Friday, December 29, 2006

the fruit bowl fluctuations, wos,
reading about war, hilum, a hup
a' chee her eys, annie lawrie
promises, the extent of the velcro,
phrenomagnetism, metallic
tractors, solution no solution,
british petroleum, cylinders
of concrete, concrete blocks,
superblank, blank glass, a
perfect skull, skull kiss,
cheesey reality, serrated
willow, kept it's yellow, mar
this, blank for all to see,
make out the words, what's
going on in this text, write
about ink, violins on the brain,
being here or being there, sub
yourself in, postcards of the
war, no synapses firing, hoping
for no response, no we were
hoping, home in quotation
marks, road ink, zen eye,
rubber rocks, never know by
looking, never notice the
rejection, nothing to do with
where we are, find yourself
a home, sun dead eye, we don't
have television cable, pork,
prepost, who's doing what,
knock and knock again, waiting
for nothing, the events of
the day, resip, vack cum, a
non-event day, this could be
shot into space, copied whole,
violence close up, poetic
momentum, then quit, exsip,
beer galore, drinking sports,

Thursday, December 28, 2006

quick bucks, a typing trip,
temporary consciousness,
blue time, what is the name
of the mark, flee skin,
typing glitch, wild e-,
internet things, the original
read, bored of the new,
against the grain of the
paper, goofing around with
language, in eyes, cultural
pirates, forx, retain this
copy for your records, zen
beer, autocollage, usa eu,
antipane, philomelos, melo
dies, sid tales, knowledge
of the letter, caboodle no
kit, top it up and chop it
down, sing ha!, immortal
copy, surf logic, take a
jackhammer to the concrete,
all the white you can eat,
planetarity, otherness
machines, planetary
consciousness, expression
of the complex hybrid,
crack air, designated
reality, owe mail, decision
to cut, it's your move,
all due today, who is
de mille, colling die,
real leery, picked up by no,
calling for nothing,
the phrase repeater, never
added never passed, the
war is over, blast money,
still skinning, nothinge,

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

wind blowing across page,
scorpion weather, power
site, yhx, high carbon, bone
bed, strome, destroyed
paper, problem elbow,
eighty-six decibels,
scorpionweed, racind,
slippery pen, sunbake,
alphabet-land, surround
map, sun on, shadow
culture, fucket,
nonlinear lines,
plastic reaction,
go git, zen ven,
all gum, birdtail
grass, not writing:
killing time, sun
beating on page,
scambling, outfacing,
years after the
fact, stickey pen,
grasshopper's coating
the highway, more
than one route,
the pen is glued
to the finger,
remember ebb me
murmer, goo pen,

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the work we have to do to do the
work, who’s coming to your town,
blank house, speak to sentence,
swear or lay a private information,
a carbon copy of real life, the
permanent married quarters,
vichnaia pam’’iat’, the lion shall
eat straw like the ox, sura, blank
post, specially shaped hole,
deathware, threatens your
existence fun, when you were in
grade four, enter into the city,
beheaded how many wives, gala
id, watch the disclaimer, only
women hurt, anthracnose
candlestick, aren’t you a little
old to be back at home, structure
to society, the law of the family,
lis pendens, the mareva
injunction, jeff will get the
cabin, ex parte, making an
election, speak to your release,
e-corvid, feelings of self-wrath,
perverse devent, a third party
is a third party, rialroad, thee
counts, ethno-centric privilege,
the language of the blues,
my white audience, my black
audience, bitten to death by
mosquitoes, national
consciousness, poet slash criminal,
a worm or snail of which only
this trace remains, mumaddada,
the self-subsistent, kafir, what’s
with all the caps, the squeam
factor, detoxification drugs,

Monday, December 25, 2006

mixamox, ready aime, there will
be no succor, standing order on
its head, ham and milk, leachate,
meropia, egusi, one of the better
ones for a hat stand, each
holding a card, the aspergers
liberation front, change is
invigorating again, one payend,
people clustered in city-states,
komagata maru, now it is more
than a copy, potluck university,
yes there is errors, did you go
swimming, jim bean, its face a
great blank, two successive copies
of the same thought, passage, the
harlequin the charming early,
disparite du fond, opaque
similarity, what with the blank
and all, there’s money in war
none in art, mere sleeping, the
zen gaze, recycle your life,
risking everything,
entel, eternity: high cost of, dort,
openclusters, blueapple, the poros
age grade cults, put it in the
spawning dish, pen pall, selfmade
things, einheitskultur, higher
education and the crisis, never
could get it write, pink on pink,
blob of toner on the text, stupa,
the demolition of the individual,
proletarian consciousness, a curved
concrete ridge, euphoria longana,
hecatomb, a cluster of tight,
square concrete, concrete water,
our principal reality, pop it up,
crimes crimes crimes, isreality,
we are still communicating,
enough revolution, culture is
power, springs directly from the
poet’s bowels, poeme simultane,
cut off each other’s supplies
of vital fluid, the plain of jars,
bombies, render harmless
procedures, our secret war,
cicciolina, alone a cyclist in
a pink hat bucks the tide,

Sunday, December 17, 2006

rust union, same sink, nacks, knacks,
maks, tilt, culture bursting
thru, one hell of a letter,
this new that old, good ad-
vices, down to the wipe, lucky
hat, still shuttle, post age,
naysayes, comma, ring the
changes, one we did, few
trance, still yes, dodder,
exact event, puts in another
appearance, still mean, wild
thing soup, from everybody,
my marker, still worth a
penny, still thin, contact
imp, rancid stammerer, psr,
early contact, is there any-
thing to be made out, mar,
draw a line between us, still
salting, you smoke eye smoke,
here's the bait and here's the
catch, are you in your box,
what the feet say, saint
en, nest, ebg, e-fluent, five
of diamonds, caporal pun,
vacuumville, all thot,
pathway to death, grey
smoke grey, still scanning,
was was, how do you know
when the text is done,
limits to the collection,
spot the spot, as it fell so
it fell, hole window, def
ace, copy qual, signify
eye, don't look so close,

Sunday, November 26, 2006

eltsuhg ibal lasiti, maenadism,
exceptionally crude and heartless,
porteous, glorified radio,
trinfinity habichatters, grachnik,
whizgender, chaulkers hats if
hobbyhorse, an anarchy of light,
listmembership, disaster time,
old australian felt hat, the
economic health of a city,
harness the creative energy,
consider employment in hair,
the appearance of concrete
identities, abide by the terms,
touch each letter and say its
name, ready to go now here,

[thanks to david dellafiora for "storage and retrieval" via his ReSite assembly 'zine (#5)]

Sunday, November 12, 2006

pass me that blue hat, the owner
baby, creative suicide, nanodrugs,
search deformity, enjoy this
moment because the next is going
to be hell, let your eyes adjust to
the light, six blue poppies, lost
its cluster, hidden even confused,
a nice little orange overall, mind
and symbol societies, blank bliss,
the uniqueness of hats department
of state, scheming freedom from
labour and stone, serous, sea-
parated, no value of any kind,
chaotic and homogeneous
expansive, inflationary theory,
the inflaton field, unjin miruk,
a singularity, quantum fuzz, a
single simple boundary condition,
a small orange fish, the ttang
tree, paper of a thousand years,
algae paper, without concern for
what lies beyond the page, deep-
seeded, they begin to wear straw
hats, the amended provisions,
preventive diplomacy, crime of
having ended, humanitarian
intervention, heap of worthless
writing, collage of profound,

