Wednesday, November 30, 2005

late cap, giant stone, when

late cap, giant stone, when
goo feels now, zine mutations,
damage collection, still
losing, still rotate, spam
interview, the meaning of
things changes over time, buy
my book, no music, cun a
wrong test, errors schmerrors,
obsolete papers, this is not an
entry, this thing we do today,
powerful moments, power horse
dream, just another grape,

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

mail your money away, create

mail your money away, create
your own river, who owns the
net, sand work, driving toward
oblivion, shirley temple's black
wavey hat, lucer, schneider pies,
metal die impression, cap-a-pie,
empirical mail, fingerwhirls,
psychedelic breath, the sand
tribe, dot lop, sandglyph, zeep,
semiobject, tangernine, gatha,
qage, allograph, pareidolia,
aeffective, stigmeological,
aesthetograms, image upload
failed, beef ash or a hat,
mozeno, rainstick,

Monday, November 28, 2005

non-edible s'latex, gen dra, spell

non-edible s'latex, gen dra, spell
chequing, aer hwil, video reader,
free cell, incredible sleep, patholicism,
concrete plinth, plumb the sky,
syntony, ludology, serpigo, groupoids,
voronoi tessellations, operators of recit,
nearly-decomposable hierarchies, actants,
chreod theory, a paper chaser, claimed
expertise as a historian, hair lie, a hosp,
exchange here, panmarks, boac already,
medkin, boac orange, pan exchange, a hair,
a count, help issue, your atlas, the
closest thing we have to an original, pen
tumult, extreme dust, build events,
extreme numinosum, silleret, com-zone,
phil out, prox penny, tloc ille, just bucks,
go anti, a pale replica, still unreal,
a copy of an event, extremely numinous,
com slur, proxy love, just no, do is, to
work, this one, oh yeah things passed
through, hay minutes, brightness
checker, a copy in general terms, pink
dot original, cultural nothingness, the
feel of the font, extreme books,

Sunday, November 27, 2005

condensed mountain, cool font,

condensed mountain, cool font,
bell lab, computer designated,
machine still, mumbl, always
already copied, one oh one lol,
banter, billybug, we are continue,
ditto eleven, the text without
the paper, fake club, reading the
backyard, cryptic reasoning,
rant grant, potential catastrophe,
save your tongue, toof, get rid
of these postcards, routes in,
desire or imp, nightrise, end-user
runtime, vidya, previous ink car
nation, still more stars, the
garbage uses, paper-print films,

Saturday, November 26, 2005

deal with this text, forty

deal with this text, forty
kicks, alphabetize this, not
exactly poetry, going out willy
nilly, return bullets to mag,
cascade of books, one versus
one, muddy doings, lack of
energy man, value one silly,
move and move and move again,
energy level, directing nothing,
ancilla, colopatrion, do this
do that don't do that, context
for humourous effect, blogmania!,
hats off to pants off, bright
pennies bright pennies, an
eoderdrome, favourite thumb,
simultaneous impressions,

Friday, November 25, 2005

mail cell, tesa, easter egghead,

mail cell, tesa, easter egghead,
in and of the project, put it up
for auction, the sign we are
signing, this is not information,
error repairer, nilin', unique egg,
frequently updated, ditter,
current list, spot the ray,
string theory, a ray of golden
shower, magical inishfree, the
slicing block, snippet of art,
mister and miss, neonic, culafic,
abc ghi, flying swallow, bujic,
dog on wheels, nastic, open art
closed, art ma, quo vadis mundus,
mathue, koen, body machine,
spasic, new moment idea, papa
dada, word of the world,
infoplex, egyptian hieroglyphics
and chinese, bookletter, blued