Monday, June 27, 2011

"periddle" & "art flacks"

the rule was broken and then taped
back together, antique glue, what did
you do to your lip, i am willing to
share with you, plastic thing says
made in canada, ten big names,
dominion automobile association,
hmmm maybe that glue is leaking,
feel the texture see if it speaks,
mister periddle, you can struggle
back, throw away the hologram,
make a genuine effort to sign
your name, vic, a fine wooden top,
you’d think they could put decent
ink in the thing, wad of paper
went thru the wash, you can’t
starve him out, four year ago,

what a pink, lift flap and flip,
the missing nickel, the cops is
all we’ve got, resistries, mere
replication of error, you don’t
even need a resume, no indication
that it might be a copy, this
would be if, the devant garde,
art flacks, the original looks a
little less official, the absolute
original, this gap down here, oil
makes the world go round, odds
are it will come out worse, copy
the samara, scan and destroy,

Sunday, June 26, 2011


sew knot, my life flushed before my
eyes, rainbowing, gun struction,
o k and again, the lay, coiler, pollies
pour in, motile room: beer cans under
the sink, a skien, advertizing jingles
stuck in their heads, staying put in
the car, what day of the weak is it?,
you’re writing on it!, sell you lose,
skyling, the very word, curt tail,
the study or logic of swelling,
mountain strange, said something,
fear of locks, driving thru rock,
wall to wallish, professing to
create, road deactivated, he
won the lottery, idea in thing,
imbue the myth, let the eye
decide, typerope walker, waste
trance for sight, trashed
satellite discs or dishes, fight
the right!, committee of diseased
city zen s, textualizing, the outdoor
rink in summer, china knows!,
skooby do,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"cayoosh" & "kerogen"

joy is in parting, twenty bucks for
a printer, orama, saint antec,
cayoosh, you have to destroy it to
use it, infinite resolution,
what is the senza, pay pave gray
grave, current trance, ahc, i
fly in a jet, the stamps you missed,
draw a line of blood in the
snow, don’t tell me where to
stick it, a very what what,
a heinous mistake, number nine
number nine number nine, this
list is toast, don’t care a cent,
economics could harness, every
work of art is an uncommitted
crime, seep loo, misprinted face,

you could ask the computer
to do a better job, department
of aversion, batang che, lying
under press, fanac, the peak oil
theory, kerogen, cuntstruck,
ishidoro, the bakken formation,
a real gappy font, you can’t just
write all day, starting to
see the crap as good enuf, all
the particles that look like
this, there will be no karma
today, jaji, sep two, soft text,
jut skank, zep two, telltale
bleed of ink, toner choke,

Friday, June 24, 2011

"joric" & "xqepx"

this is not real writing, i’d be
curious to know what this looks
like to your eye, does this special
paper have a name, some of this
looks genuine, you’ve got a stamp
made up, this looks like child’s
play, little love poems, can you
read, alas poor joric, please end
fon, hat meds, kissed trouble,
any photos, this is just an instance,
you’d have to be ezra pound to
understand, maybe if we had a
translator, reads like the i ching,
human seen form, this is your
brain on poetry, the cantos
remixed, text conquers reader,

how do ya do ya, maaf, thanks
for the map, why would you want to
wreck it, hello my name is ugly, hel,
hello my name is ug, hel, hello my
name is ugly too, hell, peq, black
ribbon campaign, grey ribbon
campaign, gray ribbon campaign,
white ribbon campaign, redjuice,
qep, xqepx, blank ribbon campaign,
illusory widening, x with a bar,
silowet, close identity, lisou,
oh you want communication, no
i never remember seeing this
before, where do you dig ‘em up,
the only thing that ever changes,