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

too late to stop, grimalkin, an
infinite landscape of universes,
loop quantum gravity theory,
doubly special relativity,
superconducting supercollider,
electronic dirt, self-determined
transactions, division avenue one
stop, cluster security officer,
ambit, immortality that is
achieved by drinking this substance,
the very poor saved up their pennies
for him, thirty-one million identities,
social disconnectivity, free hugs,
eternity high the cost, feel the oats,
one oat at a time, block the concrete,
the mistress of hams, blinks you
blank, anti-biopic, the medicine show,
compre- hensive exhibition, keep
your writing to yourself, bolder
underlining, get rid of your life,
textual poetics, too much screen
time, the science of nothing,
retire toner, this also will
deteriorate, blank toner, non-self-
excluding, the critical industry,
canonizable, along-the-wall
thinking, humanity but characters
and emotions, open your bottom,
concrete political action, complete
total pleasure, white identity,
madman theory, nishtagea,
shock therapy, radical
nationalism, archterrorist,
irrational and vindictive if
its vital interests are attacked,

Monday, October 16, 2006

nothing is free, orange abulia,
withdraw a slip, withdraw another,
we were supposed to act, another
day another copy, another day
another paper, nothing creamer,
woodstock electrite, destroy all
artists, hat wife, never did say
thanks, a little glory before
we die, you will be enslaved,
rises and falls like the price
of gas, mx, let the wind take
you, ringing zero bells, noneye,
why don't you answer me,
half baked goods, read-sci,

Sunday, October 15, 2006

put a nickle down, ten at twenty-five,
bluke, zero cents a litre, artists
there were, miroscope, add a poem to
the list, charge the rubber, nothing
heals, haptic versus nonhaptic
personalities, no it already is art,
cyablk, vino excentric, the zen of
alcoholism, poison for the brain,
the days rotating around again,
back in the glory days, nothing
got posted, are those people still
alive, failing to acquire,
ostracize yourself, how is one to,
a blip followed by a blop, blip
but no blop, poetry room, nolong,
we had a little to and fro,

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

o, jimmie the meaning, moronic
men, raise it up a notch, it's
sell or be sold, rip a sheet, two
hundred and thirty-third
journal, fetching fresh water
for the artists, crisp hop edge,
created death, call money,
changed horses at each, we
thought we thought, hit a knot,
tenax, emotional freedom
technique, infoglyptic,
vacuum energy, unchinese,
eye-consciousness, connect
nothing to nothing,

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

over the cliff (for cliff)

the moment of the word, compare
methods, the four of us, still no
cheque, aprote, the distances,
geniculate, original equipment
manufacturer, orange armature,
renminbi, katakana, escadas
rolantes, research to death,
dog lime, immanentalism,
ischiorectal, instantaneous
concrete, christian essentialism
from the haecceitas,

Thursday, October 05, 2006

if you search for, original document
original document original
document, a word referring to a
particular moment in time, how
many times do you intend to do
this, figure out how to make the
mark, the textual risk, special
defective copy, all these goofy
fonts, unlimit the edition, what
did the other hundred do with
their’s, is that a three, identical
to the original, carry the error
forward, five copies press, bold
risk, textual poetics, revotution,
quickly proliferate, cornerstole,
seneca root, nanofluids, to mock
a killingbird, penniless in
paradise, honorificabilitude,
ova orb, a career in copying,
the book says discard, the living
author, hakata, where to go from
everywhere, the only thing that
changes is the price, suffer
through a thousand pages,
no one is making you read this,
if this book leads to that book
then, do you want to know this
stuff or, love stained pages,
where the good writing is to be
found, book luggage, the
famous page is missing, what
sort of writing are you after,
you had your chance, and
descant on my own deformity,

Sunday, October 01, 2006

risking nothing, sure it’s flesh,
wait til you see, colour is nice,
a copy will do, still flush,
a national bohemian cap, here
we go again, could you rubber,
shade garden, black garden,
if you bump into one on the
street walrus, copy tally,
approximate dollar, like a
bird flying away, now it looks
punchy, an eye competition,
what’s wrong with drawing, are
you still present, imagine
facing, write more bolder ,
gapping down to the line,
nobody responds to these, what
can and what cannot be sold,
it all depends on how you think
of it, keep a few copies ahead,
the original is a copy too,
imagine war, designated for
death, you call yourself a
press, phul-nana, is this a
special one now, hat one ten,
supportage, oughta toner, total
lit bentspoon, how many words
for a nickle, whim voel, not
hispid, one hath, agenda gov,
imagine copies, every
laideur, film underpants,
brazilian handiwork,

Saturday, September 30, 2006

the textual glance, a fleck of
text, envision actual location,
a page torn again, selling
reproductions, notch or ratchet
it up, unexpect, get that font
into your font folder, smashmouth
poetry, it’s still real but,
promotivate, what are the elements,
making and making, the new
element, biblical asemia, what
time is it, chaos composition,
mar the card, roan oak, collage
use value, nothing to be proud
of, return rut, penny peep show,
invented concrete, at the whim
of a hat, free tiger, everything
going thru your mind, nothing
going thru your mind,
vimokkha, the grand area,
hallway electric candelabra,
negative daoistic poetics,

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

identity preservation
program, commodification
of history and culture in
this era of cosumer
capitalism, stir field,
return to communication,
get behind the wheel and push,
zonal notation, bp-shifters,
momentary web, jiminy
criminal, nongratification,
more room than, down with,
scales out, on this day at
this time, ever blank, this
website, fingerprint on the
drum, eternal blank, penny
wait, blank dust, blank
repetition, binary-ative,
info-shadow, death never
came, money sign, drug tax,

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

hand stitch, hand held,
still owe, black ether,
autochtones, real louis,
safe cow, empty house,
we are already gone,
what is it to read, a
word dropped, sev mumra,
pirated in the canada,
e-gap, no boxcutters,
open en box, edge crush,
fire in the rye, lucid
trance in progress,
smurfit, bursting test,
point zero zero zero,
mullen test, ten reams,
kristov, uniform freight,
twelve years aged,
diagram only, rotisserie
or rotissoire, impact
resistant bumpers, wide
mouth mason jars, coat
of arms, food grade
mineral oil, vertical
compression, space is
money, distribution
repack, edge crush test,
la scala spumante,
the bat device, royal
white dessert, lithotech,
ham beach, min comb
wt facings, deterior
ex, pocatello strategy,
bulk nature, fifteen
dozen, ant town,

Saturday, September 16, 2006

free here, tax exempt, other-
serve, the weight of the
paper, the difference a
line makes, here in the
hat, empty hand, a place
in the sun, celeb you, the
final blank, i am, read
the trance, van hat, ok! ,
loz, the empty, hand pick,
we us, move to still, long
double o, the trim downs,
scissor marks, line on line,
copyright hit, eye-lerons,
bend this flap down, e-
for, one-for, glue rip,
moon disk, doctor zenzen,
trim line, east of coal
harbour, the blank face,
goetic crackers, penny
prophet, still work,
the fold songs, zapped
out, stomped out, puked
out, egypt-pics, still
village, supergive, truth
story, still perceptions,
a dollars worth of lit,
word theft, swearword
for title, read the
whole rig, switch hands,
eye to eye, memorize
this phrase, time
blackened, the send
and the, fat seconds,
bushperson, ear relev,

