Saturday, September 30, 2006

the textual glance, a fleck of
text, envision actual location,
a page torn again, selling
reproductions, notch or ratchet
it up, unexpect, get that font
into your font folder, smashmouth
poetry, it’s still real but,
promotivate, what are the elements,
making and making, the new
element, biblical asemia, what
time is it, chaos composition,
mar the card, roan oak, collage
use value, nothing to be proud
of, return rut, penny peep show,
invented concrete, at the whim
of a hat, free tiger, everything
going thru your mind, nothing
going thru your mind,
vimokkha, the grand area,
hallway electric candelabra,
negative daoistic poetics,

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

identity preservation
program, commodification
of history and culture in
this era of cosumer
capitalism, stir field,
return to communication,
get behind the wheel and push,
zonal notation, bp-shifters,
momentary web, jiminy
criminal, nongratification,
more room than, down with,
scales out, on this day at
this time, ever blank, this
website, fingerprint on the
drum, eternal blank, penny
wait, blank dust, blank
repetition, binary-ative,
info-shadow, death never
came, money sign, drug tax,

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

hand stitch, hand held,
still owe, black ether,
autochtones, real louis,
safe cow, empty house,
we are already gone,
what is it to read, a
word dropped, sev mumra,
pirated in the canada,
e-gap, no boxcutters,
open en box, edge crush,
fire in the rye, lucid
trance in progress,
smurfit, bursting test,
point zero zero zero,
mullen test, ten reams,
kristov, uniform freight,
twelve years aged,
diagram only, rotisserie
or rotissoire, impact
resistant bumpers, wide
mouth mason jars, coat
of arms, food grade
mineral oil, vertical
compression, space is
money, distribution
repack, edge crush test,
la scala spumante,
the bat device, royal
white dessert, lithotech,
ham beach, min comb
wt facings, deterior
ex, pocatello strategy,
bulk nature, fifteen
dozen, ant town,

Saturday, September 16, 2006

free here, tax exempt, other-
serve, the weight of the
paper, the difference a
line makes, here in the
hat, empty hand, a place
in the sun, celeb you, the
final blank, i am, read
the trance, van hat, ok! ,
loz, the empty, hand pick,
we us, move to still, long
double o, the trim downs,
scissor marks, line on line,
copyright hit, eye-lerons,
bend this flap down, e-
for, one-for, glue rip,
moon disk, doctor zenzen,
trim line, east of coal
harbour, the blank face,
goetic crackers, penny
prophet, still work,
the fold songs, zapped
out, stomped out, puked
out, egypt-pics, still
village, supergive, truth
story, still perceptions,
a dollars worth of lit,
word theft, swearword
for title, read the
whole rig, switch hands,
eye to eye, memorize
this phrase, time
blackened, the send
and the, fat seconds,
bushperson, ear relev,

Thursday, September 14, 2006

a beer can, three hundred beer
cans, linoleum type, o nil,
wrecked oh verse oh, repair
the repairs, ballsleep, trance
portal, seventy-seven cents,
the little plums, and the
meaning is, still of, concrete
universal, nonmodernism,
concrete possibility, to cont,
how did you get up there,
the mere real, need the
seed, lot number, the third
biggest city in the world,
western eyeballs, in the
rainforest, where the hate
came in, rea, the chinese
character for golf, groly,
failing to maintain, let
yourself know, specimen,
thicker, real art, eye
brother, the biggest city
of south hemisphere, water
city, gooey pages, we walk
graph, moss saint, graf
system, before the flood
but after the, bad graf,
permanent record books,
up in the tree, a perfect
moment in time, we work
graph, the art of washing
dishes, life we missed
out on, solid metal art,
plurigraf ruins, go
pill, groly, all greek,
mossy tits, brass bubs,
rare fruit stickers,
doctor graf, fold jive,

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

eye writes, line nil one, close
window, the acbs, the new line,
rerepair the rerepairs, do,
crow in rain, searchy, one
thousand one hundred and
ninety-one km, gray concrete,
nothing makes too much
sense, rhizoplasm, logion,
not stored, blog away, i
already published this,
we don’t talk like that,
imp press me, context-
stripping, the hermeneutics
of early-universe cosmology,
coffee percolation theory,
geometrodynamics, space-
time foam, diffeomorphisms,
morphogenetic field,
nonrenormalizable, planck-
scale, vortex-mediated
phase transitions,
symmetric second-rank
tensor, cohomology, icing

Sunday, September 10, 2006

any indication, cong rats, like a day,
htwm, sdp, utp, alba fate, your name
makes you angry, a place to start,
failure to enter into, assignable
red, reflect in window, claim
yourself, it is black, very dan,
enter the image, incompat,
learning your alpha, perfec,
these are letters, poiuytre,
bots and stuff, four-d,
colouring, head dead,
real daze, zed piece,
fruit sticker art,
cudy, we will nev,
languages, cores
sponsalia, brack,
experting, com
in, iall, rec,
reading it,
blue, prot,

Thursday, September 07, 2006

date and initials, potentially
exists, artcode, the ride is over,
type in the blanks, trance
literature, dispersal of money,
copy bus, vast envelope, a bird
for ed, once folded, collabb,
both sides of the paper, alta
bookworld, due to the size,
taste the paper, ping one, bear
and forbear, micro-crow,
gristing, still bear, uppity
puppy, duck goose, first
scratch, abbapa, before it
exploded, adamage, tred,
reconcile those, only real,
paint again, still use, works
on paper, childlike zen,

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

round and round we go, blank left
empty, we are travelling back thru
time, toy tax, healthy thinking,
four letter tag, chock-a-block
concrete, apro, hey this is my hand,
blank river, tone, long eng, fuel,
wax paper, items of what, tax
on being with, when you were
on vacation, kneel butter, no
money to survive, the item
was a copy, three at, blank
noise, longing for text, read
press, what direction!, time
money, no flag, canada roads,
two hundred errors, buy high,
mach card, letter other,
overprice, a thing to fly,
bp, a larger blank, what!,

Monday, September 04, 2006

famines or feasts, what does the
giant say, vulnerable information,
let’s keep working this text,
imagine the colours, you can
hardly see the pornography
anymore, the nothing sign, forget
your own name, imaginary enemy,
text literature book, new glue,
all your time is spoken for,
nothing is ever really, the
pattern is changing, forget
reality, the one order, paranoid
horse, imaginary war, nothing
expires, lost a little light,
pink turns to black, we one
become two, beyond my humble
range, fifty dollars worth
of meat, credit card trance,
criadillas, linear bee line,
temari, a hat-trick of honours,
the king of the freaks, canoe
paper, the science of the
concrete, graquinaceas,
metatarsils, clumps n clustrs,
cars for an escutcheon’s
hypotenuse, orange limb lice,
the longer your spoon, trace
the breadclip, blogosphere,
the underground media
revolution, dirt research,