Thursday, June 23, 2011


taking yer eye off its hinge, of
things, watch the sky, free viewing,
i’m just talking in my sleep, fee
mailing, travel writing, sell your
seat, start a new town, talking to
people you’d never talk to in real
life, i’m in van, unite the rich ,
to ravel, what are you looking at
this for?, so blake, tet (offensive
one, let it stand, orina arch, the
antidote to anecdote, quota!
unquota!, tune in the next see
be see station, difference
yourself, maybe we should just
keep our thots to ourself, the
only thing they have in common is
genitalia, silv, behind the word
social, stab them with your pen,
so conflictual, wright across
the gap (page, trance later,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"zaragas" & "crayzee"

push yourself until you break,
guilt with a capital eye, how
can you not remember this
brilliant thing, anti-defamation
league, professional management,
comma zaum, emanate, still
ongoing, shop like a freak,
stencil of tank with caption:
coming soon…, one is fluxing
again, mailing moving,
zaragas, p-card, least we
forget, if you don’t have
anything to say, wherego,

is the artist still present, the
activity you are doing is obsolete,
microparticle of uncle ray, one
silly, energumen, we thot we spent
every penny, all this flammable
beauty, the being standing
beside its own representation,
oh five was the moment, cept
nothing, crayzee quilt, sort of
like the hula hoop, burger
wheeze house, feel better,
anthropomorphic chest, dog
shoots merfish, for the ride of
your life, that would be a
different, priming the pump,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"zen fascism" & "eruke"

there’s a number of things that
could be done with this text,
this text is limited, a project in
mind, let’s send the blue ones to,
stepping stones the mind had to
use, and what would various
brains make of this, poetscard,
zen fascism, big mailout project,
wherever the eye happens to fall,
why only the one text, a lot of
semi-brilliant phrases, mere
roll thru, i’d like to google
some of this, this text had
another life, we are not sure
why, text goes where, only no,

put this text on your to do list,
cyberarcade, now i am referring
to you directly, analana, one
remembers the day in general,
and then you will be the echo,
zimmerman, you oughtn’t to be
encouraging, we did hello,
eruke, some things we will
remember for ever, you can’t
get thru to that moment,
the tuff way, fort bugs,
shoulda sent directly, how
it might have gone diff, ripe,
when the duct tape was fresh,

Monday, June 20, 2011


making noises, no author, stop stopping,
image hunger, situation in control,
twenty-six options, head maintain,
murder of a poet, the vat inside (is
empty, daze our wasting, grailing,
don’t message with me, prisonified,
not what i meant by staying put, get
found!, frames (cucumber, city
person, already at the lake (twice
over, my calm lost, one daze to the
neck, library sourz, present
differences of interpretation,
people from new york and toronto
and chicago and edmonton, sit and
exchange tales, the use of megaphones
by the clearance military, a few
hours of mystic happiness, thru
the maze of lanes, an aroma of
coffee beans, her geoduck pail,
we possess nothing, to shoot
marvelous strength into my
heart, a little green hemisphere
of moss, nothing but moss, the print
of her hand perfect on the wallpaper,
scannable, coulda been there by
now, bean here, outdoorified,
automotionless, suffer thru,
irreconcilable (difference,
back mark up, you’ve been collected
, no more room, enough said?, times!,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"emo 1984" & "fisjing"

nineteen eighty-seven wants you
to return, emo nineteen eighty-four,
what do we care about your
predicament, publish the apology
for no submission, we already
have all these texts memorized,
how a writer applies for a grant,
i think i know what this text is
talking about, is this text
lecturing me, how the hell did
you do this, a thousand copies
ought to be enuf, let’s go to our
happy place shall we, and then
for emphasis kill yourself,
well yeah we did grind,

those who do not what, oh i thot
it was a face, fisjing, filth is
in the eye of the beholder, eye
nook shook you nook shook,
“pataphysical mail, margin for
annotation, made some changes
but missed the errors, yes you
still have your place amongst
the lunatics, pitter-pata-fzzz,
does your dog shit, an eye-
full of pussy, innocuous
envelope cover, ought not to
be visible out in the street,
you wouldn’t really kill,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"datamation" & "kultcha"

obviously pirated material,
honour thy, toilet paper can be
impossible to find when off
the beaten track, the light
is missing, what does the word
covenant mean, down with big
brother, there is nothing
realistic about violence, the
blue pigs, op-centre, datamation,
blue gold, you might be elsewhere,
tak jest dobrze, creating dust,
jockstrap with genuine fur lining,
read right to the bitter end,

indicate degree of currentness,
one has become obsolete, genuine
paper, dayglo reality, dayglo
red, inl, usable trim, b, soju,
haboob, guyliner, kultcha,
varietal cuts, bbvc, northwest
by northwest, arbitrary zero,
we were sitting pretty,