Thursday, September 14, 2006

a beer can, three hundred beer
cans, linoleum type, o nil,
wrecked oh verse oh, repair
the repairs, ballsleep, trance
portal, seventy-seven cents,
the little plums, and the
meaning is, still of, concrete
universal, nonmodernism,
concrete possibility, to cont,
how did you get up there,
the mere real, need the
seed, lot number, the third
biggest city in the world,
western eyeballs, in the
rainforest, where the hate
came in, rea, the chinese
character for golf, groly,
failing to maintain, let
yourself know, specimen,
thicker, real art, eye
brother, the biggest city
of south hemisphere, water
city, gooey pages, we walk
graph, moss saint, graf
system, before the flood
but after the, bad graf,
permanent record books,
up in the tree, a perfect
moment in time, we work
graph, the art of washing
dishes, life we missed
out on, solid metal art,
plurigraf ruins, go
pill, groly, all greek,
mossy tits, brass bubs,
rare fruit stickers,
doctor graf, fold jive,

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

eye writes, line nil one, close
window, the acbs, the new line,
rerepair the rerepairs, do,
crow in rain, searchy, one
thousand one hundred and
ninety-one km, gray concrete,
nothing makes too much
sense, rhizoplasm, logion,
not stored, blog away, i
already published this,
we don’t talk like that,
imp press me, context-
stripping, the hermeneutics
of early-universe cosmology,
coffee percolation theory,
geometrodynamics, space-
time foam, diffeomorphisms,
morphogenetic field,
nonrenormalizable, planck-
scale, vortex-mediated
phase transitions,
symmetric second-rank
tensor, cohomology, icing

Sunday, September 10, 2006

any indication, cong rats, like a day,
htwm, sdp, utp, alba fate, your name
makes you angry, a place to start,
failure to enter into, assignable
red, reflect in window, claim
yourself, it is black, very dan,
enter the image, incompat,
learning your alpha, perfec,
these are letters, poiuytre,
bots and stuff, four-d,
colouring, head dead,
real daze, zed piece,
fruit sticker art,
cudy, we will nev,
languages, cores
sponsalia, brack,
experting, com
in, iall, rec,
reading it,
blue, prot,

Thursday, September 07, 2006

date and initials, potentially
exists, artcode, the ride is over,
type in the blanks, trance
literature, dispersal of money,
copy bus, vast envelope, a bird
for ed, once folded, collabb,
both sides of the paper, alta
bookworld, due to the size,
taste the paper, ping one, bear
and forbear, micro-crow,
gristing, still bear, uppity
puppy, duck goose, first
scratch, abbapa, before it
exploded, adamage, tred,
reconcile those, only real,
paint again, still use, works
on paper, childlike zen,

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

round and round we go, blank left
empty, we are travelling back thru
time, toy tax, healthy thinking,
four letter tag, chock-a-block
concrete, apro, hey this is my hand,
blank river, tone, long eng, fuel,
wax paper, items of what, tax
on being with, when you were
on vacation, kneel butter, no
money to survive, the item
was a copy, three at, blank
noise, longing for text, read
press, what direction!, time
money, no flag, canada roads,
two hundred errors, buy high,
mach card, letter other,
overprice, a thing to fly,
bp, a larger blank, what!,

Monday, September 04, 2006

famines or feasts, what does the
giant say, vulnerable information,
let’s keep working this text,
imagine the colours, you can
hardly see the pornography
anymore, the nothing sign, forget
your own name, imaginary enemy,
text literature book, new glue,
all your time is spoken for,
nothing is ever really, the
pattern is changing, forget
reality, the one order, paranoid
horse, imaginary war, nothing
expires, lost a little light,
pink turns to black, we one
become two, beyond my humble
range, fifty dollars worth
of meat, credit card trance,
criadillas, linear bee line,
temari, a hat-trick of honours,
the king of the freaks, canoe
paper, the science of the
concrete, graquinaceas,
metatarsils, clumps n clustrs,
cars for an escutcheon’s
hypotenuse, orange limb lice,
the longer your spoon, trace
the breadclip, blogosphere,
the underground media
revolution, dirt research,

Monday, August 07, 2006

computer chicken (souvenir)

issue a bottle, alpha zen,
milk link word, first printing
lost, book read in advance,
introduction continued, in
the gowith, one line out of
line, ingres fabianno, heap
of failed projects, memory
blue, spacing the spaces,
degenerous, thirty times one,
in every box, bautumn, disparu,
this is our logo, box eighteen,
event zero, non-coffee, bulk
reality, water brand, the
exact same text, civil
liberty strip search, grad
degrade, ami e s, worthless,

Sunday, August 06, 2006

a non-art place, billblass, just
white shirts, you and your mean,
university of hard knox,
widow skaters, honourary
canuck, dayglo handwrite,
we already have this memorized,
nobody reject, cinnamon money,
exhibitions of nothingness,
still text, computer modified,
let us now, fragmented erotic,
mint window, still roads, bold
as, oldschool toner, giving the
word a whole new meaning,
the reminder still, perma-
paint, stick it up, destroys
art, bus sub bulb, kwantlen,

Saturday, August 05, 2006

help yourself to a sheet of paper,
who owns the poem, i hate line
breaks!, what is this thing
called, autofrag, what is com,
gross art, snoring flies, meme
less, correct findings, mighty
blank, do not break this line,
bag of oranges, naro, to estimate
or to cause to hang, memetics,
hand or cluster, striped
railway hats, beck-ware, no
copyright, javascript: void,
cluster infanticide, vita
minima, hierarchs composed of
electronic, poetic alienation,
supererogation means,

Sunday, July 30, 2006

leating, hot ice, ta da, open
bars, recording current bad
clusters, spamedicine,
rebuilding registry, conduit
only, bangalore vacation,
battlecops, moshpit lit, still
to salvage, zen boxing, piano
computer, no non-italic, ex-war,
brak, bloss, celerac, workflow,
symevent, throwing pennies at
the bridges down below, goon
line, who ends up paying, send
all thet, global girls, the
sleeper single, presentism,
complex connectivities, writer
of distinction, orange parking,

Saturday, July 29, 2006

the one text, degeneration text,
representational photocopy, zoo
ming in and out, any idea where
or when this might have been
written, not writing half so
hard, textual fragments of
memory, trying to include it
all in, time place situation,
texture is lost during photocopy,
imp mob, fromgether, saint
reng, attention must be paid,
hamno hoppy, having in hand,

Sunday, July 23, 2006

you know where we are, let
confusion rain, smear of brown,
smear of red, dream of green,
return of gray, stains of
orange, wooden egg head, return
to return, single out for
reproduction, if one original
is lost, never text, how can you
read wood, fold pli, nothing
is temporary, do you want to
cont, bloggernaut, for real
spider, orridge in all, ess
thesis, dead letter cult,
clarifeye, ran out of steam
man, not so long good bye,
crops up again, changing
impressions, cut a window,

Saturday, July 22, 2006

mail fail, many mark, golden
language, idema, bp eye, oppor
tuna, agons, cluster run, get
the bends, scrawled version,
mesoacidalia aglaja, the leastest
link, eye em ty, hasler, cut
thru to the toner, infinate,
green tower, falling by the
way, cut to signify, add zero,
terrace, nanohalo, bouncing
forward, memory slave,
digital host, still more work,
the bottom of the heart,
recent ink, tell me about your
love hate, now all the
writing is being archived,

Saturday, July 15, 2006


interested in your
life, what is a list,
tear the page right
out of the book, a
small enuf error,
sensory deterioration,
the energy of to and
fro, nwsw, backchannel
house, no need to look
inside the envelope,
e-mail literature,
free for the printing,
a pile of bits, art
is the blank gap, one
hand, to field, akomok,
all this white
space, helmsmanship,
put here, you are look,
keep score, zero books,
iso mile, trinaty,
make a record of
this very moment,
web absence, an actual
town in southern
alberta, lotch,
another chunk,
the usual number,
hammer to typer,
procure space, mori,

