka, lip
service radical, sex tax,

Friday, September 06, 2013

"pantages circuit"

thread sex, the amen break,
overgiver, acted alone, non dualism,
the golden veil, a gunless society,
meta-filthy, the cumshot arc,
whoo coulda got six, neario
bianco, cl cluster, pantages
circuit, the post hospital,
pleurisy, it’s a wise child,
lenitive, collected workings,
the negative dialectics of,
i take mine ease today, the
american greed, take a gander
newf, start with nice paper,
bloatographs, we’re goin’ to
tokyo, witch weighs up, let
us compare bridges, your bike
doesn’t seem real, a japanese
aesthetic, even the jobsites
are, not your regular
payphone, vii xii xxx,
raffine, insane rollercoaster,
there’s a limit to perfection,
ottles, mama po, kfr,
preserve industry,
cornerblocks, put a price
on it you get taxed,

Thursday, September 05, 2013


wild rose cap, facework, facetime,
zoea, hiemal, invented for the
way you clean, fold!, bananas
bunch, bcb cluster, production
society, sketchy thoughts, the
two row wampum, virtue and
shit, it’ll go it’ll go, drawism,
the history of tattoos, not even
the gee, signed xerographic
prints, trim mirth, i feed on
sharing, we only had a copy to
start with, we’ve got until
march to see, don’t get we
started, blood spilled on
concrete, propaghandi, it’s
only with the heart that one
can see right, race law and
american society: sixteen-oh-
seven to present, where’s that
rj gas mask thing, here it is,
ugetsu, ell is for luke,
make a nice bookmark, net
notes, not just any smudges,
gar sixty-eight, peed warm
beer, is that your aegis,
you’re outside the frame,
anybody killer, the fold
tells, saint anis law,
gander easy,

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


kalos kagathos, popcorn surprise,
mta-flatliners, bromo-dragonfly,
a ploughman’s lunch, appliance
fetishism, love-sayers, a sucker
for a reasonably pretty face,
feria, velamen, hoy hoy music,
pomoxis, a ring made of money,
ten dollar quarters, neario,
it’s called breaking open the
head, stick it in your ear, yo
c w cluster, we just did these
at home, shape the paper with
dash, rajo, rayjoh, no more
slogans except trumanisms,
postmarked north texas, get
the heart right, stretchy
gooey hand, a bird that
actually goes north for
winter, if light does not
illuminate, operating
engineers local, mess of geo,
illustrated talk, a hundred
bucks is a hundred bucks,
census job, protected b
when completed, hits the
concrete, paperhanger, a
broadcast storm, challah,
scanman, what’s that
from, that creepy shit,

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

"anadenanthera peregrina"

cerridwen, poisonality, esemplastic,
phonematic, end-of-life
electronics, anadenanthera
peregrina, spot fixing, understanding
non duality, frenemyship, mixtake,
quick-kopy krap, redlines,
practicing non-artists, working
its way around the head, up evils,
find the mark, the revolution
will not be funded, the non-profit
industrial complex, the humble
and simple people who struggle,
de-non-profitizing, the young
lords, the panthers and sickle
cell anemia, karma-cola,
dying for some crazy bitch,
chalchíhuitl, slunk, itch
cluster, reclogstruction,
conslabulation, ableize,
the clustered spoons,
referring to the eror, i’ll
take my nittygritty without
the hyphen thanks, across
the river is america, aegis
mayet, you can’t berate
artwork kid, flum suxest,
piggly wiggly capitalism,

Monday, September 02, 2013


bizarre happy insomnia, sanus,
embalmed corpses of husband,
intercorpse, plasticizations,
hypnobait, reprobait, fresh
oranges and chocolate, databody,
ambien, land gauge, gravure
idol, antichronistic, valiha,
claddagh, xöömij, ben insects,
this ain’t no in sect, ferronnerie,
red hot iron, molten glass,
berating your artworks, bc s b
cluster, artards, this text is
controlling your mind,
inter-florida fluxus, the
intergalactic network, from
below and to the left,
extramarital dating, a
world where many worlds fit,
class struggle with a
decentralized autonomy-all-
around twist, structural
adjustments, dying for some,
minutiae labs, i am making
a world that has no place
for orange, dangertits,
alphahydroxy, gooage,
that belly button smell,
mayan code, orange

Sunday, September 01, 2013


continuous instant gratification,
hypotactical evasions, buttertubs,
leucism, perfect gentlemen
should be seen but not heard,
imaginary order, sexication,
shim, dallas? did somebody
mention dallas?, soc cluster,
the bodies had been eaten by
dogs, engaged in criminal
human, compounding the
economic hardships, odious
debt, so ann, that first class
is meant to be crossed out,
saint udyin’, doubt time,
konnichiwa, ultraworld,
orange paragram,