Friday, June 10, 2011

"a fidelous code"

it’s fixed!, easy to speak, poster imp
p roper, title is what?, is that a
ton of demons eatin’ ya?, beatitude
beauty, big eh?, recycled out of
what?, any non-word, to be
different, other side of the tracks,
jam the machine, an outlet,
credible problems, other wise,
a fidelous code, duplicand o,
it’s a machine envelope, ten
digit number, from time to
time, imp ear a schizm, the
barred guy, vat details,
an english heart (to the core,
commerce language,
wrappt yer, coloured star
writing, textual foray,
packaging packaging
packaging, away from babies
and children, washing dark
colours separately, it’s an
ideas, any is nil, more is some,
that was eye, ten years
overdue, ten years under you,
weathering nights, one we
spare, sez nothing, some
intertwine memories, to be!,
not at same number, still sells,

Thursday, June 09, 2011

"coppoc" & "explain nothing"

display face, needs improvin’,
calligraphic literature, you still
own the real, a two year moratorium,
you can’t tell reality from the
copy can you, toner pizza, toner
artwork, e- labour ate, in the
world, toner particles, oil
lubricates, make and see, coppoc,

death is the event that changes
everything, we are not our friend,
you can’t exactly unbreak a rule,
explain nothing, now this is

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

"eleison" & "soos"

megagerms, number than thou, seem
to have lost interest in this text,
slap down a slab of, one does not
approve, i feel all pixellated,
put it over on, in the field for
two weeks at a stretch, heel mit,
unitard dot, see train run, say it
with, eight senses, this would
work, eleison, something else is
working harder, wacom, one can
afford not to suffer, if you
can keep your consumption
down, performance-défilé,

there is nowhere to start, etz, look
down the road a piece, network
networth, still plenty blankwise, the
fatal illness of money, recognize
pornography when you see it, it’s just
a bunch of lines, a few short
phrases, leap ahead to the now,
the progress we just made, grindwork,
one is still not happy, afore ya
kick, our actual one, gaze into
the ear, the envelope has served
its purpose, building it from
nothing, old issues press, truck
with truck, just open the door
and roll out, fun ding, soos,

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

"eighteen broom airs"

this font, reproduction day, light
standing still, where it all cont-
in you’d, take a new water course,
eighteen broom airs, they sold!,
station airy station, this t, sound
resistance, time constrains (
constantly rains, nothing to do with
war!, do you see? or do you merely
view?, kore vets, chocolate creeps,
turn it into an original, hem
paper hem, rivet daze, blank
strip, less than half, attention
blank, refiller, paper testing,
a little hope(less, the whole
eighteen, the present relaxed,
ski me, the progress we are not
making, not to destroy frogs,
made you read, pull it’s her,
bargain basement language,
no moment momento, standing
and waiting, is this tonight,
hurl ink, suspect misremembers,
all us dead, capitulating
again, finding something
real between the page of
a book, terrible kids,
finally figuring out the
word means, sold on it, twenty-
nine lines (a day, re end er, a me,