Sunday, July 09, 2006

xif, nigeb, red pool of, sim
post, wheat soup, copied plenty,
lucidate text, lucid blue,
lucid indication, not downward,
a definite mark, doo, am cont,
to smear, church of colour,
murcott, beginn dark, set out,
a collection of identical,
hyperreflexia, diaphoresis,
peripheral neuropathy, oub,
killer app, blogbot, black block,
our blank is bliss to fill, a
website that came in the mail,
twelve hundred bucks worth of
currency, general data, on a
concrete ledge, none the wise,
sealed in tight, chaos collage,

Saturday, July 08, 2006

turn the copy into an original,
dismissal refund, simulated
post, xcl, being blur, fix the
actual, alas poor, chilean
soccer, amnasty, minaret mail,
round number post, sea of green,
nonedible groceries, box ends,
deep no wisdom, oyez, horizon
the call eventually, peaceful
hierarchy, overpoetic, token
concrete, non-mass media
internet, translationese,
assembly poetics, free printing,
zen drunk, surprise mail,
how are you going to pay for
this, perfectly linkable,
watch the paper deteriorate,

Monday, July 03, 2006

build dot, build events, lump
buzz, zwoz, photocopied onto
recycled paper, duplicate
original, singularity two,
video high, font identifier,
banfer, erg street, how big the
bug, anonymous font, loose vent
timber, you are pre-confirmed,
one oh one point zero seven,
twelve thousand pennies, toalla,
aubretia, the celery hats?,
caught in the moss, concrete
presnet, dromomaniac, deadhand
response, flux mechanix, zud,
noxon, theo etical, the green
flash, paranormal panorama,

Sunday, July 02, 2006

what can possibly be said,
be okay, people who are not on
line, gazing at pixels, blog
your own stuff, vinyl hat,
identical micro-transactions,
chalk poetry, this represents
a day, dead-blog, postal
traffic, big in alberta,
let ter, inconvenience fee,
this represents another day,
the law of the pixel, die
everyday, the original ant,

Saturday, June 03, 2006

natural sign, this is a wash,
non-porographic, a decent
drawing of a word, icarus
sunburn, a real attention
sink, one of your better
pieces, too much time for
art, the magic scratch,
experimenting with paint,
the colours are fading,
sexual fire works, acquire
the tools too late, the few
books one can read, actual
creation, respond without,

Sunday, May 28, 2006

the words versus the
pictures, a flod, mwaur, as
it is the real stuff,
unconditional surrender,
see that speck?, still
descanting, who is writing
anything, the coming into
being of reality, the mean,
things we will never know,
still caring for, write
more than just words,
what do these signs
signify, can only be seen,

Monday, May 22, 2006

inhuman hand, bradley hand,
all money is a sin, extreme
revenge, your work in the back-
ground, spread eagle road,
green turns to gray, famous
doodle, forget the font,
interset, couch house etc. ,
down to a dollar, rogers
sugar, twenty percent trance,
damned cluster, arbol
keister, a deathjob, glove my
hand in my hat, entirely
by hand to completely, art
share, cognitio confusa, the
hand-made picture,

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the golden lining, writing so
hard, submit nothing, a wh,
migh, foff foff, happy net,
your place on the map, keep
puzzling yer head, another
event, processing the process,
zero and the night, clean
feeders, trance vampire, dump
trock, one hundred percent
failure, self-defacing, you
are totally ignored, unfold,
the secret wall, mere scrib,
the wish full filler, how
hard do you want, rubbre,

Sunday, May 14, 2006

the trance goes thru, the tangled
web, right where you left it,
computernik, fakery counter,
whadow, photoanna, a real
portrait, connect contact,
strange things from common,
strange train, mono eye,
metropolitan moscow, who
died, letter a bulb, matiz,
ten kopeks, defence tab,
moscow trance, gift money,
tiens, moscow bank, a lot
of kopeks, moscow ratpack,
abto, ctonmoct, she’s flying,
further tasks, one or two,

Friday, May 12, 2006


Sunday, May 07, 2006

computer in the sun, copping
nothing, text tonic, big ego,
bison falling, actual ant,
contribute text, ticket
text, set free again, selling
nothing to fools, million
copies of your face, paper
mile, kamper van, cosmic
vomit, artificial self, even
harsh critics, the cosmic
no, maibock, odiosus, luv
money, gen merchandise,
anti-concrete, la petite
zine, internal dispersal,
astragalomancy, atelic,

Friday, May 05, 2006

may kuse, rest udy, the
sending out and the, still
awake, help me to see, the
event three thousand miles
away, blank trance school,
the first paper, shatter
letter, lay it out flat, big
cough, electronic copy, the
girl with the gun,
munication code, four
thousand units of mail,
idli, every dollar blown,
moss knowe, still hand,

Thursday, May 04, 2006

list of things you can’t
put in the garbage, manila
orange, ample details, talk
to the paper, the same person
six years later, several
hundred submissions from
around the world, take one
tiny thing, in media’s ray,
iris maimed, just as dumb,

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

bookperson, font event, bright
and cheesy, freaky eyes, why
are we being silent, mantics,
avunculus, penny reel, leaves
pennies rice, jaymala shehnai,
gurges, move art, aesthesia,
the big gasp, concrete percept,
monography, time-suck, hox
genes, work-as-addiction,
just-in-time work, the penis
mightier than the sword,
administrivia, the canadian
ray johnson, april is train
month, flashtext, geoman,

Sunday, April 30, 2006

slapp-type lawsuits, leave out
the comma, buffalo water,
regular rhizomes, you already
know this piece of paper,
eek link, gray dust hits, hown,
the queen of nothingness,
minyak angin chap lang, lost
paper archive, run out of web-
space, rot pessimism, it says
nothing, sub yourself in,
who drew, writing twenty-
five percent, um om aug,
jack up the resolution,
only worth nothing, assemb,

Saturday, April 29, 2006

then this is not writing?,
guilty text, helping not
writing, the blowback, more
for the eye, still electric,
never been thru the
machine, elarge text,
chewed text, paper
signifier, deteriorating
text, code text, you can't
just write that on
anything, was there some
question, write on light,
almostness, undaunted by
blank paper, text pound,
lined out, less loss, more,

Sunday, April 23, 2006

the visible economy, is this the
guy?, let go of nothing, makes
no difference to the text,
swing and a miss, some serious
typing, fake ed, think blot,
the communication police,
coal copy, end eye, it art,
self-seed, this lapse, internal
police, stratal labour, a dose
of tea, blind hat, a machine
or another, speak about the
blank, use the font, blank
over, blank scene, blank etc,
blank fruit, spread ‘em
around, blank somebody,

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

act on this now, this requires
no action, sell yourself nothing,
how many of these do we need,
ikke, idea scan, intending to
try, now is a different date,
smear the saint, six megs, don’t
be fooled by the hand, swing
pendulum, i was you, sort one
item out, internal process,
categoration, reply all,
fling hat, the collective
inconscious, capture all the
marks, we started a file,
envy lops, blazt, still read,
spread among twenty, crypto-
employ, machine for word, tes,

Saturday, April 15, 2006

infrathin structure, degovern,
affranch, wireless driver, the
new way of seeing, rollerpond,
roller company, max craftiness
hat, tovarish, nessus, eighteenth
century houses, errazuriz,
calling echoes of hunt, pseudo-
concrete, nimiety, spudart,
zen merchandise, try and rip
it, cover empty, it’s a form of
music, teratogens, a free
signifier, climax inflation,
psychical reality, concrete
representation, cartridges
ensures high-quality,
critical activism,

Thursday, April 13, 2006

blank blank blank, return to
storage, the canadian poetry
cow, grillade, looking out
thru the image, something
went missing, the value of a
stamp, actual papyrus,
marxist claptrap, another
meaning for drafting, lens,
tebubia, evoke the blank,
orrery, subcomatose reality,
email concretes, unmanifesto,
inluding, chinooking, the
manifold unsaid void, the
captain of hell i establish,
ommo at m..., when i said i
i was quoting somebody,

Sunday, April 09, 2006

not coverse, august ess, bird
screw, during find, fifteen
de, nilin’, minimal bal,
anatomy of insanity, what is
staying still, woodpiling,
vague location, when it was
still, being in the hat,
heading down this way,
desert days, heading back,
begin kinder, rug art, ab
lab, microde, visit human,
all this event, gum mug,
now we go, stay, xtrz,

Thursday, April 06, 2006

ot god, the name refers to
both, egg rock, ichneumon
tree, hyperstore, puttering
around in the language lab,
shanksnaigie, podvertiser,
mark the mark, melisma,
cromagma, effect of
chartered harmony,
supersymmetry, skunkluck,
a hand can easily, famous
top hat, quatsch, baroque
whorls of gray concrete,
retroactive inhibition,
a crack regiment,

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

firered, flip it over to the
blank side, a golden tick, the
letter q hanging in the air,
substrate for art, wheat trance,
five million names, blank enuf,
poetry bottle drive, try another
angle, pigout share, sign every
line, zen total, international
colour, our conversation as a,
simian tech, non-intentional
art, looking for relation, pop
this, make yourself aware,
fear of house, dot net, twenty
thousand pennies, decos, pay
cake, decoys, good for nothing,
stratic, trance rancid, ink
that pays off, recycle wheel,

Monday, April 03, 2006

all nothing, blank toner, comp
sleep, text time, salvage what
remains, being without words,
check the register, try writing
a letter, traffic hunting,
limit time, jumbo reality,
convenience tax, killing
blank, milpa, calama, click
to engorge, abject subject,
print up a dozen, autography,
a vow of wealth, one man high,
webber, ice time, team mentality,
slugmail, hunting the wild tofu,
basic simple washing the dishes
reality, massman language,
word file, item to read,

Saturday, April 01, 2006

ka-boomerang, better font,
kiyoke, rubber mile, put number
to the letters, earth and moss,
skymoss, blogbucks, art haven,
jamocha, hidden word climb,
irony mark, coffee mandala,
feet hat tree, tablecloth
wallpaper, post line haul,
alfred kuehne, how many of
these objects in the world,
bactrian, abanika, kalo gap,
namele, nalaman, melilot,
the entrance of a cave in the
hillside, elecampane, squab,
gathering rime, buerdes,

Thursday, March 30, 2006

we thot we had more to say,
dash off a quick thot, imagine
reading this aloud, these
little phrases that, translating
translating eye lamp sand
cluster, nobody wants to hear
about period, whacked little
text, no attention for us
thanks, cunk, massive con king,
here’s a memory for you,
holy lunatic batman,
remember having this read,
the texts that made us, if
we had only read, analyzer,

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

invention from blank, bottledrive,
drive six hours for nothing,
flame marks, how do you like this
font, still go, orange garland,
combarative embottled history,
pristmoss, enrich the coffers
human history, it’s far to late
to subscribe, untrauma, it’s a
little game with a mirror, how’s
your armenian, emphasize your
failures, a pile of garbage to
write about, chrstie miracle
void void void, rutilant, fosforos,
monilia, the big jimmie’s and
the sooks, hoc executive committee,

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a page torn from yesterday,
the minds we have to interact
with, class barriers breaking
down, you can’t steal all this
stuff, what is a zine, what
kind of bread are you eating,
do you remember feeling, who
are we addressing, a literally
wandering eye, copyrictus,
flucks us, dadacism, the
climax meat grinder, here’s
the image that went to
infinity, remoss, infinite inbox,
fuck poetry,

Monday, March 27, 2006

reproduction of the johnson,
actual use of present,
version numb, one of a thing,
same image different
substrate, various methods
of producing multiple, the
thing there is that needs
to be, repeat taper, repeat
reality, paper size relate,
need to know nothing, ray
seeking, the mail gang,
selling postcards, this is
not an ed,

Sunday, March 26, 2006

sans ultra, bold gill, speech
pent, aqz lmt, currency
operations, agrandissement,
pop psychle, the nubile
tiger, enuf contentment to
be humble, ceremonial caps,
at art, trance faladorian,
dot jet, serpasil, kallikrein,
femlin, a walking void,
against literature, end eye,
brand yourself, it art, cbd,
think blot, computer fall,
comp punch card, bionic

Friday, March 24, 2006

a little confusion begin,
what blank black, is this
not a work of art, vacuum
valium, my first e-mail,
short days, the rap we had
going, the hap and the not
hap, aitch aitch library,
zen events, same as what, wall
of silence, before the book
came out the book came out,
collier than thou,

Thursday, March 23, 2006

pallium, metaethical, software
art, ludological, spinoblaster,
canadians have expressed concern,
until the moss had reached
our lips, orange ice, spalls,
the computer hungers, toner
collage, all the seams gone,
how do we feel about this text,
elk font, liverwort madagascar,
invent your own font,
dermography, representation
theory, the entire cultural

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

coffee dance, please label, we
already saw these signs,
e-vocation, gravity pulling
flesh down, who did this art,
till soil, deletion seminar,
this is not now, actually up
in the air, still in the trance,
sperrgebiet, one of these near
here, opening up into the text,
astone, not mentioning nothing,
pomograffiti, if you are
willing to cough, the years
are going, dream vision structure,
we don’t live here anymore,

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

trebuchet, using various means
to get the words down, brain
fade, old mohee, still universe,
basa fataka, welt anschauung,
we’re really happy for you,
anti-trance, thrash poems,
rayonism, artistic subversion,
capture copies, postartist,
clusters buzz, powder magazine,
exer cycling as if hypnotised,
are you still there, designated
sender, designate them all,

Monday, March 20, 2006

writing on steel, olympic
money, eighty-eight nickle,
mere god, mere penny, cut to
nineteen seventy-three, not
the swoop you thot it was,
deserta alberta, corpse of
discovery, seventy-five penny,
black cloud g, think your-
self back, intentional
damage to penny, special
year, se, se, se, se, se, se, se,

Friday, March 17, 2006

now much blank, novonine, ovo nine,
we have records of all this, card
came up, epistemology no thanks,
mail never mailed, a mere link,
putting the touch on nobody,
affixed to the flux, the blue
on yellow, a series of televisions,
free jugs of milk, texting
texting, unused letters, examine
the book, drop your plans, six
three six six, odd man out,
thinking contact, same as me,
loaf like bread, missing
section, all these words come,
clairol herbal essence, home
on the strange, no real connect,

Thursday, March 16, 2006

discount nothing, size of hand,
usa items, for the asking lit,
no heroes, a flood of beer,
tinima, crystal palm, this is
the proof, representing me,
birra, reading over the border,
tequiza not zapata, thwou,
neglected to go, don’t waste
your breath, slick concrete,
chaos house, amark, contin,
nothing different, a tit
for a tat, info for a penny,
exposing crack hole, half-free,
arizona nevada, half-black and
half-white, a billion copies,
one percent diff, pay by mail,