Monday, June 06, 2011

"angerman" & "neyet"

aish, one is not an elk, no longer in
the honey loop, this could be your
ad, this text wants you to go to
that text, twenty-six inch screen,
shamic, the message is: click click
click, concrete bunny, angerman,
the contents have nothing to do
with the envelope, is this real
handwriting or some kind of
computer font, yer elastic band
turned into chow mein, wad
of photocopies, the elastic band
was the binding, it looks kind
of mailish but, graphomania blu,

ella salmon, the boss needs you
you don’t need the boss, let us
try to understand each other,
olestra, meditate on porn, anti-
consume, the total worl, buck
system, the entity formerly
known as jane, bonus photo,
parlez this into, those nice tall
building about to fall, maybe
if we had the language,
needle-in-a-haystack literature,
humans go home, one point and
a comma, signed in pencil,

Sunday, June 05, 2011

"fluxuspose" & "paraliza"

bodit, aaiqu, ords, holdszonda,
sylt tower, three hundred hubcaps,
fluxuspose, garden by life, out
of the library of, you never see
the sun in there, hexy screws,
are those burnt, oidos sordos,
this is about the same time,
don’t waste your energies on
art, letting the world in again,
and the conversation continues,
peripod, vivus, piles of file
cabinets, sunken loofa, the
golden bookmark, made you
look professional, zacatecas,

something you did ten years
ago, change and change again,
what were you doing ten years
ago, where did you get this crap
and why didn’t you throw it away,
well you cut the pages at least,
paraliza, hoof it should have
bin, takin’ liberties takin’
liberties, yr hat inversion,
saw clock tick, bananas gang,
eye can’t see anything, being
at the right place at the right
time to seize the crown,

Saturday, June 04, 2011

"class insulators"

indite meant, at the wall of words, the
do be, i think i am .∙.?, any non-knowledge,
a pirate edition, class insulators,
all this blank paper, don’t
remember it being, amiss
remembering, a great big book
about what?, not me, one book or
another, a private edition,
stocking up for the nervous
breakdown, i think i am i, tear
the book in half, the nothing that
makes an imp(ression on us, new
be trance personal skills,
thinking of ungrading, do
one as fast as possible, some
climb!, message mutating,
can’t find ourself, if you
don’t get to these things these
things will get to you,
wanna see yer name in
print?, new mined, the end
come back, not finishing, take
the finish off,

Friday, June 03, 2011


the difference a day makes at the
distance of four months, we need
to move some of these units, if
anyone’s interested, what the hell
do you want with all this writing,
we don’t need a special file for
texts of this type, copy o, one
paper copy, is this the text that
came out defective, gan, hyper-
illegible, yellow doesn’t copy
very well but, gar nish, here
is an artwork we forgot we ever
made, imbued with new meaning,
nothing wrong with this art,

Thursday, June 02, 2011


ruckseite beachten, every replication of the mona lisa, we got
lost in time there for a moment, wall-to-wall literature, how
can you read with the sun shining into your eye, microproblems:
coffee droplets caught in moustache, we went insane a long time
ago, primary communication, you can watch the geniuses crank
out works by the thousands, and nobody else wanted to play, is
this an error i see before me, why can’t you just be yourself
you lunatic, we don’t often think of moss, ozzenberg trademark,
typewriting is the human touch, society for the prevention of
insanity, my evil hand, my loving hand, why do you feel obliged
to hammer away at this text, facile text, this text is cooked,
toner spray paint, one is compacted, nothing remains but a few
flecks of toner, pinging and ponging thru the network, the feed
out tray,

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"puplication" & "abstract photocopy art"

can we print out the whole of issue
one, you have not even thot about
looking for work, made me jump
from the single page, mere marks,
what do you intend to do with
all this writing, now we are
really grinding, we are writing
our way forward thru time,
all the text on the day, note the
difference in the colour of the
white papers, you never even
mailed the puplication to the
authors, b-one rag, you are not
facing reality, you get the real,

didn’t you say you were going
to do something with this, plug
you, si rag, yes well we’ve all
seen bare naked ladies, you are
not even thinking about what you
are supposed to be thinking about,
abstract original, active project
becomes done deal, revise your
history, it was only a bit of
garbage in the first place,
queen tease, soap and shit, refile
rifle, face the fact that nobody
is ever going to see these texts,
abstract photocopy art, upgrade,