Sunday, March 05, 2006

push the publish button, zeq,
curvilinear poetry, letter-
maker, keep it to yourself,
untangle the carpet, blue
tangle, hard tangle, infinite
umbrella, no deposit no return,
dream-mail, i work well with
others, oh really, bretzel zero,
cut and restart, stop malaria,
green memory, lamp sand-
blaster, called forth the
trance, the common hand,
prema, a careless snatch,
artware, sural, condensed into
a highly edited, atemwende,
no winnowing process, flence,
established critic and
highly, contextures,

Friday, March 03, 2006

can hardly be the same
person, selfabet, miscut,
before we went online,
eucatastrophe, a sign mean,
see at, ilit, switch pix,
syllababble, blank manilla,
before we lost each other,
attempt to contact,
forget we never had, who
done by, still activate,
how are you goint, still zen,
starlight bends, people
trying to say, concrete now,

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

england continent hotel,
diverse demarcation, think
to the future, licht consum,
black feather duster, it is
art, correct advertising,
still owe, how could it
travel, know not what they
speak, if this is any
indication, not dead but
gone, blandification,
nothing unprocessed,
canadian ball, grid write,
rant rant, two delta, wind
grid, if any, writing ab,

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

mensa dorado, zany imagination,
cult ural, dessein, van direct,
the new inter, how much art
is needed, failing to act,
text inventory, been to the
movie, two owt, alberta
liberation front, encourage
art, cuntinue, somebody
has no archive, dang fu,
hein, use it, nothing is
being, artists perform a
service to the community,
what is up in the air, unin,

Sunday, February 26, 2006

missed connections, kitch

missed connections, kitch
blur, common rubberstamp,
producing documents, mail
for free, fluxus map, any
little picture, no sign
here, petition for redress,
image backed with image,
mailart knowledge, promo-
o-morph, being alive today,
fiasco fun, that ghoul
money, mug egg, never did
revenue, slur gate, not a
single tip, egg mug, prom
otion, face cafe, who’se,

Friday, February 24, 2006

taranaki, cosmopolitan

taranaki, cosmopolitan
moss, ingeniis patvit campus,
some annoying lunatic, the
battle for the shelf, otlic,
scattered limbs, outer duct,
non-enterer, water phoenix,
burnt passion, norp, paint
your masterpiece again, eye
love lucy, surveillance art,
orange leader, whatever was
in the container is gone,
draw me a picture, also
needs to be turned again,
early deterioration, late,

Thursday, February 23, 2006

red fascists, miscibilis, heat-

red fascists, miscibilis, heat-
clustering, emballage, numb
trance, panithiopliconica,
bulbar conjunctiva, divert
energy, good drowning victims,
balllab, pica, the location of
composition, picture of shade,
ouch comp, sod eno, shadow of
information, the leading edge
of you, here and away, show
nothing, indicate nothing, if
you are still there, register

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

typed up by Benjamin Bohm & Debby Rebsch Posted by Picasa

typed up by Debby Rebsch & Benjamin Bohm Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 19, 2006

foreign ex, vegetable text,

foreign ex, vegetable text,
ectropy, parietals, policlinicas,
trash trance, orange genitals,
total-body sex, hex concrete,
listpost, fly’s water, mmorpgs,
thisness, cluster-phobia,
thisness, repetatur, klistered,
mandrax, ultracultural,
concrete dimensions, harrington
font, a good readable text,
recycle reality, judging by
the extent of the text, claim
the whole eleven, grn, twenty-
four forty-two, ech elon,

Saturday, February 18, 2006

pteridological section, iliamna

pteridological section, iliamna
corei, mechanical scarification,
potential conflicts, xeric oak,
life in varanasi, trance credit,
apply for nothing, photocopied
facsimile also acceptible,
here we return to, michrome,
the memory rome, no escape
from is, white sun hat,
chroniopolis, bean fang, poise
on wave, under a sea of wine,
went down in the flood of
exactitude, blank tea, hlad,

Thursday, February 16, 2006

seven copies, do we need a feather

seven copies, do we need a feather
in our hat, blue feather, hard
feather, half here, not backyard,
about covered, editorial
decisions, reference to van,
makes good letterhead, red
like these, jlt edm, ibb,
overdraw, a terrible temper and
a, isp, aprille, nooks hat, a
huge chain envelope, eternal
mirror, theex, balanoculture,
hook eye coupon, no time will
elapse for you, time is elapse,
drop out altogether, this text
is not what we were hoping for,

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the eye drawn, self-constructed,

the eye drawn, self-constructed,
sonic radio, permanent contact, a
system of xes, introduction to
the network, too many copies,
debts roy, thething, one of a
multitude, blank envy, not a
sticker, imp risen in a bottle,
no cracking, glass castle,
world democracy, art is money,
global glass, enter the flow,
says as much, actual use value,
worship fat, belong to no class,
art for pigs, lyrics for the
dead, speaking of secrets,
joyce versus joyce, actual i,
bin sed, black over black, more ded,

Monday, February 13, 2006

how was your year, distach,

how was your year, distach,
broken page, non-extant, simplex,
reconnect recontact, found a
better location, dismantle
texts, stretch time, beauty
sucks, trancing on down, fine
fini, no need to take it apart,
unbot, still then still now,
mousepad art, untime,
scrabrrrraang, eye have all
the poems, some sort of letter
particles, the stuff you were
doing, still language, check
reality, fasting forward,
zero sub, unchoose, shart,

Friday, February 10, 2006

take take take, the sort of art

take take take, the sort of art
you can hold in your hands,
pleasantly moronic, a bunch
of clusters, bep, voices zero,
dit dat, the exact time is now,
hello reader!, please no
originals, constructing thot,
attached to the idea, the
paper biz, incementally,
memorial litter, fuck road,
cancel once and for all,
still hand involved, clear
surface, bp disposal, night
merica, final thot best thot,

at the limits of the eye machine,

at the limits of the eye machine,
what sort of thing are you
looking for, bcd blandname,
from the street to the page,
metal font, keep a record of
reality, matereality, never
write on nothing, barlovian,
let us agree to ignore each
other, eye am feeling your
presence, here in the house,
complit, supposed to do with
paper, blankshifter, the use
for this text is, rype for type,
another long weekend, ggtttt,

Sunday, February 05, 2006

less writing, slam!, revoid, reality-

less writing, slam!, revoid, reality-
wise, us paper, toner burn,
emoticonoclast, m(om)ent, mery,
excessable, remain blank,
free eye, graffiti mural, bro,
pour some more text into your
brain, file wood, categories
histories and ethnographies, copro-
duction, and this is not even
what it’s really like, how it
happen, equal portions of
black and white, heightened
coherence and efficiency,
schizogenesis, represent
nothing, signify nothing, mean
nothing, part of the web,
away of say, our errors, laber,
see letter, we all, out rest,
temperrory, i beam, eye as in
me?, footnote all of this,
serionegative, law in error,
the glass itself, snick, why
do these words keep
following us around, zero
zine, bodily takeover,
saint ate, what do you think
paper is made of?, think
impossible, live line, the
limits of one, up a notch,
rung, now we are reading this,
no bad, reredic, making
up us, mordal, foodnotes,
infernal return, rate error,
a, the book not the thing,

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

eye writing, equo, more than equal,

eye writing, equo, more than equal,
thrips, our names, blank for all
intense, zool, perfect ticket, save
all errors, text track, - , what will,
the machine from the inside, blank
eyes, the place where the letters
meet, a real letter, dictionary
dollars, is this a gap?, long term,
ink removal mechanism, slammin’
file cabinets, or idge, slightly
rejuiced, mexican gypsy, sign
delta, nonmagic disrealism,
not easy to read, nothing to joke,
devoid, is one a one?, fur, in
and out of reality, it’s better
because it’s not real, is this
being asked of us?, today is
to morrow, embrace the void,
as if you need the exposure,
do you really want to under
stand?, modem operandi, burin,
i have lost my identity,
composition to the ends of
historical, associationism,
silk ink, sshhh e-, :), weight
of ink, time interleaved, mar
gin, what do we remember,
every toos, milk money for all
it’s worth, hands that can
work, flip over -->, chicken
scratch, the names, i like
the idea but, sick sick sick,
two things, remember the
day, next time around, post-e,

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

off into the realm, zed, hittin' it,

off into the realm, zed, hittin’ it,
now?, still time, other write,
access to machine, adze arc,
remove a word, hear hear,
concrete fun, any non-letter,
dot period decimal, philo-
dough, atrapo, mail a thousand
pennies, survey says: post-
imp erial, writing from
canada, curiosity
human energy, needles to
say, poco loco, colourollary,
vancouvercentrism, fonds,
write in colour, on out of
the real, happy to take your
money, let’s quit the gnet,
machine writ, a word like
ziz, eye sign, waver, find
the world, know that paper
anywhere, stop the text,
idle ada, o, imp e-dance,
imp ross, costs money to
copy, inhalate, blank as
snow, logo reality, a text
is one thing (or more, make
more beautiful, putting
us in moment, eternal
renewal of the now,
word warfair, we are
not communifying, the
time being now, take
our word, waste of word,

Sunday, January 29, 2006

still room for more writing,

still room for more writing,
just scribbling, inspired
scribbling, maintain word,
if words could talk, steady,
working threw it, just
ignore these lines, genetically
modified self, this is
supposed to exist, this is
going to be the original,
never wrote it, a word like
this, we are in the cave,
imagic, one iota of diffirence
, textual buzz, lunatext,
side by side by side, blanker
than thou, what the eye
desire, h-mu, blue sky
research, inedite, another
aspect of reality, the same
language, dig deeper into
the text, zen texts, drug
shovel, drug original, “,
retire text, tv shot, R ,
say for zero, make it look
like a letter, mark
something else, isitis?,
you sage, this tort, filled
full, ink the magic angle,
now we are near the
end, the nitty-gritty
in quebec city, what is
underwriting this?, tru,
hypo-subject, deal leader,

Saturday, January 28, 2006

reink our nation, double difference,

reink our nation, double difference,
near art, dewing & renewing, old media,
what went on, clear history,
whatever the art market can
bare, the ongoing between money
and art, follow all links, asciing
you, floating at zero, dear daily,
shill eye, live writer, concrete
image, artsupply, information
wants to be free, undertanding,
this is already read, hardly
used at all, how we lost touch
with reality, general date,
cdgh, eye take that back,
adding to nothing, shoebox
unit, re-elict, good lie bare,
discluded, what is this doing?
, sweep the deck, just another
word in a long line of words,
what is a number?, word will
set you free, gyno gyro, wrong
colour but, eyeless in gaza,
run with itness, know way
out, actual money, hasn’t
changed mush, foist on the
nation, need more info?,
illegal size paper, workin’
in the word mine, why is
this text incompleat?, pick
a text any text, word trip,
making matters most, put out
the callbox, duct tape binding,

Friday, January 27, 2006

start a new unit, a plays

start a new unit, a plays
stoopit, writiring, your one big
shot down, see log, penny matter,
very anti, what does one know?,
ex-penny sure, strange operation,
the two thousand and one a
time oddity, margins schmargins,
jockeying for position, aum,
file things down to size, gym
period, sexable, egg one, still
pestering, tool ate, mist
reality, falling of the map,
yer cyber-self versus your
real self, tube is e-, art is,
meaning centred writing,
pure day, what is this motion?,
the art of exit tense, passed
present future glow,
craft paper, lost in scare
quotes, the condition of no
paper, this is not death (is
it?, boxes within boxes, non-
accessible information, reams
of information, what did it
all mean?, presort, exsort,
respond to stimulation, fab
brick, post-stimulation,
check yer records at the
door, spill slip way, the year
infinity, catalogue of facts,
you’re on the web, poetry
mouth, eye has been meaning,

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

not about the words, nexist,

not about the words, nexist,
art trap, bulk politics,
beyond zed, the text does not
mind, ambiguate, put a
word down on it, blank verse
in the full sense of the term,
a useful error, sign again,
eurocan, it’s just poetry:
nothing to be afraid of,
a reasonably serious
currency, and one to onward
, doubledouble writing-
writing, a rubberstamp
moment, a readm, the net
effect, nyc sync, post-
canadian, immaterial
money, a wide foundation,
postthematic, canada
from portuguese for
nobody here, mediography,
we have always been
global, the toronto make-
believes, a state of
light, art labour, zound,
love: resistance in the
material, we r, open the
doors of language, ink
skid, calm unification,
combegin, crossflow, work
elbow, grease the text,
this ain’t freefall, e-ex,
sense frontiers, all this
is just in our heads, rev,

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

between text, decent paper, yff

between text, decent paper, yff
kyk, live on line, onezero re: zeno,
blank & smooth, the paper itself,
the copier window, saint stain,
the broom’s weeping, we do this,
actually do, re’search, cratch,
rusty staples, on the table,
plat, who did what, imp pen,
concrete answers, metalocation,
counterotics, for fear of
marking it, no dot, link clean,
a thot arriving, descum, is
the sun setting or rising?,
strange frames, blur digital,
reason why reason?, graf
frag, make beauty, how to
tell, there is consciousness
but no, map blank, this
particular document,
trad art, where you see it,
more wrongs than rights,
foist! foism, ziz szound,
one center, age & area, insider
insider art, books for
everyone, how many machines
you go going there?, it won’t
wash, criminal photography,
event must be entered,
exploding r, time & text,
free reefer, reference-free
lit, cross-trance, dollsar,

Monday, January 23, 2006

memory blank, speckled words, crap

memory blank, speckled words, crap
on the window, forgorge, zen & a,
solutions built around you, in
with the out, collection of canons,
test message, munged paper,
talk latin, secrete code,
valuable words, still to fly,
it went thru, van post com,
pure post, what’s in an eye?,
no, eye makes it upsidedown,
textual balloon, destruction
of text, resurreal, hearing time,
psychic time, how many copies
of this will be needed?, brick
deterioration, toxic material
contents, found prop, photo gloop,
reader’s indigestion, intoit,
need a score card, why? why?
why? why? why?, calligrafreek,
open as in closed, could of,
for rest products, touch the
rosetta stone, what do you
intend to leave behind?
imp possible unit, invest
time bank, exzac, prozine,
read able text, less than
a word, you is not referring
to you, pass it on not is sap,
psi kick, labour paper,

Saturday, January 21, 2006

umbrella light, mechanized

umbrella light, mechanized
waste, the lid, now rules,
snip lit, daring you, the
capital of the eternal
half, a present of our
absence, blank slip,
sixty-six?, print the coils,
wrong lung, whaddya see?
progress says, lure
pronounce, in balance,
strip lit, ropery,
garboiled, really
come, speak the same
difference, roar true,
and tracks, read under
duress, and you know,
crossling, i, what
sort of a game is this?,
discombobulabra, the
real book, what is it
to be, reading lines,
who’s reading,

Thursday, January 19, 2006

useful toy, handwash, costume

useful toy, handwash, costume
glasses, little box of eyes,
suppose, berol, the,
westab, mangle,
typhonite, markfree,
verithin, markfree,
mauve ciel, mars rasor,
never sharpen, peri...,
wash, cap, hope,
dead can write, rate,
net, hoil, laurentien,
amav, awf, water,
lola pop, poetician, move ray,
gabbeh, infotainer, pinks, hear!
calls! everywhair!, ...

lola pop, poetician, move ray, Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the enemy of poetry, why shd

the enemy of poetry, why shd
eye see, uwaga, all colour, sassy
whats?, corpulent books, ast,
site unseen, down to zero again,
can you spare a stamp, look
the machine, good for
today only, bright & shiny trash,
acrylic multipolymer, phone
rain, goog, connex to info,
targets w/ curve, difficult
connections, librarty, sillg,

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

undo nothing, blue dove,

undo nothing, blue dove,
stretch from moment to
moment, kkk ubu, optional
disinformation, timeless
letters, nettime, we never even
new we were threre, the
dialogue we have going, worth
going with, serein, this is
not a movie, postal require,
no need to blot out the art,
homemade charcoal, ross lack,
reedition, eye trip, toner
conglomeration, see the
original, do you wanna play,
initial copy, selected for,

Monday, January 16, 2006

renseignements teletraitement,

renseignements teletraitement,
papier sauvetage, worry the paper,
what does the smudge represent,
plere, still plenty that could be
done with the text, disaster
mail, wreck mail, plicate fifty,
turbidite, informational
spillovers, the medicine river
unit, palynological stratigraphy,
replicating systems, complex
replicators, intelligent design,
workflow controller, urmantra,
still key, kannada, the human
cluster, no-clout press, the
message itself is hidden within
the dross, trance textual level,
padratannaloves, topocosmic,
idling orange,

Sunday, January 15, 2006

golden phantasm, plenuxum,

golden phantasm, plenuxum,
thixotopicity, urgent orange,
venum, operate machinery, approve
trance, an anti-orgasm,
trip to asia, job change, light
thru lense, data to here, the
no-caps gang, nothing gives me
pause, the ink reacts, blank
window, windowless monads,
castor hesper ephikles, dirndl,
half on paper half on skin,
use a machine to pack the
words in, experimental print,
simulated writing, seeking
nothing, they are all leaving
me, working is not punish,
intervenient, never made an
impression, nipul, dreamplay,
simulated money, there’s a
snake in my boot,

Friday, January 13, 2006

you play the enemy, columbian

you play the enemy, columbian
window, the extra centimeter,
cannot record, hot weather
hockey, earting, optical
measure, piano labour, the
zen of war, the first thing
to know about fonts, coach
house enflame, speed the
plough, actual balance, both
item one, buy talk, select
spawnpoint, soda press, too
many flowers spring from the
moss, pustule hat, imation,
juddering, caca du roi, mail
collage, poemetry, don’t even
recognize yourself, back on
the scene, mannequinism,
annotated contact list,
crystal radio, international
alliances contacts, time
sensitive document, propelling
anti-matter, cheshvan, blotting
out text, experience nothing,
this is making no demands,
recycle silicon, grabacle,
we don’t have the technology,
ficted, apocatastasis,
anapochrypha, cinematic
registration, awestricken,

Thursday, January 12, 2006

eating serving, food scenes in

eating serving, food scenes in
women’s writing, enter the
compound with haggard, tirtha,
drink and be whole again
beyond confusion, paleographers,
ingperwhis through the hole
of his hat, pigeon milk, copy
to erewhon, intermediately,
baby-whisperer, flipguide,
lili saint cyr, cholent kishke
varenikes, kimmel, twelve
point one, gray monk lat,
psyche fee, not exactly shod,
partial address, buddha slap,
maiandra radio, contains new,
you not, slap assembly,
cunk, you did not it, not
polyonymous, new let, contains
paying, maiandra revolver,
radio haiku, buddha fail,
firm pictures, pictures in
movement, thou shalt not
gloat, spudge, trying to
keep a breast, plenty to
say about nothing, umbrella
menders, alt classic, ham
costume, trailer-gut, gesehen
hat, cederhout, psychological
automatism, meum and teum,
terminal equilibrium,
chaotically free,

Sunday, January 08, 2006

how do you come up with these

how do you come up with these
numbers, is it worth copying,
use your hand, whole family
lives, let your memory speak,
wwwalking dot, yards of
blank, trying to set the text
free, test your memory, how
you get the words to the
paper, mere repetition, still
unfolded, hoose, you eating,
the monotype, fresh cating,
easily reshot, cating text,
fresh trace, monotype
thumbprint, the first texts,
eating free, you play awestruck,
the one hand, all the mississippi,
leating orange, renseignements
orange, lay the texts back to
rest, paper mileage, to you it
is a copy, pass it to, can you
read the symbol, you can be
in my world if i can be in your
world, truly back on the map or,
will answer to anything, books
make me cough, a hintlet of
cross exam, chargehand, gray
wall, the same usual as
always, stage irish, to blue-sky,

Saturday, January 07, 2006

pish, number of blanks, set

pish, number of blanks, set
free from the page, up the point
size, unbond, cumshaw, clivia,
recolte, amyl trance, hirculeads
has an eatapus complex, ropa
vieja, a generator attached to
nothing, sexual voiding,
concrete labourers, high energy
in their charged, concrete
melody, cacovisy, money storm,
body floating up, floating
back around the word, thalpha,
syment, fourteen pages and a
cover design, remove the word
cover, asking why, applesh,
sex tans, um erstickun, crux
norma, previous publication
does not matter, pick a star
any star, this letter is not
for you, mensa fornax, volans,
pyxis, reticulum tucana, vela,
heliiz, cluster leader, hostile
aboulia, trance caucasian,
chemilumi, heroic hats, we
can’t get the poem out of
our head, whole books full
of the same poem, thu, extend
beyond the edge of the page,
trance apparent see, where the
letters happen to fall, print
on the copy, nothing is
trying to be said, apropriapus,
robodic, meaning language,

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

typed up by Frank Odette (3 Powell St., East Geelong, VIC 3219, AUSTRALIA) thanks Frank! Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 02, 2006

play bill, trying to communicate Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006

ex-newspapers, poor richard, never

ex-newspapers, poor richard, never
say being, thanksgiving sunburn,
breakfast is ready, free cell,
pick a wing, zen change, a
slobbring glutton, snail-mail
consciousness, moss blooms,
caller herring everydaily,
changed endocrine history, a big
flowered hat, overversion, ver
cult, eejit, gurrier, read as far as
you can read, no need to
examine this, behatan, zing
it all out on the web, still
robbing, a is equal to be,
nothing fragile in here, solid
paper, something likely hap,
a letter of apology, loyo, chunk
numb, will answer to will, select
brown, wax frame, failing to
participate, the paper business,
you in ten years, unresponse,
the when of reality, you don’t
really want to be, the single
letter k, the years go and
come, ubber, this could fly
again, in trance, out trance,
slicker city, ex-ray, shuffle
to the top, blank heart, for in
the event, share this with, when
your head is at, tonight! came
and went, deluxe recycled, no
recognition of any event, look
frow, box the present, pri,
ouvre-size, at this time, postmotion,